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The 1994 Football Guide with some nice little extras.

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The 1994 Football Guide along with some
special features.

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The 1994 Football Guide with some nice little extras.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

The 1994 Football Guide along with some
special features. WELCOME TO


May 1994

The FOOTBALL GUIDE is perfect for people who love NFL Football!
Here is why:

1. Up to 20 Players can compete in The FOOTBALL GUIDE OFFICE POOL. Each
player makes his or her picks of the winning teams for the week. The
FOOTBALL GUIDE also makes its selections and when the week's results are
entered (in an easy-enter format), the FOOTBALL GUIDE ranks all the
players (and itself) based on total number of correct picks for the
season. Can you out-pick the FOOTBALL GUIDE?

It's perfect for the Office Pool. You can even pass the disk around and
have each player make his/her picks on it without using paper! Just
printout the OFFICE POOL SUMMARY BOARD for rankings.

2. The FOOTBALL GUIDE keeps NFL team standings (displayed by division,
by conference or overall).

3. The FOOTBALL GUIDE displays the season schedule by week, by team and
Monday nights updated with results entered.

4. The FOOTBALL GUIDE makes Predictions in a number of ways:
- FOOTBALL GUIDE Predictions (based on results to date).
- You make the predictions.
- You make the predictions with FBG assistance.
- Hypothetical or non-scheduled match-ups.

The FOOTBALL GUIDE uses 4 variables in its predictions:
- Won/Lost records
- Points For/Against Ratios
- Winning Streaks (or "Hot" teams)
- Home Team advantage

As results are entered each week, the FOOTBALL GUIDE uses this information
to make its predictions for the next week.

5. Printouts of all schedules, standings, predictions and Office Pool
Summary Board.

6. Easy entry of weekly results by using the and keys to
select teams (no typing).

To install the 1994 FOOTBALL GUIDE on your C: drive, type:


This will:

- Make a directory on your C: drive called 94FBG
- Copy all the files into that directory
- Copy a file called FBG.BAT to the C: root directory.

To run, type FBG from the C: root directory or from the 94FBG

You can also run the program directly from the floppy disk, but it will
run slower when loading and saving FBG files.

If you want to install the FOOTBALL GUIDE onto another drive, make the
94FBG directory and copy all the disk files to it.

The FOOTBALL GUIDE is simple to run! Everything is menu driven. Just
move the highlight bar to any choice by pressing the arrow keys. Press
to select.

You may also press the first letter of any menu item. In the case of
weeks, press 2 digits, such as 08 for week 8.

For black & white operation, press "B" or "b" at the opening screen when
it says: PRESS ANY KEY . . .

The 1994 FOOTBALL GUIDE is distributed by means of the Shareware method.
You may try it, copy it and give it to your friends. If you like it and
use it, please register by sending $15.00 to:

2800 Greenridge Court
Mexico, MO 65265

Please print out the order form under HELP/REGISTRATION .

For your payment you will receive the latest version of the FOOTBALL GUIDE
with complete results to date.

You may also register for the 1995 version for only $10.00 more (if done
at the same time). I am planning more new features for 1995.

Being a small programmer, I do not have a support telephone. However, I
will answer your mailed inquiries immediately, sending you a personal
reply (or call) and a new program and disk if needed, complete with
results to date.

I will also refund your money if not satisfied.

I would appreciate any feedback on the program. If you have any problem,
please tell me. If there are any major bugs discovered, I will send out
new versions to all registered users.

Thanks for trying the 1994 FOOTBALL GUIDE!

Jim Dalton

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