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Hypertext file that is a simple tutor on the human skull.
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Hypertext file that is a simple tutor on the human skull.
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BSKULL.GFI 974 372 deflated
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CTHELP.ATI 3085 593 deflated
CTHELP.ATX 32642 9337 deflated
HBR.EXE 123987 67030 deflated
HBR.XPL 43364 20432 deflated
INSKULL.GFI 527 218 deflated
INSKULL.GFX 20299 12355 deflated
LSKULL.GFI 846 320 deflated
LSKULL.GFX 20212 13335 deflated
ORBIT.GFI 1002 363 deflated
ORBIT.GFX 26941 16235 deflated
PROLOG.ENV 1926 814 deflated
READ.ME 1477 776 deflated
REID6.ATI 4265 942 deflated
REID6.ATX 49264 9992 deflated
REID6.CTX 49265 9992 deflated
SKULL.BAT 11 11 stored

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This package will display several digitized EGA views of
skull anatomy. The images are covered with invisible boxes
that you can activate to learn more about skull anatomy.

To run the program, just enter SKULL after you have
de arc-ed the files.

It is recommended that you run this package from a hard disk, as
it frequently refers to image files stored on the disk.

If this package is successful, look for simulated patients, with
access to x-rays, lab data, physical exam findings, etc. in the
future in the NeuroSIG data library on CompuServe.

This package was written in HyperBase, a new medium from Cogent
Software. Contact Alan Littleford at (508) 875-6553 for further
information or to purchase HyperBase. Tell him Steve Reid sent

The package supports a mouse, although one is not required. You
can scroll through the buttons on an image by pressing the right
mouse button or the space bar. You activate a button by pressing
the return key. You can see all of the labeled buttons on the image
by pressing the F2 key. To use a mouse, you must first load your
mouse driver.

If you have suggestions or wish to support the shareware concept,
please contact:

Dr. Steven A. Reid
Department of Neurosurgery
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida 32610

Feel free to distribute this package, but please do not alter any
of the files.

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