Dec 242017
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Test OS/2 2.0 GA comm drivers (beta code, very stable). This version supports Com3/Com4 under OS/2 and WinOS/2 and allows you to define Com port and IRQ assignments for each Com port.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COM2210 0 0 stored
BMD.CMD 297 190 deflated
COM.SYS 25064 14721 deflated
COMBETA.DOC 7254 2322 deflated
COMBETA.TXT 5859 2118 deflated
COMINST.CMD 1157 456 deflated
COMM.DRV 8394 5463 deflated
CUSFB.TXT 4235 1332 deflated
DEINSTL.CMD 919 378 deflated
MODE.COM 64787 33122 deflated
README.1ST 1474 719 deflated
VCOM.SYS 11264 4589 deflated

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