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800x600x16 OS/2 beta driver from Viewsonic's BBS. For PerfectView graphics cards.
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800x600x16 OS/2 beta driver from Viewsonic’s BBS. For PerfectView graphics cards.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Installing the PowerGraph VGA 800x600 Driver for OS/2 PM 1.1

1. Locate the directory which holds the current PM display
driver that you are using. This is probably the first
directory listed in the LIBPATH statement in your
config.sys file. Normally, this is C:\OS2\DLL, but it
may be different if you have the debugging kernal

2. Boot the system into DOS.

3. Copy the file VGA800.DLL from the driver diskette into
the DLL directory which contains your current display

4. In the DLL directory, copy VGA800.DLL to DISPLAY.DLL.

5. Reboot into OS/2. You will now be in 800x600 16 color

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