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Info-Zip's free 32 bit unzip for OS/2 2.0.
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Info-Zip’s free 32 bit unzip for OS/2 2.0.
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Contents of the README file

File README for:

unzip42.zipgeneric Unix/VMS/OS2/MSDOS/Mac/Amiga/Atari UnZip v4.2
unzip42.zoosame as above, but ZOO format
unzip42.arcsame as above, but ARC format
unzip42.tar.Zsame as above, but compressed tar format

A public distribution version of the Info-ZIP project's generic UnZip
utility; 20 March 1992.

BEFORE YOU ASK: UnZip and its companion Zip utility can be found on many
archive sites around the world. The "archie" ftp database utility can be
used to find a site near you (if you don't know how to use it, DON'T ASK
US--check the Usenet groups news.newusers.questions or news.answers or some
such). The "official" Info-ZIP ftp site is in /pub.
The most heavily used US site is; Zip 1.0 can be found
in /packages/compression/zip-1.0-export.tar.Z, and UnZip will probably be
found in the same place. Zip 1.0 is also at any comp.sources.misc archive
site (volume 23) and, due to an oversight, in comp.sources.unix archives,
too (most recent volume--24?). Machine-specific archives and executables
for both Zip and UnZip may be stored at wuarchive in /mirrors/misc/unix,
/mirrors/misc/vaxvms, /mirrors/msdos/zip, etc. See the bottom of Contents
for locations of the decryption routines for Zip and UnZip. The interna-
tional sites listed there (and US mirrors thereof) will most likely have
the rest of the Zip and UnZip packages, as well.

This version of UnZip has been ported to a wide array of Unix and other
mainframes, minis, and micros (including VMS, OS/2, Minix, MSDOS, Amiga,
Atari ST (kinda), and Macintosh). Although highly compatible with Phil
Katz's PKZIP and PKUNZIP utilities of MSDOS fame, our objective has been
one of portability and other-than-MSDOS functionality. Features not found
in the PKWare version include default extraction of directory trees (with
a switch to defeat this, rather than the other way around); HPFS awareness
for the OS/2 version; and, of course, the ability to run on most of your
favorite operating systems.

New features in this version are detailed in the History file, but a
couple of them are worth comment. Decryption (to accompany Zip 1.0's
encryption) is now supported (you still have to ftp the crypt.c source
separately, but that's explained in the Contents file). It is a recent
addition, however, and there may be some rough edges in the compilation.
If it fails, try adding (or removing) -DTERMIO to the compiler command.
(This is especially likely on System V machines--the error messages will
say things about sgtty being undefined in file_io.c.) Once you get it
to compile, everything should work well; it's only the compilation itself
which may be a problem. Decryption is optional, of course, and there
should be virtually no problems compiling the export (non-decryption)
version of UnZip.

Ship is also now included with the UnZip distribution. It first appeared
with Zip 1.0 and is the preferred method for mailing binaries to and from
Info-ZIP. As it was added at the last minute, however, there are only
makefile targets in the main Makefile (for regular Unix, SysV, OS/2 and
MS-DOS). Most people will already have Ship compiled with the Zip dis-
tribution, so this shouldn't be a big problem. Ship is likely to disap-
pear again in the next release (it should be separately distributed by

The new compression method in PKZIP 1.93a (deflation) is NOT supported
yet and won't be until PKZIP 2.0 (or whatever) is officially released.
PKZ193A.EXE is a beta version of the software, and its compression format
may change before the official release. We'll be ready when it does come
out, however.... 🙂

See unzip.1 or for usage. (No, there isn't a manual, per se.
Dave Heiland is working on one, but it's a big job and he isn't done
yet.) See Contents for an explanation of everything in the distribution,
and BUGS for a list of what still doesn't work. The History file lists
what *did* get fixed and added this time; CONTRIBS lists who did it (not
complete, but we're trying); and COPYING contains information on commer-
cial usage, licensing, etc. Basically such usage is prohibited at present,
but we're working on lifting that restriction. So don't bug us unless you
have (legally) rewritten some or all of the code in question (check with
us first, however, since we're also working on that as time permits).

See the Makefile (or the system-specific archives) for details on how to
compile for your system. If you confirm a clean compile and execution
on a unique system (i.e., one different from those in the makefiles),
please provide Info-ZIP via e-mail with details as to your system type,
any changes required, what Makefile system was used, etc.

If any changes are made to source, we'd appreciate them (context diff
files only, please), with explanation as appropriate.

All bug reports and patches should go to [email protected], and sug-
gestions for new features can be sent to [email protected] (although
we don't promise to use all suggestions). If it's something which is
manifestly useful, sending the required patches to zip-bugs directly is
likely to produce a quicker response than asking us to do it. Those
directly responsible for updating the code are somewhat short on time
these days. If you're considering a port, however, please check in with
Info-ZIP FIRST, since the code is constantly being updated behind the
scenes. We'll arrange to send you the latest source. The alternative
is the possibility that your hard work will be tucked away in a sub-
archive and pretty much ignored.

Please don't send e-mail to me (I'm only the Coordinator), unless
you're requesting something special (e.g., a copy of the "No Feelthy ..."
rules for source and change submission).

If you'd like to keep up to date with our UnZip (and companion Zip
utility) development, join the ranks of BETA testers, add your own
thoughts and contributions, etc., send your request to

[email protected]

and Rich Wales'll add you to the Info-ZIP newsletter mailing list.

David Kirschbaum
Info-ZIP Coordinator

(with some additions by Cavum Newtus)

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