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Workstation Lock for OS/2 PM. Allows you to "Lock" your keyboard.
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Workstation Lock for OS/2 PM. Allows you to “Lock” your keyboard.
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Contents of the WL.DOC file

WL - Workstation Lock

This program is used in locking a workstation whilst other tasks are
executing. The primary reason for WL's existence is PROFS! I HATE
having to log off from a 3090 session just to go to a meeting or
lunch. Also, when I'm in the process of a file copy, file transfer
or any other task - I don't wish to be interrupted.

Unfortunately, many of my co-workers have access to my office and
like to treat all workstations as their own (you know who you are).

This program prevents the unauthorized use of such 'logged on' sessions.

OK, sure, they can just CTRL-ALT-DEL, but then they need passwords
to get back onto the 3090, LAN or other system.

To use, simply set a password, select GO! and the program takes
control. You need to type the password in, click on OK in the dialog
box, and you can continue.

What's new in this version.

Password is now remembered between WL invocations.
Logging for activities has been added.

Suggestions, corrections, ideas of all kinds ?

Roy Barrow
The MATRIX Organization, Inc.
501 Silverside Road
Wilmington, DE 19809

(302) 792-1980 (Tel)
(302) 792-0777 (Fax)

The MATRIX Organization is a Data Processing Consulting company.

MATRIX's advanced / emerging technologies group's main focus is
Local Area Networks.

MATRIX has offices in Philadelphia, Wilmington, Boston and other

Contact-Specializing in-

Stuart J. Pastman Novell Netware / Netware VMS

Robert E. Zimmer Novell SPX, IPX, NetBIOS programming

Marco J. Coletti 3+Open, DEC PCSA

Roy Barrow OS/2, OS/2 LAN Server, PCLP 1.3X
Presentation Manager Programming

Richard E. Rosato UNIX, XENIX, UUCP

MATRIX is looking for MORE than a FEW good people!

If you are intereseted in becoming a consultant in one of the
above areas (both in interest and geographically!), please forward your
resume to Kathy Waterhouse at the aforementioned address, or telephone
Kathy to discuss your interest.

Please indicate that "Roy Barrow" engineered the introduction so as to
cut through the red tape.

MATRIX employs more than 250 highly qualified professionals with a
'preferred' account status at numerous Fortune 100 companies.

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