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The Directory Lister for humans. OS/2 support.
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The Directory Lister for humans. OS/2 support.
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Contents of the LF.DOC file

LF - Directory lister for humans.

by: Windspear Software Systems
P.O. Box 612108
San Jose, California 95161-2108

Copyright 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 by Windspear Software Systems

All commercial rights reserved. May be freely copied and used for
private use only -- not for resale. May be distributed on public access
remote computer bulletin boards.

REGISTRATION OF ALL USERS IS REQUIRED before use of this product.
To become a registered user send the form listed below to Windspear
Software Systems. There are NO REGISTRATION FEES, this is just a
method to track the number of users.

LF is supplied as a user supported package. Private individuals are
encouraged to copy and share this package with others. If you are using
this program and finding it of value, your contribution ($10 suggested)
will be appreciated. Regardless of whether you make a contribution, you
are encouraged to copy and share this program.

Please send any comments/problems to Windspear Software Systems. If you
want a response include a self addressed stamped envelope. Your comments
help to improve the product, so please send your comments.

Please make the user supported software concept work by sending in your
$10 contribution.

Jordan Archer
Windspear Software Systems
P.O. Box 612108
San Jose, Califorina 95161-2108

This and other goodies can be found on:

The Micro Foundry BBS (408) 258-3484

a support board for LF and other products by Windspear. Also products
from Clockwork Software (i.e. BEGIN).

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LF OS/2 Version 3.7 Registration Form

Name: ________________________________

Address: ________________________________

City: ____________________ State: ____ Zip: __________

Where product what obtained (if from a BBS please include the name

and phone number): _________________________________________________


Comments: ___________________________________________________________




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Windspear Software Systems
P.O. Box 612108
San Jose, CA 95161-2108

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LF - Directory lister for humans.

LF is a multi-featured directory program for people who don't like
to see and endless mix of files and directories. LF also has some very
handy batch file generation capabilities.

This version of LF is also compatable with OS/2, for you techies
this means that LF is a bimodal, family API program.

Usage: LF [pattern] ["format"] {prefix[n]option}


[!][drive:][path][file] { [!][file] }

Drive: a - z.
Path: Any PC-DOS path ending in a '\'.
File: Normal file name with wild cards.

The '!' means exclude all the files from the previous files list
taht match the file wild card. This is done in a left to right
manner. For example:

lf !*.bat Means list all files that are not .bat

lf *.b* !*.?a? *.bat Is processed as:
1 ) List all *.b* files.
2 ) From that list remove all *.?a? files.
3 ) From that list add all *.bat files.


'-' or '/' if not disabled.

LF - Directory lister for humans.

Format: '' or ""

LF can be used to generate batch files with a combination of the fromat
strings and redirection. When a format string is used all other options
are turned off allowing easy generation of batch files. For each file
normally ouput by LF the format string is scanned and the substitution
commands are replaced with the proper values. Valid substitution
commands are:

*f - File name. Not including the extension and period.
*e - File extension. Not including the period.
** - For a '*' character.
*n - New line. Same a a carriage return.
*t - Tab character.
*' - The ' character.
*" - The " character.

The command:

lf *.c "del *f.obj*n"

would cause the following output:

del lf.obj
del lflib.obj
del lib.obj

If the above LF command were redirected to a file, it could be used
as a batch file to delete the 'obj' files for all of the '.c' files.
( i.e. 'lf *.c "del *f.obj*n" >x.bat' )

If you use a format string and want each file line on a separate
line you must include '*n' as part of your string.

LF - Directory lister for humans.


a - File attribute pattern match. (off)
The '-a' option controls if the attributes are listed and the
pattern of attributes that the listed files must match. The
optional attribute patterns are 'a' archive, 'r' read only,
'h' hidden and 's' system. Any pattern character can be prefixed
with a '!' for exclusion of that attribute. For examples:

-ah - Lists files with the hidden attribute.

-a!a - Lists files without the archive attribute.

-ar!h!s - Lists files that are read only but not hidden or system.

-a - Sets no limits on the attributes so lists all files,
including hidden and system.

-aarhs - Same as '-a'.

Note: The 'a' attribute means the file's archive bit is
cleared (has been archived).

c - Combine files and directories. (off)
When this is on 'LF' is similar to other file listers,
with directories and files mixed.

d - List directories. (on)
By using the '-nd' option you will get only the files.

e - Add 'exit' to end of file. (off)
This is specialized for piping directly to which
requires 'exit' at the end of the piped file.

f - List files. (on)
By using the '-nf' option you will get only the directories.

h - Controls printing of headers.
1 - Banner header. (on)
2 - Volume label and path header. (on)
3 - File type labels. (on)
no options controls all three at once.

l - List date/time stamps. (off)

s - Sizes of files. (off)

sc - Size of files and directory sizes in clusters. (off)
Optional cluster size. (i.e. '-sc512' gives size for clusters
of 512 bytes). This gives the disk space taken by each of
the subdirectories.

sw - Size Wasted.
Same format as 'sc' but size allocated but not used by the file.

t - List total file space and free disk space. (on)

LF - Directory lister for humans.

Options (cont):

p - Pause, printer formfeed, file '^Z' terminate. (on)
The effect of the '-p' option varies depending on where the
output of the LF command is directed.
When the output is directed to the screen (the normal case),
'-p' causes LF to pause every 25 lines.
When output is redirected to the printer, ( i.e. 'LF *.c >PRN' )
'-p' causes a formfeed at the end of the output.
When output is redirected to a file, the '-p' option
causes LF to write an end-of-file marker '^Z', and '-np' (the default)
causes LF to fill the last file record with zeroes.

o,r - Order/Reverse for sorting files. ('-on')
r - Reverse order sort. Yes you can use '-rr' as '-o'.
s - Size sort.
n - Name sort. This is the default for '-o'
d,t,l - Date/time sort.
e,x - Extension sort.
u - Unsorted. Order is the same as the DIR command.
Same as '-no' no order, '-nr' is a reverse unsorted.

Note: Specifing a sort order turns on the item you are sorting
the file list on.

z - Everything option. (off)
This controls the following options all at once:
a, l, s, t.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - Set maxium number of columns. (8)

'-', '/' - Set/Disable the option prefix character(s). (on)
This allows you to disable one or both of the options prefix
characters, which are '-' and '/'. (e.g., '-n-' disables the
'-' prefix so that a following '-no' is considered a file name
instead of an option.)

'.' - Assume the '.' in the following file patterns. (off)
When turned on any patterns will assume that there is an implied
'.' in the pattern. When turned on a pattern of 'FILE' means 'FILE.'
where and when turned off means 'FILE.*' like the DIR command.

Note: The option affect only patterns after it on the command line,
so it can be switch between pattern. ( ie "lf afiles -. bfiles" )
would expand as "lf afiles.* bfiles".

All options can be prefixed with a 'n' to turn them off.

Environment variable:

The environment varible 'LF' is searched for options
before the command line. By setting 'LF' you can set
your own default setings for all options. For example typing


at the DOS prompt will set the default value for the header to off
and the default for disk space totals to on.

LF - Directory lister for humans.

Revision histroy:

3.42 - Fix a the default for piping to disk files on the
'-p' option. Should be '-np' for default because
MS-DOS likes it that way.

3.43 - Fix bug added in 3.43 in sorting by file size.
Did not sort files greater than 32K correctly.

3.43t - Converted code to Turbo C and fixed a possible
bug in size in clusters with the changing of the
DTA for directories.

3.5 - Add the '-.' option and set the default operation to be similar
to DIR (for Eric Wedel) . Also fixed a possible bug in the main
DTA allocation crossing a 64K boundary.

3.5a - Bug fixes, and speedup. Fixed bug created when converting to
Turbo C in the user specified cluster size, also add error message
about invalid cluster size. Also made code smaller.

3.6 - Added the '-e' option, fixed problems with '-c' and '-nf'
interaction, and made '-o' turn on what is selected to sort
on. Also moved to California.

3.7 - Added the '-sw' option. Created version for OS/2.

Jordan Archer
May 16, 1988

Copyright 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988
Windspear Software Systems
P.O. Box 612108
San Jose, CA 95161-2108

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