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Another OS/2 program to start sessions under TSHELL or MSHELL.
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Another OS/2 program to start sessions under TSHELL or MSHELL.
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Contents of the HSTART.TXT file


I allow you to use and distribute HSTART freely under the condition that
I am in no way responsible for any damage or loss you may suffer.

Henk Kelder, 2:280/[email protected]

Notes on HSTART

HSTART.EXE is an alternative program for the START command embedded in
OS/2. HSTART will however only work on OS/2 2.1.

Compared with the START command it has two advantages:

- HSTART can be used from DOS sessions
From OS/2's own DOS, called a Virtual Dos Machine (VDM), as
an other version of DOS started from an boot diskette or an
image file, called a Virtual Machine Boot (VMB).

- HSTART allows DOS Settings for a DOS session to be specified in a
text file.


The syntax of HSTART is mainly the same as the syntax of the START command:
(type 'HELP START' on a command line for more details on the various

HSTART ["Title"] [options] [program] [parameters]

Valid options are:

/DOS - start a dos session
/PM - start a presentation manager session

/FS - start a fullscreen session
/WIN - start a windowed session

/F - start session in the foreground
(This is default when /PM, /FS, /DOS or /WIN is specified)
/B - start session in the background
(This is default when /PM, /FS, /DOS and /WIN are not specified)

/MAX - starts session maximized (if windowed)
/MIN - starts session minimized (if windowed)

/C - start via command processor. Terminate session when program ends
/K - start via command processor. Keep session when program ends
(This is the default for non-PM programs)
/N - start program directly (bypass command processor)
(This is the default for PM programs)

/S:file - Specify File containing settings for DOS sessions
See SETTINGS.TXT for more details on DOS settings.

/WAIT - Wait for session to finish
(Works with restrictions, see below)


- The /I parameter is not implemented in HSTART. It doesn't seem to
work properly for the START command anyway.

- You cannot combine the /DOS parameter with the /N parameter.

- When you specify /DOS and do not specify a /S:file parameter
a default setting file is used. This default file is searched for in
the same directory as HSTART is located. The name of this default
file is HSTART.CFG.

- You cannot specify a /S:file parameter if no /DOS parameter is

- When used on a system without PM do not use the /MIN or /MAX
options. Hstart will not work then.


- When HSTART is used from DOS, the new session does not have the
same current directory as the session HSTART was issued from.
Instead the new session starts from the root directory of drive
OS/2 boots from.

You could use the '&' to combine several commands
to get to the requested subdir

e.g.: HSTART "BinkleyTerm" /fs e:&cd \binkley&btp

or use a .bat/.cmd file.

- When a DOS session is started in the background switching to this
new session and then switching back to the desktop seems to distore
the graphical display.
(Only when SET VIDEO_8514A_XGA_IOTRAP=0; is in the DOS settings file)

- On some SVGA systems, starting a DOS session in the background, and
switching to it shows a complete black screen. The DOS session seems
to hang. (Possibly also related to VIDEO_8514A_XGA_IOTRAP ?)

Should this occur, switch back to the desktop and close the DOS
session using the tasklist.

- When the /N parameter is used, please specify the full program name,
including the extension.

- The /WAIT parameter only works directly when used from a OS/2
Please note that if you start a (program in a) command session,
HSTART will stop waiting after the session itself is closed.
Use the /C parameter if needed.

When this option is used from a DOS session, please use HWAIT
(without options) to signal hstart it may continue, or better, stop
See 'HWAIT.TXT' for more details.


HSTART.EXE : the main program

HWAIT.EXE : A program that sends a signal to a DOS version of HSTART.

SEMFUNCS.DLL : Needed for HWAIT to work in OS/2 sessions. Make sure this
file is located in a location pointed at by the LIBPATH=
from your CONFIG.SYS.


Version 0.8: Initial release.

Version 0.9: /WAIT option added
HWAIT.EXE added.

Version 1.0: Changed the program so it works when using CSHELL.
You should not use /MAX or /MIN options then.

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