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SDE 1.30 -- An OS/2 character-based full screen file manager much like Central Point's PC-Shell. Quite nice.
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SDE 1.30 — An OS/2 character-based full screen file manager much like Central Point’s PC-Shell. Quite nice.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

This program is similar to PC Tools, Dir Scanner, and others that
present a graphic directory tree along with the files in the
current directory. The tree is quickly and easily traversed,
directories can be jumped to with hot keys, the arrow keys, or
the mouse. Files can be sorted by name, date, extension, or
size. File and directory attributes can be easily modified. The
disk can be searched for specific files, using wildcards. The
search function remembers the files name, so the next drive can
be searched.

There are 52 user macros with 48 macro options that can execute
programs or other macros and be passed file names. Macros can be
used to build menus that are activated by a single keystroke.
Macros can also receive prompted user input. These macros can be
stored in a text file for easy editing, and several sets of
macros can be swapped in and out. This system uses full screen
character windows for maximum speed with an easy to use
interface. VGA color, including bright colors are supported.
Full mouse support is also included. Program can be auto started
into full screen or PM window.

Typical operations are:
- edit the file highlighted by the cursor
- tag all source files and feed to LIST2
- add tagged files to named or highlighted zip file
- pass tagged files to NBFT, NetBios File Transfer
^^^^ (appearing soon from systeMAX corp)
- activate IBM 3270 send & receive commands
- sub menu with binary or text choice
- auto break main name, extension on send
- key receive name, auto break extension apart for 3270 send
- activate HexEdit to view or modify files

Also included in the zip is HexEdit, an ASCII, EBCDIC, and hex
editor. This program can modify disk sectors or files on
specified record lengths or free form files. Data can be
changed by character or hex value. Additionally, an RPN
calculator which can work in binary is provided.


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