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A list of award winning books. If you want to read *good* science fiction, especially for starters, it's probably here.

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list of award-winning science fiction
books. If you want to read *good*
science fiction, esp. for starters, it's
probably here.

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A list of award winning books. If you want to read *good* science fiction, especially for starters, it’s probably here.
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Contents of the SF-AWARD.TXT file

A little while ago I mentioned that I had a list of award winning science
fiction novels that I was compiling. That list is appended to this message.
But first, a few words about how I compiled it.

[1] Sources. My sole source for this material has been the net. All of the
lists have been posted to the net, or sent to me via e-mail. The two lists
that were taken from books were transcribed by someone else. I take no
responsibility for anything, but in particular any errors in the list,
although I would appreciate hearing about any errors anyone finds. I caught
a few myself, but there are probably some I wouldn't notice.

[2] Method. I compiled this list by starting with eight lists. All of the
lists were either of award winners (e.g. Nebula Award) or lists of n best
(e.g. Pringle's list). Some of the lists are no longer up to date, but I
don't have a list of the most recent winners of some awards. All of the
books on each of the lists were added to a single masterlist.

[3] Why. I felt like it. Also, it's a good source of reading material -
if you see a book on this list that you haven't read, that seems to have
made it onto 6 of the lists, that several of your friends have mentioned
you might like, and that has its own shelf in your local bookstore, then
you might want to pick up a copy. You might hate it, too, but that's life.
I originally wanted to see if there were any books that were on all the lists.
Then, realizing that this wouldn't quite work, I used some sort of compromise
criteria, and came up with just one book (The Left Hand of Darkness), but by
that time, I realized that a lot of equally qualified books were dropped for
no good reason.

[4] How. I didn't spend a heck of a lot of time on this. I wrote some quick
and dirty c code to do a few things, and ran some lists through unix filters,
to get everything down to about the same format. So there may be some errors
of the clerical variety - wrong spellings of an author's name on one list
could throw things off. Alternate spellings of book titles. Things like
that. I corrected the few I was sure about, but there are probably a few
more out there. It shouldn't make a huge difference.

[5] Random Observations. I'm hoping someone else will notice some of the
bizarre patterns in this list. I doubt any of them are statistically
measurable, though. In any case, anyone reading this list should be warned
about two things in particular. Firstly, there are books on this list that
made it on for reasons other than being good. Second, there are books that
aren't on here, or didn't get as many citations as they might have, for
other than that people didn't think they were that good. All this
notwithstanding, I think with careful use of this list most of that can be
filtered out.

[6] Format. I know the format's ugly. It's author's name (first name first),
title of work, and citations. The three are separated by double vertical
bars. Alternate titles are tagged on at the end. The key for the citations
(the letter before the year, if applicable):

C: Campbell Award Winner
h: Hugo Award nominee
H: Hugo Award winner
n: Nebula Award nominee
N: Nebula Award winner
P: David Pringle's 100 best SF books list
D: Philip K Dick Award winner
5: Searles et al. list (5 parsec shelf)
R: Prometheus Award winner
L: Locus Award winner

So here's the list. If anyone comes up with any novel uses for it, please
let me know. And please send me any updates and corrections, so I can keep
it as accurate as possible. This is sflist v1.0.


A. A. Attanasio || Radix || (n81)
A. Merritt || The Moon Pool || (5)
A.E. van Vogt || The World of Null-A || (5)
Alexei Panshin || Rite of Passage || (N68)
Alexei Panshin || Rite of Passage || (h69)
Alfred Bester || The Computer Connection || (h76) (n75)
Alfred Bester || The Demolished Man || (H53) (P)
Alfred Bester || The Stars My Destination || (5) (P)
Algis Budrys || Michaelmas || (P)
Algis Budrys || Rogue Moon || (P) (h61)
Algis Budrys || Who? || (h59)
Andre Norton || Witch World || (h64)
Angela Carter || Heroes and Villains || (P)
Anne McCaffrey || Dragonquest || (h72)
Anne McCaffrey || Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern || (h84)
Anne McCaffrey || The White Dragon || (h79)
Anthony Burgess || A Clockwork Orange || (P)
Arthur Byron || Autumn Angels || (n75)
Arthur C. Clarke || 2010: Odyssey Two || (h83)
Arthur C. Clarke || A Fall of Moondust || (h63)
Arthur C. Clarke || Childhood's End || (5) (P)
Arthur C. Clarke || Rendezvous With Rama || (C74) (H74) (L74) (N73)
Arthur C. Clarke || The City and the Stars || (5) (P)
Arthur C. Clarke || The Fountains of Paradise || (H80) (N79)
Avram Davidson || Rogue Dragon || (n65)
Avram Davidson || Vergil in Averno || (n87)
Barry Malzberg || Beyond Apollo || (C73)
Barry Malzberg || The Remaking of Sigmund Freud || (n85)
Barry N. Malzberg || Galaxies || (P)
Barry N. Malzberg || Guernica Night || (n75)
Bernard Wolfe || Limbo || (P)
Bob Shaw || Orbitsville || (P)
Bob Shaw || The Palace of Eternity || (P)
Bob Shaw || The Ragged Astronauts || (h87)
Brian Aldiss || Helliconia Spring || (C83) (n83)
Brian Aldiss || Helliconia Winter || (n85)
Brian Aldiss || The Long Afternoon of Earth || (AKA Hothouse) (5)
Brian Stapleford || The Walking Shadow || (P)
Brian W. Aldiss || Greybeard || (P)
Brian W. Aldiss || Hothouse || (P)
Brian W. Aldiss || Non-Stop || (P)
Bruce Sterling || Schismatrix || (n85)
C. J. Cherryh || Cuckoo's Egg || (h86)
C. J. Cherryh || Downbelow Station || (H82)
C. J. Cherryh || The Faded Sun || (h79) (n78)
C. J. Cherryh || The Pride of Chanur || (h83)
C.S. Lewis || The Perelandra Trilogy || (5)
Charles L. Harness || The Paradox Men || (P)
Chester Anderson || The Butterfly Kid || (h68)
Christopher Priest || Inverted World || (P) (h75)
Clifford D. Simak || A Choice of Gods || (h73)
Clifford D. Simak || All Flesh is Grass || (n65)
Clifford D. Simak || Goblin Reservation || (h69)
Clifford D. Simak || Here Gather the Stars || (H64) (P) (also titled: Way
Clifford D. Simak || Project Pope || (h82)
Clifford D. Simak || Ring Around the Sun || (P)
Clifford D. Simak || The Fisherman || (h62) (also titled: Time is the Simplest
Cordwainer Smith || Norstrilia || (5) (P)
Cordwainer Smith || The Planet Buyer || (h65)
D. G. Compton || The Steel Crocodile || (n70)
Damien Broderick || The Dreaming Dragons || (P)
Daniel F. Galouye || Dark Universe || (h62)
Daniel Keyes || Flowers For Algernon || (N66) (P) (h67)
David Bear || Blood Music || (n85)
David Brin || Startide Rising || (H84) (L84) (N83)
David Brin || The Postman || (C86) (L86) (h86) (n85)
David Brin || The Uplift War || (L88) (h88) (n87)
David Gerrold || Moonstart Odyssey || (n77)
David Gerrold || The Man Who Folded Himself || (h74) (n73)
David Gerrold || When Harlie Was One || (h73) (n72)
David R. Palmer || Emergence || (h85)
Donald Kingsbury || Courtship Rite || (h83)
E. L. Doctorow || Ragtime || (n75)
E.E. Smith || First Lensman || (5)
Edgar Pangborn || A Mirror For Observers || (P)
Edgar Pangborn || Davy || (h65)
Edgar Rice Burroughs || A Princess of Mars || (5)
Edward E. Smith || Skylark Duquesne || (h66)
Frank Herbert || Children of Dune || (h77)
Frank Herbert || Dune World || (h64)
Frank Herbert || Dune || (5) (H66) (N65) (P)
Fred Pohl || Gateway || (N77)
Frederik Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth || The Space Merchants || (P) (5)
Frederik Pohl || Beyond the Blue Event Horizon || (h81) (n80)
Frederik Pohl || Gateway || (C78) (H78) (L78)
Frederik Pohl || Jem || (h80) (n79)
Frederik Pohl || Man Plus || (N76) (P) (h77)
Frederik Pohl || The Years of the City || (C85)
Fritz Leiber || The Big Time || (5) (H58)
Fritz Leiber || The Wanderer || (H65) (P)
G. C. Edmonson || The Ship That Sailed the Time Stream || (n65)
Gardner Dozois || Strangers || (n78)
Gene Wolfe || Free Live Free || (n86)
Gene Wolfe || Soldier of the Mist || (n87)
Gene Wolfe || The Book of the New Sun || (P)
Gene Wolfe || The Citadel of the Autarch || (C84) (n83)
Gene Wolfe || The Claw of the Conciliator || (N81) (h82)
Gene Wolfe || The Fifth Head of Cerberus || (P)
Gene Wolfe || The Shadow of the Torturer || (n80)
Gene Wolfe || The Sword of the Lictor || (h83) (n83)
Gene Wolfe || The Urth of the New Sun || (h88)
George Alec Effinger || What Entropy Means to Me || (n72)
George Alec Effinger || When Gravity Fails || (h88) (n87)
George Orwell || Nineteen Eighty-Four || (P)
George R. R. Martin || Dying of the Light || (h78) (also titled: After the
George R. Stewart || Earth Abides || (P)
Gordon Dickson || Dorsai! || (5) (h60)
Gordon R. Dickson || Time Storm || (h78)
Gore Vidal || Kalki || (n78)
Greg Bear || Blood Music || (h86)
Greg Bear || The Forge of God || (h88) (n87)
Greg Benford || In the Ocean of Night || (n77)
Gregory Benford || Against Infinity || (n83)
Gregory Benford || Timescape || (N80) (P) (C81)
H. Beam Piper || Little Fuzzy || (5) (h63)
H.G. Wells || The Time Machine || (5)
H.P. Lovecraft || At the Mountains of Madness || (5)
Hal Clement || Mission of Gravity || (P)
Hal Clement || Needle || (5)
Hal Clement || Star Light || (h71)
Harlan Ellison || ed. Dangerous Visions || (5)
Harry Harrison || Deathworld || (h61)
Harry Harrison || Make Room! Make Room! || (P)
Harry Harrison || Sense of Obligation || (h62) (also titled: Planet of the
Hayden Howard || The Eskimo Invasion || (n67)
Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore || Earth's Last Citadel || (5)
Henry Kuttner || The Dark World || (5)
Ian Watson || Miracle Workers || (P)
Ian Watson || The Embedding || (P) (n75)
Isaac Asimov || Foundation's Edge || (H83) (L83) (n83)
Isaac Asimov || The End of Eternity || (P)
Isaac Asimov || The Foundation Trilogy || (5)
Isaac Asimov || The Gods Themselves || (H73) (L73) (N72)
Isaac Asimov || The Robots of Dawn || (h84)
Italo Calvino || Invisible Cities || (n75)
J.G. Ballard || Crash || (P)
J.G. Ballard || High-Rise || (P)
J.G. Ballard || The Crystal World || (P)
J.G. Ballard || The Drowned World || (P)
J.G. Ballard || Vermilion Sands || (5)
Jack Dann || The Man Who Melted || (n84)
Jack Vance || Lyonesse || (n83)
Jack Vance || The Dying Earth || (5)
Jack Williamson || The Humanoids || (5)
James Blaylock || Homonculus || (D87)
James Blish || A Case of Conscience || (5) (H59) (P)
James Blish || Black Easter || (n68)
James Marrow || This is the Way the World Ends || (n86)
James Schmitz || The Witches of Karres || (h67)
James Tiptree, Jr. || Up the Walls of the World || (h79)
James White || Second Ending || (h62)
James White || The Escape Orbit || (n65)
Joan D. Vinge || The Snow Queen || (H81) (n80)
Joan Slonczewski || A Door into Ocean || (C87)
Joanna Russ || And Chaos Died || (5) (n70)
Joanna Russ || Picnic on Paradise || (n68)
Joanna Russ || The Female Man || (P) (n75)
Joe Haldeman || Mindbridge || (h77)
Joe Haldeman || The Forever War || (H76) (L76) (N75)
John Brunner || Squares of the City || (h66)
John Brunner || Stand on Zanzibar || (5) (H69) (P) (n68)
John Brunner || The Jagged Orbit || (n69)
John Brunner || The Sheep Look Up || (n72)
John Brunner || The Whole Man || (h65)
John Calvin Batchelor || The Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica ||
John Christopher || The Death of Grass || (P)
John Crowley || Engine Summer || (P)
John Crowley || Little, Big || (h82) (n81)
John T. Sladek || Roderick at Random || (P)
John T. Sladek || Roderick || (P)
John Varley || Millenium || (h84)
John Varley || The Ophiuchi Hotline || (P)
John Varley || Titan || (L80) (h80) (n79)
John Varley || Wizard || (h81)
John Wyndham || The Day of the Triffids || (P)
John Wyndham || The Midwich Cuckoos || (5) (P)
Jules Verne || From the Earth to the Moon || (5)
Julian May || The Many-Colored Land || (L82) (h82) (n81)
Kate Wilhelm || Juniper Time || (P) (n79)
Kate Wilhelm || Margaret and I || (n71)
Kate Wilhelm || Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang || (H77) (L77) (n76)
Katherine MacLean || The Missing Man || (n75)
Keith Laumer || A Plague of Pythons || (n65)
Keith Roberts || Pavane || (P)
Kim Stanley Robinson || The Wild Shore || (n84)
Kingsley Amis || The Alteration || (C77) (P)
Kingsley Amis || The Alteration || (P)
Kurt Vonnegut || Cat's Cradle || (h64)
Kurt Vonnegut || Slaughterhouse-Five || (h70) (n69)
Kurt Vonnegut || The Sirens of Titan || (h60)
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. || Cat's Cradle || (P)
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. || The Sirens of Titan || (P)
L. Ron Hubbard || Black Genesis || (h87)
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle || Inferno || (h76) (n76)
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle || Lucifer's Hammer || (h78)
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle || Oath of Fealty || (P)
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle || The Mote In God's Eye || (h75) (n75)
Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle || Footfall || (h86)
Larry Niven || Protector || (h74)
Larry Niven || Ringworld || (5) (H71) (L71) (N70)
Larry Niven || The Integral Trees || (L85) (h85) (n84)
Larry Niven || The Ringworld Engineers || (h81)
Leigh Brackett || The Long Tomorrow || (P)
Leigh Kennedy || The Journal of Nicholas the American || (n86)
Lewis Shiner || Frontera || (n84)
M. John Harrison || The Centauri Device || (5) (P)
Mack Reynolds || Looking Backward, From the Year 2000 || (P)
Margaret Atwood || The Handmaid's Tale || (n86)
Marge Piercy || Woman on the Edge of Time || (P)
Marion Zimmer Bradley || Sword of Aldones || (h63)
Marion Zimmer Bradley || The Forbidden Tower || (h78)
Marion Zimmer Bradley || The Heritage of Hastur || (n75)
Mark Clifton and Frank Riley || They'd Rather be Right || (H55)
Mark Phillips || That Sweet Little Old Lady || (h60) (also titled: Brain
Marooned In Realtime, Vernor Vinge (R87)
Marta Randall || Islands || (n76)
Mary Shelley || Frankenstein || (5)
Michael Bishop || A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire || (n75)
Michael Bishop || No Enemy But Time || (N83) (P)
Michael Moorcock || Gloriana || (C79)
Michael Moorcock || The Cornelius Chronicles || (5)
Michael Moorcock || The Dancers at the End of Time || (P)
Michael Moorcock || The Final Programme || (P)
Murray Leinster || The Pirates of Ersatz || (h60) (also titled: The Pirates of
Norman Spinrad || Bug Jack Barron || (P) (h70) (n69)
Norman Spinrad || The Iron Dream || (n72)
Norman Spinrad || The Void Captain's Tale || (n83)
Octavia A. Butler || Wild Seed || (P)
Olaf Stapledon || Last and First Men || (5)
Olaf Stapledon || Odd John || (5)
Orson Scott Card || Ender's Game || (H86) (N85)
Orson Scott Card || Seventh Son || (h88)
Orson Scott Card || Speaker For The Dead || (N86) (H87) (L87)
Pat Frank || Alas, Babylon || (P)
Pat Murphy || The Falling Woman || (n87)
Patricia McKillip || Harpist in the Wind || (h80)
Philip Jose Farmer || The Unreasoning Mask || (P)
Philip Jose' Farmer || To Your Scattered Bodies Go || (H72)
Philip K. Dick || Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? || (P) (n68)
Philip K. Dick || Dr. Bloodmoney || (P) (n65)
Philip K. Dick || Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said || (h75) (n74) (C75)
Philip K. Dick || Martian Time-Slip || (P)
Philip K. Dick || The Man in the High Castle || (5) (H63) (P)
Philip K. Dick || The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch || (P) (n65)
Philip K. Dick || The Transmigration of Timothy Archer || (n83)
Philip K. Dick || Time Out of Joint || (P)
Piers Anthony || Chthon || (h68) (n67)
Piers Anthony || Macroscope || (h70)
Poul Anderson || A Midsummer Tempest || (n75)
Poul Anderson || Fire Time || (h75)
Poul Anderson || Tau Zero || (5) (P) (h71)
Poul Anderson || The Byworlder || (n71)
Poul Anderson || The High Crusade || (h61)
Poul Anderson || The People of the Wind || (h74) (n73)
Poul Anderson || The Star Fox || (n65)
Poul Anderson || There Will Be Time || (h73)
Poul Anderson || We Have Fed Our Seas || (h59)
Probability Broach, L. Neil Smith (R82)
R. A. Lafferty || Fourth Mansions || (n70)
R. A. Lafferty || Past Master || (h69) (n68)
R. A. Lafferty || The Devil is Dead || (n71)
R. A. MacAvoy || Tea With the Black Dragon || (h84) (n83)
Randall Garrett || Too Many Magicians || (h67)
Ray Bradbury || Fahrenheit 451 || (P)
Ray Bradbury || The Martian Chronicles || (5) (P)
Richard Cowper || The Road to Corlay || (n79)
Richard Lupoff || Sword of Demon || (n77)
Robert A. Heinlein || Citizen of the Galaxy || (5)
Robert A. Heinlein || Double Star || (H56)
Robert A. Heinlein || Friday || (h83) (n83)
Robert A. Heinlein || Glory Road || (h64)
Robert A. Heinlein || Have Space-Suit--Will Travel || (P) (h59)
Robert A. Heinlein || Job: A Comedy of Justice || (h85) (n84)
Robert A. Heinlein || Starship Troopers || (H60)
Robert A. Heinlein || Stranger in a Strange Land || (H62)
Robert A. Heinlein || The Door Into Summer || (P)
Robert A. Heinlein || The Moon is a Harsh Mistress || (5) (H67) (n66)
Robert A. Heinlein || The Puppet Masters || (P)
Robert A. Heinlein || Time Enough For Love || (n73) (h74)
Robert A. Heinlein || Time Enough for Love || (h74)
Robert Merle || Malevil || (C74)
Robert Sheckley || Journey Beyond Tomorrow || (P)
Robert Sheckley || Time Killer || (h59)
Robert Silverberg || A Time of Changes || (N71) (h72)
Robert Silverberg || Downward to the Earth || (P)
Robert Silverberg || Dying Inside || (h73) (n72)
Robert Silverberg || Lord Valentine's Castle || (h81)
Robert Silverberg || Shadrach in the Furnace || (h77) (n76)
Robert Silverberg || The Book of Skulls || (h73) (n72)
Robert Silverberg || The Masks of Time || (n68)
Robert Silverberg || The Stochastic Man || (h76) (n75)
Robert Silverberg || The Tower of Glass || (h71) (n70)
Robert Silverberg || The World Inside || (h72)
Robert Silverberg || Thorns || (h68) (n67)
Robert Silverberg || Up the Line || (h70) (n69)
Robert Stallman || The Orphan || (n80)
Roger Zelazny || ...And Call me Conrad || (H66) (also titled: This Immortal)
Roger Zelazny || Doorways in the Sand || (h76) (n75)
Roger Zelazny || Isle of the Dead || (n69)
Roger Zelazny || Jack of Shadows || (h72)
Roger Zelazny || Lord of Light || (5) (H68) (n67)
Roger Zelazny || The Dream Master || (P)
Rudy Rucker || Software || (D83)
Russell Hoban || Riddley Walker || (P) (n81) (C82)
S. Fowler Wright || The World Below || (5)
Samuel Delany || Dhalgren || (5)
Samuel R. Delany || Babel-17 || (N66) (h67)
Samuel R. Delany || Dhalgren || (n75)
Samuel R. Delany || Einstein Intersection || (N67)
Samuel R. Delany || Nova || (P) (h69)
Samuel R. Delany || The Einstein Intersection || (h68)
Samuel R. Delany || Triton || (n76)
Stanley Weinbaum || A Martian Odyssey and Others || (5)
Suzy McKee Charnas || The Vampire Tapestry || (n81)
Suzy McKee Charnas || Walk to the End of the World || (P)
T. J. Bass || Half Past Human || (n71)
T. J. Bass || The Godwhale || (n74)
Tanith Lee || The Birthgrave || (n75)
Terry Carr || Cirque || (n77)
The Cybernetic Samurai, Victor Milan (R86)
The Rainbow Cadenza, J. Neil Schlman (R84)
The Snow Queen (L81)
Theodore Sturgeon || More Than Human || (5) (P)
Theodore Sturgeon || Venus Plus X || (P) (h61)
Theodore Thomas & Kate Wilhelm || The Clone || (n65)
Thomas Burnett Swann || Day of the Minotaur || (h67)
Thomas M. Disch || 334 || (n74) (5) (P)
Thomas M. Disch || Camp Concentration || (P)
Thomas M. Disch || On Wings of Song || (C80) (P) (h80) (n79)
Thomas M. Disch || The Genocides || (n65)
Thomas Pynchon || Gravity's Rainbow || (n73)
Tim Powers || Dinner At Deviant's Palace || (D86) (n85)
Tim Powers || The Anubis Gate || (D84)
Tom Reamy || Blind Voices || (h79) (n78)
Ursula K. Le Guin || The Dispossessed || (H75) (N74) (P) (L75)
Ursula K. Le Guin || The Lathe of Heaven || (h72) (n71) (L72)
Ursula K. Le Guin || The Left Hand of Darkness || (5) (H70) (N69) (P)
Vercors || Sylva || (h63)
Vernor Vinge || Marooned in Real Time || (h87)
Vernor Vinge || The Peace War || (h85)
Vonda N. McIntyre || Dreamsnake || (L79) (N78) (H79)
Vonda N. Mcintyre || The Exile Waiting || (n75)
Voyage From Yesteryear, James Hogan (R83)
Walter M. Miller || A Canticle for Leibowitz || (5) (H61) (P)
Walter Tevis || Mockingbird || (n80)
Ward Moore || Bring the Jubilee || (P)
Wheels Within Wheels, F. Paul Wilson (R79)
William Burroughs || Nova Express || (n65)
William Gibson || Count Zero || (h87) (n86)
William Gibson || Neuromancer || (D85) (H85) (N84) (P)
William Golding || The Inheritors || (P)
William Hope Hodgson || The Night Land || (5)
William S. Burroughs || Nova Express || (P)
Wilson "Bob" Tucker || The Year of the Quiet Sun || (h71) (n70) (C76) (P)


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