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Excellent set of File utilities for OS/2. Includes source.
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Excellent set of File utilities for OS/2. Includes source.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DD.C 1441 580 deflated
DD.EXE 8821 5307 deflated
HEX.C 432 247 deflated
HEX.EXE 14353 8375 deflated
LF.C 1724 654 deflated
LF.EXE 8523 5139 deflated
MES.C 18371 3250 deflated
MES.EXE 11285 6823 deflated
NO.C 3774 1138 deflated
NO.EXE 11161 6696 deflated
README.1ST 8920 2779 deflated
RN.C 304 196 deflated
RN.EXE 5657 3435 deflated
SC.C 3286 764 deflated
SC.EXE 9791 5696 deflated
SIZE.C 1668 669 deflated
SIZE.EXE 24564 15637 deflated
SM.C 3633 699 deflated
SM.EXE 6685 3860 deflated
WFRE.C 1274 500 deflated
WFRE.EXE 23988 15343 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

README.1ST May 21, 1989 Page 1


This product is not public domain. It is
distributed under a Share Wear License. If you
like this software and find it to be of value, a
nominal contribution of $5 is appreciated.
For $20, users will be supported and informed of
updates. For $25 users will be informed of changes
in the source code and the code will be made
available to them. These utilities are different
than some in that most of the source code is
provided. Providing the source code insures
the user of virus and bacterium free code. Your
financial support of this package will insure
continued updates and improvements of this code
as well as development of other packages that
contain full source code in the future. You are
encouraged to distribute these utilities.

All of the programs included (and source code)
were developed on a Compaq 386/20 using the
Microsoft C compiler version 5.1 with OS/2
v1.0 and 1.1 .

All of these programs will run with the
presentation manager.

I hope you find these utilities useful and

Mark Graham
Marcusfilm Limited
1476 Drake Avenue
Burlingame, CA 94010-4704

README.1ST May 21, 1989 Page 2

These utilities are for use with OS/2. Some of them may work in DOS if you
BIND them using the bind program. Where problems arise in binding, they will
be noted.


Program Function

DD.EXE Delete directory and all subdirectories beneath the specified one.
This one actually works (source file:DD.C). If you bind this
program, in DOS, the directory cannot have any subdirectories.

HEX.EXE Converts hexadecimal integers to decimal integers (source
file: HEX.C)

LF.EXE Locate file: finds location on all files on drive matching the file
specification (source file: LF.C)

MES.EXE Leaves a block message on the screen. The more lines per screen you
computer is set up to handle, the longer message you can leave.
(source file: MES.C)

NO.EXE Exception handler. Based on popular DOS program.
(source file: NO.C)

RN.EXE Rename directory. (Can also be used to rename file.) (source file:

SC.EXE Screen color. Sets screen color. You may need to install the
ANSI driver: ANSI.EXE . (source code: SC.C)

SIZE.EXE Gives actual files size, diskette file size and hard drive file
size of file spec. Very useful for determining how much space
taken up in a directory. (source code: SIZE.C)

SM.EXE Set mode to either 25, 43, or 50 lines per screen (depending on
your video card) (source code: SM.C)

WFRE.EXE Gives total disk space, space available, space used and
percent in a wide format (source file: WFRE.C)

README.1ST May 21, 1989 Page 3


DD.EXE Delete directory.

format: dd directory name.

Deletes the specified directory, all files in that
directory (normal, hidden, read-only, system), all
directories beneath the specified directory and all file
beneath the specified directory. If you bind this program,
in DOS, the directory can have no subdirectories.

HEX.EXE Hex to Dec converter.

format: hex hex-number [hex-number] [hex-number] . . .

hex 4df 8ef ffffffff 0 2135f

4df h = 1247
8ef h = 2287
ffffffff h = 4294967295
0 h = 0
2135 h = 136031

The designator 'h' refers to the hexadecimal number.

LF.EXE Return all locations of file matching the file spec.

format: lf [d:] [file spec] [/Switches]

/E Display .EXE type


lf - find all files on the disk
lf me.* - find all me.* files
lf ? - print help message
lf prog.? /e - find all prog.? files with their type

Important: This program is just a shell to make use of

README.1ST May 21, 1989 Page 4

MES.EXE Displays message on the screen in big block letters.

ALL ASCII characters from space (32) through tilde (~, 126)
may be used. Later releases may contain ASCII 0 through 31.

format: MES message

mes Gone to Doctor

Displays 'Gone to Doctor' on screen in big block letters.

Note: The more lines per screen you have available
(EGA 43, VGA 50), the longer the message you
can display. MES word wraps the last line.

NO.EXE OS/2 version of the popular DOS utility NO. Exception
handler. Allows the user to omit exceptions.

format: NO filespec command [parameters]

no *.obj copy *.* a:
Copies everything but the .obj files to the a: drive.
no *.exe no *.com dir
gives a directory of everything, but the executables.

RN.EXE Rename directory. Renames the specified directory to a new name.

format: rn oldname newname

SC.EXE Screen colors. Allows the user to set both foreground and
background screen colors.

format: SC [BRIGHT | BOLD] [COLOR [ON [COLOR] ] ]

example: sc bright cyan on blue
sets the foreground color to bright cyan
and the background color to dark blue.

README.1ST May 21, 1989 Page 5

SIZE.EXE Return the actual file size, the size when saved on
diskette and the size when stored on hard drive.

format: size [filespec]

example: SIZE *.EXE

SIZE Vers 1.0 - OS/2 Version - Marcusfilm Limited

523374 bytes in 4 files(s)
525312 bytes required on diskette(s)
526336 bytes required on fixed disk


SIZE Vers 1.0 - OS/2 Version - Marcusfilm Limited

3347240 bytes in 204 files(s)
3464192 bytes required on diskette(s)
3579904 bytes required on fixed disk

SM.EXE Set lines per screen mode.

format: sm [25 | 43 | 50]

NOTE: You will only be able to set a mode of 43 lines
per screen if you have an EGA monitor and
graphics card.

You will only be able to set a mode of 50 lines
per screen if you have a VGA monitor and
graphics card.

WFRE.EXE Print free space on disk in wide format

format: wfre [drive:]

example: wfre

Drive total bytes bytes used available capacity cluster size
C: 4266188 34193408 8468480 80.15% 2048

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