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Some simple REXX and script utilities for PMComm (OS/2 comm program).

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PMcomm Accessories Package 1.00
----------includes hands-off PCBoard Qmail4
login, mail and file xfer script, directory
printer for PMCOMM.FON files, and translator
for QMODEM.FON to PMCOMM.FON to help upgrade
from Qmodem to PMcomm. All written in

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Some simple REXX and script utilities for PMComm (OS/2 comm program).
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Contents of the FIXPRT.DOC file

FIXPRT.CMD, Copyright 1992 Brad Berson, Psycho Psoftware
v1.00 April 28, 1992

This software is provided with no warranties or guarantees at all.
Always make backups, read the directions, type carefully and proceed
at your own risk!

FIXPRT.CMD is a REXX program which serves absolutely no purpose at
all except to repair minor (and likely even unnoticed) damage done
by early pre-releases of QMtoPM to a PMcomm dialing directory file.

QMtoPM is a program which converts the dialing directory files from
Forbin Project's Qmodem into the format used by Multinet's PMcomm,
OS/2-PM communications program.

Early versions of QMtoPM, due to incorrect documentation of PMcomm's
file format, incorrectly converted the file transfer protocols for
all variants of Xmodem and Ymodem. The only effects of this error
are that the default protocol in the "INFO" box shows as "None" and
no buttons are pressed on the xfer protocol selection box when you
request a file transfer. The first time an affect dialing entry is
used for a file transfer, the incorrect information will be over-
written with the correct information as long as the "save" box is
checked in the protocol selection box.

Running FIXPRT is simple. It's quite bulletproof but just to be
sure, won't write to your original .FON file(s). By default FIXPRT
looks for PMCOMM.FON in your current directory and creates a file
by the same name, but with the extension ".NEW".
See the following examples.




To test the results, rename your PMCOMM.FON to PMCOMM.OLD and then
PMCOMM.NEW to PMCOMM.FON, and fire up PMcomm. Upon successful use,
you can delete PMCOMM.OLD.

It should also be noted that versions of PMcomm 1.11 and earlier
exhibit a bug where a couple of protocols will show as "None" in
the dialing "INFO" box, but *will* have the correct button pressed
in the protocol selection box. This is unrelated to QMtoPM and not
affected or repaired by FIXPRT, nor is it related to bad file data.

Brad Berson
Psycho Psoftware
See QMtoPM documentation for more information.

The end.

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