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aHHXXXXXXX4Star Trek: TNG List of Lists
compiled by Mark Holtz
(Revised September 13, 1992)

DISCLAIMER: Star Trek, Enterprise, and all other related items are copyright and trademarks of Paramount Communications. Any infringement of these lists on Paramounts legitimate copyright and trademarks are purely unintentional, and will be corrected upon proper notification. These lists are for the enjoyment of the reader only, and may not be sold. Some items in these lists are taken from Mike Browns ST:TNG Program Guide, and no copyright infringement is intended. This list is only intended to supplement Mr. Browns guide, not replace it. You are highly recommended to purchase Mr. Browns guide.

This is the Star Trek TNG Lists of Lists. It contains a listing of all the episodes for Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series, plus some added notes. (Due to length considerations, there is a separate TOS/TAS, Movies, and DS9 List of Lists) This list comes out around the 1st and 16th of every month, except July and August, when it will come out on the 1st only. However, a posting may not come out due to events beyond my control.

If you are wondering why I compile these lists, it is strictly out of the enjoyment of Star Trek, and enjoy a wealth of information from other people who post on the electronic networks. After being irritated by the ever constant requests for episode lists on Usenet, I decided that, in the middle of 1990, to post a list of episodes on a regular basis. It soon grew from that, and, with the contributions of other people, these lists grew to what you see today. (And still growing). The only payment I ask is thanks and contributions, I am not making a dime off these compilations.

To contact the compiler, try the following e-mail addresses:
Usenet: [email protected] (preferred)
Compuserve: Use Usenet gateway
Fidonet Netmail: Mark Holtz@1:203/90.1701 (The Itchy & Scratchy Show)
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c/o Valley Mfg. & Eng. Co.
11358 Amalgam Way, Unit 2
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

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Table of Contents

Upcoming Episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation
Air Schedule
Brief Descriptions
Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Listings
Cast Listings
Season 1-6 Episode Listings
Syndication Notes
Changes from season to season
Major Species Appearances
Audio Problems?
Working Titles
What is canon?
Ranks and Insignia
Picard Surrenders
Picard Violates The Prime Directive
Command Offered To Commander Riker
Wesley Saves The Day_ .
_ . and Screws Up
The Walking Dead
Saucer Separation
Family Relations
Attempts At Self-Destruct
Time Travel
The Crew Taken Over
Enterprise Exceeds Warp Limits
TOS Crossovers in TNG
Trek in Other Lands
Security Codes
Convention Hints
How Many Episodes?
The Merry Men (and Women) of Qpid
Money In The Future
Religion In The Future
Did you know _
Differences in Encounter At Farpoint
Operation SNAFU
Data Using Contractions
Mike Browns Program Guide
Thanks to _ .
Wesley Eugene Gene Roddenberry 123456712345671234567123456712345671234567123456712345671234567123456712345671 On the next exciiiiting episode of

REMEMBER: All information in this section is rumor, and comes from various sources, including Usenets Most of the information below has appeared previously on the electronic networks. Also, all
information is subject to change.

Sat. Date Week OfEpisode Title
========= ============= ===============================
Sep 12 92 Sep 14-Sep 20 Times Arrow >REPEAT<
Sep 19 92 Sep 21-Sep 27 Times Arrow II

{Schedule subject to change}

Sep 26 92 Sep 28-Oct 4 Realm of Fear
Oct 3 92 Oct 5-Oct 11 Man of the People
Oct 10 92 Oct 12-Oct 18 Relics
Oct 17 92 Oct 19-Oct 25 Schisms
Oct 24 92 Oct 26-Nov 1 Q-Me
Oct 31 92 Nov 2-Nov 8 Episode 133

Times Arrow IIThe conclusion of the events in Times Arrow I. No further information available.

Realm of FearFeatures the return of Lt. Barclay (Dwight Schultz). This
time, Barclay has a nerosis about transporters.

Man of the PeopleHeavy-duty Troi episode in which Troi rapidly grows old...and dies. Troi was required to wear heavy makeup.

RelicsFeatures the special guest appearance of Scotty (James Doohan). He is picked up in the transporter, having been held in accidental statis for over
75 years. One of the sets constructed include a replica of the original series bridge.

SchismsTroi has a new hair style. No other information available.

Q-MeQ episode. Rumors suggest a female Q. No other information available
Star Trek: The Next Generation

Space, the final frontier,
these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise
its continuing mission,
to explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Regular Crew (includes major repeated guests) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Patrick StewartCaptain Jean-Luc Picard
Locutus of Borg (The Best of Both Worlds)
also directed: In Theory, Hero Worship

Captain Picard was born on July 13, 2305 in LaBarre, France to Maurice and Yvette Picard (Conundrum). He entered the academy in 2322 and graduated in 2327 (Conundrum). Before commanding the Enterprise, he commanded the USS Stargazer, and created the Picard Maneuver. (The Battle). His family includes his brother, Robert Picard (Jeremy KempFamily) and wife Marie Picard (Samantha AggarFamily), and his nephew, Rene Picard (David Tristan Birken

Jonathan FrakesCommander William T. Riker (First Officer)
Odan (The Host)
also directed: The Offspring, Reunion, The Drumhead, Cause and Effect

Commander Riker was born to Kyle Riker (Mitchell RyanThe Icarus Factor). After graduating from Starfleet Academy, he was stationed at
Betazed, where he met Deanna Troi. He was later offered command of his own ship, the ?????, (Arsenal Of Freedom), but turned it down to take command of the Enterprise. He refused command of two other ships since then.

Also Starring_

LeVar BurtonLt. Commander Geordi LaForge (Chief Engineer)
(Season 2Lieutenant)
(Season 1Lieutenant-Junior Grade)

Geordi LaForge was born blind. His father was an Exozoologist, and his mother was a Command Officer (Imaginary Friend). Hero Worship describes an experience he had before he got his first VISOR.

Denise CrosbyLieutenant Natasha Tasha Yar (Security Chief)
(Died in Action on Skin of Evil)
[See also Guest Cast]

Tasha was born Turkana Four, a failed Federation colony (Legacy). She escaped the colony, and joined Starfleet. Her life ended suddenly, when, on a rescue mission on Vagra II, she was killed by Armus. (Skin of Evil). Her only family was her sister, Ishara Yar_or were they?
When the Enterprise encounters a worm hole, a time rift occurs, and the Enterpise, NCC-1701-C appears. Suddenly, the time-line changes, and Tasha Yar replaces Worf in a war with the Klingon Empire. This second Yar joined the crew on the Enterprise-C, and travelled back through the wormhole to the Romulan attack twenty years earlier (Yesterdays Enterprise). The Enterprise-C was promptly captured, and taken back to Romulas. She became a consort to a Romulan commander, and bore a child named Sela. When Sela was four years old, Tasha tried to escaped with Sela, but was captured. Tasha was executed, and Sela became a Romulan commander. (Redemption II)

Michael DornLieutenant Worf (Security Chief)
(Season 1-2Lieutenant JG)

Worf, Son of MoghFather-Mogh (mentioned in Redemption), Brother-Kern (Tony Todd-Sins of the Father, Redemption), Mate-KEhleyr (Suzie Plakson-The Emmisary, Reunion [killed]), Son-Alexander (Jon Steuer-Reunion, Brian Bonsall-New Ground, Ethics, Cost of Living), Grandfather Worf (Michael Dorn, Star Trek VI) Foster Father-Sergey Rozhenko (Theodore Bikel-Family), Foster Mother-Helena Rozhenko (Georgia Brown-Family)

Michelle ForbesEnsign Ro (Introduced in Ensign Ro)
- See also Guest Cast

Whoopi GoldbergGuinan (ManagerTen-Forward)

Cheryl Gates McFaddenCommander Beverly Crusher (Chief Medical Officer Seasons 1, 3present. Crusher was in Starfleet Medical during Season 2)

Choreographer: Datas Day

Beverly & Wesley CrusherJack Crusher (Doug Wert-Family [holodeck])

Beverly Crusher was born on March 29th, 2334 to Paul and Isabel Howard on Copernicus City, Luna. (Conundrum). She entered the academy in 2349? and graduated in 2355? (Conundrum). She was introduced to her husband, Jack Crusher (Doug WertFamily) by Picard (Conspiracy). However, on a away team mission, Jack was killed, and Picard brought Jacks body home. Later, Beverly requested duty aboard the Enterprise, bringing along her teenage son, Wesley.

Colm MeaneyTransporter Chief Miles Edward OBrien

Miles Edward OBrienWife-Keiko (see guest cast), Daughter-Molly (seen in Disaster, Power Play, named in The Game)

Diana MuldaurCommander Kate Pulaski (Chief Medical Officer-Transferred)Special Appearances in Season 2)

Marina SirtisCounselor Deanna Troi

Deanna Troi was born on March 29, 2336 to Alex (Conundrum)/Ian (The Child) and Lwaxana Troi. She was born on Betazed, and entered the academy on 2355 and graduated in 2359 (Conundrum).
Her rank as Lt. Cmdr. is confirmed in four episodes: Encounter At
FarpointShe wears Lt. Cmdr. pips, The ChildThe display which shows
her developing fetus lists Troi as Lt. Cmdr, DisasterWhere OBrien reminds Ro Laren that Troi holds the rank of Lt. Cmdr., and ConundrumThe crew manifest lists Troi as Lt. Cmdr.

Brent SpinerLt. Commander Data (Second Officer)
Lore (Datalore, Brothers)
Dr. Noonian Soong (Brothers)

Data was found on Omnicron Theta on February 2, 2336. He was built by Noonian Soong (mentioned in Datalore, seen in Brothers), entered the academy
in 2341 and graduated in 2345. His father, Dr. Noonian Soong, was taught by Dr. Ira Graves (W. Morgan SheppardThe Schizoid Man). His brother, Lore (Datalore, Brothers), was later found and assembled, but almost gave away the ship to a crystaline entity. One of the differences between Data and Lore is that Data has a type R processor, while Lore has a type L processor. (Times Arrow). Data also built a daughter named Lal, but she suffered a neural
pathway collapse. (played by Hallie ToddThe Offspring).
Datas specification of operations is listed in Measure of a Man. He is listed in Starfleet records as NFN NMI DataNo First Name, No Middle Initial.

Wil WheatonEnsign Wesley Crusher (Seasons 3-4Now in Academy)
(Seasons 1-3Acting Ensign)
(Season 1Civilian)
[See also Guest Cast]

Guest Stars
NOTE: Denise Crosby, Michelle Forbes, and Wil Wheaton are listed as guest
stars in the shows mentioned below, thus they are in this section also.

Chad AllenJono (Suddenly Human)
Corbin BernsenQ2 (Deja Q)
Brian BonsallAlexander (New Ground, Ethics, Cost of Living, Imaginary Friend)
CatSpot (Datas CatDatas Day, In Theory)
Rosalind ChaoKeiko Ishikawa/OBrien (Civilian) (Datas Day, The Wounded, Night Terrors, In Theory, Disaster, Violations)
Charles CooperKmpec (Sins of the Father, ReunionDied)
Denise CrosbyLieutenant Tasha Yar (Yesterdays Enterprise)
Romulan Commander in Shadows (The Minds Eye-uncredited, Redemption-uncredited)
Sela (Redemption II, Unification)
John DeLancieQ (Encounter at Farpoint, Hide and Q, Q-Who, Deja Q, Qpid, Q-Me)
Elizabeth DennehbyCommander Shelby (The Best Of Both Worlds)
James DoohanScotty (Relics)
Michelle ForbesDara (Half A Life)
Matt FrewerBerlingoff Rasmussen (A Matter Of Time)
Susan GibneyLeah Brahms (Booby Trap, Galaxys Child)
Kelsey Grammer(Cause and Effect)
Jennifer HetrickVash (Captains Holiday, Qpidnow with Q)
Ashley JuddEnsign Robin Lefler (The Game)
(Ashley is a sister of country singer Wynnona Judd)
Andreas KatsulasTomalak (The Enemy, The Defector, Future Imperfect)
DeForest KelleyAdmiral (Encounter at Farpoint)
Mark LenardSarek (Sarek, Unification IDied)
Carolyn McCormickMinuet (11001001, Future Imperfect (non-speaking) )
Eric MenyukThe Traveler (Where No One Has Gone Before, Remember Me)
Joanna MilesPerrin (Sarek, Unification I)
Lycia NaffEnsign Sonya Gomez (Q Who, Samaritan Snare)
Bebe NeuwirthLanel (First Contact)
Leonard NimoyAmbassador Spock (Unification II)
Joe PiscapoThe Comic (The Outrageous Okona)
Suzie PlaksonDr. Selar (The Schizoid Man)
KEhleyr (The Emissary, ReunionDied)
Majel Barrett-RoddenberryLwaxana Troi (Haven, Manhunt, Menage a Troi, Half
A Life, Cost of Living)
TNG Computer

Saul RubinekKivas Fajo (The Most Toys)
Robert SchenkkanLt. Cmdr. Dexter Remmick (Coming of Age, ConspiracyDied) Dwight SchultzLieutenant Reginald Reg Broccoli Barclay (Hollow
Pursuits, The Nth Degree)
Carolyn SeymourSub-Commander Taris (Contagion)
Mirasta Yale (First Contact)
David Ogden StiersTimicin (Half A LifeCeremonial Death)
Carel StruyckenMr. Homm (Haven, Manhunt, Menage a Troi, Half A Life, Cost
of Living)
Malachi ThronePardek (Unification)
Beth ToussaintIshara Yar (Legacy)
Ray WalstonBoothby (First Duty)
Wil WheatonWesley Crusher (The Game, The First Duty)
Paul WinfieldTamarian Captain (Darmok)

KEY: Eps.Episode Number according to Paramount Count.
Sat. DateThe saturday in which the episode is first sent via satellite to the various stations
Week OfParamounts Official Week-Of for TNG broadcast
PCodeProduction Code Number
StardateFirst given stardate in episode (if known)
Episode TitleNamed of the episode. ๐Ÿ˜‰

First Season
Eps. Sat. Date Week OfPCode Stardate Episode Title

1&2. Sep 26 87 Sep 28-Oct 4 721 41153.7 Encounter At Farpoint

The crew of the Enterprise is put on trial by a mysterious force called Q for all the crimes of mankind.

3. Oct 3 87 Oct 5-Oct 11 103 41209.2 The Naked Now

Romance, danger and chaos result when a mysterious contaminant renders the crew of the Enterprise intoxicated.

4. Oct 10 87 Oct 12-Oct 18 104 41235.25 Code Of Honor

Kidnapped by aliens known as Ligonians, Lieutenant Tasha Yar battles for
her freedom and the welfare of a diseased Federation planet.

5. Oct 18 87 Oct 19-Oct 25 107 41386.4 The Last Outpost

Held captive over an unknown planet, the away teams of the USS Enterprise and Ferengi starships must pass an important inquisition by a mysterious life form known as Portal, before they are allowed to continue their journeys through space.

6. Oct 24 87 Oct 26-Nov 1 106 41263.1 Where No One Has Gone Before

Teenager Wesley Crusher and a dying alien are the crews only hope for escape from a bizarre galaxy where thoughts become real.

7. Oct 31 87 Nov 2-Nov 8 108 41249.3 Lonely Among Us

Passing through a series of complex energy patterns, the Enterprise crew find themselves trying to solve the mystery surrounding the murder of Assistant Chief Engineer Singh and the altered personalities of Lt. Worf, Dr. Crusher and the Captain.

8. Nov 7 87 Nov 9-Nov 15 109 41255.6 Justice

When Wesley is sentenced to death for innocently violating a foreign planets customs, Captain Picard is forced to chose between negotiating for Wesleys life or adhering to the Federations prime directive which prohibits interfering with another civilizations way of life.

9. Nov 14 87 Nov 16-Nov 22 110 41723.9 The Battle

A thought altering device, controlled by a Ferengi Captain seeking revenge on Picard for his sons death, threatens the life of the Captain and the safety of the Enterprise.

10. Nov 21 87 Nov 23-Nov 29 111 41590.5 Hide And Q

The Enterprise is once again challenged by the dangerous and powerful Q who offers Riker god-like powers in exchange for Rikers membership in the Q continuum.

11. Nov 28 87 Nov 30-Dec 6 105 41294.5 Haven

Deanna Troi is caught between her feelings for Riker and her devotion to family customs when she faces a prearranged marriage.

12. Jan 9 88 Jan 11-Jan 17 113 41997.7 The Big Goodbye

When the holodecks malfunction, the Captain and two crew members become trapped in San Francisco, 1941, where they are held hostage by murderous gangsters.

13. Jan 16 88 Jan 18-Jan 24 114 41242.4 Datalore

Datas android look-alike formulates an evil masterplan that could destroy the Enterprise.

14. Jan 23 88 Jan 25-Jan 31 115 41636.9 Angel One

While the away team struggle to save male fugitives on a planet run by women, the Enterprise is ravaged by an highly infectious virus.

15. Jan 30 88 Feb 1-Feb 7 116 41365.9 11001001

The Enterprise is hijacked by an alien species who need the ships computer to regenerate the one damaged on their own planet.

16. Feb 6 88 Feb 8-Feb 14 112 41309.5 Too Short A Season

The Enterprise escorts a Federation admiral to a planet to negotiate the release of hostages, but the planets governor wants to kill him in revenge for a previous hostage crises that ended in tragedy.

17. Feb 13 88 Feb 15-Feb 21 118 41509.1 When The Bough Breaks

Wesley and several children from the Enterprise are kidnapped by a sterile civilization which hopes to use them to rebuild their race.

18. Feb 20 88 Feb 22-Feb 28 117 41463.9 Home Soil

A powerful microscopic life form declares war on humans, takes over the Enterprises lab and computers, and threatens to destroy the ship.

19. Mar 12 88 Mar 14-Mar 20 119 41416.2 Coming Of Age

While Wesley endures the grueling Starfleet Academy entrance exam, Captain Picard faces an investigation into his competency as a commander.

20. Mar 19 88 Mar 21-Mar 27 120 41503.7 Heart Of Glory

Lt. Worf is torn between his loyalty to the Enterprise and his fierce Klingon heritage when two Klingon fugitives take over the ship.

21. Apr 9 88 Apr 11-Apr 17 121 41798.2 The Arsenal Of Freedom

Picard and the away team fight for their lives on a planet run by a computerized weapons system.

22. Apr 16 88 Apr 18-Apr 24 123 Unknown Symbiosis

The Enterprise is caught in the middle when two alien races wage a bitter battle over cargo which one of them needs for survival.

23. Apr 23 88 Apr 25-May 1 122 41601.3 Skin Of Evil

A rescue mission turns to tragedy when one of the Enterprise officers is killed by an evil alien.

24. Apr 30 88 May 2-May 8 124 41697.9 Well Always Have Paris

Captain Picard is unexpectedly reunited with his first love in the midst of an investigation into lethal time warp experiments.

25. May 7 88 May 9-May 15 125 41775.5 Conspiracy

Captain Picard and Commander Riker travel to Earth to investigate a conspiracy in the highest ranks of Starfleet command.

26. May 14 88 May 16-May 22 126 41986.0 The Neutral Zone

While traveling to a meeting with hostile Romulans, the crew discovers a ship containing three frozen Americans from the 20th century.

Second Season
The start of the second season was delayed until late November due to a writers strike which lasted from March 7, 1988 to August 7, 1988.

Eps. Sat. Date Week OfPCode Stardate Episode Title

7. Nov 19 88 Nov 21-Nov 27 127 42073.1 The Child

While preparing to transport a deadly plague to a research lab, the crew is stunned by the announcement of Counselor Trois pregnancy.

28. Nov 26 88 Nov 28-Dec 4 128 42193.6 Where Silence Has Lease

The crew is held hostage in a mysterious void by a being who wishes to observe the many ways in which humans die.

29. Dec 3 88 Dec 5-Dec 11 129 42286.3 Elementary, Dear Data

Pretending to be Sherlock Holmes, Data uses the holodeck to solve a mystery that threatens Dr. Pulaskis life.

30. Dec 10 88 Dec 12-Dec 18 130 42402.7 The Outrageous Okona

While the Enterprise crew play host to a witty renegade captain, Data struggles to acquire a sense of humor.

31. Jan 7 89 Jan 9-Jan 15 132 42477.2 Loud As A Whisper

The future of a warring planet depends on a deaf mediator, who suddenly loses his ability to communicate.

32. Jan 21 89 Jan 23-Jan 29 131 42437.5 The Schizoid Man

A brilliant but terminally ill scientist seeks eternal life by transferring his mind into Datas body.

33. Jan 28 89 Jan 30-Feb 5 133 42494.8 Unnatural Selection

The crew grapples with a mysterious disease which accelerates the aging process, causing humans to die of old age within a matter of days.

34. Feb 4 89 Feb 6-Feb 12 134 42506.5 A Matter Of Honor

Rikers loyalties are put to the test when he is assigned to a Klingon vessel which plans to attack the Enterprise.

35. Feb 11 89 Feb 13-Feb 19 135 42523.7 The Measure Of A Man

When Data refuses to be disassembled for research purposes, Picard is enlisted to defend his rights in court.

36. Feb 18 89 Feb 20-Feb 26 136 42568.8 The Dauphin

Wesley finds romance with the beautiful young ruler of Daled Four whose secret power could destroy the Enterprise and her crew.

37. Mar 18 89 Mar 20-Mar 26 137 42609.1 Contagion

The Enterprises computer system falls prey to a mysterious electronic virus which programs the ship to self destruct.

38. Mar 25 89 Mar 27-Apr 2 138 42625.4 The Royale

Investigating the discovery of a piece of metal bearing a United States Air Force insignia, the Away Team finds itself trapped in the world of The Hotel Royale, a novel come to life.

39. Apr 1 89 Apr 3-Apr 9 139 42679.2 Time Squared

The U.S.S. Enterprise discovers a Federation shuttle containing an exact double of Captain Picard from six hours in the future.

40. Apr 22 89 Apr 24-Apr 30 140 42686.4 The Icarus Factor

Rikers long-lost father reappears on the eve of his departure to become captain on a new starship.

41. Apr 29 89 May 1-May 7 141 42695.3 Pen Pals

Data races against time to save the life of a little alien girl on a planet doomed for destruction.

42. May 6 89 May 8-May 14 142 42761.3 Q Who

The crew is hurled [a distance of 7,000 light years] by the malevolent Q, who sets them up for destruction by a race of half-human, half-robot aliens known as the Borg.

43. May 13 89 May 15-May 21 143 42779.1 Samaritan Snare

While Picard fights for his life in surgery, Geordi is held hostage by the leaders of an alien race.

44. May 20 89 May 22-May 28 144 42823.2 Up The Long Ladder

The crews rescue of a missing earth colony leads to the discovery of a civilization composed entirely of clones.

45. Jun 17 89 Jun 19-Jun 25 145 42859.2 Manhunt

In her search for the perfect mate, Trois mother beams aboard the Enterprise -- and sets her sights on Captain Picard.

46. Jun 24 89 Jun 26-Jul 2 146 42901.3 The Emissary

An official mission becomes a personal matter when Worfs former love is sent to the Enterprise to mediate a dispute between Klingons and the Federation.

47. Jul 8 89 Jul 10-Jul 16 147 42923.4 Peak Performance

A simulated war game turns deadly when the crew is ambushed by a Ferengi battleship.

48. Jul 15 89 Jul 17-Jul 23 148 42976.1 Shades Of Gray

Commander Riker is struck down by a deadly microbe which invades his
central nervous system and attacks his brain.

Third Season
Eps. Sat. Date Week OfPCode Stardate Episode Title

49. Sep 23 89 Sep 25-Oct 1 150 43125.8 Evolution

The crew fights for survival when a mysterious force attacks the ships
life support systems.

50. Sep 30 89 Oct 2-Oct 8 149 Unknown The Ensigns Of Command

Data races against time to save a human colony thats been marked for death by aliens.

51. Oct 7 89 Oct 9-Oct 15 151 43142.4 The Survivors

The crew travels to Rana IV, a remote colony where just two of its 11,000 inhabitants have miraculously survived a devastating attack.

52. Oct 14 89 Oct 16-Oct 22 152 43173.5 Who Watches The Watchers

Mistakenly believing Captain Picard to be a god, the members of a primitive culture seize Troi and prepare to sacrifice her to him.

53. Oct 21 89 Oct 23-Oct 29 153 43198.7 The Bonding

When the ships archaeologist is killed on a mission led by Worf, the Klingon feels responsible for the son she left behind.

54. Oct 28 89 Oct 30-Nov 5 154 43205.6 Booby Trap

The Enterprise is caught in a booby trap that captures the ship and converts its energy into lethal levels of radiation.

55. Nov 4 89 Nov 6-Nov 12 155 43349.2 The Enemy

After Geordi is stranded on a storm-ravaged planet, the crews attempts to rescue him are hindered by an aggressive Romulan warship.

56. Nov 11 89 Nov 13-Nov 19 156 43385.6 The Price

Counselor Troi is swept off her feet by a dashing delegate who uses unethical methods to conduct his business on board the Enterprise.

57. Nov 18 89 Nov 20-Nov 26 157 43421.9 The Vengeance Factor

The crews attempts to mediate a violent dispute between warring clans is sabotaged by a mysterious assassin.

58. Dec 30 89 Jan 1-Jan 7 158 43462.5 The Defector

A Romulan defector leads the crew into a showdown that could erupt into a full scale war.

59. Jan 6 90 Jan 8-Jan 14 159 43489.2 The Hunted

The Enterprise is bombarded by a soldier who is the victim of government mind control which turns him into a violent killer.

60. Jan 27 90 Jan 29-Feb 4 160 43510.7 The High Ground

Doctor Crushers abduction by a radical terrorist group thrusts the crew into an explosive civil war on Rutia Four.

61. Feb 3 90 Feb 5-Feb 11 161 43539.1 Deja Q

The crew is surprised by the appearance of their mischievous nemesis, Q.
[Additional info: Q is stripped of his powers, and is sent to the Enterprise]

62. Feb 10 90 Feb 12-Feb 18 162 43610.4 A Matter Of Perspective

Riker is suspected of murdering a respected scientist who had accused the Enterprise officer of seducing his wife.

63. Feb 17 90 Feb 19-Feb 25 163 43625.2 Yesterdays Enterprise

The course of history is altered when a time rift brings a starship Enterprise from the past into the present with a crew which includes Tasha Yar.

64. Mar 10 90 Mar 12-Mar 18 164 43657.0 The Offspring

Data becomes a father when he creates an android using a transfer of his own neural programming. [Jonathan Frakes directs]

65. Mar 17 90 Mar 19-Mar 25 165 43685.2 Sins Of The Father

When his long-lost brother appears on the Enterprise, Worf is thrust into a life-or-death battle for his familys honor.

66. Mar 24 90 Mar 26-Apr 1 166 43714.1 Allegiance

Without the crews knowledge, Captain Picard is kidnapped and replaced by an evil impostor.

67. Mar 31 90 Apr 2-Apr 8 167 43745.2 Captains Holiday

While on vacation, Picard becomes entangled in the search for a missing weapon from the future.

68. Apr 21 90 Apr 23-Apr 29 168 43779.3 Tin Man

The crew is thrust into a deadly showdown with the Romulans over a newly discovered life-form in a remote star system.

69. Apr 28 90 Apr 30-May 6 169 43807.4 Hollow Pursuits

The crew struggles to help a young engineer whos obsession with the fantasy world Holodeck is endangering the ship.

70. May 5 90 May 7-May 13 170 43872.2 The Most Toys

The crew leave Data for dead when his shuttle craft explodes during a dangerous mission.

71. May 12 90 May 14-May 20 171 43917.4 Sarek

The Enterprise is plagued by an outbreak of violence when it is visited by a renowned Vulcan ambassador.

72. May 26 90 May 28-Jun 3 172 43930.7 Menage A Troi

The Enterprise is thrown into chaos when Counselor Troi and her mother are kidnapped by the Ferengi.

73. Jun 2 90 Jun 4-Jun 10 173 43957.2 Transfigurations

The Enterprise rescues a mysterious humanoid whose remarkable powers affect the entire crew.

74. Jun 16 90 Jun 18-Jun 24 174 43989.1 The Best Of Both Worlds

The evil Borg capture Picard in an attempt to conquer the human race.

Fourth Season
Eps. Sat. Date Week OfPCode Stardate Episode Title

75. Sep 22 90 Sep 24-Sep 30 175 44001.4 The Best Of Both WorldsPart II

Riker must choose between saving Picard and saving humanity when the Borg use the kidnapped captain as part of their plan to destroy Earth.

76. Sep 29 90 Oct 1-Oct 7 178 44012.3 Family

While the Enterprise undergoes repairs on Earth, crew members reunite with family as Picard comes face to face with his jealous brother.

77. Oct 6 90 Oct 8-Oct 14 177 44085.7 Brothers

After being summoned home by his elderly creator, Data clashes with his evil brother, Lore.

78. Oct 13 90 Oct 15-Oct 21 176 44143.7 Suddenly Human

Picard risks war when he refuses to return a human boy to the alien father who raised him, and may have abused him.

79. Oct 20 90 Oct 22-Oct 28 179 44161.2 Remember Me

Wesleys experiment with warp fields result in the mysterious disappearance of the crew.

80. Oct 27 90 Oct 29-Nov 4 180 44215.2 Legacy

A rescue mission leads the crew to the birthplace of their late comrade Tasha Yar, where they encounter her mysterious sister.

81. Nov 3 90 Nov 5-Nov 11 181 44246.3 Reunion

When Picard is chosen to mediate a Klingon power struggle, Worf confronts the Klingon who disgraced him. [Jonathan Frakes directs.]

82. Nov 10 90 Nov 12-Nov 18 182 44286.5 Future Imperfect

After an Away Team mission fails, Riker awakens in sickbay to discover sixteen years have passed and he now commands the Enterprise.

83. Nov 17 90 Nov 19-Nov 25 183 44307.3 Final Mission

After being accepted to Starfleet Academy, Wesley accompanies Picard on a final mission, only to find himself struggling to keep the captain alive.

84. Dec 29 90 Dec 31-Jan 6 184 44356.9 The Loss

Counselor Troi resigns her post after experiencing a mysterious loss of her empathetic powers.

85. Jan 5 91 Jan 7-Jan 13 185 44390.1 Datas Day

A friends impending wedding compounds Datas confusion about the nuances of human feelings.

86. Jan 26 91 Jan 28-Feb 3 186 44429.6 The Wounded

Picard must stop a renegade Federation starship which is making unprovoked attacks on a former enemys ship.

87. Feb 2 91 Feb 4-Feb 10 187 44474.5 Devils Due

Picard fights to save a terrorized planet from a powerful woman who claims to be the devil.

88. Feb 9 91 Feb 11-Feb 17 188 44502.7 Clues

Picard and the crew are shocked to discover that Data is lying to them.

[Additional note: The Enterprise travels through a worm hole in which most of the crew is knocked out for apparently 30 seconds. However, there are signs that say that they were out longer.]

89. Feb 16 91 Feb 18-Feb 24 189 Unknown First Contact

Critically wounded during a first contact mission, Riker is mistaken for a hostile alien.

90. Mar 9 91 Mar 11-Mar 17 190 44614.6 Galaxys Child

The Enterprise as a parent? Seems so, when it accidentally kills a space-borne creature whose child comes to believe NCC 1701-D is its mother.

91. Mar 16 91 Mar 18-Mar 24 191 44631.2 Night Terrors

Trapped in a rift in space, the crew of the Enterprise are plagued by unexplained paranoia and hallucinations.

92. Mar 23 91 Mar 25-Mar 31 192 44664.5 Identity Crisis

Dr. Crusher races against time to locate a parasite that threatens to transform Geordi into an alien creature.

93. Mar 30 91 Apr 1-Apr 7 194 44704.2 The Nth Degree

A crew member is endowed with super human intelligence by an alien probe and threatens the fate of the Enterprise.

94. Apr 20 91 Apr 22-Apr 28 193 44741.9 Qpid

The mischievous Q turns Picard into Robin Hood and sends him on a quest designed to force him to prove his love for an old flame.

95. Apr 27 91 Apr 29-May 5 195 44769.2 The Drumhead

A search for a spy aboard the Enterprise turns into a witch hunt in which Picard is implicated as a traitor. [Jonathan Frakes directs]

96. May 4 91 May 6-May 12 196 44805.2 Half A Life

Picard risks war when he offers asylum to a visiting scientist who wishes to escape the ritual suicide mandated by his society.

97. May 11 91 May 13-May 19 197 44821.3 The Host

Dr. Crushers love is put to the test when she falls for an alien who
exists in different host bodies in order to survive.

98. May 25 91 May 27-Jun 2 198 44885.5 The Minds Eye

Romulan forces kidnap Geordi and turn him into a killing machine.

99. Jun 1 91 Jun 3-Jun 9 199 44932.3 In Theory

Data experiments with love by pursuing a romantic relationship with a
fellow crew member. [Patrick Stewart Directs]

100. Jun 15 91 Jun 17-Jun 23 200 44995.3 Redemption

As civil war threatens the Klingon Empire, Worfs loyalties are torn
between the Federation and his people.

Fifth Season
According to the June 20-26, 1992 issue of TV Guide, the seasons rating for the fifth season (9/16/91-4/12/92) was 11.8, falling behind Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy in the syndicated ratings, and coming close to ABCs average rating of 12.2.

Eps. Sat. Date Week OfPCode Stardate Episode Title

101. Sep 21 91 Sep 23-Sep 29 201 45020.4 Redemption II

Picard risks all-out war with the Romulans when he involves Starfleet in a Klingon civil war.

102. Sep 28 91 Sep 30-Oct 6 202 45047.2 Darmok

The crew is rendered helpless when Picard is kidnapped and forced to go to war with an alien captain.

103. Oct 5 91 Oct 7-Oct 13 203 45076.3 Ensign Ro

Picard suspects a high-level Federation conspiracy when the crew is ordered to locate the terrorist leader of a renegade race.

104. Oct 12 91 Oct 13-Oct 20 204 45122.3 Silicon Avatar

Picard struggles to communicate with a mysterious, destructive force before a visiting scientist can destroy it.

105. Oct 19 91 Oct 21-Oct 27 205 45156.1 Disaster

The lives of the crew are in Trois hands when a natural disaster forces her to take over as captain of the seriously damaged Enterprise.

106. Oct 26 91 Oct 28-Nov 3 206 45208.2 The Game

The fate of the Federation is in Wesley Crushers hands when he returns to find the crew of the Enterprise addicted to a dangerous new game.

107. Nov 2 91 Nov 4-Nov 10 208 45233.1 Unification I

Picard and Data travel to Romulas to investigate an unauthorized mission undertaken by the Federations legendary Mr. Spock. [Dedicated to Gene Roddenberry]

108. Nov 9 91 Nov 11-Nov 17 207 45245.8 Unification II

Picard and Mr. Spock clash over a proposed reunification of the Romulans and the Vulcans. [Dedicated to Gene Roddenberry]

109. Nov 16 91 Nov 18-Nov 24 209 45349.1 A Matter Of Time

Picards quest to save an endangered planet leads him to violate the Prime Directive when he seeks advice from a visitor from the future.

110. Jan 4 92 Jan 6-Jan 12 210 45376.3 New Ground

Worf leans some painful lessons about parenting when his son Alexander arrives to join his father on the Enterprise.

111. Jan 25 92 Jan 27-Feb 2 211 45397.3 Hero Worship

A young boy who is the sole survivor of a devastated ship becomes obsessed with simulating Data. [Patrick Stewart Directs]

112. Feb 1 92 Feb 3-Feb 9 212 49429.3 Violations

Troi, Riker, and Dr. Crusher fall into unexpected comas while the
Enterprise plays host to an alien race.

113. Feb 8 92 Feb 10-Feb 16 213 45470.1 The Masterpiece Society

Picards efforts to save a genetically engineered society from a natural disaster threaten to destroy it.

114. Feb 15 92 Feb 17-Feb 23 214 45492.2 Conundrum

While suffering from an unexplained case of amnesia, the crew find themselves fighting a war they do not understand or remember.

115. Feb 22 92 Feb 24-Mar 1 215 45571.2 Power Play

Inhabited by alien spirits, Data, [OBrien,] and Troi overthrow the bridge of the Enterprise.

116. Feb 29 92 Mar 2-Mar 8 216 45587.3 Ethics

Loyalty and ethics clash when a paralyzed Worf asks Riker to help him commit suicide.

117. Mar 14 92 Mar 16-Mar 22 217 45614.6 The Outcast

A rescue mission leads to a dangerous romance between Riker and a rebellious member of an androgynous race.

118. Mar 21 92 Mar 23-Mar 29 218 45652.1 Cause and Effect

The Enterprise is trapped in a time warp that forces the crew to endlessly repeat the same experiences. [Jonathan Frakes directs]

119. Mar 28 92 Mar 30-Apr 5 219 45703.9 The First Duty

Caught between loyalty to his friends and the need to tell the truth, Wesley becomes involved in a cover-up when his Starfleet Academy squadron suffers a deadly collision.

120. Apr 18 92 Apr 20-Apr 26 220 45733.6 Cost Of Living

Preparing for her wedding aboard the Enterprise, Trois free-thinking mother causes trouble between Worf and his son.

121. Apr 25 92 Apr 27-May 3 221 45761.3 The Perfect Mate

A beautiful woman, chosen by her people to serve as a peace offering to end a centuries-long war, falls in love with Picard.

122. May 2 92 May 4-May 10 222 45852.1 Imaginary Friend

A little girls imaginary friend becomes a frightening reality for the crew when she threatens to destroy the Enterprise.

123. May 9 92 May 11-May 16 223 45854.2 I, Borg

Picard and the crew suffer from conflicting emotions when the Enterprise rescues a critically-injured Borg.

124. May 16 92 May 18-May 24 224 45927.5 The Next Phase

Geordi and Ro are pronounced dead after a transporting maneuver from a distressed Romulan ship goes awry. [Stardate from Dr. Crushers Computer]

125. May 30 92 Jun 1-Jun 7 225 45944.1 The Inner Light

After a mysterious accident, Picard wakes up living the life of another person on a faraway planet.

126. Jun 13 92 Jun 15-Jun 21 226 45959.1 Times Arrow

After Data leans of his own death in late 19th-century San Francisco, a freak accident transports him to that period.

Sixth Season
{Stardates will be added once the satellite reception tape is received from a friend}

Eps. Sat. Date Week OfPCode Stardate Episode Title

127. Sep 19 92 Sep 21-Sep 27 227 -Times Arrow II

The Enterprise crew travels between the 19th and 24th centuries in an attempt to prevent Datas death in the 19th century San Francisco.

{The following has not been confirmed for airing schedule.}

128. Sep 26 92 Sep 28-Oct 4 ??? -Realm of Fear

[No official description is available]

129. Oct 3 92 Oct 5-Oct 11 ??? -Man of the People

[No official description is available]

130. Oct 10 92 Oct 12-Oct 18 ??? -Relics

[No official description is available]

131. Oct 17 92 Oct 19-Oct 25 ??? -Schisms

[No official description is available]

132. Oct 24 92 Oct 26-Nov 1 ??? -Q-Me

[No official description is available]

133. Oct 31 92 Nov 2-Nov 8 ??? ->Unknown<

[No official description is available]

Syndication Notes
Star Trek: The Next Generation is a syndicated program that is sold to each individual station. It is not part of the FOX network, although many stations that have purchased TNG are also part of FOX.

The first run episodes are uplinked to the local stations on the Saturday and Sunday of the Satellite Date. This uplinking is done through Keystone Communications (formerly WOLD Communications), through Telstar 301. The
program is uplinked on saturdays through Transponder 9-Vertical Polarity (5V) at 1800 ET/1500 PT, and on sundays through Transponder 9-Vertical Polarity
(5V) at 1400 ET/1100 PT. The carriers are wide-band, and are: 6.2-left, 6.8-right, and 5.8-mono. No scrambling is employed in the uplink. (With
Telstar 301 reaching the end of its life, the feeds may be moved to Telstar 302 in the near future, and then to Telstar 401 during 1993) The station then airs the episode for the first time anytime during Paramounts official week
of (Monday through Sunday).

It is currently against Paramount contract to cut short the closing credits and the Paramount logo in first-run episodes. If your station is cutting the credits, cutting the episodes, or is running severe weather warnings during the actual program, then write to both the offending station and:

Paramount Pictures Corporation
TV Syndication and Promotion
5555 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Currently, the episodes from seasons one through five are currently available for daily syndication from Paramount television. (Some stations, with the unavailability of Times Arrow II in daily syndication, may elect not to air Times Arrow.) With the exception of Encounter At Farpoint, there is no editing by Paramount television in order to make room for more commercials. Any such editing is being done by your local station. Encounter At Farpoint is being distributed as a two-part episode, with several scenes being moved around, some other scenes being shortened or cut, and some of the audio being changed.

Currently, it is permissible for Star Trek: The Next Generation to be subject to Syndication Exclusivity rules. Thus, if, on your local cable system, both your local station and a out of town station both carry TNG, your local station can have the out of town stations TNG broadcasts be blacked out on cable.

Currently, Columbia House Video Library is distributing TNG on VHS video tape. Encounter At Farpoint is carried on these series of tapes as a two-hour movie, as seen originally in 1987. However, the box says two-part, since the original run of cassettes was the two-part chopped version. All the other episodes are being distributed in a uncut form. The episode are ordered according to Production Code number. To order, call Columbia House for more information at 1-800-538-7766.

Encounter At Farpoint, The Naked Now, Code Of Honor, Haven, Where No One Has Gone Before, The Last Outpost, and Lonely Among Us are available directly from Paramount Home Video in both video tape and (possibly) laser disc through your local video store. However, there is no word on when or if more episodes will be released.

Changes from Season to Season
During the series progress, changes are made to various areas to reflect the shows evolution, or to fix some problems. Some of these changes are noted below:

From Encounter At Farpoint (Pilot) to 1st Season -================================================-
Opening credits changed from actors name only to actor and character name.

Troi outfit was changed from blue mini-skirt to non-uniform dress with
rank pips removed.

Trois hair tied into tight bun.

From 1st to 2nd Season
Wesley Crusher changes from shirt with rainbow strip to all grey uniform.

Worf is made permanent Security Chief (from red to gold uniform).

Geordi LaForge is made permanent Chief of Engineering (from red to gold uniform).

Ten-Forward is made as a permanent set.

Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) is added to crew as a recurring special guest star.

Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) is transferred to Starfleet Medical, and is replaced by Dr. Kate Pulaski (Diana Muldaur).

Cmdr. Riker has grown a beard.

The Con and Ops chair were changed from the couch style chairs to regular style chairs.

Wesley Crusher was made Acting Ensign.

Worf wears a new, aluminum-like sash instead of the old, foil-like sash.

The stardates now advance in a more logical manner during a season instead of being somewhat random during TOS and the first season of TNG.

From 2nd to 3rd Season
The first portion of the opening title sequence is replaced from the planets to various views of the galaxy.

Dr. Kate Pulaski (Diana Muldaur) was mysteriously replaced with Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden).

The uniforms were replaced from the 1 piece collar-less uniforms to the looser two-piece uniforms with collars.

Geordi LaForge is promoted to Lt. Commander.

From 3rd to 4th Season
Wesley was made full Ensign before going to Starfleet Academy. (Menage A Troi)

Star Trek is now broadcast in Dolby Surround Sound.

From 4th to 5th Season
Title sequence was slightly rearranged, with the Star Trek: The Next Generation logo coming out of a video-tunnel like effect.

Captain Picard occasionally wears a blue-grey uniform with a red jacket. This was out of Stewarts request because he was getting bored with his regular uniform, and helped design the jacket. The jacket is made out of very soft suede and leather shoulders, and cost about $3,000 to make.

In the conference room, the wall relief containing the Enterprise lineage can been changed to some other pattern.

The Enterprises commissioning plaque is starting to tarnish.

From 5th to 6th Season
The painting of the Enterprise in Picards ready room (signed by Andy Probert and Rick Sternbach) has been replaced by a piece of sculpture.

Major Species Appearances
The following is a listing of appearance of major races in TNG:

The Borg
Q WhoQ introduces the Enterprise to the Borg. One notable scene is where the Borg cut a section out of the Enterprise and pull it out.

The Best of Both WorldsA single Borg ship kidnaps Captain Picard, turns him into Locutus of Borg, and head towards sector 001-Earth.

The Best of Both WorldsPart IIThe crew fight to release Captain Picard from Locutus of Borg.

I BorgA single Borg, designated Three of Five, is rescued from a crashed Borg vessel.

The WoundedA renegade Federation captain is making unprovoked attacks on Cardassian ships.

Ensign RoThe Cardassians fake a Bajoran attack to get the Federation to turn against the Bajora.

The Last OutpostThe Enterprise chases after a stolen T-9 Energy unit.

The BattleA Ferengi Daimon seeks revenge for Picard killing his son in a battle a few years ago.

Peak PerformanceDuring a simulated space battle, the Ferengi demand the surrender of the Hathaway.

The PriceThe Ferengi take part in the negotiations of a wormhole.

Captains HolidayA Ferengi tries to get the Tox Uthat.

Menage A TroiA Daimon falls in love with Lwaxana Troi, and kidnaps Lwaxana, Deanna, and Riker.

Unification IIA fat Ferengi is secretly selling technology to the Romulans.

The Perfect MateTwo Ferengi get rescued by the Enterprise.

(excluding Worf, who has appeared in every episode)

Heart of GloryThree Klingons, who long for the old days of the Empire, get rescued by the Enterprise.

A Matter Of HonorRiker takes part in a officer exchange program aboard the Pagh.

The EmissaryAn old girlfriend of Worfs, KEhleyr, is part of a mission
to meet a Klingon ship which has been in deep sleep for years.

Yesterdays EnterpriseIn the alternative timeline, the Klingon Empire and the Federation are at war.

Sins Of The FatherAfter discovering that Worf has a brother, he travels to the Klingon Home World. There, Worf discovered that his natural father, Mogh, is accused of betraying Khitomer to the Romulans. When the true nature of the events might be a cause of a civil war, Worf is faced with taking his own life to perserve honor. Rather than die, Worf accepts discommendation.

ReunionPicard is asked to choose a new leader of the Klingon empire.

The DrumheadTrials begin when a Klingon exchange officer is found to be giving Federation secrets to the Romulans.

The Minds EyeThe Klingons accuse the Federation of supplying phasers to rebels of the Klingon Empire.

RedemptionA civil war begins when a son of Duras challenges Gowrons right to become leader.

Unification IGowron supplies a cloaked ship for Picard and Data to travel to Romulas.

Encounter At FarpointQ challenges the crew to find the secret of Farpoint Station.

Hide And QQ tempts Riker with the power of the Q

Q WhoQ sends the crew for their first encounter with the Borg.

Deja QQ is stripped of his powers and is sent to the Enterprise.

QpidQ sends the crew to Sherwood Forest and makes Picard...Robin Hood.

Q-MeQ returns....with a female Q

The Neutral ZoneThe Romulans announce that they are back.

ContagionOn a planet in the Neutral Zone, both the Enterprise and a Romulan ship get infected with a computer virus.

The EnemyStranded on a stormy planet, LaForge discovers a survivor of a crashed Romulan ship.

The DefectorA Romulan defects over to the Enterprise with information that could prevent...or cause...a war.

Tin ManThe Enterprise races against the Romulans to meet up with Tin Man, a living lifeform.

Future ImperfectRiker believes that he is a prisoner of the Romulans.

Datas DayA visiting Vulcan ambassador turns out to be a Romulan spy in disguise.

The Minds EyeThe Romulans program LaForge, and use him to try and cause a war between the Klingons and the Romulans.

RedemptionThe Duras family is being helped by the Romulans.

UnificationSela uses Spock as part of a ploy to take over the planet Vulcan.

The Next PhaseThe Enterprise helps out a disabled Romulan Ship. However, on transport back to the Enterprise, Ensign Ro and Geordi LaForge disappear.

Audio Problems?
During the fourth and fifth season episodes, if your station broadcasts TNG in stereo, yet, sometimes during the broadcast, the audio seems to disappear during the broadcast for a couple of seconds or seems to be coming out of the wrong channels, then you have a problem which can only be corrected at the broadcast station. Call up your local station and talk with the chief engineer. Tell him (or her) that Star Trek: The Next Generation, starting in the fourth season, has Dolby Surround as part of the stereo audio. This Dolby Surround information is confusing the audio anti-phase detector, and that the detector should be removed to avoid future problems with the TNG audio. Then, thank the Chief Engineer for his time.

After the random stardates in the original Star Trek, the powers that be decided on a more logical way to determine a stardate. Thus, the following came about.

EXAMPLE: Captains Log: Stardate 45076.3

The 4 represents that the series takes place in the 24th century.
The 5 represents the season number of TNG without exception.
The 076 represents the portion of a season that advances during TNG.
The .3 represents a portion of a day thereof.

During the pre-recorded sub-space messages and recorded logs of away teams, both the current stardate and the current time (in 24-hour military format, down to the second). They are recording on the bottom of the screen. (The Defector, Identity Crisis)

Working Titles
Time To The Second -> Time Squared
Send In The Clones -> Up The Long Ladder
Beyond Tomorrow -> Legacy
When Honor is Lost -> Reunion
Civil Wars -> Half A Life
Barriers -> New Ground
Terror In Ten-Forward -> Power Play

What is canon?
According to various sources, this is what is considered acceptable, or canon, for potential TNG episodes:
Almost all of the original series (except for obvious conflicts)
All of Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Most of Star Trek II, III, IV, and VI
All of the TNG episodes
TNG Technical Manual by Mike Okuda and Rick Sternbach

The following is not acceptable:
Star Trek (The Animated Series)
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
All Star Trek Novels (yes, even the ones Gene Roddenberry wrote)
All fanzines and fan written material
Mr. Scotts Guide to the Enterprise
Worlds Of The Federation
All FASA Material

Ranks and Insignia
AdmiralTriangular shoulder board with gold braid enclosing six gold circles of varying size.

Rear AdmiralThe same as an admiral, except with five gold circles of varying size.

Branch AdmiralA color-coded triangle with the apex facing inward set on a white shoulder board surrounded by silver oak leaves. The triangle colors are:
Medical Corps and SciencesNavy Blue
Security and EngineeringMustard Yellow
Command and NavigationWine Red

Fleet CaptainFive solid gold circles
CaptainFour solid gold circles
Commanderthree solid gold circles
Lieutenant Commandertwo solid gold circles and one empty gold circle Lieutenanttwo solid gold circles
Lieutenant (Junior Grade)One solid gold circle and one empty
EnsignOne solid gold circle
Ensign (Junior Grade)One empty gold circle
MidshipmanOne gold starburst worn on the right uniform lapel.

NOTE: During seasons one or two, some of the pips were in silver.

According to Gene Roddenberry, there are no enlisted ranks in Starfleet. However, in Family, Sergei Sarjenka (Worfs Father) mentions something about meeting another Chief Petty Officer. Later on, in the same episode, Sargei mentions that he, an enlisted man, managed to raise an officer. Also, in The Drumhead, the part-Romulan part-Human medical technician said that he was anxious to get into space, so he did to become an enlisted man. This will indeed contradict what Gene has said.

In Future Imperfect, some of the ranks in effect 15 years from season 4 are:
AdmiralFour Gold Bars
CaptainFour Silver Bars

The other ranks are based upon the normal TNG ranks. They are formed by substituting a bar for a solid circle and a narrow bar for an empty circle. The rank is part of the insignia/communicator.

Picard Surrenders
Encounter at FarpointPicard says Transmit the following in all languages and in all frequencies: We surrender.

The Last OutpostThe crew assume that the Ferengi have them immobilized, and attempt to surrender, but the Ferengi surrender first, believing that the Enterprise have them immobilized.

The Outrageous OkonaPicard drops shields In case we decide to surrender to them.

A Matter of HonorPicard surrenders to Riker on the Pagh.

Peak PerformanceRiker asks Picard Would you care to surrender now? even before the war games begin. Later, the Ferengi drop by, and demand the surrender of the Hathaway.

The DefectorThe Romulans ask Picard to surrender, but he doesnt.

Yesterdays EnterpriseAlternate-Picard refuses to surrender to the Klingons.

Picard violates the Prime Directive
In The Drumhead, it is recorded that Picard violated the Prime Directive
nine times while in command of the Enterprise. While it was not directly specified what the nine violations were, this is what is believed to be the Episodes which contained these violations:

JusticeIn order to save Wesley from the death penalty for (accidentally) violating one of the Edo laws.

Angel OneThe crew barely managed to save the survivors of a Federation ship from death for trying to change the society of Angel One.

Pen PalsData communicates with a girl whose planet was slowly self-destructing.

Up the Long LadderPicard essentially forced the clone race to live and breed with the Bringloidi, despite the strong resistance of the clone race and the fact that this would completely destroy the non-sexual nature of the clone race.

The Ensigns of CommandThe Enterprise manages to delay a Sheliak vessel from destroying a Federation colony on Tau Cygna Five, even though the planet is part of the Sheliak Corporate.

Who Watches the WatchersThe Enterprise treats a Mintakan person for serious injuries as a result of a Federation observations posts cloaking devices failure, ending with that race believing Picard was a God.

The High GroundThe Enterprise engages in a commando raid in order to rescue Captain Picard and Beverly Crusher on a warring world.

LegacyThe commando raid might have radically changed the balance of power on the planet.

First ContactThe Enterprise contacts a planet in order to rescue
Commander Riker.

Since then, the following violations occurred:

The Masterpiece SocietyWhen the Enterprise is forced to make contact with a colony on ???????? in order to prevent them from being destroyed by a
stellar fragment that is passing by, and causes changes in that colony.

Command Offered to Commander Riker
The Arsenal of FreedomUSS Drake (mentioned--offered before Enterprise) The Icarus FactorUSS Aries
Best of Both WorldsUSS Melbourne

Riker actually commands a ship, albiet temporarily, in the following episodes: A Matter Of HonorKlingon Ship Pagh
Peak PerformanceUSS Hathaway
The Best Of Both Worlds-Part IIUSS Enterprise NCC-1701D
Redemption IIUSS Excaliber during a blockade

Wesley Saves The Day._

_and Screws Up

The First DutyWesleys flight team perform a disasterous maneuver, which causes the death of a fellow team member. The resulting coverup causes Wesley to repeat a year at the academy.

The Walking Dead
Several times during the series, a major character has died, only to be saved at the last minute. Some of these episodes include:

TransfigurationsWorf falls down in the shuttle bay, only to be saved by
John Doe.

EthicsAfter having a barrel crashs on Worf back, Worf dies during an experimental surgery. However, his redundant body organs kickedc in at the last minute.

Cause and EffectA collision with a starship causes the Enterprise to explode, killing everyone on board, and causing a time loop in which the Enterprise to encounter a collision with another starship, killing everyone on board, causing a time loop......

Man of the People -

Saucer Separation
The TNG Enterprise, being a starship carrying families, has the ability to separate into a saucer and warp drive section in case of an emergency situation. When separated, the saucer section is capable of only impulse
speed, while the warp drive section turns into a formidable battle machine.

Encounter at FarpointWhile Worf takes the saucer section to Farpoint Station, Picard takes the warp drive section to meet up with the Q entity.

Arsenal of FreedomGeordi takes the Warp Drive section in order to destroy the defense device on Minos, while Chief Engineer Logan takes the saucer section to safety.

Best of Both WorldsPart IIIn order to retrieve Locutus/Picard, the Enterprise separates into two sections, with Riker in charge of the Warp Drive section, and Cmdr. Shelby in command of the saucer section. While the Borg attach the warp drive section, the rescue shuttle with Worf and Data launches from the saucer section.

The following shuttlecraft, associated with the Enterprise, have appeared in TNG:

NCC-1701D-2Sacharov (used in ?????) Magellon
NCC-1701D-10Onizuka (used in The Ensigns of Command)

In Unnatural Selection, Data states explicitly that he is fully trained to pilot all current Federation vessels, including auxiliaries (namely Shuttlecraft). Weve also seen Riker, Picard, and Worf fly shuttles, but Data seems to be the crews driver.

In the episode Power Play, Chief OBrien mentions that some of the shuttlecraft are equipped with transporters, as demonstrated earlier with The Best of Both WorldsPart II.

Attempts at Self-Destruct
11001001Picard and Riker try to self destruct in order to prevent the possibility of the Enterprise falling into enemy hands.

Where Silence Has LeasePicard tries to self destruct for Nagilum.

ContagionVirus-induced sort-of-self-destruct-like-thing.

BrothersPicard attempts to engage the self-destruct sequence in order to regain control of the Enterprise, but fails.

Time Travel
Well Always Have ParisDr. Paul Manheins time experiment causes small loops to occur in time.

Time SquaredDue to a strange energy vortex, a duplicate Picard from the future arrives on a shuttlecraft

Yesterdays EnterpriseA worm hole is created, causing the Enterprise-C to travel through time.

Captains HolidayTwo Vorgons travel from the 27th century to get the Tox Uthat.

Future ImperfectRiker thinks hes in the future

A Matter Of TimeBerlinghoff Rasmussen steals a time machine from a 26th century time traveler and travels to the future to visit the Enterprise.

Cause and EffectThe Enterprise and the Bozeman gets caught in a time loop. For the Enterprise, it was for around 17 days. For the Bozeman, it was around 80 years.

Times ArrowUpon discovery of Datas head on Earth, the crew of the Enterprise travel to a planet. In order to see the aliens/shapeshifters, Data constructs a phase inverter, and, in the process, manages to travel to 1893. At the end of this episode, Picard, Riker, Troi, Dr. Crusher, and Geordi walk into the time vortex....TO BE CONTINUED!

Also, the Traveler (Where None Have Gone Before and Remember Me) could be considered a time traveler. Maybe.

The Crew Taken Over
The Naked NowThe entire crew gets a virus that is like intoxication.

Lonely Among UsWhile passing through an energy cloud, a intelligence is picked up, taking over Worf, Beverly Crusher, Assistant Chief Engineer Singh, and Captain Picard.

The BattleA Ferengi thought-maker is used of Daimon Bok to cause Captain Picard to relive the Stargazer incident that occurred nine years previous.

Hide and QQ takes over Data, and tells Riker that he has been given the powers of the Q.

ConspiracySeveral members of Starfleet high command are taken over by the Blue Gill creatures.

The ChildA glowing white sphere enters the Enterprise, and causes Troi to become pregnant with an alien child.

The Schizoid ManData gets taken over by Ira Graves, who transfers his mind over to Data.

ContagionData gets infected with an alien virus.

AllegianceCaptain Picard gets kidnapped, and is replaced by an evil imposter.

The Best of Both Worlds Parts I & IICaptain Picard is kidnapped by the Borg, and is turned into Locutus of Borg.

BrothersA homing program in Data is activated by Datas creator: Dr. Noonian Soong.

CluesTroi gets taken over by an alien race that simply wants to be left alone.

Identity CrisisLaForge and another member of Starfleet gets taken over by a parasite from an earlier away team mission in 40???.?.

The Nth DegreeBarclay gains the intelligence of an alien probe.

The Minds EyeLaForge is brainwashed by the Romulans, and made to accomplish a Romulan mission.

The GameRiker brings back a electronic game from Riasa which not only addicting, but provides a form of mind control for everyone on board ship. Under this mind control, Riker, LaForge, Troi, and Dr. Crusher deactivate Data.

ViolationsTroi, Riker, and Dr. Crusher face inexplicable comas while a group of aliens are on board. The comas are caused by a nightmare.

ConundrumThe entire crew, including Data, is affected by sudden amnesia, and is involved in a war.

Power PlayTroi, OBrien, and Data is taken over by the spirits of cadet prisoners on a penal colony set up by the Ux-Mal.

Enterprise Exceeds Warp Limits
The Enterprise is able to only achieve Warp 9.5 with extreme risk (Encounter at Farpoint). However, there have been various times when this speed limit has been exceeded.

Where No One Has Gone BeforeIn a warp field experiment with the Traveler, Wesleys distraction caused the Traveler to phase in and out, and causes the Enterprise to travel 2.7 million light years in a few seconds.

When The Bough BreaksWhen Captain Picard insists that the Aldean people return the children kidnapped from the Enterprise, the Enterprise is hit with a bolt of energy that causes it to travel such a distance that it would take 3 days to travel back to Aldea at Warp 9.

Q WhoQ, with the snap of his fingers, send the Enterprise seven thousand light years away for their first encounter with the Borg. Also, when the Enterprise is being chased by the Borg, LaForge reads the speed off as Warp 9.65.

The Nth DegreeBarclay, with the knowledge gained from an alien probe, creates a space distortion that causes the Enterprise to travel halfway across the Galaxy.

TOS Crossovers In TNG
Encounter At FarpointDeForest Kelley makes an appearance as an unnamed admiral who hates transporters and notices that Data, with all that knowledge, doesnt have pointed ears.

The Naked NowThe records from the original Enterprise (The Naked Time) were used to combat a microbe that causes drunk-like effects.

SarekMark Lenard makes an appearance as Sarek.

The UnificationLeonard Nimoy makes an appearance as Spock, as well as
Mark Lenard as Sarek.

Also: Diana Muldaur, a guest star on two different episodes of TOS, appears on a regular basis as Dr. Pulaski during the second season of TNG. Majel Barrett, who played Number One (The Cage) and Doctor/Nurse Chapel, is used as the TNG computer voice, and has appeared as Deanna Trois mother, Lwaxana Troi.

Trek in Other Lands
These are the titles of the Star Trek series in other lands:

England/United KingdomThe series was being broadcast on BBC2 Wednesdays at
6 PM, however, they have stopped after the airing of the two-part episode The Best of Both Worlds. However, some notes on the following episodes:

ConspiracyThe scene with the mother creature is edited out.

The Icarus FactorThe pain sticks ceremony is heavily edited.

Shades of GreyThe flashbacks include the scene from Conspiracy with the mother creature....intact!

The High GroundThis episode is unaired because the theme of the
episode, terrorism, could cause problems. In this episode, Data makes a reference to a successful use of terrorism in 2017.

FinlandStar TrekUusi Sukupolvi/Star TrekThe Next Generation
GermanyRaumschiff Enterprise: Das Naechste Jahrhundert/Starship Enterprise: The Next CenturyDubbed

IsraelMasa beyn haKokhavim, haDor haBa/Trek Among The Stars, The Generation the NextIn English with Hebrew & Arabic Subtitles

It is currently shown Monday afternoons from 3:00-3:45 PM as part of
a childrens afternoon show called Dagi Digitali

JapanStar Trek 88: SHIN UCHUU DAISAKUSEN/Star Trek 88: New Mission In Space

Lebanonalrhlt byn alkwakb aljyl alqadmIn English with Arabic subtitles
It is current being shown on Lebanons Middle East TV (METV) Tuesday evenings at 8:00 PM.

Mexico/Puerto RicoViaje a las Estrellas La Nueva Generacion/Trip
To The Stars

QuebecPatrouille dEspace/Space Patrol

Security Codes
Auto-Destruct Sequence in 11001001: (V)
Activation -
Picard and Riker place their hands on the computer terminals for finger scan.
Computer: RecognizedPicard, Jean-Luc, Captain. RecognizedRiker, William T., Commander.
Picard: Set auto-destruct sequence.
Computer: Does the first officer concur?
Riker: Yes, set auto-destruct sequence _ now.
Computer: Auto-destruct will detonate in four minutes and fifty-nine seconds.

De-Activation -
Picard: (lays hand on bridge computer console) Cancel auto-destruct. Computer: Does the first officer agree?
Riker: (laying hand on computer) Affirmative
Computer: Auto-destruct cancelled.
(NOTE: While the auto-destruct can be activated in Engineering,
it can only be deactivated on the bridge.)

Secured Message Code in Conspiracy (UV):

Picard Secured Message Code in The Defector: (V)
(Picard and Data are viewing information on Nelvana system)
Computer: Captain Picard, priority one message from Starfleet coming in on secured channel.
Picard: In my ready room. Computer, delay time.
Computer: Two hours twenty-two minute delay from time of transmission at Starfleet Command on Lion Three.
Picard: (having entered his ready room) Computer, key access Four One Two
Mark Eight Zero Picard, Jean-Luc Starfleet Priority Code Gamma. Decode. Begin Message.
(Message begins).

Ferengi Captains Security Code in Menage a Troi (V):
Lwaxana Troi: Oh, Ill need your access code.
Daimon Tog: Yes, my beloved. Computer, access code kei yuri dactei_
Dr. Farek: (Interrupting) TOG! Be silent! I knew you were not to be trusted.
Datas Lock on command functions in Brothers (V):

Spoken: One Seven Three Four Six Seven [Three] Two One Four Seven Six Charlie Three Two Seven Eight Nine Seven Seven Seven Six [Four] Three Tango Seven Three Two Victor Seven Three One One Seven Eight Eight Eight Seven Three Two Four Seven Six Seven Eight Nine Seven Six Four Three Seven Six LOCK

Display: One Seven Three Four Six Seven Two One Four Seven Six Charlie Three Two Seven Eight Nine Seven Seven Seven Six Three Tango Seven Three Two Victor Seven Three One One Seven [One] Eight Eight Eight Seven Three Two Four Seven Six Seven Eight Nine Seven Six Four Three Seven Six LOCK

Numbers in [Brackets] are unique to the series they appear in (i.e. missing from the other).

Computer Recognition Command Levels in Brothers: (UV)
Data: Alpha-1
Picard: Alpha-2
Riker: Omega-3 (In Power Play)

Klingon File Security Access Codes in Reunion: (UV)
KEhleyrs Access Level: Padoch-Cha
Required Access Level: Duco-Cha

TPels (Romulan Spy Selak) clearance code to Data for information in Datas Day: (UV)

LaForges Access Code to in The Minds Eye:
LaForge: Computer, reroute the power flow in Cargo Bay 4 transporter through the auxiliary replicator system.
Computer: Please verify command with necessary protocol.
LaForge: Initiate protocol 364-B.
Computer: Verify priority clearance.
LaForge: Recognized LaForge Theta 2 997.
Computer: Acknowledged. Power has been rerouted through auxiliary power distribution system code number 44762.

(Note, this code was also used in Hollow Pursuits)

Riker Command Override in Power Play:
When the bridge was taken over: Computer, transfer command to Engineering, full security alert. This effectively shut down all control panels, including Con and Ops.

After Troi, OBrien, and Data leave the bridge: Computer, re-enable bridge control, security protocol authorization Riker Omega Three.

Convention Hints
Patrick StewartMay or may not allow taping of convention appearance. He considers convention appearances to be a personal experience to be shared with those in the audience.

Brent SpinerHe is very protective of his privacy, and rarely makes convention appearances, partially due to a bad experience with a fan at a convention in New York. He does not allow the video taping or the photographing of convention appearances.

Gates McFaddenDo not videotape convention appearance.

Wil WheatonHe doesnt allow videotaping. The explanation for this was that someone had taped him before and sold these tapes without his consent or paying him.

Michael DornI dont LIKE prune juice, Worf likes prune juice, I dont.

Marina SirtisWhile she does allow for videotaping of her convention appearances, she reminds everyone that videotaping is a privilege, and not a right. No flash photography when Q&A starts. Also, she has no idea about how the pips work, nothing about Engineering, why Worf changed uniform color, and similar topics.

Please remember, these actors are taking their personal time in order to appear at conventions. Some of these actors do not give out autographs, others do. The no videotaping rule is due to the fact that some unscrupulous people taping the convention appearances and then resell the tapes without royalties going to the actor.

How Many Episodes?
In order to be counted as appearing on an episode, the character must appear
or be heard in the episode. Holograms and flashbacks dont count.

NOTE: This section is still being worked on.

Patrick Stewart___ episodes as Captain Picard
+ 2 episodes as Locutas of Borg
(Directed 1 Episode)
Jonathan Frakes___ episodes as Commander Riker
(Directed 4 Episodes)
Levar Burton___ episodes as Lt. LaForge
Denise Crosby___ episodes as Lt. Yar (including Yesterdays Enterprise
+ 3 episodes as Sela
Michael Dorn___ episodes as Worf
Gates McFadden___ episodes as Dr. Crusher
Marina Sirtis___ episodes as Deanna Troi
Brent Spiner___ episodes as Data
+ 2 episodes as Lore
+ 1 episode as Dr. Noonian Soong
Wil Wheaton___ episodes as Wesley Crusher
Colm Meaney45 episodes as Chief OBrian/Transporter Chief/Other
Whoopie Goldberg22 episodes as Guinan
Diana Muldaur20 episodes as Kate Pulaski
Majel BarrettMANY episodes as Enterprise Computer Voice (most uncredited)
+ 4 episodes as Lwaxana Troi

February 2, 1955Brent Spiner
16, 1957LaVar Burton
17Michelle Forbes
23Majel Barrett Roddenberry
March 20John de Lancie (Q)
29, 1959? 60? 64?Marina Sirtis
July 13, 1940Patrick Stewart
29, 1972Will Wheaton
August 19, 1938Diana Muldaur
19, 1921Gene Roddenberry
19, 1952Jonathan Frakes
28, 1949Gates McFadden
November 13, 1949Whoopi Goldberg
24, 1957Denise Crosby
December 9Michael Dorn

The Merry Men (and Women) of Qpid
Picard -> Robin Hood
Riker -> Little John
Data -> Friar Tuck
Worf -> Wil Scarlet. Is not a merry man.
Laforge -> Alan A Dale
Vash -> Maid Marian
Q -> The Sheriff of Nottingham

(NOTE: I have not read or seen Robin Hood, so some of those spellings are bound to be wrong.)

Money In The Future
Encounter At FarpointBeverly Crusher buys a roll of cloth, and has her account on the Enterprise billed.

(maybe) ConspiracyThe planet where the Starship Captains meet is Digitalis B, and is said to be owned by Digitalis Mining Corporation, which may imply something of the Federations economic structure.

The Neutral ZonePicard mentions that they no longer use money.

The PriceThere is a bidding war going on for the use of a wormhole, and Picard mentions how much toll the Ferengi might charge if they get the rights to use that wormhole.

A Matter Of PerspectiveDr. Apgars reason for developing the Krieger wave generator was to sell it to the highest bidder.

Unification IIWhen Riker enters the bar, he is asked to toss a couple of coins into the jar for a song. Riker responds that he doesnt have any money.

Religion In The Future
Who Watches The WatchersPicard is thought to be a god by the populance.

Datas DayIn Datas log, a Hindu festival of lights is mentioned.

Did you know_
_ That Geordi LaForge is named after a real Star Trek fan named George LaForge? George LaForge died from muscular dystrophy in 1975.

_ That Gene Roddenberrys full name is Eugene Wesley Roddenberry, thus, in creating Wesley Crusher, Gene used his own first name and based the character on what he wanted to be like when he was young?

_ Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) did the special effect shots only for Encounter At Farpoint. However, they get credit in every episode because of the extra stock footage for Enterprise fly-bys and such. Even ILM stock footage isnt used much anymore, except when the Enterprise enters Warp.

_ That William Riker and Deanna Troi is based upon Ilia and Decker from Star Trek: The Motion Picture?

_ That while Skin of Evil was aired after Symbiosis, they were produced in the reverse order. Near the end of Symbiosis, when the Onnarans and Brekkans beam off, she is seen in the background, waving goodbye as the doors close. (UV)

_ That Star Trek: The Next Generation has made over $500,000,000 in syndication and merchandising.

_ If you look closely at the Enterprise during the fly-by in the opening credits, you can see someone walking past the windows. According to Mike Okuda in the Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine (#60), this is Captain Picard.

_ The Child and Devils Due were originally scripts for the proposed Star Trek II television series. The Star Trek II series idea was scrapped, and instead, the sets were used for the shooting of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

_ The junkyard in Unification II consisted mostly of ships dragged out from wherever Mike Okuda could find em. Some of the models included: models from the unmade first Star Trek movie (years before Star Trek: The Motion Picture), models from ILM that were never used, models of the Enterprise that didnt come out of the mold right, and a very unusual looking Enterprise.
Some of the models were designed by Greg Jein and Robert McCall.

_ A Matter Of Time was written partially because Robin Williams, a fan of the show, wanted to appear. However, when the script was ready for shooting, Robin was unavailable, so Matt Frewer was cast instead.

_ That the shuttle Onizuka, which Data used in Ensigns of Command, was named in tribute to one of the Space Shuttle Challenger astronauts.

_ During the fifth season, a thirty-second ad during one of the shows 10 national ad slots in a first-run episode costs $200,000.

_ Gene died at the same time the crew was filming Hero Worship?

_ The only episodes when William Riker was called Bill was in The Naked Now and Haven?

_ In The Booby Trap, the original name of the holographic scientist was to be Leah Daistrum, who was the grand-grand-grand-daughter of Dr. Daistrum from TOS. However, after they casted Susan Gibney for the part, they changed the name to Brahms, and only made several references to The Daistrum Institute.

_ The original 8-foot model of the Enterprise that was built by Industrial Light and Magic isnt used much anymore. For motion control work, the 4-foot model is much easier to use, and, for far away shots, its easier to make it seem far away. The original 8-foot model isnt used except for extreme
closeups or for saucer seperations.

_ Family is the only episode in TOS, the movies, and TNG which has no scenes on the bridge.

_ That Star Trek: The Next Generation is on the list of shows endored by the Viewers for Quality Television. Other VQT endored shows include Cheers, Designing Women, LA Law, Life Goes On, Murphy Brown, Northern Exposure, The Trials Of Rosie ONeill, Law & Order, Quantum Leap, 60 Minutes, China Beach, thirtysomething, and Beauty and the Beast.

(The VQT should not be confused with the American Viewers of Quality Television. The VQT seeks to change television by encouraging and nurturing high quality television, while the AVQT seeks to change television by boycotting or threatening those who produce low quality televsion. For more details, write to: Viewers For Quality Television, PO Box 195, Fairfax, VA 22039).

UnknownIn this episode, Doctor Crusher prescribes the active ingredient for SuperGlue.

UnknownIn this episode, Daled 4 is a planets name. Daled is the fourth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and has the numeric value of four. (UV)

The Naked NowDuring the scan of records, we see a parrot wearing a Starfleet shirt, complete with insignia, with nacelles, an obvious reference to Gene Roddenberry. (The Great Bird = Gene) This same screen also reappears in Conspiracy.

ConspiracyThe planet Digitalis is a slight rearrangement of a medicine taken by heart patients.

The Neutral ZoneOn the family tree of Clare Raymond, which is recalled by Troi, there are references to various shows, including: W. Hartnell m. P. Troughton (DW), J. Pertwee m. T. Baker (DW), and P. Davison m. C. Baker (DW), and J-L. Picard m. W. Riker. Other references include Gilligans Island and M*A*S*H.

Loud As A Whisper(DP) The conference table, made to resemble indigenous rock, had various markings on them. Most notable to Lovely Angels/Dirty Pair fans are the marking Kei and Yuri.

The Measure Of A ManWhen Riker is showing off Datas arm to the JAG representative, there is a pad on her desk which lists Datas parts, including Nausican Valve and Totoro Interface. Also, it is noted that part of Datas construction is made out of something called Yurium. (DP)

The DauphinThe title comes from the french term Le Dauphin, and is used to designate the heir to the royal throne.

ContagionThe Iconian artifact has various markings on it, including Kei and Yuri (DP), Dirty Pair (DP), Gundam and Totoro. Also, the various views as seen through the portal include: Torontos City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square (depicting the arches over the reflecting pool/skating rink), and Torontos City Council Chambers.
Also, in this episode, the Romulan ship that attached the Enterprise was named the Harkonnen, which just happens to be the name of the family that attacked the Atriedes family in the Dune series.
In this episode, another Galaxy Class Starship is mentioned_ the Yamato. This was originally the flagship of the Japanese fleet that fought in World War II at both the Coral Sea and Midway before it was sunk by Torpedo Bombers from an American carrier. Many years later, a Japanese Animation series was done up, in which a battleship is reconfigured to become a starship in order to recover something called the Cosmo DNA. This series was called Starship Yamato, however, this series was known in the United States as Star Blazers.

The Icarus FactorThe TNG art department had a field day putting in in-jokes. The mat has the chinese character of sei, or star (as in starry sky. The two scrolls hanging on the walls say, in Japanese syllabic characters (hiragana), urusei yatsura, a pun of ususai yatsura (noisy neighbors or annoying neighbors, a Japanese animation.
Also, while lunging at Riker, Rikers father says (in a terrible accent), youroshiku onegaishimasu, literally saying Please do me the favor of being kind to me, but has the meaning of the English phrase Pleased to meet you. Various other markings include Kei (DP), Yuri (DP), Akira, and
Tonari No Totoro. In addition, the scrolls hanging on the walls also say, Ataru, Lum, and Uresai Yatsura.

Samaritan SnarePicard mentions Nausicaans in a conversation with Wesley on the shuttlecraft.

Up The Long LadderWhen Picard is looking at the list of ships trying to find the Mariposa, another ship listed is the Buckaroo Banzai captained by John Whorfin and built by the company that the red Lectroids had made. The same company name was seen on the USS Hathaway (Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems (of Grovers Mill, NJ ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Hollow PursuitsThe anti-grav units contain a flux capacitor. Nothing big, until you consider that the flux capacitor was a essential part of the DeLorean/Time Machine in Back To The Future.

Menage a TroiThe Ferengi Security code begins with Kei Yuri (DP).

Transfigurations(DW) In the sick bay, against the wall, there is an outline of the top portion of the TARDIS, upside down. Also, three roundals can be seen against the wall. They show up again in several episodes after this one.

LegacyA label on a nuclear reactor says, Remember, you can never add TOO MUCH water to a Nuclear Reactor.

QpidThe scene where Worf smashes Geordis lute, then says Sorry is completely reminiscent of a scene in Animal House at a toga party. Also, Princess Bride fans might want to note that the dialog during the sword fight with Picard/Robin Hood, where he says There is something you should know . _Im not from Nottingham. is reminiscent of a sword fight in the movie where similar dialog is uttered.

Half A LifeOne of the displays has the number 4077 in the corner, an reference to MASH.

In TheoryThe line Now would be a good time, spoken by Picard, is completely reminiscent from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Also, while it may not be visible in the actual show, someone on the production crew re-labeled the shuttle pod PONTIAC NC-1701-D.

DarmokThe writers were playing around with the words in this episode, with DARMOK, the letters reversed, becomes KOMRAD (comrade). JILARD also becomes JLpIcARD.
Also, Gilgamesh is based upon Gigamesh (from Sumerian lore), a character described as a combination of Solomanm, Ulysses, and Hercules combined into one. One of the important factors after his friends death is Gigameshs fear of death, although never playing a factor in battle, results in his constant search for immortality, but, in one manner or another, comes very close, but always manages to miss.

The OutcastAmong the technical phrases used, Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow was a phrase commonly used by the third doctor (Jon Pertwee) during Doctor Who. (UV)

The Next PhaseOne of the control panels on the Romulan Ship looks
somewhat like the TARDIS control console (DW). (V)

Other in-jokes, albeit unseen, include: Shuttlecraft Pontiac and Indiana Jones on operations board; crew quarters for Lt. Luke Skywalker; Doctor Who (DW): A cult British Science Fiction series which ran on BBC1 from November 23, 1963 to December, 1989. The title character is known only as The Doctor, a time lord who travels through time and space in a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space). The TARDIS is bigger on the inside than on the outside, and can change outward appearance, however, the Doctors TARDIS, being a broken down Type-40, is stuck in the shape of blue British Police Call Box. The Doctor himself can, at point of death, regenerate into a totally different body and personality. The series can be seen on several PBS stations and the USA/Sci-Fi Channel.

Lovely Angels/Dirty Pair (DP): A Japanese anime series where the two main characters, Kei and Yuri, are members of World Welfare Foundation. Their job is to take care of problems that crop up. However, they usually leave the place in worse shape then they arrived, and its usually not their fault. The series itself has had TOS in-jokes in it also.

Differences in Encounter At Farpoint
Currently, Encounter At Farpoint is being distributed in both a two-part
form and a two-hour movie form. The two-hour movie was shown as the first episode of TNG, the repeat was shown as a two-part episode. Currently, the stations that are showing TNG as a daily syndicated program have Encounter At Farpoint as a two-part episode.

Unfortunately, the two-part episode is heavily butchered. Among the changes from the two-hour movie version:

The movie version starts out with the credits, the two-parter starts out with a teaser instead.

In the movie version, Riker sees what happens in two sections. In the two-parter, the second section is cut out.

The two-parter had the rejoining of the saucer section with the warp drive section being majorly edited.

A section where Picard is talking to Dr. Crusher about Wesley is cut.

A scene where Geordi talks to Dr. Crusher about his VISOR was moved to part two. It appeared in the first half of the movie version.

Some of the audio was changed, and somewhat sweetened (Mike Brown term), in the two-part version.

To add additional confusion, Paramount has officially retired the two-hour movie, and has made available for the videotape and laserdisc series an unbutchered two-part episode of Encounter At Farpoint.

Operation SNAFU
Opening Credits (1st & 2nd Season)During the opening sequence, the graphics are a departure from the Sol system, beginning with Earth with the sun in the background, and featuring fly-bys of Jupiter and Saturn. During this sequence, the camera pans right, and we see sunlight off the left side of Earth and Jupiter, but the right side of Saturn, indicating that Saturn is backlit. (UV)
Opening Credits (From Third Season On)During the opening sequence, at the end of the planets, watch closely the starfields. The stars do in two completely directions.

Code Of HonorWhile on the planet, watch Deannas arms. In the group shots, Deannas arms are at her sides, while, in the close-ups, her arms are behind her back. (UV)

DataloreUpon beaming down to the planets surface, Commander Riker gives the stardate as 4124.5. A little later, Captain Picard gives it as 41242.45. (V)

Skin Of EvilWhen Riker is being pulled into Armus, the away team runs towards Armus. However Geordi drops his phaser into Armus. In the next scene, the away team is standing around calmly, and Geordis phaser is back in his pocket. (UV)

ConspiracyAt the beginning of the episode, while Picard is asleep, Riker tells LaForge to increase speed to Warp 6. Laforge replies, Aye Sir, full impulse. Later on, in that same episode, Picard says Mr. LaForge, ahead warp six. Geordi responds with Aye, sir, full impulse. (UV)

The EnemyPicard says to Tomaluk that he will be escorting the Romulan ship to the Neutral Zone. Yet, in the closing shot, the Enterprise and the Romulan Ship take off in two different directions. (V)

The RoyaleThe surface temperature of the planet is less than absolute zero. Also, after they beam the piece of the ship out of orbit, OBrien and Riker pick it up with their bare hands (coming from space, it should have been close to zero Kelvin itself). Plus, after beaming down, they then scan the atmosphere to see if its safe to breathe. (V)

Samaritan SnareWesley opens a communications channel, and says that Shuttle #2 is ready for takeoff. However, in the following scene, when the shuttle is seen powering up, there is a 01 on the outside of the shuttle. Oops. (UV)

Loud As A WhisperData has learned sign language and is now interpreting what the mediator is saying. Data quotes the mediator as saying My friends have died or something like that, before it is even signed. (V)

Yesterdays EnterpriseAt the end of the episode, Geordi talks with Guinan. However, he is wearing an open neck uniform. (V)

Captains HolidayIn the scene where Picard orders a Code 14, we see him take his comm badge off his shirt and places it right next to the Tox Uthat, which promptly blows up. In the very next scene, when Picard is chatting away with Vash, we see the comm badge on Picards shirt, as if he never removed it. (V)

Sins of the FatherThe sound effects people must have fallen asleep every time someone got slapped. (V)

SarekThe music recital in this episode contained several errors. First, the quartet seating is towards the audience, not toward each other. Classical music was originally developed with the performers facing each other in order to get visual cues. The performing in front of the audience did not come about until much later. Second, the Allegro is by Brahms, not Mozart. Thirdly, the Allegro is sextet, not a quartet. (UV)

BrothersThe code which Data gives to lock the Enterprise computer system differs between the spoken version and the version displayed on the screen. (See Security Codes) (V)

Remember MeIn the final act, when Wesley and the Traveler are entering the equations into the computer, watch Wesleys hand. He closes his eyes, and then places his hand on the case, about three inches below the entry pad. While he is making his entries, his hand starts moving up, while the sound effect people keep making the sounds in time. (V)

LegacyDuring the card trick with Data, Rikers hand keeps on changing position during the trick when the camera switches. (UV)

ReunionAfter KEyhlar dies, Alexander the child runs away, and Worf lets out his primal scream, we see her body being lowered to the floor. As she is finally settled, her eyes flutter open and closed several times (as, presumably, the actress, Suzie Plakson, gets her bearings). Also notice that her head is facing towards her left. However, when her body is shown full-on from the perspective of her feet (as Worf tells Alexander to look at death, and never forget), her head is facing slightly towards her RIGHT, and remains that way for the rest of the scene (a prime example of a scene being shot in several takes). (V) Also, Dr. Crusher and her aide comes from the bedroom, not from the corridor. (UV)

Devils DueIn the TOS episode Day of the Dove, Captain Kang explicitly remarks that the Klingons have no devil. However, in Devils Due, Ardra uses the guide of the Klingon devil, Fekhlar, a creature that consumes the souls of cowards. (V)

The DrumheadAfter the first hearing with JDdan, Worf and JDdan leave the hearing room. The doors open, as they are walking though the doorway, the doors start to close, but hesitate, open back up and then close after they leave the doorway. Looks like someone pulled on the rope too soon ๐Ÿ™‚ (V)
Also, Satie says that Captain Picard took command of the Enterprise at Stardate 41162. This is in error _ it was 41152. (V)

Half A LifeNear the end of the episode, when Lwaxana Troi is standing next to the mirror and then begins to walk away from it, for a brief instant the boom from the mic is visible in the reflection. (V)

In TheoryIn the teaser, Data finishes telling Jenna the reasons why she broke up with Jeff. She and Data then close up the photon torpedo, and she moves off to a control panel. On top of the torpedo rests a black, hand-sided deviceamajig. Data stands up, holding some sensormajig in his left hand. The scene then shifts to Data walking towards Jenna, and the sensormajig is now in his RIGHT hand (with no indication that he ever shifted it there), and Jenna is holding the deviceamajig she left on top of the torpedo (with no indication that she ever went back to get it). (V)

RedemptionGuinan states that she has not Worf laugh, but his son has laughed. Yet, in Yesterdays Enterprise, Worf laughs sarcastic at an idea he finds humorous. (UV)

Redemption IIIn part one of this story, Worf said that he would be serving on the Bortas. Yet, in this episode, he is serving on the Hectar, with no explanation about the transfer.
Also, Picard says to Guinan that Yar died a year prior to Guinan joining the crew. However, Skin of Evil was the fourth to last story of the season, and Guinan is first seen in the second season premiere The Child, suggesting only 3-4 months between the two stories.
Picard refers to the battle on Narendra III as taking place 24 years ago to Sela, and 23 years ago to Guinan. (V)

Ensign RoWhen Ensign Ro takes off her jacket, her communicator is on her jacket. However, when she hands the jacket to the little girl, her communicator jumps to her uniform, with no action of putting the communicator there. (V)

Silicon AvatarIn the second act, look closely at the tricorder that Dr. Marr holds during the conversation between Dr. Marr and Data. During the conversation, she has her tricorder open. She then closes it, then reopens it, but holds the tricorder UPSIDE DOWN!!!! (V)

DisasterIn the scene where Dr. Crusher and Geordi are evacuating all the air out of the cargo bay, Geordi hits the button that closes the cargo bay. The pushing of the button and resulting door closing are audibly heard, even though sound doesnt travel in a vacuum. (Probably dramatic reasons) Also, when the ship starts shaking, they cut to ten forward, where the stars are shaking right along with the ship. (V)

The GameWhen the crew are forcing Wesley to play the game, and ???? is holding his eyes open, Wesley blinks. (V)

Unification IWhen Dr. Crusher is examining Data in order to prep him (and Picard) to Romulas, she asks if Datas ears are detachable, to which Data says that they are not. Yet, in Datalore, Datas brother, Lore, is clearly shown without ears. A design change?

Unification IIAfter Spock, Picard, and Data have knocked out the Romulan guards, and Spock has Sela at gunpoint, Picard has no gun in his hand. After a camera switch, Picard then holds a Romulan phaser pistol. A minute later, after a scene with the Enterprise, Picard is still standing in the same place, but with a Romulan phaser rifle. (UV)
After Data gives Sela the famous Spock Pinch, and when Picard, Data, and Spock leave the room, look at the glass pyramid in Selas office. There is a reflection of a cameraman chewing gum. (V)

New GroundAlexander states that he was born on stardate 42305. Unless the equivalent of 01000 stardate equals approximately one year, Alexander would be only 2 and a half years old. Also, the creature which Riker saves from the lab is obviously a hand puppet. (V)

The Masterpiece SocietyGeordi states that his VISOR covered the range from 1 Hertz to 1 Terahertz. While this covers radio, microwave, and far infrared frequencies, it does not cover near infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-rays, or gamma rays.

ConundrumWhile a record search is performed, Deannas father was listed as Alex. However, in The Child, she named her child after Ian, her fathers name. (V)
When MacDuff is talking to Picard in Picards ready room, when Picard goes to the window, all you see in the in the window is the reflection of Picard and the room behind him (not the stars outside), then, when you see MacDuff, in the reflection, leaving the room behind Picard, when the door opens, you dont see the reflection of the bridge, you see stars. Oops! (UV)
After Rikers first love scene, a wide-angle-view-pan-to-closeup on the bridge can be seen at the very top of the screen, in the brightly lit area. (UV). Shortly afterwards, in the same scene, MacDuff is walking around and up to the tactical station from his chair, and we can see his legs walk next to Worfs. The camera cuts to Worf, and we see MacDuff approaching Worf. (UV)

EthicsWhen the barrel falls on Worf, a second barrel also falls, and its lid pops off. However, when Geordi runs over to Worf, the lid is back on the barrel. (V)

Cost of LivingIn the turbolift where Picard and Data got trapped in due
to the metal parasites, look closely: Picard, in this scene only, is wearing only three pips. (V)
Also, Picard is told that the inertial dampers had failed, in which he orders the Enterprise out of warp. If the inertial dampers had failed, they would have been splattered all over the bridge. (V)

I, BorgDuring the first time in the lab, Three of Five asks Do I have a name? I should not have been used, it should have been we.

The Next PhaseOne of things dropped in films is an explanation as to why Geordi and Ro are able to breathe or not be able to go through the floors. Oops. (V)

Times ArrowThe paper which Data picks up is dated Sunday, August 11, 1893. Unfortunately, August 11, 1983 was a Friday. (V)

Betazoids and the Ferengi Mind: In The Battle and The Price, Deannas is able to sense deception from the Ferengi, and later, used against them. Yet, in Menage A Troi, the Betazoid Ambassador says that they are unable to read Ferengi minds, a fact later confirmed in The Loss. Data has suggested that this is due to the Ferengi brain separated in four regions.

In Reunion, Gowron was prepared to offer KEhleyr a seat on the Klingon Council for her assistance in getting Picard to quicken the pace of the Rite of Succession. However, in Redemption, he states to Picard that females are not allowed to serve on that Council.

Data Using Contractions
In Datalore, Lore says that there are differences between him and Data, among them, the ability of Lore being able to use contractions, while Data couldnt. Yet, in The Offspring, Data says that he hadnt quite mastered contractions. It appears that Data can use contractions, as the following
shows indicate_
Encounter At FarpointAt the beginning of the post Atomic-horror courtroom, when Q enters, Data says, At least were acquainted with the judge. (V) Also, when Data is asked by a very familiar Admiral if he is a Vulcan, Data replies, Im an android. (V)

The Naked NowData says: Correction, sir.. thats blown out. instead of that is_Also, after Picard orders Yar to the sick bay, Yar asks Did he say when?, to which Data replies Im sure he meant now. (UV)

The Last OutpostDuring the conversation with Sentry, Data clearly said Im afraid not. (UV)

Where No Man Has Gone BeforeAfter they shot out of the galaxy and were looking at all the nice special effects outside Data said something like Its beautiful. (UV)

DataloreIn the teaser, in response to Tashas query about holding the memory of over 411 people, Data responds, Actually, Im quite efficient in some basic human information. Then, in act one, on the way to the place where he was found, in response to Tashas query about the colonists memories, Data replies, Ive always felt that it was done hurriedly, but I know little more. Next, in act two, in a conversation with Chief Argyle, Data says, Ive been most anxious to hear the Chief Engineers opinion, Mr. Argyle. Then, in the final act, after the fight with Lore, Picard asks Data if hes ok, in which Data replies, Yes Sir, Im fine. This is quite surprising, since this is one episode which they should have been extra careful about using contractions. (V)

Heart of Glory(UV)

Elementary, Dear DataWhen Data and Geordi are just about to confront Moriarty for the first time, Data notices some scratches near Moriartys secret entrance and he asks, Whats this? (UV)

The OffspringIn the Captains quarters, after Picard answers Datas question about Admiral Halftel having children, Data replies, Im forced to wonder how much experience he had as a parent when his first child was born. (V)

Future ImperfectThe future Data uses a contraction.

In TheoryWhen entering Jennas quarters, Data recites several phrases with contractions, including Honey, Im Home and You dont tell me what to do! Youre not my mother!a clear contradiction of the no-contraction rule.
However, he was running a program in which he was simply reciting various phrases couples use, and he was saying them in a different tone of voice than usual. (V) :

ST:TNG Technical Manual

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual (Pocket Books, ISBN 0-671-70427-3) is the complete technical guide to the Treknology used in TNG.
It is written by Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda, who work in TNGs Art Department. Among their responsibilities include making sure that everything is consistant in the technical department from show to show. However, they have been known to clown around a little, and some of that clowning has shown up in the technical manual. Such as:

11In the saucer section, right above the Captains Yacht, there is a duck.
A half inch to the left and a little bit down, there is a mouse. Slightly to the rigt of the mouse, there is a Slippery When Wet sign. In the shuttlebay, there is three big shuttles, two small shuttles, and sports car (probably from Pontiac ;). To the right of the duck, about one inch, there is a B-52 Bomber, and, in that same rectangle, there is a symbol of a woman and a child (the symbol for Canadas Family rating for movies). Also, right under the warp pylons, there is a registered trademark symbol.

Interestingly enough, if you look at the ship diagram in Engineering on the show, those exact items show up.

Mike Browns Program Guide

The best Star Trek: The Next Generation program guide is put out by Mike Brown. It contains everything one could possibly want from a Star Trek guide, including:

Roger Noes credit and cast listings
Tim Lynchs detailed synopsis of each episode
Paramounts advertising headlines, TV Log notes,and highlight listings
Satellite uplink dates
Writing, Directing, and Production crew listings and cross-references
Major award listings
Information compiled from various conventions

If you are a serious trekker, this is the guide for you!

The guide only costs $30.00 (including shipping and handling), and comes ready to be inserted into a loose-leaf notebook (notebook not included). Updates are also available. For more information and a sample page, please send a self-addressed stamped business size envelope to:

Mr. Video Productions
6013 Mayhill Drive
Madison, WI 53711-4123

E-mail address is _\
rutgers/ decvax!nicmad/

INTERNET: vidiot!brown%[email protected]

Thanks to _

Edward ChampionFor loaning me half of his Trek tape collection.

Mike BrownFor information from his program guide, plus his endless informative contributions to Usenet (buy a TNG Program Guide from him!!!!)

Ian JustmanFor sending me copies of the new episodes from the satellite uplinks

Jim SmithFor proofreading this thing and checking for those evasive typos
Jim GriffithFor moderating the very informative

Otto Hackman HeuerFor information stolen from his FAQ List

Tim Lynch & Michael RawdonUsenet reviews who point out interesting things
Brendan Kehoe & Raymond ChenFTP Site moderators

Jim Earl and Paul DyerWonderful Local Sysops

Martin PollardThe man with the close eye for details

David DattaFor converting these lists over

and _ .

Mark Abair, Dean Adams, Mario Alaniz, Mark H. Anbinder, Joeseph Anderson, Mike Beizer, Mike Belzner, Michael Bennett, Dan Berry, Woody Bilyeu-Harper, Joel E. and Francine Bion, David Borkowski, Edward Branley, Ray Brown, James P. Callison, Chuck Carroll, Tim Cherna, Brian Clayton, Jeff Comer, Cam Craig, Tom Crowell, Erik L. Cunha, Dave Davis, Ben Delisle, Stephen Dennison, Jon Drukman, Brooks Duncan, Kevin Eastman, Stuart Elliot, Ken Fischer, Zorch Frezberg, Mindy Garber, Blaine Gardner, Dean Gilbert, Jesus S. Gonzalez, Richard L. Gralnik, B. J. Guillot, Michael Gunderson, Andrew Hackard, Paul Hager, John Hale, Inge Heyer, Cindy Hill, Irwin Horowitz, Chris Jacobson, Jon Jerome, Charlotte Jerscheid, Glenn E. Johnson, Lawrence Kiefer, Steve Klemetti, Eric Knippert, Bob Lawler, Frank Lazer, Gabriel Lee, Charles Anthony Leone, Denis Lepine, Rockford Lhotka, Lloyd Lim, Jim Shaun Lyon, Don Malzahn, Steve Manitsas, Rachel K. McGregor, Kent Miller, Rom Moore, Francis Moraes, Michael Mullen, Colum Mylod, Elaine Naiman, Bryce Newall, Roger Noe, Mike Okuda, Owen E. Oulton, David Pearson, Ken Pergrem, Loren Petrich, Rob Pfile, Geoff Poole, Carl Potter, Ken Quick, John Rackley, Mitsuhiro Sakai, Paul Sander, Brian E. Saunders, Richard Saunders, Brian Scearce, Dave Schaumann, Catherine Schulz, Bob Schmidt, Joe Siegler, David S. Serchayand, Betsey Crockett Shay, Troy W. Simpson, John Smith, Jason Snell, Andrew Sepulveda,
Mark Spears, Lee Storm, Eric Stillwell, Gary Strand, Chas Strokes, Dave Sturm, Alan Takahashi, Jamie Talbott, Jonathan Tham, John Todd, R. B. Torok, Mr.
Tech, Mike Valiviita, Paul Vega, Scott Viguie, Gary Wachs, David Welle, John Whelan, Hywel Williams, Andy Wood, Gregg E. Woodcock, Ivan ([email protected]), Erez Zadok, Alan Zander, [email protected]

_and the many other folks on Usenets rec.arts.startrek and Fidonet Star Trek and TNG Echos.

Wesley Eugene Gene Roddenberry
August 19, 1921October 24, 1991

He created a legend which continues on today, creating a show that has helped believe that there was a future worth living for. He showed us that space is not just for space battles, but for learning new ideas and ways of thinking, and, indirectly, has done more for civil rights and the space program than Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy. Gene will be missed, but will not be forgotten.

Keep circulating the List of Lists.
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