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OS/2 utility that displays a message and plays music when your modem is called, even if it's not on line.
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OS/2 utility that displays a message and plays music when your modem is called, even if it’s not on line.
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Contents of the PHONEATT.DOC file

PhoneAtt 1.0 (c) 1991 Mikael Wahlgren

PhoneAttention, is a simple program, that monitors a signal from the
modem on the serial port. When a phone is ringing, the modem detects
this, even if it isn't in auto answer mode.

This programs displays a pop-up window whenever a phone call is received,
and plays a little tune. The program is developed for my personal use,
as I can't hear the phone ringing when I sit at the computer with the
stereo headphones in the ears. It is nice to have the computer actually
write, that the phone is ringing.

The program is compatible with OS/2 1.3 and OS/2 2.0. It works both when
you are in PM and in a text session. Two warnings though... The OS/2 2.0
LockUp feature, will REALLY lock up your computer, if a phone call is
received when the desktop is in lockup mode (with the lock running around
on the screen). My opinion as that this is a bug in the operating system,
and nothing I can do anything about. The second warning is that even
if the program in most cases doesn't interfere with your use of the modem,
it MAY in some RARE situations interfere with the handshaking between
the modem and device driver. But normally, you can use the modem just as
you usually do, even if PhoneAtt is installed.

This program is free to use for non-commercial use. The support level for
this program is at the idle priority. Any questions should be directed to:

Mikael Wahlgren
Kransen 4E
416 72 Gothenburg

Fax: +46 31 196417
Internet: [email protected]
Fidonet: Mikael Wahlgren 2:203/302.5

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