Dec 072017
Find and remove Jerusalem virus, with C source.
File VKILL13.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Find and remove Jerusalem virus, with C source.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
TCCONFIG.TC 1690 376 deflated
VKILL.C 8743 3049 deflated
VKILL.DOC 1302 691 deflated
VKILL.EXE 18431 9779 deflated
VKILL.PRJ 10 10 stored

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Contents of the VKILL.DOC file

This is the new VKILL.EXE program. I hope it works well, but if you run
into any problem please tell me so I can improve the program.
There is one bug I will not correct, mainly because it is a problem in
the C compiler and not in my code. That bug causes the program to hang if it
runs into many infected files (more than 1000 or something like) and it's
cause is the heap fragmentation. The solution is just to reboot and start
VKILL again to clean the rest of the disk. No harm is done by doing that,
but please do not reboot while VKILL is accessing the disk because then you
will not know if it is reading or writing, reboot only after disk activity
has stopped and the program seems to be doing nothing.
Please report the performance of the program to me via email.
This program is absolutely free for use as long as it is not modified
and as long as it is packed with this DOC file.

- VKILL.DOC - this file (1302 bytes)
- VKILL.EXE - the executable file (14066 bytes)
- VKILL.C - the source code (8724 bytes)
- VKILL.PRJ - the Turbo-C 2.0 project file (10 bytes)
- TCCONFIG.TC - the Turbo-C 2.0 configuration file (1690 bytes)

Antonio Julio Raposo
([email protected] - LISBOA - PORTUGAL)

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