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Text file on trilobites.
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Text file on trilobites.
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Behind the Saville Township Building
Perry County, PA

Trilobites & Brachiopods can be easily found in this Devonian shale pit. It is free and open to the public on weekends only.
During the week it is an active quarry and entry is forbidden!
Bring bucket, bag or pack and paper in which to wrap your treasures. A rockhammer is nice but not necessary as the shale
is easily separated by hand. Also bring a hat and something to drink as the shale is dark and becomes very hot in the sun.

Distance is about 100 miles from the intersection of I-495 and
I-270 and should take about 2 hours.

I-270 North to Frederick, MD
US-15 North to York Springs, PA
Left onto PA-94 North
Blend onto PA-34 North and follow into Carlisle, PA
In Carlisle, turn left onto Route 11
go 3 or 4 blocks, turn right onto PA-74 North
[sMore [Y/n]?

[uafter 2 or 3 blocks, Route 74 makes a sharp left
stay on PA-74 to Saville Township Building on the left
IF you get to the town of Roseburg, you've gone about
mile too far!

P.S. The road is UP hill and DOWN dale and is very picturesque North of Carlisle, PA.

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