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ModemNews ANSI Mag #42, 10/92.
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ModemNews ANSI Mag #42, 10/92.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADDITION.ZIP 25403 23701 deflated
NEWS42.EXE 350958 115030 deflated
README.1ST 2865 1420 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Dear Readers,

This archive should contain only 4 files, and ONLY ONE readme file.
Any more or less you can be sure this did not come from a ModemNews
NewsStand. Please be aware that some other BBS's have been adding
their own files to our archives and that we are on top of the problem
both legally and publicly.

If you are interested to find out more about ModemNews Magazine please
open the compressed file called ADDITION.ZIP. In it, you will find some
help files, some general informational files and some sample BBS DOOR
batch files (if you are a SysOp and would like to run ModemNews online
for your callers

We maintain this archive as an EXE file created by using ARJ because
it is SMALLER than PKZIP (which we dearly love), and for the ease of
use of our readers. We have requested that SysOps allow this format on
their systems even if they normally require only ZIP or PAK files
online. Exceptions have been made for the SysOps that have called us
and asked our permission. If you find this file in any format other
than our EXE compilation, please let us know as soon as possible at
203 359.2299 (BBS)

We keep on trying to bring you a safe and useful product. Please help
us by downloading this magazine from the approved NewsStands listed in
our magazine.

Included in the file ADDITION.ZIP are some informational files
concerning BBS Census '92. [TFORM92.ZIP] We would ask that you
assist us in distributing them to each and every BBS that you call,
which includes hobby boards, commercial services and product and
company support BBS's. If you can reach them by modem you should send
them this file.

ModemNews will return with our 43rd issue on November 1, 1992

The Staff



You SHOULD disable some of our new features for online viewing. Please
use the following command line to do so;

NEWS42 /0 <--that's a ZERO

This will disable any present or future functions in ModemNews that may
affect the way the magazine works with your BBS program and door
handlers. This will also bring your readers directly to PageOne when
they begin, and skip all of the closing screens when they are finished
reading, thus saving a great deal of online time.

We strongly recommend that you use the command line option. We have
tested the magazine under Doorway without the command line and it has
functioned properly, but, to be sure, please use it.

Sample Doorway Batch File:

doorway com2: /L: /s:* /P:news42.exe /0

So, without further ado, unarc this into your ModemNews subdirectory
and type NEWS42 to enjoy one of America's only full color, menu driven
BBS Magazines.

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