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APIEXT is an M extension that will convert from the all uppercase OS/2 API convention using the include file “doscalls.h” used by C 4.5 to the mixed case API convention using “os2.h” used in the newer C 5.1 product.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
APIEXT 470 225 deflated
APIEXT.C 15792 4481 deflated
APIEXT.DEF 229 183 deflated
APIEXT.DLL 5189 1793 deflated
APIEXT.EXE 8594 4698 deflated
EXTHDR.OBJ 1893 794 deflated
EXTHDRP.OBJ 2021 831 deflated
OS2API.LST 3856 1344 deflated
README 6135 2063 deflated

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