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X-windows feel for OS/2, with source (just move the mouse to set focus, no clicking).
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X-windows feel for OS/2, with source (just move the mouse to set focus, no clicking).
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Contents of the XFEEL.DOC file

XFEEL 1.1b written by Markus Hof and Roman Fischer (adresses see bottom)

The idea for XFEEL is to aktivate a window by just moving the mouse over it
(a la X-Windows). As OS/2 stands now, you have to click everytime you
want to change the focus to another window.

In this distribution their are several files included:

xfeel.doc:This is the documetation file you are just reading. I also
recommend that you read it carefully.

xfeel.exe:This is the main program. Make sure you put it in a
directory described by your PATH statement.

xfeel.dll:This is the dll which gives the xfeel its default behaviour.
It is the same as xfeelz.dll. Make sure it is somewhere
described by your LIBPATH statement.

xfeelz.dll:This dll gives you the described look and feel, by activating
automatically the window under the mouse, window changing
the Z-order of your windows. This means, that the window
is activated, but not brought to front. Changing of the
Z-order can be achieved by clicking into the titlebar.

xfeelc.dll: Same as dll above except, that when a window gets activated
by a mouse movement, it is automatically brought to in front of
all other windows.

The following files present the full source code of xfeel. This isn't
intended for every user, but for interested programmers. file for xfeel. This is a TopSpeed project file.
So you will need the TopSpeed C compiler, if you want to
compile the project. If you wanna port xfeel for your compiler,
make sure, that the dll has a global shared data segment.
We're interested in any information or makefile regaring an
successfull port of xfeel to any other compiler.

xfeel.c:Source file for 'xfeel.exe'

xfeel2.c:Source file for 'xfeel.dll'. By defining, or not defining, of
the macro 'DONTCHANGEZORDER' you can specify, which dll of
'xfeelc' and 'xfeelz' you want.

Changes to Version 1.1:

The dll 'xfeelz.dll' now never looses focus in the nirwana, which means,
that the nasty bug with lost characters, is gone. Change in Z-order can
be achieved by clicking onto the frame or onto the title bar of a partially
hidden window.
We also included some errormessage, which do really make sense.

Known bugs:

1. Combo boxes don't work properly. This can be circumvented, by not releasing
the mouse button, after clicking the down arrow, but keep it pressed & move
to the listbox, where you can scroll by moving your mouse. Some people
remarked that this way it is even easier to handle.

2. Seamless windows gives some strange effects. So the use of xfeel combined
with seamless windows is at this point not yet recommended.

Ok, that for the interesting stuff. What now comes is annoying, but has to
be and we'd appreciate if you take the next paragraph as it is written.
Thank you.

This packet is distributed as it is. We are not responsible & take no
warranties what so ever for any damage caused directly or indirectly by

xfeel. Also we take no responsibility for any future version.
This packet is distributed as it is. NO file is to be altered. It may be
freely distributed, as long as their are no changes to any file & xfeel.doc
is distributed as well. You may ommit the files listed in the source section
above if you wish to do so.

The following sentence is still valid:
All kinds of ideas, bugs, hints and comments are welcome. Just let us know...

Markus, Roman

Markus Hof: [email protected]
Roman Fischer: [email protected]

Normal mail:
Markus Hof
Marktgasse 11
CH-4051 Basel

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