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Update, shutdown OS/2 from the desktop, fast.
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Update, shutdown OS/2 from the desktop, fast.
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SHUTDOWN.C 1231 544 deflated
SHUTDOWN.DEF 116 109 deflated
SHUTDOWN.DOC 713 435 deflated
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SHUTDOWN.H 354 118 deflated
SHUTDOWN.OBJ 631 489 deflated

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Contents of the SHUTDOWN.DOC file

This program issues a broadcast message to the Desktop frame windows
window issues itself and its client WM_CLOSE. There is no confirmation
of shutdown from SHUTDOWN itself. However, running applications are
given the usual desktop shutdown messages and can save files, etc.
before the desktop WinShutdownSystem call is completed.

This is a bare-bones type of program. If you need confirmation
prior to launching this program, obtain it in the invoking REXX
or program object.

Author: Bruce E. Hgman.
Copyright: (C) 1993 Bruce E. Hgman. All Rights Reserved.

The program and source code are dedicated to the Public Domain.

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