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QwikSwitch OS/2 hotkey utility. Assign running OS/2 apps to ALT+ keys (Hotkey). PM interface.
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QwikSwitch OS/2 hotkey utility. Assign running OS/2 apps to ALT+ keys (Hotkey). PM interface.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

QwikSwitch Rev. 1.0 August 27, 1991, by Claude Biron

Copyright (C) Claude Biron, 1991. All rights reserved.


The software is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind.The entire
risk as to the results and performance of the software is assumed by you.
In no event shall Claude Biron be liable for any damages whatsoever arising
out of the use of or inability to use this software.


Thanks to Peter Fitzsimmons and Michael R. Jones for their work on keyboard
monitors and PM system hooks, which provided working examples for the creation
of this utility. MSJ Vol4 No.5 on Device Monitors and OS/2 Programmer's
Reference Vol 4 on PM system hooks.


QwikSwitch is an alternative method for switching to running programs. I was
more or less forced to develop it as a result of strong criticism from users
of OS/2 workstations in my company. They required quick and easy access to
6 running applications:

1. A full screen client interface to a database application.
2. 4 3270 sessions.
3. A PM application displaying bar graph data from the system database.

They did not like using the mouse or interacting with PM windows, and
they preferred to run each PM window maximized. QwikSwitch allows them to
switch to any running program under OS/2, PM or full screen (DOS box not
supported), by simply selecting it with an Alt + number key combination.
It works from either direction between full screen and PM applications.
The QwikSwitch PM interface allows for easy assigment of keys to running
applications. This program has been tested on OS/2 1.3 and 2.0 (6.149).


Copy the QWIKDLL.DLL to your LIBPATH directory.
Copy QWIKSWCH.EXE to a directory specified in your PATH statement.
Copy QWIKSWCH.HLP to the same directory or your OS/2 help directory.


QwikSwch displays a task list, which is refreshed whenever it gets the focus.
Simply click on a selection and assign it to a labled button. It is usefull
to assign QwikSwch itself to a key (eg. Alt+0). To earse a button, deselect
the the task list selection and click on the button to earse, or click on
Clear keys to earse all selections. That's it. See the Help selection in
QwikSwitch for more info.


1. If you switch to an OS/2 windowed application, you must display the system
menu prior to using any Alt + n key combination. Keystrokes from OS/2 windows
do not seem to be passing through the system hook unless the system menu is
displayed. Help on this one would be greatly appreciated.

2. I have attempted to mimic the task list as far as possible. Do not use
the "End task" feature on any group boxes. Doing so will terminate the
Desktop Manager requiring a re-boot to get it back. The system task list
ignores attempts to End task group boxes and I am trying to find out how it's

I can be reached for comments at 1:153/905.2 or at the following address in

Claude Biron, Systems Analyst with B.C. Tel
103 W. 23rd Ave.
Vancouver, B.C.

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