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Pinout list for all XT/AT cables & BUS.
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Pinout list for all XT/AT cables & BUS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BLURBS.TXT 1109 536 deflated
BLURBS.X 60 35 deflated
CENTRON.HLP 1449 705 deflated
CENTRON.TXT 1228 582 deflated
DATABASE.DAT 79608 9470 deflated
DATABASE.NDX 17138 4256 deflated
DESIGN.HLP 1669 778 deflated
FORM.ENT 1015 229 deflated
HOOKUP.TXT 16281 1502 deflated
HOOKUP.X 704 328 deflated
IBMPARA.HLP 1263 605 deflated
IBMPARA.TXT 891 279 deflated
MOD2DB25.HLP 969 525 deflated
MOD2DB25.TXT 812 412 deflated
NEW.HLP 1241 608 deflated
NULLMODM.HLP 1627 784 deflated
NULLMODM.TXT 2190 460 deflated
NULLMODM.X 36 27 deflated
PRODUCT.HLP 819 439 deflated
RS232.HLP 1248 623 deflated
RS232.TXT 1666 549 deflated
SCS.EXE 32766 18289 deflated
SCS.SYS 23 20 deflated

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Contents of the BLURBS.TXT file

.. Nabu Zhitim
.. 7-23-85

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PRICE: $21.95

Press any key to continue.
PRICE: $21.95

Press any key to continue.
Have you sent in your Software Cabling System warranty card???

Feel free to mail in any suggestions for improvements to this
software. The authors are anxious to provide you with the best
possible software to aid you with your work. If your suggestion
is used in a release of the software, you will receive an
additional year's worth of updates on the software.

Press any key to continue.

Watch for the introduction of future modules to the
Software Cabling System. Several modules are soon
to be released. The RS232 Quick Cabler, Cable Tracker,
and Network Designer should be released soon. Please
call or write to the following address to find out
more details.
Ask to be placed on their mailing list to receive
information about the latest offerings.

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