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Star Trek Next Generation guide of episodes.
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Star Trek Next Generation guide of episodes.
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An Armchair Guide
July 1990 Edition

By Jim Shaun Lyon (72571,3002)

The following is a list of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION episodes designed
for reference. Listed after the title is the episode number/code (order of
airing/order of production), the stardate, writers (W) (ST is indicative of
story, TE of teleplay, in case there are differentiations), main guests if
any (G) and one-line summary (S).

Regular Cast: Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard), Jonathan Frakes
(Commander William Riker), LeVar Burton (Geordi LaForge), Denise Crosby
(Lieutenant Tasha Yar - First Season Only), Michael Dorn (Worf), Gates
McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher - Seasons One & Three), Marina Sirtis (Counselor
Deanna Troi), Brent Spiner (Lt. Commander Data), Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher),
Diana Muldaur (Dr. Katherine Pulaski - Season Two), Colm Meaney (Chief
O'Brien - Recurring Role, Seasons Two & Three), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan -
Recurring Role, Seasons Two & Three)

>>> S E A S O N O N E <<<

ENCOUNTER AT FARPOINT (1-2/101-102) 41153.5
W: Dorothy Fontana, Gene Roddenberry
D: Corey Allen
G: John deLancie (Q), Michael Bell (Zorn), DeForest Kelley (McCoy)
S: En route to Deneb IV to discover how the inhabitants built Farpoint Station
so quickly, the Enterprise is stopped by Q, an advanced life form that con-
demns humanity as a savage race.

THE NAKED NOW (3/103) 41209.2
W: John D.F. Black (ST), J. Michael Bingham (ST,TE)
D: Paul Lynch
G: Brooke Bundy (MacDougal)
S: The Enterprise inherits a virus from the USS Tsiolkovsky, which makes the
crew lose their inhibitions -- and the antidote can be traced back to the
Enterprise under Captain Kirk.

CODE OF HONOR (4/104) 41235.25
W: Kathryn Powers & Michael Baron
D: Russ Mayberry
G: Jessie Lawrence Ferguson (Lutan), Karole Selmon (Yareena)
S: While orbiting Ligon II, Tasha Yar is kidnapped by leader Lutan in a pecu-
liar bid of "counting coup" and is forced into a death duel to be released
from it.

THE LAST OUTPOST (5/108) 41386.4
W: Richard Krzemian (ST), Herbert Wright (TE)
D: Richard Colla
S: The Enterprise and a Ferengi vessel are trapped above Delphi Ardu, the last
outpost of the Tkon Empire, where a strange gnome challenges them to solve
a riddle.

W: Diane Duane and Michael Reaves
D: Rob Bowman
G: Eric Menyuk (the Traveler), Stanley Kamel (Kosinski), Herta Ware (Mamon)
S: While undergoing enhancements on its engines, the Enterprise is propelled by
an alien traveler into an alternate universe where thought becomes reality.

LONELY AMONG US (7/107) 41249.3
W: Michael Halperin
D: D.C. Fontana
S: Ferrying warring diplomats to a conference on Parliament, the ship passes
through a living cloud that infiltrates the computer...and eventually takes
control of Captain Picard.

JUSTICE (8/109) 41255.6
W: Worley Thorne (ST,TE), Ralph Wills (ST)
D: James L. Conway

G: Jay Louden (Liator), Brenda Bakke (Rivan)
S: The Enterprise visits Rubicam Three, whose hedonistic occupants welcome the
crew with open arms...but the mysterious, transparent "god" in orbit has a
different attitude.

THE BATTLE (9/110) 41723.9
W: Larry Forrester (ST), Herbert Wright (TE)
D: Rob Bowman
G: Frank Corsentino (Bok), Doug Warhit (Kazago)
S: A Ferengi DaiMon offers Picard the derelict of his former command, the USS
Stargazer, which carries aboard it a mind-control sphere that puts him in
the captain's seat...against the Enterprise!

HIDE AND Q (10/111) 41590.5
W: C.J. Holland (ST,TE), Gene Roddenberry
D: Cliff Bole
G: John deLancie (Q)
S: Riker is given the powers of the Q Continuum, which when balanced against
his duties on the Enterprise seem a little more important.

HAVEN (11/105) 41294.5
W: Tracy Torme (ST,TE), Lan O'Kun (ST)
D: Richard Compton
G: Majel Barrett (Lwaxana Troi), Rob Knepper (Wyatt Miller), Robert Ellenstein
(Stephen Miller), Nan Martin (Victoria Miller), Carel Strucyken (Mr. Homn)
S: Troi's mother reminds Deanna of her arranged marriage to Wyatt Miller, a
young doctor plagued by dreams of another woman...which leads him to a group
of refugees, last survivors of a dead planet.

THE BIG GOODBYE (12/113) 41997.7
W: Tracy Torme
D: Joseph L. Scanlan
G: Lawrence Tierney (Cyrus Redblock), Harvey Jason (Felix Leech), William
Boyett (Whalen), Gary Armagnal (McNary), David Selburg (Detective Bell)
S: Picard, Data, Beverly and historian Whalen visit 1941 San Francisco via the
holodeck, but an alien sensor scan disrupts the equipment, leaving the four
essentially stranded in the 20th Century.

DATALORE (13/114) 41240.2
W: Bob Lewin (ST,TE), Maurice Hurley (ST), Gene Roddenberry (TE)
D: Rob Bowman
S: On Omicron Theta, Data's homeworld, a duplicate android is discovered, but
this one, Lore, is much more human...and possesses the ability to kill.

ANGEL ONE (14/115) 41636.9
W: Patrick Barry
D: Michael Rhodes
G: Karen Montgomery (Beate), Sam Hennings (Ramsey), Patricia McPherson (Ariel)
S: Searching for the missing vessel SS Odin, the Enterprise finds the survivors
as fugitives on Angel One, a planet where the women are the controlling gen-
der and men are subservient.

11001001 (15/116) 41365.9
W: Maurice Hurley, Bob Lewin
D: Paul Lynch
G: Carolyn McCormick (Minuet), Gene Dynarski (Quinteros)
S: At Starbase 74, the Enterprise undergoes a refit on its holodeck, and while
Picard and Riker are entertained by a holographic beauty, the repairmen,
the Bynars, steal the vessel.

TOO SHORT A SEASON (16/112) 41309.5
W: Michael Michaelian (ST,TE), Dorothy Fontana (TE)
D: Rob Bowman
G: Clayton Rohner (Mark Jameson), Marsha Hunt (Anne Jameson), Michael Pataki
S: Responding to a hostage situation on Mordan IV, the Enterprise takes along
Mark Jameson, a famous Admiral whose use of a youth drug may kill him --
unless Karnas, Mordan's revolutionary ruler, gets to him first.

WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS (17/118) 41509.1
W: Hannah Louise Shearer
D: Kim Manners
G: Jerry Hardin (Radue), Brenda Strong (Rashella)
S: The planet Aldea, cursed by ozone depletion, captures children from the
Enterprise in an attempt to repopulate the planet.

HOMESOIL (18/117) 41463.9
W: Robert Sabaroff (ST,TE), Karl Guerz (ST), Ralph Sanchez (ST)
D: Corey Allen
G: Walter Gotell (Kurt Mandl), Elizabeth Lindsey (Luisa Kim)
S: Terraformers on Velara III are mysteriously being killed, and the answer
lies in a unique, never-before-discovered life form which, once aboard the
Enterprise, begins to grow at a fantastic rate.

COMING OF AGE (19/119) 41416.2
W: Sandy Fries
D: Michael Vejar
G: John Putch (Mordock), Ward Costello (Quinn), Robert Schenkkan (Remmick),
Robert Ito (Chang)
S: Wesley undergoes testing to enter Starfleet Academy on Relva Seven, while
Picard and his crew are investigated by Remmick in an effort to determine
if Picard is still loyal to Starfleet.

HEART OF GLORY (20/120) 41503.7
W: Maurice Hurley (ST,TE), Herbert Wright (ST), D.C. Fontana (ST)
D: Rob Bowman
G: Vaughn Armstrong (Korris), Charles Hyman (Konmil), David Froman (K'Nera)
S: Renegade Klingons, believing in the old ways of their Empire, come aboard
the Enterprise, attempt to convert Worf to their cause and then set out to
capture the ship.

THE ARSENAL OF FREEDOM (21/121) 41798.2
W: Maurice Hurley (ST), Bob Lewin (ST), Richard Manning (TE), Hans Beimler (TE)
D: Les Landau
G: Vincent Schiavelli (The Peddler)
S: Searching for the missing USS Drake, the Enterprise stumbles upon Minos,
whose people were destroyed by their technology, but whose weapons survive,
trapping Picard, Beverly, Riker, Data and Tasha on the planet and leaving
Geordi in command of the ship.

SYMBIOSIS (22/123) No Stardate
W: Robert Lewin (ST,TE), Hans Beimler (TE), Richard Manning (TE)
D: Win Phelps
G: Merritt Butrick (T'Jon), Judson Scott (Sobi)
S: The Enterprise mediates a trade dispute between representatives from Ornara
and Brekka, but when Beverly stumbles upon the mysterious secret of the two
planets' symbiotic relationship, Picard must intervene.

SKIN OF EVIL (23/122) 41601.3
W: Joseph Stefano (ST,TE), Hannah Louise Shearer (TE)
D: Joseph L. Scanlan
S: When an evil alien being kidnaps Deanna Troi, Picard must fight for his
Counselor....but a terrible mistake sentences Tasha to death.

WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS (24/124) 41697.9
W: Deborah Dean Davis & Hannah Louise Shearer
D: Robert Becker
G: Michelle Phillips (Jenice Manheim), Rod Loomis (Paul Manheim)
S: Dr. Paul Manheim's experiments trap the universe in a time loop, and the
solution rests with Picard, if he can separate himself from his feelings
for Manheim's wife Jenice, an old flame.

CONSPIRACY (25/125) 41775.5
W: Robert Sabaroff (ST), Tracy Torme (TE)
D: Cliff Bole
G: Jonathan Farwell (Captain Walker Keel), Ward Costello (Quinn), Henry Darrow
(Admiral Savar), Robert Schenkkan (Remmick)
S: Warned of a conspiracy within Starfleet Command by old friend Walker Keel,
whose ship is subsequently destroyed, Picard journeys to Earth and uncovers
the plan by a race of parasites to conquer the Federation!

THE NEUTRAL ZONE (26/126) 41986.0
W: Maurice Hurley (Television ST,TE), Deborah McIntyre & Mona Glee (Original
D: James L. Conway
G: Peter Mark Richman (Ralph Offenhouse), Leon Rippy (Sonny Clemons), Gracie
Harrison (Clare Raymond), Marc Alaimo (T'Bok)
S: The Enterprise discovers an old Earth satellite with three frozen humans
from the 20th Century aboard, and must hold them on the Enterprise while en
route to a meeting with the Romulans to determine the reason why border
outposts have been mysteriously destroyed.

>>> S E A S O N T W O <<<

THE CHILD (27/127) 42073.1
W: Jaron Summers, Jon Povill and Maurice Hurley
D: Rob Bowman
G: Seymour Cassel (Hester Dealt), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
S: New medical officer Kate Pulaski pronounces Troi pregnant at the hands of
a traveling alien who is born in two days...and advances at a frightening
rate. But when it is discovered the child is endangering a dangerous ship-
ment of plasma plague, can Picard save the ship?

WHERE SILENCE HAS LEASE (28/128) 42193.6
W: Jack B. Sowards
D: Winrich Kolbe
G: Earl Boen (Nagilum)
S: An advanced alien traps the crew in a mysterious black void, pawns in its
game of research and discovery....and helpless when the alien sentences half
the crew to die.

ELEMENTARY, DEAR DATA (29/129) 42286.3
W: Brian Alan Lane
D: Rob Bowman
G: Daniel Davis (Moriarty), Alan Shearman (Lestrade)
S: Data, Geordi and Pulaski play out a Sherlock Holmes mystery in the holodeck,
but when Geordi challenges the computer to create an adversary capable of
defeating Data, the evil Professor Moriarty achieves consciousness....and
takes control of the Enterprise.

THE OUTRAGEOUS OKONA (30/130) 42402.7
W: Les Menchen (ST), Lance Dickson (ST), David Landsburg (ST), Burton Armus
D: Robert Becker
G: William O. Campbell (Okona), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan), Joe Piscopo (Comic),
Douglas Rowe (Debin), Albert Stratton (Kushell)
S: The Enterprise grants asylum to Okona, a roguish captain pursued by the pla-
nets Atlek and Streleb. Meanwhile, Guinan sets out to teach Data about
human humor.

LOUD AS A WHISPER (31/132) 42477.2
W: Jacqueline Zambrano
D: Larry Shaw
G: Howie Seago (Riva), Marnie Mosiman (Woman), Thomas Oglesby (Scholar), Leo
Damian (Warrior/Adonis)
S: To settle a dispute on Soleis Five, the Enterprise seeks Riva, the deaf
Great Mediator, but when Riva's Chorus of telepathic translators are killed,
Troi alone has the power to help Riva.

THE SCHIZOID MAN (32/131) 42437.5
W: Hans Beimler & Richard Manning (ST), Tracy Torme (TE)
D: Les Landau
G: W. Morgan Sheppard (Dr. Ira Graves), Barbara Alyn Woods (Kareen Brianon),
Suzie Plakson (Lt. Selar)
S: Plagued with a fatal disease, Dr. Ira Graves transfers his consciousness
into Data, and separating the two disparate personalities rests with Pi-
card's ability to persuade Graves of his mistake.

UNNATURAL SELECTION (33/133) 42494.8
W: John Mason & Mike Gray
D: Paul Lynch
G: Patricia Smith (Sara Kingsley)
S: After the crew of the USS Lantree dies of old age, the Enterprise traces the
scourge to the Darwin Genetic Research Station, where a genetic experiment
gone awry holds the children at bay....and infects Dr. Pulaski.

A MATTER OF HONOR (34/134) 42506.5
W: Wanda M. Haight (ST), Gragory Amos (ST), Burton Armus (ST,TE)
D: Rob Bowman
G: Christopher Collins (Kargan), Brian Thompson (Klag), John Putch (Mendon)
S: A Starfleet exchange program brings a green young Benzite ensign on board
the Enterprise and sends Riker to the Klingon vessel Pagh, whose distrust-
ful captain attacks the Enterprise, suspecting Picard of sabotage.

THE MEASURE OF A MAN (35/135) 42523.7
W: Melinda M. Snodgrass
D: Robert Scheerer
G: Amanda McBroom (Philipa Louvois), Brian Brophy (Bruce Maddox), Whoopi Gold-
berg (Guinan)
S: Data's rights are put to the test in court as Picard battles Bruce Maddox,
a cyberneticist who wants to create more androids for Starfleet at the cost
of Data's life -- and the prosecuting attorney is Commander Riker!

THE DAUPHIN (36/136) 42568.8
W: Scott Rubenstein and Leonard Mlodinow
D: Rob Bowman
G: Paddi Edwards (Anya), Jamie Hubbard (Salia), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
S: The Enterprise is assigned to transport Salia, future ruler of Daled Four,
to her home planet...and en route, falls for young Wesley Crusher.

CONTAGION (37/137) 42609.1
W: Steve Gerber & Beth Woods
D: Rob Bowman
G: Thalmus Rasulala (Captain Varley), Carolyn Seymour (Toras)
S: A mysterious computer virus created on the lost world of Iconia destroys the
USS Yamato, and threatens the Enterprise -- until a Romulan ship in orbit
around the planet forces Picard to go after the secrets of Iconia.

THE ROYALE (38/138) 42625.4
W: Keith Mills
D: Cliff Bole
G: Nobel Willingham (Texas), Sam Anderson (Assistant Manager), Jill Jacobsen
S: After finding wreckage from a NASA vessel around Theta Eight, Riker, Worf
and Data become trapped in the Hotel Royale, a reconstruction of a trashy
Earth novel.

TIME SQUARED (39/139) 42679.2
W: Kurt Micahel Bensmiller (ST), Maurice Hurley (TE)
D: Joseph L. Scanlan
S: The Enterprise stumbles upon one of its own shuttlepods carrying an exact
duplicate of Picard from six hours in the future, where the ship has been

THE ICARUS FACTOR (40/140) 42686.4
W: David Assael (ST,TE), Robert L. McCullough (TE)
D: Robert Iscove
G: Mitchell Ryan (Kyle Riker)
S: Riker's father visits with a message -- Will has been promoted to command
the USS Ares, but first he must deal with the problems between himself and

PEN PALS (41/141) 42695.3
W: Hannah Louise Shearer (ST), Melinda M. Snodgrass (TE)
D: Winrich Kolbe
G: Nicholas Cascone (Davies), Nikki Cox (Sarjenka)
S: Data breaks the Prime Directive while communicating with a young girl on
a distant planet, which is about to be destroyed by seismic disruptions.

Q WHO (42/142) 42761.3
W: Maurice Hurley
D: Rob Bowman
G: John deLancie (Q), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
S: Q takes the Enterprise to another part of the galaxy to encounter the Borg,
a race of cyborgs to whom technology is all powerful.

SAMARITAN SNARE (43/143) 42779.1
W: Robert L. McCullough
D: Les Landau
G: Christopher Collins (Grebnedlog)
S: Geordi is kidnapped by a Pakled vessel whose captain wishes to make his
crew omnipotent, while an all-important operation on Picard's heart goes

UP THE LONG LADDER (44/144) 42823.2
W: Melinda M. Snodgrass
D: Winrich Kolbe
G: Rosalyn Landor (Brenna), Barrie Ingham (Danilo), Jon de Vries (Granger)
S: While rescuing one colony in the Ficus Sector from solar flares, Picard
learns of a second colony comprised of a dying race of clones....and must
solve the problems of both cultures.

MANHUNT (45/145) 42859.2
W: Terry Devereaux
D: Rob Bowman
G: Majel Barrett (Lwaxana Troi), Rod Arrants (Rex), Carel Struycken (Homn)
S: En route to a diplomatic conference, Troi's mother shows up while undergoing
"the Phase"; fleeing Lwaxana, Picard hides in the holodeck in the Dixon
Hill scenario.

THE EMISSARY (46/146) 42901.3
W: Thomas H. Calder (Unpublished Story), Richard Manning & Hans Beimler
(Television Story & Teleplay)
D: Cliff Bole
G: Suzie Plakson (K'Ehleyr), Lance LeGault (K'Temoc)
S: Special Emissary K'Ehleyr, a half-human, half-Klingon representative and
former lover of Worf, is called in to mediate a special problem: a group of
Klingons from a century ago in suspended animation have just revived and
are bent on attacking the Federation.

PEAK PERFORMANCE (47/147) 42923.4
W: David Kemper
D: Robert Scheerer
G: Roy Brocksmith (Sirna Kolrami)
S: The Enterprise is pitted against the USS Hathaway in war-games, but when
a Ferengi vessel shows up, Picard must play a real-life game of chess.

SHADES OF GRAY (48/148) 42976.1
W: Maurice Hurley (ST,TE), Hans Beimler & Richard Manning (TE)
D: Rob Bowman
S: Riker's body is invaded by a mysterious parasite and Pulaski's only recourse
seems to be the stimulation (via flashbacks) of his mind with memories.

>>> S E A S O N T H R E E <<<

EVOLUTION (49/150) 43125.8
W: Michael Piller (ST,TE), Michael Wagner (ST)
D: Winrich Kolbe
G: Ken Jenkins (Paul Stubbs), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
S: The Enterprise assists Dr. Paul Stubbs in a research experiment, but when
Wesley accidentally releases microscopic nanites, the ship is plagued by
serious malfunction and possible disaster.

THE ENSIGNS OF COMMAND (50/149) No Stardate
W: Melinda M. Snodgrass
D: Cliff Bole
G: Eileen Seeley (Ard'rian Mackenzie), Grainger Hines (Gosheven, uncredited)
S: Data is sent to Tau Cygna Five to evacuate the human settlers there before
the Sheliak, the alien rulers of the area, come to destroy them.

THE SURVIVORS (51/151) 43152.4
W: Michael Wagner
D: Les Landau
G: John Anderson (Kevin Uxbridge), Anne Haney (Rishan Uxbridge)
S: The Enterprise finds only two survivors of the 11,000 occupants on Delta
Rana IV, an old man and his wife who refuse to leave. Meanwhile, Troi is
being driven mad by strange music in her mind, and Picard wrestles with an
elusive alien vessel in orbit.

W: Richard Manning & Hans Beimler
D: Richard Wiemer
G: Kathryn Leigh Scott (Nuria), Ray Wise (Liko), James Greene (Dr. Barron),
Pamela Segall (Oji),
S: Riker and Troi masquerade as Mintakans, proto-Vulcanoids, in an attempt to
find a missing anthropologist. But when a Mintakan sees Picard and believes
him to be a god, the Prime Directive becomes much more complicated.

THE BONDING (53/153) 43198.7
W: Ronald D. Moore
D: Winrich Kolbe
G: Susan Powell (Marla Aster), Gabriel Damon (Jeremy Aster)
S: An archaeologist is killed on an Away mission, leaving behind a young son.
But when she mysteriously reappears to him, Picard must play a game of wits
with a powerful alien force who wants to raise the boy.

BOOBY TRAP (54/154) 43205.6
W: Michael Wagner (ST), Ron Roman (ST,TE), Michael Piller (TE), Richard
Danus (TE)
D: Gabrielle Beaumont
G: Susan Gibney (Leah Brahms), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan), Albert Hall (Galek
S: When the Enterprise becomes ensnared in a 1000-year-old booby trap, Geordi
recreates one of the Enterprise's designers in the holodeck....and falls in
love with her.

THE ENEMY (55/155) 43349.2
W: David Kemper and Michael Piller
D: David Carson
G: John Snyder (Bochra), Andreas Katsulas (Commander Tomalak)
S: Marooned on Galorndan Core with a Romulan crash survivor, Bochra, Geordi and
he must learn to put their differences aside in order to survive.

THE PRICE (56/156) 43385.6
W: Hannah Louise Shearer
D: Robert Scheerer
G: Matt McCoy (Devinoni Ral), Elizabeth Hoffman (Bhavani), Castulo Guerra
(Mendoza), Scott Thomson (DaiMon Goss), Kevin Peter Hall (Leyor), Dan
Shor (Dr. Arridor)
S: The Enterprise plays host to the negotiations of the rights to the Barzan
Wormhole, a fantastic new transportation corridor. But a Ferengi DaiMon
has plans to sabotage the conference, and Troi learns a dark secret about
Devinoni Ral, a delegate that she falls head-first for.

THE VENGEANCE FACTOR (57/157) 43421.9
W: Sam Rolfe
D: Timothy Bond
G: Lisa Wilcox (Yuta), Joey Aresco (Brull), Nancy Parsons (Marouk), Stephen
Lee (Chorgon)
S: The Enterprise attempts to assist in the cease-fire between the Acamarians
and the Gatherers, a nomadic party that broke away from them -- but blood
feuds still exist, and racial hatred is something that isn't easily broken.

THE DEFECTOR (58/158) 43462.5
W: Ronald D. Moore
D: Robert Scheerer
G: James Sloyan (Admiral Jarok), Andreas Katsulas (Commander Tomalak)
S: The Enterprise plays host to a Romulan defector who insists that the Empire
will wage a war to regain the Neutral Zone in 48 hours. But is he a spy,
or is war truly imminent?

THE HUNTED (59/159) 43489.2
W: Robin Bernheim
D: Cliff Bole
G: Jeff McCarthy (Roga Danar), James Cromwell (Nayrok)
S: A genetically altered veteran of a planetary war, imprisoned by his peers,
escapes and brings his case to the Enterprise.

THE HIGH GROUND (60/160) 43510.7
W: Melinda Snodgrass
D: Gabrielle Beaumont
G: Kerrie Keane (Alexana Devos), Richard Cox (Kyril Finn)
S: On Rutia Four, Beverly Crusher is kidnapped by a group of terrorists waging
a war for independence....and discovers that there is no right and wrong in
the struggle.

DEJA Q (61/161) 43539.1
W: Richard Danus
D: Les Landau
G: John deLancie (Q), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
S: While the Enterprise is on a mission to rescue a planet from an incoming
asteroid, Q returns, deprived of his powers and forced to live life as a
mortal by his own people.

A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE (62/162) 43610.4
W: Ed Zuckerman
D: Cliff Bole
G: Craig Richard Nelson (Krag), Gina Hecht (Manua), Mark Margolis (Dr. Apgar)
S: When the Tanuga Research Station mysteriously explodes, Riker is accused of
the destruction, and the holodeck is used to recreate the events preceding
the explosion from each witness' point of view.

W: Trent Christopher Ganino and Eric Stillwell (Original Story), Ira Stephen
Behr (TE), Richard Manning (TE), Hans Beimler (TE), Ronald D. Moore (TE)
D: David carson
G: Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan), Christopher McDonald
(Castillo), Tricia O'Neil (Captain Rachel Garrett)
S: A temporal rift caused by the Enterprise-C creates an alternate reality
where the war-torn Federation is losing to the Klingons and Tasha is still
alive. Picard must trust Guinan's intuition that history has been changed,
even at the cost of his own life.

THE OFFSPRING (64/164) 43657.0
W: Rene Echevarria
D: Jonathan Frakes
G: Hallie Todd (Lal), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan), Nicolas Coster (Haftel)
S: Data creates a child android called Lal, whom he adopts as his own, but
Starfleet has its own designs on her....

SINS OF THE FATHER (65/165) 43685.2
W: Ronald D. Moore (TE), W. Reed Moran (TE), based on teleplay by Drew Deighan
D: Les Landau
G: Tony Todd (Kurn), Charles Cooper (K'mpec), Patrick Massett (Duras)
S: Worf's long-lost brother joins him on a personal mission to the Klingon
homeworld, where Worf must challenge a ruling against his late father - one
that condemns him as a traitor to the Klingon race!

ALLEGIANCE (66/166) 43714.1
W: Hans Beimler & Richard Manning
D: Winrich Kolbe
G: Stephen Markle (Tholl), Reiner Schone (Esoqq), Joycelyn O'Brien (Haro)
S: Captain Picard is kidnapped by aliens who replace him with a duplicate;
while his comrades deal with their own feelings of loyalty toward their
"captain," the real Picard and three fellow captives attempt escape!

CAPTAIN'S HOLIDAY (67/167) 43745.2
W: Ira Stephen Behr
D: Chip Chalmers
G: Jennifer Hetrick (Vash), Max Grodenchik (Sovak)
S: Picard's holiday on Risa is interrupted by an enigmatic young woman and a
self-assured Ferengi, both of whom are looking for a legendary treasure....
in actuality, a weapon stolen from the 27th century and hidden in the past!

TIN MAN (68/168) 43779.3
W: Dennis Putman Bailey & David Bischoff
D: Robert Scheerer
G: Harry Groener (Tam Elbrun)
S: The Enterprise escorts a Betazoid named Elbrun to meet Tin Man, a new life
form in a remote system that the Romulans have their own designs on...and
who has established a link with Elbrun himself.

HOLLOW PURSUITS (69/169) 43807.4
W: Sally Caves
D: Cliff Bole
G: Dwight Schultz (Lt. Barkley), Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
S: While the Enterprise is stricken with a strange chemical affliction, an
introverted crewmember becomes addicted to the holodeck trying to escape
the pressures of reality.

THE MOST TOYS (70/170) 43872.2
W: Shari Goodhartz
D: Timothy Bond
G: Saul Rubinek (Kivas Fajo), Jane Daly (Varria), Nehemiah Persoff (Toff)
S: Data is kidnapped by a ruthless alien trader named Fajo and made his prize
possession in his collection of stolen treasures....but Fajo soon realizes
that Data is anything but cooperative.

SAREK (71/171) 43917.4
W: Peter S. Beagle (Television ST,TE), Marc Cushman & Jake Jacobs (Original ST)
D: Les Landau
G: Mark Lenard (Sarek), Joanna Miles (Perrin), William Denis (Mendrossen),
Rocco Sisto (Sakkath)
S: Sarek, the venerable Vulcan Ambassador, comes aboard the Enterprise for a
meeting with the reclusive Legarans, but when an outbreak of sporadic vio-
lence is linked to Sarek, the mission is in jeopardy.

MENAGE A TROI (72/172) 43930.7
W: Fred Bronson & Susan Sackett
D: Rob Legato
G: Majel Barrett (Lwaxana Troi), Frank Corsentino (DaiMon Tog)
S: While on shore leave on Betazed, Riker and Troi are kidnapped with Troi's
mother by the Ferengi, set on learning the truth about Betazoid telepathy.

TRANSFIGURATIONS (73/173) 43957.2
W: Rene Echevarria
D: Tom Benko
G: Mark La Mura (John Doe), Charles Dennis (Sunad)
S: The Enterprise aids the lone survivor of a ship crash, an amnesiac with
remarkable recuperative powers whose cell mutation has something to do with
his flight from home.

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (Pt. 1) (74/174) 43989.1
W: Michael Piller
D: Cliff Bole
G: Elizabeth Dennehy (Shelby), George Murdock (Admiral Hanson), Whoopi Gold-
berg (Guinan)
S: The Enterprise engages a lone Borg vessel in a distant star system, the
precursor of a massive invasion of the Federation - a seemingly hopeless
battle on which rides the life of Captain Picard and the survival of the
planet Earth itself.

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