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OS/2 PM program that is a front-end for OS/2's format command.
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OS/2 PM program that is a front-end for OS/2’s format command.
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OS/2 Presentation Manager Diskette Format Utility

PMFORMAT.EXE is an OS/2 PM application which provides a dialog
box interface to the OS/2 FORMAT.COM utility. FORMAT.COM must
be in your PATH for this application to work. The utility is
written for the most common diskette configuration found on
most PC-type computers, namely a 5-1/4" 1.2Meg. drive for A:,
and a 3-1/2" 1.44Meg. drive for B:.

This utility takes the bother out of remembering the options to
the command line based FORMAT command to format a 360K diskette
in a 1.2Meg. drive, or a 720K diskette in a 1.44Meg drive. It
also allows you to stay in the PM desktop without invoking the
windowed or full screen command prompt to format anything other
than a 1.2Meg. diskette in drive A:.

It's how the format command should have been written for PM.

Enjoy, it's FREE...................

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