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Shutdown from Os/2 Command Prompt.
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Shutdown from Os/2 Command Prompt.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
READ.ME 992 563 deflated
SHUTDOWN.C 1142 527 deflated
SHUTDOWN.EXE 21887 8501 deflated
SHUTDOWN.L 93 66 deflated
SHUTDOWN.MAK 194 104 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This program is released into the public domain. Neither
I nor DST assumes any responsibility what so ever for any
results do to the use of this utility.

It may distributed freely as long as the READ.ME file is


This zip file contains three files:

READ.ME - This document.
SHUTDOWN.C - Source file.
SHUTDOWN.EXE - OS/2 Executable.

SHUTDOWN.EXE is a routine written to perform OS/2 system shutdown from
the command line. It simply prompts the operator to confirm that a shutdown
should be performed and then executes a system shutdown.

All screen I/O is done via stdin/stdout/stderr so that it can be redirected
for use in command files.

Returns "0" if successful, "1" otherwise.

SHUTDOWN.EXE was compiled using IBMC2 compiler and requires the OS/2 toolkit.
The make and link files are included.

It was written by Chip James (71610, 706).

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