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Artist : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Genres : Rock, Blues
Style : Blues, Rock & roll, Popular,
Instr. : Guitar
Rating : importance (2) popularity (1)

All-Music Guide Biography

Guitar-slinging brothers from Austin, TX, Jimmie Vaughan (of the
Fabulous Thunderbirds) and Stevie Ray Vaughan. ~ Rick Clark

Stevie Ray Vaughan was the most impressive blues guitarist to appear
in the 80s, which made his death in a helicopter crash at the start
of the 90s all the more tragic. Vaughan grew up in Dallas, the
younger brother of Jimmie Vaughan (cofounder of the Fabulous
Thunderbirds). Stevie began playing in clubs at 12, and by 17 had
dropped out of high school and moved to Austin. There followed years
of struggling until April 23, 1982, when Vaughan and his group,
Double Trouble, played a private audition for the Rolling Stones in
New York. The gig led to an invitation to appear at the Montreux Jazz
Festival, at which Vaughan was seen by David Bowie, who hired him to
play guitar on his LET'S DANCE album, and Jackson Browne, who offered
the free use of his recording studio. Vaughan took up that offer
after being signed by legendary talent scout John Hammond to Epic,
recording his debut album, TEXAS FLOOD, in the fall of 1982.,The
release of the album led to a wave of recognition that included gold
albums, Grammy awards, and other accolades over the next seven years.
In 1987, Vaughan took time out to go through a rehabilitation program
to overcome alcohol and drug addiction, and he wrote about the
experience on his final studio album, IN STEP (1989). In the last
year of his life, he embarked on a co-headlining tour with Jeff Beck
and recorded a duo album with his brother. He had just finished a jam
with Eric Clapton and Robert Cray at a show at Alpine Valley in East
Troy, WI, when he was killed. In 1991 Epic released the posthumous
THE SKY IS CRYING, assembled by Jimmie Vaughan. ~ William Ruhlmann

---------- Related Artists -----------
Cray, Robert
Fabulous Thunderbirds
Healy Band, Jeff
James, Colin
ZZ Top
Gales Band, The Eric

---------- Roots & Influences ----------
King, Albert
Hendrix, Jimi
Clapton, Eric
Beck, Jeff
Guy, Buddy
Sumlin, Hubert
Burrell, Kenny
Walker, T-Bone
Christian, Charlie
King, B.B.
Collins, Albert
Mack, Lonnie
Dixon, Willie
Rolling Stones, The

Birthdate & Place : Oct 3 , 1954
Deathdate & Place : Aug 27, 1990
AMG Artist ID # : P000005748

Chronological Album List |Date| Label | Number |R S T|Rating
In the Beginning |1992|Epic |53168 |R | Good
Sky Is Crying, The |1991|Epic |47390 |R | BestA
Live at the El Mocambo |1991|Sony Music|49111 |R | Good
Pride and Joy |1990|CBS |49069 |R |
Family Style |1990|Epic |46225 |R S T| Good
In Step |1989|Epic |45024 |R S | BestA
Live |1987|Epic |40511 |R | Good
Live Alive |1986|Epic |40511 | S T| Good
Soul to Soul |1985|Epic |40036 | S T| Good
Couldn't Stand the Weather |1984|Epic |39304 |R S |+BestG
Texas Flood |1983|Epic |38734 |R S T| BestA

All-Music Guide Album Details (Alphabetical Order)

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------
Album : Couldn't Stand the Weather
Artist : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Rating : Best-of-Genre (First Pick)
Charts : Billboard #031, entered Jun 23, 1984, on charts 38 weeks
Down Beat #4.5
Genre : Rock
Time : 37:48 min
Date : 1984 (release)
AMG ID : R000021044 (album inprint)

--------- Album Releases ---------
CD Epic EK-39304
1984 LP Epic 39304
CS Epic FET-39304
1984 LP Epic 8E8-39609

------- AMG Album Reviews -------
Vaughan does not ease up on this second set, even taking on Jimi
Hendrix in a rendition of "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)," and handling
it beautifully. ~ William Ruhlmann

------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------
Fran Christina - Drums
Stan Harrison - Sax
Chris "Whipper" Layton - Drums
Tommy Shannon - Bass
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar, Vocal
Jimmie Vaughan - Guitar

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------
Album : Family Style
Artist : Vaughan Brothers
Rating : Good
Charts : Billboard #007
Down Beat #4
Genre : Rock
Time : 40:38 min
Date : Jan ??, 1990 (release)
AMG ID : R000070371 (album inprint)

--------- Album Releases ---------
CD Epic ZK-46225
CD CBS 46225
1990 LP Epic 4670141
CS Epic ZT-46225
1990 Epic 46225
Epic ZK 46225
CD Epic 46225
CD CBS 46225

------- AMG Album Reviews -------
Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan team up for this relaxed one-off,
produced by Nile Rodgers. In spite of a couple of throwaway songs,
"Hard to Be," and "Good Texan" showcase their lean Austin-style
electric blues/roadhouse R&B to good effect. "Tick Tock" became a
poignant hit, released just as Stevie Ray died in a helicopter crash.
~ Rick Clark

------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------
Larry Aberman - Drums
Tawatha Agee - Vocal
Al Berry - Bass
Doyle Bramshall - Drums
Steven Elson - Sax
Stan Harrison - Sax
Richard Hilton - Piano
Preston Hubbard - Bass
Curtis King - Vocal
Nile Rodgers - Guitar, Producer
George Sims - Vocal
David Spinner - Vocal
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar, Vocal
Jimmie Vaughan - Guitar, Vocal
Brenda White King - Vocal

-------- Album Tracks --------
Hard To Be
White Boots
Good Texan
Hillbillies From Outerspace
Long Way From Home
Tick Tock
Telephone Song
Baboom/ Mama Said

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------
Album : In Step
Artist : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Rating : Best-of-Artist
Charts : Billboard #033
Down Beat #4.5
Genre : Rock
Time : 40:53 min
Date : 1989 (release)
AMG ID : R000021047 (album inprint)

--------- Album Releases ---------
CD Epic EK-45024
CS Epic OET-45024
1989 LP Epic 45024

------- AMG Album Reviews -------
Vaughan sounds just as fierce sober as he did before, and he is
beginning to bloom as a songwriter, a fact most notable on the driving
"The House Is Rockin'" and the confessional "Wall of Denial." ~
William Ruhlmann

------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------
Jim Gaines - Producer
Chris "Whipper" Layton - Drums
Tommy Shannon - Bass
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar, Vocal
Reese Wynans - Keyboards

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------
Album : In the Beginning
Artist : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Rating : Good
Charts : Billboard #058, entered Oct 24, 1992, on charts 012 weeks
Genre : Rock
Time : 38:32 min
Date : Oct 6 , 1992 (release)
AMG ID : R000122968 (album inprint)

--------- Album Releases ---------
1992 CD Epic EK-53168
1992 CS Epic ET-53168
1992 Epic 53168
Epic EK 53168
CD Epic 53168
CD CBS 53168

------- AMG Album Reviews -------
Embryonic, pre-recorded Stevie Ray (from a live, Austin, 1980 radio
broadcast) in which Texas's most celebrated non-Albino blues guitarist
does his post-Hendrix thing with characteristic panache. Not essential
listening, perhaps, but a nice addendum to his legacy and, obviously,
a treat for fans. ~ Steve Simels, Stereo Review, February 1993

Back when he was still billing himself as "Stevie Vaughan," before
signing with Epic and releasing Texas Flood, Stevie Ray Vaughan was
already a guitarslinger of the first order. IN THE BEGINNING captures
Vaughan in an April 1, 1980 live radio broadcast from the Steamboat
1874 club in Austin. The performance, broadcast over KLBJ-FM, finds
Vaughan fronting Double Trouble shortly after the departure of
vocalist Lou Ann Barton, who had joined Roomful of Blues, and saxman
Johnny Reno, who had left to form his own band. Ripping through
classic tunes like Howlin' Wolf's "Tell Me" and Guitar Slim's "They
Call Me Guitar Hurricane," Vaughan combines youthful exuberance with
absolute command of the material. Among the most exciting of the cover
versions here are Otis Rush's "All Your Love I Miss Loving" and the
Willie Dixon-penned "Shake for Me." Of the material previously
released in studio recordings, "Tin Pan Alley" stands out. "Live
Another Day" is actually a fine version of TEXAS FLOOD's "I'm Cryin'."
Stevie Ray fans will find this a tremendously satisfying portrait of
the artist as a young guitar hero. It's obvious, as the liner notes
suggest, that Vaughan in his mid-20s was already extraordinary. Coming
on the heels of the LIVE AT THE EL MOCAMBO video, recorded in 1983, it
offers an excellent look at the early part of Vaughan's career. My
only complaint -- or hope, rather -- is that since Vaughan matured so
tremendously as a player and artist in the last two or three years of
his life (consider the emotional scope and spirituality of IN STEP
versus TEXAS FLOOD, for example), it would really be fantastic if some
future releases focused on that later era. Nonetheless, IN THE
BEGINNING is highly recommended. ~ Bryan Powell, Blues Access

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------
Album : Live
Artist : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Rating : Good
Charts : Billboard #052
Genre : Rock
Date : 1987 (release)
AMG ID : R000021046 (album inprint)

--------- Album Releases ---------
1986 Epic 40511

------- AMG Album Reviews -------
LIVE not only covers many of Vaughan's most popular album tracks, but
it also showcases a version of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition." Other
standout tracks include "Look at Little Sister," "Willie the Wimp,"
and "Cold Shot." ~ Rick Clark

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------
Album : Live Alive
Artist : Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Rating : Good
Charts : Billboard #052, entered Dec 20, 1986, on charts 025 weeks
Down Beat #3
Genre : Rock
Time : 79:36 min
Date : Jul ??, 1986 (release)
AMG ID : R000051923 (album inprint)

--------- Album Releases ---------
1986 CD Epic EGK-40511
1986 CS Epic EGT-40511
CD Epic 40511
CD CBS 40511
1986 LP Epic 4502381
Epic 40511

------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------
Chris "Whipper" Layton - Drums
Tommy Shannon - Bass
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar, Vocal
Jimmie Vaughan - Guitar
Reese Wynans - Keyboards

-------- Album Tracks --------
Say What!
Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up On Love
Pride & Joy
Mary Had A Little Lamb
I'm Leaving You
Cold Shot
Willie The Wimp
Look At Little Sister
Texas Flood
Voodoo Chile
Love Struck Baby
Change It

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------
Album : Live at the El Mocambo
Artist : Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Rating : Good
Genre : Rock
Type : video
Date : 1991 (release)
AMG ID : R000122615 (album inprint)

--------- Album Releases ---------
1991 Sony Music Video 49111
VH CMV 49111
CBS 49111

------- AMG Album Reviews -------
This hour-long video documents the power and intensity of Stevie Ray
Vaughan in concert. Taped in 1983, the performance features material
from the group's debut as well as other gems such as the tear-it-up
romp through Lonnie Mack's "Wham" and a psychedelic cover of Jimi
Hendrix's "Third Stone from the Sun," complete with percussive
strumming, waves of feedback, and otherworldly howls. Vaughan also
tackles Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile," tossing in "Power of Soul" riffs,
devastating rhythm guitar, and spooky moans. Vaughan, drummer Chris
Layton, and bassist Tommy Shannon work up a great groove on "Tell Me,"
with Vaughan delivering the lyrics with gruff, bluesy authority. Other
highlights include: "Testify," a rocking instrumental; "Texas Flood,"
a tour de force of slow-burn blues; and "Lenny," a pretty instrumental
which Vaughan plays as an encore while sitting on a chair. The camera
work features lots of upward angles, some double exposures, and a fair
amount of facial shots. Vaughan builds up a mighty sweat as he
displays his soulful vocals, brilliant guitar playing, and sure-handed
showmanship (playing behind his back and behind his head). An
inspiring performance, remixed under the direction of brother Jimmie
Vaughan, who also serves as creative consultant. ~ Mark J. Cadigan,
Roundup Newsletter

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------
Album : Pride and Joy
Artist : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Rating : not rated yet
Genre : Rock
Type : video
Date : 1990 (release)
AMG ID : R000087980 (album inprint)

--------- Album Releases ---------
CBS 49069
VH CMV 49069

------- AMG Album Reviews -------
The late Stevie Ray Vaughan was a bold, talented guitarist and singer
who played gut-wrenching blues with a rock punch. PRIDE AND JOY
gathers eight videos from his career, including a live version of "I'm
Leaving You (Commit a Crime)" in which Vaughan cranks out the boogie
riffs with sweaty intensity. The conceptual videos have some silly
moments (Vaughan's nightmarish lover getting increasingly jealous over
his guitars in "Cold Shot," band members sabotaged by a black cat in
"Superstition") as well as serious (people of many nationalities
arguing heatedly in "Couldn't Stand the Weather," Vaughan observing
interpersonal chaos in "Crossfire"). In "Love Struck Baby," Vaughan
walks into a bar with a purposeful look on his face and proceeds to
wake everyone up with his gritty, soulful vocals and propulsive rhythm
guitar. A lasting image: Vaughan, with his head lowered and his hat
over his eyes, blazing away on his guitar in the middle of a downpour
in "Couldn't Stand the Weather." Sure, it's just a video, but he
really was that determined. ~ Mark J. Cadigan, Roundup Newsletter

This eight-song, 36-minute video features "Crossfire," "Couldn't Stand
the Weather," "Love Struck Baby," "Cold Shot," "Superstition," a live
version of "I'm Leaving You (Commit a Crime)," and the title track. ~
Rick Clark

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------
Album : Sky Is Crying, The
Artist : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Rating : Best-of-Artist
Charts : Billboard #010, entered Nov 23, 1991, on charts 046 weeks
Rock & Roll Disc #4/3
Genre : Rock
Time : 38:19 min
Date : 1991 (release)
AMG ID : R000021048 (album inprint)

--------- Album Releases ---------
1991 CD Epic EK-47390
1991 CS Epic ET-47390
1991 LP Epic E-47390

------- AMG Album Reviews -------
The death of Stevie Ray Vaughan was particularly devastating for the
music community, since he had overcome some personal demons and begun
playing with even more confidence and strength. Thus, this posthumous
release of 10 studio songs, carefully compiled by his brother,
guitarist Jimmie Vaughan, should soothe the painful memory of his
loss. Taken from sessions between 1984-89, the songs simultaneously
display his immense talents and nod respectfully to his influences.
The title track, an Elmore James classic, explodes with Vaughan's
rugged vocals and shiver-inducing string bends, while his cover of
Kenny Burrell's "Chitlins Con Carne" opts for jazzy melodicism. Jimi
Hendrix's "Little Wing" is given an instrumental treatment that's both
tough and tender, while Lonnie Mack's "Wham" is a breakneck, blazing
rocker. A couple of rare moments -- Vaughan on blistering slide guitar
on "Boot Hill" and a solo acoustic "Life by the Drop" -- frame this
most welcome disc. ~ Mark J. Cadigan, Blues Access

The posthumously released THE SKY IS CRYING, assembled out of tracks
recorded between 1984 and 1989, is a lovingly assembled tribute to
Vaughan's brilliance as a guitarist. Arguably this is Vaughan's finest
album. The first-rate playing is unforced and natural in execution. On
the songs, from his impeccable version of Hendrix's "Little Wing" to
the hard blues shuffle of "Empty Arms," Vaughan's execution is
unforced and his phrasing is relaxed. The release contains great liner
notes and track information. Fans of hard blues-rock should check this
one out. ~ Rick Clark

THE SKY IS CRYING. Can't you see the tears roll down the street? The
opening line of the title track of Stevie Ray Vaughan's new album sums
up the emotions felt for the last fourteen months by his many fans.
After little more than a year since his untimely passing, the new
collection of Stevie Ray's studio material both emphasizes the loss of
a great talent and celebrates the life and music of one of our
greatest blues guitarists. THE SKY IS CRYING is a ten-track
compilation of the best remaining studio material recorded by Stevie
Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble between l984 and l989. Jimmie Vaughan
produced the album, finding these completed songs among the hours of
studio jams and rehearsals recorded during the making of the albums
from Couldn't Stand the Weather to In Step. As reviews of THE SKY IS
CRYING surface, it is being hailed as a guitarist's guitar album, and
a tribute from Stevie Ray to the blues greats who influenced him.
Stevie Ray beckons for his baby to "hand me down my shooting iron" on
the opening track, "Boot Hill." What a perfect way to address the fans
who have been wishing he could pick up his guitar just one more time.
The song was recorded during the In Step sessions, but was considered
too dark to fit in with the upbeat, positive attitude of that
collection, according to Double Trouble drummer, Chris Layton. At only
a bit over two minutes, the biting track may leave some waiting for an
extended solo, but it serves up a great, rare taste of Stevie Ray's
slide guitar prowess. The Elmore James title track is a tribute not
only to the writer, but also to Albert King, whose influence on Stevie
Ray is clear on this cut from the Soul to Soul sessions, a classic
baby-done-me-wrong blues. Following it is "Empty Arms," the only song
previously released, having appeared on Soul to Soul . This "new"
version is quite different, almost a rave-up by comparison, and each
version will find those who will prefer it to the other. This time,
Stevie leaves the drumming to Chris Layton; it was Stevie on the Soul
to Soul version.
Many guitarists show the influence of Jimi Hendrix in their playing,
and many have tried to copy his sound. Stevie was no exception as he
typically tuned his guitar down to E-flat and installed a left-handed
tremolo bar on his right-handed guitar in an effort to get the same
feel and tone as Jimi. "Little Wing" would have made the second album
but for "Voodoo Chile's" inclusion. Guitarists will let out a "Whew!"
after this and the following instrumental as Stevie Ray gives us his
version of the first record he ever bought: Lonnie Mack's "Wham."
After two tremendous instrumentals, Stevie's vocals take center stage
on the next two cuts. Howlin' Wolf"s "May I Have A Little Talk With
You" and the Willie Dixon written, Muddy Waters staple, "Close To
You," highlight the under appreciated singing of Stevie Ray Vaughan
which deserves recognition in equal part to his guitar playing. Not
many white singers have approached the soulful blues delivery of Muddy
and the Wolf. Stevie turns in a fine jazz performance on the Kenny
Burrell tune "Chitlins Con Carne." The multitude of different tones

evokes a group discussion of the blues. On the next track, however, it
is unmistakably Stevie Ray speaking through his Stratocaster on his
own composition, "So Excited," from the Soul to Soul sessions. Even
more rare than the slide guitar of the opening song is the acoustic
performance of the closing track, "Life by the Drop." Written by Doyle
Bramhall, Sr. and Barbara Logan, "Life by the Drop" follows the
sentiment of "Wall of Denial" from In Step by describing a recovering
addict's effort to catch up with friends who went on with their lives,
leaving him behind. For those who saw Stevie Ray on MTV's "Unplugged,"
here's another taste of Stevie on 12-string acoustic guitar. This
tune, inspired by Stevie's recovery, comes across much better than the
acoustic versions of his electric hits. Jimmie Vaughan has suggested
that THE SKY IS CRYING is all the completed songs left from Stevie
Ray's unreleased studio material, but there is a wealth of live
concert tapes to be mined. By Christmas, look for Stevie's 1983
performance at Toronto's El Mocambo club on video. Until then, get
down to your nearest music store and, as Stevie Ray sings on "Life By
The Drop." say, "Hello there, my old friend. ~ Craig Hopkins, Blues

A posthumous disc compiled by Jimmie Vaughan, pays homage to many of
those lauded by Stevie Ray. The 10 songs are previowsly unreleased
studio tracks (with the lone exception of "Empty Arms," which appeared
in a different version on 1985's "Soul to Soul") recorded by Stevie
Ray and his band Double Trouble from 1984 to 1989. Vaughan covered the
songs of many of his heroes -- Lonnie Mack's slam-banging "Wham,"
Kenny Burrell's "Chitlins Con Carne," Elmore James's "The Sky Is
Crying," as well as Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing." But on "The Sky Is
Crying" Vaughan is far more than an imitator; his instrument spoke in
many tongues. He could use his guitar like a buzzsaw, tearing through
some mean and snarling blues. ~ Donna DiChario, Rock & Roll Disc.

Such a glorious album should be cause for ardent elation -- but as we
well know, it bears a double edge of grief due to Stevie's untimely
death at the height of his revitalized powers. Since plenty of tears
have already been shed, let's emphasize instead the life-affirming
aspect of these unreleased recordings from throughout his career --
now gathered by Jimmie Vaughan as a tribute to his brother. It's
evident from the opening song that this collection is a multi-faceted
revelation. "Boot Hill," the only recording to feature his competent
bottleneck guitar style (a la Elmore James), and the succeeding
Elmore-penned title tune (on which he inserts pure Albert King licks)
are tip-offs that this ten-song elegy to Stevie is ironically also a
tribute to his mentors. Ensuing tracks cover Lonnie Mack's signature
"Wham," Howlin' Wolf's "May I Have a Talk With You," Muddy Waters'
classic "Close to You," and an unexpected take of jazz guitarist Kenny
Burrell's "Chitlins Con Carne." Most apropos, given their obvious
affinity of styles, is Vaughan's salute to Jimi Hendrix on an extended
instrumental rendition of "Little Wing." For all the acknowledgment of
influences, what ultimately plays loud and clear is Vaughan's own
distinct place in the scheme of things as a direct descendant and
authentic contributor to a proud tradition. The closing cut brings
that realization home with finality. On a demo-style solo take, Stevie
delivers "Life by the Drop," accompanying his vocal with acoustic
12-string guitar. This tale of a life in struggle, finally able to see
the light at the end of the tunnel, is a fitting soliloquy - and a
tragic reminder that his best was probably still to come.

The welcome liner notes from Vaughan biographer Dan Forte provide the
sources of the recordings, which span a five year period from late
l984 through early l990. Of special interest to collectors is a
separate radio promotion disc, Interchords (ESK 4252), which features
interviews with Jimmie Vaughan and Double Trouble band members, Tommy
Shannon and Chris Layton, along with a brief segment from Stevie
himself. The songs from THE SKY IS CRYING are interspersed with
comments on other aspects of Stevie's life and career. This rare disc
offers invaluable insight into the legacy of one of the last of the
true-blue guitar slingers. ~ Terry Hansen, Blues Access

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------
Album : Soul to Soul
Artist : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Rating : Good
Charts : Billboard #034, entered Oct 12, 1985, on charts 039 weeks
Genre : Rock
Time : 39:53 min
Date : 1985 (release)
AMG ID : R000021045 (album inprint)

--------- Album Releases ---------
CD Epic EK-40036
CS Epic FET-40036
1985 LP Epic 26441

------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------
Chris "Whipper" Layton - Drums
Tommy Shannon - Bass
Joe Sublett - Sax
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar, Vocal
Reese Wynans - Keyboards

-------- Album Tracks --------
Say What
Lookin' Out
Look At Little Sister
Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up On Love
Gone Home
Change It
You'll Be Mine
Empty Arms
Come On Part III
Life Without You

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------
Album : Texas Flood
Artist : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Rating : Best-of-Artist
Charts : Billboard #038, entered Jul 23, 1983, on charts 33 weeks
Down Beat #5
Genre : Rock
Date : 1983 (release)
AMG ID : R000021043 (album inprint)

--------- Album Releases ---------
CD Epic EK-38734
CS Epic FET-38734
1983 LP Epic 38734

------- AMG Album Reviews -------
A late-arriving star, Vaughan did not make his first album until the
age of 28. By that time he had become a seasoned player, so this
doesn't really sound like a debut album; rather, it sounds like a
blues guitar master at the top of his form. Highlights include "Pride
& Joy," "Love Struck Baby," "Lenny," and the hard blues title cut. ~
William Ruhlmann

------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------
Chris "Whipper" Layton - Drums
Tommy Shannon - Bass
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar, Vocal

-------- Album Tracks --------
Love Struck Baby
Pride And Joy
Texas Flood
Tell Me
Rude Mood
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Dirty Pool
I'm Cryin'

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