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Base CSD for IBM's TCP/IP for OS/2.
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Base CSD for IBM’s TCP/IP for OS/2.
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Contents of the BASECSD.DOC file

* :title.IBM TCP/IP 1.2.1
* :CSD UN34109 :date.93/01/29
* :abs.Provides fixes for the BASE feature for TCP/IP 1.2.1 for OS/2.
* This replaces and obsoletes all CSD's that have a smaller CSD number *
* There are 3 SELF extracting files for this fix package:
* PLUS one INSTALL.CMD and this DOC file.
* Current CSD's for OS/2 TCP/IP 1.2.1 REFRESH are;
* UN32132 for NFS UN30680 for PMX (X-Windows)
* UN30759 for X25 UN31003 for Programmer tool kit

The BASECSD PACKAGE contains fixes for OS/2 TCP/IP Version 1.2.1
This is the same package as TCPIPCSD for OS/2 TCP/IP Version 1.2.1

*********** MAKE CERTAIN ALL FILES ARE COPIED *******************
There are two files that must be put in the IBMCOM directory of the boot
drive. They are IFNDIS.SYS and INET.SYS. If you have more than one IBMCOM
directory you MUST copy the files into each of the IBMCOM directory's.
The install procedure only installs on the first IBMCOM directory
found and searches in order the C, D, and E drive.

The CNTRL.EXE file cannot easily be installed. This file is run from the
CONFIG.SYS and you will be required to REM out the statement in the
CONFIG.SYS, and REBOOT your machine in order to install this file. After
installation, remove the REM from CONFIG.SYS and reboot your system. This
procedure will also allow the TCPIPDLL.DLL to be installed, it cannot be
installed when it is in use.

To create the CSD diskette(s) download the disk image to a PC as TCPCSD1.EXE,
TCPCSD2.EXE and OFFLOAD.EXE in binary. the diskettes images are packed
in self extracting PKZIP format.
You must also put the INSTALL.CMD file on the first diskette with E.
put the TCPCSD2.EXE and the OFFLOAD.EXE file on the second diskette.
To install this CSD, insert disk 1 in the A dirve and make it the current
drive. Type "INSTALL" and you will be prompted, in order, for the
CSD diskettes. You MUST install all diskettes.

APAR #s Files and directories Brief Description
------- --------------------- -----------------
PN19040 \tcpip\bin\pmant.exe Unable to define SHIFT-F1 or
or SHIFT-F10 Keys.

PN21834 \tcpip\syslevel.bem Update Syslevel for proper
information at current level.

PN23013 \tcpip\bin\ifndis.sys Self connect of client to server at same
PN23198 \tcpip\bin\ifnet.sys port number -- and -- Does not loop back
\tcpip\bin\inet.sys broadcast with 3COM cards on Ethernet Net.

PTR 20 \tcpip\bin\ftp.exe Put truncate filename problems

PN21765 \tcpip\dll\tcpipdll.dll Gethostbyname not setting H_ERRNO when Host
is not being used

PNXXXXX \tcpip\bin\snmpd.exe Number of Sockets increase from 512 to 2K.

PNXXXXX \tcpip\bin\nfilter.exe Not shipped with original code for 1.2.1

PTR \tcpip\samples\named\named.doc Update only

PN23762 \tcpip\bin\ftppm.exe Changing directories with the mouse - fixed

PRT IN \tcpip\bin\VT100.exe Translate problem for extended graphics
\tcpip\dll\VT100.dll Horizontal bar was being sent as a 'T'
This SHOULD be applied to all nodes on
the network so translate problems do not

PN20162 \tcpip\bin\ifndis.sys Performance problems using SLIP with 9600
\tcpip\bin\ifnet.sys baud modem.

PN21764 \tcpip\bin\pmant.exe converted null characters in input fields
\tcpip\bin\tn3270.exe to blanks causing applications to fail

PN20808 \tcpip\bin\box.ex SYS3175 or TRAP00D when discarding mail..
PN21605 \tcpip\bin\draw.ex using ALT-F3 key combination..
PN21657 \tcpip\bin\e3emul.ex only moved first of marked list..
PN22007 \tcpip\bin\epm.ex refreshed notebooks after move..
PN24492 \tcpip\bin\epm.exe allow ability to cancel when choosing from
PN20444 \tcpip\bin\epmlex.ex a pull down list.. and
\tcpip\bin\epmlist.ex recognize address on second line of reply to
\tcpip\dll\etke551.dll mouse problems

PN24884 \tcpip\bin\umount.exe corrected UMOUNT help to show correct format

PN24415 \tcpip\bin\sendmail.exe when receiving mail with a large number of
addressee caused sendmail to TRAP000D

GTS 000 \tcpip\bin\ftpdc.exe added left out module in prior CSD.

GTS 000 \tcpip\bin\slipcall.exe remove semaphore

PN26825 \tcpip\bin\ifndis.sys NOVELL and TCP/IP CO-existence problems
\tcpip\bin\ifnet.sys on ETHERNET

NOTE: Some header files had to be changed for fixing IFNDIS.SYS. The
following .EXE's had to be recompiled because of their dependency on these
header files.


NOTE: The following files were added or changed to support the off-load
function. It is not necessary to apply the 'NEW" files unless you are using
the off-load function in conjunction with the mainframe system.

UPDATED \tcpip\bin\ifndis.sys
UPDATED \tcpip\bin\ifnet.sys
UPDATED \tcpip\bin\inet.sys
UPDATED \tcpip\bin\cntrl.exe

PN22885 \tcpip\bin\telnet.exe Telnet consumes too much CPU fix

PN23685 \tcpip\bin\telnetd.exe Added parameter -e nnn to specify
escape delay.

PN25482 \tcpip\bin\ansiterm.exe Box character alignment problems
\tcpip\bin\tn.exe fixed
PN26144 \tcpip\bin\vt100.exe O acute capital translated incorrectly

PN28346 \tcpip\bin\vt220.sys Screen output quits right after password
PN28370 \tcpip\bin\telnet.exe prompt

PN25121 \tcpip\bin\vt100.exe In full screen VAX applications with editors
\tcpip\bin\vt220.exe lines mysteriously vanish

PN25971 \tcpip\bin\telnet.exe Fixed trap D

PN26327 \tcpip\bin\telnetd.exe KEEPALIVE does not terminate TELNET
session on server when client dies

Note: Translate table support:

Support for specifying external ASCII/EBCIDC translation table has been
added to TN3270 and PMANT. This is supported by the following files:

\tcpip\etc\3278xlt.sam (sample translate table)

Both TN3270 and PMANT have the following syntax for specifying a
translate table.

If the translate_table_file_name does not contain the full path then
the application will search the ETC directory.

If the -tx option is not specified, the application will use the file
3278XLT.TBL in ETC directory. Thus if you want to use a particular
translate table most of the time, you should copy your translate table
file to 3278XLT.TBL in your ETC directory. If the file 3278XLT.TBL does
not exist, the application will use the default US translate table
internal to the application.

3278XLT.SMP is shipped as an example and contains the US ASCII/EBCDIC
translations. The format of the translation table is the same as that
of IBM TCP/IP for VM. Thus TN3270 and PMANT can use a translation table
downloaded form IBM TCP/IP for VM.

PN26290 \tcpip\bin\slipcall.exe could not get read semaphore msg when issuing

PN25510 \tcpip\bin\e3emul.ex unable to start LaMail if defined in templates
PN27984 \tcpip\bin\epm.ex using OS/2 2.0
PN28879 \tcpip\bin\epm.exe LaMail inconsistent in the number of notes
\tcpip\bin\epmlist.ex opened when attempting to view all
\tcpip\dll\etke551.dll when using lamail and setting up another
\tcpip\dll\etkr551.dll window to reply, intermittently the send
\tcpip\bin\extra.ex option is grayed out

PN27239 \tcpip\help\ftppm.hlp MVS GET/DELETE OVERRIDE OPTION removed from
help panel

PN29382 \tcpip\bin\pmant.exe PMANT does not behave correctly when started
from an ICON

PN26177 \tcpip\bin\pmant.exe PMANT window does not show proper font sizes

PN29532 \tcpip\bin\vt100.exe TELNET session to a VAX scrolling thru a file
PN29768 \tcpip\bin\vt220.exe only the last line is refreshed
PN30815 \tcpip\bin\telnet.exe TELNET not sending proper keypad characters
\tcpip\bin\telnetd.exe VI editor on UNIX

PGTS 00 \tcpip\bin\rexec.exe fix REXEC polling of the keyboard which was a
problem running under X windows

PN29620 \tcpip\bin\inet.sys OS/2 EE 1.32 X25 PING failure.
\tcpip\bin\ifnet.sys partial fix the X25 CSD must be applied to
\tcpip\bin\findis.sys with this CSD for total resolution

PN26327 \tcpip\bin\telnetd.exe Keepalive (2 hour) function

ADD TO 29511 new new new read the TCPIP\DOC\SNMPREAD.ME first......

PN31039 \tcpip\bin\ftp.exe Using wildcards (*) with MPUT command ship
in prior CSD was not documented

XXxxxxx \tcpip\bin\snmp.exe Enhance DPI to DPI 1.1 level and fixed
\tcpip\bin\snmpgrp.exe several problems reported in the forms
\tcpip\bin\snmpnew.txt * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
\tcpip\dll\isodedll.dll ON USING THE ENHANCED FUNCTIONS............

XXxxxxx \tcpip\bin\ftpd.exe ANONYMOUS bug when used in \etc\trusers

XXxxxxx \tcpip\dll\fapidll.dll Added to BASECSD for user convince also in

XXxxxxx \tcpip\bin\portmap.exe Increase sockets call from 512 to 2K

PN20260 \tcpip\bin\TN2370.exe Would not display fields from AS/400 application

PN24635 \tcpip\bin\inet.exe OS/2 shutdown hang when using RFC NetBios for
\tcpip\bin\ifndis.exe TCP/IP. NOTE: Shutdown still takes several
minutes (5) with this fix but no longer hangs

PN25904 \tcpip\bin\TN3270.exe Unable to define PA1 PA2 key in PMANT

PN26181 \tcpip\bin\lpr.exe Unable to print files to a HP print server

PN28730 \tcpip\bin\sendmail.exe Users sometimes receive an stack overflow in
\tcpip\bin\sendmail.msg sendmail

PN29790 \tcpip\bin\lpr.exe Using wildcard (*) does not print all of the

PN32006 \tcpip\bin\snmp.exe Not returning proper customer MIB variable


PN32064 \tcpip\bin\makendx.exe Error 285 attempting to save index file-LaMail

OFFLOAD \tcpip\bin\inet.sys General OFFLOAD fixes

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