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OS/2 2.0 Video Drivers for PowerGraph, ERGO, PowerView, and other Tseng ET4000-Based Cards
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OS/2 2.0 Video Drivers for PowerGraph, ERGO, PowerView, and other Tseng ET4000-Based Cards
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Contents of the READ.ME file

STB Systems, Inc.

OS/2 2.0 Video Drivers
PowerGraph, ERGO, PowerView, and other Tseng ET4000-Based Cards

Installation Procedures:

0. Before you install, if you have not already done so, you will
need to unZIP the contents of the ZIP file if you downloaded the
driver from our BBS. If you ordered the disk version you can
skip this step. We suggest using C:\TEMP for the temporary
unZIP directory which can be deleted after installation. Unless
you have an OS/2 version of PKUNZIP, you will need to open a
DOS-Compatible session to do this step. If you have not already
installed OS/2 2.0 as set up for standard VGA, then you must do
that before doing anything in this READ.ME file, and boot your
machine under OS/2 2.0.

1. Make a directory on your OS/2 drive called STBOS2 and change to
that directory.


2. Copy the drivers from the ZIP file or disk to that directory.

Example 1: (for unZIPed version, if unzipped to C:\TEMP)

Example 2: (for disk version)

3. Choose one of the following files to install:
PGRAPH4.DLL = 640x480x16 colors
PGRAPH6.DLL = 800x600x16 colors
PGRAPH7.DLL = 1024x768x16 colors

4. Copy the driver of your choice to a new file (so that there will
then be two copies of different names) called DISPLAY.DLL.



5. Using the OS/2 text editor of your choice (E.EXE is supplied
with OS/2 2.0) modify the CONFIG.SYS file to add our new STBOS2
directory to the LIBPATH statement.


Then in editor, full-screen, move arrows to the LIBPATH line,
which should look similar to (may not be exact):

This should be modified to read something like:

In other words, insert "C:\STBOS2;" at the first part of the
LIBPATH statement.

Once you've made the changes, don't forget to save the file.

6. Shut down your OS/2 and reboot. The new driver will now take
effect. To change resolutions, copy the driver of your choice
over the DISPLAY.DLL in the STBOS2 directory.


OS/2 2.0 does not currently work in HIGH-REFRESH modes. This
means that if your PowerGraph or ERGO card has a jumper for
"72-Hz" or "ERGO" then you need to set that jumper for the
"60-Hz" or "Standard" mode so that it will conform to standard
VGA refresh rates. Consult your manual and/or addendums for more
information concerning this jumper. At this time there is no way
to take full advantage of your ERGO card and monitor under OS/2.


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