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Future Culture Faq’s (3) from mailing list CyberPunk Oriented.
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updated: February.9.1993


Requests to join the FutureCulture E-list must be sent to:
[email protected] with subject 'send info' or 'help'

FutureCulture list maintainer and keeper of this FAQ:
[email protected]
[email protected]


While no article that attempts to document an entire emerging
subculture can be complete, I will do my best to give you enough
complete and accurate information to get you on your way to the future.

This article will focus mainly on cyberpunk culture, rave culture,
industrial, po-mo, virtual reality, drugs, computer underground,
etc. Basically, the elements that make up the developing
techno-underground, the new edge, the technoculture.

Included in this article will be: suggested readings -- books,
magazines, zines, requisite authors, etc., BBSes devoted to relevant
topics, corporations and merchandise geared toward the techno-aware,
Internet e-mail addresses for relevant figure-heads in this area,
suggested music and movies/videos, FTP sites, etc.

I will do my best to update this article every so often, as the
techno-underground is not stagnant and is always shifting and changing
and moving forward. If you have any complaints/comments/suggestions/
errors or just want to send someone mail, write to me on the Internet
at [email protected] I also welcome addition requests and such -
feel free to say "hey man, add blah-blah to the list!"


We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of the dreams.
:::::Wille Wonka

The cyberpunks did not originate their vision, but picked up bits and
pieces of what was actually coming true, and fed it back to the
readers who were already living in Gibson's Sprawl, whether they knew
it or not.
::::::Steve Brown

Information wants to be free. Believe it, pal.
::::::Bruce Sterling

If only you could see what I've seen through your eyes
::::::Blade Runner

We've discovered Cyberotica!!!!!
::::::The Shamen at a Rave with
RU Sirius

The techno-underground is a direct descendant of the hippy revolution.
::::::Select Magazine (April .92)

Cyberpunks use all available data input to think for themselves.
::::::Timothy Leary

Thus the most repressed sector of society acquires a paradoxical
power through the myth of its occult and knowledge." |Hakim Bey|.
Gibson & Burroughs & Lewis Shriner & Norman Spinrad & Bruce Sterling
created the perfect term -- CYBERPUNK! The odd occult shadow still
haunts" the civilized, industrial culture. Here is the marvelous
paradox of VR/Cyberpunk: Big high-tech firms fighting the myth of
"electronic LSD." Jaron Lanier as wizard with dreadlocks! Eric
Gullichsen - student of Crowley! Mondo 2000! Gibson and his data
::::::Timothy Leary

Cyberpunk is really about the present.
::::::Rudy Rucker

| |
| Contents: |

::::: * Part 1

futureculture list info
cultural literacy
magazines (hardcopy)
electronic zines and digests

::::: * Part 2

usenet newsgroups
who's who of the net
internet bbses and services
irc channels

::::: * Part 3


| |
| Cultural Literacy |

Agrippa: A Book of the Dead - A collaboration between author |William
Gibson|, publisher Kevin Begos Jr, and artist Dennis Ashbaugh.
This art-work contains engravings by Ashbaugh which appear or
disappear in light and an on-disk semi-autobiographical poem
by |William Gibson| which is unreadable after having been read
once. Agrippa is notable because in many respects it blurs
the lines about what art is, and adds fuel to the fire on
issues of property rights and intellectual property. A
highlight of 1992 was the release of Gibson's poem on to the

Artificial Life - man-made systems that exhibit characteristics
associated with the concept of "life".

Artificial Reality - similar to |virtual reality|, but more
interactive, with the participant being part of, not just
experiencing, the artificial environment.

BBSes - electronic Bulletin Board Systems. Begun in the late 70's, a
form of |virtual community| existing in |cyberspace| where
participants (usually using aliases) may send and receive
public and private messages to each other on any topic
imaginable, transfer software (copyrighted and/or public
domain), play on-line games, etc. There is the "over-ground"
BBS world where aliases are less common and illegal activities
are avoided in discussion, and the |{computer} underground|
where illegal activities and discussions are very common,
members use aliases, and illegal information and/or software
is exchanged.

Boxing - A variety of electronic devices used to aid in |phreaking|.
The original was the blue box, used from the mid 60's to the
mid 80's, which allowed long distance phone calls to be made
for free. A variety of other similar instruments
accomplishing different tasks have been developed, some
purely comical, some quite practical.

CC fraud - Credit Card or Calling Card fraud. common in the
|computer underground| community.

Chaos Theory - science revolving around simplistic equations
involving a large number of variables. Gave rise to
|fractals|, a form of |cyberdelic| art. For further info on
the subject, James Gleick's "Chaos: Making a New Science" is

C0dez Doodz - Essentialy a |phreaker|'s version of |pirates|. People
who seek out telco codes to be used to gain long distance (ld)
telephone calls without paying for them. Scurge of the
|computer underground|.

Computer Underground - "A group organized in secrecy, hidden behind
aliases, to promote the free exchange of information
regarding anything and everything including, but not limited
to: computers, telephones, radios, chemicals, and ideas."
(thanx to The Butler for this definition)
The mainstay of communication for the computer underground is
|cyberspace|, more specifically |BBSes|. The computer
underground is comprised of |hackers|, |phreakers|,
|piraters|, anarchists, and other |cyberpunks|.

CP - see |cyberpunk|.

Cryonics - The fringe science of freezing a person's head or whole
body after death, in the hopes that in the future they may be
revived and brought back to life.

Cyber- - A prefix taken from |cybernetics| generally used in popular
culture to mean anything that is technologically oriented.

Cyberdeck - Term originated by |William Gibson| to refer to a
computer used by |deck cowboys| that can connect to the

Cyberdelic - "Cyber-art". Examples include |fractals|,
computer-generated pictures and/or music, |virtual worlds|,

Cybernetics - The study of communication systems in living organisms
and machines, the mathematical analysis of the flow of

Cyberpunk - Begun as a literary movement in the 80's, an off-shoot of
normal science fiction. Unique in that it generally occurs
in the present or not so distant future, the characters are
often considered "punks" (social deviants) and technology,
(the cyber aspect), is prominent. "Neuromancer" by |William
Gibson|, published in 1984, is considered by most to be the
"bible" of cyberpunk. Another prominent author is |Bruce
Sterling|, editor of another worthy cyberpunk collection,
"Mirrorshades". Other examples of cyberpunk include Max
Headroom (tv show) and Blade Runner (movie). Cyberpunk is
special in that it has evolved from a purely literary movement
to a realistic subculture. Many "techno-punks" (ie:
|hackers|) are considered cyberpunks. Other contributing
factors to the cyberpunk subculture include: virtual reality,
hallucinogenic and |nootropic| drugs, and industrial and punk
music. For an in-depth, detailed look at cyberpunk fiction
and cyberpunk culture, "Storming the Reality Studio", ed. by
Larry McCaffery is suggested.

Cyberspace - "The electronic frontier." A completely virtual
environment: the sum total of all |BBSes|, computer networks,
and other |virtual communities|. Unique in that it is
constantly being changed, exists only virtually, can be
practically infinite in "size", communication occurs
instantaneously world-wide - physical location is completely
irrelevant most of the time. Some include video and telephone
transmissions as part of cyberspace.

Deck Cowboys - Futuristic version of a computer |hacker| or a
modern-day |cyberpunk|.

Electronic Frontier Foundation - (EFF). Organization founded by
Mitch Kapor (of Lotus fame) and John Perry Barlow (writer and
Grateful Dead songwriter) to establish laws for |cyberspace|
and apply the constitution to |virtual communities|.

Flame - disagreement occuring in |cyberspace|. Common on |Usenet|.

Fractals - Images created using |chaos theory|. A mish-mash of
colors presented in a pattern that repeats itself many times
over. A popular type of fractal image is one created using
the "Mandlebrot set". Fractals are considered |cyberdelic|

Gibson, William - Considered by most to be the "father" of
|cyberpunk|, along with |Bruce Sterling|. His works include
the infamous "Neuromancer", "Count Zero", "Mona Lisa
Overdrive" (these 3 works are known as the |sprawl| series),
"The Difference Engine" with which he was co-author with |Bruce
Sterling|, and "Burning Chrome" a collection of short
stories. Hist latest work is a poem in "|Agrippa: A Book of the
Dead|". Gibson says he will no longer be writing the "classic"
|cyberpunk| novels he is famous for. His next work is entitled
"Virtual Light" and is futuristic fiction.

Grep - search, or scan.

Hacker - 60's (1st) generation (orig. MIT): one who tinkers with
software, electronics, computer hardware, etc. 80's (2nd)
|WarGames| generation: one who enters computer systems
without permission with either malicious or non-malicious
intent, to gain, alter, or destroy information (labelled as
|crackers| by the 60's generation). 90's (3rd) generation:
often called |cyberpunks|, mostly non-malicious |crackers|
interested in information for the sake of information, and
not hacking for the sake of the hack - sometimes calling
themselves "information liberators", they have re-adopted
more of the original hacker ethic of the 60's which states
mainly "all information should be free", "access to computers
should be unlimited and total" and "promote decentralization".
This new, 3rd generation is commonly associated with the
computer underground, despite its mostly non-malicious intent.

Industrial - A subculture revolving around industrial music, a
collection of mostly electronically created sounds and
samples that results in a fierce explosion of sound labelled
by many as "the new punk". This subculture is generally
anti-political, anti-aesthetic in nature.

Internet - A large and very popular world-wide computer network
begun by the Defense Department in the 60's that connects
educational institutions, corporations, organizations, and
military and government installations around the globe.
Some organizations exist that offer access to the Internet to
the general public for an hourly/monthly/yearly fee. See the
"BBSes" section of this article for more info, particularly
those BBSes listed with "public access unix" next to them.
Suggested are places like the |WELL|, |MindVox|, Nyx (which is
free of cost), NetCom, etc. Many Internet users partake in
reading and contributing to |Usenet|, playing |MUD|s, FTPing
text files and programs free of charge at the various FTP
sites, and 'telnet'ing to other Internet sites. Because of
its accessibility at a relatively low cost, size (the largest
computer network in the world), connectivity, and infinite
amounts of information, many network users prefer the Internet
to such services as CompuServe (often called Compu$erve on
the Internet) or Prodigy (which is more restricting in its
content). The Internet has something to offer for everyone.
Other portions of this file such as the suggested newsgroups
list, list of FTP sites, and list of 'telnet'able services and
sites, should be very helpful to the new Internet user. Once
you gain access to the Internet, it is suggested that you read
the 'news.announce.newusers' and 'news.newusers.questions'
and 'news.answers' newsgroups on |Usenet|. You might also want
to read the file 'NixPub: Listing of Public Access Unix sites'
to find an Internet dial-up (BBS/Service) in your area.

IRC - |Internet| Relay Chat. Realtime communication forums between
|Internet| users all over the world.

Legion of Doom - (LoD). A legendary group of |hackers| from the
|computer underground|. When they disbanded, some members
went on to form a computer security firm (ComSec), Loyd
Blankenship wrote GURPS Cyberpunk for |Steve Jackson Games|
and some ended up in jail from |Operation Sundevil|.

Matrix - Term coined by William Gibson which refers to the consensual
hallucination of |cyberspace|.

MindVox - A |virtual community| in |cyberspace|, also a |BBS|
connected to the |Internet|. A nexus of the |computer
underground| and |cyberpunk| and |virtual reality| begun by
Phantom Access Technologies, former members of the |Legion of
Doom|. See also the |WELL|

Mirrorshades - A very important collection of |cyberpunk| fiction by
various authors, most of whom are labelled as the |mirrorshades
group|. This book is edited by |Bruce Sterling| and should be
available in most bookstores.

Mirrorshades Group - Original collection of |cp| authors which
includes William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Tom Maddox, Lewis
Shiner, John Shirley, SF Eye magazine editor Steve Brown,
Rudy Rucker, Pat Cadigan, and others.

Mondo 2000 - Very popular |cyberpunk| and |new edge| magazine.
Subscription information is available elsewhere in this file.

MUD - Multi-User Domain, Multi-User Dungeon, or Multi-User Dimension.
MUDs are multi-user role-playing-games of sorts that exist on
the |Internet| for entertainment purposes. MUDs are
essentially text-based |virtual worlds| which players
(participants) may explore, change, or add on to. In some
cases, the MUD is not actually a "game" with scores, player
attributes, levels, etc., but some MUDs are set up this way.
MUDs tend to be based around different science fiction genres
such as fantasy, space, or even |cyberpunk|. Some MUD
environments have no defining characteristics.

Nanotechnology - the science of "micro-machines". Small gears or
other machines seen only by a microscope, that can be used in
areas such as medicine and health, art, and other

Net - A computer network. Often used to mean the |Internet| when
referred to as "the net".

Netrunner - see |hacker|.

New Edge - Fringe culture and fringe science, mostly techno-oriented,
and very popular in Southern California. |Mondo 2000| is a
magazine devoted to the new edge.

Nootropics - A new science revolving around drugs used to increase
intelligence, aid in memory, enhance brain activity, etc.
Touted as a fad by some, others claim that use of nootropics
actually work. See also |SmartDrinks|.

Operation Sundevil - Secret Service operation begun in 1990 intended
to destroy the |computer underground| by confiscating |BBSes|
and detaining |hackers|.

Phrack - An important magazine existing only in |cyberspace|, of
interest to the |computer underground|. It's founder, Craig
Neidorf, now works for the |Electronic Frontier Foundation|.

Phreaker - |Hacking| the phone system. Usually meaning to get phone
calls for free, whether by |boxing| or |cc fraud|. Individual
phreakers are called phreaks.

Pirate - One who copies software illegally. Commonly associated with
the |computer underground|. Although commonplace, pirates
are looked down upon as with |codez d00dz|.

Post-modern - Literary, artistic, cultural, and philosophical
movement revolving around the post-industrial world in which
we live, and the unique aspects of the trends of modern

Raves - A subculture revolving around all-night dance parties.
Typically, the parties are generally illegal and thus a
complex process is involved to find out where they are
located. Rave music is generally |techno|, the parties
usually include 1 or more DJs. Also present in many cases are
"chill out rooms" which feature more ambient music. Lasers,
blaring music, |cyberdelic| images, |SmartDrinks| and drugs
(most often MDMA {X, XTC, Ecstacy, E}, LSD {acid}, ketamine,
or nootropics) are all general contributors to the rave
experience. Raves are usually held in warehouses, and last
until the next morning. Another large part of rave culture is
the flyers - used to find out where your next party will be.
Raves are meant to be very happy events, everyone ideally
should be open and free, laying aggressions and inhibitions
aside for the night. Some have likened the rave experience
to "a weekly roving |techno-|woodstock for the 90's." Rave
fashion includes over-sized baggy t-shirts and pants, hooded
sweat-shirts, ski caps, and usually bright colors, as well as
accessories such as whistles, Cat In The Hat hats, "doctor"
masks, VapoRub, etc.

Slipstream - Term used to denote cyberpunk fiction, particularly
pre-1984 fictional works that have been influential to the
|mirrorshades group| or that closely resemble cyberpunk, but
are sometimes outside of the sf genre. An example would be
William S. Burroughs.

SmartDrugs - |nootropics|.

SmartDrinks - Similar to SmartDrugs, or |nootropics|, the intent of
these substances, loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino
acids, and other healthy substances, is to aid in brain
functioning. Smart Drinks are most often consumed at
|raves|, thus, the purpose of some smart drinks is to
"energize" the drinker, not to make them smarter.

Sprawl - Word used by |William Gibson| to mean large mega-cities, and
places where different cities collide. Southern California
and New York City might be early examples of the sprawl. This
word is used often in modern times as "urban sprawl".

Steve Jackson Games - RPG manufacturers which have played a key role
in the evolution of |cyberpunk| and the |computer
underground|. Operators of the Illuminati BBS and makers of
GURPS Cyberpunk, an RPG guide written by Loyd Blankenship, a
member of the |Legion of Doom|.

Sterling, Bruce - considered by most to be the "co-founder" of
|cyberpunk| along with |William Gibson|. He is the editor of
"Mirrorshades: A cyberpunk anthology", which is considered
the quintessential collection of |cp| works by the
|mirrorshades group|. Some of his other works include
"Islands in the Net", "Schismatrix", "Involution
Ocean", "The Artificial Kid", "The Difference Engine" which
he co-authored with |Gibson| and "The Hacker Crackdown" a
non-fiction account of the |computer underground| and
|Operation Sundevil|, including the |Electronic Frontier
Foundation|, |Phrack|, the |Legion of Doom|, |Steve Jackson
Games|, etc.

Social Engineering - Technique often by which |hackers| or |crackers|
acquire information, such as names and passwords. Essential
a modern-day con, often conducted via phone conversations,
such as portraying onesself as a telco employee.

Techno- - prefix similar to cyber-, referring to anything which has
its roots in current or futuristic technology.

Techno - type of music made almost entirely with the help of
computers, revolving around a fast-paced drum beat (as high
as 160 BPM), sampling, and synthesizers.

Teledildonics - Virtual sex in a |virtual environment|. Term often
used by the |new edge| community.

2600 - A popular hardcopy magazine devoted to the |computer
underground|. Subscription information is obtained elsewhere
in this file.

Usenet - A collection of "newsgroups" on the |Internet|, in which
|Internet| users may post or read messages on almost any
subject imaginable. The topics of discussion are divided up
into the individual newsgroups, which total about 2000 on
average. Usenet is divided into various large sections,
including the 'alt'ernative newsgroups, the 'comp'uter
newsgroups, the 'sci'ence newsgroups and the 'talk'
newsgroups, among others. A suggested list of newsgroups is
contained in this file. Some groups are moderated, while most
remain completely uncensored.

Virtual Community - any group or gathering that exists in
|cyberspace|. This could be a |BBS|, a |hacking| group, a
|net|, or even a |zaibatsu|.

Virtual Culture - the collection of |virtual communities|, and the
cultural aspects unique to those communities.

Virtual Environment - a |virtual world|.

Virtual Reality - a consensual hallucination of a world existing only
in |cyberspace|. Modern day virtual reality uses helmets,
gloves, and body suits to create such a world, which is first
created on a computer and connected to the vr devices.
The goal of virtual reality is to generate a completely
alternate reality. Research in vr includes networking
people, so spacial limitations are meaningless. The
possibilities of vr-generated environments are as limitless
as the imagination.

Virtual World - a world existing in |cyberspace| created and used
with |virtual reality| technologies.

VMB - (Voice MailBox). Used (often illegally) by |phreaks| as a
means of communication.

WELL - The Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link. An important gridpoint in
the |matrix|, a |virtual community| in |cyberspace|, also a
|BBS| connected to the |Internet|. A group concerned mostly
with |cyberpunk|, |virtual reality|, |nootropics|, and other
aspects of the |new edge|.

Wirehead - a hardware |hacker|.

Zaibatsu - Japanese term used a lot by |William Gibson| that means a
large mega-corporation, such as Sony for example.

| |
| Magazines: |

Albert Hofmann Foundation Newsletter
The Albert Hofmann Foundation
1341 Ocean Ave. Suite 300
Santa Monica, CA 90401
-$30 for 4 issues

5970 S. Vivian St.
Littleton, CO 80127
303.973.6038 (voice)
303.973.4222 (bbs/data)
303.973.3731 (fax)
-BBSing articles/lists/info
-$4 an issue

Black Ice
P.O. Box 1069
Brighton BN2 4YT, England
-British cp/sf zine

Body Art
Last Gap Distributors
PO Box 410067
San Francisco, CA 94141
-body art magazine, tatoos and such
-back issues $16.50-$21.45 ppd.

PO Box 18432
Boulder, CO 80308
-cyberpunk zine
-$4 an issue, $14 for 4 issues

Communications of the ACM
(Association for Computing Machinery, Inc.)
1515 Broadway
NY, NY 10036
-the Internet, networks, ACM news, etc.
-$75 membership dues includes a $30 subscription to CACM

Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction
Heldref Publications
1319 Eighteenth St. NW
Washington, DC 20036-1802
-Spring 92 is all about cp, vr, cybernetics, etc.

Cryonics Magazine
12327 Doherty St.
Riverside, CA 92503

-$10 for 12 issues

CyberEdge Journal
928 Greenhill Road
Mill Valley, CA 94941
415.383.2458 (voice)
415.389.0251 (fax)
[email protected]
-covers vr and related topics
-$129 for 6 issues

PO Box 64
Brewster, NY 10509
-hacking, cyberpunks, technology, culture
-$10 a year

Disco Family Plan
DJ ESP Woody McBride
1205 S. 7th St. #8
Minneapolis, MN 55415
-rave zine

Edge Detector
PO Box 36, Station H
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3G 2KS

Box 833
London NW 6
-psychedelic experience and lifestyle
-15 pounds 4 issues

EXTROPY: The Journal of Trans-humanist Thought
PO Box 57306
Los Angeles, CA 90057-0306
-$9 two issues (one year)

Seth Friedman
PO Box 170099
San Francisco CA 94117-0099
-independently-oriented reviewers of the culture
-1 issue $4, 6 issues $20 (or more)

FAD Magazine
PO Box 420-656
San Francisco, CA 94142
-Bay-Area fashion, art, music, style rag
-look for issue #26, Spring 92, the Cyber issue
-$14.95 for 6 issues

[email protected]
[email protected]
-magazine described as "Mondo 2000 without the gloss"
-email for info

PO Box 1288
Gerrard's Cross
Bucks SL9 0AN
-4.5 pounds per issue

Full Disclosure
Box 903
Libertyville, IL 60048
BBS - 708.838.4201
-technology, legal info., etc.

pb 22953, 1100 DL
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
[email protected] (Internet)
-published near that hotbed of hackers in holland/amsterdam
-European counterpart to 2600
-$2.30 US an issue

The HardCore
Scott Dorward
PO Box 1893
London N9 8JT 36
-L1.80 each
-sf/cp zine

Interference on the Brain Screen
Patrick Clark
PO Box 2761
St. Paul MN 55102.
-$2.00 each
-sf zine

Steve Steinberg
325 Ellwood Beach #3
Goleta, CA 93117
[email protected]
-hacking, cyberspace, interviews, designer drugs, cryonics, etc.
-$4 an issue

124 Osborne Road
Brighton, BN1 6LU
-science-fiction zine
-$22 for 6 issues

Iron Feather Journal
PO Box 1905
Boulder, CO 80306-1905
[email protected]
-hacking, anarchy, techno-phun, underground info, raves, activism
-$2 an issue

Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction magazine
PO Box 7058
Red Oak, IA 51591-2058
-$34.95 for 13 issues

The Journal of Complex Systems
PO Box 6149
Champaign, IL 61826
-cellular automata, $50 / year min.

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
PO Box 56
Cornwall, CT 06753
-$26 for 12 issues

Mondo 2000
PO Box 10171
Berkeley, CA 94709
415.845.9018 (phone)
415.649.9630 (fax)
[email protected]
[email protected]
-your guide to all things cyberpunk and some things not
-$24 for 5 issues (published quarterly)

Nootropic News
PO Box 175E
Camrillo, CA, USA 93011.
-$10 for newsletter and order forms

Pixel: The Magazine of Scientific Visualization
245 Henry St. H2G
Brooklyn, NY 11201-9889
-$21, 6 issue

Pixel Vision
Box 1138
Madison Square Station, NY 10159
-$35 / year

Robot Experimenter
PO Box 458
Peterborough, NH 03458-0458
-$24 for 12 issues

Science Fiction Eye
PO Box 18539
Asheville, NC 28814
-sf/cp magazine, contains a regular article by Bruce Sterling
-3 issues $10, 6 issues $18, back issues available

Science Fiction Studies
SF-TH Inc.
Arthur B. Evans
East College
DePauw University
Greencastle, IN 46135-0037
-academic views of science fiction
-$14 for 3 issues

Sector 9737
Tim Mayer
PO Box 782213
Witchita KS 67278.
-sf/cp zine
-$5.00 each

Sound Choice
Audio Evolution network
PO Box 1251
Ojai, CA 93023
-electronic/punk/avant music mag
-$12 for 6 issues

SOUND News and Arts
SOUND Publishing Inc
c/o Ed Stastny
PO BOX 31104
Omaha, NE 68132
-covers a lot of areas
-$1.50 or $2 for 3 or 4 copies

PO Box 20264
Louisville, KY 40250
-hacking, anarchy, some political
-operates Blitzkrieg BBS @ 502.499.8933
-TAP-Online also available on some BBSes / FTP sites

Technology Works
PO Box 477
Placentla, CA 92670-0477
-techno/industrial/cp fanzine

c/o McNair
65 Niddrie Road
Strathbungo, Glasgow G42 5PT
Scotland, United Kingdom
-sf and slipstream journal

PO Box 752
Middle Island, NY 11953-0752
516.751.2600 (office)
516.751.2608 (fax)
[email protected]
-the famous hacker's zine
-subscriptions are $21 for 4 issues (published quarterly)
-back issues are $25 / year

Urb Magazine
4111 West Jefferson Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90116
-CA-based dance/music/rave magazine
-$25 / year

US RAVE Magazine
601 N. Magnolia Ave
Orlando, Florida 32801
407.339.4507 (fax)
-supposedly free

Verbum: The Journal of Personal Computer Aesthetics
PO Box 12564
San Diego, CA 92112
619.233.9976 (fax)
-$24 for 4 issues

Virus 23
Box 46
Red Deer, Alberta
T4N 5E7

Whole Earth Review
PO Box 38
Sausalito, CA 94966-9932
(Whole Earth runs The Well |Whole Earth Lectronic Link| -
-combines new age, techno-culture, california fads, etc.
-$20 year for subscriptions

544 Second St
San Francisco, CA 94107
[email protected]
-$20 for 1 yr subscription, published bi-monthly

Zine Exchange
Gary Pattillo
5920 Victor Street
Dallas, TX 75214
-send zines, get zines

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| E-Magazines/Articles/Digests |

AcidWarp /pub/geos/
-much sought-after tripp-e grafix program

Across the Electronic Frontier
by Mitch kapor and John Perry Barlow /pub/eff/papers/across-electronic-frontier
-explanation of EFF, goals

Activist Times Incorporated
[email protected] /pub/cud/ati
-political, hacking, anarchy
-newsgroup alt.society.ati

Agrippa: A Book of the Dead
by William Gibson under /pub/atman/UTLCD-preview/assorted-text/agrippa.arj

by Pat Kroupa
MindVox archives

AI Information
ftp ai /pub /pub /pub

Alcor information /pub/cud/alcor
-an e-mail privacy suit

Alt.rave FAQ /pub/sfraves
-Brian B's excellent rave FAQ

Amiga Files /pub /pub

Anarchy List
[email protected]
-discussion of all aspects of anarchy

Anarchy 'N' Explosives /pub/cud/ane
-anarchy, phreaking

Anime Info /pub/anime

Apple II Files /apple2 /pub/apple2 /systems/apple2 /pub/apple2 /pub/apple2 /systems/apple2

ArachNet: E-Journal of Virtual Culture
[email protected]
-message body: SUB ARACHNET
-journal of all aspects of on-line life

Arm The Spirit On-line (Autonome Forum)
[email protected] /poli /poli
-header "ATS: e-mail request"
-anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist e-magazine

Armadillo Culture
[email protected]
-cool ezine

[email protected]
-interfacing art and communicaion
-usenet alt.artcom

Artificial Life
[email protected]
-artificial life

AUtopia (Pirate Ship Utopia)
[email protected]
-a floating technology-oriented commune
-run by Jagwire X, cool ideas....

Basic Networking /pub/cud/misc/

Baudy World of the Byte Bandit:
A Post-modernist Interpretation of the Computer Underground
by Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer /pub/cud/papers/

Being In Nothingness
by John Perry Barlow

Beyond CyberPunk HyperCard Stack /mac/hypercard/fun /MacSciTech/programming/hypercard /mac/etc/demo /mirrors3/

Bootlegger /pub/cud/bootlegger
-cracking, hacking

[email protected]
-the DJ's e-list

Cellular Automata
[email protected]

Chalisti /pub/cud/chalisti
-German hacking, associated with the Chaos Computer Club
-written in German

Chaos Computer Club Files /pub/cud/ccc /info/CCC
-written in German

Cheap Virtual Reality Info /public/virtual-worlds

CHiNA /pub/cud/misc/china2.3
-hacking, etc.

Church of Virtuality/Reality /pub/scripture.*

Commercial Virtual Reality Info /public/virtual-worlds

Computers and Academic Freedom
[email protected]
-computing freedom, mostly deals with college campuses

Computer Crime: Current Practices, Problems and Proposed Solutions
by Brian J. Peretti
ftp.eff.prg /pub/cud/papers/computer.crime

Computer Crime Laws /pub/cud/law
-computer crime laws for almost every state
-international laws as well

Computer Down-Underground Digest
[email protected] /pub/cud/cdugd
-CUD for Australia, New Zealand

Computer Underground Digest
[email protected] /pub/cud/cud
-"USA Today" of Cyberspace and computer underground

Concerning Hackers Who Break into Computer Systems
by Dorothy E Denning /pub/cud/papers/denning

The Constitution in Cyberspace
by Laurence Tribe @ CFP #1 /pub/cud/papers/

[email protected]
[email protected]
-fictional/essay e-zine

Corrupted Programmers International /pub/cud/cpi

Crime and Puzzlement
by John Perry Barlow /pub/cud/papers/crime.puzzle

Crime and Puzzlement 2
by John Perry Barlow /pub/eff/papers/crime-and-puzzlement-2

Crime and Puzzlement & 2600 /pub/cud/papers/cp.2600

[email protected]
|TELL [email protected] SUB CRTNET (your) (name)|
-information theory and technologies

[email protected]

CryptoAnarchist Manifesto /pub/cypherpunks

Cryptography Glossary /pub/cypherpunks

Cult of the Dead Cow files /pub/cud/cdc
-hacking, phreaking, anarchy, etc.

Cultural Information
ftp /pub/culture

[email protected]
-sub cybsys-l full_name

Cyberpunk Archive /public/alt.cyberpunk
-alt.cyberpunk and related archives maintained by Tim Oerting

Cyberpunk FAQ public/alt.cyberpunk
-Tim Oerting's excellent guide to cyberpunk

Cyberpunk RPGs
[email protected]

Cyberspace Chronicle /pub/cud/misc/cyberspace-1.1
-hacking, cyberpunk

Cyberspace and the Legal Matrix: Laws or Confusion?
by Lance Rose /pub/cud/papers/cyberspace

[email protected]
-public key encryption, remailers, e-privacy list

Cypherpunks Announcement List
[email protected]
-lower volume

Defense Data Network Blues /pub/cud/misc/defense

[email protected] subscribe derrida full_name

Digital Free Press
dfp-req%[email protected] pub/cud/dfp
-hacking, information, etc.

Digital Games Review
[email protected]
[email protected] |body: 'help' and 'listall Digital.Games'|
-SNES, Sega, etc.

Drug Information /pub/alt.drugs /public/alt.drugs

Ecstacy Info /public/alt.drugs

EFF History
by John Perry Barlow /pub/eff/historical/eff-history

EFF Information /pub/eff/about-eff

EFF Legal Case Summary /pub/eff/historical/legal-case-summary

EFF Mission Statement /pub/eff/mission-statement

EFF News (EFFector Online)
[email protected]

EFF Press release (founding) /pub/eff/historical/founding-announcement

The EFF and Virtual Communities
by Mike Godwin /pub/eff/papers/eff-and-virtual-communities

[email protected]
-implications of e-text

Electrix /pub/cud/misc/electrix-001

Electropolis: Communication & Community on Internet Relay Chat
by Elizabeth M. Reid /pub/cud/papers/electropolis

E-List Review Service
[email protected] |sub libref-l your name|

[email protected]
-nanotechnology, cryonics, anarcho-capitalist politics,
technological extension of human intelligence and perception
-serious discussion from an informative perspective
-available on listserv as xtropy-l

Extropian Essay
[email protected]
-CliffNotes version of discussion on Extropians

[email protected]
-discussion of bands on the 4AD label

FactSheet Five - Electronic
[email protected] /pub/newsletters/F5-E /public/alt.cyberpunk /literary/newsletters/f
-the e- version of the famous zine

FBI Computer Systems /pub/cud/papers/

FineArt Forum
[email protected]

-arts on the net and elsewhere

FlashLife (CP RPGs)
[email protected]

Florida Raves
[email protected]

[email protected]
-philosophies of Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Dr. Lilly, etc.

Folklore /pub/folklore

Freaker's Bureau International
[email protected] /pub/cud/fbi
-anarchy, hacking, cyberpunk

FringeWare, Inc.
[email protected]
-Paco Xander Nathan's company

Frontal Lobotomy

[email protected]
-discussion of cyberpunk, vr, computer underground, raves,
industrial culture, etc.
-home of this file!
-'send info' in subject or body

FutureCulture FAQ
[email protected] /pub/cud/papers/future /poli/future.culture.d /public/alt.cyberpunk
-this file!

Future Technologies List
[email protected]
-artificial intelligence, nanotech, etc.

General Hacking Info
-good places to start

General Net Info
-for the more anal stuff (RFCs, netinfo and the like)

[email protected]
-discussion of artistic and progressive music

GIF Pictures (general archives) /pub/images /pub /pub

GlobeTrotter /pub/cud/misc/globe-1.x
-hacking around the world, cyberpunk

[email protected]
-grunge music

Hacker's-Network /pub/cud/misc/hnet.1
-hacking, published in Britain

Hacker's Unlimited /pub/cud/misc/hun-1.2
-hacking, phreaking

High Weirdness by E-mail
[email protected] /public/alt.cyberpunk
-guide to some interesting sources of information on-line

IBM Files /pub /pub

[email protected] /pub/cud/inform
-hacking, phreaking, computer underground, cyberpunk, etc.

[email protected] /pub/cud/misc/journals

Intro to the Computer Underground
by The Butler /pub/cud/papers/intro

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Info /pub/irc /pub /pub

The Jargon File
(same as The Hacker's Dictionary) /pub /doc /pub/doc /pub/doc /pub

Kcah /pub/cud/misc/kcah.*
-hacking, computer underground

KLF/ORB List (Trancentral)
[email protected] /pub/klf

Legion of Doom/Hackers Technical Journals /pub/cud/lod
-hacking, brought to you by the famous masters

[email protected]
[email protected]
ftp pub/leri
-mailing list devoted to meta-programming, philosophy, expanding
consciousness, etc.

Loopy (Qunatum Gravity & Knot Theory) /pub/loopy

LSD Info /public/alt.drugs

Lunatic Fringe

Mac Files

Magick /pub/magick

[email protected] /pub/manchester
-bands from manchester, raving, shoegazing, etc.

Manual of the Anarchist /pub/cud/misc/

Marijuana Info /public/alt.drugs

Maryland/DC Raves
[email protected]

MidWest Raves
[email protected]

Mind Machine Digest
[email protected] /pub/mind-l /public/alt.cyberpunk
-brain stimulation, nootropics, etc.

MindVox: The Overture /pub/cud/papers /public/alt.cyberpunk
-excellent essay by Patrick Kroupa (Lord Digital) on MindVox

MUD Info /pub/mud
[email protected]
-"mud list" in subject

Music (lyrics/discographies/etc.) /pub/music

National Security Anarchists /pub/cud/nsa
-phreaking, hacking

NE (NorthEastern) Raves
[email protected]

Net Celebrities List netcel

[email protected]
-MIDI, musc makers, etc.

Network Information Access
[email protected] /pub/cud/nia
-hacking, computer underground, etc.

Network Policies /pub/cud/networks
-policies of various networks

Neuron Digest
[email protected]
-neural networks

New Fone Express /pub/cud/nfx
-hacking, phreaking

New Music
[email protected]
-new music list

1990 CIA World Factbook /gutenberg/etext/91/world91a.*

Nootropics Info /public/alt.drugs

Now It Can Be Told: Mad Hackers' Key Party
Transcript of TV Show /pub/cud/papers/rivera

Nuclear Anarchists phreakers hackers (NARC) /pub/cud/narc
-hacking, carding

OnoSendai Announcement /public/alt.cyberpunk
-press release by the new VR company

On-Line Text (published works) /pub/obi /gutenberg
-published works

Online Book Initiative List
[email protected]

Operation Sundevil Information /pub/cud/papers/sundevil

[email protected] /info/paranet
-paranormal, parapsychology, etc.

PGP (Pretty Good Protection) Encryption Source /pub/cypherpunks

[email protected] /pub/cud/phantasy
-anarchy, hacking

Phillip K. Dick
[email protected]
-list celebrating the famous sf author

[email protected]
in message body /pub/cud/phrack
-historic cyberspace hack/phreak/cu-news zine

Phreakers/Hackers/Anarchists /pub/cud/misc/pha.2
-just what it says

Phreaker's Handbook /pub/cud/misc/phreak1.bok
-a phreaker's handbook

Phreaker's Handbook #1 /pub/cud/misc/tph-1
-another phreaker's handbook

Phuckin Phield Phreakers /pub/cud/ppp

P/hun /pub/cud/phun
-phreaking, hacking

[email protected]

Pirate /pub/cud/pirate
-pirating, software cracking

[email protected]u
-mostly alternative radio/dj playlists and discussion

PostModern Archives /pmc
-good source to look for files on and about postmodernism

PostModern Culture Journal
[email protected] |sub pmc-list your name|
[email protected] /pmc

Postmodern Culture Talk
[email protected]
|sub pmc-talk your_first_name your_last_name|

PowerGlove List
[email protected] /pub/VR

Practical Anarchy
[email protected] /poli /poli

Principia Cybernetica Newsletter
[email protected]
-send a 1 to 2 page letter describing your interest, motivation
and affiliation |and then free information by cross-posting
the list to the rest of cyberspace without permission|

Project Gutenberg List
[email protected] |sub gutnberg-l your name|

Psilocybin Info /public/alt.drugs

[email protected]
-punk music

Quanta /pub/quanta /pub/cud/misc/journals
-fiction ezine

Rave Info /pub/sfraves

Rebel's Riting Guild /pub/cud/misc/rrg.1

Rights of Expression in Cyberspace
by R. E. Baird /pub/cud/papers/rights-of-expr

RISKS Digest
[email protected] risks
-the RISKS of computing in our lives

Robert Anton Wilson (e-interview) /pub/wilson.on.cis

School Network Policies /pub/cud/schools/*

Scream Baby
[email protected] /pub/journals/ScreamBaby /poli /poli

The Secret Service, UUCP, and the Legion of Doom
by Kevin Mullet /pub/cud/papers/lod_ss.Z

Security /pub

SFRaves (SanFrancisco Raves)
[email protected] /pub/sfraves
-rave culture, mostly in the Bay Area

SmartDrugs Info /public/alt.drugs

SoCal Raves (Southern California)
[email protected]

The Social Organization of the Computer Underground
Masters' Thesis by Gordon Meyer /pub/cud/papers/meyer

SOUND News and Arts /pub/journals
-e- version of the popular zine

SouthEast Raves
[email protected] <'SUBSCRIBE SERAVES Your name' in body>

Stelarc Review public/alt.cyberpunk
-review of the cyberpunk performance artist

Sterling Essay /public/alt.cyberpunk
-speech by Bruce Sterling on the Information Society

[email protected] /pub/subgenius

-surfing the edge of the net, hypermedia

Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) Info /public/alt.cyberpunk
-info on the industrial robot group

Syndicate Reports /pub/cud/synd
-phreaking, telco info, etc.

TAP-Online /pub/cud/tap
-phreaking, hacking, anarchy

TechnoNomads (Steve Roberts)
[email protected]
-the guy featured on Donahue & Mondo's list
-nomadness, ham radio, mobile communities, etc.

Telecom Privacy Digest
[email protected]

Telecom Digest
[email protected]
-deals with all aspects of telecommunications

Temple ov Psychik Youth /pub/topy-online

Terence McKenna "New Maps of HyperSpace" /pub/mckenna

[email protected]
-philosophy, systems theory

Three-fisted Tales of Bob Review /pub/stclair

Title 18 /pub/cud/law/us.e-privacy
-relating to computer crime & email privacy.

Tom Maddox on Cyberpunk /public/alt.cyberpunk
-essay by Tom Maddox on cyberpunk

Tom Maddox on Schizmatrix /pub/schismat
-essay by Maddox on Sterling's Work

The Turing Option (2 unpublished chapters)
by Harry Harrison and Marvin Minsky /doc/minsky /public/alt.cyberpunk

UK Dance (Raves)
[email protected]
subscribe uk-dance
[email protected]

UFOs (images, NASA files)

UnderWorld Industries
-group network putting out underground media

United Phreaker's Inc. pub/cud/upi
-phreaking, hacking, etc.

UnPlastic News
[email protected] /pub/cud/misc/journals

Virtual Reality Info /pub /pub public/alt.cyberpunk public/virtual-worlds

Virtual Reality List
[email protected]
subscribe virtu-l

Virtual Reality Research Info /public/virtual-worlds

Virus-l Digest
[email protected]
(also virus-l on BITNET)
-discussion of viruses and all aspects of 'em

Voices In My Head, MindVox: The Overture
by Patrick Karel Kroupa (Lord Digital) /pub/cud/papers/mindvox /public/alt.cyberpunk

WAX: The Discovery of Television Among the Bees
a film by Davids Blair /public/alt.cyberpunk
-reviews and info about David Blair's cyberdelic film

Wicca /info/misc

Worldview - Der Weltanschauung
[email protected] /pub/cud/wview
-hacking, computer underground, church of subgenius,
political, etc.

Zen and the Art of the Internet
by Brendan Kahoe /pub/zen pub/net/zen pub/internet/zen pub/zen gutenberg/etext92/zen10*


:::::: * End of FutureCulture FAQ Part 1

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