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Minesweeper game for OS/2 2.0; similar to Windows' minesweeper.
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Minesweeper game for OS/2 2.0; similar to Windows’ minesweeper.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


Copyright (C) 1993 by David Charlap

This program may be freely distributed provided that this file and any
other accompanying files remain unaltered.

I am requesting a modest donation of $10 (US currency, please) if you
like the program and would like to see me produce others. The money
will be very positive encouragement for me to continue releasing OS/2
programs in the future.

All payments should be sent to the following address:
David Charlap
8 Snow Ridge
Denville, NJ 07834 - USA

Send all correspondence to the above address or to my Internet e-mail
address: [email protected]

This archive consists of the following files:

MINE.EXE - the main program.
MINE.HLP - the help file. You can not get help without it.
MINE.TXT - a small document describing the game briefly.
README.TXT - this file.

Feel free to give MineSweeper to all your friends and relatives and
whoever else you know who might like this. Upload it to bulletin
boards, etc. Encourage them all to send me some money. 🙂 The only
hard requirement I make is that all four of the files listed above be
included in any distribution, and that they remain unaltered.

Updates, when released, will be posted to two locations on the Internet:
The comp.binaries.os2 newsgroup, and to the file
server. I make no promises about uploading this program elsewhere.

--- David Charlap

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