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Star Trek The Next Generation, Eposide Guide. Fairly long descrptions.
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Star Trek The Next Generation, Eposide Guide. Fairly long descrptions.
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Star Trek: The Next Generation
1987 -
Created by Gene Roddenberry
Executive Producers: Gene Roddenberry (1987 - 1991),
Michael Piller, Rick Berman
Distributed by Paramount Pictures Corporation

Episode Guide
Compiled by Saul Jaffe (Moderator, Sf-Lovers)
Copyright by Saul Jaffe


Since the cancellation of Star Trek in 1969, the number of fans, known
throughout the world as "Trekkies" or "Trekkers", has grown to tremendous
proportions. Star Trek has spawned more original novels, and stories by
both professionals and fans (many whom later became professionals), fan
clubs, toys, games, comics, etc. than any other single show in the history
of television. Since the early 70s, those fans have been clamoring for
more of their favorite spaceship and crew to be filmed - the novels and
stories were just not enough to satisfy our yearnings to travel in space,
albeit vicariously, and to travel where no man had gone before.
In 1973, it appeared as if Trek fandom had gotten its wish. Sort of.
Paramount Pictures and NBC aired an animated version of the show. Many of
the original cast lent their voices and many good writers and artists lent
their talents to the new show but, sadly, the show only lasted two seasons.
But, as Riker says in the episode, "Contagion": fate protects fools,
little children, and ships named Enterprise. And so in 1980, Star Trek
came to the big screen. While the movie itself was not been received very
well, it did well enough for Paramount to do several more pictures. And
the popularity of Star Trek grew again. Now, there were not only the
original fans of the series, but all of the fans that grew up on reruns of
the show as well as all of the new fans brought in by the novels and the
By 1984, Paramount and Gene Roddenberry were talking about a new
television project. For nearly two years, negotiations continued on what
the show would be like, how it would be sold (network or syndication),
which members of the cast would return, etc. Although the fans were kept
primarily in the dark on all this, from time to time, rumors surfaced.
Finally, 21 years after the original Star Trek first made its mark on
the history of SF and television, Gene Roddenberry and Paramount Pictures
released for our enjoyment, Star Trek: The Next Generation.
This episode guide contains the list of all of the episodes to date in
the order in which they were aired. Included in the description of each
episode is the name of the producer, the director and the writer as well as
the guest cast list and the parts they played. In most cases, the names of
characters were taken from the TV Guide or guessed at from their usages in
the episode. Also included for each episode is a brief synopsis of the
show WITHOUT spoilers.

Regular Cast

Patrick Stewart.................Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan Frakes.................Commander William Riker
LeVar Burton....................Lt. Geordi La Forge
Denise Crosby...................Lt. Tasha Yar
(first season only)
Michael Dorn....................Lt. Worf
Gates McFadden..................Dr. Beverly Crusher
(did not appear in second season)
Marina Sirtis...................Counselor Deanna Troi
Brent Spiner....................Lt. Commander Data
Wil Wheaton.....................Wesley Crusher (regular first -
fourth seasons, occasional
appearances thereafter)
Diana Muldaur...................Dr. Katherine Pulaski
(second season only)
Whoopi Goldberg.................Guinan
(occasional appearances second
season on)
Colm Meaney.....................Miles O'Brien
(until January 1993)
Majel Barrett...................Computer Voice


Producer: Robert Lewin
Director: Corey Allen
Writers: D.C. Fontana and Gene Roddenberry
Cast: John de Lancie (Q), Michael Bell (Zorn), DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy),
Cart-Hiroyuki (Bailiff), Timothy Dang (Security), David Erskine
(Shopkeeper), Evelyn Guerrero (Ensign), Chuck Hicks (Military Officer),
Jimmy Ortega (Torres)

Pilot episode for the series. While en route to investigate problems on
Farpoint station, the Enterprise meets the mysterious super-powered Q. Q
condemns humanity and challenges them to solve the mystery at Farpoint.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Paul Lynch
Writer: J. Michael Bingham (from a story by John D.F. Black and J. Michael
Cast: Brooke Bundy (Chief Engineer McDougal), Benjamin W.S. Lum (Jim
Shimoda), Michael Rider (Transporter Chief), David Renan (Conn), Skip
Stellrecht (Engineering Crewman), Kenny Koch, (Kissing Crewman)

A sequel episode to "The Naked Time" episode of the old series. The
Enterprise rendezvouses with the science vessel U.S.S. Tsiolkovsky and find
the entire crew dead. Unknowingly, they bring back to the Enterprise the
strange infection that caused the crew of the science vessel to go crazy.
The crew of the Enterprise discover that the cure found by the first
Enterprise for this disease does not work due to a mutation in the virus.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writers: Katharyn Powers and Michael Baron
Cast: Jessie Lawrence Ferguson (Lutan), Karole Selmon (Yareena), James
Louis Watkins (Hagon), Michael Rider (Transporter Chief)

The Enterprise travels to Ligon II to obtain a rare vaccine needed to avert
a plague on another planet. The Logonian leader kidnaps Tasha as part of
the traditions of his planet. Eventually she is forced to fight a battle
to the death with the wife of the leader in order to gain her freedom and
the vaccine.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Richard Colla
Writer: Herbert Wright (from a story by Richard Krzemien)
Cast: Armin Shimerman (Letek), Jake Dengel (Mordoc), Tracey Walter
(Kayron), Darryl Henriques (Portal), Mike Gomez (Daimon Tarr)

A Ferengi vessel steals an energy unit from a Federation base and the
Enterprise pursues. Both ships are rendered immobile as they pass an
unknown solar system. Believing each other responsible for the immobility,
they discuss surrender. Meanwhile, an Enterprise probe discovers that a
force-field on the nearby planet is actually responsible and a joint
expedition of Ferengi and Federation personnel, beam down to explore. They
encounter a mysterious being known as Portal who presents them a test.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Rob Bowman
Writers: Diane Duane and Michael Reaves
Cast: Stanley Kamel (Lt. Kosinski), Eric Menyuk (Assistant), Herta Ware
(Maman Picard), Biff Yeager (Lt. Commander Argyle), Charles Dayton
(Crewman), Victoria Dillard (Ballerina)

An engineer and his alien assistant board the Enterprise to perform an
experiment that would increase warp engine output. During the experiment,
something goes wrong and the Enterprise ends up in a place where thoughts
become real. The assistant from a race of "travelers" with the scientific
capabilities far beyond ours who tour the universe seeking those with
potential. The traveler confides to Picard that Wesley is one of those
beings with potential and should be guided and helped to grow. It is as a
result of these comments, plus the knowledge and help that Wesley provides
in Engineering that prompts Picard to make Crusher an acting ensign.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: D.C. Fontana (from a story by Michael Halperin)
Cast: John Durbin (Chief Antican Delegate), Kavi Raz (Lt. Singh)

While on a mission to transport emissaries of two warring races to
Parliament for negotiations, the Enterprise encounters a strange cloud
consisting entirely of energy. As they pass, a bolt of energy strikes Worf
and passes from crewman to crewman, killing one crewman and eventually
taking over Picard's mind.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: James L. Conway
Writer: Worley Thorne (from a story by Ralph Wills and Worley Thorne)
Cast: Brenda Bakke (Rivan), Jay Louden (Liator), Josh Clark (Conn), David
Q. Combs (1st Mediator), Richard Lavin (2nd Mediator), Judith Jones (Edo
Girl), Eric Matthew (1st Edo Boy), Brad Zerbst (Medical Technician), David
Micahael Graves (2nd Edo Boy)

The Enterprise travels to the idyllic world of Rubicam 3, home to a race of
people known as the Edo, for shore leave. Wesley falls afoul of their
justice system which demands that anyone who commits a crime be executed
immediately. Picard must then choose between Wesley and obeying the Prime
Directive. To complicate matters, a strange alien presence surrounds the
world and is worshipped by the Edo as a God. It has unlimited power and
does not want Picard interfering with the Edo's laws.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Herbert Wright (from a story by Larry Forrester)
Cast: Frank Corsentino (Daimon Bok), Doug Warhit (Kazago), Robert Towers

The Enterprise meets a Ferengi Vessel whose captain, Bok, blames Picard for
the death of his son while Picard commanded the Stargazer. Bok returns the
derelict Stargazer to the Federation as a gift but has secretly placed a
mind altering device on board. Using this device, Bok attempts to get
revenge on Picard by causing him to believe that he still commands the
Stargazer and the Enterprise is the alien ship.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Cliff Bole
Writers: C.J. Holland and Gene Roddenberry (from a story by C.J. Holland)
Cast: John de Lancie (Q), Elaine Nalee (Klingon), William A. Wallace (adult

Again, the control of the Enterprise is seized by the mysterious alien
known as Q. This time, Q transports the entire bridge crew except Picard
to a desolate planet and forces them to play a deadly game. The game's
true purpose is to test Riker to see if he is worthy of receiving the power
of the "Q."

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Tracy Torme (from a story by Tracy Torme and Lan O'Kun)
Cast: Majel Barrett (Lwaxana Troi), Rob Knepper (Wyatt Miller), Nan Martin
(Victoria Miller), Robert Ellenstein (Steven Miller), Carel Struycken (Mr.
Homn), Anna Katarina (Valeda), Raye Birk (Wrenn), Danitza Kingsley
(Ariana), Michael Rider (Transporter Chief)

The Enterprise arrives at Haven, a paradise planet. There, Troi meets her
fiancee of a pre-arranged marriage for the first time and is torn between
her life in Starfleet and her devotion to her family and customs.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Joseph L. Scanlan
Writer: Tracy Torme
Cast: Lawrence Tierney (Cyrus Redblock), Harvey Jason (Felix Leach),
William Boyett (Lt. Dan Bell), David Selburg (Lt. Whalen), Gary Armagnac
(Lt. McNary), Mike Genovese (Desk Sergeant), Dick Miller (Vendor), Carolyn
Allport (Jessica Bradley), Rhonda Aldrich (Secretary), Erik Cord (Thug)

In a pastiche of Philip Marlowe's "The Long Goodbye" and other detective
films of the 40's, Picard enters the holodeck and the fictional world of
the detective, Dixon Hill. Picard becomes the investigator involved in his
latest case. Meanwhile, an alien probe shakes the ship and damages the
holodeck controls accidentally turning the fantasy world into a deadly
trap. This episode won a Peabody award.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Robert Lewin and Gene Roddenberry (from a story by Robert Lewin and
Maurice Hurley)
Cast: Biff Yeager (Lt. Commander Argyle)

The Enterprise travels to the Omicron Theta star system, where Data was
discovered years, ago in order to investigate the disappearance of a
colony. In a hidden cave, they find another robot, Data's twin brother
Lore, and revive him. They discover, almost too late, that Lore is a
megalomaniac and out to destroy the Enterprise.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Michael Rhodes
Writer: Patrick Barry
Cast: Karen Montgomery (Beate), Sam Hennings (Ramsey), Patricia McPherson
(Ariel), Leonard John Crofoot (Trent)

The Enterprise travels to a planet controlled entirely by women in order to
search for survivors from a Federation ship which disappeared in that
sector seven years earlier. The away team is thwarted in their efforts by
the female-run government. Meanwhile, a highly contagious virus plagues
the Enterprise.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Paul Lynch
Writers: Maurice Hurley and Robert Lewin
Cast: Carolyn McCormick (Minuet), Gene Dynarski (Commander Quinteros), Katy
Boyer (Zero One), Alexandra Johnson (One Zero), Iva Lane (Zero Zero), Kelli
Ann McNally (One One), Jack Sheldon (Piano Player), Abdul Salaam El Razzac
(Bass Player), Ron Brown (Drummer)

The Enterprise docks at Starbase 74 for a refit. The maintenance crew,
four Binars, program the antimatter containment to fail causing the crew to
evacuate the ship in a panic. Meanwhile, Picard and Riker, in a
Binar-enhanced program on the holodeck, are totally unaware of the
situation. After the crew, except for Riker and Picard, leave the ship,
the Binars hijack it to return to their home planet to save their computers
from the effects of a supernova.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Michael Michaelian and D.C. Fontana (from a story by Michael
Cast: Clayton Rohner (Admiral Jameson), Marsha Hunt (Anne Jameson), Michael
Pataki (Karnas)

Admiral Jameson is transported by the Enterprise to Mordan IV to negotiate
with terrorists who have captured the Federation ambassadors. For some
reason, they will talk only with the admiral. Meanwhile, the Admiral has
taken a strange drug which is causing him to age backwards.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Kim Manners
Writer: Hannah Louise Shearer
Cast: Jerry Hardin (Radue), Brenda Strong (Rashella), Jandi Swanson
(Katie), Paul Lambert (Melian), Ivy Bethune (Duana), Dierk Torsek (Dr.
Bernard), Michele Marsh (Leda), Dan Mason (Accolan), Philip N. Waller
(Harry), Connie Danese (Toya), Jessica and Vanessa Bova (Alexandra)

The Enterprise discovers the legendary planet of Aldea and the advanced
civilization that lives there. The inhabitants have extraordinary
technology including the ability to cloak their entire planet, but lack the
capacity to have children. When the crew of the Enterprise refuse to trade
some of the children from the ship for technology, the Aldeans kidnap
Wesley and six other children from the ship.

Producer: Maurice Hurley
Director: Corey Allen
Writer: Robert Sabaroff (from a story by Karl Guers, Ralph Sanchez and
Robert Sabaroff)
Cast: Walter Gotell (Kurt Mandl), Elizabeth Lindsey (Louisa Kim), Gerard
Prendergast (Bjorn Benson), Mario Roccuzzo (Arthur Malencon), Carolyne
Barry (Female Engineer)

The Enterprise visits a terraforming station on Velara III where they
encounter a new life form which, after being beamed up to the Enterprise
for examination, attempts to take over the Enterprise.

Producers: Robert Lewin and Herbert Wright
Director: Michael Vejar
Writer: Sandy Fries
Cast: Ward Costello (Admiral Quinn), Robert Schenkkan (Lt. Commander Dexter
Remmick), John Putch (Mordock), Robert Ito (Chang), Stephen Gregory (Jake
Kurland), Tasia Valenza (T'Shanik), Estee Chandler (Oliana Mirren), Brendan
McKane (1st Technician), Wyatt Knight (2nd Technician), Daniel Riordan

The Enterprise travels to Relva 7 where Wesley takes his entrance exams to
enter Starfleet Academy. Meanwhile, an old friend of Picard's, now an
admiral, arrives with an aide from the Inspector General's office to
investigate the ship and its crew on the pretext that something is wrong on
the Enterprise.

Producer: Robert Lewin, Herbert Wright
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Maurice Hurley (from a story by Maurice Hurley, Herbert Wright and
D.C. Fontana)
Cast: Vaughn Armstrong (Korris), Charles H. Hyman (Konmel), David Froman
(K'nera), Robert Bauer (Kunivas), Brad Zerbst (Nurse), Dennis Madalone

In the Neutral Zone, the Enterprise finds a Talarian ship with three
Klingons aboard. The Klingons claim to be have been passengers on the ship
but turn out to be dissidents, opposed to the Federation-Klingon peace.
They attempt to get Worf to help them when a Klingon cruiser enters the
area and demands the return of the criminals.

Producers: Robert Lewin and Herbert Wright
Director: Les Landau
Writers: Richard Manning and Hans Beimler (from a story by Maurice Hurley
and Robert Lewin)
Cast: Vincent Schiavelli (Peddler), Marco Rodriguez (Captain Paul Rice),
Vyto Ruginis (Logan), Julia Nickson (Lian T'Su), George De La Pena (Orfil

The Enterprise arrives at Minos, a planet once inhabited by weapons
manufacturers who have been destroyed by their own creations. Automated
salesmen and weapons display systems still function and the away team is
forced to fight for their lives against weapons that keep getting more
sophisticated and intelligent as time passes. Meanwhile, in orbit around
the planet, Geordi in command of the Enterprise is forced to fight another
weapons system with the capability to cloak itself.

Producer: Robert Lewin
Director: Win Phelps
Writer: Robert Lewin, Richard Manning and Hans Beimler (from a story by
Robert Lewin)
Cast: Judson Scott (Sobi), Merritt Butrick (T'Jon), Richard Lineback
(Romas), Kimberly Farr (Langor)

While investigating a sun with very strong magnetic-field fluctuations, the
Enterpise intercepts a distress call and rescues a nearby freighter.
Safely on board the Enterprise with their cargo, four of the inhabitants
fight over ownership of the cargo - a very addictive narcotic.

Producers: Robert Lewin and Herbert Wright
Director: Joseph L. Scanlan
Writers: Joseph Stefan and Hannah Louise Shearer (from a story by Joseph
Cast: Mart McChesney (Armus), Ron Gans (Voice of Armus), Walker Boone
(Leland T. Lynch), Brad Zerbst (Nurse), Raymond Forchion (Ben Prieto)

A shuttle containing Troi and a pilot is returning from a conference when
it crash-lands on Vagra II. When the Enterprise locates the shuttle
interference prevents them from using their sensors or transporters to beam
up the two occupants. The away team find an alien named Armus which
appears like an oil slick but is able to assume humanoid shape at will.
Armus blocks their path and prevents them from rescuing their comrades.
During the encounter, Armus taunts the crew as they attempt to reach the

Producer: Robert Lewin
Director: Robert Becker
Writers: Deborah Dean Davis and Hannah Louise Shearer
Cast: Michelle Phillips (Jenice Manheim), Rod Loomis (Dr. Paul Manheim),
Isabel Lorca (Gabrielle), Dan Kern (Lt. Dean), Jean-Paul Vignon (Edourd),
Kelly Ashmore (Francine), Lance Spellerberg (Transporter Chief)

The Enterprise encounters a time loop which leads them to a scientist
performing lethal time warp experiments. To close a rift to another
dimension accidentally opened by the experiments, the away team must
shutdown the experiment by dropping a specific amount of antimatter into
the rift at a specific time. The scientist's wife turns out to be one of
Picard's old lovers whom Picard failed to meet at a rendezvous in Paris 22
years ago.

Producer: Robert Lewin
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Tracy Torme (from a story by Robert Sabaroff)
Cast: Henry Darrow (Admiral Savar), Ward Costello (Admiral Quinn), Robert
Schenkkan (Dexter Remmick), Ray Reinhardt (Admiral Aaron), Jonathan Farwell
(Captain Walker Keel), Michael Berryman (Captain Rixx), Ursaline Bryant
(Captain Tryla Scott)

The Enterprise is diverted from a mission by a special transmission for
Picard's eyes only. The message is from Keel, an old friend of Picard's
who asks to meet him on a nearby mining planet. Picard beams down to find
the captains of several ships waiting there. Keel and the other captains,
after ascertaining Picard is who they think he is, tells him about a
suspected conspiracy within Starfleet citing a strange pattern of orders
from Command as evidence. They urge him to be careful. After leaving the
planet, the Enterprise comes upon the debris of Keel's ship. Picard asks
Data to review the last few months of orders issued by Starfleet. Data
reports that there has been an unusual amount of changing of people within
the command areas of Starfleet. Picard orders the ship back to Earth where
they discover several admirals, including Picard's friend Quinn have been
infected by parasitic creatures.

Producer: Robert Lewin
Director: James L. Conway
Writer: Maurice Hurley (from a story by Deborah McIntyre and Mona Clee)
Cast: Marc Alaimo (Commander T-Bok), Anthony James (Thei), Leon Rippy
(Clemens), Gracie Harrison (Clare Raymond), Peter Mark Richman (Ralph

While Picard attends an emergency conference, the Enterprise discovers a
20th Century Earth-craft with three humans aboard frozen in suspended
animation. The humans are revived and have trouble acclimating to the
changes in the 370 years they have been asleep. Meanwhile, Picard returns
from his meeting to inform the crew that several outposts at the edge of
the Neutral Zone have been destroyed and Romulans are suspected. The
Enterprise has been sent to investigate.


Producers: Burton Armus, John Mason and Mike Gray
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Jaron Summers, Jon Povill and Maurice Hurley
Cast: Seymour Cassel (Hester Dealt), R.J. Williams (Ian), Dawn Arnemann
(Miss Gladstone), Zachary Benjamin (Young Ian), Dore Keller (Crewman)

This episode introduced Dr. Kate Pulaski as the new Chief Medical Officer.
En route to pick up samples of various viruses for study, The Enterprise is
invaded by a strange, glowing light which searches around the ship until it
finds Counsellor Troi and enters her body. Troi wakes up distressed and,
after a medical examination discovers she is pregnant and the pregnancy is
proceeding at an unusually rapid rate.

Producers: Burton Armus, John Mason and Mike Gray
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Jack B. Sowards
Cast: Earl Boen (Nagilum), Charles Douglass (Haskell)

The Enterprise discovers a new phenomenon in the Morgana quadrant - a void
that they can see but their sensors can't. It is inhabited by a strange
being, Nagilum, who wishes to study the humans and is particularly curious
about how humans die.

Producers: Burton Armus, John Mason and Mike Gray
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Brian Alan Lane
Cast: Daniel Davis (Moriarty), Alan Shearman (Lestrade), Biff Manard
(Ruffian), Diz White (Prostitute), Anne Elizabeth Ramsay (Assistant
Engineer Clancy), Richard Merson (Pie Man)

Geordi plays John Watson to Data's Holmes in a holodeck created mystery.
However, since Data has memorized all of Doyle's stories, he quickly solves
the puzzle. When Pulaski claims that human understanding of mysteries and
solving them is beyond Data's ability, Geordi programs the computer to
create an original story and invites Pulaski along to watch Data solve it.
Unfortunately, the computer merely combines elements from different stories
providing no more difficult challenge than the first attempt. Geordi
instructs the computer to create an adversary capable of defeating Data and
the computer obliges by creating a Professor Moriarty that is able to
access the computer and even cause damage to the ship.

Producers: Burton Armus, Mike Gray and John Mason
Director: Robert Becker
Writer: Burton Armus (from a story by Les Menchen, Lance Dickson and David
Cast: William O. Campbell (Okona), Douglas Rowe (Debin), Albert Stratton
(Kushell), Rosalind Ingledew (Yanar), Kieran Mulroney (Benzan), Joe Piscopo
(The Comic)

The Enterprise picks up a charming rogue, Okona, when his cargo ship's
guidance system fails. Okona starts romancing and charming most people on
the ship. He befriends Data and discusses humor with him and sex appeal.
Data, convinced he doesn't understand humor, attempts to acquire a sense of
humor. Meanwhile, an interplanetary vessel arrives and demands that Okona
be turned over to them as a known criminal. While Picard considers his
options, a second ship arrives, also demanding Okona.

Producers: Burton Armus, Mike Gray and John Mason
Director: Larry Shaw
Writer: Jacqueline Zambrano
Cast: Marnie Mosiman (Woman), Thomas Oglesby (Scholar), Leo Damian
(Warrior/Adonis), Howie Seago (Riva), Richard Lavin (Warrior #1), Chip
Heller (Warrior #2), John Garret (Lieutenant)

A deaf mediator travels on the Enterprise to Solaris 5. He is deaf and
dumb and communicates through his "Chorus" who receive his thoughts and
speak for him. Each member of the three person Chorus speaks for a
different part of his personality. The mediator becomes attracted to Troi
who reciprocates. After beaming down to the planet to begin negotiations,
one of the delegates who is apparently not interested in peace, attempts to
kill he mediator but instead kills his Chorus. The mediator now must
decide to return home or try and continue his mission.

Producers: Burton Armus, Mike Gray and John Mason
Director: Les Landau
Writer: Tracy Torme (from a story by Richard Manning and Hans Beimler)
Cast: W. Moran Sheappard (Ira Graves), Suzie Plakson (Lt. Selar), Barbara
Alyn Woods (Kareen Brianon)

The Enterprise travels to the home of a brilliant but terminally ill
scientist. The scientist becomes fascinated by Data and begins to talk
only to him and retreats into seclusion with him. He reveals that he has
discovered a way to cheat death by transferring his mind into a computer.
When the Enterprise beams the away team back, Data starts behaving in an
extremely odd fashion.

Producers: Burton Armus, Mike Gray and John Mason
Director: Paul Lynch
Writers: John Mason and Mike Gray
Cast: Patricia Smith (Dr. Sara Kingsley), J. Patrick McNamara (Captain
Taggert), Scott Trost (Ensign)

A mysterious disease infects a research station, causing the inhabitants to
age rapidly. When Dr. Pulaski is also infected, the crew of the Enterprise
must find a cure within days.

Producers: Burton Armus, Mike Gray and John Mason
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Burton Armus (from a story by Wanda M. Haight, Gregory Amos and
Burton Armus)
Cast: John Putch (Ensign Mendon), Christopher Collins (Captain Kargan),
Brian Thompson (Klag), Peter Parros (Tactics Officer), Laura Drake (Vekma)

As part of an exchange program, Riker becomes the new First Officer aboard
the Pagh, a Klingon war vessel. Meanwhile, the Enterprise finds a strange
substance on its hull which turns out to be a strange bacteria that feeds
on metal. Earlier, the same substance was noticed on the hull of the
Klingon ship so the Enterprise has to locate that ship and warn them. The
Klingon commander has also found the damage and believes it to be
Federation treachery and searches for the Enterprise.

Producers: Burton Armus, Mike Gray and John Mason
Director: Robert Scheerer
Writer: Melinda M. Snodgrass
Cast: Amanda McBroom (Captain Louvois), Clyde Kusatsu (Admiral Nakamura),
Brian Brophy (Commander Maddox)

A cybernetics expert wishes to dismantle Data for study so he can build
more androids. When Picard declines, Maddox produces orders transferring
Data to his command. Picard attempts to find a way to block the transfer
but the only option is for Data to resign. However, it is discovered that,
according to current laws, Data is considered property and cannot resign.
In order to challenge this law, Picard is forced to defend Data in a
hearing and Riker is forced to act as the prosecutor.

Producers: Burton Armus, Mike Gray and John Mason
Director: Rob Bowman
Writers: Scott Rubenstein and Leonard Mlodinow
Cast: Paddi Edwards (Anya), Jaime Hubbard (Salia), Peter Neptune (Aron),
Madchen Amick (Teenage Girl), Cindy Sorenson (Furry Animal), Jennifer
Barlow (Gibson)

The Enterprise is assigned to transport the future ruler of Daled Four,
with her guardian Anya. Wesley and Salia are immediately attracted to each
other while Troi expresses concern that they may not be what they seem to
be. Anya is a shape-shifter and overly paranoid about Salia's safety.

Producers: Burton Armus, Mike Gray and John Mason
Director: Joseph L. Scanlan
Writers: Steve Gerber and Beth Woods
Cast: Thalmus Rasulala (Captain Varley), Carolyn Seymour (Sub-Commander
Tauris), Dana Sparks (Security Crewman), Folkert Schmidt (Doctor)

The Enterprise rushes to the Neutral Zone to aid the U.S.S. Yamato which
has been plagued by systems failures. Shortly after the arrival of the
Enterprise, the Yamato explodes and a Romulan ship uncloaks. After
examining the logs of the Yamato, it becomes clear that the Romulans were
not responsible for the destruction of the ship. The captain of the Yamato
had apparently found the legendary planet of Iconia and his ship was
infected by a computer virus transmitted by a probe from that planet. That
virus was apparently the cause of the system failures and the final
destruction. Unfortunately, since the Enterprise downloaded the logs from
the Yamato's computers, it too has the same virus. Picard must travel to
Iconia in the hopes of finding a cure to the virus.

Producers: Burton Armus, Mike Gray and John Mason
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Keith Mills
Cast: Sam Anderson (Assistant Manager), Jill Jacobson (Vanessa), Leo Garcia
(Bell Boy), Gregory Beecroft (Mickey D)

One of the strangest episodes. THe Enterprise finds debris from an old
NASA ship orbiting a planet in an unmapped system. On the planet is
apparently one single building which the away team discovers is modeled
after the Hotel Royale from an old Earth novel.

Producers: Burton Armus, Mike Gray and John Mason
Director: Joseph L. Scanlon
Writer: Maurice Hurley (from a story by Kurt Michael Bensmiller)

The Enterprise picks up a shuttlecraft containing a version of Picard from
the future. In the future timeline, the Enterprise apparently was
destroyed with Picard the only survivor. The Enterprise now must discover
what caused the destruction and how to prevent it.

Producer: Robert L. McCullough
Director: Robert Iscove
Writer: David Assael and Robert L. McCullough (from a story by David
Cast: Mitchell Ryan (Kyle Riker), Lance Spellerberg (Herbert)

Riker is offered command of the U.S.S. Aries, a small exploration ship.
Sent to brief him on the new command is his estranged father.

Producer: Robert L. McCullough
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Melinda M. Snodgrass (from a story by Hannah Louise Shearer)
Cast: Nicholas Cascone (Davies), Nikki Cox (Sarjenka), Ann H. Gillespie
(Hildebrandt), Whitney Rydbeck (Alan)

The Enterprise is exploring geologic activity in several planetary systems
when Data, working on a project to boost sensor output, picks up a faint
signal which turns out to be from an alien girl without knowledge of
extraterrestrial cultures. Talking with her, much less saving her from the
seismic activity on her planet, would be a violation of the Prime
Directive. Meanwhile, Wesley is given his first command, in charge of the
team doing the planetary mineral surveys and discovers the difficulties of
being in command.

Producer: Robert L. McCullough
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Maurice Hurley
Cast: John de Lancie (Q), Lycia Naff (Sonya Gomez)

The mysterious Q returns claiming that he has been asked to leave the
Q-continuum and that he wishes to join the Enterprise crew. He tells
Picard that they need him as a guide because humanity is unprepared for
what awaits them. When Picard insists they are, Q hurls the Enterprise
several thousand light-years away where they encounter the Borg, a race of

Producer: Robert L. McCullough
Director: Les Landau
Writer: Robert L. McCullough
Cast: Christopher Collins (Grevedlog), Leslie Morris (Reginod), Daniel
Benzali (Surgeon), Lycia Naff (Gomez), Tzi Ma (Biomolecular Specialist)

Picard joins Wesley on a trip to Starbase 515. Wesley is going there to
take his Starfleet exams, while Picard is going for delicate heart surgury.
Meanwhile, the Enterprise receives a distress call from the Pakleds, a race
of beings who steal technology.

Producer: Robert L. McCullough
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Melinda M. Snodgrass
Cast: Barrie Ingham (Danilo O'Dell), Jon De Vries (Granger), Rosalyn
Landor (Brenna O'Dell)

The Enterprise attempts to rescue two Earth colonies that left Earth in the
mid-22nd century. The first colony, has rejected technology and returned
back-to-nature. The ship carrying the second colony had apparently
crash-landed and only five colonists survived. To keep their colony alive,
they turned to cloning but are now in desperate need of new DNA.

Producer: Robert L. McCullough
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Terry Devereaux
Cast: Majel Barrett (Lwaxana Troi), Robert Costanzo (Slade Bender), Carel
Struycken (Mr. Homn), Rod Arrants (Rex), Rhonda Aldrich (Madeline), Wren T.
Brown (Transport Pilot), Robert O'Reilly (Duras)

The Enterprise is assigned to transport several delegates to a conference
on Pacifica. One of the delegates is Troi's mother who is going through a
phase that causes her sex drive to increase. Lwaxana stuns everyone by
deciding she is going to marry Picard. Picard meanwhile, flees to the
holodeck and the escapades of Dixon Hill.

Producer: Robert L. McCullough
Director: Cliff Bole
Writers: Richard Manning and Hans Beimler (from a story by Thomas H.
Cast: Suzie Plakson (K'Ehleyr), Lance Le Gault (K'Temoc), Georgann Johnson
(Admiral Gromek), Anne Elizabeth Ramsey (Clancy), Dietrich Bader (Tactical

An old love of Worf's comes aboard the Enterprise to brief the crew on
their new mission. A Klingon ship, with a crew in suspended animation, was
sent out while the Federation and Klingons were still at war. The mission
of the Enterprise is to prevent the crew of that ship from awakening and
rekindling an old war.

Producer: Robert L. McCullough
Director: David Kemper
Writer: Robert Scheerer
Cast: Roy Brocksmith (Sirna), Armin Shimerman (Bractor), David L. Lander
(Tactician), Leslie Neale (Nagel), Glenn Morshower (Burke)

In order to prepare for the Borg, the Federation has been holding war
games. Riker is placed in command of the U.S.S. Hathaway in simulated
combat with the Enterprise. Riker is given his choice of crew and 48 hours
to ready the ship before the battle begins. The battle is interrupted
however, when a Ferengi ship appears demanding the Hathaway be turned over
to them.

Producer: Robert L. McCullough
Director: Rob Bowman
Writers: Maurice Hurley, Richard Manning and Hans Beimler (from a story by
Maurice Hurley)

While exploring a new planet, Riker is infected by a mysterious disease
which prevents neural activity. Pualski finds that the infection is
spreading throught his body and when the infection reaches his brain, he
will die.


Producers: Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Michael Piller (from a story by Michael Piller and Michael Wagner)
Cast: Ken Jenkins (Dr. Stubbs), Mary McCusker (Nurse), Randal Patrick
(Crewman), Scott Grimes (Eric), Amy O'Neill (Annette)

The Enterprise is assisting an astrophysicist, Stubbs, in performing
experiments in a binary star system when suddenly, the ship shakes, the
shields drop and the Enterprise is sent hurling through space. After
regaining control of the ship, the crew is perplexed by the sudden computer
malfunctions encountered. Meanwhile, Wesley realizes that two tiny robots
he accidentally let loose may be responsible for the mysterious problems
the crew is facing.

Producers: Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Melinda M. Snodgrass
Cast: Eileen Seeley (Ardrian), Mark L. Taylor (Haritath), Richard Allen
(Noe), Mart McChesney (Sheliak), Grainger Hines (Goshven)

The Enterprise receives a message from the Sheliak, a race the Federation
had not heard from in over 100 years. The Sheliak insist that a world in
the Tau Cygna Five system is theirs and demand the immediate removal of
humans from that system. The Enterprise does not believe that humans are
on that planet due to the fact that the planet has extremely high radiation
levels but travels there anyway only to discover a thriving civilization
that refuses to evacuate the planet. Data has to convince the people of
the planet to leave or be destroyed by the Sheliak.

Producers: Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Les Landau
Writer: Michael Wagner
Cast: John Anderson (Kevin), Anne Haney (Rishon)

The Enterprise is sent to investigate an emergency distress call from the
Delta Rana system. Upon arrival, the crew discover that all of the
inhabitants have been killed except for one couple. An away team beams
down to retrieve the survivors in case the aliens that destroyed the planet
returned. The survivors refuse to leave the planet stating they can care
for themselves. The away team returns to the Enterprise to discuss the
situation and are attacked by an alien ship. Meanwhile, Troi is suffering
due to some strange music she keeps hearing in her mind.

Producers: Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Robert Wiemer
Writers: Richard Manning and Hans Beimler
Cast: Kathryn Leigh Scott (Nuria), Ray Wise (Liko), James Greene (Dr.
Barron), Pamela Segall (Oji), John McLiam (Fento), James McIntire (Hali),
Lois Hall (Warren)

A new race, currently at the Bronze Age level are being watched by
Federation scientists hidden away in a cavern. The Enterprise is sent to
fix their reactor but, unfortunately, does not arrive in time to prevent
the reactor from exploding and killing most of the scientists. As the
Enterprise team begins to tend to the injured and replace the reactor, two
of the natives discover the existence of the Federation. Startled, one of
them falls and is injured. Dr. Crusher takes him to the Enterprise where
he accidentally sees Picard and hears him order the search for a missing
scientist continued. Picard also orders Dr. Crusher to erase the
short-term memory of the native to preserve the Prime Directive. After he
is recovered, Liko is returned to his people where he tells them of his
journey and of "the Picard", a god from their old legends. The natives
find the missing scientist and hold him captive in order to force "The
Picard" to make an appearance. Riker and Troi are beamed down to recover
the scientist, but Troi is captured while Riker makes his escape with him.
Picard now must decide between Troi's life and maintaining the Prime

Producers: Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Cast: Susan Powell (Marla Aster), Gabriel Damon (Jeremy Astor), Raymond D.
Turner (Teacher)

A sudden explosion kills Marla Aster on a mission to explore the home of a
long-dead race. Worf, who commanded the away team, rages about the
senseless nature of the women's death and plans to offer the Klingon
bonding rite to her remaining son, Jeremy. Meanwhile, an energy field is
discovered on the planet and Troi senses an alien presence rising upward
from it toward the ship. Almost immediately, Jeremy sees his mother who
has come, seemingly from the dead, to take him down to the planet.

Producers: Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Gabrielle Beaumont
Writers: Ron Roman, Michael Piller and Michael Wagner (from a story by
Michael Wagner and Ron Roman)
Cast: Susan Gibney (Leah Brahms), Albert Hall (Galek Dar), Julie Warner

After discovering a derelict ship in an asteroid belt, the Enterprise is
trapped in an energy field that prevents them from leaving. Furthermore,
they begin to lose energy reserves and discover that their shields will not
keep out the radiation for long. Geordi races against time, with the
assistance of an holographic version of one of the ship's designers, to
discover a way to escape the deadly trap.

Producers: Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: David Carson
Writers: David Kemper and Michael Piller
Cast: John Snyder (Bokra), Andreas Katsulas (Tomalak), Steve Rankin (Patak)

The Enterprise investiages a distress call on a Federation planet with a
particularly harsh surface and winds. The away team finds the remains of a
Romulan ship and one Romulan, barely alive. The away team beams aboard the
Enterprise with the Romulan, accidentally stranding Geordi on the planet
where he, moments before beam-out time, stumbled into a pit. The crew of
the Enterprise struggles to keep the Romulan alive and to locate Geordi on
the surface. Meanwhile, on the surface, as Geordi moves closer to the
beacon the Enterprise left to guide him, he is taken prisoner by a second
Romulan, Bokra. Geordi attempts to convince Bokra that they must work
together to stay alive and be rescued while a Romulan Warbird closes in on
the Enterprise determined to retrieve their lost comrades from the grip of
the Federation.

Producers: Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Robert Scheerer
Writer: Hannah Louise Shearer
Cast: Matt McCoy (Devinoni Ral), Elizabeth Hoffman (Bavani), Castulo Guerra
(Dr. Mendoza), Scott Thomson (Gass), Dan Shor (Dr. Arrido), Kevin Peter
Hall (Leyor)

A race of beings known as the Barzan have discovered the only known stable
wormhole and are willing to sell it to the highest bidder. The Enterprise
carries several delegates to the site of the wormhole including a hired
representative of the Chrysalian people who takes an interest in Troi.
Geordi and Data enter the wormhole and discover that it is not truly
stable. Meanwhile, Troi discovers that the representative of the
Chrysalians, Ral, is part Betazoid and empathic and has been using his
ability to gain unfair advantage in the negotiations.

Producer: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Timothy Bond
Writer: Sam Rolfe
Cast: Lisa Wilcox (Yuta), Joey Aresco (Brull), Nancy Parsons (Marook),
Stephen Lee (Chorgan), Marc Lawrence (Volnath), Elkanah J. Burns (Temarek)

A science outpost is attacked by the Gatherers, a band of Acamarian
renegades. Picard talks with Marook, the Sovereign of Acamar Three, who
wants to hunt the Gatherers down and destroy them. Picard convinces her to
attempt to negotiate first and she and her cook board the Enterprise to
travel to a Gatherer outpost to open talks. While there, the leader of the
group is killed by a mysterious assassin.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Robert Scheerer
Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Cast: James Sloyan (Setal), Andreas Katsulas (Tomalak), John Hancock
(Admiral Haden), S.A. Templeman (Bates)

A Romulan scoutship, with a Romulan Warbird in pursuit, hails the
Enterprise and requests asylum. After the Enterprise easily chases off the
Warbird, they beam aboard the occupant of the scoutship, Setal, who has
information about a new Romulan offensive. The Enterprise crew, skeptical
about the defector's claims and motives and attempting to get at the truth,
travels to Nelvana 3 where there is supposed to be a Romulan base at which
a large Romulan fleet will gather to launch an offensive against the

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Robin Bernheim
Cast: Jeff McCarthy (Roga), James Cromwell (Narok), J. Michael Flynn
(Zayner), Andrew Bickell (Wagnor)

The Enterprise visist Angosia 3, a planet which has applied for membership
in the Federation. While there, a prisoner escapes jail and Prime Minister
Narok asks for assistance in recapturing him. The Enterprise succeeds in
capturing him, only to find that he is extremely dangerous and not all that
Narok has claimed him to be.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Gabrielle Beaumont
Writer: Melinda M. Snodgrass
Cast: Kerrie Keane (Alexana Devos), Richard Cox (Finn), Marc Buckland
(Waiter), Fred G. Smith (Policeman), Christopher Pettiet (Boy)

The Enterprise is delivering medical supplies to Rutia Four, a
non-Fedration planet in the midst of a civil war, when Dr. Crusher is
captured by the leader of a terrorist group who appears out of thin air.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Les Landau
Writer: Richard Danus
Cast: John de Lancie (Q), Corbin Bernsen (Q2), Richard Cansino (Dr. Garin),
Betty Muramoto (Scientist)

While on a mission to rescue a planet from its own moon which has fallen
out of orbit, the Enterprise is visited once more by the mysterious Q.
This time, Q, totally naked, claims he has been kicked out of the
Q-Continuum and asks for sanctuary. Q is now mortal and wants guidance
from the crew on how to be human, in exchange for his experience and
knowledge. While on the Enterprise, Q is attacked by the Calamarians, a
race that wants revenge on Q for acts done to them.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Ed Zuckeran
Cast: Craig Richard Nelson (Krag), Gina Hecht (Manua), Mark Margolis (Dr.
Apgar), Juli Donald (Tayna)

Dr. Apgar, a scientist working on Krueger waves, is killed when the station
he was working on suddenly explodes moments after Riker talks with him
privately. Chief Investigator Krag, arrives on board the Enterprise and
demands Riker be turned over to him to face trial for murder. Picard,
unwilling to release Riker without a hearing convinces the Chief
Investigator to allow the circumstances of the incident be recreated on the
holodeck with the help of statements from all parties concerned.
Meanwhile, bursts of unknown radiation, able to cause damage to metal,
plague the Enterprise.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning

Director: David Carson
Writers: Ira Steven Behr, Richard Manning, Hans Beimler, and Ronald D.
Moore (from a story by Trent Christopher Ganino and Eric A. Stillwell)
Cast: Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar), Christopher McDonald (Richard Castillo),
Tricia O'Neil (Captain Rachel Garrett)

The Enterprise happens upon a time-rift in space and the world changes
around them as the Enterprise-C comes out of the rift. In this new
reality, the Enterprise is at war with the Klingons, a war that they cannot
win. Also, Tasha Yar is still alive and serving as Tactical Officer aboard
the Enterprise-D. The Enterprise-C is critically damaged and was
apparently involved in a fight with Romulans while in defense of a Klingon
base. The crews eventually realize that, had the Enterprise-C been
successful, the current war with the Klingons might never have happened.
Clearly, the Enterprise-C must return even though it is likely to never
survive the battle. When the Captain of the Enterprise-C is killed during
a Klingon attack, Lt. Castillo asks to take the ship back through the warp
himself. Meanwhile, Guinan, whose peculiar senses have told her that
things are not as they should be, tells Tasha that in the true timeline,
Tasha died an empty death. This convinces Tasha that she should return
with the Enterprise-C as their tactical officer so that her death can have
some meaning, and so she can be with Castillo with whom she has fallen in

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Writer: Rene Echeverria
Cast: Hallie Todd (Lal), Nicholas Coster (Haftel), Judy Ann Elder (Lt.
Ballard), Diane Moser (Crewman), Hayne Bayle (Crewman), Maria Leone
(Crewman), James G. Becker (Crewman)

Data, after returning from a cybernetics conference, builds a robot child,
Lal. While the crew attempts to deal with Data's fatherhood, Data attempts
to teach Lal about humanity. Starfleet Admiral Haftel, after hearing about
the experiment, attempts to convince Picard that the new robot should be
moved to the Daystrom Institute where she can be properly studied and

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Les Landau
Writer: Ronald D. Moore and W. Reed Moran (from a teleplay by Drew Deighan)
Cast: Charles Cooper (K'mpec), Tony Todd (Kurn), Patrick Massett (Duras),
Thelma Lee (Kahless), Teddy Davis (Technician)

As part of the exchange program that once made Riker First Officer on a
Klingon ship, Commander Kurn joins the Enterprise. Kurn is Worf's younger
brother and has come to tell Worf that their father has been accused of
betraying the Klingons by revealing the location of the Khitomer outpost to
the Romulans. Worf, by Klingon tradition must travel to the homeworld of
the Klingon empire to challenge the accusation and, if he fails, will die
as a traitor.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writers: Richard Manning and Hans Beimler
Cast: Stephen Markle (Tholl), Reiner Schoene (Esoqq), Joycelyn O'Brien
(Haro), Jerry Rector (1st Alien), Jeff Rector (2nd Alien)

Picard is taken from the Enterprise while he sleeps by a strange probe and
wakens in a prison with two other captives. Neither can explain how they
came to be there nor have they seen their captors. Soon they are joined by
a fourth captive - a carnivorous alien who will eat the others if they do
not escape and food is not provided. In the midst of mutual dislike and
lack of trust, the four captives must find a way to escape or contact their
captors. Meanwhile, Picard has been replaced on the Enterprise by a nearly
exact duplicate.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Chip Chalmers
Writer: Ira Steven Behr
Cast: Jennifer Hetrick (Vash), Michael Grodenchik (Sovak), Karen Landry
(Ajur), Michael Champion (Boratus), Deirdre Imershein (Joval)

Picard is talked into taking a vacation on Risa, a pleasure planet. When
he arrives, he bumps into a women who, pursued by a Ferengi, grabs him and
kisses him as if they were old friends. They later meet again and, after
introductions, Picard discovers that she is out to find the location of a
device brought from the future. The Ferengi also wants the device or the
disk that the woman, Vash, has that reveals the location of the device.
Meanwhile, two security agents from the future confront Picard and tell him
that he is destined to find the device and they have come back in time to
retrieve it from him. Vash and Picard team up to find he device and thwart
the Ferengi but, Picard hopes to turn it over to the security agents.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Robert Scheerer
Writers: Dennis Putman Bailey and David Bischoff
Cast: Michael Cavanaugh (Captain DeSoto), Peter Vogt (Romulan Commander),
Harry Groener (Tam Elbrun)

The Hood unexpectedly joins the Enterprise and delivers their new orders
and a passenger, Tam Elbrun. Tam is a Betazoid telepath and specializes in
first-contacts but, he is also not well liked because he lacks tact. Tam
explains that a recently discovered object in orbit around a dying star is
suspected of being a living spaceship, dubbed "Tin Man" and Tam's mission
is to contact it. However, the Romulans claim that space and are also
sending ships to contact the newly discovered alien.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Sally Caves
Cast: Dwight Schultz (Barclay), Charley Lang (Duffy)

A young engineer, Lt. Barclay, is obsessed with fantasy worlds
because has problems coping with reality and the crew of the Enterprise
have problems coping with him. Meanwhile, strange malfunctions start
occurring on the Enterprise.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Timothy Bond
Writer: Shari Goodhartz
Cast: Nehemiah Persoff (Toff), Jane Daly (Varia), Saul Rubinek (Kavis)

Data is using the shuttles to transfer a large cargo of a special element
that cannot be transported when, on the last trip, his shuttle mysteriously
explodes. The Enterprise is forced to leave the area to deliver their
cargo and are not able to investigate the accident. Meanwhile, Data has
not been destroyed but captured by Kavis who is a collector of rare and
unique things and Data would be a fine addition to his collection.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Les Landau
Writers: Peter S. Beagle (from an unpublished story by Mark Cushman and
Jake Jacobs)
Cast: Mark Lenard (Sarek), Joanna Miles (Perrin), William Denis
(Mendrossen), Rocco Sisto (Sakkath), John H. Francis (Crewman)

Ambassador Sarek comes aboard the Enterprise with his staff and new, human
wife, to complete treaty negotiations with the Legarans who insisted on him
mediating. Soon after his arrival, the crew of the Enterprise begin to
suffer from bouts of violence and other emotional outbursts. Eventually,
the crew discovers that Sarek is suffering from a rare Vulcan disease that
erodes all emotional control in Vulcans. Since Vulcans are highly
telepathic, he has been broadcasting emotions to the crew. But, because of
his illness, the important treaty with the Legarans is in jeopardy.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Robert Legato
Writers: Fred Bronson and Susan Sackett
Cast: Majel Barrett (Lwaxana Troi), Frank Corsentino (Daimon Tog), Ethan
Phillips (Dr. Farek), Peter Slutsker (Nibor), Rudolph Willrich (Reittan
Grax), Carel Struycken (Mr. Homn)

The Enterprise travels to Betazed for a reception following a trade
agreement. While there Deanna visits her mother and gets into an argument
about settling down and raising a family. Meanwhile, Daimon Tog, of the
Ferengi, takes a liking to Lwaxana both sexually and because her telepathy
will help him in making deals. Lwaxana is repulsed by his offers and
orders him away. Tog, not to be dismissed so easily, kidnaps Lwaxana
(along with Riker and Deanna) and takes them aboard his ship where he hopes
to convince Lwaxana to marry him.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Tom Benko
Writer: Rene Echevarria
Cast: Mark LaMura (John Doe), Charles Dennis (Sunad), Julie Warner
(Christy), Patti Tippo (Nurse Temple)

The Enterprise rescues an injured human from a damaged escape pod in an
unexplored system. Dr. Crusher finds that his recuperative powers are
incredible and that he will revive, given time. When he does, he has no
memories of who he is, where he is from, or how his ship was wrecked.
Still suffering from bouts of severe pain, Dr. Crusher finds that he is
emitting inixplicable energy bursts which are somehow linked to his cells.
Furthermore, he begins to exhibit strange abilities like being able to heal
injuries with the energy bursts.

Producers: Ira Steven Behr, Hans Beimler and Richard Manning
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Michael Piller
Cast: Elizabeth Dennehy (Lt. Commander Shelby), George Murdock (Admiral

One of the outermost colonies of the Federation has been recently lost and
the Enterprise is sent to investigate. They discover that the entire town
has been removed and only a crater remains. Fearing that this might be the
first step in the invasion by the Borg, the Enterprise takes on board Lt.
Commander Shelby who has become the Federation's tactical expert on the
Borg. She makes it plain to many that she is highly interested in
replacing Riker, who has, again, been offered his own command. Admiral
Hanson attempts to convince Picard that Riker should take the new command
for the good of his career.
After investigating the evidence, they come to the conclusion that it
was the Borg that destroyed the colony. Now, the Federation has to develop
weapons and defenses against the cyborg aliens. While Shelby and the
Enterprise crew struggle with the problem, they learn that a Federation
ship sent out a distress call describing an encounter with the Borg. The
Enterprise, being the nearest ship, travels to the scene and meet the Borg.
The Borg hail Picard specifically and demand that Picard beam aboard
their ship immediately, threatening the destruction of the Enterprise if he
refuses. Picard, naturally, refuses. After a brief, but losing battle
with the Borg, the Enterprise, to escape, enters a nebula with the Borg
ship in pursuit.
Once in the nebula, they drop to impulse and begin repairs to the ship.
They also analyze the recent battle and discover that the Borg are
vulnerable to phasers in one particular frequency band.
The Borg ship starts mining the nebula and forces the Enterprise out.
Once out of the nebula, several Borg beam over to the Enterprise and grab
Picard. The Borg then head for Earth. The Enterprise crew must devise a
plan to cripple the Borg ship and retrieve Picard.
This episode is the finale of the third season and is a cliffhanger
episode to be continued in the fourth season.


Producers: David Livingston, Lee Sheldon
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Michael Piller
Cast: Elizabeth Dennehy (Lt. Commander Shelby), George Murdock (Admiral

This episode is the continuation of the show that ended the third season.
The Borg are heading for Earth with Captain Picard on board and the
Federation is arming for a final battle. The Enterprise, now commanded by
Riker pursues the Borg toward Earth.

Producers: David Livingston, Lee Sheldon
Director: Les Landau
Writer: Ronald D. Moore (from a premise by Susanne Lambdin and Bryan
Cast: Theodore Bikel (Sergei Roszhenko), Georgia Brown (Mrs. Roszhenko),
Jeremy Kemp (Robert), Samantha Eggar (Marie), David Tristan Birkin (Rene),
Doug Wert (Jack Crusher), Dennis Creaghan

In this episode, several of the crew are faced with family related matters
and relatives. Picard, having been rescued from the Borg returns to his
home town to visit with his brother and his family. Worf is visited on the
Enterprise by his adoptive parents - the Roszhenkos. And Wesley must
decide whether to view a hologram tape made by his late father.

Producers: David Livingston, Lee Sheldon
Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Rick Berman
Cast: Adam Ryen (Willie), Cory Danzinger (Jake), James Lashly (Ensign Kopf)

A young child is hurt during play with his brother as the result of a joke.
After he runs off, he eats a poisonous fruit and the Enterprise must get
him to a Starbase for treatment. Meanwhile, Data seemingly malfunctions
and takes over the Enterprise, changing its heading to an unknown location.
Once there Data beams down to the surface to be reunited with his creator,
Dr. Nonnian Soong and with his brother, Lore. Brent Spiner reprises his
role as Lore, and plays Noonan Soong.

Producers: David Livingston, Lee Sheldon
Director: Gabrielle Beaumont
Teleplay: John Whelpley, Jeri Taylor
Story: Ralph Phillips
Cast: Chad Allen (Jono), Sherman Howard (Endar), Barbara Townsend

The Enterprise comes to the rescue of a Talarian ship only to find a human
child aboard. The child, Jono, turns out to be the last remaining survivor
from a colony presumed destroyed by the Talarians. Picard must decide
whether to return the boy to his Talarian father who raised him and is
suspected of abusing him or to his natural grandmother, an admiral in
Starfleet. Meanwhile, Jono attempts to learn human habits and customs
after his many years with the Talarians.

Producers: David Livingston, Lee Sheldon
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Lee Sheldon
Cast: Bill Erwin (Dr. Quaice), Erik Menyuk (Traveler)

Wesley and Geordi are involved with an experiment in engineering as the
Enterprise takes on new crew members at Starbase 133. Dr. Crusher welcomes
on board an old friend, Dr. Quaice who seemingly disappears overnight
without a trace. In fact, no one, including O'Brien who beamed him up,
remembers seeing him and there is no trace of his existence anywhere in
Starfleet. As the crew begins to vanish, also without a trace, Dr. Crusher
struggles to convince Picard that something is wrong and comes to doubt her
own sanity.

Producers: David Livingston, Lee Sheldon
Director: Robert Scheerer
Writer: Joe Menosky
Cast: Don Mirault (Hayne), Beth Toussaint (Lashara Yar), Vladimir Velasco
(Tan Tsu), Christopher Michael (Man #1)

The crew of a cargo ship lands on Turkana Four and sends a distress call
received by the Enterprise who rush to their aid. On Turkana Four, the
crew of the Enterprise has their mission hampered by two warring factions.
Lashara Yar is Tasha Yar's sister and attempts to help the Enterprise.

Producers: David Livingston, Lee Sheldon
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Teleplay: Thomas Perry, Jo Perry, Ronald D. Moore, Brannon Braga
Story: Drew Deighan, Thomas Perry and Jo Perry
Cast: Charles Cooper (K'Mpec), Suzie Plakson (K'Ehleyr), Jon Steuer
(Alexander), Robert O'Reilly (Gowron), Patrick Massett (Duras), Michael
Rider (Security Guard), April Grace (Transporter Technician), Basil Wallace
(Klingon Guard #1), Mirron E. Willis (Klingon Guard #2)

The leader of the Klingons, K'Mpec, is dying and asks for Picards help in
finding which of his two successors - Duras and Gowron, poisoned him.
Meanwhile, Worf has a reunion with his former mate, Ambassador K'Ehleyr,
and their son.

Producers: David Livingston, Lee Sheldon
Director: Les Landau
Writers: J. Larry Carrol, David Bennett Carren
Cast: Andreas Katsulas (Tomalak), Chris Demetral (Jean-Luc Riker/Ethan),
Carolyn McCormick (Minuet), Patti Yasutake (Nurse Ogawa), Todd Merril
(Gleason), April Grace (Transporter Chief Hubbell), George O'Hanlon, Jr.
(Transporter Chief)

During a routine mapping mission, the Enterprise discovers unusual readings
on Alpha Onias 3. Riker commands an away team to the planet but, the team
succumbs to gas. Riker wakes in sickbay to discover that it is 16 years
later and he is now the captain of the Enterprise in the middle of tricky
negotiations with the Romulans. He also apparently has a son named
Jean-Luc. Riker struggles to regain his memory and continue his mission
but, something doesn't seem right.

Producers: David Livingston, Lee Sheldon
Director: Corey Allen
Writers: Kacey Arnold-Ince, Jeri Taylor (from a story by Kacey Arnold-Ince)
Cast: Kim Hamilton (Sanji), Nick Tate (Dirgo), Mary Kohnert (Ensign Tess

Wesley's final mission on board the Enterprise before leaving to attend
Starfleet Acadamy is to accompany Picard to negotiations with miners on
Pentarus 5. On the way to the planet, the shuttle craft piloted by one of
the miners is forced to make a crash landing on the moon of Pentares 3.
Meanwhile, Riker, in command of the Enterprise, leads the ship in a rescue
mission to save a planet from the harmful effects of radiation from an
errant abandoned ship.

Producers: David Livingston
Director: Chip Chalmers
Teleplay: Hilary J. Bader, Alan J. Adler, Vanessa Greene
Story: Hilary J. Bader
Cast: Kim Braden (Janet Brooks), Mary Kohnert (Ensign Tess Allenby)

The Enterprise encounters a mysterious life-form that entraps the
Enterprise in its gravitational field. None of the Enterprise's engines or
weapons can be used to free the Enterprise before the ship is dragged by
the entity into a cosmic string. Meanwhile, Troi discovers that she
is empathically blind and resigns as ship's counselor because she feels
she is unable to perform her duties.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Robert Wiemer
Teleplay Harold Apter, Ronald D. Moore
Story: Harold Apter
Cast: Rosalind Chao (Keiko), Sierra Pecheur (T'Pel), Alan Scarfe (Admiral
Mendak), Shelly Desai (V'Sal), April Grace (Transporter Technician)

Data describes a day in his life aboard the Enterprise for Admiral Maddox
of Starfleet. On this particular day, Data describes his role in the
wedding of Keiko to O'Brien and the duties involved in escorting the Vulcan
Ambassador T'Pel. T'Pel is on a diplomatic mission to open ties with the
Romulans and orders Picard to enter the Neutral Zone to rendezvous with a
Romulan warbird commanded by Admiral Mendak.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Chip Chalmers
Teleplay: Jeri Taylor
Story: Stuart Charno, Sara Charno, Cy Chermak
Cast: Bob Gunton (Captain Benjamin Maxwell), Marc Alaimo (Gul Macet), John
Hancock (Admiral Haden), Time Winters (Daro), Rosalind Chao (Keiko), Marco
Rodriguez (Tela)

An uneasy peace between the Federation and the Cardassians may come to an
end due to the actions of a renegade Federation captain who believes the
Cardassians are preparing for a war. Captain Picard must intercept the
Phoenix, commanded by Maxwell and put an end to his attacks on Cardassian
ships. Meanwhile, Chief O'Brien must deal with his feelings for the
Cardassians and his loyalties to Maxwell, Picard and the Federation.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Tom Benko
Teleplay: Philip Lazebnik
Story: Philip Lazebnik, William Douglas Lansford
Cast: Marta DuBois (Ardra), Paul Lambert (Dr. Clarke), Marcelo Tubert
(Jared), Thad Lamey (Devil Monster), Tom Magee (Klingon Monster)

A mysterious woman arrives on Ventax claiming to be the woman named Ardra
who once promised the Ventaxians 1000 years of peace and prosperity in
exchange for ownership of the planet and the people. The Ventaxians appeal
to the Enterprise for help and it becomes Captain Picard's responsibility
to prove that Ardra is a fraud, the contract made 1000 years ago is invalid
and that her diabolical powers are nothing more than a trick.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Les Landau
Teleplay: Bruce D. Arthurs, Joe Menosky
Story: Bruce D. Arthurs
Cast: Pamela Winslow (Ens. McKnight), Rhonda Aldrich (ens. Lockland), Patti
Yasutake (Nurse Ogawa), Thomas Knickerbocker (Gunman)

While exploring an unknown region of space, the crew of the Enterprise,
except Data is rendered unconscious. When they awake, Data tells them they
were out for only a few moments but, several things just don't seem right.
Evidence begins to mount that they were out for hours and that Data is,
inexplicably, lying about what happened while they were unconscious.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Cliff Bole
Teleplay: Dennis Russell Bailey, David Bischoff, Joe Menosky, Ronald D.
Moore, Michael Piller
Story: Marc Scott Zicree
Cast: George Coe (Durken), Carolyn Seymour (Mirasta), George Hearn (Berel),
Michael Ensign (Krola), Steven Anderson (Nilrem), Sachi Parker (Tava) Bebe
Neuwirth (Lanel)

Riker is captured by a planet on that is being investigated by the
Federation prior to being officially contacted. The civilization is just
on the verge of space travel but still believe themselves to be the only
beings in the universe. Thus, the presence of Riker, an alien, comes as
quite a shock to the leaders of the planet. In order to save Riker, Picard
must violate the Prime Directive and make his presence known to the people
of the planet ahead of schedule.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writers: Maurice Hurley, Thomas Kartozian
Cast: Susan Gibney (Leah Brahms), Jana Marie Hupp (Ens. Pavlik), Lanei
Chapman (Ens. Rager), April Grace (Transporter Technician)

The Enterprise is visited by Dr. Leah Brahms who has been sent by Starfleet
to review the changes made to her engine designs. Geordi, having fallen in
love with the hologram-created version of the doctor has difficulty in
learning to deal with the real thing. Meanwhile, the Enterprise comes upon
an unusual alien being that lives in space. The alien being, threatened by
the presence of the ship attacks and Captain Picard defends the ship with
minimal phaser power. Unfortunately, the even minimal power is too much
and the creature is killed instantly. As Picard and the crew ponder their
actions, they discover that the dead alien was pregnant and, with some
assistance from the Enterprise, a baby alien is born. But, the baby
believes the ship to be its mother and the Enterprise has to discover a way
to wean the baby.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Les Landau
Teleplay: Pamela Douglas, Jeri Taylor
Story: Shari Goodhartz
Cast: Rosalind Chao (Keiko), John Vickery (Hagan), Duke Moosekian
(Gillespie), Craig Hurley (Peeples), Brian Tochi (Kenny Lin), Lanei Chapman
(Ens. Rager), Deborah Taylor (Zaheva)

The Enterprise is sent to rescue another Federation vessel that lost
contact with Starfleet. The crew finds the ship drifting in space and the
crew all dead under violent circumstances. As the Enterprise investigates,
they find themselves fighting the same fate that destroyed the other ship.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Teleplay: Brannon Braga
Story: Timothy De Haas
Cast: Maryann Plunkett (Susanna Leitjen), Paul Tompkins (Brevelle), Patti
Yasutake (Nurse Ogawa), Amick Byram (Hickman), Dennis Madalone (Tranporter
Technician), Mona Grudt (Ens. Graham)

Five years ago, before joining the Enterprise, Geordi was on an away team
investigating a mysteriously abandoned outpost. All of the other members
of that team except for Geordi and Susanna, have begun to disappear and the
Enterprise is sent to investigate.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Robert Legato
Writer: Joe Menosky
Cast: Jim Norton (Einstein), Kay E. Kuter (Lt. Linda Larson), Saxon
Trainor, Page Leong (Ens. Anaya), Dwight Schultz (Barclay), David Coburn
(Ens. Brower)

Lt. Barclay who in HOLLOW PURSUITS was seen to be an introspective, shy
crewman with difficulties in dealing with reality. A brief encounter with
an alien device turns Barclay into a near-superbeing with confidence in his
own superiority and a low regard for his fellow crewman. In the holodeck,
Barclay builds a device which enables him to interface with the computer to
take control of the Enterprise and hijacking it to an unknown and uncharted
part of space.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Cliff Bole
Teleplay: Ira Steven Behr
Story: Ira Steven Behr, Randee Russell
Cast: Jennifer Hetrick (Vash), Clive Revill (Sir Guy), Joi Staton
(Servant), John de Lancie (Q)

Picard is scheduled to give a lecture to a group of distinguished
archaelogists, one of whom turns out to be his old flame, Vash. Meanwhile,
Q turns up wanting to repay a supposed debt to Picard and discovers
Picard's relationship with Vash. Q, to prove his point that Picard has a
weakness for Vash, transports Picard and the Enterprise crew to Sherwood
Forest as Robin Hood and his Merry Men who now have to rescue Vash from the
Sheriff of Nottingham - Q.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Writer: Jeri Taylor
Cast: Jean Simmons (Admiral Satie), Bruce French (Sabin), Spencer Garrett
(Simon Tarsis), Henry Woronicz (J'Dan), Ann Shea (Nellen), Earl Billings
(Starfleet Admiral)

A mysterious explosion and a Klingon exchange officer caught sending
Federation secrets to the Romulans lead to an investigation headed by
Admiral Satie. The Admiral, well known for resolving difficult disputes
and brilliantly leading investigations arrives on the Enterprise with her
entourage and proceeds to investigate the alleged treason. In the course
of her investigations she turns up the fact that a crewman, Simon Tarsis,
lied on his Acadamey application form. He originally claimed he was a
Human/Vulcan hybrid but is actually a Human/Romulan mix. Satie attempts to
prove that Tarsis is the person mainly responsible for leaking secrets to
the Romulans on a regular basis. Picard objects to her methods and
deductions, she accuses Picard of being involved in the conspiracy and
threatens to ruin his career in Starfleet.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Les Landau
Teleplay: Peter Allan Fields
Story: Ted Roberts, Peter Allan Fields
Cast: Majel Barrett (Lwaxana Troi), David Ogden Stiers (Timicin), Michelle
Forbes (Dra), Terrence E. McNally (B'Tardat), Carel Struycken (Mr. Homn)

Lwaxana, while aboard the Enterprise being transported home, falls for a
scientist who is also on board the Enterprise in an attempt to avert the
destruction of his planet caused by the destruction of the sun. Succeed or
fail, his cultural heritage demands that, at the age of 60, which is fast
approaching, he must return to his planet to commit suicide.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: Marvin V. Rush
Writer: Michel Horvat
Cast: Franc Luz (Odan), William Newman (Kalin Trose), Barbara Tarbuck
(Laika Trion), Nicole Orth-Pallavicini (Kara Yeel), Robert Harper (Lathal),
Patti Yasutake (Nurse Ogawa)

Dr. Crusher falls in love with an alien ambassador who is much more than he
seems. His body is merely a host which lives in a symbiotic relationship
with a parasite-like creature - the actual being that is Odan.

Producer: David Livingston
Director: DAvid Livingston
Teleplay: Rene Echevarria
Story: Ken Schafer, Rene Echevarria
Cast: Larry Dobkin (Ambassador Kell), John Fleck (Governor Vagh), Edward
Wiley (Romulan SubCommander)

En route to a conference on Risa, Commander La Forge is captured by a
Romulan ship and brainwashed to perform some service for the Romulans.
Meanwhile, the Enterprise is on its way to Krios with Ambassador Kell to
investigate claims made by the Klingon governor that the Federation has
been supplying weapons to rebels on the planet. The Enterprise determines
that the weapons being supplied to the rebels, while appearing to be
Federation issue are, in fact, manufactured by the Romulans.

While at Krios, La Forge returns to the Enterprise completely unaware that
he has been with the Romulans and believing to have spent the time at Risa
as planned. He assists Picard in investigating the source of the weapons
supplied to the rebels and assists Data in investigating the mysterious
E-band signals that the Enterprise has detected. La Forge, under the
influence of the Romulans, beams a supply of weapons to the rebels that is
intercepted by the governor, causing Vagh to accuse Picard of complicity in
the rebellion. When Governor Vagh boards the Enterprise to watch the
investigation into the incident, he is nearly assassinated by La Forge,
again completely under the influence of the Romulan's conditioning.

During the scenes on the Romulan cruiser when La Forge is being
conditioned, a Romulan commander appears in the background hidden in
shadows. There has been a lot of speculation as to the identity of the
Commander however, the voice of the actress sounds a great deal like Denise
Crosby who had left the show.

Producer: David Livingston
Writers: Joe Menosky, Ronald D. Moore
Director: Patrick Stewart
Cast: Michele Scarabelli (Jenna DeSaura), Rosalind Chao (Keiko), Pamela
Winslow (Ens. McKnight)

A crewman who recently broke up with her boyfriend starts making passes at
Data and he tries to understand about love, dating and relationships. Even
advice from his fellow shipmates in unhelpful in understanding the
complexity his new-found relationship with DeSaura. Meanwhile, the
Enterprise attempts to cope with mysterious "dark matter" which causes
portions of the ship to desolidify at random.

This episodes is one of the more subtly humorous of this season's stories.
Data's attempts at understanding love reminds us all of how awkward our own
first attempts were and how complex and confusing the situation is. Data,
as an android without the capacity to exhibit emotion is hilariously stiff
and mechanical in dealing with the situation.

Producer: David Livingston
Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Director: Cliff Bole
Cast: Robert O'Reilly (Gowron), Tony Todd (Kurn), Barbara March (Lursa),
Gwynyth Walsh (B'Etor), Ben Slack (K'Tal), Nicholas Kepros (Movar), J.D.
Cullum (Toral), Tom Ormeny (Klingon 1st Officer), Clifton Jones (Helmsman),
Denise Crosby (Romulan Commander)

Continuing the events portrayed in REUNION, the Enterprise makes its way to
the Klingon homeworld to see Gowron installed as the new emperor. Picard,
as the chosen arbiter of succession must continue to fulfill his duty to
see that Gowron becomes the emperor and that ties with the Federation
continue. Meanwhile, Worf speaks to Gowron requesting that Worf's family
honor be restored since it was Duras' family who betrayed the Kitomer
outpost to the Klingons. Gowron refuses because of the influence that
Duras' family still has with the council.

Picard beams down to the planet to perform his final act as arbiter.
However, before he can properly install Gowron as the new emperor, Duras'
sisters Lursa and B'Etor produce Toral, a bastard child of Gowron, who
claims the right to succession. The ceremony is halted until Picard may
decide if the child has a legitimate claim.

Worf, seeing the growing problems within the Klingon empire and the
possibility of a civil war if Gowron becomes emperor, talks with his
brother Kurn who is allied against Gowron. Worf convinces Kurn to lend his
support to Gowron's forces so that the support may be used as a bargaining
edge to regain the family honor.

Picard decides that Toral is not eligible to become emperor and bestows
that title on Gowron. This causes the council to split with some following
Gowron and some following Toral who is not only backed by the council and
those loyal to the family of Duras but by Romulans led by a mysterious

The Klingon empire is now at war. Worf, his family honor restored, resigns
his commission as a Starfleet Officer to aide Gowron and learn what it
means to be a Klingon. Meanwhile, the Romulans and the family of Duras
make plans that will drag the Federation into the war and to lure Picard to
his death.

This cliffhanger episode is the finale of the fourth season and will be
concluded in the first episode of the new season. The actor portraying the
mysterious Romulan commander is never given any credit in this episode or
in THE MIND'S EYE where she first appeared however, it is clearly Denise
Crosby. Hopefully, in the conclusion next season, we will discover the
true identity of the commander, what her motives are and what caused her
hatred for Picard.


Producer: David Livingston
Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Director: David Carson
Cast: Robert O'Reilly (Gowron), Tony Todd (Kurn), Barbara March (Lursa),
Gwynyth Walsh (B'Etor), J.D. Cullum (Toral), Michael G. Hagerty (Larg),
Denise Crosby (Sela), Fran Bennett (Admiral Shauntee), Nicholas
Kepros (Movar), Timothy Carhart (Hobson), Jordan Lund (Kulge), Stephen
James Carver (Helmsman)

The premiere of the fifth season was the second part of the previous
season's cliffhanger episode. The war between Duras' family and Gowron's
heats up and Duras appears to be winning. They have had the help of the
Romulans commanded by Sela. The Federation wishes to stay out of the fight
since it is an internal civil war but Picard convinces the Fleet Admiral
that the Romulans may be involved and therefore the Federation should be as
well. Picard sets up a blockade to prevent Romulan ships from sending
supplies to Duras' forces and eventually, Duras' forces are defeated by

Sela, in one of the strangest (but predictable) twists on the show, claims
to be Tasha Yar's daughter. Since Tasha died childless in "Skin of Evil",
it seems impossible for her to have a grown up daughter much less one in a
position of command in the Romulan Empire. For the answer, one needs to
look at the events in "Yesterday's Enterprise". In that episode, the
Enterprise D encountered Enterprise C in an alternate history where Tasha
was still alive on the D. At the end of the episode, she returns to the
past on the Enterprise C. When the Enterprise D returns to its correct
history line, all memories of the encounter vanish and Tasha's existence on
the C was forgotten. However, Tasha was captured by the Romulans when she
returned to the past on the Enterprise C and eventually married a Romulan
General and had a child by him. Tasha was eventually executed for trying
to escape the Empire and Sela, Tasha's daughter, now has a hatred for
Picard since he sent Tasha back on the Enterprise C. If the writers of the
show develop this further, things could get very interesting - I hope they

Producer: David Livingston
Teleplay: Joe Menosky
Story: Philip Lazebnik, Joe Menosky
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Cast: Richard Allen (Tamarian First Officer), Paul Winfield (Captain
Dathon), Ashley Judd (Ensign Lefler)

The Enterprise encounters the Tamarians, a race with whom they have never
been able to communicate. The Enterprise's mission is to open negotiations
with the Tamarians - a mission that seems doomed to failure when the
Tamarians kidnap Picard and strand him on a planet with their own captain
to face a nameless beast.

Producer: David Livingston
Teleplay: Michael Piller
Story: Rick Berman, Michael Piller
Director: Les Landau
Cast: Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro Laran), Scott Marlowe (Keeve), Frank
Collison (Dolak), Jeffrey Hayenga (Orta), Harley Venton (Collins), Ken
Thorley (Mott), Cliff Potts (Admiral Kennelly)

A terrorist attack by the Bajorans on a Federation outpost prompts Admiral
Kennelly to send the Enterprise to aid the Cardassians from stopping the
terrorist attacks. The Bajorans lost their homeworld to the Cardassians
and the terrorist attacks, led by Orta, until now had been confined to
Cardassian locales. Solarian 4, a Federation outpost in a nearby star
system was attacked by a ship claiming to be a Bajoran ship shortly after
the Federation and the Cardassians signed a treaty. Admiral Kennely asks
Picard to locate the terrorist's base and to bring their leader to the
Cardassian system so that peace between the two people's may be arranged.

Admiral Kennely orders Picard to take onboard ship an ensign with a less
than honorable past. Ensign Ro had been involved in an incident where she
was responsible for the death of a landing party, courtmartialed and
imprisoned in the stockade. Admiral Kennelly had her released because she
is Bajoran and might be of help on the mission. But Ensign Ro has her own
orders and may be part of a Federation conspiracy.

Producer: David Livingston
Teleplay: Jeri Taylor
Story: Lawrence V. Conley
Director: Cliff Bole
Cast: Ellen Geer (Dr. Marr), Susan Diol (Carmen)

The crystalline entity which destroyed the colonists at Omicron Theta III
attacks the new colony at Milona IV. Riker and Data help the colonists
survive the attack by leading them into caves with a chemistry that the
entity apparently can't penetrate. This is the first time that there have
been survivors of an attack and Dr. Marr is dispatched to the area to study
the planet and interview the survivors. Dr. Marr has made it her life's
work to study the entity ever since her son was killed by the entity on
Omicron Theta III.

The Enterprise, with Dr. Marr on board pursues the crytalline entity in the
hopes of being able to communicate with it and find a way to prevent
further destruction. Dr. Marr seems obsessed with not only destroying the
entity but also with Data, who apparently has the memories and journal
entries of her son in his memory banks.

Producer: David Livingston
Teleplay: Ronald D. Moore
Story: Ron Jarvix, Philip A. Scorza
Director: Gabrielle Beaumont
Cast: Rosalind Chao (Keiko), Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro), Erika Flores
(Marissa), John Christian Graas (Jay Gordon), Max Supera (Patterson),
Cameron Arnett (Ensign Mandel), Jana Marie Hupp (Ensign Monroe)

The Enterprise encounters a cosmic filament which disrupts all major
systems on the ship. Most of the senior officers are trapped in different
places on the ship leaving Troi in command on the bridge. Picard is
trapped in a turbolift with three children - winners of a science program.
Riker, Data, Worf and Keiko are trapped in ten-forward and Geordi and Dr.
Crusher are trapped in a cargo hold.

As the crew begin to recover, they realize that they are trapped in
different areas of the ship and without any communication with other crew
members. Each trapped group has its own major crises to overcome: Geordi
and Dr. Crusher discover a plasma fire in the hold which is giving off
radiation and the cargo in that hold explodes if it receives too much
radiation; Picard and the children need to leave the turbolift before it
begins to fall; Data and Riker try to get to the engineering section; Keiko
goes into labor in ten-forward and Worf has to act as a mid-wife with no
practical experience; the bridge crew consisting of Chief O'Brien, Ensign
Ro, Ensign Mandel and Troi attempt to re-establish power, computer
operation and a critical anti-matter containment field in the engines that
can cause the ship to explode if not stabilized.

Producer: David Livingston
Teleplay: Brannon Braga
Story: Susan Sackett, Fred Bronson, Brannon Braga
Director: Corey Allen
Cast: Ashley Judd (Robin Lefler), Katharine Moffat (Etana), Wil Wheaton
(Wesley Crusher), Patti Yasutake (Nurse Ogawa), Diane M. Hurley (Woman)

Riker brings a highly addictive game back from vacation and everyone on
board the Enterprise becomes hooked by it, except for Data who suffers from
a mysterious malfunction. The game apparently stimulates the pleasure
centers of the brain while also attacking the reasoning centers. Only
Wesley, on leave from the Academy, and his new friend, Robin Lefler remain
unaddicted and it is up to them to save the crew.

Producer: David Livingston
Teleplay: Jeri Taylor
Story: Rick Berman, Michael Piller
Director: Les Landau
Cast: Mark Lenard (Sarek), Leonard Nimoy (Spock), Joanna Miles (Perrin),
Malachi Throne (Pardek), Stephen Root (K'Vada), Graham Jarvis (Dokachin),
Norman Large (Neral), Daniel Roebuck (Jaron), Erick Avari (B'Ijik), Karen
Hensel (Admiral Shanti), Mimi Cozzens (Soup Woman)

Admiral Shanti advises Captain Picard that a Vulcan ambassador has gone to
Romulus on an unauthorized mission. Picard sees a video picture of the
Vulcan, Spock, and his Romulan contact. Picard travels to Vulcan
to visit Sarek to find out why Spock went to Romulan and what he hopes to
accomplish there. Despite Sarek's illness, Picard is able to see him and
discovers that Spock has been in touch with a Romulan senator, Pardek.
Sarek asks Picard to convey his love to Spock.

Meanwhile, Geordi and Riker inspect several metal fragments recovered from
a Ferengi ship. The fragments are remains of a Vulcan Deflector system and
the Federation wants to find out how the Ferengi got hold of them. The
Vulcans claim to know nothing about the materials and Riker and Geordi
conclude that the equipment was stolen.

When Picard returns to the Enterprise, he summons the help of the Klingons
to get a cloaked ship for use to travel undetected to Romulus. After
several days of unsuccessfully reaching Gowron, Picard finally gets through
and convinces Gowron to provide a vessel. Meanwhile, intelligence reports
confirm Spock's meeting with Pardek whom Data identifies as an advocate for
peace and reunification of the Vulcans and Romulans.

While Riker and Geordi work together to discover how the Vulcan deflector
unit ended up in the hands of the Ferengi, Data and Picard disguise
themselves as Romulans and travel to Romulus on the Klingon ship. Once
they arrive, they transport down and stop at a cafe near Pardek's office.
When they spot Pardek and attempt to approach him, they are captured by
Romulan guards. Later, however, they discover that Pardek had them
arrested for their own protection. As Picard briefs the senator on their
meeting, Spock suddenly appears before him.

This episode is the first episode of a two-part story which links the
events in the series to the events in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered
Country which opened at theaters about three weeks after this two-part
episode first aired. Spock, Pardek and Sarek were key figures in the
Khitomer Conference which is one of the events depicted in the movie.

Producer: David Livingston
Teleplay: Michael Piller
Story: Rick Berman, Michael Piller
Director: Cliff Bole
Cast: Leonard Nimoy (Spock), Malachi Throne (Pardek), Stephen Root
(K'Vada), Norman Large (Neral), Daniel Roebuck (Jaron), William Bastiani
(Omag), Susan Fallender (Female Romulan), Vidal Peterson (D'Tan), Harriet
Leider (Amarie), Denise Crosby (Sela)

This episode is the second part of the story which began in Unification I.

Picard and Spock talk and Spock is initially uncooperative with Picard but
soon accepts that Picard is representing the Federation. Picard informs
Spock that his father, Sarek, has died and conveys his love to Spock. This
helps Spock accept Picard as an ally and tells him that his mission to
Romulus involves a plan to reunify its people with the Vulcans.
Picard naturally does not trust the Romulans and Spock does not seem to
fully trust either the Romulans or Picard. Picard sends Data back to the
Klingon ship to attempt and access the Romulans' computer network.

Meanwhile on the Enterprise, Riker continues to investigate the theft of
the deflector unit. He contacts Amarie, the ex-wife of a smuggler who
was killed when the Enterprise destroyed an unmarked enemy ship that tried
to interfere with the investigation.

Back on Romulus, Senator Pardek brings Picard and Spock to meet with Neral,
the Romulan Proconsul who claims to support reunification. However,
unknown to Spock and Picard, Neral is in league with Selas who appears in
Neral's office after the Federation officers leave. Picard is very
skeptical that Neral offered his support so readily without the support of
the Romulan traditionalists among the council. Spock too is skeptical but
is convinced that logic dictates that it is in the Federation's best
interest to proceed whether the Romulans have an ulterior motive or not.

Amarie meanwhile puts Riker in touch with a Ferengi trader who reveals that
the Romulans are involved in the theft of Vulcan ships. Riker contacts
Picard and informs him of what he has learned. The two agree to rendezvous
and Riker heads towards Romulan territory. Data, with Spock's help
accesses the Romulan computer network and discovers that Neral and Pardek
are out to double-cross them. Picard and Data transport back to Romulus to
inform Spock and all are taken prisoner by Sela.

Sela informs them that they plan to use the stolen ships to conquer Vulcan.
She plans to force Spock to deliver a speech announcing the approaching
ships as a peace envoy but, in fact, they will be manned by soldiers with
orders to seize control of the Vulcan government. When Spock refuses to
cooperate, Sela shows them a holographic image of Spock, Picard and Data
which she plans to use instead to complete her plan. When Sela leaves the
room, Data and Spock set to work on the computer system to try and find an
escape route. They manage to send an emergency signal to the Enterprise,
which already suspects some sort of trick since they have been unable to
reach Picard. Picard tells them of Sela's plan and the Enterprise destroys
the ships.

Sela returns to her office planning to kill Spock and Picard but instead is
tricked by holographic images giving the Federation officers the
opportunity to subdue her and escape. Picard and Data return to the
Enterprise while Spock decides to remain on Romulus in the hope of truly
establishing peace with the Romulans.

Producer: David Livingston
Writer: Rick Berman
Director: Paul Lynch
Cast: Matt Frewer (Rasmussen), Stefan Gierasch (Dr. Mosely), Sheila
Franklin (Ensign), Shay Garner (Scientist)

The Enterprise is sent to Penthara IV which is undergoing an environmental
crisis. On the way, the Enterprise encounters a disturbance in time and
spot a ship which materialized in the area of the disturbance. On board
the ship is Rasmussen who claims to be a scientist from the future who has
returned to this exact day and time to watch Picard and the Enterprise
perform their current mission.

Producer: David Livingston
Teleplay: Grant Rosenberg
Story: Sara Charno, Stuart Charno
Director: Robert Scheerer
Cast: Georgia Brown (Mrs. Roszhenko), Brian Bonsall (Alexander), Jennifer
Jennifer Edwards (Mrs. Kyle), Richard McGonagle (Dr. J'Dar), Sheila
Franklin (Ensign)

The Enterprise heads to Bilana Three to help with historic tests of a new
propulsion method, a Soliton Wave, which would impart warp drive to a ship
without the bulky warp drive engines. While in the sector, Worf's mother
visits the ship with Worf's son, Alexander who has been having difficulties
living on Earth.

Alexander stays on the Enterprise and enrolls in school but he appears to
be a liar, a thief and a bully. Worf must learn to build a relationship
with Alexander and learn how to be a father.

Meanwhile, the experimental ship and Soliton Wave perform beautifully at
first but, something goes wrong - a power fluctuation causes the wave to go
out of control, destroying the test ship and damaging the Enterprise's
engines, shields and sensors. The wave, at an unexpected energy level,
heads toward a populated colony at warp speed and, if it hits the colony
will completely destroy it. The Enterprise must find a way to stop the
wave before it is too late.

Producer: David Livingston
Teleplay: Joe Menosky
Story: Hilary J. Bader
Director: Patrick Stewart
Cast: Joshua Harris (Timothy), Sheila Franklin (Ensign), Steven Einspahr

The Federation loses communication with a science vessel sent to explore a
strange star cluster and the Enterprise is sent to investigate. When they
get there, they find the ship has been destroyed and the only survivor is a
young boy who tells them that the ship was destroyed by an unknown enemy.

The boy suffers from the trauma of losing his parents and latches on to
Data as his friend and hero. The boy begins emulating Data as a way of
coping with the tragedy. Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew tries to discover
the identity of the unknown assailants that destroyed the research ship.

Producer: David Livingston
Teleplay: Pamela Gray
Story: Shari Goodhartz, T Michael, Pamela Gray
Director: Robert Wiemer
Cast: Ben Lemon (Jev), David Sage (Tarmin), Eve Brenner (Inad), Rosalind
Chao (Keiko), Rick Fitts (Dr. Martin), Doug Wer (Jack Crusher), Craig
Benton (Crewman Davis)

A group of aliens who possess the ability to read minds are being
transported by the Enterprise. They become the prime suspects when several
crew members fall into an unexplained coma.

Producers: David Livingston, Herbert J. Wright
Teleplay: Adam Belanoff, Michael Piller
Story: James Kahn, Adam Belanoff
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Cast: John Synder (Aaron Conor), Dey Young (Hannah Bates), Ron Canada
(Marcus Benbeck), Sheila Franklin (Ensign)

In this episode, the Enterprise encounters a group of colonists who have
constructed a genetically engineered society. Unfortunately, a large
stellar mass is about to pass through that region of space and the
gravitational forces would destroy the colony. The Enterprise must help
the colony to find a way to destroy the mass without destroying the
carefully controlled society that has been built.

This episode is mosty a retread of "For the World is Hollow, and I've
Touched the Sky" from the old series, complete with the isolated society,
the Enterprise crewmember that falls in love with the local, and the major
disaster that's about to destroy the colony unless the Enterprise can stop

Producers: David Livingston, Herbert J. Wright
Teleplay: Barry Schkolnick
Story: Paul Schiffer
Director: Les Landau
Cast: Erich Anderson (MacDuff), Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro), Liz Vassey
(Kristin), Erick Weiss (Crewman)

A mysterious force causes the crew of the Enterprise to lose their memories
of who they are, where they are and what their mission is. They soon come
to believe that they have been ordered to penetrate into the heart of the
Lysian system and to destroy them. As they struggle to regain their lost
memories, they struggle against the moral conflict of totally destroying a
race that clearly is not their technological equal.

Producers: David Livingston, Herbert J. Wright
Teleplay: Rene Balcer, Herbert J. Wright, Brannon Braga
Story: Paul Ruben, Maurice Hurley
Director: David Livingston
Cast: Rosalind Chao (Keiko), Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro), Ryan Reid
(Transporter Technician)

The Enterprise encounters the emergency signal of a Daedalus class ship
which disappeared in the area 200 years earlier. Although the signal leads
to an uninhabited moon, Troi is convinced that there is someone still
alive. Due to a magnetic storm on the moon, the Enterprise is unable to
use the transporters so Riker, Troi and Data attempt to use a shuttlecraft
to land on the moon on a rescue mission but, the craft is destroyed by the

They are joined by O'Brien who has found a way to use the transporter for a
single beaming and to rig up a booster so they may be rescued by the
transporters. As they are about to beam up, the storm lets loose a
lightning bolt which knocks the crew unconscious. Riker manages to come to
long enough to activate the booster and they are all returned to the ship.

Shortly after their return, Data, Troi, and O'Brien begin to behave
strangely and they attempt to take over the ship. When their attempted
mutiny fails, they run for ten-forward where they take hostage Keiko, Worf
and other crew members. Picard must find a way to free the hostages, and
discover why Data, Troi and O'Brien have attempted to take over the ship.

Producers: David Livingston, Herbert J. Wright
Teleplay: Ronald J. Moore
Story: Sara Charno, Stuart Charno
Director: Chip Chalmers
Cast: Caroline Kava (Dr. Russell), Brian Bonsall (Alexander), Patti
Yasutake (Nurse Ogawa)

This aptly named episode begins with Worf becoming seriously injured by a
falling cannister in a cargo hold - seven of his vertebrae are broken.
Even in Dr. Crusher's time, this is one injury that cannot be easily mended
and Worf must face the ethical choice between an experimental procedure
proposed by Dr. Russell, a Klingon ritual suicide or living life as a

Worf asks Riker for his assistance in committing suicide, a ritual
performed by an honorable Klingon who is irreparably injured. Riker must
face his own ethical decision - help a friend to die by suicide, or help a
friend to live.

Meanwhile, Dr. Crusher must find a way to deal with a doctor whose medical
judgement and practice is highly unethical. Dr. Russell is a doctor that
is willing to test highly experimental, untested treatments on live
patients, with or without their consent, regardless of the possible results
and often without attempting more traditional treatments. One of Dr.
Russell's experimental treatments kills a patient, even though a more
standard treatment may have saved the patient's life. On the other hand,
Dr. Russell's experimental procedure for scanning and re-creating body
parts, may be the only thing that can save Worf.

Producers: David Livingston, Herbert J. Wright
Writer: Jeri Taylor
Director: Robert Scheerer
Cast: Melinda Culea (Soren), Callan White (Krite), Megan Cole (Noor)

Commander Riker falls in love with a member of the J'Naii, an androgynous
society where male-female relationships are prohibited.

Producers: David Livingston, Herbert J. Wright
Writer: Brannon Braga
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Cast: Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro), Patti Yasatake (Nurse Ogawa), Kelsey
Grammer (Captain Bateson)

This episode begins with the Enterprise blowing up with all hands on board.
This scene, and the events leading up to it, are repeated several times
with minor variations, as the crew of the Enterprise come to realize that
they are caught in a time loop. Kelsey Grammer appears as the captain of
another ship that has been caught in the same area of space for over 100

Producer: David Livingston
Writer: Ronald D. Moore, Naren Shankar
Director: Paul Lynch
Cast: Ray Walston (Boothby), Robert Duncan McNeill (Locarno), Ed Lauter
(Albert), Richard Fancy (Captain Satak), Jacquelin Brookes (Admiral Brand),
Walker Brandt (Hajar), Shannon Fill (Sito)

Wesley's flight squadron at StarFleet Academy is involved in an accident
which cost the life of one of the squadron members. Wesley and the other
members of the squadron are involved in a hearing to determine the cause of
the accident. Picard, visiting the Academy for commencement exercises gets
involved in determing the cause of the accident.

Producer: David Livingston
Writer: Peter Allan Fields
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Cast: Majel Barrett (Lwaxana Troi), Brian Bonsall (Alexander), Tony Jay
(Campio), Carel Struycken (Mr. Homn), David Oliver (Protocol Master Ercoh),
Albie Selznick, Patrick Cronin, Tracey D'Arcy (Young Woman), George Ede
(Poet), Christopher Halsted (1st Learner)

Lwaxana Troi has decided to get married again and has decided to use the
Enterprise for her wedding ceremony. While the Enterprise conveys her to
meet her beau, she takes Alexander under her wing and attempts to undermine
the teachings of his father and her daughter. Meanwhile, the rest of the
crew tries to determine the reason for several critical components
disintegrating mysteriously.

Producer: David Livingston
Writer: Gary Perconte, Michael Piller
Story: Rene Echevarria, Gary Perconte
Director: Cliff Bole
Cast: Famke Janssen (K'Malla), Tim O'Connor (Ambassador Briam), Mak
Grodenchik (Par Lenor), Mickey Cottrell (Chancellor Alrik), Michael Snyder
(Ferengi), David Paul Needles (Miner #1), Roger Rignack (Miner #2), Charles
Gunning (Miner #3), April Grace (Transporter Officer)

A beautiful metamorph is being delivered by Ambassador Briam as a peace
offering to end a centuries-long war. Unfortunately, she falls in love
with Picard before she can be delivered to Chancellor Alrik. Meanwhile,
two Ferengi are on board the ship attempting to gain control of the
metamorph, a highly desirable and rare prize since she can shape herself to
the needs and desires of any male.

Producer: David Livingston
Writers: Edithe Swensen, Brannon Braga
Story: Jean Louise Matthias, Ronald Wilkerson, Richard Fliegel
Director: Gabrielle Beaumont
Cast: Noley Thornton (Cora), Shay Astar (Isabella), Jeff Allin (Sutter),
Brian Bonsall (Alexander), Patti Yasutake (Nurse Ogawa), Sheila Franklin

A young girl's imaginary friend takes on new life as the Enterprise
investigates a newly formed nebula around a neuton star.

Producer: David Livingston
Writer: Rene Echevarria
Director: Robert Lederman
Cast: Jonathan Del Arco (Borg)

The Enterprise encounters a crashed Borg scout ship and rescues a Borg from
the wreckage. Picard plans to use the Borg to destroy the rest of his race
by infecting the Borg with a computer virus and returning him to the Borg.
However, as the crew works with the Borg to discover his programming so
they can write the virus, they begin to have doubts about using him to
destroy the rest of his race.

Producer: David Livingston
Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Director: David Carson
Cast: Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro), Thomas Kopache (Mirok), Susanna Thompson
(Varel), Shelby Leverington (Brossmer), Brian Cousins (Parem), Kenneth
Meseroll (Ensign McDowell)

The Enterprise assists a damaged Romulan vessel but, when Geordi and Ro
attempt to beam back to the Enterprise with some damaged equipment that
needs replacing, they fail to rematerialize and cannot be found by the

Ro and Geordi are presumed dead, but they have not died. They discover
they are in a cloaked, phased state where they can see and hear the crew
but the crew cannot see or hear them. As they attempt to deal with their
situation they uncover a plot by the Romulans to destroy the Enterprise and
must find a way to return to normal, if possible, and warn their fellow

Producer: David Livingston
Teleplay: Morgan Gendel, Peter Allen Fields
Story: Morgan Gendel
Director: Peter Lauritson
Cast: Margot Rose (Eline), Richard Riehle (Batai), Scott Jaeck
(Administrator), Jennifer Nash (Mirabor), Patti Yasutake (Nurse Ogawa),
Daniel Stewart (Young Batai)

The Enterprise encounters a mysterious probe which seems to attack Picard
knocking him unconscious. However, as he lays on the bridge in an apparent
coma for only a few minutes, Picard imagines that he is a scientest named
Kamin living a doomed planet a long time ago.

Producer: David Livingston
Teleplay: Joe Menosky, Michael Piller
Story: Joe Menosky
Director: Les Landau
Cast: Jerry Hardin (Samuel Clemens), Michael Aron (Bellboy), Barry Kivel
(Doorman), Ken Thorley (Seaman), Sheldon Peters Wolfchild (Indian), Jack
Murdock (Beggar), Marc Alaimo (Gambler), Milt Tarver (Scientist), Michael
Hungerford (Roughneck)

This season-ending cliffhanger finds the Enterprise called back to Earth
because of artifacts discovered in a cavern. Most of the artifacts are
from 19th century Earth except for one - the remains of Data's head
apparently left there sometime in the past where Data was destroyed.
The crew finds traces of Triallic Waves in the cavern and traces them back
to Devidia Two where they find yet another cave - this one inhabited by
beings who are slightly out of phase with our universe. Data assists
Geordi in building a Sub-Space distorter to align the synchronic
distortion. As Data uses the distorter, the beings inhabiting the area use
a temporal distorter and Data is caught in the waves and sent to Earth in
the late 19th century.


Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: Jeri Taylor
Story: Joe Menosky
Director: Les Landau
Cast: Jerry Hardin (Mark Twain), Pamela Kosh (Mrs. Carmichael), William
Boyett (Policman), Michael Aron (Jack the Bellboy), James Gleason (Dr.
Appolinaire), Mary Stein (Alien Nurse), Alexander Enberg (Reporter), Bill
Cho Lee (Male Patient)

In this conclusion to the previous season's cliffhanger, Riker, Troi, Dr.
Crusher, Geordi and Captain Picard follow Data into the past to solve the
mystery of the how Data's head ended up in the cavern and what the strange
aliens are up to in 19th century San Francisco. Picard meets Guinan for
the second time although it's Guinan's first meeting with Picard (aren't
time paradoxes wonderful?). Mark Twain is portrayed by Mr. Hardin as a
nosy, suspicious cuss who follows Riker, Troi, Dr. Crusher and Geordi back
to the future and volunteers to return to the past in order to save the
captain and returning him to the Enterprise.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: Brannon Braga
Director: Cliff Bole
Cast: Patti Yasutake (Nurse Ogawa), Dwight Schultz (Barclay), Renata Scott
(Admiral), Thomas Belgrey (Crewmember)

Dwight Schultz appears as the highly neurotic Lt. Barclay for the third
time in this episode. The Enterprise is sent to search for a research
vessel that had been exploring a strange plasma cloud and lost contact with
the Federation. Because of ionization in the cloud, the Enterprise is
forced to link their transporter to the research vessel's in order to be
able to transport to that ship to investigate the disappearance of its
crew. Lt. Barclay turns out to be afraid of transporters but is finally
convinced that there is "nothing to be afraid of" in the transporter. On
his return voyage from the research vessel however, Barclay sees strange
things floating in the beam along with him and one apparently bites him on
his arm. He then begins acting rather strangely (even for him) as the crew
of the Enterprise continue their investigation into the mystery of the
research ship and its missing crew.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: frank Abatemarco
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Cast: Chip Lucia (Ambassador Alcar), Patti Yasutake (Nurse Ogawa), George
D. Wallace (Admiral), Lucy Boryer (Ensign Janeway), Susan French (Maylor),
Rick Scarry (Jarth), Stephanie Erb (Liva), J.P. Hubbell (Ensign)

The Enterprise is assigned to rescue Ambassador Alcar's and his team after
his ship was nearly destroyed by one of two sides involved in a war.
Although the Ambassador would rather travel in a transport ship to avoid
any show of military strength, the Enterprise is assigned to convey him to
the negotiations. On board the Enterprise, Alcar's mother dies a sudden
death and Alcar asks Troi to partake in a memorial ceremony with him.
After that ceremony, Troi begins to act strangely and begins aging rapidly.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Director: Alexander Singer
Cast: Lanei Chapman (Ens. Rager), Erick Weiss (Ensign), James Doohan
(Scotty), Stacie Foster (Bartel), Ernie Mirich (Waiter)

While investigating a Dyson sphere, the Enterprise finds the wreck of the
U.S.S. Jenolan, which had crashed while investigating the sphere. On board
that ship, locked in a diagnostic loop in the transporter system the
discover Captain Montgomery Scott, who had put himself and another
crewmember into the transporter system to await rescue. Scotty had been on
his way to a retirement planet when his transport ship crashed on the
sphere. The Enterprise eventually is trapped inside the Dyson sphere with
the sun about to explode and Scotty and LaForge must find a way to save the
ship using the wrecked Jenolan.

The best part of this episode was watching Scotty reminisce about events
from the old series (bonus points if you could name the episodes he
referred to) and watching him learn about the technology 75 years after his
own day as Chief Engineer. It was also nostalgic seeing the old Enterprise
bridge again, even if it was on the holodeck.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: Brannon Braga
Story: Jean Louise Matthias, Ron Wilkerson
Director: Robert Wiemer
Cast: Lanei Chapman (Ens. Rager), Ken Thorley (Mott), Angelina Fiordellisi
(Kaminer), Scott T. Trost (Lt. Shipley), Angelo McCabe (Crewman), John
Nelson (Medical Technician)

Riker finds himself suffering from extreme exhaustion, even after a full
night's sleep while the rest of the crew tries to discover what has gone
wrong with one of Geordi's experiments. The experiment has caused a
dimensional rift in one of the cargo bays and as it grows in size, more
members of the crew begin complaining of exhaustion and other strange
symptoms. All of the crew who suffer from the odd ailments have one thing
in common - the memory of a strange room with an examining table in it.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Rene Echevarria
Director: Robert Scheerer
Cast: Olivia d'Abo (Rogers), John P. Connolly (Lote), John de Lancie (Q)

A young intern aboard the Enterprise exhibits strange powers and prompts a
visit from the mysterious and annoying Q. Is the young woman an orphaned
member of the continuum as Q claims? Or just a human with highly developed
psychic powers?

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: Allison Hock
Story: Ward Botsford, Diana Bru Botsford, Michael Piller
Director: Adam Nimoy
Cast: Rosalind Chao (Keiko), Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro), David Tristan
Birkin (Young Picard), Megan Parlen (Young Ro), Caroline Junko King (Young
Keiko), Isis J. Jones (Young Guinan), Mike Gomez (Lurin), Tracey Walker
(Berik), Michael Snyder (Morta), Brian Bonsall (Alexander), Morgan Nagler
(Kid #1), Hana Hatae (Molly)

Leonard Nimoy's (Spock) son directed this wonderful episode which featured
younger versions of several of the crew members. On the way back from
shore leave on Malonia, the shuttlecraft carrying Picard, Guinan, Keiko and
Ro gets caught in an unknown energy field. As the shuttle is about to
break up, they are transported off the ship but they appear on the
Enterprise's transporter pad as youngsters. Dr. Crusher must find the
cause and a cure while the Enterprise races to rescue scientists on Ligos 7
who have sent out a distress signal. Upon reaching the Ligos system, the
Enterprise is ambused by renegade Ferengi who are out to use the crew as
slave labor and sell the a high profit.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Brannon Braga
Story: Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Director: Patrick Stewart
Cast: Brian Bonsall (Alexander), John Pyper-Ferguson (Eli Hollander), Joy
Garrett (Annie), Jorge Cervera, Jr. (Mexican Bandit)

During a brief rest while awaiting a rendezvous with another ship, several
members of the crew take the time-off to enjoy themselves or work on
special projects. Picard attempts to learn the recorder, Dr. Crusher, with
Commander Riker work on rehearsals for a play, Geordi and Data work on an
experiment to tie Data in to the computer system, and Worf, Alexander and
Counselor Troi enjoy themselves in a holodeck adventure set in the "Ancient
West" [sic] in which Worf and Alexander are the sheriff and deputy faced
with the task of bringing Eli Hollander to justice. Troi takes the role of
Durango, the "mysterious stranger just passing through town."

Problems ensue however, when a power flux causes part of the Enterprise
computer system to be replaced by part of Data's programming. The part of
the computer system that's affected - the part that controls recreational
activities. Dr. Crusher's play is replaced by Data's poetry, Picard's
music is replaced by music Data had been recently studying, Data starts
behaving oddly, and the holodeck adventure takes an unplanned, and deadly

In this episode, ably directed by Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner plays six
additional roles besides Data. For those playing spot the actor, Brent
replaced John Pyper Ferguson as Eli Hollander, appeared as Eli's father,
Frank, appeared as Hollander's two henchmen, and appeared at the end of the
adventure in drag as Annie; the sixth appearance was the hardest to spot -
Brent also played the man sitting in the rocker at the beginning of the
holodeck adventure.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Naren Shankar
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Cast: Ellen Bry (Dr. Farallon), J. Downing (Kelso)

A researcher (Dr. Farallon) looking for ways to improve mining techniques
on an experimental station orbiting Tyrus 7A has a hobby creating
mechanical robots known as exocomps. She uses the exocomps to repair
problems on the station and believes that with a little work, they can be
used to solve a multitude of problems faced by other workers in other
applications. The only problem is, Data believes the exocomps have become
self-aware, intelligent beings.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: Ronald D. Moore
Story: Frank Abatemarco
Director: Robert Scheerer
Cast: Ronny Cox (Ed Jellico), Natalia Nogulich (Admiral Necheyev), John
Durbin (Gul Lemec), Lou Wagner (Solok), David Warner (Gul Madred)

The Cardassian's are massing troops for an attack and the Federation sends
their flagship, the Enterprise, to negotiate a peace. However, Admiral
Necheyev relieves Captain Picard of command of the Enterprise turning over
the ship to Captain Jellico. Picard has been relieved of command in order
to head a secret commando team consisting of himself, Dr. Crusher and Lt.
Worf - their mission is to infiltrate a secret installation in Cardassian
space suspected of developing metagenic weapons and to destroy that

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Frank Abatemarco
Director: Les Landau
Cast: Ronny Cox (Ed Jellico), John Durbin (Gul Lemec), David Warner (Gul
Madred), Heather Lauren Olson (Jil Orra)

Captain Picard has been captured by the Cardassians and undergoes torture
designed to break him and get him to reveal the Federations plans for
fighting the Cardassians. Meanwhile, Jellico, in command of the Enterprise
meets with resistance not only from the Cardassians but from Commander
Riker as well.

One of the most powerful episodes of this season, it clearly displays the
character of Captain Picard and his inner strength as well as the
relationships between him and his crew. Patrick Stewart deserves an Emmy
nomination for his performance in this episode, among others - he's
certainly demonstrated his excellent acting ability.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Rene Echevarria
Director: Alexandar Singer
Cast: Daniel Davis (Moriarty), Stephanie Beacham (Countess), Dwight Schultz
(Barclay), Clement Von Franckenstein (Gentleman)

Professor Moriarity, a holodeck creation imbued with self-awareness and
last seen in ELEMENTARY, DEAR DATA returns to plague Picard and the crew of
the Enterprise. While playing in a Holmes adventure on the holodeck,
Moriarity manages to gain control of the adventure and the ship and lures
Picard, Data, and Barclay into his world and demands they give him entrance
to theirs.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: Brannon Braga, Ronald D. Moore
Story: Jeri Taylor
Director: Cliff Bole
Cast: Renee Jones (Aquiel), Wayne Grace (Torak), Reg E. Cathey (Morag)

The Enterprise investigates the disappearance of the crew of a
communications relay station. The two officers assigned to the station
have disappeared and their are traces of DNA on the ship indicating they
have been killed. The computer has been tampered with in an attempt to
access security codes. The investigation centers on the actions of the
junior officer, Aquiel Unari whom Geordi has come to know and love through
her personal logs and letters in the station's computer system.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: Naren Shankar
Story: Rene Echevarria
Director: Gabrielle Beaumont
Cast: Scott MacDonald (N'Vek), Carolyn Seymour (Toreth), Barry Lynch
(DeSeve), Robertson Dean (Romulan Pilot), Dennis Cockrum (Freighter
Captain), Pamela Winsolow (Ensign)

Deanna Troi wakes to find herself on board a Romulan ship and surgically
altered to look like a Romulan. She has been kidnapped by N'Vek, a Romulan
dissident, in order to help several high Romulan officials defect to the
Federation while posing as a member of the Tal Shiyar (a Romulan
organization which promotes "loyalty" within the Empire). Meanwhile, a
former Federation member named DeSeve, who had previously defected to the
Romulan Empire returns to the Federation and is taken on board by the
Enterprise. He brings with him information from Ambassador Spock about the
scheme to bring the Romulan officials to the Federation aboard a freighter.
The Enterprise heads to the location where they are to meet the freighter
only to find it destroyed and a Romulan warship.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Director: Les Landau
Cast: Ned Vaughn (Corey), J.C. Brandy (Marta), Clint Carmichael (Nausican),
Rae Norman (Penny), John de Lancie (Q), Clive Church (Maurice Picard),
Marcus Nash (Young Picard)

Picard is mortally wounded and his artificial heart gives out. As Dr.
Crusher struggles to save his life, Q takes Picard on a journey through his
past and offers Picard the chance to avoid the fight that cost him his real

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Brannon Braga
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Cast: Siddig El Fadil (Dr. Bashir), James Cromwell (Shrek), Cristine Rose
(Gi'Ral), Jennifer Gatti (Da'el), Richard Herd (L'Kor)

The Enterprise makes a stop at Deep Space 9 to assist the station crew in
rebuilding the Bajoran aquaduct system destroyed by the Cardassians when
they left the station. Dr. Bashir is caught by Data using the Enterprise
computer system to analyze medical equipment discovered in the Gamma
quadrant. During their investigation, Data is struck by an energy beam
from the equipment causing him to lose consciousness and experience a
dormant program installed by his creator that was meant to be activated
when Data achieved a certain level of development.

Meanwhile, Worf meets an alien, Shrek, in the promenade who convinces Worf
that his father did not die at Kitomer but instead is living as a prisoner
of the Romulans. Worf travels with Shrek to the prison planet in an
attempt to find his father.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Rene Echevarria
Director: Dan Curry
Cast: Cristine Rose (Gi'Ral), James Cromwell (Shrek), Sterling Macer, Jr.
(Tog), Alan Scarfe (Tokath), Jennifer Gatti (Da'el), Richerd Herd (L'Kor)

In the conclusion to this two-part episode, Worf attempts to discover the
reason why a group of surviving Klingons from Kitomer are willingly living
in peace with Romulans in a Romulan camp and what really happened to his

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Morgan Gendel
Director: Cliff Bole
Cast: David Spielberg (Hutchinson), Marie Marshall (Kelsey), Tim Russ
(Devor), Glenn Morshower, Tom Nibley, Tim deZarn, Patricia Tallman, Arlee
Reed, Alan Altshuld

The Enterprise is in drydock so that a special procedure can be run on the
ship to eliminate build-up of certain elements caused by the warp engines.
The process is deadly to life so the crew must be evacuated while the
station staff do their work. Picard, briefly returning to the ship to get
his saddle so he can ride horses on the planet, learns that thieves are
attempting to steal the trilithium from the ship and he must stop them

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Ronald Wilkerson, Jean Louise Matthias
Director: Robert Wiemer
Cast: Wendy Hughes (Commander Daren)

Romantic sparks fly between Captain Picard and the new head of Stellar
Sciences, Commander Daren, when they discover their mutual interests
including music.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: Joe Menosky
Story: Joe Menosky, Ronald D. Moore
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Cast: Salome Jens (Humanoid), John Cothran, Jr. (Nudak), Maurice Roeves
(Romulan Captain), Linda Thorson (Gul Ocet), Norman Lloyd (Professor Galen)

Picard's old professor pays a visit to the Enterprise and attempts to
convince the captain to leave his post and join him on an expedition to new
worlds. The professor claims to be on the verge of a remarkable discovery,
but will not share the details with the captain unless the captain joins
him. Picard declines, and professor Galen leaves the ship but sends a
distress call some time later when his ship is attacked by a strange
vessel. Professor Galen is killed in the attack and captain Picard
continues following Galen's discovery - something that the Cardassians, the
Klingons and the Romulans are all interested in.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Brannon Braga
Directory: James L. Conway
Cast: David Selburg (Dr. Syrus), Andrew Prine (Soona), Gary Werntz (Mavek),
Susanna Thompson (Yiya), Allan Dean Moore (Wounded Crewman)

Riker undergoes severe mental anxiety while rehearsing and performing a
play about a man jailed for a murder he didn't commit and believed insane.
Riker begins to see a strange alien figure on the Enterprise, imagines
himself captured by aliens, and begins to lose track of what is real and
what isn't.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Joe Menosky, Naren Shankar
Director: Cliff Bole
Cast: Patti Yasutake (Nurse Ogawa), Tricia O'Neil (Kurak), Peter Slutsker
(Rega), James Horan (Jo'Bril), John S. Ragin (Dr. Christopher), Joan Stuart
Morris (T'Pan)

A Ferengi scientist (Rega) has developed a device capable of protecting a
ship inside a sun's corona. His theory is not accepted by his fellow
scientists at a scientific conference which Beverly Crusher attended.
However, Dr. Crusher believes in the theory and wants to give him a chance
to prove himself so she invites several scientists to the Enterprise to
test the theory. Only a few of all invited attend - Kurak, Jo'Bril,
Christopher and T'Pan. In the first test of the device, the pilot of the
shuttlecraft, Jo'Bril dies and Dr. Rega and his theory are discredited
leading Beverly to an investigation of the failed experiment and Dr. Rega's
subsequent mysterious death, that could cost her her career.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: Ronald D. Moore
Story: James E. Brooks
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Cast: Alan Oppenheimer (Koroth), Robert O'Reilly (Gowron), Norman Snow
(Torin), Charles Esten (Dibok), Kevin Conway (Kahless)

Worf's weakening faith leads him to a Klingon planet where the people await
the coming of an ancient leader, Kahless, who promised to return and lead
the Klingons to greatness. While he is there, Kahless does, in fact,
return causing suspicion in some and fanaticism in others.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: Rene Echevarria
Story: Michael A. Medlock
Director: LeVar Burton
Cast: Dr. Mae Jemison (Ensign Palmer)

The Enterprise returns to an outpost to retrieve information from the
computers that was not taken when the post was evacuated several years ago.
The planet is apparently surrounded by an energy field that prevents
transport to the planet except during brief periods. When the away team
transports down, they find another Will Riker, who was apparently stranded
there years ago and who is still very much in love with Deanna Troi.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Writer: Brannon Braga
Director: Adam Nimoy
Cast: Michael Bofshever (Alien), John DeMita (Romulan), Joel Fredericks

When Picard, Geordi, Troi, and Data return from a conference, they find the
Enterprise frozen in time apparently in the middle of combat with a Romulan
War Bird.

Producer: Peter Lauritson
Teleplay: Ronald D. Moore
Story: Jeri Taylor
Director: Alexander Singer

Cast: John Neville (Sir Isaac Newton), Jim Norton (Albert Einstein),
Natalia Nogulich (Admiral Necheyev), Brian J. Cousins (Borg), Professor
Stephen Hawkings (Himself), Richard Gilbert-Hill (Bosus), Stephen James
Carver (Tayar)

This cliffhanger finale to the sixth season finds the Enterprise in combat
once more with the Borg but, this time, the Borg are different. They have
become individuals and have changed their tactics confusing the crew of the
Enterprise. When one of the Borg is captured, they discover that the Borg
are now lead by someone who has taught them new ideas.

Meanwhile, Data is confronted with the emergence of a new experience -
emotion. While fighting the Borg, Data gets "angry" and kills one of the
Borg and later admits that he felt "pleasure" in it. He is very confused
by the new experiences and seeks to understand them better. When the
captured Borg offers him an explanation, Data helps him escape the ship in
a shuttlecraft. When the Enterprise follows, they discover the Borg on a
remote planet and discover who is behind the new and deadlier Borg.

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