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OS2 DLL containing REXX utilities, including file i/o and MACROCOMMAND.
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OS2 DLL containing REXX utilities, including file i/o and MACROCOMMAND.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
PRXT.RXL 1012 179 deflated
PRXT1.CMD 52 52 stored
PRXT2.CMD 52 52 stored
PRXTEST1.CMD 3387 960 deflated
PRXTEST2.CMD 3613 896 deflated
PRXTEST3.CMD 13306 2028 deflated
PRXTEST4.CMD 4495 1067 deflated
PRXUTILS.DLL 66164 31291 deflated
PRXUTILS.DOC 2407 1050 deflated
PRXUTILS.INF 63940 28165 deflated
README.DOC 2000 812 deflated
TESTIN3.TXT 237 138 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

Pedagogic Software
W. David Ashley
5 Timberline Drive
Trophy Club, Tx 76262

Congratulations on obtaining another software tool from Pedagogic
Software. We are commited to supplying the best OS/2 shareware tools
available for programmers. Our philosphy is simple:

Supply the best software tools at the most reasonable cost.

To this end Pedagogic Software will supply packages in two forms:

1. Complete executables, documentation, and source code. These packages
will each be of varying cost to register, but all who do register
will receive notice when new versions become available. New versions
must be re-registered in order to receive subsequent notices of
newer versions.

2. Executables and documentation only. The same procedures apply to
these packages with one exception. The source code will be at an
additional cost and only supplied to those users willing to part
with the additional expense. Registered source code users will
receive subsequent versions, including source code, for only a
small charge to cover postage and handling.

Registered users may utilize executables and source code in any way
they see fit as long as arrangements are made with Pedagogic Software
to properly display our copyright notices and proper credit is given
to the original author in any packages the user may publish.

These formats will allow our tools the widest use and implementation
for the most reasonable cost to the user. It is our hope that each
and every user of our tools will register with Pedagogic. It is only
your support that will allow us to provide even better tools in the

Thank you,
W. David Ashley
Pedagogic Software

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