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32-bit multithreading ZIP manager for OS/2 PM 2.x. Includes both German and English versions. Supports drag and drop operations.
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32-bit multithreading ZIP manager for OS/2 PM 2.x. Includes both German and English versions. Supports drag and drop operations.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Version 1.1 of ZiPMe

This is ZiPMe, a 32-bit multithreaded zip shell for the Presentation Manager
of OS/2 2.x that helps you to manage zip archives of the INFO-zip versions
zip.exe 1.9 and unzip.exe 5.0. Newer ZIP versions can be used, if there is no
change in the command line arguments. The files zip.exe and unzip.exe must be
in a directory with a path set on it in the config.sys.

ZiPMe is compiled by the emx gcc version 0.8h. Put emx.dll (copyright by
Eberhardt Mattes), the runtime library of the emx gcc, in a directory with a
libpath set on it in the config.sys. If you have an older version of emx.dll,
you should replace it by this one that comes with ZiPMe.

I would like to pick up a nice idea from Maurizio Sartori Masar, the author
of TWCP.
If you like ZiPMe, please send me a postcard with a photo of your city
(address at the end of this file).

I hope some of you like my program. If you find some bugs please send me
a mail.

Here is a list of the files and an explanation: this file
emx.dll the runtime library or the emx compiler; put it in a
directory with a libpath on it
german\zipme.exe the german version of zipme
german\zipme.hlp the german help file of zipme
english\zipme.exe the english version of zipme
english\zipme.hlp the english help file of zipme

These files are made of zipme:
zipme.ini in this file the settings of ZiPMe are saved
zipme.1 ... zipme.999 temporary files of zipme which are usually deleted
when zipme is ended. If you see some of these files
after zipme has been ended, perhaps because zipme
crashed, you can delete them

Changes and bug fixes in Version 1.1

- ZiPMe has been compiled with emx 0.8h. This means that you must use the
emx.dll which comes with ZiPMe 1.1 and not the one of version 1.0 or 1.01 of

- ZiPMe now supports Drag & Drop to open archives and to add files to an
Just drag a zipfile object onto the List Box of ZiPMe and it will
be opened.
Just drag one or more file objects while holding the Ctrl button onto the
Listbox and they will be added to the actual archive.

- You can now change and save the standard settings of the Add and Extract
dialogs in a new dialog from the menu item Save Settings.

- The font of the text window of the view dialog is now saved, if you save

- ZiPMe now supports pathnames and zipfilenames which contain blanks.
But ZiPMe DOESN'T support zipped files with blanks in their pathname
or filename, because Zip and Unzip have a LOT of problems with these
files. So please don't use ZiPMe with zipfiles which have such files
in it and don't add such files with ZiPMe to an archive !!!

- The -k option is now supported in the Add dialog. This means that you now
can create zipfiles that can be read and extracted by PKZIP.

- The size of the actual zipfile is now shown in the status line.

- some small bugs have been fixed

Changes and bug fixes in Version 1.01

- the zipme.ini and the temporary files now are placed in the directory
from which zipme.exe has been loaded and not in the current work directory
( many thanks to Kai Uwe Rommel from Mnchen, who showed me how to get the
directory from which ZiPMe has been loaded )

- the english help file has been corrected
( many thanks to Peter Landstreet from Toronto, who corrected the help file )

- problems with long pathnames have been solved

- problems with repainting the statusline have been solved

- behavior of extracting files has been changed:
if no path has been given of the option "Create directory with name of
archive" has been activated the extracted files and directories now are
placed in the actual work directory and not in the root as they have been
in Version 1.0

- directory handling for extracting files has been optimized
( My question to the programmers of unzip.exe:
Why didn't you have added the options to pass the files you want to extract
in a filelist file as you can do for zip.exe and to give a target directory
where to extract the files as you can do for pkunzip.exe. This would make
a lot of things much easier. )

Thanks to all who sent me comments and suggestions about ZiPMe. Because this
is my first PM program (I just did it to learn how to make a PM program) and
the first program I uploaded to the Internet, I didn't expect such a feedback.
I am happy that you like my program so much.

Peter Eggert
An Schormanns Busch 20
32107 Bad Salzuflen

eMail: [email protected]

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