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HP DeskJet Driver for OS/2 (beta v13.372 dated 3/19/93).
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HP DeskJet Driver for OS/2 (beta v13.372 dated 3/19/93).
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DJFAMGEN.DLL 76032 37950 deflated
DJFAMGEN.EA 33 33 stored
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HPDJPM.DRV 93536 34105 deflated
HPDJPM.EA 3958 1230 deflated
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HPDJPMH.EA 33 33 stored
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LICENSE 2324 998 deflated

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Contents of the DESKJET.DOC file

OS/2 HP Deskjet Driver (beta) v13.372


See the file LICENSE included in this package for licensing
information that apply to this driver package.

(c) Copyright IBM Corporation 1990,1991,1992,1993. All rights reserved.
(c) Copyright Hewlett-Packard Corporation 1989,1990,1991,1992,1993.
All rights reserved.
(c) Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1988,1989. All rights reserved.

HISTORY (date - version - description of changes )

03/19/93 - v13.372 - 2nd posting of the (beta) OS/2 HP DeskJet driver
4-Plane color supported on the 550C
(both black and color cartridge used at same time)

- This is the DeskJet driver version that is part
of the OS/2 2.1 beta (6.498).

- Enjoy! Patience pays off - Matt Rutkowski

11/05/92 - v13.352 - Initial posting of (beta) DeskJet driver package.
- This driver contains support for the
following devices: HP DeskJet
HP DeskJet Plus
HP DeskJet 500
HP DeskJet 500C
HP DeskJet 550C
HP DeskJet Portable

- NOTE: This driver is being distributed in beta
format and is provided "as is" until it
officially shipped with OS/2 2.1
- This driver has been tested thoroughly with many
major applications and been through exhaustive
functional testing!
- The driver will be updated with the OS/2 2.1 version
when OS/2 2.1 ships.

Files included in HPDJET.ZIP:
DESKJET.DOC - README document a MUST! before install
LICENSE - a text file containing OS/2 driver

HPDJPM.DRV - the main driver file
DJFAMGEN.DLL - a driver's library file
HPDJPM.HLP - driver help file

HPDJPM.CMD - command file for re-attaching
extended attributes prior to install

DJFAMGEN.EA - the library's extended attributes
HPDJPM.EA - the driver's extended attributes
HPDJPMH.EA - the help file's extended attributes


The Extended Attribute file (.EA) for the driver must be attached
to the actual driver file (.DRV) so installation of the driver
will succeed. This is done by using the EAUTIL.EXE program that
is part of OS/2.

* Use the command file (HPDJPM.CMD) provided to do this for you.

Once, this is done successfully you may proceed with normal
printer driver installation.


For more detailed information see the file INSTALL.DOC included
in this package.

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