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A Mod player for OS/2, version 0.99.
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A Mod player for OS/2, version 0.99.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


This is version 0.99 of Digital Music Player. I am only releasing this version
in the hopes of getting some useful feedback and/or bug reports before
releasing an 'official' v1.0. I've been having a few problems with the WPS
integration, so I suggest being careful. Specifically, if you attempt to
select and open several MODs from the WPS, it may not work and you may end up
with several hidden copies of DMPlayer running. These will have to be killed
with watchcat probably. The funny thing is, it works most of the time. So
just be forewarned. If DMPlayer is already running, then I have noticed NO
problems whatsoever. Sorting will be in v1.0, but I'm having a bit of a
problem with that also. So hang in there and have fun!

What is Digital Music Player?

Digital Music Player is a MOD format music module player. It is packed with
features and will work with any audio adapter supported by MMPM/2. It allows
you to create SongLists of your favorite modules by drag and drop or
conventional means. These lists can be saved, loaded, and edited. DMPlayer
supports the playback of single-file archived modules as well. So, now you can
go and compress that 100 megs of .MOD files with gzip (or zip, zoo, etc.) and
save yourself about 30 megs of HD space!

DMPlayer will play songs in the background while you get work done!

DMPlayer plays several different .MOD formats.

DMPlayer works very well with the WPS. Simply associate all of your .MOD files
with Digital Music Player and they will be a double-click away from your ears.
If DMPlayer is running, then you can add songs to the SongList in several
different ways:

1. Selecting 'Add Songs' (or pressing INS) from the menu. You can then
select songs from the standard file dialog.
2. Dragging song files from the file system and dropping them on the
3. Selecting one or more song files from a folder and selecting 'Open' from
their menu.
4. Typing 'dmplayer [list of filenames including wildcards]' from the
command line.

There will never be more than one copy of DMPlayer running.

There is full online help, so simply press 'F1' for specific help.

Registration information is available online. Simply print out the
registration form (from the online help) and follow the instructions.

Thank you for trying out Digital Music Player.

Keith Murray
PO Box 1889
Corvallis, OR 97339-1889

Digital Music Player is copyright (c) 1994 Aria. All rights reserved.

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