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Clock/Calendar App; runs in its own OS/2 window.
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Clock/Calendar App; runs in its own OS/2 window.
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Contents of the README.DOC file


This program diplays an enlarged clock and a perpetual calendar
as one session. If the time and date are needed at any time, while
using OS/2, one can switch to this program and see. The programs colors
can be set to the user's specifications by using , , and .
The new configuration can be saved by pressing . One can preview future
months or review past months by using and . The current month
can be retrieved by pressing . To install the clock type: cc
There is no noticable change, besides the screen being cleared, but the
clock/calender is installed. will end the program.

**** NOTE: For this program to work, the three component file must be
in the root directory:

If they are not the program will not function.

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