Dec 302017
Take a walk through OS/2's GDT (global descriptor table).
File GDTBROWS.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Take a walk through OS/2’s GDT (global descriptor table).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DEVHLP.ASM 7461 2177 deflated
DEVHLP.H 2492 750 deflated
DEVHLP.SYS 1217 383 deflated
GDT.C 29605 8184 deflated
GDT.DEF 73 73 stored
GDT.EXE 22965 13174 deflated
MKGDT.CMD 131 108 deflated
OS2ASM.ASM 3494 909 deflated
READ.ME 10954 4448 deflated

Download File GDTBROWS.ZIP Here

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