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USS Excelsior technical info (Star Trek).
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USS Excelsior technical info (Star Trek).
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Written by Brad Wilson (NX2000A)
Approved by StarFleet Intelligence Command

1.0 Introduction to NCC-2000
1.1 Mission Outline
1.2 Development
1.3 BluePrints
2.0 Spacecraft Structure
2.1 Skeletal Structure and Design
2.2 Hull Layers and Materials
3.0 Command Systems
3.1 Bridge
3.2 Auxiliary Control
3.3 Main Engineering
4.0 Computer Systems
4.1 System and Operations
4.2 Design and Misc. Ops
5.0 TransWarp Drive Propulsion Systems
5.1 TransWarp Theory and Application
5.2 M\AM Reaction Accembly
5.3 Trilythium crystals
5.4 Nacelles and TransWarp Engines
5.5 Fuel\Storage\Generation
5.6 Emergency Procedures
6.0 Impulse Propulsion Systems
6.1 Impulse Drive
6.2 Emergency Procedures
7.0 Misc. Systems
7.1 Navigational Deflectors
7.2 Life-Support
7.3 Phasers
7.4 Photon Torpedoes
7.5 Shields
7.6 Tractor Beams
7.7 TransWarp Radio
7.8 Sensors
7.9 Transporter
8.0 Misc.
8.1 ShuttleBays and Shuttlecraft
8.2 Crew-Support (Quarters)
8.3 Medical Facilities
8.4 Recreational Facilities
8.5 Turbo-Lifts
8.6 Modes
8.7 Emergency Operations\Self-Destruct
8.8 Ship Construction
9.0 Deck Layout
Appendix I Ship History
Appendix II Ship Stats
Appendix III Ships in Fleet

The USS Excelsior is the Federation's newest Battleship.
With it's state-of-the-art TransWarp Drive and M-8 computer,
Excelsior is proven to be the most powerful, fastest and most
heavily armed ship ever constructed.
Now commanded by Captain Hiraku Sulu, the Excelsior has just
finished it's 3-year voyage exploring the Renevarian sector of
the Beta-Alpha quadrant. It was just refitted and now going on a
8-year mission. This ship, along side the USS Enterprise
(Enterprise class) played a vital role with the success of the
Khitomer conference.


Excelsior is designed as a cruiser and explorer as well as a
battleship. If a hostile situation rises, Excelsior is heavy
armed and well equipped of powerful Phasers and Photon Torpedoes.
Normally, Excelsior is a Mark XIII Heavy Crusier with an enormous
sensor capacity.


On September 16, 2278 the devolpment of the most powerful
ship was approved by Starfleet and began designing the NX-2000, a
prototype starship with a unique propulsion system that will be
able to break the Warp 10 barrier with ease. Here is a summary on
how the construction proceeded=

2278- Excelsior project approved, Design centers begin working on
2279- Design work continues, Dr. Mornay, Sarda and Perren begin
work on TransWarp Drive.
2280- Design work finished, construction of space-frame begins in
Antares Ship Yards.
2281- Space-frame completed, Hull construction begins, TransWarp
design completed and is beginning construction on Computer cores,
TransWarp engines and Impulse drive.
2282- Hull construction completed, all systems beginning
2283- Ship construction completed, tests begin on new technology.
2284- Testing continues, TransWarp Drive is sabotaged by
Enterprise. TransWarp drive repaired and completed.
2285- Trial runs, Excelsior breaks Warp 10 barrier and breaks the
speed record set by USS Enterprise at Warp 16.
2286- Excelsior is Commissioned, Misc. Assignments
2288- Excelsior given to Sulu at given it's registry number=
NCC-2000. 3-year mission begins.
2291- Excelsior returns from 3-year mission. Khitomer confrence
insident. Refit begins.
2292- Excelsior finishes refit, now undergoing a 8-year
exploration mission of the Unknown areas of space beyond the
boundries of Alpha-Quadrant.
2300- Excelsior Returns fro 8-year mission, refit begins.


The Excelsior's structure is well-designed and very strong.


Excelsior uses a tritanium\duranium interlocking skeleton
structure and is plated over with a tritanium\titanium\duranium
filaments that weave together giving it an enormously strong
armor. This armor can withstand Phaser blasts and will have
little damage done from Photon Torpedoes.


The outermost of the hull is a tritanium\titanium\duranium
alloy that weaves and interlocks with each other. On the outer
surface of this plating is the Deflector shield grid that
projects a material of diburnium\osmium that acts as a solid. The
next is electon bonded duranium, then the radiation attenuation
which provides protection from radiation in space. Thermal
insulation and tritanium truss framework follow. The innermost is
a ceramic fabric chemically bonded with tritanium foil.


These follow= Bridge, Auxiliary Control, and Main


The main bridge is located in deck 1 on top of the saucer
section. Going left from the viewing screen there are= Weapons
sub systems, Environmental, Turbo-Lift, Sciences and Library
Computer, Tactical, Master Situation, Tactical, Communications,
Turbo-Lift, Engineering, and Navigational sub systems. In front
of the commanding officer is the Helm and Navigation stations.
Here are the stations and there functions-
WEAPONS SUB-SYTEMS- This controls all weapons and shields. It
also displays the enemies potential.
ENVIRONMENTAL- This controls all life-support, gravity and
environmental systems.
SCIENCES AND LIBRARY COMPUTER- This controls all sensors,
scanning and the library computer.
TACTICAL- This controls all defensive systems and starship
security, displays enemy and controls all systems.
MASTER SITUATION- This large wall display features a cutaway of
the starship show key systems and hardware.
COMMUNICATION- This controls all sub-space radio and internal
ENGINEERING- This controls all TransWarp systems, Impulse
systems, and all related sub-systems.

NAVIGATIONAL SUB-SYSTEMS- This controls all navigational systems
and course controls. It also has access to a navigational
HELM- This controls all ship movement and control.
NAVIGATION- this controls all course plotting.


Located on Decks 8 and 19, these control rooms operate the
same functions as the main bridge. These rooms are used in heavy
combat or the main bridge is unihabital.


Located on decks 20,21, and 22, Main Engineering controls
all Excelsior's systems and power distribution. Deck 20 is mainly
for the control of the ship's engines, Deck 21 is for
Environmental and life-support systems and 22 for everything


There are 2 computer cores on the Excelsior, 1 in the
primary hull, and 1 in the secondary. These computers contain all
known information of the federation. It also controls all systems
and sub-systems.


The M-8 computer is designed exclusively for the Excelsior
to control it's new TransWarp drive and systems. It is a monster
computer, the largest ever constructed. It is also the most


With a response time at the speed of light, there is no
longer the computer voice; "Working.....". The response time is
instantaneous. The Billions of Megabytes contain all Knowledge.


TransWarp is the newest is Warp technology. It has changed
the course of the federation. Although the concepts of this
engine is poorly understood, some say the designer's aren't for
sure. Excelsior's TransWarp Drive is a FTWA class. They weigh
78,000 metric tons each.


TransWarp drive was invented by Dr. Mornay and the Vulcan
physicists Sarda and Perren. They invented a small TransWarp
drive using Trilythium crystals and transporter technology. When
they tested it with a computer, they found that ship would be
propelled to an amazing Warp 14. They were astonished because
this speed had never been reached. They provided their notes to
Shuvinaaljis Warp Technologies and produced 2 FTWA which were
mounted on the Excelsior.
The basic theory of how the TransWarp drive really works is
this= The engines and transporters work in Tandem. Basically, the
ship puts a transporter field around the ship's engines, which
have the ability to use this field in conjunction with the Warp
Envelope, with the ship in effect beaming itself ahead in the
Envelope. As long as the transporter field is activated the ship
can attend phenomenal speeds, reaching Warp 23 in an emergency
and Warp 20 for a indefinite cruising time. The Transporter
technology is similar to the Personnel and Cargo transporters,
the field generator mounted in the Nacelles is much larger than
has ever been constructed.

Warp 11- 1,331c Warp 17- 4,913c Warp 23- 12,167c
Warp 12- 1,728c Warp 18- 5,832c
Warp 13- 2,197c Warp 19- 6,859c
Warp 14- 2,744c Warp 20- 8,000c
Warp 15- 3,375c Warp 21- 9,261c
Warp 16- 4,096c Warp 22- 10,648c


To provide the TransWarp drive with it's Energy, the
Designer's had to come up with a new kind of M\AM reactor to
fulfill it's power needs. So the designer's came up with a new
Reactor that would create much more power than the previous
transfer conduits. This new reactor would place the Deuterium
tank in the upper secondary hull and the AntiMatter tanks in the
bottom of the secondary hull. The reactor would transfer the
matter and antimatter together to meet in the Trilythium reactor.
This energy is transferred to the EPS power distribution center
were then it is transferred in conduits to the TransWarp engines.


Trilythium is the only known substance that can be used with
the TransWarp Drive. Dilithium, the normal fuel reactant for the
Warp Drive, will not the TransWarp drive operate. Although this
is Unknown why the TWPS make this so, some experts say that it's
molecular pattern disrupts the Transporter field Generator.
Trilythium is so rare, that many people have never heard of it.
Trilythium is found on vey few planets in the known galaxy. It's
molecular pattern is Undetermined.


In the front of the nacelle is the Hydrogen\Bussard ramscoop
that transfers Hydrogen atoms into power. The rest of the nacelle
is were the standard warp engines are. In the aft-end of the
nacelle it where the TransWarp Transporter Field Generator is
mounted. Outlining the Warp Field Grid is the Transporter field
outputters. This projects the Warp Field Envelope and the
Transporter field that surrounds the Engines. The TransWarp
Engine is mostly made up of pure Nuetronium, the strongest known


The USS Excelsior uses Deuterium and Anti-Duetrium to create
it's enormous power needs. When Matter (Deuterium) collides with
Anti-Matter (Anti-Duetrium) it totally annihilates, producing
energetic gamma rays. Other Anti-particles and Particles pairs
produce sub-atomic particles and energy. Anti-matter is stored is
Electromagnetic tanks within the secondary hull of the Excelsior.
The Deuterium (as with the Anti-Duetrium) is stored in a plasma
("slush") state in a very large tank contained in the secondary
hull. If emergency fuel is needed, and the Excelsior is too far
away from a StarBase or a Fuel tanker, it can generate Deuterium
by collecting Hydrogen atoms, or it can use it's Anti-matter
generator to generate small amounts of fuel. This is only for an
emergency for it cannot generate enough to run a long period of
time (more than 3 days).


If the TransWarp drive has sustained enough damage, they can
be shutdown or jettisoned at a rate of 150 meters\second. After
shutdown, all personnel attempting to repair damage within the
Nacelle are required to wear Rad Suits. The M\AM reactor can be
jettisoned, but only in a life-threating situation. Usually,
shutdown is the best way, for the M\AM reactor fuels the entire

All principal Sublight propulsion and auxiliary power
generating operations are handled by the Impulse Engines. Fed by
Fusion Reactors, the Impulse Drive moves the Excelsior to .9125
times the speed of light. The class of the Impulse Drive is


Using Deuterium and Fusion Reactors, the Excelsior produces
power to drive the ship SubLight speeds. The Impulse moves the
ship when it is not in the TransWarp field. The Impulse engines

also produce Auxiliary power for emergency uses. Although this
not enough power to run the TransWarp drive, but it can provide a
short punch of energy to run the Warp Drive for 3.2321673 hours.


If the Fusion Reactor is damaged, it can be shutdown and
repaired. Jettising the Impulse Drive can be done, but as with
the TransWarp drive, only in life-threating situations.


This is on all the other systems on the Excelsior.


The Navigational Deflector is a "Shield" that protects the
Excelsior from derbis, asteroids, etc. Using Graviton Polarity
Source Generators, the flux energy output neutralizes all
material infront of the Excelsior. This also acts as the Main
Sensor Dish and can scan with enormous detail and accuracy.


Life-Support is what produces the gravity, air, water, food
and light to keep us alive. It is the most durable system, for it
can keep going even if there is very little power. The Graviy
generators produce the gravity (at .92 g's), the air-replicators
recycle the the air, the water generator produces the water, and
the food-replicators produce food.


Phasers are PHASed Energy Rectifacation, which use energy as
a weapon. The Excelsior's phaser banks, Type FH-11 are the most
powerful in Starfleet. There are 8 of them in banks of 5 each.
They are located at= 2 front port, 2 front starboard, 2 front, 2
aft. They can be Pulse or Steady-Stream, Thin or Wide, Stun,
Heat, Disrupt, Dematerialize, or Explode settings. There are also
8 FH-5 banks that provide more protection.


Photon Torpedoes are Matter\AntiMatter Explosion device that
can be used at Warp Velocities. They contain Deuterium and
Anti-Duetrium held in suspension, and when the torpedo hits the
target, the field is released and annihilation occurs with an
enormous impact. The PhoTorp, was originally developed by the
Romulans, is the Federation's best weapon. It can be used at Warp
velocities. Excelsior's type is FP-4, with 6 banks, 1 front, 2
front port, 2 front starboard, 1 aft.


Defensive Shields, like the Navigational Deflector, use
Graviton Polarity Generators. These generators produce a
Diburnium\Osmium that acts as a solid. But, when it is hit by a
weapon, it dissipates. If the shields are hit too many and too
much times, the Deflector Shields will fail. Diburnium and Osmium
were discovered at StarDate 5978.2, this substance was created by
the lost Kaladan race, and was recorded by science officer Spock.
Type FSS.


Tractor Beams are designed to pull an object to or hold it
in place. If the object is bigger than the Excelsior, it will
pull the Excelsior closer to it. Tractor Beams employ
Superimposed Subspace\Gravaton force beam. There are 3 Tractor
Beams on the Excelsior, 2 to the front, 1 in the rear.


TransWarp radio is the only practical way to send a
transmission. The Excelsior will easily outrun normal sub-space
transmissions, so the TransWarp Radio was designed, tested and
approved. It is similar to sub-space radio, but this radio uses
Ionized Graviton Flux Transmissions (IGFT). The IGFT uses a High
frequency and travels around 18,000c, an enormous speed. But even
at that speed, a transmission may take days, even weeks if the
ship is far out enough.


The Sensors aboard the Excelsior are the most accurate,
detailed and sophisticated ever designed. They include
everything= heat, light, radiation, spectral and thermal, life,
physical, spectro, flux, gamma, graviton, stellar, particle,
sub-space, quark, sub-atomic, photon, optical, and magnetic. With
all these sensors, Excelsior is the most advanced starship ever


Transporter is the only practical way to transport away from
the ship. The Transporter is what makes the TransWarp Drive work.
Objects are recorded, dematerialized, transported and reassembled
at the destination. There are 6 personnel(6), 6 emergency (22),
and 3 cargo transporters on the Excelsior. Unfortunately, the
Transporter can't be used in TransWarp or through Shields.



The ShuttleBay is located on top of the secondary hull. It
uses a forcefield to keep in the ship's atmosphere while the
shuttlebay doors are open. It also has a tractor beam that locks
on and pulls in the ShuttleCraft. On the Excelsior, there are a
total of 20 ShuttleCraft, here are the types- Type 15, 16, 6, and
7. There are also 7 work bees for ExtraVechilar work.


Each person on board the Excelsior has 90 square meters of
living space. This is luxurious, compared to most other
starships. Crew Quarters consists of a sleeping area with a
Queen-size bed, a dresser, a Walk-in closet and shelves; living
area with a table, a booth, food-dispencers, a work area with a
library computer terminal and a desk; and then the head, which
contains a jucuzzi, sonic shower, sink, toilet, bathtub and a
cabinet for toiletry objects.


Located on Deck 8, Sickbay contains state-of-the-art medical
facilities and equipment. The finest in Starfleet, there is the
Intensive Care Units, the Examination room, ICP unit, Operating
rooms, and dozens of office's and labs. Almost any disease can be
analysized and identified even if it was never encountered. With
a .1863% failure of not finding a cure.


There are many facilities devoted entirely to Recreation.
There is an Officer's lounge, Crew Lounge, 3 Rec. Decks with many
games including Racquetball courts, Volleyball courts, Tennis and
Badminton courts and a Bowling Alley; 4 Simulation rooms that
produce holographic images of whatever the person desires; and a
Botanical Garden with many varieties of Trees, Flowers, Plants,
Fish and Animals. There are also 6\3-d theaters with movies from
the 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd centuries.


Turbo-lifts on the Excelsior are Voice-Activated and will
take the user under 10 seconds to reach any destination.


There are typically 5 modes on the Excelsior-
Cruise Mode- Normal Operations
Yellow Alert- Alert Operations
Red Alert- Emergency Operations
External Support Mode- Docked at Starbase
Reduced Power Mode- When power drops below 26% of Normal


If the hull aboard the Excelsior is punctured, safety doors
aboard the Excelsior will automatically close and seal until
repairs can be made. If a person or persons are trapped between 2
safety doors, there is enough food, water and air to support them
until help arrives. If the Excelsior gets into Enemy hands, it
can be self-destructed by the code of the Captain, 1st Officer
and the Chief Engineer. There are 3 different modes of
self-destructing, here they are-
Code 1- All Matter and Antimatter come together to create an
enormous fireball that will engulf any near planets, ships or
Code 2- The AntiMatter tanks are ejected and the explosive
bolts throughout the ship will destroy the ship.
Code 3- AntiMatter tanks are ejected and the ship's bolts
destroy some of it, the rest to crash on a planet, star or moon.


There are currently 94 Excelsiors commissioned. In gratitude
for the Khitomer conference, a Excelsior-class ship will be
registered as NCC-1701-B in honor of the USS Enterprise. Ships
constructed are listed in the appendix. Currently there are 94.


Here is a comprehensive section on the Features of the 28
decks aboard the Excelsior-

1- Bridge
2- Security section
3- Observation Room\Upper Impulse Engineering\Officer's Lounge
4- VIP Quarters\Senior Officer's Quarters\ Mid Impulse
Engineering\ Officer's Mess
5- Junior Officer's Quarters\ JO Mess\ Low Impulse Engineering
6- Crew Quarters\ Crew Mess\Crew Lounge
7- Crew Quarters\ Rec Deck\ Racquetball courts
8- Auxiliary Control\Sickbay\Brig\Labs\Transporter rooms 1-3\
Emergency Transporters 1-3\Office's\Computer Core 1
9- Rec Deck\ Volleyball court\ Tennis+Badminton Court\ Simulation
rooms 1 and 2\Bowling Alley\Lounge\Transporter rooms 4-6
10- Rec Deck\Simulation rooms 3 and 4\Emergency Transporters 4-6
Restaurant\Ten-Forward Bar\Library\Botanical Garden
11- Phaser Rooms\Photon Control
12- Sensors\Labs\Viewing rooms\Theaters 1-6
13- Cargo Deck\Cargo Transporters\Hanger Deck
14- Cargo Deck\Storage\Deuterium Tank (Upper)
15- Circuitry rooms\Labs\Deuterium Tank (Mid)\Matter Engineering
16- Labs\Cargo Deck\Deuterium Tank (Lower)\Matter Engineering
17- Photon Torpedo Control\Matter Injector\Engineering
18- Labs\Offices\Engineering

19- Labs\Offices\Engineering
20- TransWarp Engine Room\Trilythium Reactor\Power Transfer
21- Environmental Engineering\Engineering
22- Engineering\Computer Core\Navigational Deflector (upper)
23- Engineering\Chart Room\Navigational Deflector (lower)
24- Antimatter Injector\Antimatter Control Room
25- Antimatter Tanks\AntiMatter Engineering
26- AntiMatter Tanks\Antimatter Engineering
27- AntiMatter Tanks\AntiMatter Engineering
28- Tractor Beam Storage\AntiMatter Tanks

On StarDate 2/2210, the first of the new battleships, the
USS Excelsior, was commissioned. This vessel is the newest in
Star Fleet, and it incorporates many experimental operating
systems. Since that time, 93 more have been commissioned. All
these Battleships are being constructed at Sol III and IV
The Excelsior has been called "The Great Experiment" by many
in influencial circles. These ships are the newest of any in Star
Fleet and incorporate experimental technology in most of its
components required to operate a warship. With so many new
systems aboard these vessels, the process of testing them has
been slow. Prior to being installed, each component has been
tested and re-tested until it met standards. Nevertheless, when
the USS Excelsior was taken out for trials, the evaluation teams
were constantly faced with primary system malfunctions that would
not allow any of the secondary or back-up systems to be tested.
This caused the evaluators to deal with these new components on a
one-at-a-time basis, and thus creating time delays in
commissioning of the class.


Excelsior Class XIII Battleship
Date Entering Fleet- 2/2210
Number Constructed- 94
Length- 467 m
Width- 186 m
Height- 78 m
Weight- 239,930 mt
Cargo Units- 550 SCU
Capacity- 27,500 mt
Control Computer- M-8
6 standard 6-person
6 emergency 22-person
3 cargo
Crew- 810
Passengers- 40
ShuttleCraft- 20
Warp Engine Type- FTWA

Maximum Safe Cruising Speed- Warp 20
Emergency Speed- Warp 23
Impulse Type- FIG-3
Maximum Output- Warp .92


NCC# Title Commissioned Status
2000 Excelsior 2286 E. Mission
2001 Proxima 2286 E. Mission
2002 Columbia 2286 Research Ship
2003 Galacta 2286 Star Charting
2004 Excaliber 2286 Misc. Assign
2005 Potemkin 2286 Command Ship
2006 Hancock 2286 Destroyed
2007 Kitty Hawk II 2286 Star Charting
2008 Chimuka 2286 War Ship
2009 Kongo II 2286 E. Mission
2010 Ajax II 2286 Destroyed
2011 AChilles II 2286 Lost in Space
2012 Arizona II 2287 Research Ship
2013 Royal Oak II 2287 War Ship
2014 Agincourt II 2287 Research Ship
2015 Yamashiro II 2287 Misc. Assign
2016 Exeter II 2287 Diplomatic Ship
2017 Hood II 2287 Star Charting
2018 Valiant II 2287 War Ship
2019 Fuso II 2287 Lost in Space
2020 Intrepid II 2287 E. Mission
2020-A Intrepid III 2291 E. Mission
2021 Farragut II 2287 Command Ship
2022 Ryujo II 2287 Self-Destructed
2023 Challenger II 2287 Destroyed
2024 Sussex II 2288 P. Bombardment
2025 Constitution II 2288 E. Mission
2026 Lexington II 2288 War Ship
2027 Bearn II 2288 Lost in Space
2028 Aquila II 2288 Misc. Assign
2029 De Mayo 2288 Self-Destructed
2030 BrisBane II 2288 Command Ship
2031 Eagle II 2288 E. Mission
2031-A Eagle III 2292 Star Charting
2032 Thunderer II 2288 P. Bombardment
2033 Ticonderoga II 2288 Command Ship
2034 Yorktown II 2288 Destroyed
2034-A Yorktown III 2294 Command Ship
2035 Alamo 2289 Lost in Space
2036 Fearless 2289 Research Ship
2037 Endevour 2289 E. Mission
2038 Roddenberry 2289 E. Mission
2039 Golden Eagle 2289 Destroyed
2040 Devastator II 2289 War Ship
2041 Praxis 2289 Lost in Space

NCC# Title Commissioned Status
2042 Golden Eagle II 2289 E. Mission
2043 Terminator 2289 War Ship
2044 Challenger III 2289 Star Charting
2045 Thunder Bay III 2289 Star Charting
2046 Chekov II 2289 Star Charting
2047 Hero 2289 Command Ship
2048 Horatio 2290 War Ship
2049 Victory 2290 War Ship
2050 Reliant II 2290 Research Ship
2051 Gallant II 2290 Research Ship
2052 Invincible II 2290 War Ship
2053 Formidible II 2290 Command Ship
2054 Furious II 2290 P. Bombardment
2055 Immortal III 2290 E. Mission
2056 Warrior 2290 War Ship
2057 Archer II 2290 E. Mission
2058 Athena II 2290 Misc. Assign
2059 Hercules 2290 Lost in Space
2060 Zeus 2291 Diplomatic Ship
2061 Orion III 2291 E. Mission
2062 Perseus II 2291 Star Charting
2063 Blade of Death 2291 P. Bombardment
2064 Revenge IV 2291 Command Ship
2065 Mercury 2291 Self-Destructed
2066 Philyra 2291 Lost in Space
2067 Hades 2291 War Ship
2068 Psyche 2291 Captured by Rom.
2069 Ceres 2291 Escourt Vessel
2070 Ares II 2291 Misc. Assign
2071 Poseidon II 2291 E. Mission
2072 Tarrasque 2292 P. Bombardment
2073 Calabias 2292 Sold to Public
2074 Talos V 2292 Research Ship
2075 Wagenius 2292 War Ship
2076 Vulcan III 2292 Diplomatic Ship
2077 Hercules II 2292 E. Mission
2078 Iphicles 2292 E. Mission
2079 Xanthus 2292 E. Mission
2080 Eos 2292 Star Charting
2081 Bacchus 2292 Research Ship
2082 Endoan V 2292 Research Ship
2083 Terra II 2293 Star Charting
2084 Gaia 2293 Star Charting
2085 Earth III 2293 E. Mission
2086 Gemini 2293 E. Mission
2087 Arthur 2293 Command Ship
2088 Merlin 2293 Research Ship
2089 Lancelot 2293 War Ship
2090 Galahad 2293 War Ship
2091 Gawain 2293 War Ship
2092 Mordred 2293 War Ship
2093 Knights of the Round Table 2293 War Ship

Vocabulary of Status
E. MISSION- Exploratory mission, Exploring the Unknown areas of
space beyond the outer markers.
STAR CHARTING- Mapping and Charting of Space, Stars and Planets.
RESEARCH SHIP- Research of Mapped and Charted Space.
COMMAND SHIP- Command Ship of Smaller Starships and Fighters.
WAR SHIP- Ship used in battle against enemy empires.
P. BOMBARDMENT- Planetary Bombardment.
MISC. ASSIGN- Misc. Assignments (Cargo Carrier, Transporation of
Colonists, Escourt, Diplomatic, etc.)
DIPLOMATIC SHIP- A Diplomatic and First-Contact vessel.
LOST IN SPACE- Lost, Whereabouts Unknown.
SELF-DESTRUCTED- Self-Destructed to keep from Enemy Hands
DESTROYED- Destroyed in Battle, Natural Disaster, etc.
SOLD TO PUBLIC- Sold to public.
CAPTURED BY ROM.- Captured by Romualan Vessels.

Additional Plans of Ship Construction
NCC-1798-A Ti-Ho 2294 E. Mission
NCC-1701-B Enterprise 2294 E. Mission
NCC-1305-C Yamato 2295 Star Charting

I Hoped you enjoy this little piece of work I did. This book is
in no way or form related to NUKEMM3's Excelsior Text Book. Send
comments to me, NX2000A!!

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