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UpGrade for IBM's OS/2 file IBM1S506.ADD dated 19 Dec 1992.
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UpGrade for IBM’s OS/2 file IBM1S506.ADD dated 19 Dec 1992.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

IBM1S506 Driver - Installation Notes

Note: The driver in this package is a slightly newer version
than the driver shipped in the OS/2 2.1 Beta release.

For previous OS/2 2.0 releases this driver should be
considered a replacement for previously released versions.

Changes since previous version:

1.) Fixed boot problems when a configuration has a combination
of drives with <8 heads and >8 heads.

Note: This problem IS FIXED in the OS/2 2.1 Beta.

2.) Addressed compatibility problems with certain ESDI controllers.

ESDI drives formatted with 'Sector Sparing' will require
setting the (/!R) switch on the BASEDEV=IBM1S506.ADD statement
in CONFIG.SYS. See IBM1S506.TXT for additional information.

Note: This problem IS NOT FIXED in the OS/2 2.1 Beta and
will require use of the driver in package.

Problems this driver addresses:

1.) Compatibility problems with MFM/RLL controllers requiring
usage of the Generic Int 13 driver as a workaround.

2.) Compatibility problems with some IDE disks.

3.) Compatibility problems with the OAK Technology chip set when
an IDE Paddle card is installed.

4.) Compatibility problems with some laptop IDE drives (2.5" inch)
requiring excessive spin-up times.

5.) Support of large IDE drives (>0.5 GB).

6.) Support of large ESDI drives (>0.5 GB) without requiring
Head/Track Mapping modes.

7.) Support of MFM/RLL drives with >1024 addressable cylinders on
some MFM/RLL controllers.

8.) Support of a second IDE/ESDI controller.

Used in laptop docking station applications or in small server
(non-SCSI) applications.

Problems this driver DOES NOT address:

1.) Problems with Quantum Hardcards.

Some Hardcard models require a loadable DOS driver to operate. Quantum
is reportedly working on a (.ADD) driver compatible with OS/2 2.0.

Hardcard owners should contact Quantum Corp directly concerning
availability of this driver.

2.) Compatibility problems with 8-Bit MFM/RLL controllers.

Controllers such as ST-11M,R do not conform to PC-AT (ST-506)
register interfaces and are not supported by this driver.

Support may be provided by the Generic Int 13 driver. However
use of these controllers is not recommended with OS/2 2.0.

Installation Instructions

Note: These instructions assume you have unzipped the package
to a directory and are currently in that directory.

Installed System

On a system that has been previously installed. The driver
should replace the existing IBM1S506 driver.

For example:

(OS/2 Installed on D:)

ren D:\OS2\IBM1S506.ADD *.AD0
copy IBM1S506.ADD D:\OS2

Modify the existing IBM1S506 BASEDEV stmt in CONFIG.SYS as follows:


Shutdown and reboot the system.

Diskette Install

Note: Remember to make back-up copies of any diskettes prior
to modifying them!

Also, you are replacing files already on the diskettes.
If you do not see the files you are replacing currently
on the diskette, then you are updating the wrong diskette!

For General Availability (GA) Diskettes:

Diskette 1: (Note: Not diskette IN)

copy IBM1S506.ADD A:

Diskette 2:

copy DD01.GA A:\DD01

For Service Pak (SP) Diskettes:

Diskette 1:

copy IBM1S506.ADD A:

Note: Once the updated IBM1S506 driver is installed either
by copying it on to the fixed disk, or by reinstalling
the GA diskettes, then applying the Service Pak will
have no effect on the level of the IBM1S506 driver.

For OS/2 2.1 BETA Diskettes:

Diskette 1: (Note: Not diskette IN)

copy IBM1S506.ADD A:

Diskette 2:

copy DD01.BE A:\DD01

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