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Solve the game HACKER. Tells u everything.
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Solve the game HACKER. Tells u everything.
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This will tell you everything you need to know about solving the game
HACKER. NOTE:I have heard that different SRU numbers have very different
solutions from each other.This one works for: AXD-0311479.
You should know by now about the keys used to call spys,etc.If not,well


There may be a few more,I'm not sure. You must surface at cities and get
the document,you should know that by now.
There is a special order you have to go in,and you only have 170 moves to
finish the game.Here is the order and what to give each spy,and where the
items are bought from:

Switzerland---cash Egypt---------chronograph(Switzerland)
Greece--------tut statue(Egypt) India---------scarab(Egypt) New
York------chalet deed(Switzerland) Japan---------stocks(N.Y.)
China---------pearls(Japan) Carribean-----camara(Japan)
England-------jade(China) San Francisco-album(England)

Don't buy anything else,it wastes money and you won't be able to buy the
items you realy need.
If you follow this using good routes, when you leave China you will not be
able to see yourself.Here are the ways to
go.(U-forward,D-back,L-left,R-right. Next,you should see a number or...
max-maximum you can go in that direc-
tion.Go that number of spaces,or the maximum you can go.
From China to Carribean. R-1, D-3, R-2, U-1, R-4, D-1, R-2, B-1,
From Carribean to England. R-max, U-max, L-max, U-max,R-3
From England to San Francisco. L-max, D-max, L-12, U-max, R-1
From San Francisco to Washington. L-1, D-1, R-10, U-max, L-max, D-max,L-3
And so now you should be done!Also,the password is AUSTRALIA The first
satalite answer is MAGMA, LTD The second satalite answer is AXD-0311479
The third satalite answer is HYDRAULIC The fourth satalite answer is

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