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PM Horoscope is a Planetary Calculation applet that runs under OS/2 PM.
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PM Horoscope is a Planetary Calculation applet that runs under OS/2 PM.
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Contents of the PMHORO.DOC file

PM Horoscope
A Planetary Calculator
by William Weber
Release 1.0

November 13, 1992

PM Horoscope is a Planetary Calculation applet that runs under OS/2 Presentation
Manager. It was written as an exercise in PM development using Gpf Systems
development tools and the IBM Workset /2. The calculation engine is based on
algorithms from books published by Wilmann-Bell, Inc. and was written in C.
All development was done under OS/2 2.0.

The files required are PMHoro.Exe, PMHoro.Hlp, and Table.LBR. To install
PMHoro, choose any directory for PMHoro.Exe and Table.LBR, and place PMHoro.Hlp
into a directory which is in your HELP path.

PM Horoscope may be invoked in any way you prefer: OS/2 command line, Look2
eXec, and double-clicking the icon have all been tried, under OS/2 2.0. Two or
more PM Horoscopes may be invoked at a time, should you want to compare a few
different sets of planetary positions side-by-side.


PMHORO.DOCThis text file
PMHORO.EXEExecutable file for PM Horoscope
TABLE.LBR1200-year Ephemeris for outer planets
PMHORO.INFOnline Manual

This second release adds:
Date/Time Entries are no longer cleared to defaults every time the Entry
Dialog is dismissed, for convenience in trying slightly varying dates and
times. Longitude and Latitude input is also provided, so Horoscope Houses
can be calculated.

Elements and Quadruplicities of Signs tenanted by Planets are now tallied,
for Zodiacal Disposition analysis.

Graphics! A graphic wheel display in the Aries Wheel has been added.

Glyphics! Hieroglyphs are used extensively, for the student of astrology.

A Notebook with two pages: Houses, for astrological work, and Heliocentric Coordinates,
for astronomical purposes.

More Help, including a bit of Astrological background. There is both Online Help and
and Online Document manual.

Would you like to see PM Horoscope evolve some more? Send your comments, and, if you feel
like it, contribution, to

William Weber
11A Banks Street
Waltham, MA 02154

or contact me at CompuServe 76350,2700

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