Various Text files

HUMOR Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
0LEM2-TC.ZIP5197Dec 8 1991Codes for Lemmings 2 Levels.
0LEM2WIC.ZIP5487Feb 4 1992More Lemmings 2 Level codes.
100ROM.ZIP40937Aug 23 1994Ratings of the top 100 CD-ROMs.
1992PIG.ZIP26427Jul 11 1992Info on 1992 Congressional pork barrel projects. See how your tax money is being wasted.
1994-NFL.ZIP57486Jun 5 1994The 1994 Football Guide with some nice little extras.
19NEVER.ZIP1355Sep 25 1991Nineteen things never seen on Star Trek.
1LINERS.ZIP6293Aug 20 1990Some great one liners.
2CITY10.ZIP298821Dec 10 1993Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, provided by Project Gutenburg.
762X39.ZIP7867Jun 1 1990Reloading specs for NATO 7.62mm round.
94BUDGET.ZIP112765Apr 9 1993Clinton's 1994 Budget.
94MLBSCH.ZIP16503May 5 1994Major League Baseball schedule.
A-I-WARS.ZIP5187Jan 19 1991Text describing the history of Arab-Israeli Wars 1947-1982 by Don Peretz.
ABROAD.ZIP67739May 13 1993Tom Sawyer Aboroad - By Mark Twain.
ACC-DIS.ZIP50154Mar 11 1992Text on making computers more accessible to the handicapped.
ACCUSED.ZIP24043Aug 2 1989Things to know if you are accused of a crime.
ACDOYLE.ZIP75972Jul 21 1989Extensive bibliography of A.C. Doyle (Sherlock Holmes author).
ADA-TXT.ZIP39311Jan 29 1993The full text of "Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990".
ADA301.ZIP333804May 12 1992Hypertext - Americans with Disabilities Act.
ADMD.ZIP10010Aug 16 1993Info file about X.400 public email systems.
AESOP10.ZIP100457Nov 26 1991Aesop's Fables (full-text).
AHABRWRY.ZIP5697Jul 19 1991A list of breweries from the AHA.
AIDS.ZIP8261Apr 7 1991Text on Aids Virus from the Government.
AIRCRAFT.ZIP3489Apr 20 1992Aircraft scanner frequencies.
AIRFARE.ZIP20245Apr 15 1992Text file with advice on getting lowest airfares from the major airlines.
AIRQUAL.ZIP32305Oct 29 1993Guide to indoor air quality (text).
AIRSHO95.ZIP1329Dec 7 19941995 performance schedult for the Blue Angels & Thunderbirds.
ALCHEMY.ZIP10167May 26 1990The history of alchemy : Turning metal into gold.
ALICE29.ZIP64954Mar 12 1992Alice in Wonderland distributed as a text file.
ALL-NEW.ZIP31694Dec 14 1994Information on the new US Postal rates.
ALLELVIS.ZIP64039Mar 12 1994Biography and all recordings of Elvis Presley.
AMAZON.ZIP9649Jan 9 1993Amazon game solution.
AMAZSOL.ZIP6115Dec 7 1992Solution to Amazon: Guardians of Eden.
AMOEBA.ZIP499604Apr 12 1993Information on the Amoeba operating system. Postscript format.
AM_PIE.ZIP12174Jan 16 1994Commentary and all lyrics for the song, "American Pie".
ANGEL.ZIP603Dec 27 1992Song text from The Heights.
ANSWERM.ZIP11809Jul 30 1991Funny jokes for the answering machine.
ARCH-DC1.ZIP4924Dec 11 1993Architectural information about Washington, DC: part 1.
ARCHQUIZ.ZIP3458Jan 3 1995Short quiz tests your knowledge of the history of computer architectures.
ARCOV1.ZIP6026Nov 11 1990Info on the Ark of the Covenant.
ARJUNA.ZIP107778Apr 12 1993Information on the Arjuna operating system. Postscript.
ARKANSAS.ZIP1476Oct 15 1993Application for living in Arkansas, funny.
ASTRO-NO.ZIP34087Apr 10 1993Explains how the astrologers (fortune tellers) are ripping you off.
ATFLIGHT.ZIP8972Dec 30 1992An interesting sci-fi short story of less than 3,000 words.
ATOMIC.ZIP16740Aug 11 1990Text on atomic weapon development since 1939.
AUSSIE.ZIP23654Mar 24 1993Text file on an American trip by an Australian.
AW_SOLVE.ZIP4500Apr 15 1992Solution for Another World game.
BARDTREK.ZIP11480Jul 3 1994Uses of Shakespeare in Star Trek.
BARNOLD.ZIP17197Jun 12 1989Complete bibliography of Benidict Arnold.
BARRY.ZIP66876Sep 1 1990ASCII versions of many hilarious Dave Barry columns.
BASICLAW.ZIP14377May 24 1989A text tutorial on the basics of contract law.
BAWLAMAR.ZIP2652Oct 23 1988Dictionary of Baltimorese.
BAWLAMER.ZIP2545Oct 26 1988Talk like they do down on eastern avenue. Very funny.
BBS_EXPO.ZIP2470Dec 14 1993Info on BBS exposition to be held in Washington next April.
BEDTIME.ZIP2664Jun 26 1990A silly, but slightly humorous modern bedtime story.
BIBLE1.ZIP834113Apr 25 1991The entire King James Bible. Requires a hard drive with at least 4.8 meg of free disk space. Includes basic search and, view, and print routines. Part 1 of 2.
BIBLE2.ZIP788512May 2 1989King James Bible. Part 2 of 2.
BLACKAIR.ZIP5886Jan 13 1991Text file on secret aircraft beyond STEALTH & similar to UFO'S.
BLAKES7.ZIP9867Aug 22 1991Description of Blakes 7 TV series episodes.
BLONDE.ZIP1599Mar 4 1987A Bunch of blonde jokes. Very funny.
BLONDES.ZIP2793Aug 19 1991A collection of Blonde Jokes.
BNWS9501.ZIP60100Jan 23 1995BBS NEWS MAGAZINE: Electotronic e-mag (1/95).
BOCADOC.ZIP39150May 27 1993Documentation on the Boca 14.4 bps modem.
BOOKDLRS.ZIP5237Apr 22 1990A list of antique book dealers in the Baltimore+Washington area.
BOOKLIST.ZIP21763Sep 7 1990List of Great Books that every student should read.
BOXING.ZIP3890Sep 28 1991Sports trivia questions about boxing.
BPDOC.ZIP23966Nov 18 1993Documentation for Compuserve B+ Protocol.
BRIDE.ZIP21662Dec 11 1993The complete script to the movie: "The Princess Bride".
BRUNNER.ZIP25075Mar 28 1993Info on the film Blade Runner.
BULGE.ZIP15783Nov 19 1989Bibliography of books relating to the Battle of the Bulge.
CABLEFAQ.ZIP16043Feb 9 1993Cable TV FAQ.
CABLES.ZIP45097Jun 26 1990Pinout list for all XT/AT cables & BUS.
CAROL10.ZIP67501Dec 14 1992"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickins. In text format.
CASTIPS.ZIP9577Jan 1 1993Castles II: Hints/Tips for game play.
CATS2AS.ZIP178073Nov 6 1993Cats Meow 2 (Homebrew text file / Ascii format).
CELL.ZIP54063Jun 7 1990Information on Cellular telephone frequencies and theory of operation.
CHAP1.ZIP18574Jan 7 1990Information on Hyperspace. File 3 of 4.
CHAP2.ZIP49937Jan 7 1990Information On Hyperspace. File 4 of 4.
CHORUS.ZIP115409Apr 12 1993Information on the Chorus operating system. Postscript.
CIABWASH.ZIP18273Sep 25 1987CIA documents on brainwashing from the 1950s. Obtained through Freedom of Information Act.
CIVIL10.ZIP25067Jun 30 1993Thoreau's "On the Duty of Civil Disobedience", full text.
CLINTECN.ZIP160002Apr 7 1993Bill Clinton's Economic plan. Plus 12 other documents coversing economic plans for high-tech, press releases, super-highway, etc.
CLINTON3.ZIP8977Feb 19 1993President Clintons Inaguration Speech - 92' from Project Guttenburg.
CLOUDS.ZIP47975Apr 12 1993Information on the Clouds operating system. Postscript.
CMPHOLIC.ZIP4178Jun 11 1989Test to see if you are a computerholic.
CNUMBERS.ZIP20771Mar 18 1994Telephone and Fax numbers for your representatives, broken down by state.
COMMATRX.ZIP2912Dec 20 1993Commercial Beer Brewing Matrix.
COMPANY.ZIP23587Jan 23 1990Some very funny fake Company Memos.
COMPDICT.ZIP1462Dec 27 1985A hilarious dictionary of computer terms.
COMPOST2.ZIP3722Mar 19 1994Text info on creating a compost pile for gardening.
COMPU.ZIP5769Jun 2 1987Murphy's (and others') Laws of computing.
CONGFAX.ZIP10258Mar 1 19931993 fax & phone numbers for Senate members.
CONGRESS.ZIP11923Oct 16 1991Listing of Congress Members office Phone/Fax numbers.
CONSTI.ZIP35645Sep 26 1993U.S. Constitution as a Windows Help File format.
CONSULT1.ZIP14672Feb 4 1987Information on setting up computer consulting business.
COOKIES.ZIP1458Oct 9 1990Mrs. Fields recipe for oatmeal cookies.
COPCODES.ZIP5055Aug 30 1987Codes that police officers use over the radio.
COST-CIV.ZIP3144Jun 7 1994Text info relating to making Civil War era costumes.
COWS.ZIP7908Dec 22 1989Various ASCII cow drawings. Very humerous.
COYOTE.ZIP4903May 30 1993Humorous text about a case in court : WILEY E. COYOTE VS. ACME COMPANY.
CRIME_PZ.ZIP63000Oct 15 1994CRIME AND PUZZLEMENT by John Perry Barlow
CRLAWS.ZIP95603Jun 10 1993This archive contains various US copyright legal documents.
CRTPT.ZIP120879Feb 28 1991A text file that presents a state-of-the-art survey of public key cryptography circa 1988 - 1990.
CSNEXT.ZIP79561Jul 15 1992NeXT articles on hardware, NeXTStep, NeXTStep 486, etc. from many magazines (qurey from Computer Select a database of over 200 magazines) articles dated Jan. 1992 through June 1992.
CSP.ZIP198166Jun 28 1991Various Computer Security Related Papers.
CTM9312.ZIP62528Nov 27 1993ComputerTalk Magazine: Hdware/Software Reviews Emag in READROOM.TOC format.
CTM9401.ZIP57981Dec 27 1993ComputerTalk Magazine (1/94): HDware/Software Reviews Emag in READROOM.TOC format.
CUD320.ZIP20506Jul 21 1991Computer Underground Digest text file.
CUD321.ZIP17126Jul 21 1991Computer Underground Digest text file.
CUD341.ZIP14564Nov 16 1991Computer Underground Digest text file.
CUD423.ZIP21420May 28 1992Computer Underground Digest Vol.4 - Issue 23.
CUD424.ZIP15619Jun 5 1992Computer Underground Digest Vol.4 - Issue 24.
CUD425.ZIP17998Jun 8 1992Computer Underground Digest Vol.4 - Issue 25.
CUD435.ZIP18262Aug 10 1992Computer Underground Digest Vol.4 #35.
CUD436.ZIP17899Aug 17 1992Computer Underground Digest Vol.4 #36.
CUD437.ZIP19578Aug 20 1992Computer Underground Digest Vol.4 #37.
CUD438.ZIP17720Aug 24 1992Computer Underground Digest Vol.4 #38.
CUD439.ZIP18947Aug 27 1992Computer Underground Digest Vol.4 #39.
CUD440.ZIP14829Aug 31 1992Computer Underground Digest Vol.4 #40.
CUD441.ZIP16046Sep 3 1992Computer Underground Digest Vol.4 #41.
CUD443.ZIP16735Sep 14 1992Computer Underground Digest, Vol. 4, #43.
CUD465.ZIP19560Dec 15 1992Computer Underground Digest Vol. 4 #65.
CUD466.ZIP18658Dec 17 1992Computer Underground Digest #4.66.
CUD467.ZIP14840Dec 20 1992Computer Underground Digest #4.67 (Dec 92).
CUD5.ZIP706709Jun 13 1993Computer Underground Digest Volume 5 issues 1-43.
CUD501.ZIP11009Jan 8 1993Computer Underground Digest Vol.5 - Issue #1.
CUD502.ZIP18282Jan 11 1993Computer Underground Digest Volume 5 - Issue #2.
CUD503.ZIP18948Jan 14 1993Computer Underground Digest Volume 5 - Issue #3.
CUD512.ZIP16808Feb 12 1993Computer Underground Digest #5.12 direct from EFF.
CUD525.ZIP14948Apr 4 1993Computer Underground Digest Sun April 4, 1993. volume 5, issue 25.
CUD581.ZIP18039Oct 18 1993Computer Underground Digest #5.81.
CUD582.ZIP20817Oct 23 1993Computer Underground Digest #5.82.
CUD585.ZIP18159Nov 14 1993Computer Underground Digest vol 5 #85.
CUD601.ZIP13919Jan 2 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.01.
CUD602.ZIP14478Jan 4 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.02.
CUD603.ZIP18308Jan 6 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.03.
CUD604.ZIP19302Jan 9 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.04.
CUD605.ZIP20060Jan 11 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.05.
CUD606.ZIP18958Jan 13 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.06.
CUD607.ZIP21004Jan 16 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.07.
CUD608.ZIP20338Jan 19 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.08.
CUD610.ZIP17207Jan 26 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.10.
CUD611.ZIP18945Jan 30 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.11.
CUD613.ZIP18726Feb 6 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.13.
CUD614.ZIP28904Feb 9 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.14.
CUD615.ZIP17107Feb 13 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.15.
CUD617.ZIP21058Feb 20 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.17.
CUD618.ZIP17615Feb 23 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.18.
CUD619.ZIP17382Feb 27 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.19.
CUD620.ZIP19093Mar 2 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.20.
CUD621.ZIP23123Mar 6 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.21.
CUD623.ZIP19160Mar 10 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.23.
CUD624.ZIP16488Mar 13 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.24.
CUD625.ZIP19229Mar 17 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.25.
CUD632.ZIP18390Apr 13 1994Computer Undergroud Digest #6.32.
CUD633.ZIP19450Apr 16 1994Computer Undergroud Digest #6.33.
CUD638.ZIP18212Apr 29 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.38.
CUD639.ZIP19272May 1 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.39.
CUD640.ZIP17202May 9 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.40.
CUD641.ZIP18680May 16 1994Computer Underground Digest #6.41.
CULT.ZIP26483May 27 1989Cults of the world: 2 text files describing cults & Masons.
CYBERA01.ZIP77655Sep 7 1994CyberNews ASCII Version - Vol 1 Iss 1 - Reviews, news, interviews. Special sneak announcement of Blood from 3D Relams. Over 25 reviews. Special interview with Scott Miller of Apogee.
CYBERA02.ZIP48586Oct 17 1994-=> CyberNews, The ASCII Edition, 10/94! <=-.
CYBERA03.ZIP110722Dec 16 1994-=> CyberNews, The ASCII Edition, 12/94! <=-.
CYBERA04.ZIP89907Feb 18 1995CyberNews, Ascii Edition, Issue #4 - Interview with Bob Metcalfe, Father of Ethernet, Reviews and much more!.
CYBEROCR.ZIP77093Jul 5 1994RAND Corp thinkpiece about Cyberocracy, Cyberspace, and Cyberology.
CYBLAW.ZIP9961Jun 21 1991Essay on Laws of Cyberspace.
DATLIST.ZIP10802May 12 1993Information about audio DAT tape drives.
DCLHUMOR.ZIP1086May 21 1991Any UNIX users will appreciate this one - a few choice DCL commands and the responses that they would elicit.
DEADSONG.ZIP114381Oct 29 1992Songbook of Grateful Dead tunes.
DEATH.ZIP1563Mar 28 1989Text file describing a most unusal death sentence.
DEC.ZIP11198Nov 28 1987Funny Unix/VAX story. Good reading.
DECR.ZIP14215Jan 3 1993John Perry Barlow text file on the NSA.
DEEP.ZIP17147Apr 7 1993This text file has many of Saturday Night Live's "Deep Thoughts" and the funny commercial "Happy Fun Ball".
DEFICIT.ZIP10006Apr 1 1993How to solve our deficit and debt problems.
DESTRUCT.ZIP138324Aug 15 1993Star Trek: "Before Destruction!" - An Original Novel By Michael Rossi.
DIE26.ZIP510228Aug 6 1993Text file on digital image enhancement (word perfect format).
DIPLOMAT.ZIP1891Jul 26 1991Listing of Diplomatic License Plate IDs.
DISCLAIM.ZIP2325Mar 21 1987A parody on the ultimite disclaimer.
DOCTOR_W.ZIP5744May 30 1994A File with the listing of all Dr. Who episodes.
DOOM.ZIP5156Aug 9 1990Cute text file which describes "The Road to Doom" for computer hobbyists.
DOSXERR.ZIP2994Aug 3 1992MS Dos extended error listing.
DRINKG.ZIP78119Jun 16 1993A large collection of rules for drinking games played today.
DRWHO.ZIP6009Jan 31 1990A complete history of all Dr. Who episodes.
DR_WHO.ZIP3140Apr 15 1989History of Doctor Who.
DSNGSUM.ZIP119445Jul 11 1993Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episode Summary in Word 2 format.
DSPFAQ.ZIP40041Feb 15 1993FAQ on Digital Signal Processors.
DUGLAS10.ZIP101696Jan 20 1992Autobiography of Frederick Douglass, an American slave.
DUTYHONR.ZIP4869May 31 1993Text from MacArthur's Address to Graduating Class at West Point.
EARTHOBS.ZIP33174Apr 1 1991Some text files about NASA's Earth observation activities.
EARTHQKE.ZIP1181Feb 10 1994A ballad of the Northridge, CA earthquake of 1994.
EFF.ZIP13822Apr 3 1991Information from the electronic freedom foundation.
EFFINFO.ZIP23017Jan 1 1980This is a very interesting text file on the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The organization was founded by Mitch Kapor of Lotus fame.
ELECT.ZIP2581Dec 15 1987Humorous description of electronics.
ELECTRIC.ZIP2632Mar 4 1987Humorous text file on the origin and uses of electricity.
EMISSION.ZIP2510Dec 11 1994A letter to state senator McCabe in opposition to the new "enhance" auto emission testing program. Use the information to write your own letter to your own senator.
ENVSTUFF.ZIP2672Feb 15 1992A text file about envelope stuffing schemes.
EOTBCHT.ZIP11310Mar 17 1991Eye of the Beholder Cheat, makes winning the game easier.
EPISODES.ZIP2937Jun 3 1992Star Trek (TOS) Episodic Index.
ETEXT.ZIP5224Dec 3 1992Listing of currently available electronic text books from the Internet.
EXCELSIO.ZIP12843Oct 20 1992USS Excelsior technical info (Star Trek).
EXILES.ZIP46441Sep 2 1992This is a three-part compilation of message traffic concerning Irish exile and emigration history. Fascinating reading for Irish history researchers.
F19ED.ZIP8405Jul 9 1989Bring back dead or retired players in F-19 Stealth Fighter.
FALFUN.ZIP3082Jul 18 1992A text file of fun things to do with Falcon 3.0.
FARMER.ZIP7147Mar 11 1990Article on Virtual Reality and CyberSpace.
FEDER11.ZIP463414Sep 1 1991Federalist Papers (full-text).
FESTS93.ZIP1634Dec 6 1992Listing of Beer Fests. for '93.
FINAL.ZIP2200Jan 10 1990World's HARDEST final ever! Very funny joke final exam.
FINALS.ZIP2150May 29 1987The ultimate final exam!.
FINGER.ZIP2434Aug 21 1988Good practical joke on friends.
FLARES.ZIP2001Jun 16 1991Information on recent solar flares.
FLOYD.ZIP5746Jan 16 1994Pink Floyd: Complete Discography and tours.
FLOYDLYR.ZIP44835Apr 18 1992Updated Lyrics to all of Pink Floyd's songs up to "Momentary Lapse of Reason".
FM93AS.ZIP105473Feb 24 19931993 Film Theatre release list. Listing of films, casts, plots, and expected release dates for 1993.
FOIA.ZIP11173Feb 1 1987Text info on how to obtain information under the freedom of information act.
FORWARD.ZIP7678Jan 7 1990Information on Hyperspace. File 2 of 4.
FS4-DOCS.ZIP29189Jan 7 1990Flight Simulator 4.0 extended documentation.
FUEL.ZIP8089May 27 1993This is a tutorial type article on racing fuel and fuel terms that I wrote for Mototech magazine.
FUNTAG91.ZIP31541Aug 26 1991A master list of humerous tagline. Some are great.
FUTRFAQ.ZIP52887Feb 27 1993Future Culture Faq's (3) from mailing list CyberPunk Oriented.
GAZER1.ZIP114953Aug 14 1992Newsletter for Star Gazer Shareware Organization.
GB19.ZIP1035838Apr 28 1994GameByte #19 - Excellent gaming e-zine from Internet.
GB20.ZIP1442499Aug 29 1994GameByte #20 - Excellent gaming e-zine from Internet.
GENNIFER.ZIP7055Mar 28 1992Transcripts of phone conversations between Gennifer Flowers and Bill Clinton as transcribed by the Washington Times and presented by Accuracy in Media.
GETEVEN.ZIP100294May 17 1992Complete book of geting even by George Hayduke.
GFILES.ZIP114450Apr 29 1992A bunch of humorous text files.
GLOCK.ZIP6036Feb 7 1993A text file on Glock pistols.
GLOS1.ZIP48521Jun 28 1993Vol I, Glossary of ADP Security-Related Terminology.
GLOS2.ZIP42575Jun 28 1993Vol II, Glossary of ADP Security-Related Terminology.
GNUB9301.ZIP46169Apr 25 1993GNU newsletter for January 93.
GNUJUN93.ZIP48615Jul 4 1993Free Software Foundation GNU semi-annual bulletin for June 1993.
GOBCODES.ZIP603Dec 26 1991Codes to go to any level from 2 to 29 in the game GOBLINS.
GRAIL.ZIP22509Apr 30 1990Script to Python's Holy Grail - hilarious.
GRAVITY8.ZIP3345Apr 22 1991Successive pressure zone theory of how gravity works.
GUIDE1-3.ZIP25029Jan 3 1991Star Trek: The Next Generation Guide to Seasons 1-3 compiled by Rutgers University Star Trek Lovers.
GUIDE_13.ZIP24134Feb 24 1992Hypertext file of how to succeed in college (without really trying).
GULFREQ.ZIP15971Jan 18 1991Shortwave frequencies used in the Middle East Gulf War area.
GUNARGS.ZIP8488Apr 10 1994Interesting file on the gun control issue; for or against it.
GUNDEMO.ZIP497670Nov 21 1993Database of Guns, specs, gifs, puldown menus, from ANARCHIST'S BBS.
GUNTRUTH.ZIP8244Nov 27 1993Interesting text file regarding guns.
GUTENBRG.ZIP5424May 31 1992This is 300 lines off INTERNET explaining how to D/L Project Gutenberg texts off Internet. Proj. Gutenberg is a converting classic books whose copyrights have expired to electronic form.
HACKDIC1.ZIP157987Jun 24 1993Vol I, The New Hacker's Dictionary of Jargon.
HACKDIC2.ZIP161162Jun 24 1993Vol II, The New Hacker's Dictionary of Jargon.
HACKDIC3.ZIP154552Jun 24 1993Vol III, The New Hacker's Dictionary of Jargon.
HACKER.ZIP1460Oct 13 1987Solve the game HACKER. Tells u everything.
HACKER2.ZIP17374Feb 23 1990Silly, yet entertaining, article from SPIN magazine on hackers.
HACKTEST.ZIP8893Jan 4 1991Funny text file to test your hacker IQ.
HAYESPAT.ZIP2345Feb 24 1991Hayes press release about their successful defense of their patent for the pause + + + pause escape sequence.
HAYESTRM.ZIP97053Nov 5 1990Hayes Ultra/V-series Tech Ref Manual.
HBD104X.ZIP84087Jan 13 1993Home Brew Digest Volume 104.
HBD105X.ZIP128732Feb 1 1993Home Brew Digest Volume 105.
HBD106X.ZIP156072Feb 6 1993Home Brew Digest Volume 106.
HBD107X.ZIP192768Mar 3 1993Home Brew Digest Vol 107.
HBD108X.ZIP191520Mar 3 1993Home Brew Digest Volume 108.
HBD109X.ZIP191638Mar 18 1993Home Brew Digest Volume 109.
HBD111X.ZIP199598Apr 23 1993Homebrew Digest Vol. 111.
HBD117X.ZIP196272Jul 9 1993Home Brew Digest, Volume 117.
HBD118X.ZIP191750Jul 11 1993HomeBrew Digest Volume 18.
HBD119X.ZIP168209Jul 17 1993Home Brew Digest Volume 119.
HBD120X.ZIP190371Jul 16 1993Home Brew Digest Volume 120.
HBD121X.ZIP159772Jul 19 1993HomeBrew Digest Volume 21.
HBD124X.ZIP183561Sep 23 1993HomeBrew Digest Vol 24 hbd1240 to hbd1249.
HBD125X.ZIP192318Sep 26 1993HomeBrew Digest Vol 25 HBD1250 to HBD1259.
HBD126X.ZIP198203Sep 28 1993HomeBrew Digest Vol 26 HBD1260 to HBD1269.
HBD127X.ZIP178608Oct 1 1993HomeBrew Digest Vol.27 HBD1270 to HBD1279.
HBD128X.ZIP152569Oct 2 1993HomeBrew Digest Vol28 HBD1280 to HBD1289.
HBD129X.ZIP180048Oct 4 1993HomeBrew Digest Vol 29 HBD1290 to HBD1299.
HBD130X.ZIP127222Oct 4 1993HomeBrew Digest Vol 30 HBD1300 to HBD1308 (19HBD1309 is missing).
HBD131X.ZIP151583Oct 5 1993HomeBrew Digest Vol 31 HBD1310 to HBD1319.
HBD132X.ZIP193274Oct 7 1993HomeBrew Digest Vol 32 HBD1329 0 to HBD1329.
HBD133X.ZIP179339Oct 9 1993HomeBrew Digest Vol 33 HBD1330 to HBD1339.
HBD135X.ZIP182626Feb 6 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 34 HBD1340 to HBD1349.
HBD135Z.ZIP198436Feb 9 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 35 HBD1350 to HBD1359.
HBD136X.ZIP170802Feb 11 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 36 HBD1360 to HBD1369.
HBD137X.ZIP185411Feb 17 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 37 HBD1470 to HBD137370 to HBD1379.
HBD138X.ZIP170994Feb 19 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 38 HBD1380 to HBD1389.
HBD139X.ZIP195502Apr 12 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 39 HBD1390 to HBD1399.
HBD140X.ZIP176182Apr 15 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 40 HBD1400 to HBD1409.
HBD141X.ZIP194828Apr 18 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 41 HBD1410 to HBD1419.
HBD142X.ZIP182720Apr 21 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 42 HBD1420 to HBD1429.
HBD143X.ZIP162875Apr 23 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 43 HBD1430 to HBD1439.
HBD145X.ZIP195602Jun 16 1995HomeBrew Digest Vol 45 HBD1450 to HBD1459.
HBD146X.ZIP193474Jun 23 1995HomeBrew Digest Vol 46 HBD1460 to HBD1469.
HBD147X.ZIP183414Jun 26 1995HomeBrew Digest Vol 47 HBD1470 to HBD1479.
HBD148X.ZIP191622Dec 27 1995HomeBrew Digest Vol 48 HBD1480 to HBD1489.
HBD149X.ZIP188087Dec 27 1995HomeBrew Digest Vol 49 HBD1490 to HBD1499.
HBD150X.ZIP191134Jan 3 1995HomeBrew Digest vol 50 HBD1500 to HBD1509.
HBD151X.ZIP188929Jan 4 1995HomeBrew Digest Vol51 HBD1510 to HBD1519.
HBD152X.ZIP202620Jan 6 1995HomeBrew Digest Vol 52 HBD1520 to HBD1529.
HBD153X.ZIP191701Sep 16 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 53 HBD1530 to HBD1539.
HBD154X.ZIP197687Sep 10 1994HomeBrew Digest vol 54 HBD1540 to HBD1549.
HBD155X.ZIP183839Oct 26 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 55 HBD1550 to HBD1559.
HBD156X.ZIP194927Nov 3 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol 60 HBD1560 to HBD1569.
HBD157X.ZIP199764Nov 22 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol57 HBD1570 to HBD1579.
HBD158X.ZIP155208Dec 2 1994HomeBrew Digest Vol58 HBD1580 to HBD1589.
HBD159X.ZIP193440Jan 4 1995HomeBrew Digest Vol 59 HBD1590 to HBD1599.
HBD160X.ZIP175966Jan 9 1995HomeBrew Digest Vol 60 HBD1600 to HBD1609.
HBD64X.ZIP65008Jul 1 1991Home Brew Digest, Volume 64.
HBD65X.ZIP101669Jul 1 1991Home Brew Digest, Volume 65.
HCI.ZIP26166Feb 16 1994Agenda of HCI (Handgun Control Inc.) over the next 5 years. Comes from leaked memo.
HCKR_HND.ZIP127824Jun 1 1993Hacker's Handbook by Hugo Cornwall.
HEALTH.ZIP344118Oct 27 1993Health Security Act in ASCII format. President Clinton submitted this to Congress in Oct. 1993.
HELPROSS.ZIP19879Apr 12 1992Information on Ross Perot.
HI-SPEED.ZIP34041Jan 7 1992Recent text on high speed modems.
HISTORY.ZIP5849Jun 1 1989History of the World compiled from student essays - very funny.
HITCHSOL.ZIP9746Apr 30 1987Solution to Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy...
HIVNOV91.ZIP15879Dec 5 1991Nov. 1991 statistics on the AIDS epidemic. EXTREMELY detailed.
HOAX.ZIP2497Apr 1 1992Creators admit elaborate C and UNIX hoax.
HOD.ZIP86281Apr 2 1993"Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad, the story the movie Apocalypse Now is based on.
HOD005.ZIP40857May 24 1994HAM ON DISK Vol.1 Iss.5. An Executable/Text magazine dedicated to the amateur radio enthusiast. From Novice to OM.
HOF1192.ZIP59439Nov 8 1992The Freeware Hall of Fame list of programs and databases commonly found on public access BBS's which have been tested and found to work as described, and to be worth downloading. Includes Freeware (no registration fee) pro
HOFMANN.ZIP127879Mar 29 1993The history of LSD as told by the person who discovered it.
HOLLAND.ZIP10556Apr 26 1993Text about the drug law in Holland.
HOLLOW.ZIP3987Oct 18 1994Text file on the origin of Halloween.
HOLO.ZIP3128Apr 29 1993Holographic storage media description in text file.
HOLOFAQ.ZIP6561Sep 1 1993Star Trek Holodeck FAQ.
HOMEBIZ1.ZIP71750Apr 9 1992Home Business News #1 disk based magazine for those who operate a home-based business.
HOWSCMS.ZIP2678Oct 27 1990A text files which explain the Serial Copy Management System (SCMS). SCMS is used to protect the DAT copyright.
HPLAN.ZIP43269Sep 24 1993Text of Clinton's speech on health care reform.
HR1276.ZIP1481Jun 16 1993House Bill 1276 Text - "Citizens Self-Defense Act".
HTST.ZIP3911Nov 28 1985Test for Comput-a-holics.
HUMOR.ZIP99045Dec 30 1984An immense collection of humorous stories and jokes of all kinds.
HUMORTXT.ZIP15927Feb 28 1988PC and computer related chuckles.
HUNGARIN.ZIP10401Aug 3 1993File on C/C++ Hungarian Notation from its creator.
HYDE10.ZIP61218Oct 23 1992"Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" - complete text - Project Guttenburg.
HYPNO.ZIP4179Oct 19 1988Text file explaining how to hypnotise yourself, or someone else.
IATA.ZIP58475Jun 6 1990Complete listing of airports around the world with abbreviations.
IBM-HIST.ZIP3179Sep 5 1986The history of how IBM and everything else was created, funny!.
IBMINTEL.ZIP3031May 3 1993Text File describing why IBM choose Intel for the PC family.
IHAVADRM.ZIP3936May 13 1992Martin Luther King's "I have a dream..." speech. (full text).
ILAND10.ZIP176500Dec 30 1992"Anne of the Island" by Lucy Maud Montgomery - complete text - Project Guttenburg.
INAUG.ZIP279911Sep 8 1993Inaugural addresses of the Presidents of the United States - From George Washington 1789 to George Bush 1989.
INDY.ZIP8202Aug 9 1992Solve for Indiania Jones : Fate of Atlantis.
INSANITY.ZIP3007May 23 1987Toilet paper crisis shocks the nation.
INSURANC.ZIP1394Oct 19 1989Funny excuses used on insurance claim forms. Pretty funny!.
INTOUCH.ZIP2245Aug 3 1989This is a text file containing a list of Baltimore/Annapolis area Alcohol and Drug Treatment facilities.
INTRO.ZIP27002Jan 7 1990Information On Hyperspace File 1 of 4.
IRIDIUM.ZIP7265Aug 5 1990Text on Motorolla's new portable phone network. Linked by 77 polar-orbit satellites (5 year life span), can call from anywhere to anywhere.
IR_HLP_1.ZIP14105Apr 9 1993Help with genelogical searches in Ireland.
ISHIHARA.ZIP74250Apr 11 1991The English translation of the Japanese book, "The Japan That Can Say No", by Akio Morita, chairman of SONY, and Shintaro Ishihara, outspoken member of the Japanese Diet.
ITALIAN.ZIP928May 23 1987A VERY funny joke. Use LIST program to view.
JAPANFAQ.ZIP14612Mar 3 1993FAQ on Japan and it's culture.
JARGN310.ZIP493655Dec 19 1994Aka The Hackes Dictionary. Lists hacker jargon and slang terms.
JOKES1.ZIP17266Apr 14 1989Text file full of jokes.
JPEGFAQ.ZIP28034Jan 12 1995JPEG: Picture compression format, Frequently Asked Questions.
JPNTRAD.ZIP13719Feb 10 1992The Truth about Japan and trade.
JUNGLE.ZIP105732Aug 14 1993"The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling.
JUPCOMET.ZIP9645Feb 13 1994A text file about the comet that will hit Jupiter.
JUPIBOLT.ZIP3917Jun 27 1992Text file on Ken Shoulders and charge condenser technology.
JURYRITE.ZIP2345Jan 14 1993A brief discussion of the rights of jury members as it relates to the jurors' ability to consider the merits of the law as well as the guilt or innocence of the accused. Ever hear of the Zenger trial? This is based on that
JUSTSO.ZIP65936Feb 19 1992Wonderful computerized text of Rudyard Kiping's JUST SO STORIES.
KODAK.ZIP5364Dec 15 1992Kodak's list of CD-ROM subsystems tested by Kodak and found to be compatible with Photo-CD. Also describes the differences between single-session and multi-session Photo-CD drive compatibility. List current as of 12/15/92.
KQ6_WALK.ZIP5510Oct 29 1992Complete walkthough of Kings Quest VI.
LAWERJOK.ZIP15962Mar 23 1991A collection of lawyer bashing jokes.
LAWNB3.ZIP346022Feb 28 1994Bills of Rights of each state.
LAWYER.ZIP7310Nov 30 1988A collection of lawyer bashing jokes. All clean.
LEAPTREK.ZIP38344Oct 16 1992Star Trek:TNG meets Quantum Leap (original text story).
LEAR-DOC.ZIP28618Dec 17 1989Interesting (but looney) document on UFO's.
LEARY.ZIP43419Jan 25 1989Timothy Leary's view of the future interface of man and machine.
LETSEN14.ZIP172581Aug 4 1993This is a collection of the letters exchanged between Kevin Solway and David Quinn during the period from 1988 to 1992. It represents a record of their struggles to live a philosophic life, along with a good deal of their
LGLASS17.ZIP67594Mar 10 1994"Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll (text).
LIFF.ZIP141958Oct 6 1992Douglas Adams `Meaning of Liff' Definitions, quite funny.
LIGHT.ZIP3665Apr 27 1988Set of lightbulb jokes.
LITE1.ZIP2733Oct 16 1989Very funny story for private pilots.
LITE2.ZIP2116Oct 16 1989Another funny story for pilots on how to use cats and ducks as natural instruments.
LNCLN2ND.ZIP2761May 13 1992Abe Lincoln's 2nd inaugural speech (full-text).
LNN0102.ZIP25434Apr 19 1993News release from the White House, "Clipper Chip" encryption initiative.
LOC-COPY.ZIP29084Sep 3 1992Basics of copyright law and procedure from the Copyright Office.
LOCKPICK.ZIP3520Aug 29 1988Text file explaining how to pick locks.
LOGICFAQ.ZIP10872Jun 22 1993Interesting treatise on logic from Internet.
LOL_0793.ZIP120944Jul 19 1993Holtz's Star Trek List-of-List's for July 1993.
LOSTMONT.ZIP360317Aug 26 1993Text from many popular Monty Python skits.
LOVEBYTE.ZIP2491Apr 25 1988An interesting "computer dating" saga.
LPF-DOCS.ZIP12237May 11 1992League for Programming Freedom --- statement of purpose and membership information. A "must read" for all programmers.
LVBASE19.ZIP71994Jan 26 1994LOVEBASE: 300 great love poems for the idealist or romantic.
MAGI.ZIP5872Dec 22 1992O. Henry's Gift of the Magi in ASCII format.
MAYFLOWR.ZIP1491May 13 1992Text of Mayflower Compact.
MECHSLV.ZIP3417May 16 1990Tells you how to win Mechwarrior.
MEDTXT10.ZIP178160Sep 15 1993Medical textbook in electronic form. For the seriously medical types.
MENSA.ZIP2876Nov 1 1988Simple test that may show if you belong in Mensa.
METALICA.ZIP137134Dec 17 1994Various files relating to the group Metallica.
MGNACRTA.ZIP11617May 13 1992Magna Carta (full text).
MIIAGEND.ZIP47198Dec 12 1993National Information Highway bill before Congress.
MIL-AV.ZIP49970Apr 25 1994Military Aviation Frequently Asked Questions (internet).
MINDWARE.ZIP3011Jul 8 1993Info on MindWare, an extension of Shareware for non-programming knowledge.
MNEWS41.ZIP157679Aug 23 1992ModemNews Magazine #41.
MNEWS42.ZIP167747Sep 27 1992ModemNews ANSI Mag #42, 10/92.
MNEWS44.ZIP136942Nov 28 1992ModemNews Magazine Issue #44.
MNEWS45.ZIP166573Dec 27 1992ModemNews Magazine Issue #45.
MNEWS46.ZIP132224Jan 24 1993ModemNews Magazine Issue #46.
MOBY.ZIP619854Jul 25 1985Project Gutenberg text of "Moby Dick".
MONRDOCT.ZIP3242May 13 1992Monroe Doctrine (full-text).
MONTY2.ZIP360317Aug 26 1993This is a set of Monty Python text files.
MORMON.ZIP6967Feb 2 1991A text file on the history of Mormons and Masonry.
MRSFIELD.ZIP936Jan 29 1987Recipe for delicious Mrs. Fields' cookies.
MSPHONE.ZIP1466Apr 20 1992Phone numbers for Microsoft Product Support Services and Customer Service Departments (From Microsoft BBS), dated 4/20/92.
MST3K.ZIP16273Sep 29 1993Some facts about Mystery Science Theatre 3000.
MTSCREF.ZIP165166Dec 7 1993This is a reference guide to industry standard movie & video technology.
MURPHY.ZIP8936Aug 16 1988Murphy's laws (from old data-general program).
MURPHYS.ZIP3955Feb 20 1988More corrollaries.
MUTUAL.ZIP9538Jun 12 1994This is an internet file with faq on mutual funds.
NAFTA.ZIP579673May 12 1993Complete text of North American Free Trade Agreement.
NANOTXT.ZIP96653Apr 17 199311 papers on Nanotechnology. Popular in format, good introduction to the field. Includes Eric Drexel and a bibliography.
NASA.ZIP27428Dec 2 1990Job description and requirements to become an Astronaut for NASA.
NAUSEOUS.ZIP2163Sep 4 1990A tale from Calvin and Hobbes.
NAVFACTS.ZIP20052Nov 6 1991Text file on naval ships.
NEARERTH.ZIP1817Feb 27 1991List of Near Earth asteroids.
NECRO.ZIP16435Jul 16 1988Definition of Necromancy from Lewis Spence's Enclyclopaedia of Occultism.
NESCODES.ZIP12055Mar 18 1993Codes for various video game systems.
NETHUMOR.ZIP7018May 23 1994Humor from the Internet.
NEWEFF.ZIP5438Jan 17 1993Text info on major changes at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
NFL1992.ZIP2973May 18 1992Ascii text, the entire 1992 NFL schedule by week.
NFL93.ZIP5442May 6 1993NFL Schedule for 1993/94. Includes National TV Schedule.
NFLSCHED.ZIP5442May 6 1993Complete 1993 NFL schedule.
NIGELALL.ZIP120357Nov 10 1990Scanner listening tips from a British expert on the subject.
NIN-AUG.ZIP22479Aug 14 1993Listing of all (or nearly all) Nintendo, Game Boy, and Super Nintendo games known through August 1993.
NINFEB94.ZIP25952Feb 18 1994Comprehensive list of all SNES and Nintendo Game Boy games.
NINTENDO.ZIP8189Apr 20 1993How to program the Super Nintendo -- Part 1.
NJLAW.ZIP5060Jul 30 1991Interesting text of a new law proposed by the state of New Jersey. The proposed law would require licensing of all "software designers" who want to target New Jersey residents and businesses for their services or products.
NLM-INFO.ZIP158156Feb 15 1994Factsheets on projects and services of the National Library of Medicine.
NORM$SAY.ZIP3642Oct 22 1993Norm's sayings from "Cheers".
NPR.ZIP210813Sep 10 1993Al Gore's infamous RIGO program from CIS Whitehouse Forum.
NREN.ZIP38014May 13 1992National Reseach and Education Network Information.
NWSCODES.ZIP3125Mar 9 1992Listing of city codes, useful for weather programs.
NYPDBLUE.ZIP4262May 23 1994Text file describing a drinking game based on TV's "NYPD Blue", amusing.
OBERGUID.ZIP39112Jul 31 1992Description of N. Wirth's OBERON environment.
ONEBOOKD.ZIP1720Jan 1 1980A list of the four-digit codes used for the Donnelley Talking Yellow Pages Touch Four. A local phone call in Maryland.
ONLINE15.ZIP297051May 11 1994Odd de Presno's 'The Online World', shareware book v1.5.
OOARTPS1.ZIP48332Jul 20 1993Article (in Postscript) on object oriented programming.
OOARTPS2.ZIP68023Jul 20 1993Another article (in Postscript) on object oriented programming.
OOARTPS3.ZIP97422Jul 21 1993Yet another article (in Postscript) on object oriented programming.
OXCART.ZIP30856Dec 22 1992Text file downloaded from CIS Flight Forum; purportedly a recently declassified document re: Project OXCART. OXCART was covername for SR71.
OXYMORON.ZIP4845Jul 5 1988Text file of a list of Oxymorons.
OZ-12.ZIP1257Jul 28 1993Info about Replacement for Freon-12.
OZLAND10.ZIP95187Feb 26 1993The Marvelous Land of Oz, by Frank Baum; full text, from Project Gutenberg.
PARIS783.ZIP5682May 13 1992Text of the Treaty of Paris, 1783.
PATROL.ZIP1006May 1 1991List of State Police Mobile Extender, Air Surveillance, And Radar Patrol Frequencies By State.
PEROT.ZIP13152Jun 5 1992Text file of interview with Ross Perot.
PGPLEGAL.ZIP6798Jan 28 1993Pretty Good Privacy Legal Aspects.
PHNE1.ZIP1454Oct 20 1993Phone number for microsoft.
PHREAKS.ZIP47081Aug 29 1989Thesis on art of hacking.
PITHY.ZIP10742Apr 29 1991A collection of pithy quotes.
PLAN9.ZIP183023Apr 12 1993Information on the Plan9 operating system. Postscript.
POE-BANG.ZIP9460Nov 1 1990The Big Bang theory according to Edgar Allen Poe, nearly 100 years before it appeared in the scientific literature. Text file.
POEM.ZIP2852Apr 23 1987A gathering of the companions Dr. Who poem.
POLLAW.ZIP12901Sep 25 1992LOWDOWN ON POLITICIANS AND LAWYERS: 75 quotes, quips, sayings and jokes about Politicians and Lawyers. Authors, dates and sources are given when known.
POLQUEST.ZIP7384Sep 1 1988Hints on Police Quest.
POLYVIR.ZIP2666Mar 9 1992Information on a new polymorphic (undetectable) virus.
PRIMER.ZIP89748Dec 2 1992"Coping with the threat of Computer Security Incidents - A Primer from Prevention through Recovery". PostScript format.
PRIV0125.ZIP8573Nov 12 1992Privacy Forum Digest containing a discussion of privacy issues. Vol 1, N 25.
PRO-2005.ZIP2694Sep 3 1990Modifications for the Radio Shack/Pro-2005 scanner so that it can receive cellular telephone frequencies.
PROBLEM.ZIP1689Jan 11 1991A quick review of Donald J. Newman 's book, "A Problem Seminar".
PT971993.ZIP35264Sep 26 1993PART 97 - FCC Rules and Regulations regarding the Amateur Radio Service.
PUR500.ZIP20441Dec 16 1989Updated purity test with 500 questions.
PWRLINE.ZIP3289Aug 8 1991How to locate and eliminate noise and interference comming from power company utility poles and equipment--RFI, TVI, line noise, etc.
PYTHON.ZIP78055Apr 23 1990Various scripts from old Monty Python shows.
QFG3HINT.ZIP14139Oct 31 1992Quest for Glory 3: Hints from Sierra BBS.
QUADERNO.ZIP3932Jul 23 1993Review of the Quaderno 2lb subnotebook. Uploaded by author.
QUALTIME.ZIP3429Jun 17 1989A treatise on "quality time".
QUANTUM.ZIP2519Mar 7 1991Humorous text file concerning Quantum physics, kinda.
QUAYLE.ZIP3840Apr 26 1991Quotes from VP Quayle. Nothing useful.
QUICHE.ZIP1574Apr 27 1988Real Programmers don't eat quiche...
RAH0193.ZIP14649Jan 1 1993Random Access Humor (magazine) for Jan 1993.
RAH0293.ZIP16264Feb 1 1993Random Access Humor (magazine) for 2/93.
RAH0393.ZIP18082Mar 1 1993Random Access Humor for 3/93: PC Humor magazine.
RAH1092.ZIP12908Oct 1 1992Random Access Humor: PC Humor magazine - 10/92 issue.
RAH1192.ZIP11912Nov 1 1992Random Access Humor (magazine) for Nov 1992.
RAH1292.ZIP10472Dec 1 1992Random Access Humor (magazine) for Dec 1992.
RAH9209.ZIP10793Sep 1 1992Random Access Humor Sept '92. Premeir issue.
RAH93-7.ZIP19753Jul 1 1993Random Access Humor - July 1993 Monthly electronic humor magazine by and for the online community. ASCII text. Free for non-commercial purposes. Contents: Things That Go Bump in the Hard Drive; Electronic Tower of Babel
RAH9305.ZIP22343May 9 1993Random Access Humor - May 1993.
RAH9307.ZIP19753Jul 1 1993Random Access Humor: PC Humor Magazine for July 1993.
RAH9308.ZIP23082Aug 1 1993Random Access Humor electronic magazine for August 1993.
RAH9310.ZIP30975Oct 1 1993Random Access Humor - October 1993 Monthly electronic humor magazine by and for the online community. ASCII text. Free for non-commercial purposes.
RAH9312.ZIP27480Dec 1 1993Random Access Humor, December 1993 issue.
RAH9401.ZIP27577Jan 1 1994Random Access Humor - January 1994 Monthly electronic humor magazine by and for the online community. ASCII text. Free for non-commercial purposes.
RAH9401R.ZIP49261Jan 1 1994Random Access Humor (1/94): Electron Humor Magazine in READROOM.TOC format.
RAH9404.ZIP29099Apr 1 1994Random Access Humor, April 1994 edition.
RAH9501.ZIP23194Jan 1 1995Random Access Humor - Jan. 1995 (ASCII Text) Monthly electronic humor magazine by and for the online community. ASCII Text edition. Free for non-commercial purposes.
RAMADAN.ZIP2565Apr 11 1991Text of an article describing the Muslim month of fasting and prayer, Ramadan.
RAYTRCE.ZIP10199Mar 13 1993Raytracing Information.
REALCOMP.ZIP2009Apr 11 1989Real Computer Scientists don't write code!.
REALPROG.ZIP4984Jul 9 19893 Humorus Text Files..Real Computer Programmers Don't...
RECOMBIN.ZIP3953Dec 5 1989Info on recombinant DNA and why it is safe.
REC_WOOD.ZIP22816Apr 22 1994Frequently Asked Questions list from rec.woodworking on the Internet.
REDDWARF.ZIP8444May 30 1994A file listing of all Red Dwarf eppisodes. Great for fans of the show and all sci-fi lovers.
REDRUS.ZIP3369Apr 3 1993Message thread of Russian trying to sell oxide-of-mercury over the internet (used in making nuclear veapons).
REVIVAL.ZIP52321Sep 24 1992Original meaning of the Cabbala.
REXSOLVE.ZIP5065Oct 18 1992Solve for Rex Nebular and the Gender Benders.
RFP-18.ZIP119167Jul 30 1991Reading For Pleasure Magazine Issue #18 August/September 1991.
RISKS11.ZIP9329Aug 6 1991Article on computer security.
RITEOMAN.ZIP3187May 13 1992Rights of Man (full-text).
ROCKY.ZIP31462Apr 3 1990The complete text to the movie "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Helps considerably when trying to follow the movie.
RODNEY.ZIP4601Mar 21 1987The Best of Rodney Dangerfield.
ROGET11.ZIP587047Dec 17 1991Project Gutenberg release of Roget's Thesaurus in ASCII text format.
ROGET13A.ZIP609058Jun 3 1992Roget's Thesaurus of English words and phrases.
ROSWELLA.ZIP13879Jan 26 1993Info on a supposed UFO crash.
ROSWELLB.ZIP11044Jan 26 1993Part 2 of UFO info. 4 parts total.
ROSWELLC.ZIP3315Jan 1 1993Part 3 of 4 on UFO crash.
ROSWELLD.ZIP2391Jan 1 1993Part 4 of 4, UFO crash.
RRNET.ZIP100307Apr 28 1992Railroad information from the internet.
RUBYV20.ZIP76420Apr 18 1993This is Volume 20 of Ruby's Pearls Paperless electronic magazine. This issue is formatted for the Readroom Door ( It also includes a Reader for offline reading (
RUBYV35.ZIP58148Jul 31 1994This is Vol.35 of Ruby's Pearls Paperless Elecmag. This issue is formatted for the Readroom Door (RDRM30.ZIP). It also includes a Reader for Offline Reading (READER.COM).
RUNE0193.ZIP56556Dec 31 1992RUNE'S RAG -- The Best Electronic Magazine. Presenting Fiction, Non-Fiction, Political comment and more.
RUSH.ZIP48551Aug 11 1990A brief history of RUSH, and then the lyrics to all their albums.
SADE.ZIP12103Nov 17 1993Lyrics for Sade's albums.
SAFESEX.ZIP27911Dec 22 1987Very detailed explanation of safe sex practices, essential in this day and age of AIDS.
SALADBAR.ZIP408465Jun 9 1993Build a Better Salad! Freebie from Wishbone Healthy Sensations dressings. Explains new USDA food groups and analyzes nutional value of any salad you make from hundreds of combinations. Interesting.
SAUCS1.ZIP41960Feb 24 1994Shareware Author & User Case Study, 1st edition. Answers many questions about shareware, based on a successful author survey, and a shareware user survey.
SBAOBD.ZIP43498Aug 27 1992Want to start a small business? Read this informative Government info on facts and considerations. From the SBA BBS.
SCALARI.ZIP20899Jul 28 1990Some obscure scientific theories.
SCANDC.ZIP25651Feb 27 1994Listing of DC scanner numbers.
SCANFR1.ZIP1510May 20 1990Radio Scanner frequencies for Baltimore and D.C area.
SCARLET.ZIP107927Oct 10 1988Ext of Sherlock Holmes "A Study in Scarlet".
SCI_REHB.ZIP6102Sep 1 1992List of spinal cord injury rehabilitation centers.
SEASON4.ZIP1430Mar 11 1991Star Trek: The Next Generation List of Fourth Season Episodes.
SEGA1092.ZIP64039Sep 27 1993Tips & Tricks for Sega Games as current as 10/93.
SEGA12.ZIP13870Nov 26 1991Text file on how to make Sega's 3D glasses work with a Mac.
SEGA3D.ZIP68275Dec 6 1991Text on how to convert Sega's 3d glasses to PC.
SEGAMISC.ZIP387257Aug 7 1993Sega cart & CD info and cheats.
SEIN_EPI.ZIP15967Oct 6 1993Episode list for the tv show 'Seinfeld' -- Current through 10/8/93.
SEIN_FAQ.ZIP40016Oct 10 1993FAQ sheet for the TV show 'Seinfeld'.
SFXSUR.ZIP19703Oct 27 1994Results of a survey of BBS sysops to determine how many would take various types of self-extracting (SFX) files. A must-read for any shareware author.
SF_AWARD.ZIP8470Apr 8 1994A list of award winning books. If you want to read *good* science fiction, especially for starters, it's probably here.
SHA.ZIP23806Mar 20 1993Various notes on the proposed Secure Hash Standard by NIST.
SHORE14.ZIP2350Jul 21 1992Star Trek news from 7/92 Trek convention in Timonium Md.
SHOWS.ZIP4095May 30 1991List of hamfests and computer shows, Jun-Nov 91.
SHRBOOK1.ZIP242810May 12 1992Good info on how to publish shareware programs. Info learned the hard way.
SIDQSOLV.ZIP35119Mar 19 1992Solution to Secret Island of Dr. Quandry.
SIMPATCH.ZIP657Dec 12 1990How to gain 2 billion in SimCity for your cities.
SJG_CASE.ZIP37387Apr 14 1993Final opinion in the Steve Jackson court case (computer seizure).
SKULL1.ZIP204946Oct 6 1988Hypertext file that is a simple tutor on the human skull.
SMILEY.ZIP23357Feb 23 1993Collection of Smilies and code.
SMITHSN1.ZIP1785Jun 29 1992Info on Star Trek exhibit at the Smithsonian Air/Space Museum.
SMITHSN2.ZIP2481Jun 29 1992"This Old Starship" article on the restoration of the original Enterprise model (Star Trek) on display at the Smithsonian.
SMURF.ZIP7171May 27 1987Guide for the Smurf Squisher's of America.
SNAKEBIT.ZIP15877Aug 30 1990Text file on snakebite treatment.
SNARK10.ZIP14251Mar 4 1991Text file of the story of the Snark.
SNIGLET.ZIP2662Sep 1 1988Sniglet text file......
SOAPS.ZIP2931Sep 4 1993Very funny thread - trust me you'll break out in laughter.
SOFT92.ZIP40358Nov 2 1992Softletter May-Aug 1992. A leading computer industry trade paper.
SOLIL.ZIP1552Jul 30 1987To C or not to C, what a question!.
SOLNEURO.ZIP14755Sep 12 1990A solve for the game Neuromancer.
SOLVESQ3.ZIP11234May 2 1989Solution to Space quest III.
SOVARCH.ZIP57423Mar 16 1993Documents from the "Revelations from the Russian Archives" exhibit at the Library of Congress.
SQ5HNT.ZIP8493Mar 7 1993Hints for Space Quest 5 from Sierra BBS. Very detailed and helpful.
SSDEATH.ZIP3650Sep 30 1990Description of a service that will search the Social Security Administration master death list.
SSN-9304.ZIP91258Oct 30 1993SubSpace News (11/93): Star Trek News & Fanzine.
SSN9305R.ZIP112762Dec 31 1993Sub Space News (12/93): Star Trek oriented News/Fan Magazine in READROOM.TOC format.
ST-GDE.ZIP7930Sep 25 1985Star Trek GuideBook. Rates all the original episodes.
ST-TNG.ZIP15594Apr 16 1993Star Trek:TNG Episode Listing in Word 2.0 format.
ST25CMDS.ZIP3352Feb 11 1992Star Trek 25th anniversary additional commands.
ST25MAP.ZIP1413Feb 10 1992Star Trek's 25th anniversary map.
STATEALC.ZIP1661Aug 29 1991Alcohol limits set by states.
STBIRDS.ZIP1138Jul 11 1988List of State Birds for all fifty states.
STG40610.ZIP137486Jun 10 1994Star Trek TNG and DS9 episode guide. Includes text files and WordPerfect versions intended for print-out and assembly into a compact "brochure"; descriptions apparently taken from TV-Guide or similar.
STLOG.ZIP4821Oct 12 1991Startrek Captains log when the Enterprise explores a very unusual planet. Funny.
STNGUIDE.ZIP13282Aug 3 1990Star Trek Next Generation guide of episodes.
STRATEGY.ZIP22298Apr 22 1993IBM's hardware and software strategy, discusses future of OS/2, Pink, etc.
STRETCHI.ZIP46997Sep 23 1993Text info on stretching and warmup exercises.
STTNGDOC.ZIP48697May 25 1993Star Trek: TNG List of Lists in Word for Windows 2.1 format 50 pages.
STTNGRTF.ZIP46069May 25 1993Star Trek: TNG List of Lists in Word in Rich Text Format (RTF) 50 pages.
SUN9307.ZIP62575Jun 16 1993Sunlight electronic magazine, July 1993 issue.
SUN9308.ZIP81612Aug 1 1993Sunlight electronic magazine, Aug 93 issue.
SUN9309.ZIP104629Aug 30 1993SUNLIGHT THRU THE SHADOWS, electronic magazine, Sept 1993 issue.
SUN9310.ZIP124661Oct 1 1993SUNLIGHT THRU THE SHADOWS, an interesting electronic magazine, october 1993 issue.
SUN9311.ZIP92772Oct 31 1993SUNLIGHT THRU THE SHADOWS, an interesting electronic magazine, November 1993 issue.
SUNDEVIL.ZIP29319Jul 27 1990Interesting text on Federal Govt investigation into illegal modem hacking.
SURF10.ZIP26105Dec 31 1992"Surfing the Internet" - official Project Guttenburg release.
SW-HBO86.ZIP10744Jul 5 1992These are the jokes that Steven Wright told on HBO in 1986.
SYMBOLIC.ZIP1938Aug 24 1987A collection of neat symbols to use in BBS messages.
TAO.ZIP10132Oct 16 1989A collection of cute & humorus quotes for programmers.
TBIRDS.ZIP998Dec 24 1993Air Force Thunderbirds air tour schedule for 1994.
TCAD.ZIP4718Jan 14 1981Computer aided design for Tesla Coils.
TCPIP.ZIP31155Nov 27 1992Description of the TCP AND IP protocols.
TEMPEST.ZIP18296Jun 6 1990Interesting narrative on transient electromagnetic pulse emanation standard. The text is somewhat disarrayed.
TEN.ZIP23356Nov 5 1990Ten Commandments for C Programmers.
TESLA.ZIP11535Mar 17 1992Text file concerning Tesla's Long Range Weapon.
TESLA1.ZIP12175Aug 29 1990Tesla's theory of Wireless Transmission of Electrical Power.
TEXT.ZIP2029May 26 1987More stuff on basic video pages.
THESIS.ZIP10717Jan 29 1992WordPerfect-format essay, "In-House Proprietary Systems: The Legal Regime," by James P. Beggans, Esq. Tips to protect intellectual property rights in custom applications.
TIC4LIFE.ZIP1286Jan 12 1994The Amateur Radio Relay League, on January 6, 1994, petitioned the FCC to make Amateur Radio Operator Licenses valid for a LIFETIME.
TIERRA.ZIP35771May 3 1994A paper writen to describe Evolution and Optimization of Digital Organisms.
TIMEDISC.ZIP2863Sep 4 1987Hi-Tech Humor from USENET.
TNGGUIDE.ZIP48453Oct 16 1993Star Trek The Next Generation, Eposide Guide. Fairly long descrptions.
TOONLAWS.ZIP3208Feb 5 1992Cartoon laws of physics as applied to natural laws of physics.
TOPTENS.ZIP128117Feb 7 1992Lettermens top ten lists, lots of them. 1988-1992.
TRECKIE.ZIP21614Mar 8 1989Star Trek The Next (De)Generation! A Very Funny Script about Stupidity.
TREK1.ZIP35047Jun 30 1990First Season Star Trek Episodes. Gives directors, script editors, episode analysis, etc.
TREK5.ZIP120094Jan 18 1993Star Trek Time Line.
TREKFILE.ZIP59194Jan 14 1991The history of the universe, with Star Trek references.
TREKREF1.ZIP19543Nov 22 1990Text reference file about Star Trek's 1st TV Season (Original Series).
TRILOBIT.ZIP1479Jun 12 1991Text file on trilobites.
TRIVIHA.ZIP3042Oct 19 1989Funny but TRUE trivialities!.
TRKLN519.ZIP42754Apr 8 1992Star Trek Timeline.
TSONGAS.ZIP86684Feb 14 1992Paul Tsongas: A Call to Economic Arms (soon to be a book.).
TTHANDBK.ZIP57194Mar 28 1993Terrorist's Handbook. Everything a good terrorist should know.
TV92.ZIP12635Feb 19 19931992 Television Buyers Guide from CIS Consumer Electronics forum.
TWINPEAK.ZIP51031Mar 5 1991Twin Peaks timeline/synopsis from UseNet.
UD1-10.ZIP278085Apr 17 1993Forsythe Institute Update vol. 1-10 - A nanotechnology journal.
UFOFILES.ZIP33415Mar 19 1993An extensive list of UFO-related files to be found on the Gray's Anatomy BBS.
UK-CIRCL.ZIP6810Aug 15 1991A silly explanation for the circles appearing on UK farms.
ULTRACMD.ZIP14904Dec 9 1990Hayes Ultra Series Setup information.
UNDERGND.ZIP34331Mar 8 1990An interesting article on the 'Computer Underground'. Heavy on the psycho-babble, but worth reading anyway.
USA.ZIP14023Jul 11 1993The Constitution of the United States of America (text format).
USAFACAD.ZIP16482Jun 10 1989Chapter on UFO's removed from Air Force Manual.
USBUDGET.ZIP112765Apr 9 1993Complete text of '94 U.S Budget.
USCEN90.ZIP45308Apr 17 1992US Census Data (1990) Summary Data for each state.
VABLUE.ZIP21855Jan 15 1995Virginia Blue Ribbon Commission formed for DOT and other issues.
VADECLR.ZIP3035May 13 1992Virginia Declaration of Rights (full text).
VANYA.ZIP41896Mar 11 1993Soviet Fantasy Tale about a Lenin look-alike who creates an impression that Lenin has arisen from the dead. A translation from a SAMIZDAT short story, SAMIZDAT being underground press.
VAUGHN.ZIP13918Dec 17 1994Various files related to STEVIE RAY VAUGHN.
VCR_6H8H.ZIP1251Jun 6 1990Chart showing VCR counter times and actual minutes recorded at different speeds.
VELOCITY.ZIP3351May 16 1992Text file on the resonant velocity of space.
VIRTREAL.ZIP18329Feb 16 1990Virtual Reality Text file by JW Barlow of Greatful Dead.
VOLTS.ZIP2813May 23 1987What happens to electricity after it leaves the toaster?.
VR_ART.ZIP5032Feb 4 1990Article on Virtual Reality and CyberSpace.
VSP.ZIP1516Dec 12 1990Virginia State Police scanner frequencies.
WACOSEAL.ZIP9209Sep 13 1993Text file on possible Waco, Texas raid coverup.
WALEBOOM.ZIP1458Mar 18 1994Text about a dead beached whale in Oregon...this is worth reading.
WALSER.ZIP15856Feb 11 1990An Article on Virtual Reality and CyperSpace Playhouses.
WARLOCK.ZIP14931Jun 4 1993Description of Warlock public key encryption scheme.
WARPTE.ZIP6393May 27 1988A complete explaination of Star Trek's warp systems.
WARW10.ZIP139252Jul 6 1992"War of the Worlds" by H.G.Wells - complete text - Project Guttenburg.
WASHSTA.ZIP8572Mar 4 1992Fascinating history of Washington D.C. radio stations, full of great trivia (what station was owned by the M.A.Leese Optical Co.?, What station was owned by the Hecht company?) A must read for radio buffs.
WAYITIS.ZIP15655Dec 2 1991"The Way It Is" is a Parody on science and the universe. It is a text file 42k in size unzippped. Pages and pages of fun.
WELLDOC.ZIP117429Jan 13 1992User's Guide to THE WELL. A CompuServe-like network run by the Whole Earth Catalog people. Can be accessed by CompuServe net or direct-dial. Downloaded from the WELL on 1/13/92.
WHYV34.ZIP7343Dec 18 1994Text file explaining V.34 and V.FC modem standards.
WICCA101.ZIP131536May 16 1990Introduction to Wicca.
WINBKS.ZIP6023Oct 9 1992Brief descriptions of several Windows programming books, including publishers and prices.
WIZ311.ZIP425818Jul 20 1992Windows zip manager software.
WIZOZ10.ZIP78971Feb 26 1993Wizard of Oz, by Frank Baum; full text from Project Gutenberg.
WOLFGOD.ZIP2340Jun 10 1992Text file explaining how to get more access to Wolf3d game.
WOMAN.ZIP1782Apr 2 1987Technical description of Homo Sapiens Female.
WORKPLAC.ZIP3079Nov 27 1992Summaries of Lee Reiswig's and John Soyring's announcements from COMDEX describing IBM's "Workplace Family" operating systems.
WORLDTV.ZIP16148Nov 2 1991Info about the different TV standards and how to convert between them.
WRIGHT.ZIP10473Mar 18 1992Transcript of hilarious comedy routine of Stephen Wright.
WW2HIST.ZIP11469Jul 9 1993History of WW2 as told by the mistakes of students.
WWIS0294.ZIP70847Feb 1 1994Who's who in Shareware directory, includes authors and other sources.
XEROXPCB.ZIP5611Dec 24 1988Explains how to use a copy machine to help create PCB boards.
XTCFAQ.ZIP37623Feb 19 1993FAQ on the drug MDMA ("XTC").
XTND8088.ZIP4786Aug 6 1986Undocumented Intel 8088 opcodes.
XWINGHLP.ZIP43462May 24 1993Elp for getting past those tough area in X-Wing. Many good sugestions.
ZEN10.ZIP66685Jun 30 1992"Zen and the Art of the Internet" - Guttenburg Project release.
ZETARETI.ZIP41823Oct 6 1990Thee Zeta-Reticuli incident. An objective analysis by many scientists of the Betty & Barney Hill incicent, which they claimed they were abducted by aliens and shown a starmap which indicated the alien's home star system.
ZINE12.ZIP13581Jun 12 1991Star Trek information update.
ZINE39.ZIP8502Sep 21 1993Star Trek releated electronic magazine.
ZINE42.ZIP5997Jan 16 199412/93 issue of Star Trek Newsletter.
ZINE52.ZIP10138Oct 15 1994Star Trek Fanzine #52.