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All dates in Old (Earth) Calendar unless otherwise noted

? B.C.
The Great Barrier, an accretion disk 13 light years in radius from the
center of the Milky Way galaxy, is constructed by an unknown race
(possibly the Cytherians) to imprison a non-corporeal superbeing [ST
V, TNG 193].

9,000,000,000 B.C.
The Black Cluster is formed in sector 97 when protostars collapse in
close proximity--eventually one of the most ancient formations in the
galaxy [TNG 211]

The Nagha, an immense super computer, is constructed by an unknown
organic race. Millions of years later it will evolve into a thinking
intelligence, enslave its own creators, and exterminate them [ON 6].

4,000,000,000 B.C.
Teconic activity begins on Vulcan (40 Eridani A) with continental
plates moving apart at major fault lines at the rate of several
centimeters per year [EOM].

3,000,000,000 B.C.
An advanced (extragalactic?) race creates a series of planet-killers:
automated "doomsday machine" robot weapons of immense size and power
to combat the Borg. The collective consciousness of "the Many" are
transcribed into the final such machine [DMa, ST 3, GN 8].

Ay-nab, the "god" of Lyra, instructs its people to create a Dyson
sphere world [ON 9].

1,000,000,000 B.C.
The galaxy-wide Slaver Empire is destroyed when one race revolts
against the Slavers. Most intelligent life of this time is destroyed,
and the only remnants of the Slaver Empire are stasis boxes and their
contents. One such stasis box, containing a flying belt, will be the
key to the artificial gravity field used by starships [SW/a].

300,000,000 B.C.
An alien ship of insectoid beings is invaded by a magnetic organism.
Trapped in orbit of Questar M17, the crew disable their own ship to
prevent the spread of the entity [BFS/a].

2,000,000 B.C.
The Preservers seed various planets with carbon-based, predominately
humanoid, life. They take a special interest in the peoples of Earth
(Sol III) and throughout the centuries establish duplicate "Earths"
populated by relocated humans or humanoids. Some of these species are
genetically altered and unique societies are formed, many of which are
computer-dominated, while others are given extended life-spans or some
such outstanding abilities [PSy, TOS #35, TBoT].

1,741,651 B.C.


The Makers, an advanced race of humanoids from the Andromeda galaxy,
die out when their home star goes nova. Only their androids (on UFC
257704-II) live on in our galaxy [IM].

997,800 B.C.
Oyya, the 2,000 square kilometer city of the Guardian of Forever, is
established on the Time Planet (Gateway) by the Originators [Log 1,
TOS #39].

597,730 B.C.
The Arretians colonize the known galaxy [RT].

597,636 B.C.
The Tkon Empire dies out when its home planet's sun goes nova [TNG

497,740 B.C.
The star Exo begins to dim and will continue to do so over the next
half million years. The inhabitants of Exo III will be driven
underground, resulting in a mechanistic culture [LG].

497,700 B.C.
The planet Arret's atmosphere is ripped away during civil war. A
handful of survivors take shelter in subterranean caves [RT].

497,600 B.C.
The Ylans complete their Artifact, an interstellar museum of art.
Over the next half million years it will become a starship trap [TNG

197,635 B.C.
The Iconian Empire dies out [TNG 137].

97,800 B.C.
Atomic warfare on Talos IV destroys the surface of the planet and
drives the Talosians underground [Me, EOM].

87,035 B.C.
The interstellar gate system is abandoned [TOS #43].

47,737 B.C.
Lokai, a political criminal, escapes from his home planet Cheron.
Bele, a law enforcer, goes in pursuit [LB].

47,735 B.C.
A marked decrease in volcanic activity occurs on Vulcan [EOM].

47,725 B.C.
The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) timeship takes measurements of the Coal
Sack Nebula and tests the Expansion Theory on her fifth voyage [LTP].

27,725 B.C.
The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) prototype timeship catalogs x-ray sources


in the Cygnus star clusters on her second mission [LTP].

20,000 B.C.
The inhabitants of Altair IV colonize Altair VI. A system-wide civil
war is later waged, dropping both worlds into savagery [LOR].

17,736 B.C.
All intelligent life on Beekman's Planet (Hydrilla) is exterminated
[TOS #30].

17,735 B.C.
Kremaster, an extragalactic cyborg, becomes entrapped in the final
nexus interstellar gate system, intent on destroying it [TOS #43].

12,735 B.C.
The Aragos civilization is destroyed.

Half the galaxy is occupied by the Danons (who may have visited Earth
and started the devil legend). Near the center of the galaxy, they
encounter the slug-like Torgas and war breaks out which will last
thousands of years. The Danons will eventually be driven back to
their homeworld where they will construct their Great Machine as a
last line of defense against outside attack, and will worship it [ON

10,000 B.C.
The planet Vulcan is at war with itself. It is the beginning of the
Age of Expansion, and the unification of Vulcan starts [GN 4].

The Stone Age on Earth: animal domestication and fire are developed

9,736 B.C.
The Tam Paupa is first worn on the planet Pandro (Garo VII) [Log 9].

8,064 B.C.
War between the Joost-Tseetsk and Loor-Tseetsk races destroys their
culture spread throughout fourteen worlds in nine star systems. The
former retain their Sphere of Clans to some extent. The latter
degenerate into cave-dwellers on the planet Koorn [TNG #21].

7,737 B.C.
A 'controller' is installed by the Eymorgs in their underground city
on Sigma Draconis VI [SB].

7,735 B.C.
Fabrina goes nova. The Fabrini escape aboard an immense generation
ship called "Yonada" [FW].

7,640 B.C.
The guard post 'repositories' are constructed by the 'Builders' [TNG


6,635 B.C.
The Zakdorns gain their reputation of having the most inately stategic
minds in the galaxy [TNG 147].

4,745 B.C.
Omicron Delta IV, the so-called "Shore Leave planet," is established
by an unknown alien race [OUP/a, Log 3].

4,250 B.C.

On the planet Vulcan, thousands die of the Skag Maug plague [MRM].

4,032 B.C.
Extraterrestrials abduct a male and a female from Earth. They and
their descendants will be given generations of training to help
prevent Earth's civilization from destroying itself [AE].

3,834 B.C.
Akharin (a.k.a. Flint the Immortal) is born im Mesopotamia on old
Earth. Over the next millenia he will greatly influence Humanity

3,740 B.C.
Landru, a political figure on UFC 611-Beta III, dies. All his
knowledge lives on in a computer of his own design which will rule
this world for the next six thousand years [RA].

3,725 B.C.
The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) timeship, on her sixth mission, studies
NGC-42583 to prove the Cephid Variable Theory [LTP].

3,000 B.C.
All intelligent life in the Beta Portalan system is destroyed by the
Flying Parasites [OA].

The Kalandan Empire is destroyed by a disease organism [TWS, MRM].

2,750 B.C.
Kohl becomes the Klingon God-patron of medicine on the Klingon
homeworld [MRM].

2,738 B.C.
Apollo, an extraterrestrial humanoid, comes to Earth. He will set the
pattern of the Greek Gods [WM].

2,737 B.C.
Commander Spock and Dr. McCoy are trapped in the Ice Age on the planet
Sarpeidon, having been transported 5,000 years back through time by
the Atavachron. Zarabeth, an exile banished by Zor Khan the Tyrant,
bears Spock's son, Zar [AY, TOS #11].

Zar, in the Lakreo Valley region on Sarpeidon, helps to found society
[TOS #11].


2,730 B.C.
S'harien becomes known as Vulcan's greatest swordsmith [TOS #18].

2,718 B.C.
Zarabeth dies in Sarpeidon's Ice Age [TOS #11].

2,712 B.C.
Using the Guardian of Forever, Commander Spock rescues his son, Zar.
Zar is transported to the 23rd Century and later returns to 2,737 B.C.
via the Guardian [TOS #11].

2,634 B.C.
The Howling God doomsday world of Kirlos is constructed by the Ariantu
in their battle against the K'vin Hegemony. The Ariantu Empire
collapses and Kirlos is abandoned by the Ariantu. The Sullurh remain
behind [TNG #12].

2,000 B.C.
The Metal Age on Earth: agriculture and engineering are developed

1,900 B.C.
On Vulcan, Sikar founds the Vulcan School of Medicine [MRM].

1,198 B.C.
Parneb of Thebes designs a temple and supervises its construction on
Earth [GN 2].

933 B.C.
Solomon (a.k.a. Flint the Immortal) "dies" [TOS #46].

750 B.C.
The Chatalia home star supernovas. Prior to the disaster, an
interstellar ramjet vessel is launched [ON 11].

740 B.C.
Zetar expands into a red giant destroying all corporeal life in the
system. The minds of the planet's inhabitants live on, however, and
go in search of a host body [LZ, STM].

736 B.C.
The Taygeta system is irradiated by a nova [TOS #19].

500 B.C.
The Sandarans, fleeing from their home star's nova, arrive on Earth
and set the pattern of Classical Greece [PSt].

450 B.C.
The first Vulcan manned landing on Charis is aborted following the
extermination of the High House by T'Thelaih [GN 4].

400 B.C.
Vulcans make the first landing on Charis (T'Khut), Vulcan's sister


planet [GN 4].

300 B.C. (1433 Vulcan Years)
Vulcan's Glory is won as a prize of war from the house of Kawarda, in
the battle of T'zal [TOS #44].

67 B.C.
Surak is born on Vulcan. The Eye of Fire, light from the Sigma-1014
Orionis nova, reaches Vulcan [TOS #35, GN 4].

48 B.C.
Parmen is born [PSt].

37 B.C.
Philana is born [PSt].

22 B.C., 18 January (139954 Vulcan Old Date)
Duthulhiv (pre-Orion) pirates land on Vulcan in an attempt to loot it.
This first extraVulcanian contact will result in a split in Vulcan
society and lead up to the first Vulcan interstellar colonization [TOS
#35, GN 4].

7 B.C.
Following their departure from Earth, the Sandarans arrive on
Platonius [PSt].

6 B.C. (140005 Vulcan Old Date)
Zakal the Terrible, the greatest of the Kolinahr masters, dies on
Vulcan [GN 5].

S'task recruits 12,000 Vulcans to depart Vulcan with him. Many more
will follow, totalling 80,000 [TOS #35, GN 4, GN 5].

0 A.D.

Parmen and Philana are married on Platonius [PSt].

The 80,000 leave Vulcan orbit in the first interstellar Vulcan
migration outside 40 Eridani. They will later found the Romulan Star
Empire [TOS #35, GN 4].

Eeiauo is colonized by the Sivaoans [TOS #21].

The Tullvans of Zeta Geminorum die out [ON 6].

The surgo-op procedure is developed by the Aquans on Argo [Am/a,


Kassaba Fever destroys entire populations on Rigel IV [MRM].

Extraterrestrials transplant inhabitants from Persia on Earth to the
planet Argelius II [LOR].

The Vulcan colony ships encounter the Iruhe in the 4408 Beta Trianguli
system--and suffer massive casualties [TOS #35].

The Tam Paupa is stolen from the premier of Pandro (Garo VII). Chaos
and civil wars will result, lasting for three centuries [Log 9].

The Metron spokesman is born [Ar].

Warring factions on Areta (Beta Circinus III) unleash a nuclear
holocaust that devastates large portions of the planet [TOS #44].

The Solari Wars begin on Solais V [TNG 136].

Zora experiments with the body chemistry of tribes on Tiburon (Omega
Fornacis III) [SC, MRM].

The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) observes the formation of the Crab Nebula
of 1054 on her first mission [LTP].

Kukulkan visits the Mayan and Aztec civilizations on Earth. He
provides them with an accurate calendar and instructions to build a
city according to its cycles. They only use parts of Kukulkan's
knowledge [HS/a].

Within the Delta Triangle region of space, in a different
time-continuum, the Elysian council is formed. By 2264, Elysia will
contain members of over 123 different races [Tr/a].

The Irapina fleet leaves the Sagittarius Arm and heads toward U.F.P.
space, conquering or destroying everything in its path [ON 11].

The Menthar-Promellian War exterminates both star-faring races in the
Battle of Aurius IX [TNG 154].

Ardra grants the people of Ventax II one thousand yers of peace and


prosperity, according to myth [TNG 187].

Kamen lives out his life on Kitan (Selarian sector). The sun goes
nova, but not before the Kitanians launch a probe to be remembered by
[TNG 225].

The Science Age on Earth: mathematics and physics are developed [LOR,

K't'lk is born on Hamal (Alpha Arietis IV) [TOS #13].

A sleep Interval begins for the Shapers of Domarus IV [TNG #19].

1486 (500th Cycle of Algol/Shem)
The Karsid Empire makes its first contact with the planet Klinzhai
[TOS #23].

Leonardo Da Vinci (a.k.a. Flint the Immortal) "dies" [RM].

1540 (Karsid Imperial Year 930)
Klinzhai becomes a full member of the Karsid Empire and adapts Karsid
technology, customs etc [TOS #23].

Hikaru Sulu, transported by Weyland of Cragon V, fights for his life
in feudal Japan on Earth [TOS #52].

The inhabitants of an unnamed planet construct sleeper units for
unlimited pleasure and escape. Within the next 600 years the people
will be in agony [ON 6].

The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) timeship, on her third mission, observes
the formation of a tribal system on Fornax III [LTP].

The people of Megas-Tu are forced to leave Earth in Salem,
Massachusetts, New England [Mtu/a].

Great Diaspora on Andor (Epsilon Indi VIII): hive medicine spreads
planet-wide [MRM].

Montgomery Scott, transported by Weyland of Cragon V, fights for his
life in Scotland on Earth [TOS #52].


Interplanetary war begins between the neighboring planets Eminiar VII
and Vendikar. The war will last five centuries [TA].

The Klingons develop the S-2 graph unit FTL propulsion system [LOR].

Wu is born on Omega IV [OG].

The Great Blight: Saurian virus spreads throughout known worlds

Savar is born on Vulcan [GN 2].

The Vegan Tyranny conquers many pre-Federation worlds [MRM, EOM, ST

On Vulcan, Grand Master Siryk develops the Siryk Variations approach
to 3-D chess [GN 7].

The Klingon Empire (based in 2264) attempts to alter Earth's history
by assassinating Aaron Stemple, a minor government official. The
attempt fails due to Commander Spock's intervention [TOS #23].

Hundreds of criminals from the Uxmoll system are seperated from their
physical bodies and sent into exile on the moon of Mabu VI [TNG 215].

The inhabitants of the planet Alaj develop spaceflight [TNG #14].

The moons of Peli Azel are colonized [TNG 197].

1873 (Karsid Imperial Year 1056.3)
The Karsid Empire attempts to infiltrate Earth. Increased resistance
delays, and later cancels, Karsid takeover. Revolts in the Orion
systems complicate matters [TOS #23].

The office of offworld exploration is created on Vulcan. Prefect
Savar proclaims "Destruction before detection" as the first
application of the Vulcan Prime Directive [GN 2].

The Redjac entity kills six women in London, England on old Earth

1893, 13 August
Lt. Commander Data, transported by a temporal disturbance on Dividia
II (Morov sector) from 2368, finds himself in San Francisco, Earth


where he meets Mark Twain and Madame Guinan [TNG 226].

Johannes Brahms (a.k.a. Flint the Immortal) "dies" [RM].

The Steam Age on Earth: electricity and electronics are developed

1908, 30 June
An uncrewed Vulcan probe prevents a cometary fragment from wiping out
half of central Europe by diverting the body to explode over an
uninhabited region of Siberia, flattening and burning the forest [GN
7, TWS].

The Bekeem, the first dissident group, are banished from the planet
Alaj. At least 11 more will follow in the next half millennia [TNG

The planet Omicron IV is destroyed by a nuclear conflict [AE, STM].

Dr. McCoy (from 2261) alters Earth history, accidentally. Captain
Kirk and Spock restore history when social worker Edith Keeler dies in
an automobile accident [CEF].

The Redjac entity kills seven women in Shanghai, China on Earth [WF].

1936, 23 February
In an alternate timeline, Edith Keeler confers with President FDR.
She founds a pacifist movement called World Peaceways which delays the
U.S.'s entry into World War II, eventually enabling Germany to conquer
Earth [CEF, ST 2].

Ralph Offenhouse is born on Earth [TNG 126].

Pavel Chekov, transported by Weyland of Cragon V, fights for his life
in Stalingrad on Earth [TOS #52].

15 November
Lt. Pavel Chuikov is lost in action over the Baltic Sea, on Earth [TOS

On Omega IV, the warrior Kohms develop immmunity to most diseases [OG,

The planet Vulcan begins observing Earth. No official contacts are
made [GN 2].


Louise is born on Miri's World (UFC 347601-III/Juram V) [Mi].

Miri is born on Miri's World [Mi].

Roberta Lincoln is born [AE].

The Atomic Age on Earth: fission power and weaponry are developed

Captain Kirk, having been subjected to the Klingon mind-sifter in 2264
and transported through the Guardian of Forever, is temporarily
institutionalized on Earth [ON 2].

The first legitimate, two-dimensional photograph is taken of a Vulcan
probe ship by a Terran. By 2018, the number of photographs will total
at least 18--and all will be dismissed as frauds and hoaxes [GN 7].

The Designers account for other UFO cases, especially abductions and
extraterrestrial contacts [TOS #5].

Khan Noonian Singh, the Earth's first "eugenic superman," is born.
Genetic experimentation will continue in secret and, by 1990, some 190
"supermen" will have been bred [SS, EOM].

Clare Raymond is born on Earth [TNG 126].

A life prolongation experiment kills the entire adult population on
Miri's World, an exact duplicate of Earth [Mi].

Gillian Taylor is born on Earth [ST IV].

The Space Age on Earth: the beginning of space flight and computers

In the Andromeda Galaxy, the Kelvan Empire launches a probe ship to
explore our galaxy as a prelude to conquest [AON].

On the Klingon homeworld, the Kamorh'dag (Northern continent clans/Sta
Mura) ascend to power. Their grip on the Empire will last for little
more than ten generations [TOS #58].

The Maze of Zondrolla is constructed on Imprima (Dante Maxima VII)
[TNG #15].


1968, December
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" (from 2262) is sent to this time to study
Earth's history. With the aid of Gary Seven, an agent trained by
extraterrestrials, World War III is delayed until the 1990's through
the sabotage of a suborbital nuclear warhead launch. This is the
first large-scale U.F.P. time travel project [AE, ST 3].

A multi-parallel space-time inversion briefly transposes William
Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley with Captain Kirk,
Commander Spock, and Dr. McCoy in the 23rd Century [ON 2].

The U.S.S. "Enterprise," enroute to Starbase 9 in 2261, is
accidentally time-warped into this era by a black star. It is spotted
on Earth radar, and reported as a UFO by Captain John Christopher.
This is the starship "Enterprise's" first journey back into history.
Using Sol's gravitational attraction, the "Enterprise" returns to the
future [TY].

16 July
The first manned moon shot, consisting of three astronauts, is
launched on Wednesday, 6 A.M. E.S.T. Humans first set foot on Earth's
moon. It is the first of twelve successful landings on the Moon prior
to the building of Base One [TY, GN 7].

A print-out run of the master computer at Security Control, Omaha MFB,
reveals "unusual material" (updated technical orders accidentally
transmitted from the library computer of the starship "Enterprise" a
year ago). A top security lid is clamped on the matter while an
investigation is launched to identify the source of the transmission

The Vegan Tyranny dominates space outside of the Local Group [ST 2].

1973, 15 April
Col. Robert Argon, Director of Security Control, Omaha MFB, declares
the "data sheets" of the 1969 transmission to be a hoax. The
technical orders are given to Franz Joseph of Franz Joseph Designs.
The consequences will be far-reaching, to say the least [TM, Log 7].

On Earth, Element 106 is discovered in Russia [MRM].

On Earth, the Redjac entity kills five women in Kiev, Russia [WF].

The "Enterprise" (OV-101) orbiter is commissioned. This first
reusable space shuttle is used as a test vehicle. It is named
"Enterprise" because one of the project managers for Rockwell
International, the builder of the vehicle, had lost a brother
stationed aboard the aircraft carrier of the same name during World


War II [ST-TMP, TOS #54].

Gillian Taylor begins to study whales [ST IV].

On Earth, Colladium (Element 114) is discovered in the United States

On Earth, Element 107 is discovered in Russia [MRM].

On Earth, Element 108 is discovered in Germany [MRM].

On Earth, Element 109 is discovered in India [MRM].

On Earth, Element 110 is discovered in India [MRM].

1986, 17 February
Tom Raymond is born in Secaucus, New Jersey, on Earth [TNG 126].

The drug Coradrenalin is developed on Earth from Adrenalin, to treat
severe exposure and frostbite after its unsuccessful use in cryogenic
labs [MRM].

Admiral Kirk lands in San Francisco on Earth from 2288 in a Klingon
scout vessel. With the help of his crew, he transports two Humpback
whales and Dr. Gillian Taylor to the 23rd Century to stop an alien
probe [ST IV].

On Earth, Marcus Nichols "invents" transparent aluminum with help from
Commander Scott of the ex-U.S.S. "Enterprise" [ST IV].

The drug Cordrazine is developed on Earth and used in cryogenic labs

Construction begins on the S.S. "Savannah" (DY-100) series, Earth's
first interplanetary sleeper vessel. This collaborative development
between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. marks the beginning toward eventual
world-wide peace [DYC].

Eddie Raymond is born in Secaucus, New Jersey, on Earth [TNG 126].

1990, 16 March
The eugenic "supermen" are revealed to the public [EOM].

The Fusion Age on Earth: fusion power and weaponry are developed [LOR,


Earth's World War III begins: the Eugenics Wars result in the death of
over 37 million people over the next four years. It starts as a
hidden and secretive conflict of science and politics, not an open
conflict of munitions and armies [SS, BC, EOM, GN 7].

'Chicago Mobs of the Twenties' is published in New York on Earth.
This single book will serve as a guide for the society on Sigma Iotia
II in the next two centuries [PA].

The eugenics "supermen" seize power across Earth [SS].

The United Nations Peace Forces (UNPF) is formed on Earth. The
jurisdiction of this multi-national police organization will later be
extended to include the supervision of national arms and technology.
After the Clone Wars of the 2030's, it will replace national militias
entirely [EOM].

A ship of cryogenically frozen dead are launched from Earth. They
will be recovered and revived in over three centuries later [TNG

Koban's ancestors fleet Earth aboard an interplanetary vessel. A
wormhole transports them across light years into deep space where they
will eventually colonize Foothold (Joost-klaara) and become enslaved
by the Tseetsk [TNG #21].

The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) prototype timeship observes Earth's
Eugenics Wars on her fourth mission [LTP].

The Planet Age on Earth: interplanetary travel is developed, and work
starts toward the colonization of the inner planets, with emphasis
upon Mars and Earth's moon [LOR, SFD].

The last DY-100 series sleeper vessel is built. The series now
consists of ten ships--only eight of these will be officially
accounted for over the next few centuries [DYC, EOM, SS].

24 April
On a demonstration run in the Black Sea, the "Gorshkov," a U.S.S.R.
nuclear aircraft carrier, is destroyed by an alien creature. The
entire crews' life-essences are absorbed [TNG #1].

Khan Noonian Singh, absolute ruler of more than a quarter of Earth,
from South Asia to the Middle East, escapes aboard the S.S. "Botany
Bay," (DY-102) sleeper vessel with a crew of ninety "supermen." Their
destination is Tau Ceti [SS, EOM, ST 2].


The Eugenics Wars comes to an end. Dr. Stavos Keniclius, Earth's
first cloned human, is banned from the community [MRM, IV/a].

"Nightingale Woman," a love sonnet, is written by Phineas Tarbolde on
Canopus III [WNM].

The Second Dark Ages begins on post-Eugenics Wars Earth. It will be
at its worst over the next three years [MRM].

Stalik is born on on Vulcan [TOS #27].

The Second Dark Ages ends and the Second Renaissance begins as Earth
continues to rebuild. Medical sciences regrows. Emphasis is on
controlling population and improving the quality of life [MRM].

Construction of the DY-200 Series begins. The "Brenton" class sleeper
vessel becomes the first successful American-designed interplanetary
vessel. Constructed for extensive use as planetary survey and mining
vessels, ten ships will be built [DYC].

The "Green Death," Vegan Choriomeningitus, ravages Vega IX. The Vegan
Tyranny begins to decline [MRM, STM].

Morse code goes out of use [ST 2].

2002, August
Jackson Roykirk's interstellar probe, "Nomad," is launched from Earth
to seek out new forms of life. It will later be reported damaged by a
meteor and lost in space [Cg].

A vaccine to Cygnian Plague is developed by Zilzu on Tellar (61 Cygni
V) [MRM].

The tenth, and last, DY-200 Series sleeper vessel is constructed

The Icelandic public databank is established. It is the first attempt
at creating a synthetic consciousness [TOS #42].

The Martian Fever ravages the Martian Colonies [MRM].

Algobarium (Element 115) is discovered on Mars in Martian Colony 3

The "Forty Families" generation ship is launched from Earth. This is
the first Earth interstellar ship to use a Bussard ramjet for


propulsion (not counting two robot probes). The "Forty Families" will
be lost. Two more ramjet generation ships will be launched. One
ship, the "Marilee," commanded by Captain Wayne Perry, will colonize
Perry's Planet [ON 11, ON 14].

The last legitimate, two-dimensional photograph of a Vulcan probe ship
is taken by Earth, and dismissed as another hoax [GN 7].

Work begins on the development of an ion internally-metered pulse
drive. Ion-impulse, utilizing beryllium fusion coupled with low-level
continuum distortion resulting in a fast-moving jet of monatomic
oxygen atoms, will in time provide ships with speeds surpassing 0.78c
[DYC, LOR, SS, GN 3, NTM].

A cancer-inhibiting plant compound is discovered on Ganymede (Jupiter

Surveys indicate that the body of baseball enthusiasts is less than
half the size it had been two decades earlier [TNG #15].

The Star Age on Earth: interstellar travel is perfected [LOR, SFD].

Topaline (Element 117) is discovered on Ganymede, the third moon of
Jupiter (Sol V). It will in later years become vital for the life
support systems of planetoid colonies and starships [MRM, FC, SFD].

Experiments with new power sources over the next four years leads to
the development of two DY-300 prototype vessels. Experimental test
drones for the new ion-impulse drive, they will be tested till 2029

On Mercury (Sol I), two new elements are discovered: Celebium (Element
103) and Pergium (Element 111), two trans-hahnic radioactives.
Pergium, in later years, will be used in many fission reactors and
will be in great demand [MRM, DD].

Over the period of five years, four baseball teams have gone bankrupt
and another eight have changed hands a total of nineteen times [TNG

The Irish Reunification occurs on Earth: terrorism wins out [TNG

Zefram Cochrane, the creator of warp drive, is born [Mt].


2026, 07 October
The game of baseball in decline, the Phoenix Sunsets play against the
Fairbanks Icebreakers. The final score is four to three [TNG #15].

Irillium (Element 116) is discovered in the asteroid belt in the Sol
system [MRM].

The United Earth Space Probe Agency (UESPA) is re-established by the
United Nations. In time it will replace NASA [DYC].

The Power Age on Earth: antimatter power is developed and research
into warp drive is begun [LOR, SFD].

America gains its 52nd state [TNG 138].

On Earth, Colonel Green's War begins. The last of the Eugenics
scientists make a futile effort to gain power. Green takes advantage
of Hanson Smith's surprise development of the particle curtain ten
years earlier than thought possible by the scientific community. They
are eventually annihilated, but not before nearly pushing Earth back
into the Second Dark Ages [SC, MRM, GN 7].

Soljenov escapes Earth aboard an experimental long-jump sleeper ship.
Centuries later he will conquer the Zarans, form the Totality, and
have a daughter, Sola Thane [TOS #9].

The newly re-established United Nations declares that no Earth citizen
can be made to answer for the crimes of his race or forbears [TNG

Kazanga of Omega Cygni researches respiratory disease [MRM].

The DY-400 "Helsinki" class science survey/research vessels are
constructed. Built with a new advanced second generation ion-impulse
propulsion system, travel time is reduced to half. Cryogenic units
are no longer used, but larger crews are needed [DYC].

23 July
The NASA starship S.S. "Charybdis," commanded by Colonel Steven
Richey, departs the Sol system. This is the third manned
interestellar ship to depart Earth's solar system. The ship's
telemetry fails and is never heard from again [TNG 138].

The DY-500 "Woden" class space freighter is built. Over the next few
years, the "Woden" class will total six vessels, as will the
"Helsinki" class. The last of the DY-Series, the DY-500 ships will


remain in service until the mid-2100's [DYC].

Rubindium (Element 120) is discovered in the asteroid belt (Sol
system). The crystalline element is a natural laser if properly cut
[MRM, PF].

The starliner "Enterprise" makes Earth's first successful interstellar
expedition of the Alpha Centauri system [STM].

Television becomes obsolete as a form of entertainment [TNG 126].

The Klingons clash with the Daa'Vit Confederacy and will remain
enemies for more than three centuries [GN 9].

2042, 13 November
O-Chlorobezyl-Malononitrite and related chemical gas weapons of war
are developed on Earth [WoE].

This is also the era during which Spiderweb is most likely developed
[TOS #2].

The Ka'Hat plague spreads throughout the Klingonii worlds [MRM].

The bloody Mind Control Revolts start on Earth [ST-TMP].

The S.S. "Charybdis" is contaminated by an alien life form. Colonel
Richey, the last survivor, finds himself within a simulacrum created
from the novel 'Hotel Royale,' on the planet Theta VIII [TNG 138].

A Vulcan scoutship crashlands on Earth. The survivors secretly leave
Earth in a stolen DY-100 vessel with help from Captain Kirk and his
officers (transported from 2259). The entire incident is covered up
until the late 23rd Century [GN 2].

Sessek of Vulcan studies alien physiologies [MRM].

The Mind Control Revolts end on Earth [ST-TMP].

The U.N.S.S. "Icarus" makes contact with the inhabitants of Alpha
Centauri VII. This is Earth's first official extraterrestrial
contact. The Centaurians are quite humanoid, descendants of Greeks
transported from Earth in the 3rd Century [GN 2, STM, TM].

Dilithium (Element 119) is discovered on Jupiter's fifth moon. The


major properties of this crystalline element will not be known by
Earth for the next two centuries [MRM].

The Kzinti, a race of felinoid warriors, invade the Sol system. All
UESPA spacecraft are commandeered for military use. The DY-500 series
is the most advanced of these vessels and is best equipped.
Asteroid-based lasers, placed on defensive outposts in the outer solar
system decades earlier by the UNPF and providing propulsion for UESPA
probe spacecraft, are turned against the Kzinti invaders [SW/a, EOM].

The famous Knossus archeological dig on Earth yields accounts of
Drantos, a popular Cretan monarch of the middle Bronze Age [TNG #20].

Dr. Zefram Cochrane discovers the space warp at the Alpha Centauri
Scientific Institute [Mt, LOR].

Cochrane's Factor, the curvature of space-time by the presence of mass
in subspace, is discovered [STM].

First Generation warp drive is developed and tested by Zefram Cochrane
[GN 2].

Construction begins on the Bekeem colony ship, initiated by the third
Supreme Primary Lans [TNG #14].

Professional baseball succumbs to mounting losses. Only eight
franchises remain of the thirty-two that had populated the American
and National Leagues at the peak of their prosperity [TNG #15].

Lavinius V is attacked by flying parasites. All the inhabitants are
used for slave labor and killed [OA].

Cochrane's team succeeds in producing a prototype field device of
massive proportions. Described as a fluctuation superimpeller, it
finally allows an unmanned flight test vehicle to straddle the speed
of light "wall," alternating between two velocity states while
remaining at neither for longer than Planck time. The first continuum
distortion propulsion (CDP) engines (only informally dubbed warp
engines) are developed and incorporated into existing spacecraft
designs. Eventually Cochrane and his team of engineers relocate to
the Alpha Centauri colonies (a 4-year CDP-powered voyage) to continue
to pioneer warp physics. The S.S. "Bonaventure" (NCC-S1100) galactic
survey cruiser, the first starship with warp drive, will be built and
launched, and will mysteriously disappear on her third voyage [NTM,
EOM, STM, Tr/a].


John Burke, the Chief Astronomer at the Royal Academy of Great
Britain, maps the UFC 24187 (Sherman's Planet) region [TT].

The "Great Awakening" occurs on Argelius II [WF].

A major earthquake strikes Oldtown San Francisco, Earth. It will take
20 years to rebuild the city [GN 5, TOS #54].

The Kzinti make one more attack on the Sol system. The Kzinti are
once and for all defeated by Earth forces. Their Patriarchy is
stripped down to a handful of planets by the Treaty of Sirius and they
are confined to a spherical volume of space 50 light years in diameter
[SW/a, STM, EOM].

The 'temporary' consolidation of UESPA with the UN security forces
becomes a necessary and permanent one, following the four Kzinti raids

The Terra 10 interstellar colonization ship is launched from Earth,
complete with 1st generation transporters [Te/a].

Interstat code becomes outdated [Te/a].

Jason Nyere dies from an unspecified fever [GN 2].

The U.N.S.S. "Amity" rescues a Vulcan ship trapped on the outskirts of
Sol. This is Earth's first official contact with Vulcans. The S.S.
"Cochrane" will later establish contact with the planet Vulcan on
stardate 1135.7 [GN 2, EOM].

The fourth-dimensional (second-level) nature of dilithium crystals is
discovered. On Earth, a mad dilithium rush occurs when it is
discovered that dilithium crystals have a dozen different
three-dimensional physical configurations which can make them resemble
common crystals. Many Earth museums become incredibly well-funded
overnight simply by tearing apart their geology exhibits to find
dilithium crystals which had been misidentified as quartz for
generations. It will be some time until the crystals are used to
their full potential in warp drives [GN 7].

The Djanai settle their neighboring planet Inar--which later becomes
uninhabitable via nuclear catastrophe, forcing them to reclaim Djana
[GN 5].

The Myzarians are conquered. In the next 300 years they will be
conquered five more times [TNG 166].

The "Great Exodus" begins when the Totality is banished from the


planet Alaj. They colonize the neighboring world Etolos [TNG #14].

The Saren contact the warring, pre-spaceflight planet Vemla. A
trading agreement is established, providing the Vemlans with advanced
technology, positronic microprocessors in particular [TNG #20].

Diplomatic relations are established between Earth and Vulcan [GN 2].

The last case of mind-rape is encountered and treated among the
Ullians--until the 24th Century [TNG 212].

Ralph Seron makes the first advances on toroidal space-time distortion
[ST IV].

The Tau Ceti system is explored. Contact is made with the Kaferians,
an insectoid race from Tau Ceti III (Kaferia), and trade relations are
quickly established with Earth [STM, LOR].

The S.S. "Valiant" (NCC-S1104) galactic survey cruiser disappears near
the edge of the galaxy [WNM, EOM, STM].

Synthococcus Novae, a bacillus strain, is created by accident on
Tiburon (Omega Fornacis III) [MRM, WEd].

The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) timeship, on her seventh mission,
explores the legends of a black hole in the Gamma Hydra sector [LTP].

United Earth is temporarily un-unified as the Post-Atomic Horror
reaches its peak on Earth [TNG 101].

The "Wanderer," the first L5 Earth structure, departs Sol system.
Essentially a sublight generation ship with fusion drive, contact will
be lost and the vessel assumed to be destroyed [ON 15].

Colonel Steven Richey dies on Theta VIII in the alien "Hotel Royale"
simulacrum, the last of the S.S. "Charybdis" [TNG 138].

Epsilon Rays are first detected when the baffle plate is torn off an
old "Woden" class freighter during a passage through a comet's
radioactive tail [MRM].

The Ceres expedition is lost. They are later believed to have founded
the Ten Tribes of Capella IV [STM, ST 3].


A feud starts between the Larnac and Tralesta clans on Akamar III [TNG

Beginnings of the United Federation of Planets [GN 2].

The stardate dating system is established [GN 2].

Zefram Cochrane takes his last interstellar voyage [Mt, STM].

Earth vessels encounter the Vegan Tyranny. The decisive actions of
the S.S. "Cochrane" and S.S. "Krushchev" cruisers prevent a major
interstellar war [EOM, ST 2].

Sarpk becomes famous on Vulcan for his Vulcan lyrettes [TM].

The groundwork for the United Federation of Planets is layed out on
Earth [TOS #24].

On Vemla, the first androids are constructed, designed as military
hardware [TNG #20].

The Synthococcus immunization is developed by John Pearce [MRM].

The Earth-Vulcan cultural exchange begins. Many new treatments and
techniques in the field of medical science result [MRM].

The "Lafayette" starliner colonizes New Paris [EOM].

The Redjac entity kills eight women in the Martian Colonies [WF].

'The Starship's Medicine Chest and First Aid in Space' is published
for the first time [MRM].

Naja is born on Dalzell [ON 16].

Zefram Cochrane is reported missing [Mt, STM].

The Cicada star system (sector 4423) is briefly explored. Over the
next 150 years, a ship will disappear in this region exactly every
27.346 years [LS/a, Log 2].



A cure is found for hyperthyroidism [TOS #56].

The "Marco Polo" encounters the Galactic Maelstrom, henceforth known
as 'Polo's Bolos': twin black holes in motion [ON 15].

2123, 27 November
Captain Walter Granger, commanding the S.S. "Mariposa" (NAR 7678, a
modified DY-500 vessel with Yoyodyne pulse fusion drive) departs Sol
system. The vessel will colonize the Ficus Sector [TNG 144].

The first Federation congress meets. The Vulcan delegation introduces
a referendum on Federation-wide Warrantorship [TOS #25].

Vulcan Fleet Commander Savaj, commanding the "V'Kreeth," opens up a
whole quadrant of space and single-handedly attempts to keep Vulcan
from joining in forming the United Federation of Planets [TOS #5].

2127, 8 May (stardate 0965)
The Articles of Federation are signed on Babel (Wolf 424). The United
Federation of Planets is formed, consisting of the United Nations of
Earth (Sol III), the Planetary Confederation of 40 Eridani A (Vulcan),
the United Planets of 61 Cygni (Tellar), the Star Empire of Epsilon
Indii (Andor), and the Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets (Centaurus
VII). The U.F.P. sphere of influence is a 90 parsec diameter sphere
centered on Sol, approximately 380,000 cubic parsecs [STM, EOM, TM,

Under the Articles of Federation, expenditure is granted for the
construction of an initial total of fourteen heavy cruiser starships
and seventeen starbases [TM].

A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region [LS/a].

The Worlds Court bans the ownership of synthetic consciousnesses [TOS

Alpha (Procyon A) III (Terra 4) becomes the 6th U.F.P. member--the
first colony to be launched after the advent of warp drive, a pacifist
culture settled by Buddist Chinese [STM, LOR].

Maxwell Grandisson III is born [TOS #16].

2131, 10 February
The U.S.S. "Durance" (FR-250) cargo/tug is commissioned. The class
will number 15 ships (FR-250-FR-264). These warp 2 capacity vessels,
with laser emplacements, a ship's complement of 40, and the most
advanced turbo elevator system of its time, will serve for 33 years


Vega IX becomes the 7th U.F.P. member [STM, LOR].

The U.S.S. "Carrizal" flyby of the Romulan home worlds (128
Trianguli) results in the Rihannsu preparing for a war against the
U.F.P. [TOS #35].

A Star Fleet Academy is opened on Vulcan [EOM].

The U.S.S. "Balboa" enters the Romulan system on a peace mission. A
squadron of fifty Rihannsu ships destroy the "Balboa" with massed
particle beams. The Romulans then use high-powered lasers to
decompress the crew compartments of the U.S.S. "Stone Mountain," and
after studying the ship, gain warp drive technology. The First
Romulan War begins [TOS #35].

Jennifer Anne MacIntyre marries George William Jeffries. Their
grandson, Frederick William Jeffries, will design the Jeffries tube
[TOS #52].

Chan is born [GN 7].

The Theta VII mining and subterranean farming colony is established

Naw-Rocki is born [TOS #33].

Deneb (Alpha Cygni) becomes the 8th U.F.P. member [STM].

Navigational buoys are placed at each sector corner and along
spacelanes for commercial and private interstellar craft [LOR].

The Eristaffe-Zynn Defense and Space Systems Division is established
on Sebaldhesta Sennis [SsD].

With the androids' unification of the planet Vemla, war is
abolished--until the androids revolt in 2347 [TNG #20].

Tetsuo Inomata, Hikaru Sulu's great-grandfather, is born [TOS #47].

Emanuel Tagore is born [TOS #16].

Marcos XII becomes the 9th U.F.P. member [STM].


Trivium (Element 127) is discovered in the Denevan asteroid belt

A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region [LS/a].

2156 (8650 Vulcan Years)
The Vulcan Outreach period begins [MRM].

The Redjac entity kills two women in Heliopolis on Alpha Proxima II

Izar (Epsilon Bootis III) becomes the 10th U.F.P. member [STM].

The first "Merchantman" Class J cargo ships are constructed. 1,827 of
these warp 1.3, 12-man vessels will be built by 2175 and many will
remain in service well into the late 23rd Century [MCP].

Alonzo Richter is born [GN 7].

S'chn T'gai Sarek is born in ShiKahr, Sas-a-Shar on Vulcan [JB].

The last Danon is born on Heartland (NC513-II)[ON 13].

The Quantum II 'time warp' star drive is developed. This PB-series
circumferential (2nd generation) warp drive, based upon an exponential
scale of time warp factors, will enable the "Horizon/Archon" class
starships to extend the boundaries of the U.F.P. by hundreds of
parsecs [STM, HCE].

Deneva is colonized [OA].

The planet Eden (UFC 3676543) is discovered by shipwrecked U.F.P.
forces in Romulan space [STM].

An unspecified Federation is founded [TNG 217].

Atomic warfare rips away the atmosphere of Alpha Xaridian IV,
obliterating the populance [TOS #59].

The Battle of Cheron ensures U.F.P. victory over the Romulan Star
Empire [TNG 158].

stardate 1200.5
The Romulan War ends with the Treaty of Alpha Trianguli (Algeron),
between Praetor Karzan of the Romulan Star Empire and Cristofur
Thorpe, Governor of the Federation Council of the U.F.P. It is the
first treaty in U.F.P. history to be negotiated entirely by data


upload over subspace radio [TOS #35, TNG 158, TM, STM, BT, ST 1].

The Romulan Neutral Zone, an egg-shaped area of space 10 light years
in width, with 128 Trianguli at the center, is established and
construction begins on asteroid outposts bordering on the Zone [TM,

A woman challenges the Right of Supersedence on Ligon II--the last to
do so til 2364 [TNG 104].

The U.F.P.-M'dok War begins [TNG #8].

The Delos system is first contacted by a U.F.P. scoutship [TNG 123].

In the Delos system, the planet Onara is stricken by a plague and the
cure is found on the neighboring world, Breka. A trading agreement is
established [TNG 123].

The Energy Barrier at the edge of the galaxy is first detected [LOR,

Singa stows away aboard a ship bound for Raga's Planet [ON 6].

The planet Lorca is settled by colonists from Earth [TNG #7].

The M'dok are defeated by the U.F.P. and, like their Kzinti relatives,
are stripped of their empire and confined to a small area of space
[TNG #8].

The Star Fleet Lunar Hall of Justice is constructed in Oceanview on
Earth's moon [GN 7].

The Omega Sejanus system is colonized [TNG 130].

Privately funded genetics labs on Earth produce the first Human-Vulcan
hybrid. The accomplishment is kept secret for almost a century [TOS

Guinan meets the Q [TNG 142].

Rigel (Beta Orionis) becomes the 11th U.F.P. member [STM].

The U.F.P. border is redefined between Rigel, Deneb, and Antares; 480
parsecs in diameter [STM].

Rampart (Rho Ophiuchi) is colonized by Earth [TNG #11].

The Chyrellkans make their first landing on their sisterworld Vancadia
[TOS #55].


The Ab'brax tradition is phased out on Betazed [TNG #18].

Starbase 12 is commanded by Admiral Utan Narsu [TNG 215].

The U.S.S. "Essex" (NCC-173), "Daedalus" class starship, commanded by
Captain Bryce Schumar, is lost with all hands at Mabu VI [TNG 215].

The Bekeem colony ship is completed [TNG #14].

The Tseetsk encounter the Human colony of Koban's ancestors on
Foothold (Joost-klaara) and enslave them, using the colony as a
breeding planet [TNG #21].

The U.S.S. "Almeida" (GCC-120) heavy cruiser/freighter is
commissioned. A dozen ships of this class (GCC-120-GCC-131), with
crews of 93 and laser bank weaponry, are built [HCFP].

The genetically-perfect integrated Earth colony on Moab IV is founded
[TNG 213].

The ambassador of Kreos is born [TNG 221].

The White Rhino becomes extinct on Earth [TNG 210].

The S.S. "Aurora" (NCC-C1200) space cruiser is built. A total of 237
of these six-person, warp 1.6 capacity, ships will be produced by
2180, with over 34 variations on the basic design [ACP, EOM].

Colony Terra (Alpha) 5 is established on Eta Serpentis IV [STM].

Kavis Alpha, a neutron star, explodes [TNG 150].

Cait (15 Lyncis) becomes the 12th U.F.P. member [STM].

Nisus (Vulcan Colony 9) is established. In later years it will be
known as the finest example in the galaxy of cooperation among
intelligent life forms [TOS #38].

2173 (8700 Vulcan Years)
The Vulcan Outreach period ends [MRM].

The "Montcalm" and "Meridio" space cruisers are built, two variations
on the S.S. "Aurora" class [ACP].

Antos IV becomes the 13th U.F.P. member [STM].


Radioactive pollutants on Scalos begin to cause drastic mutations
[MRM, WE].

Catulla (Theta Pictoris) becomes the 14th U.F.P. member [STM].

Singa, the Sleeping God, offers his services to the U.F.P. [ON 6].

The Type 1 40 MM Hand Laser is developed [SFD].

Sarek observes the World Series, on Earth [GN 4].


Tiburon (Omega Fornacis III) becomes the 15th U.F.P. member [STM].

A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region [LS/a].

Star Fleet is officially established as the peace-keeping branch of
the U.F.P. [LOR, SFD, ST II].

Trititanium (Element 128) is discovered on Motherlode (Acadia III).
It will soon become the most popular metal used in starship hulls
until the discovery of tritanium and quadrotanium [MRM].

Edos (92 Trianguli-Rho) becomes the 16th U.F.P. member [STM].

Theta Cygni XII, a dead planet wiped out by the Flying Parasites, is
discovered by the U.F.P. [STM, OA].

Sarek invents the "satchel" crypton scrambler [GN 4].

Daniel Corrigan is born [TOS #20].

Chhay is born [GN 1].

The "Perth" PB-18 series dilithium-energized circumferential warp
drive engine is developed by Cochrane Warp Dynamics, and will be first
installed aboard the "Horizon" and "Archon" classes. Allowing an
emergency velocity of warp 4 and a cruising velocity of warp 2, these
engines will remain in production for half a century [SFE].

05 October
The U.S.S. "Caracal" (CC-750) command cruiser is commissioned with an
experimental dual phaser system and a ship's complement of 220.
Fifteen ships of this class will be built (CC-750-CC-764), and will be


in service until 2232 [CCP].

Robert April is born [CC/a].

Tricobolt (Element 129) is discovered on Janus VI [MRM].

(8756 Vulcan Years)
Kironide (Element 139) is discovered on Vulcan [MRM].

Sarek negotiates the Vulcan-Terran Interstellar Comprehensive Trade
Act [GN 4].

Merak II becomes the 17th U.F.P. member [STM].

T'Prylla is born [TOS #15].

The Cygnia Minor and the Beta 6 Colonies are established [STM].

The last of the "Daedalus" class starships is decommissioned [TNG

10 October
The U.S.S. "Horizon" (NCC-1000) cruiser is commissioned with laser
banks, a complement of 203, and a warp capacity of 4 via PB-18
dilithium-energized warp engines. This class will total 13 ships.
The U.S.S. "Horizon" will be lost on a deep space survey mission. The
"Horizon," and all other vessels of this time, lack subspace radio

The U.S.S. "Horizon" surveys Sigma Iotia II and leaves behind the book
'Chicago Mobs of the Twenties.' The Prime Directive is not as of yet
in effect. The Book will set the pattern of the society's future [PA,

The U.S.S. "Archon" (NCC-1370) cruiser is commissioned. This class,
externally identical to the "Horizon," but with greater endurance,
will total 7. The U.S.S. "Archon" will be lost with all hands on a
survey mission to UFC 611-Beta III [RA, HCE].

04 December
The U.S.S. "Republic" (NCC-1371) cruiser is commissioned [HCE].

Dr. Alonzo Richter first publishes the Richter Scale of Culture. In
time it will become the U.F.P's most important tool for determining at
which point in a civilization's development the Prime Directive no


longer need apply [GN 7].

Amanda Stemple Grayson is born in Seattle, Washington, U.S. on Earth
[EOM, Log 1, TOS #23].

Rohgan is born on Vancadia [TOS #55].

George Kirk is born [GN 3].

Enzo Piretti is born in Sicily, Italy on Earth [TOS #33].

Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri III) becomes the 18th U.F.P. member [STM].

The U.F.P.'s first known contact with the Klingon Empire occurs when
the U.S.S. "Sentry" meets the I.K.V. "Devisor" [TOS #16].

Theodore Wallace is born [ST 7].

Trititanium is used in the construction of the disc-shaped primary
hull of starships [HCE].

A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region [LS/a].

2210 stardate 1098.07
The U.S.S. "Republic" (NCC-1371), an "Archon" class cruiser, is
drydocked and fitted with a new disc-shaped primary hull. Further
redesigning and hull stress testing leads to the development of the
"Constitution" class heavy cruiser [HCE].

(8810 Vulcan Years)
Dikironium (Element 112) is discovered on Vulcan [MRM].

The Type 1/2A (Agronska 30 series) Hand/Pistol Phaser is developed by
Star Fleet. It will remain in service for well over half a century,
alongside more cruder hand weapons [SFD, FRS].

The Janus VI pergium production colony is established [STM, ST 4].

Eminiar, in Star Cluster NGC 321, is first charted [TA].

2211, 26 September
The U.S.S. "Constellation" (NCC-1017) cruiser is commissioned [HCE].

Sarek returns to Vulcan and is officially rewarded the position as
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from Vulcan, to Earth [GN


Richard Daystrom is born [UC, ST 9].

Henson is born.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd is born on Antares Pi IV [EOM].

The Tarsus IV colony is established [STM, EOM].

The Ekosians colonize their sister planet Zeon [PF].

The Pleshun Company For Warp Studies develops the "Perth" PB-25 series
warp drive system. These engines have a faster dilithium decay rate
and a shorter operational life than other contemporary models but
provide faster acceleration times between incremental warp factors.
Originally intended for use in various defensive classes, such as the
"Detroyat" (NCC-1100) class destroyers, they will eventually find
their way into fledgling high-speed scout and superscout designs,
including the "Podish" (NCC-310) and "Tuverlind" (NCC-341) classes.
Cruising velocity is warp 4, maximum velocity is warp 8 [SFE].

2214, 11 April (stardate 1260.7)
Christopher Robin Pike is born in Mojave, California, U.S., Earth

Hudson's World gains its independence [GN 7].

03 November
Construction begins on the U.S.S. "Constitution" cruiser, the most
successful starship class in U.F.P. history [HCE, SotF].

The first U.F.P. contacts are made with the Sackers, a nomadic race of
non-humanoid beings, revolting in appearace to Humans and humanoids
[TOS #41].

On Boaco VI, the freedom movement starts [TOS #46].

Ardana (Mu Leonis) becomes the 19th U.F.P. member [STM].

The Alpha Majoris system is discovered [STM].

Roger Korby is born [ST 11].

An asteroid belt is created in the Selcundi Drema system from the
destruction its 5th planet [TNG 141].

Star Fleet begins work on the development of two different photon
torpedoes. One utilizing a simple 1:1 matter/antimatter collision
device consisting of frozen deuterium slugs backed up by carbon-carbon
disks and driven by microfusion initiators into antideuterium
cavities. The other utilizing variable amounts of matter/antimatter
in thousands of minute 'packets.' The latter torpedo will not see use


for over half a century [NTM].

Kel Titiac, a member of the warp engine design team at Cochrane Warp
Dynamics, develops the "Titiac" PB-30 and PB-31 series warp drive
engines (the former design will be discontinued in the early 2250's)
which allow a sustained emergency velocity of warp factor 7, and a
cruising velocity of warp 5. These PB-31 warp engines will allow the
"Constitution" class and other large cruiser-sized vessels to begin
truly long-range, extended duration missions [SFE].

2217, 16 March
The U.S.S. "Constitution" (NCC-1700) cruiser is launched [EOM, SotF,

30 June
The "Constitution" class cruisers are reclassified as heavy cruisers

George Stocker is born [ST7].

2218, 20 January (stardate 1265.3)
Leonard Horatio McCoy is born in Georgia, U.S., Earth [EOM].

03 May
The U.S.S. "Constitution" (NCC-1700) heavy cruiser is commissioned.
This starship class will total 14 ships and, as other heavy cruisers
of similar design are constructed over the next century, this class
will be uprated to match the current state-of-the-art technologies
[HCE, SotF].

16 July
The "Enterprise" is laid down at UESPA in San Francisco Yards on Earth
[HCE, SotF].

Merak II is colonized [STM].

Tranquility Park on Luna becomes a holiday resort [GN 7].

Heartland (UFC 513) is discovered by the Klingon Empire [ON 13].

Commodore van Anling tells Robert April that he will be the first
captain of the "Enterprise." Over the next year, April will oversee
the assembly of the starship and consult with her chief construction
engineer, Franz Joseph IV, on her internal configuration [Log 7,

Skorpios/Kanaris E.T.M. is contracted to develop plans for both
destroyer and scout type starships utilizing components developed for
the "Constitution" class starships [FRS].


2220 March
Free-space assembly starts on the "Enterprise" [Log 7].

16 June
A christening projectile is perfectly aligned and fired to intercept
the "Enterprise" in exactly 2 weeks, 4 days, and 16 hours [Log 7].

04 July
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701) is launched from Earth. Captain
Robert April takes her out on a shakedown cruise, following her
christening by the U.F.P.'s President Samuel Solomon Qasr [Log 7,

Finnegan is born [SL].

Sekar is born on Vulcan [GN 5].

2221, 05 January
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701) heavy cruiser is commissioned with
two (4680 TEV rarium) laser banks, monotronic computers, and a
complement of 403. Captain Robert T. April takes her on his first
five-year mission: galaxy exploration and investigation, beginning
with the patrol of the 9th quadrant, from Alpha Centauri to the outer
Pinial Galaxy limit [HCE, SotF, TMoST].

The first hostilities occur between the U.F.P. and Klingon Empire [ST

Argelius II becomes the 20th U.F.P. member [STM].

Chag Gara is born in Tara on Kyros [ON 1].

2222, 03 March (stardate 1268.5)
Montgomery Edward Scott is born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Earth [EOM].

2223, 08 February
The U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

12 February
The U.S.S. "Farragut" (NCC-1702) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

20 March
The U.S.S. "Yorktown" (NCC-1704) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

03 July
The U.S.S. "Excalibur" (NCC-1705) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

17 July
While on patrol seven parsecs from Klingon space, the "Audace"


(CC-757) heavy cruiser is lost. The victim of a Klingon sneak attack

10 August
The U.S.S. "Exeter" (NCC-1706) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

15 August
The U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-1707) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

Nancy Crater is born [MT].

James Atheling is born [ON 5].

Jeffrey Ryan Adams is born in New Orleans, U.S., on Earth [TOS #37].

2224, 28 March
The U.S.S. "Saladin" (NCC-500) destroyer is commissioned. Twenty of
these single propulsion unit ships (NCC-500-NCC-519) will be
constructed, each with a complement of 200 [FRS, TM, SCP].

30 April
The U.S.S. "Ptolemy" (NCC-3801) transport/tug is commissioned. These
unarmed transports, like the "Saladin" destroyers, utilize the same
modular components originally developed for the "Constitution" class.
Fifteen transport/tugs of this class will be built
(NCC-3801-NCC-3815), each with a complement of 220 and PB-18 engines,
along with five different variations on specially-designed transport
containers built strictly for this class [FRS, AES, TM].

The U.S.S. "Symma" (NCC-G128) cargo vessel is commissioned. These
unarmed, unmanned ships, with warp 4 capacity, will form the "Sherman"
series, introduced in 2235 [FRS, CDP].

10 September
The U.S.S. "Valiant" (NCC-1709) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

03 November
The U.S.S. "Detroyat" (NCC-1100) heavy destroyer is commissioned.
Star Fleet's most expensive ships, these destroyers will total ten
(NCC-1100-NCC-1109), each with a complement of 316 [DCP, AES].

06 November
The U.S.S. "Potemkin" (NCC-1711) heavy cruiser is commissioned [SotF,

Jose Tyler is born [TOS #57].

The Irapina fleet makes telepathic contact with the Arivne [ON 5].

Silek visits Georgetown on Earth as an exchange student in a doctoral


program. He teaches linguistics to undergraduates and shares his
office with Amanda Grayson, whom he gives advice to on marrying Sarek
[TOS #30].

2225, 26 March (stardate 1272.7)
Xtmprszntwlfd S'chn T'gai Spock is born in ShiKahr, Sas-a-Shar,
Vulcan. He is the first product of genetic manipulation between two
different hominid beings, Sarek of Vulcan and Amanda Grayson of Earth
[EOM, TOS #23].

The U.S.S. "Valiant" (NCC-1709) heavy cruiser is lost on her first
mission, an exploratory probe of Eminiar VII, after reporting on the
interplanetary war within this system [TA, SotF].

The idea of a dreadnought with three warp drive units is first
proposed. The high cost and lack of any impending threats results in
no action being taken for over twenty years [FRS].

Clothing fabricators are installed on Star Fleet starships [FRS].

The U.F.P. colonization attempt of Heartland (UFC 513) is aborted [ON

George Samuel Kirk is born [GN 3].

Sendet is born on Vulcan [TOS #20].

Anne Gauvreau is born [GN 7].

During a family reunion on Earth, young Leonard McCoy builds a raft
with his cousins and sails the Chattahoochee River. The raft falls
apart and McCoy's cousin, David, drowns [TOS #60].

Quince Waverleigh is born [TOS #37].

Silek says his farewells to Sarek and Amanda [TOS #30].

The Ceti Alpha system is surveyed by an unmanned probe [ST II].

Alec MacPherson is born [TOS #28].

A geophysicist at the Lalande 8 mining complex discovers that
dilithium crystals can focus and channel the energy from antimatter
annihilation reactions [TOS #16].

stardate 1087.7
Gary Mitchell is born in Eldman [WNM, GN 1].

Harry Mudd becomes apprenticed to a slave merchant on Antares Pi IV



2229, 26 March? (stardate 1277.1)
James Tiberius Kirk is born in Riverside, Iowa, U.S., Earth [EOM,

The Memory Alpha complex is established [STM].

The "Independence" (NCC-F1300) transport/freighter is commissioned.
These Class II support ships, designed to supplement the main fleet of
"Ptolemy" transport/tugs will total 100 vessels (NCC-F1300-NCC-F1399),
each with a complement of 25 and warp 4 capability. With their
success, the "Freedom," "Equality," "Liberty," "Justice," and
"Fraternity" series vessels will be built in later years [FRS, ICP].

Marla McGivers is born [SS, ST 2].

Elizabeth Shaeffer is born [ON 16].

Katalya Tremain is born [ON 8].

Sarda is born on Earth [TOS #29].

2230, 24 June (stardate 1278.4)
Hikaru Walter Itaka Sulu is born in San Francisco, U.S., Earth [EOM,

The "Korolev" (NCC-367) exploratory cruiser class starship is
launched, the predecessor of the "Bonhomme Richard" class [SfP].

stardate 1089.5
Elizabeth Dehner is born in Delman [WNM].

Captain Krenn sutai-Rustazh is the first Klingon ambassador on Earth.
Spock meets his first Klingon [TOS #16].

Daran V becomes the 21st U.F.P. member [STM].

Harry Mudd marries Stella Klatskin on Antares Pi IV. He will stow
away aboard a trading vessel two months later [EOM].

David Fein is born.

Young Spock attempts his first practical joke [Yy/a].

The Memory Alpha complex is opened to the general public [STM].

Svonn kidnaps Spock's sehlat as an experiment.

The S.S. "Columbia" crashlands on Talos IV. There is only one


survivor, Vina Oliver, the Talosians first human contact [Me, EOM].

Epala is born [TOS #59].

(8877 Vulcan Years, 20th Day of Tasmeen)
Spock undergoes the Kahs-wan ordeal on Vulcan. His life is saved by
his cousin Selek prior to the actual test. His pet sehlat, I-chaya
dies. Selek teaches Spock the Vulcan nerve pinch. Spock technically
fails the Kahs-wan, but saves the life of Sendet in doing so. Sekar
comes to Spock's defense, silencing the bullies challenging his
heritage. Spock is joined by law, tradition, and the Vulcan mind
touch to T'Pring [Yy/a, TOS #20, AT].

In an alternate timeline, Spock dies undertaking his own Kahs-wan
test. His parents seperate after his death and Amanda Grayson dies in
a shuttle accident at Lunaport on her way home from Earth. Commander
Thelin, an Andorian Star Fleet officer, later serves as First
Officer/Science Officer aboard the starship "Enterprise." Sarek
serves as an ambassador to 17 planets over the next thirty years in
this alternate timeline [Yy/a].

The Duchiai Expansion results in the Mal Satz conflict [SotF].

2233, 19 January (stardate 1281.2)
Nyota Penda Uhura is born in Kitui Province, Kenya on Earth [EOM, Log

Christopher Pike enters the Star Fleet Academy as a midshipman. He
will major in spatial navigation and warp drive engineering, and will
finish fifth in his class [EOM].

Mr. Brack purchases Omega VII (Holberg 917G) [RM].

Mira Romaine is born on Martian Colony 3 [ST 6].

Janet Wallace is born [ST 7].

Robert Johnson is born [DY].

Beta Ophiuchi becomes the 22nd U.F.P. member [STM].

Lori Ciana is born [GN 5].

The U.S.S. "Sherman" (NCC-G145) cargo vessel is commissioned. The
successor to the "Symma" series which also forms the "Sherman" class,
will consist of seven series: "Symma" (NCC-G128), "Sherman"
(NCC-G145), "Linda" (NCC-G147), "Susan" (NCC-G150), "Alana"(NCC-G151),
"Dirdra" (NCC-G153), and "Alexis" (NCC-G420). All vessels will be
commissioned by 2244 [FRS, CDP].

Spock visits Minneapolis, Earth in the winter [ON 5].


Elaine Johnson is born [DY].

Donald Lorritson is born [TOS #12].

Jerry Freeman is born [TOS #18].

Richard Daystrom makes the Duotronic breakthrough, for which he will
be awarded the Nobel and Z. Magnees prizes [UC].

Christopher Pike is placed aboard the U.S.S. "Farragut" (NCC-1702)
with the rank of Ensign as an engineering technician. He will
transfer to navigation in 2237 [EOM].

A ship disappears in the Cicada/Taurean region [LS/a].

Arlene Galway is born [ST 7].

Montgomery Scott constructs 7 seperate field generators to simulate
the Klingon multiship field system and disproves the Perera Theory
that photon torpedoes would detonate when placed at the junction
points. It is called the Aberdeen Solution and later published in
'The Encyclopedia of Engineering Development and Design' [TOS #47].

Montgomery Scott ships out as a crewman aboard a private prospecting
vessel, and is soon promoted to Assistant Engineer [EOM].

Kevin Thomas Riley is born on Earth [GN 5].

Christine Chapel is born.

Latium, an immune system chemical, is synthesized [TOS #38].

Construction of a large, inexpensive class of mid-sized starships is
proposed to patrol U.F.P. space in sectors adjoining the Romulan
Neutral Zone and in other volatile areas. As a result, the "Detroyat"
class starship "Resolution" (NCC-1101) is used as a testbed for what
will eventually become the "Surya" class of frigates [AES].

The initial planetary survey of Vendor IX is carried out by the
"Farragut" (NCC-1702). Chris Pike discovers and apprehends a
Vendorian in the form of a fellow crewman. He will be promoted two
grades to full Lieutenant and assigned as Navigation Officer to the
scout "Hermes" (NCC-585) [EOM].

Wrigley's Pleasure Planet is founded [STM].

30 May
The U.S.S. "Republic" (NCC-1371) is reclassified as a heavy cruiser
training ship [SotF].


The inhabitants of Altair IV and VI reacquire spaceflight and begin
mining the asteroid belt and Altair III. Interplanetary civil war
breaks out yet again in this system [LOR, AT].

Sybok comes to live with Spock in Sarek's household, on Vulcan [ST

Janice Rand is born [GN 1].

Cynthia McPhillips is born [TOS #33].

Jenny Hogan is born [TOS #54].

Aurelia (Xi Herculis) becomes the 23rd U.F.P. member--the first avian
race ever encountered by the U.F.P. [STM, TNG #21].

The Battle of Donatu V is fought [TT, STM].

Commander George Kirk serves as Security Chief on Starbase 2 [GN 3].

Helen H. Gordon is born in the Martian Colonies [TOS #53].

Rachel Lanz is born [TOS #27].

Leonard McCoy receives his doctorate at the University of Georgia and
John Hopkins [EOM].

Dr. Tristan Adams revolutionizes asylums [DMd].

Anitra M. Lanter is born [TOS #30].

Kodos the Executioner murders half the population of Tarsus IV. While
visiting relatives there, James Kirk becomes one of the few witnesses
and saves the life of young Kevin Riley [CK, EOM, TOS #54].

The U.S.S. "Dierdre" (NCC-F1302) freighter, commanded by Captain
Naranjit "Randy" Singh, is the first ship to arrive at the Tarsus IV
colony with supplies [TOS #26].

19 September (stardate 1290.7)
Pavel Andreievich Chekov is born in Pushkino, U.S.S.R., Earth [EOM].

The Raven species is first revealed to the U.F.P. from a survivor of a
wrecked cargo freighter [TOS #34].

Hikaru Sulu and his family move from San Francisco, Earth to Ishikawa,
Ganjitsu (Shinpai), a planet on the U.F.P.-Klingon border [GN 1, ST


Lenore Karidian is born [CK].

The PXK pergium fission reactor is phased out [DD].

Commodore Yang begins to ensure that the threads of communication
between the Romulan Empire and the U.F.P., in the form of neutral
traders and automated intelligence sensing, remain unbroken [TOS

Teresa McNair is born [TOS #11].

Cygnet XIV becomes the 24th U.F.P. member [STM].

Joanna McCoy is born [EOM, TOS #28].

Spock enters the Star Fleet Academy [EOM].

Anne Gauvreau enters the Star Fleet Academy. During her 21 years in
Star Fleet, she will serve as Executive Officer aboard the "Yorktown"
(NCC-1704) under Captain Matthew Decker before his transfer to the
"Constellation" (NCC-1017). Offered command of the science vessel
"Hawking," Gauvreau will reject the promotion, wanting to command a
"Constitution" class starship, and eventually resign from Star Fleet
[GN 7].

Marita Llorente is born [GN 7].

The 'time barrier' (warp factor 4) is broken by intermix
improvements--and dilithium crystal focus. The crystals are used to
focus and channel the output, not just in the energizers. With more
energy made available stronger warp generators are built. These
"Titiac" PB-32 (3rd Generation warp drive) warp engines will be
installed on the "Bonhomme Richard" (NCC-1712) class heavy cruisers,
and eventually backfitted on most Constitution (NCC-1700) class
vessels, allowing warp 8 maximum velocity and warp 6 cruising
velocity. These units feature partially exposed space warp
generators, which create a more stable warp bubble with
correspondingly slower dilithium decay, and a near-perfect
manufacturer's test record [STM, SFE, TOS #16, HCE].

The U.S.S. "Rickover" is lost while on an exploratory mission near the
galactic core [ON 9].

Uhura learns sign language from her deaf cousin, Epala, in Koyo, Kenya
in the summer [TOS #59].

T'iana dies in a fire at the Institute for Advanced Mathematics [TOS

Ambassador Sarek is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize [TOS #42].


Artinton and Lasslanlin ally themselves with their cousin, Krulmadden,
an Orion pirate [GN 7].

James Kirk meets Patrick Brady [TOS #51].

Spock meets Grake [TOS #15].

Charles Evans is born [CX].

Sarek declines to speak to his son, Spock, after his choosing Star
Fleet service over the Vulcan Academy of Science [JB].

Commodore Robert April becomes the U.F.P.'s ambassador-at-large. He
will retain this position over the next two decades [CC/a].

Montgomery Scott, senior engineer on the Deneva asteroid belt run,
applies for his warp drive papers [EOM].

The Brass Ring Incident: a U.F.P. passenger ship strays into the
Romulan Neutral Zone, nearly triggering off another Romulan war. The
original treaty is amended [TOS #37].

On Hafjian, a high-gravity world, Hikaru Sulu wears a Leiber
exoskeleton [GN 1].

Metika Spyroukis is born [ON 10].

James Kirk meets Gary Mitchell [WNM].

Elizabeth Shaeffer enters Star Fleet Academy and becomes a member of
the Special Security Division [ON 16].

The security system in Sarek's household is activated. It will not be
used again for 20 years [TOS #30].

Albert Schang is born [ON 13].

14 December
The U.S.S. "Surya" (NCC-1850) frigate is commissioned. These
heavily-armed ships (4 21.5 QEV dilithium laser banks), each with a
ship's complement of 320, were developed from the U.S.S. "Resolution"
(NCC-1101), a "Detroyat" class heavy destroyer, used as a testbed for
this new class ship. A total of 39 "Surya" frigates
(NCC-1850-NCC-1888) will be constructed [SotF, HFP, AES].

The U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-1707) charts the Cygni Maxima system. They
report sentient life on the system's fourth planet and declare it
off-limits to all U.F.P. space traffic [TOS #59].

The "Enterprise" is recommissioned following the promotion of
Commodore April to Ambassador. Her next captain will be Christopher


Pike. The arrowhead emblem of the "Enterprise" is created. In time
it will become the standard division insignia on Star Fleet uniforms,
regardless of starship [NTM, TM, FRS].

Dr. Leonard McCoy enters Star Fleet [EOM].

The Auroral Plague slaughters the entire population of Dramia II. Dr.
McCoy leads a mass-innoculation program there and treats Kol-tai for
Saurian virus [Al/a].

Spock becomes a Star Fleet officer. He is promoted to Lieutenant
(j.g.) and serves as Third Officer and Science Officer aboard the
"Artemis" [EI, TOS #44].

Hikaru Sulu gets a tour of the "Aerfen" on Ganjitsu [GN 1].

The Navigational Hazard Classification Authority is established by
Star Fleet to provide information to all interstellar vessels, both
military and civilian, regarding potentially hazardous spots along
known routes [ON 10].

E. Sandes Ishan graduates from Star Fleet Academy. He will go on to
command the patrol cutter U.S.S. "Gynda," the destroyer U.S.S.
"Rahman" (NCC-514), and the light cruiser U.S.S. "Seasprite" [SsD].

The Four Years War begins between the U.F.P. and the Klingon Empire
[FRS, SotF].

Charles Evans is stranded on Thasus after a transport crash [CX].

James Kirk enters the Star Fleet Academy as a midshipman. He romances
Ruth Bonne, an assistant professor, and is bullied by Bruce Finnegan,
an upperclassmate. Thomas Clayton will be Kirk's roommate for the
first two years [EOM, SL, ON 9].

Lt. Sepel dies in a violent alien encounter on Lindoria while serving
on the "Musashi" [TOS #44].

Charlotte Sanchez meets James Kirk [TOS #36].

The Battle of Axanar is fought [EOM, STM].

At the Star Fleet Academy Lunar Station, Cadet Kirk successfully
passes the "bug-spot event" test in the Gernsback crater [ON 15].

Hikaru Sulu enters the Star Fleet Academy and majors in Spatial
Navigation [EOM].

After distinguishing himself in the Battle of Axanar, Captain
Christopher R. Pike commands the "Enterprise," with Lt. Spock as
Science Officer/Second Officer. Its new five-year mission begins with


the "Enterprise" deployed primarily as a survey vessel. Lieutenant
(j.g.) Montgomery Scott serves aboard the "Enterprise" for the first
time [EOM, TOS #44].

Pavel Chekov gets his first telescope [ON 9].

Kad, a female nefittifi, is born on Etolos [TNG #14].

2248, 17 January
The U.S.S. "Coventry" (NCC-1230) frigate is commissioned. These
high-warp frigates, each with a complement of 315, will replace the
"Surya" class. Fourteen will be built (NCC-1230-NCC-1243) [SotF,

Mantilles becomes the 25th U.F.P. member [STM].

Neural (Zeta Bootis III) is discovered [EOM, STM].

Dr. McCoy meets archeologist Nancy Crater for the last time [MT].

Commander Leigh Chapel is assigned as first officer to the
"Enterprise" [EOM].

The "Enterprise" returns to Areta (Beta Circinus III) and establishes
trade between the native nomads and townspeople. Vulcan's Glory is
recovered by the "Enterprise" from GS391 [TOS #44].

The "Enterprise" surveys Rigel VII & VIII. Many of the crew are
wounded on the former world. The ship heads for Vega IX for
replacement of personnel and resupply [Me].

stardates 1298.3-1298.5
The Talos IV expedition: the Talosians are contacted by the
"Enterprise" and Captain Pike is taken captive for a short period of
time [Me, EOM].

Enroute to Vega IX, the "Enterprise" discovers Anomaly T-128
(informally known as Pike's Rift), a temporal rift which opens every
33.4 years. Passing through it, first contact is made with the
Calligar who aid in the installation of the voice analog systems to
the "Enterprise" computer, utilizing the first officer's voice print
[TOS #57].

08 December
The U.S.S. "Bonhomme Richard" (NCC-1712) heavy cruiser is commissioned
with PB-32 warp engines. This first variation on the "Constitution"
class has warp 8 capacity, two dilithium laser banks, duotronic
computers, and a complement of 430. Sixteen ships of this class will
be built (NCC-1712-NCC-1727) and, beginning in the 2250's, ten
"Constitution" ships will be converted over to this class [SotF,

Kevin Katasai is born on Nisus (Vulcan Colony 9) [TOS #38].


2249, 20 January
Nyota Penda Uhura traditionally kills a lion (automaton) with a spear
in East Africa, on Earth [Log 9].

Cadet Kirk earns a commendation for original thinking when he
successfully beats the Kobayashi Maru no-win scenario test on his
third attempt--by reprogramming the computers [ST II, TOS #59]!

The U.S.S. "Pralaya" (NCC-1855), a "Surya" class frigate, is destroyed
near Beta Aurigae by Klingon-allied warships [SotF].

Axanar becomes the 26th U.F.P. member [STM].

The "Many," in service of the "One," discover Talin IV and begin their
intrusions, intent on starting a nuclear catastrophe [GN 7].

Delkondros is appointed to the council on Vancadia [TOS #55].

Radak is born [TOS #15].

The Type 4 Phaser Rifle is developed by Star Fleet [SFD].

Hikaru Sulu graduates from the Star Fleet Academy and enrolls in the
Tufts College of Military Science, where he specializes in
astrophysics and tactical weaponry. He will receive his degree four
years later [EOM].

The Four Years War between the U.F.P. and the Klingon Empire ends

Cadet James Kirk enrolls in the Friendship Exchange Action and meets
Kumara [Log 7].

The Axanar Peace Mission establishes the U.F.P.-Klingon border. James
Kirk participates in this mission and is awarded the Palm Leaf [EOM,

Ensign James Kirk is assigned to the training vessel U.S.S. "Republic"
(NCC-1371) and prevents a near-fatal explosion aboard ship, and is
promoted to Lieutenant [Cml, EOM].

As navigator aboard the "Republic," Ensign Kirk participates in the
"Vulcanian Expedition." The "Republic" is one of four starships in
orbit of Vulcan as a show of unity and as a reminder to the Vulcan
Council of the scarcity of Vulcan nationals in Star Fleet. The result
will be the U.S.S. Intrepid (NCC-1708) manned by an all-Vulcan crew
[GN 2, Cml].

James Kirk is given his first deep space assignment aboard the heavy
cruiser U.S.S. "Farragut" (NCC-1702) under Captain Garrovick and makes
the first planetary survey of Neural (Zeta Bootis III). However, his


first six months aboard the "Farragut" are spent managing supply
crates in the cargo bay [Ob, PLW, GN 7].

All research on the Elway Theorem is abandoned after having been
proven inaccurate [TNG 160].

Timothy Riordan is born [TOS #58].

Ira Stoller is born [TOS #54].

James Kirk contracts Vegan Choriomeningitis [EOM, MG].

Outnumbered 6 to 1, the "Farragut" battles pirates from Epsilon
Canaris III. Ensign James Kirk, tactical weapons officer, receives
the Decoration for Valor award. His knee is crushed and thigh
shattered. Two weeks later, the "Farragut" arrives at Starbase 7 for
repairs and medical treatment. At the base, Kirk meets Dr. Leonard
McCoy and takes 7 months leave for therapy before returning to the
"Farragut." While on leave, Kirk makes his first voyage to Alpha
Centauri IV where he meet's McCoy's daughter. On his third trip
there, he forms Starstruck Inc. and purchases a valley, later to be
named Garrovick Valley following the death of his captain [TOS #28].

James Kirk ends his relationship with Carol Marcus [TOS #58].

The "Farragut" is attacked by a Vampire Cloud near Tycho IV. Half the
crew are killed including Captain Garrovick. Lt. James Kirk is given
a commendation for bravery [Ob].

Lt. James Kirk serves under Wilhelm Schang aboard the "Tresher" [ON

Kailyn is born on Shad [TOS #4].

Carlos Siegel is born [TOS #54].

Emilio Jimenez is born [TOS #60].

Peter Kirk, James Kirk's nephew, is born [EOM].

James Kirk serves as Second Officer aboard the scoutship "Aeolus." He
meets Cecelia Simons for the first time [TOS #51].

Extensive crop failures take place in Nyasa, East Africa. Beccah
Talulu preaches primitive virtues over modern science in this region
of Earth [TOS #59].

Katie Wesley is born [OPM/a].

Karl Katasai is born on Nisus (Vulcan Colony 9) [TOS #38].


David Marcus is born on Earth [TOS #58].

The T-4 (S-2) "Work Bee" single-operator multipurpose craft is
introduced. Over three million of these small, popular craft will be
produced over the next half century, with more than 17 different
modular packages [FRS].

03 July
The U.S.S. "Potemkin" (NCC-1711) heavy cruiser is reclassified as a
training vessel [SotF].

The Vulcan science survey vessel "Criterion" is lost on a mission near
the Romulan Neutral Zone [TOS #49].

Hikaru Sulu enters Command School at Star Fleet Academy [EOM, TOS

Sharon Follett graduates from the Star Fleet Academy--2nd in a class
of 286 [ON 5].

Joseph Brickner is born [TOS #54].

Alterations in Star Fleet uniforms include larger group insignias, and
U.F.P. insignias replacing United Earth fleet registry insignias. A
command grade sleeve mark braid is issued, and ship's services and
sciences insignias are swapped [FRS, WNM].

The "Titiac" PB-47 series warp drive, the last of the circumferential
drive systems, is developed and installed aboard starships. The
pinnacle and culmination of circumferential warp engine design,
representing significant improvements over the PB-32's in both
pre-warp and warp acceleration, they are somewhat smaller, more
reliable, and more 'field serviceable' than any other warp drive
system before them. An improved warp generator, additional cycling
stations, and increased capacity of the antimatter distribution system
all contribute to the widespread use of this design in the years to
come [SFE].

Hamesaad Dreen, a Merkaan, attacks a U.F.P. freighter "Lisander"
carrying rare medicines to Gamma Catalinas. Receiving a distress
call, Captain Pike, in command of the "Enterprise," defeats him [TOS

The planet Cerberus (Eta Lupi) II is striken by crop failure. Carter
Winston uses his personal fortune to save the colony [Su/a].

Captain Brittany Mendez of the U.S.S. "Exeter" (NCC-1706) makes
contact with Chyrellka [TOS #55].

Black Box Nebula Station One goes silent after its personnel are
forced to resort to suspended animation in order to escape a radiation


front [TOS #15].

A review board is established to determine whether it would be more
cost efficient to uprate the "Ptolemy" (NCC-3801) class transport/tugs
or to construct transports of the recently submitted "Keppler"
(NCC-3816) configuration. After careful analysis, both options are
pursued. Not only are the construction of 15 "Keppler" class
transports authorized, but the modernization of the "Ptolemy" class is
approved. The "Ptolemy" transport/tugs are refitted with PB-32 warp
drive units, giving them the extended field capability necessary to
carry two containers at a time. The additional power available from
the more efficient warp drive units also allows phaser banks to be
installed [FRS].

Ship-mounted phaser banks are installed on all major Star Fleet
starships. Starship lasers become obsolete [SotF, HCE].

Professor John Gill develops the Cultural Dynamicism Chart [LOR,

U.F.P. intervention ends the slave trade of Orion females in
Federation space [STM].

The Romulans begin their Grand Design project on the planet Hellguard
(872 Trianguli V) [TOS #49].

The Romulans establish a top secret research station in orbit of
Levaeri V (113 Trianguli V). It will be used for research into Vulcan
genetic material [TOS #18].

Cyrano Jones, intergalactic trader and general nuisance, embarks on
his trade of buying and selling rare merchandise throughout space

Lt. Spock meets Leila Kalomi, a botanist, on Earth [TSP].

24 July
The U.S.S. "Federation" (NCC-2100) dreadnought is commissioned. A
total of twelve of these high-warp ships, the first utilizing three
warp drive propulsion units and a complement of 500, will be
constructed (NCC-2100-NCC-2112). With PB-47 warp drive, they have
warp 10 capacity [FRS, TM, SsD, FCP].

Following the signing of the Treaty of Armens, the Sheliak Corporate
sever all contact with the U.F.P. [TNG 149].

Dr. Leonard McCoy applies for starship duty after serving as a medical
advisor/cultural observer. He is assigned to the "Enterprise" as a
replacement surgeon following the death of Chief Surgeon Boyce [EOM].

Hikaru Sulu is placed aboard the U.S.S. "Essex" (NCC-1727) heavy
cruiser as a relief helmsman with the rank of Lieutenant (j.g.)



Nyota Uhura receives her degree at the University of Kenya [EOM].

Robert and Nancy Crater begin their archeological work on UFC 113
(M-113) [MT].

Lori Ciana is assigned to Star Fleet Command, Earth [GN 5].

D.C. Costin graduates from the Star Fleet Academy [SsD].

Beau Deaver gets a teaching fellowship at the Vulcan Academy [TOS

James Kirk briefly serves aboard the U.S.S. "Bonhomme Richard"
(NCC-1712) heavy cruiser as Executive Officer [TOS #15].

Dr. Roger Korby disappears on Exo III. Over a period of five years,
two expeditions will fail to locate him [LG, TOS #45].

2256, 01 March
Construction begins on the U.S.S. "Coronado" (NCC-1975) through-deck
cruiser [SotF].

The S.S. "Beagle" (NCC-F1307), commanded by Captain R.M. Merik, is
destroyed near UFC 892-IV (Magna Roma) [BC].

Glynis is born in the Sol system [GN 7].

First Contact Office Outpost 47 is constructed by Star Fleet on Talin
IV's moon and a close study of the Talin IV inhabitants begins [GN

James Kirk has his last meeting with Janet Wallace prior to the
destruction of the Gamma Hydra IV colony incident [DY].

James Kirk is assigned as Executive Officer to the U.S.S. "Alexander"
(NCC-511) destroyer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He will
receive command when her captain is killed in a battle with the
Klingons, and be awarded the Medal of Honor [EOM].

The Klingons ignite a civil war on Shad, in an attempt to conquer a
valuable flank of the U.F.P. Lt. Commander Kirk commands a Star Fleet
advisory detail attached to the court of King Stevvin [TOS #4].

Lt. Montgomery Scott is assigned as an Engineering Officer aboard the
U.S.S. "Enterprise" [EOM].

Lt. Hikaru Sulu temporarily leaves Star Fleet for the position of
Chief of Development of the Daystrom Duotronics Corporation [EOM].

Alhamisi Uhura disappears while on a deep space mission [ON 9].


Nyota Uhura enrolls in the Star Fleet College of Communications, where
she studies spatial navigation, duotronics, and cryptography under Lt.
Commander Benjamin Finney [EOM].

Dr. Mornay and Perren begin working on the science of Transwarp [TOS

Krel Katasai dies in a battle with the U.F.P. [TOS #38].

Kiruc has his last meeting with Karradh prior to the Alpha Malurian VI
invasion plan [TOS #58].

Dr. Chhay has his last meeting with Dr. McCoy [GN 1].

The Omicron Ceti III colonization mission is launched from Earth

The planet Medusa (XI Hydrae IV) is discovered [STM].

Orion pirates start raiding 1212 Muscae IV (Flyspeck). This will
continue for 8 years until the U.F.P. negotiates a treaty with the
inhabitants [TOS #50].

James Kirk has his last meeting with Areel Shaw prior to the court
martial incident on Starbase 11 [Cml].

10 Sept
The U.S.S. "Republic" (NCC-1371) heavy cruiser is decommissioned

The planet Midgwis (Elcidar Beta III) is discovered by the Klingons.
Yarblis Geshkerroth, a Midgwin 'ghost walker,' destroys the Klingon
scout parties [TOS #53].

Fresh out of the Academy, Nyota Uhura's commanding officer is killed
in battle on Wynet V. She will serve aboard the U.S.S. "Ahriman"
(NCC-513) destroyer as a junior communications officer with the rank
of Lieutenant (j.g.) before her transfer to the "Enterprise" [TOS #19,

Captain Christopher Pike is promoted to Fleet Captain. Over the next
two years he will teach at the Star Fleet Academy as an instructor
aboard a training starship [GN 1, Me].

Dannan Stuart is born [GN 1].

Following the destruction of the "Lydia Sutherland" at the Battle of
Ghioghe, Commander James Kirk is promoted to Captain and given command
of the U.S.S. "Enterprise." The youngest man to captain a starship,
his first mission is to transport a team of Vaudeville performers [GN


1, ST-TMP].

Before taking the "Enterprise" out on her first patrol, Kirk orders
the ship's library upgraded to a primary storage level equal to the
main banks at Star Fleet Command. The ship's third gymnasium is
rebuilt to house the additional memory tanks [ON 15].

Dr. Albar Exar voluntarily isolates himself on Fornax II [ON 2].

12 July
The U.S.S. "Coronado" (NCC-1975) through-deck cruiser is commissioned.
This class will total six vessels by 2260. Designed with a unique
'double-ended' secondary hull, these warp 8 capacity ships, with a
ship's complement of over 305, are the predecessors of the much larger
"Ariel" class shuttlecarriers introduced decades later [SotF].

The Omicron Ceti III colony is established. Spores use the colonists
as hosts, shielding them from Berthold radiation poisoning. All other
animal life dies [TSP].

Alpha Xaridian V (Parathu'ul) applies for U.F.P. membership. Their
request is quickly refused, being a totalitarian world [TOS #59].

Carter Winston crashes on Vendor [Su/a].

Medusa (XI Hydrae IV) becomes the 27th U.F.P. member [STM].

Ingraham B is destroyed by the flying parasites [OA, STM].

The planet Elysia is charted by the U.S.S. "Clarion" GN 6].

The planet Alaj banishes a group of dissidents from their world for
the 12th time [TNG #14].

Dr. Geoffrey M'Benga and T'Pina enter the Vulcan Academy on Vulcan
[TOS #20].

Thomas Clayton vanishes near the galactic core [ON 9].

Commander Leigh Chapel marries Lt. Commander Jose Tyler [EOM].

The famous MacMurray Encounter occurs. Captain Kirk accepts the
position of Royal High Minister Plenipotentiary for the Emperor
MacMurray in the trinary Noah system, and is commended by Star Fleet
[ON 15].

stardate 1305.4
Captain James Kirk commands the "Enterprise" on a five-year mission.
David Bailey and Dr. Elizabeth Dehner sign aboard the "Enterprise."
Dr. Leonard McCoy takes leave on Starbase 6. After taking on supplies
at the Aldebaran Colony, the "Enterprise" discovers the mysterious
planet Kapeshet (UFC 155). An alien time experiment transports


Captain Kirk and a small landing party to the 21st Century and back
again [EOM, FRS, WNM, GN 2].

stardates 1312.4-1313.8
The recorder-marker of the S.S. "Valiant" (NCC-S1104) is recovered by
the "Enterprise" at the rim of the galaxy [WNM, EOM].

Dr. Simon Van Gelder is assigned to the Tantalus V penal colony as Dr.
Tristan Adams' assistant [DMd].

25 December
Captain Kirk meets Dr. Helen Noel at a science lab Christmas party
aboard the "Enterprise" [DMd]

2260, 11 January
In the Gamma 400 system, in orbit of Starbase 12, the "Enterprise" is
drydocked and converted over to a "Bonhomme Richard" class heavy
cruiser. Her new systems include two retractable phaser banks, an
experimental photon torpedo system, warp 8 capacity via PB-32 engines,
and a complement of 430 [HCE, SotF].

A terraforming colony is established on Beta Canzandia III [TOS #58].

A survey indicates that the seven Star Fleet Academies distributed
throughout U.F.P. space currently support a permanent faculty of
14,038 and a student population of 85,397 [EOM].

The Klingons give impulse drive technology to the Vancadians [TOS

Saavik is born on the planet Hellguard (872 Trianguli V). She will be
the first half-Romulan/half-Vulcan hybrid encountered by the U.F.P.
[TOS #49, ST II].

The Klingons encounter the Kreel [TNG #5].

01 February (stardate 6605.17)
New Star Fleet uniforms are issued. They include brightened colors
and greater diversification of sleeve mark braids and insignias.
Sciences and services insignias are swapped back to normal [FRS,

The U.S.S. "Enterprise" is recommissioned after her uprating to the
"Bonhomme Richard" class specifications. The five-year mission
officially begins [FRS, EOM].

stardates 1512.2-1514.1
On a star charting mission, the "Enterprise" makes the first contact
with the First Federation [CMn].

stardates 1329.8-1330.1
Harry Mudd is pursued and captured by the "Enterprise," which sustains


serious damage to her dilithium crystals. The crystals are replaced
at Rigel XII [MW].

stardates 1672.1-1673.1
On planet Alfa 177, the "Enterprise's" transporter system
malfunctions, stranding a landing party on the rapidly freezing
surface [EW].

stardates 1513.1-1513.8
In orbit of UFC 113, a salt vampire stalks the crew of the
"Enterprise" [MT].

stardates 1704.2-1704.4
On a mission to pick up a team of scientists from Psi 2000, a virus is
accidentally brought aboard the "Enterprise." By integrating cold
matter/antimatter, the ship is transported several days back through
time. Known as the Spock/Scott Temporal Displacement Process, it will
become the basis for the U.S.S. "Lynx" prototype timeship a decade
later [NT, SFD, LTP].

28 November (stardates 1533.6-1535.8)
The U.S.S. "Antares" (NCC-F1312), a science probe vessel, is destroyed
after picking up an orphan, Charlie Evans. Attempting to take control
of the "Enterprise" with his special abilities, Evans is removed by
his Thasian step parents [CX].

stardates 1709.2-1709.6
After a century, contact is re-established with the Romulan Star
Empire when a Romulan "Empire" class P-1A "Bird of Prey" cruiser tests
its new cloaking device and plasma weapon against U.F.P. forces in
Earth outpost sector Z-6. Four Earth outposts are destroyed before
the Romulan vessel is forced to self-destruct [BT, SFH].

Over the next few years, the outpost colonies will be rebuilt,
numbering 14. Outposts 1 through 8 will be outfitted with the highest
grade of listening and scanning equipment available [FSF].

stardate 2712.4
The "Enterprise" is assigned to locate Dr. Roger Korby on Exo III. He
is found alive in android form and, using the Exoan technology,
duplicates Captain Kirk. His plan fails, but a duplicate Dr. Brown
will later attempt to carry out Korby's dream of an android U.F.P.
Nurse Christine Chapel agrees to remain aboard the "Enterprise" [LG,
TOS #45].

A new Type 2A (Agronska 30) Phaser Pistol variant is issued, featuring
a uniform black hand grip instead of the previous silver grip [LG/DMd,

stardates 2715.1-2715.2
Dr. Tristan Adams dies from his neural neutralizer machine on the
Tantalus V Penal Colony, following the escape of Dr. Simon Van Gelder


stardates 2713.5-2717.3
Miri's World (UFC M-347601/Juram V), an exact duplicate of Earth, is
discovered by the "Enterprise." The landing party fights, and
defeats, a deadly virus there [Mi].

stardates 2817.6-2819.8
Kodos the Executioner dies aboard the "Enterprise" [CK].

Yeoman Janice Rand transfers off the "Enterprise." She will return in
later years [CK/GS, TMoST].

stardates 2821.5-2823.1
On a mission to deliver medical supplies to Makus III for shipment to
New Paris, the "Galileo"/7 shuttlecraft crashes on Taurus II while
investigating Murasaki 312, a quasar-like phenomena [GS].

The starboard console of the Command Con on the "Enterprise" undergoes
a minor upgrade: the four indicator lights on the left side of the
Command Functions Panel are replaced with Manual Execute push buttons,
resulting in five buttons down the left side of the panel, five
Function Active indicators down the right side, and five
computer-generated control labels between each [GS/Cml, TM].

stardate 2945.7
A Force 5 ion storm strikes the "Enterprise." Repairs are carried out
in orbit of Starbase 11 [Cml].

stardates 2947.3-2950.1
Following the ion storm, Captain James Kirk is accused of murdering
his records officer, Lt. Commander Benjamin Finney. He is forced to
stand a general court-martial on Starbase 11 and is cleared when it is
revealed that he was framed by the victim. James Kirk is the first
Star Fleet starship captain to stand trial. Finney will later seek
revenge on the planet Vancadia [Cml, TOS #55].

Dr. Ursula Mornay of the University of Tarrigor (Altair VI)
synthesizes trilithium in solid form [TOS #31].

Beau Deaver moves to Nisus (Vulcan Colony 9) [TOS #38].

T'Mir travels aboard a sailing ship while on leave on Earth [TOS

Within the Klingon Empire, Grael arranges the assassination of his
older cousin, Teshrin--and fails [TOS #58].

The Type 1/2B (Marfak "Sting" Model One) Hand/Pistol Phaser is
developed for Star Fleet by Marfak Armaments, Ok-Taiv Iks, Andor.
There will be several years before it sees U.F.P.-wide use [SFD,



Tritanium (Element 125) is discovered on Argus X [MRM].

The Redjac entity murders women on Rigel IV. Administrator Hengist
becomes possessed by the creature [WF].

Holtzman escapes from prison [TOS #28].

Ensign Ingrit Tomson signs aboard the "Enterprise" [GN 5].

Delkondros comes to power on Vancadia [TOS #55].

stardates 3012.4-3013.2
The "Enterprise" is called back to Starbase 11. It is then hijacked
to Talos IV by Commander Spock along with her former commander, Fleet
Captain Christopher Pike. Spock stands court-martial but all charges
are dropped by Commodore Mendez. Pike becomes a cultural observer for
the U.F.P. on Talos IV [Me].

stardates 3025.3-3025.8
The crew of the "Enterprise" take shore leave on Omicron Delta IV.
Doctor McCoy is seemingly killed [SL].

stardates 2124.5-2126.3
While crossing a star desert in quadrant 904 on a mission to the Beta
6 Colony, the "Enterprise" battles Trelane, a childish super-being, on
the rogue planet Gothos [SG].

stardates 3045.6-3046.2
Contact is made with the Gorn Hegemony when Cestus III, an Earth
colony, is destroyed by a Gorn raid. The "Enterprise" goes in
pursuit, but is apprehended by the Metrons. Captain Kirk is forced to
fight and defeat the captain of the Gorn ship on an asteroid. The
Metrons return Kirk to the "Enterprise" and the ship is transported
500 parsecs from its last position. The "Enterprise" heads back to
Cestus III at warp 1 [Ar].

stardates 3087.6-3088.7
On a remote planet, a "winking out" phenomena is observed and
corrected by the "Enterprise" [AF].

stardates 3113.2-3114.1
While heading back to Starbase 9 for resupply, the "Enterprise" is
caught by a black star and flung back through time to the year 1969.
A reverse application of the same conditions returns the "Enterprise"
to the current year [TY].

stardates 3125.3-3130.4
Romulans enter the Canara system when a plague destroys one-third of
their population. After a week-long shore leave on Starbase 8, the
"Enterprise" once again engages Romulan vessels [TOS #10].

A three-week minimum overhaul at a starbase repairs the computer
problem of the "Enterprise" [TY].


stardate 3150.10
A special review board concludes that the computer transmission of
technical orders from the "Enterprise" while in 1969 was a purely
random matter and a "natural accidental occurence in the sequential
train of historical events" [TM].

stardates 3156.2-3158.7
The "Enterprise" goes in search of the long-lost U.S.S. "Horizon"
(NCC-1370). On planet UFC 611-Beta III, a society enslaved by a
computer called Landru is released [RA].

stardates 3192.1-3193.0
A 500 year interplanetary war fought by computers is halted by the
intervention of the "Enterprise" at Eminiar VII with Ambassador Robert
Fox's help. The "Enterprise" heads for Argona II [TA].

stardates 3141.9-3143.3
The DY-100 class sleeper vessel, S.S. "Botany Bay" (DY-102) is
discovered drifting in space by the "Enterprise." Seventy-two
'supermen' from the Eugenics Wars are revived and, after a failed
takeover attempt, are exiled to Ceti Alpha V [SS].

stardate 3153.1
Lydia Romaine conducts a thorough search for information on the S.S.
"Botany Bay" and the Eugenics Wars era prior to the delivery of the
vessel to the Federation Air and Space Museum on Earth [EOM].

stardates 3417.3-3417.7
Under the influence of spore plants, the "Enterprise" crew desert the
ship for the planet Omicron Ceti III. Commander Spock, through the
use of subsonics, destroys the spore influence [TSP].

stardate 3196.1
Silicon-based life is discovered on Janus VI. The "Enterprise"
investigates and discovers the Horta creatures are the last of its
kind and a mining agreement is established. Dahai Iohor Naraht is
born [DD, TOS #18].

stardates 3198.4-3201.7
The Organian Conflict: in orbit of the seemingly-primitive planet
Organia, the forces of the Klingon Empire and the U.F.P. prepare for
all-out war. The Organians, super-beings in reality, put a stop to
the war and establish the Organian Peace Treaty [EM].

stardate 3034.6
Ensign Chekov is assigned bridge duty aboard the "Enterprise," and Lt.
Uhura accepts a brief temporary transfer to the U.S.S. "Lexington"
(NCC-1703). A series of brutal attacks on worlds in the Xaridian star
system are traced to the disinherited warrior caste of the Rithrim,
hired as mercenaries by the Parath'aa of Alpha Xaridian V [TOS #59].

The Time Planet (Gateway) is discovered by the "Enterprise" by


tracking waves of time distortion. Earth history is accidentally
destroyed and then repaired through the use of the Guardian of Forever

The "Enterprise" heads for Earth for shore leave. Captain James Kirk
contemplates resigning from Star Fleet [GN 3].

stardates 3287.2-3289.8
A mass insanity of Flying Parasites is tracked to the planet Deneva by
the "Enterprise." George Samuel Kirk is found dead. His wife,
Aurelan Kirk, dies shortly thereafter. By setting up a ring of
orbital trivium satellites, the parasites are destroyed. The
"Enterprise" heads for Starbase 10 [OA].

The U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-1707) heavy cruiser is attacked by a Kzinti
cruiser. Ensign M'ress, sneaking aboard the enemy vessel, sends a
distress signal--earning her a promotion to Lieutenant [Log 5].

Ceti Alpha VI explodes, shifting the orbit of Ceti Alpha V. All life
on Ceti Alpha V is destroyed, with the exception of the bulk of Khan
Noonian Singh's colony and Ceti eels [ST II].

The Eridani Gryfalcons win the Federation Tridimensional Hockey
championship in the double-overtime final game. Shawn Ge-Yrmis is
named most valuable player [Log 10].

Corbomite (Element 140) is discovered on Starbase 27: named after
James Kirk's famous bluff [MRM]!

The Vulcan science survey ship "Diversity" is lost near the Romulan
Neutral Zone [TOS #49].

The bridge of the "Enterprise" undergoes several minor upgrades. A
direct scanner scope (type: SP-HCA/RVS-1) is incorporated onto the
Engineering Station. A hardcopy cartridge output slot is added to the
Science Station. The Helm/Navigation console's warp factor readout
and astrogator function monitor boards (of 10 lights each) are
replaced with ship's sensors activity monitors (9 lights each). The
Helmsman's Station's status board and control panels are replaced with
a retractable weapon targeting scope and an all-new helm function
panel (a 6x6 board of buttons/indicators with 6 operating
modes/overlays). Bridge overhead cove lighting colors are also
altered (Communications Station from yellow to green, Science Station
from blue to yellow, Engineering Station from red to blue etc.)
[OA/Cp, TM, EBP].

stardate 3018.2
Two extra-galactic aliens are encountered by "Enterprise" crewmembers
on the planet Pyris VII [Cp].

stardates 3219.4-3220.3
Enroute to Epsilon Canaris III, the shuttlecraft "Galileo"


(NCC-1701/7) is hijacked in space to Gamma Canaris N by a gaseous life
form [Mt].

stardates 3497.2-3499.1
A topaline mining agreement treaty is negotiated on Capella IV despite
Klingon mining interest. Leonard James Akaar is born [FC].

stardate 3468.1
The "Enterprise" is stopped dead in space by a super-being calling
himself Apollo, while approaching Pollux IV [WM].

stardate 3372.7
Commander Spock is forced to return to Vulcan due to the Koon-ut
kal-if-fee mating drive. Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy are introduced to
T'Pau [AT].

stardate 3998.6
The Klingon emperor, Kapronek of the Kamorh'dag (Northern continent
clans, or Sta Mura), fears the rise of the Gevish'rae ("Thirsting
Knives": southern continent clans, or Bur Chak). While the
"Enterprise" settles a religious dispute on Alpha Malurian VI, a
terraforming colony on Beta Canzandia III is taken over by Klingons in
search of the experimental G-7 beam. Kirk briefly meets his son,
David Marcus. Commander Kruge becomes promoted to Captain [TOS #58].

stardate 4202.1
The U.S.S. "Constellation" (NCC-1017) enters system L374 and finds the
4th planet being sliced up by an unknown vessel. The
"Constellation's" deflectors are disabled and her antimatter fuel is
'deactivated' by an energy-damping field emitted by the hostile
vessel: an intergalactic planet-killer robot weapon. Commodore
Matthew Decker beams his crew down to the 3rd planet--which is also

destroyed [DMa].

stardate 4202.9
The "Constellation" is found by the "Enterprise." The intergalactic
berserker responsible is destroyed by overloading the
"Constellation's" impulse engines, destroying both vessels. Commodore
Decker dies in the line of duty [DMa].

stardates 3614.9-3615.4
While on therapeutic shore leave on Argelius II, Lt. Commander Scott
is accused of murder. Further investigation proves that a
non-corporeal being (Redjac) is responsible [WF].

stardate 3541.9
The long-lost space probe "Nomad" is brought aboard the "Enterprise"
after having destroyed all life in the Malurian star system. The
probe itself eventually self-destructs [Cg].

stardates 3715.3-3715.6
On Gamma Trianguli VI, a primitive subservient civilization is freed
of its mechanical god [Ap].


A minor "Enterprise" bridge upgrade: a row of 8 buttons are added to
the Navigator's Station console for finer control of course Plotting
and Scanning operating modes [Ap/MM, EBP, TM].

During an ion storm, a landing party beaming up to the "Enterprise"
from the planet Halka transposes with their counterparts in an
alternate universe [MM].

stardates 3478.2-3479.4
While delivering supplies to Gamma Hydra IV, members of the
"Enterprise" landing party become subject to hyperaging. Command is
temporarily transferred to Commodore Stocker who takes the ship into
the Romulan Neutral Zone and nearly destroys the "Enterprise" moments
before an antidote is developed [DY].

stardate 4513.3
The "Enterprise" is hijacked to the planet Mudd (UFC 257704-II) by an
android commanded by Harry Mudd. After control of the "Enterprise" is
regained, Mudd is forced into exile on the planet [IM].

stardates 4523.3-4525.6
A priority A-1 distress signal draws the "Enterprise" to deep space
station K7. Captain Kirk is ordered to guard a shipment of
quadrotriticale to Sherman's Planet while his ship becomes infested
with tribbles [TT].

stardates 4040.7-4041.7
The wreckage of the S.S. "Beagle" (NCC-F1307) is traced to planet UFC
892-IV (Magna Roma) where, due to its 20th Century-styled culture, the
Prime Directive of Non-Interference is nearly broken [BC].

stardates 3842.3-3843.4
The "Enterprise" is assigned the task of transporting ambassadors of
U.F.P. planets to the planet Babel, including Sarek of Vulcan and his
wife Amanda. Contact is made with an Orion high-speed vessel which
tries to disrupt their transport [JB].

Captain James Kirk investigates a series of murders at the Vulcan
Academy of Science on the planet Vulcan [TOS #20].

After a month in orbit of Vulcan, the "Enterprise" encounters a plague

condition on Nisus (Vulcan Colony 9) [TOS #38].

Dr. Geoffrey M'Benga is assigned to the "Enterprise" [TOS #38].

Kevin Katasai becomes the first Klingon to enter the Star Fleet
Academy [TOS #38].

stardates 4211.4-4211.8
On Neural (Zeta Bootis III), the Klingons are discovered breaking the
Prime Directive by escalating the development of firearms [PLW].


stardates 3211.7-3259.2
Captain Kirk and a landing party, while checking the Gamma II station,
are kidnapped to the planet Triskelion and sold as thralls. Kirk
gambles to free the slaves and wins their freedom [GT].

stardates 3619.2-3620.7
On Argus X, a Vampire Cloud creature is battled. It is the same
creature that decimated the "Farragut" eleven years earlier, and it is
destroyed by the "Enterprise" on Tycho IV with an antimatter device

stardates 4307.1-4309.4
A gigantic spacegoing 'ameba' is destroyed after having annihilated
the U.S.S. "Intrepid" (NCC-1708) and the entire Gamma 7A system [IS].

The "Enterprise" is sent to Sigma Iotia II to discover what
sociological damage the pre-Prime Directive ship "Horizon" (NCC-1000)
had on the planet [PA].

stardates 4657.5-4658.9
Kelvans, from the distant Andromeda galaxy, take control of the
"Enterprise" and ready it for an intergalactic journey home [AON].

stardates 4768.3-4770.3
Three disembodied entities are unearthed on the long-dead planet
Arret. In an experiment, they take control of the bodies of three
"Enterprise" officers [RT].

A drastic violation of the Prime Directive is discovered on Ekos,
where old Earth's Nazi Germany society had been recreated by U.F.P.
cultural observer John Gill [PF].

Terise Haleakala-LoBrutto is selected for the upcoming deep-cover
mission into Romulan space [TOS #35].

stardate 4729.4
Dr. Richard Daystrom's new computer, the M-5, is installed aboard the
"Enterprise" and given a test run. It fails miserably after
destroying the S.S. "Woden" (DY-500) automated ore freighter, and
firing on the heavy cruisers U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703),
"Excalibur" (NCC-1705), "Hood" (NCC-1707), and "Potemkin" (NCC-1711).
Dr. Daystrom is hospitalized [UC].

A crewless U.S.S. "Exeter" (NCC-1706) in orbit of Omega IV is found
contaminated with a deadly virus, and Fleet Captain Ronald Tracy is
found to be violating the Prime Directive on the planet [OG].

By use of the lightspeed breakaway factor, the "Enterprise" is sent
back through time to the year 1968 for crucial historical research.
Captain Kirk discovers that an alien team is already stationed on
Earth, ensuring its survival [AE].

stardate 5947.3


After having delivered a contact team to Midgwis (Elcidar Beta III),
Yarblis Geshkerroth, a 'ghost walker,' takes possession of Captain
Kirk's body [TOS #53].

UESPA is disbanded and replaced by Star Fleet Command's Bureau of
Space Exploration [EOM].

The Klingon hierarchy undergoes a purge resulting in a series of
border skirmishes. Vice Admiral Vaughan Rittenhouse orders the
construction of the U.S.S. "Star Empire" (NCC-2116) prototype
dreadnought (later to evolve into the upgraded "Federation II"
dreadnought class). A year later, a new strain of Klingons (the Bur
Chak) will control the Klingon Empire [TOS #29, FSF].

The breakthrough development of linear warp drive begins [SFE].

2263, 12 March
The U.S.S. "Achernar" (NCC-1732) heavy cruiser is commissioned, the
first major starship with the PB-47 circumferential warp drive, and
the last major starhip class with circumferential (as opposed to
linear) engines. This second variation on the "Constitution" class
will establish records for hyperspace acceleration unsurpassed until
the development of linear warp drive in the mid-2260's. Her expanded
systems include 6 phasers, 2 photon torpedo banks, and an
externally-mounted deflector shield grid. Thirteen ships of this
class will be built (NCC-1732-NCC-1744) and 22 "Constitution/Bonhomme
Richard" ships will be converted over to this class [SotF, FRS, HCE].

The Klingon-Romulan Alliance is discovered by Star Fleet. The
Romulans trade cloaking device modules in exchange for Klingon D-6
"Raxor" and D-7 "Klolode" class battlecruisers complete with
transporter and disruptor technology. In later years the Romulans
will trade the data on their plasma torpedo and "Bird of Prey" scout
ships in exchange for Klingon D-8 "K't'inga" class warships [FRS, EI,

stardate 4385.3
Under orders to contact the Melkots, the "Enterprise" officers, before
achieving their goal, become entrapped in an illusionary world [SGn].

stardate 4372.5
The "Enterprise" transports the Dohlman of Elas to Troyius, in the
Tellun star system. The starship's engines are sabotaged and a
Klingon D-6 battlecruiser engaged [ET].

stardates 4842.6-4843.6+
An asteroid is diverted from destroying the planet Amerind. In doing
so, the "Enterprise's" warp engines are burned out, forcing the ship
to drift to Amerind on impulse engines for 59.223 days. The first
evidence of the Preservers, an advanced culture known to have saved
many primitive civilizations in ancient times, is found on this class
M world [PSy].


stardates 5027.3-5027.4
On sealed orders, the "Enterprise" enters Romulan space and is
captured by a small fleet of Romulan vessels: "Luctas" ("Starfire,"
CHR 316), "Parno" ("Broadsword," CHR 381), and "N'Lanaes" ("Predator,"
CHR 385). The "Enterprise" escapes with the Romulans' new cloaking
device and the fleet commander. It is confirmed that Romulans are now
employing Klingon vessels (D-7 battlecruisers) and technology due to
the recent Klingon-Romulan Alliance [EI, FRS].

Over the next couple years, Star Fleet Division's Bureau of
Intelligence will duplicate and mass-produce the cloaking device
modules for use aboard Class I starships [HFP].

stardate 5029.5
In the Epsilon Indii system, the Starnes expedition is found dead on
Triacus. The "Enterprise" investigates and a non-corporeal alien is
found responsible and is dealt with [CL].

stardates 5431.4-5432.3
Commander Spock's brain is removed by an alien woman from Sigma
Draconis VI. His brain is restored in the advanced underground city

stardates 5630.7-5630.8
While transporting the Medusan ambassador to the U.F.P. back to its
homeworld, Dr. Lawrence Marvick, one of the designers of starship
engines, goes mad from exposure to the Medusan. He takes control of
the ship and takes it out of our universe and dies. By use of a
Medusan mind meld, the "Enterprise" returns home [TB]

stardate 5121.5
Sent to pick up a team of scientists in the Minara system which is
entering a nova phase, the "Enterprise" finds the team murdered by
humanoids. The "Enterprise" warps out as Minara goes nova [Em].

stardate 5693.2
In the Territorial Annex of the Tholian Assembly, the "Enterprise"
encounters the U.S.S. "Defiant" (NCC-1717) trapped in a dimensional
interphase. While trying to recover Captain Kirk from the "Defiant,"
the "Enterprise" returns fire with Tholian scout ships [TW].

stardates 5476.3-5476.4

An immense generation ship built by the Fabrini, called "Yonada," is
diverted from destroying the U.F.P. member world Daran V, by the
"Enterprise." By researching the Fabrini records, a cure for
Xenopolycythemia is found [FW].

A non-corporeal alien that feeds on hate attempts to start a war
between the survivors of the Klingon battlecruiser "Klolode"(?) aboard
the "Enterprise," but is overpowered [Dv].

stardates 5784.2-5784.3
The planet Platonius is discovered by the "Enterprise." A fight


against the psychokinetic Platonians result when the ship's chief
medical officer refuses to remain on the planet [PSt].

stardates 5710.5-5710.9
Hyperaccelerated humanoids are discovered on Scalos. They nearly
seize control of the "Enterprise" in an attempt to use the crew as
breeding stock [WE].

An "Enterprise" landing party discovers an ancient Kalandan outpost
and battle against a deadly computer-generated 'woman' [TWS].

stardates 5730.2-5730.6
Contact is made with the last two natives of the planet Cheron, which
is found to have destroyed itself [LB].

stardate 5718.3
The deranged Fleet Captain Garth of Izar takes control of the Elba II
Penal Colony and its inmates. The "Enterprise" delivers a new
therapeutic drug to the correctional facility, which results in most
of the inmates' rehabilitation [WGD].

stardates 5423.4-5423.8
The first U.F.P. delegation to the planet Gideon (Delta Dorado)
reveals the planet to be grossly overpopulated. The forced
introduction of Vegan Choriomeningitis results in a crude form of
population control [MG].

stardates 5725.3-5725.6
The memory core of Memory Alpha is attacked and destroyed by the
non-corporeal inhabitants of Zetar. Rebuilding of the library complex
begins with Memory Prime. Lt. Mira Romaine becomes Chief Technician
[LZ, TOS #42].

stardates 5818.4-5819.3
On the U.F.P. world Ardana (Mu Leonis), a sociological revolution
occurs. The Troglytes gain their freedom to live in the cloud city of
Stratos and the "Enterprise" transports zienite to Merak II [CMn].

stardates 5832.3-5832.6
The space cruiser S.S. "Aurora" (NCC-C1200) is destroyed after being
stolen by a band of 'space hippies' in search of the mythical planet
Eden (UFC 3676543). With help from the U.S.S. "Enterprise," the
planet is located. Their leader, Dr. Sevrin, dies after briefly
commandeering the ship [WEd].

stardates 5843.7-5843.8
Rigellian fever strikes the crew of the "Enterprise" and, in hopes of
obtaining the only known antidote, Mr. Flint, a wealthy hermit is
bargained with on Holberg 917G (Omega VII) [RM].

stardates 5906.4-5906.5
The planet Excalbia is surveyed by the "Enterprise" and contact is
made with non-humanoid, carbon-cycle beings. Through the power of


mass transformation, the Excalbians learn the concepts of Good and
Evil from the officers of the "Enterprise" [SC].

stardates 5943.7-5943.9
While exploring Sarpeidon, the only inhabited planet of Beta Niobe
which is on the verge of going nova, an "Enterprise" landing party
becomes entrapped in different time zones. The ship and landing party
leave in time to escape the nova [AY].

stardates 5928.5-5930.3
Through the use of an ancient machine unearthed on Camus II, Dr.
Janice Lester swaps bodies with Captain James Kirk of the "Enterprise"
and assumes command. The transfer is broken and Lester is committed

A new faction of Klingons, based from Kahless (neighbor system to
Kazh) ascend to power and gain control of the Klingonese government.
Opposition is suppressed or annihilated, and the new leaders thrust
full steam into a program of arms buildup, outfitting their ships with
massive weaponry. The first product will be the "K't'inga" class
warship [FSC].

stardates 6346.02-6389.91
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" at the Arias Mastac Prime Dockyards in orbit
of Daran V is uprated to the "Achernar" class with some new systems,
including a new holographic recreation room, life support belts in
place of environmental suits, new phaser systems etc. Lt. M'Ress
signs on as a communications officer and Lt. Arex as chief navigator.
Ensign Pavel Chekov is temporarily transferred to the U.S.S.
"Lermontov" as Executive Officer [HCE, FRS, EOM].

stardates 5221.3-5221.8
In orbit of Questar M-17, the "Enterprise" battles an ancient magnetic
organism [BFS/a].

stardates 5371.3-5372.1
An intelligent cosmic cloud is diverted from destroying Pallas XIV by
the "Enterprise" [OPM/a].

stardates 5373.4-5373.9 (into subjective time)
While assisting a team of historians on the planet Gateway, Commander
Spock's time stream is disrupted. He returns to Vulcan with the use
of the Guardian of Forever and corrects history [Yy/a].

The LN-64 pulsed linear (4th Generation) warp drive is produced.
These new engines, utilizing linear warp drive intermix shafts
connecting impulse and warp systems for efficient energy distribution
will enable ships to attain warp 12 speeds [FSF, HCE, FRS, SotF,

25 December (stardates 5143.3-5148.7)
Patrolling near the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone, the "Enterprise"
comes to the rescue of Carter Winston, who turns out to be a


shape-changing Vendorian spy set up by the Romulans. After
commandeering the "Enterprise" and taking the ship into Romulan space,
the Vendorian agent is captured and the ship makes a narrow escape
from Romulan vessels. The "Enterprise" takes on supplies and is
briefly refitted in orbit of Valeria [Su/a, Log 2].

Terise Haleakala-LoBrutto, deep-cover Star Fleet agent, is planted on
the Romulan homeworld [TOS #35].

Ensign Selena Karras files an application to serve aboard the
"Horizon" on a research mission to the Soolahn system. Instead, she
will be assigned to the "Enterprise" [TOS #56].

Coridan becomes the 28th U.F.P. member [STM].

Boothbie is born [TNG 219].

stardates 5483.7-5483.9
The "Enterprise" frees the women of Taurus II from their own glandular
secretion trap [LS/a].

stardates 5554.4-5554.8
The 5th clone of Stavos Keniclius is discovered ruling the planet
Phylos by the "Enterprise" [IV/a].

stardate 5591.2
The "Enterprise" returns to Omicron Delta IV, the 'shore leave planet'
for R & R. The planet's computer is running wild and is negotiated
with before shore leave commences [OUP/a].

stardate 4978.5
Harry Mudd is once again apprehended by the "Enterprise," after having
tried to sell 'love crystals' [MP/a].

stardate 1254.4
Given the task of exploring the galactic core, the "Enterprise" is
drawn into a parallel universe. The crew are tried by the inhabitants
of Megas-tu and helped to cross back into our universe [Mtu/a].

stardates 5577.3-5577.7
Responding to a strange distress signal, the "Enterprise" is bombarded
with spiroid epsilon radiation. The crew begin to contract but are
restructured by the transporter systems. The lost colony Terra 10 is
found to be responsible, and the entire city is spacelifted to
Verdanis (Epsilon Pegasi), renamed Verdantin [Te/a, Log 4].

stardates 5267.2-5267.6
Surveying the Delta Triangle region of space, the "Enterprise" and the
Klingon battlecruiser "Klothos" ("Carnage," KL 99970), are transported
into a parallel universe. Through cooperation, they manage to return
to our own continuum [Tr/a].


stardate 5392.4
While escorting two robot grain ships to Sherman's Planet, the
"Enterprise" rescues trader Cyrano Jones from a pursuing Klingon
battlecruiser, the "Tor'Stog" ("Devisor," KL 73796) The "Enterprise"
once again becomes infested with tribbles, as does the "Devisor"

stardates 5499.9-5506.2
The Class N water world Argo is studied by the "Enterprise" when
Captain Kirk and Commander Spock are transformed into water-breathers
by the planet's inhabitants. The process is reversed, and a sea-quake
is diverted by the "Enterprise" [Am/a].

stardates 6334.1-6336.2
Commander Spock is stricken by Choriocytosis and the U.S.S. "Huron"
(NCC-F1313), carrying the only cure, is attacked and ravaged by Orion
pirates. After pursuit by the "Enterprise," the Orion pirate vessel
is captured intact and Spock's life is saved [PO/a].

stardate 5683.1
Numerous ships are called to rendezvous with a Vedalan asteroid for a
unique mission. A holy war will erupt across the galaxy unless the
stolen Soul of Skorr is returned to its people. Kirk and Spock and a
group of specially selected beings retrieve it from a Mad Planet
(Upsilon Mensae) [Ji/a].

stardates 5275.6-5276.8
Dr. Leonard McCoy of the "Enterprise" is tried for medical mispractice
in the Dramen system for the slaughter of the inhabitants of Dramia
II, nineteen years ago. He is released after finding a cure for the
Auroral Plague which threatened the crew of the "Enterprise" [Al/a].

stardate 3183.3
After escaping from a Romulan sneak attack into an energy cloud, the
"Enterprise's" main computer malfunctions and threatens the lives of
the ship [PJ/a].

stardates 6063.4-6063.5
The "Enterprise" officers meet Kukulkan, a space traveler who visited
Earth in ancient times, while tracing the origin of Kukulkan's
unmanned probe of Earth [HS/a].

stardates 6770.3-6770.6
Enroute to Babel with the retiring Ambassador Robert April, the first
captain of the "Enterprise," the ship seemingly crosses over into an
antimatter universe. The entire incident is later revealed to be the
doing of a rogue planetoid of telepathic beings testing the U.F.P. and
the Klingon Empire [CC/a, Log 7].

stardate 5501.2
The disappearance of the crew of the science vessel "Ariel," in orbit
of Lactra VII, leads the officers of the "Enterprise" into a
planet-sized zoo of specimens from all across the galaxy. After being


released by the Lactrans, the ship aids them in a quest for a new
creature for their zoo, a jawanda [EB/a, Log 8].

stardate 7403.6
Commander Ari bn Bem from the recently-contacted planet Pandro (Garo
VII), joins the "Enterprise" on a series of exploratory and contact
missions. Trouble starts on Delta Theta III, and later on Pandro
itself when Klingons are found experimenting with Pandronian life
forms [Be/a, Log 9].

stardate 4187.3
The "Enterprise," enroute to negotiations with the newly-contacted
Briamosites, discovers a Slaver stasis box. It is transported to
Starbase 25 by the long-range shuttlecraft "Copernicus" (NCC-1701/13)
and is captured by Kzinti enroute. The box is opened, revealing an
advanced weapon which self-destructs, killing the Kzinti. Afterwards,
the stasis box is used to impress the Briamosites into allying
themselves with the U.F.P., to the regret of the Klingon negotiators
[SW/a, Log 10].

Ensign Chekov returns to the "Enterprise" as Navigation Officer

The U.S.S. "Star Empire" (NCC-2116) prototype "Federation (II)" class
dreadnought is destroyed following its theft by terrorists: the
Admiral Rittenhouse Scandal [TOS #29].

The theft of the experimental transwarp drive leads the "Enterprise"
into a desperate battle for the revolutionary new star drive [TOS

The Duotronic II series computer is developed by Dr. Richard Daystrom,
incorporating many features of the failed M-5 multitronic unit [FSF].

The Division takes place among the Bekeem people [TNG #14].

November (stardate 7190)
The U.S.S. "Constitution" (NCC-1700) confronts a new Klingon prototype
"K't'inga" ("Great Powerful Conqueror," KL 99634) class heavy
battlecruiser near Gamma Canaris. Having sustained considerable hull
and bulkhead damage from the engagement, the "Constitution" is
drydocked at Starbase 27. This delay in resuming its mission will
prevent her from serving as the new heavy cruiser class lead vessel:
the initially-proposed "Constitution (II)" class [FSF, FRS].

Construction on the Epsilon series listening outposts along the
disputed border of the Klingon Empire continues. Epsilon outposts
one, two, and three are completed and fully operational. These
outpost stations will number nine by 2268 [STM, FSF].

Guinan's people encounter the Borg. Her people are destroyed. The
few survivors scatter throughout the galaxy [TNG 142].


stardate 6205.7
The U.F.P. encounters the Tomarii. Commander Spock goes undercover
and fabricates the legend of Black Fire. The new Star Fleet uniforms
are tried out aboard the "Enterprise," and naturally-occuring
trilithium crystals are discovered. The "Enterprise" sustains battle
damage [TOS #8].

Fleet Admiral Heihachiro Nogura, Chief of Staff, prepares a special
report on a new program of fleet rejuvenation [FSF].

March (stardate 6987.31)
The five-year voyage of the U.S.S. "Enterprise" ends. Over the next
six months: Captain James Kirk is promoted three grades to Rear
Admiral and assigned to Star Fleet Headquarters, Terra, as Chief of
Star Fleet Operations. Commander Spock and Dr. Leonard McCoy resign
their Star Fleet commissions. Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott is
promoted to Commander and supervises the work on the new linear warp
drive engines and the fleet rejuvenation program. Spock bonds with
T'Sura. McCoy journeys to Yonada and meets Dr. Keridwen Llewellyn

Over the next nine months, all ground-based fabrication facilities
(Sol system) begin producing components for heavy cruisers to be
refitted to the new "Enterprise" class. Warp simulation testing of
the new LN-64 pulsed linear warp drive nacelles is carried out at the
Star Fleet Orbital Simulation Yards in orbit of Earth. Drydock
Facility Number One is specially constructed to accommodate the new
class one heavy cruiser to be constructed. The "Enterprise" herself,
meanwhile, is tested for structural integrity while all fuels and
consumables are purged [FSF].

The Tandem 14 (SW-7) warp driven shuttlecraft is developed. This
shuttle consists of a warp drive sled housing both impulse and warp
engines, with a maximum speed of warp 4 [FRS, FSF].

02 December
Construction starts on the U.S.S. "Decatur" (NCC-2500) strike cruiser,
the first Class One starship with LN-64 linear warp drive [SotF, FRS,

2266, 03 January
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" enters Drydock Number One in orbit of Earth
and uprating begins to form the new "Enterprise" (NCC-1701) class
heavy cruiser [FRS, SotF, FSF, HCE].

A skeleton crew seperates the primary hull/saucer section from the
"Enterprise" and grounds it in the San Francisco Navy Yard on Earth--a
revolutionary new starship construction technique [TOS #54].

13 February (stardate 7912.04)
New Star Fleet uniforms are issued. These new uniforms are
materialized directly on the wearer while standing in a combination


sonic shower/clothing fabricator. The Erati CMA (Clothing
Materialization Apparatus) is installed aboard all new fleet vessels
and shore establishments [FRS].

The U.S.S. "Essex" (NCC-1727), while on stand down at Rigel, is the
victim of sabotage by Orion pirates [SotF].

Svonn steals the Katra of Zakal from Vulcan. Dr. Llewellyn dies,
sacrificing herself to destroy Zakal. Spock breaks the link with
T'Sura and decides to achieve Kohlinahr [GN 5].

After six months of upgrading on Earth, the primary hull of the
"Enterprise" is reconnected to the secondary hull in Spacedock 4.
G'Dath, a Klingon instructor working on Earth, is kidnapped by
Klingons following his discovery of a new propulsion system [TOS

The ruins of Tagus III are sealed off [TNG 194].

2267, 17 February
The U.S.S. "Decatur" (NCC-2500) cruiser is launched, the first
starship with linear warp drive. A maximum warp speed of 10 is
attained. Further refining will enable a two warp factor increase
[SotF, FRS, DPS, SsD].

Delta IV becomes the 29th U.F.P. member [STM].

The Imperial government collapses on Magna Roma (UFC 892-IV) [TNG

One of the last of the female metamorphes is born on Kreos. There
will not be another one born until nearly a century later [TNG 221].

23 August (stardates 7412.6-7414.1)
A high-energy cloud destroys the Epsilon 9 monitoring station after
having destroyed three Klingon "K't'inga" class warships: "Arakkab"
("Indignant," KL 11805), "Eelst" ("Hunter," KL 83452), and "Amar"
("Revenge," KL 98520). The barely-completed U.S.S. "Enterprise" is
launched ahead of schedule to intercept the V'ger entity enroute to
Earth. Rear Admiral James Kirk is given temporary command of the
starship for this mission, and many of the previous "Enterprise"
officers are reassigned to the "Enterprise." The loss of the ship's
captain, Willard Decker, results in Kirk being re-awarded permanent
command [ST-TMP, FRS].

The Vulcan ship "Symmetry" is dispatched to the planet Hellguard (872
Trianguli V) in Romulan space. Spock and Sarek recover the
Romulan/Vulcan children there, including Saavik [TOS #49].

The revival program on Talin IV is completed and the seeders' growth
scavenged from the oceans [GN 7].


A plateau is reached in android refinement on Vemla. Three main
classes of androids exist: Alpha units for research, Beta units for
maintenance and entertainment, and Gamma units for repetitive tasks
and dangerous work [TNG #20].

The Covard Starburst Maneuver is banned at the Star Fleet Academy
after five cadets are killed performing this deadly training exercise
[TNG 219].

Koro Quintal is born on Earth [GN 2].

2268, 17 May
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701) heavy cruiser is recommissioned.
This, yet another variation on the original "Constitution" design, and
the second Class I ship with linear (LN-64) warp drive, incorporates
all of the latest advances in Star Fleet technology: 18 warp-powered

phasers, two photon torpedo banks, warp 12 capacity, a cloaking
device, new deflector shields and screens, Duotronic II computers, and
a complement of 500. This starship class will consist of eight
vessels, all rebuilt heavy cruisers. Possessing the best warp
dynamics of all Class I starships, the "Enterprise" class starship's
speed, long range, impressive ordnance, and the habitability gained
from its size, make them a natural choice for extended exploration
missions throughout the unknown frontiers of the U.F.P. Treaty Zone
[FRS, SsD, SotF, FSF, LOR, SFD].

The first of two five-year missions of the new U.S.S. "Enterprise"
begins with Admiral James Kirk in command [FRS].

The Helvan race is being experimented upon by aliens. The
"Enterprise" is assigned to study the waves of violence sweeping
through this section of the galaxy [TOS #5].

The New Human movement of the Zaran Totality reaches its peak as the
"Enterprise" is ordered to transport the Zaran ambassador home.
Admiral Kirk and Commander Spock battle against the oneness [TOS #9].

Commander Spock takes a two-week leave on Vulcan while the
"Enterprise" transports a diplomatic party of Kaldorni [TOS #51].

In Romulan space, Ael t'Rllaillieu conducts a V.I.P. inspection tour
of the Levaeri V research station [TOS #18].

The U.F.P., Klingon Empire, and Romulan Empire jointly agree to
develop the planet Nimbus III, "The Planet of Galactic Peace," in the
Neutral Zone [ST V].

The first of 8 contacts between the U.F.P. and the Tomarians occur.
The first 7 prove futile [TNG 202].

The "Black Swan," "Guillemot," and "Halcyon" class sloops are designed


Star Fleet's Class One starship fleet consists of 104 starship classes
and 1,907 active ships [SotF].

Although not known to the U.F.P. at large, Star Fleet begins to take
covert actions against the Kzinti. This "hemming-in" will lead to the
Kzinti Incursion in three years, and will later have great affect on
Star Fleet's shipbuilding schedule [SotF].

Experimental work with single warp drive nacelles and more than two
nacelles yields quick confirmation that two is the optimum number for
power generation and vehicle control [NTM].

Commander Montgomery Scott, transferred to the Design Division of the
Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, evolves the ideal fighting cruiser
starship--from an Engineer's point of view. The U.S.S. "Starstalker"
(NCC-2117) class patrol cruiser, with a ship's complement of 515, warp
11 capacity, and armed with 12 phasers and an incredible 8 torpedo
tubes, has few equals in terms of ordnance. The class will total 16

Dr. Daniel Corrigan and Sorel perfect nerve regeneration [TOS #39].

2270, 12 May
The U.S.S. "Decatur" (NCC-2500) prototype cruiser is commissioned. It
will be further uprated and become a member of the "Belknap"
(NCC-2501) strike cruiser class [SotF, FRS, DPS].

While undergoing acceptance trials, the U.S.S. "Excalibur" (NCC-1705)
records a velocity of warp factor 18.74--the highest speed reached by
a heavy cruiser class starship utilizing standard linear warp drive

Admiral Kirk meets Carmen Ikeya, the first woman to command a starship
[TOS #39].

Six Warrantors are kidnapped by the Romulans to forment political
chaos. They are rescued by the "Enterprise" [TOS #25].

stardates 0304.6-2816.3
With the aid of Ael t'Rllaillieu, a Romulan defector and commander of
the "Bloodwing," the "Enterprise" destroys the Levaeri (113 Trianguli)
V research laboratory in Romulan space and rescues Vulcan captives
[TOS #18].

The "Enterprise" officers investigate the outbreak of insanity and the
lost of a shuttle on the ice planet Nordstral. The trouble is traced
to the loss of magnetic plankton due to its harvesting by Nordstral
Pharmaceuticals--and remedied by mass cloning using the facilities of
the "Enterprise" [TOS #60].

2271, 19 October


The uprated U.S.S. "Constitution" (NCC-1700) heavy cruiser is
recommissioned as the "Constitution (II)" class starship. This first
variation on the "Enterprise" class utilizes LN-60 warp engines and is
capable of only warp 11, has a complement of only 435, and is armed
with twelve phasers and two torpedo banks. Seven ships will form this
scaled-down "Enterprise" class, all rebuilt from older heavy cruisers
[SotF, HCE].

A new type of photon torpedo is made operational by Star Fleet.
Employing variable amounts of matter and antimatter, broken into many
thousands of minute packets and mixed upon detonation command, the
annihilation surface area is increased by three orders of magnitude

Dr. Leonard McCoy is kidnapped by Romulans while on a three-week
voyage aboard the U.S.S. "Vega" starliner. With help from Commander
t'Rllaillieu, the "Enterprise" rescues McCoy from the Romulan
homeworld [TOS #35].

Believing that war is imminent, Rear Admiral Andrew Cunningham, Chief
of Spacecraft, proposes the "Hunt" class escort destroyers to
supplement the sloops on borderspace, spacelane patrol, and escort
duty [FRS].

Dr. Emanuel Tagore dies [TOS #16].

2272 stardate 2213.5
The Klingon warship "Hakkarl" ("Vanguard," KL 1017), an uprated
"K't'inga" heavy battlecruiser (fully automated) is launched with
Captain Kasak sutai-Khornezh in command, via a Klingon Bird of Prey
scout ship, "Tazhat" (KL 1018). The renegade Klingon heads for
Dekkanar (4725 Cancri IV) to trigger a war--and is destroyed by the
"Enterprise" [TOS #48].

The Kzinti Incursion: forces from Kzin attack Tau Ceti. Admiral Kirk,
aboard the U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701), commands a large task force
against the Kzinti and employs the "Zetarian Squeeze" maneuver to
force the enemy fleet into a neutron star. The starships "Astrad"
(NCC-1739) and "Alfr" (NCC-1741) track down and capture the Kzinti
patriarch's flagship [SotF, FRS].

The Duotronic III series computer system is developed [HCE, SotF].

'The Final Reflection,' by Dr. Emanuel Tagore, is published [TOS

Captain E. Sandes Ishan retires from active duty, and becomes the head
of the Strike Warfare Branch of the Chief of Star Fleet Operations'
Systems Analysis Division [SsD].

2273, March
The U.S.S. "Avenger" (NCC-1860) heavy frigate rebuilding begins, using
the old "Surya" class frigates [SotF, HFP, FRS].


13 July
The U.S.S. "Endeavor" (NCC-1716) heavy cruiser is commissioned.
Essentially uprated heavy cruisers based on the "Achernar" design with
self-contained non-networked LN-52 linear warp drive nacelles and
uprated sensor/navigational deflector dishes, twelve of this class are
converted ships while four (NCC-1728-1731) are newly-built
replacements for the destroyed heavy cruisers "Constellation,"
"Defiant," "Intrepid" and "Valiant". Each ship has warp 10 capacity
and carries a complement of 430 [SotF, HCE].

The "Marco Polo" class I freighter is launched [TNG #13].

Peter Preston is born [ST II].

Ambassador Sarek begins preparations for the Legaran conference [TNG

2274, 20 January (stardates 7815.3-7816.1)
King Stevvin is transported aboard the "Enterprise" which has the
mission of retrieving the hidden Crown of Shad on Sigma 1212 [TOS

The Space Control Ship Project is considered by senior officers of
Star Fleet Command [ECP].

The warp engines of the "Enterprise" heavy cruisers are uprated with
minor modifications. Uprating on all "Enterprise" starships will be
completed by 2276. The engines will again be uprated once again,
beginning in 2281 [SotF].

07 February
The U.S.S. "Belknap" (NCC-2501) strike cruiser is commissioned.
Capable of warp 12, these cruisers which will total 28, combines many
of the features of the heavy cruisers and dreadnoughts into a more
warp dynamic design. Basically the "Belknap" class is an "Enterprise"
class heavy cruiser with a smaller secondary hull--having increased
maneuverability. They will be assigned patrol duties along the
U.F.P./Klingon Neutral Zone, their maneuverability giving them the
best battle advantage over the Klingon "K't'inga" class destroyers
[SotF, FRS, DPS, SsD, LOR, SFD].

The U.S.S. "Avenger" (NCC-1860) heavy frigate is commissioned. These
new heavily-armed vessels equipped with 4 megaphaser cannons, 4 photon
torpedo banks, and 12 standard phasers, will form the basis of the
"Knox" frigates to be constructed in the future. With a complement of
360 and a warp capacity of 11, a total of 22 ships of this class
(NCC-1860-NCC-1881) will be built. Smaller and slower than the
"Belknap" strike cruiser, the "Avenger" possesses increased
maneuverability and fire-power, added to the enormous hangar
facilities, allowing it to carry a squadron of "Killerbee" attack
craft. They are ideally used for patrolling the various small neutral


zones in the U.F.P. Treaty Zone, such as the Kzin Patriarchy and the
Orion system [SotF, FRS, HFP].

The Cammell IV revelations occur [FRS].

The U.S.S. "Artemis," bound for Septimus Minor, colonizes Tau Cygna V
after a guidance system malfunction [TNG 149].

Rebuilding begins on the U.S.S. "Federation" (NCC-2100) dreadnought,
incorporating the latest systems [FRS].

Saavik enrolls in Star Fleet Academy [TOS #49].

The Romulans' Grand Design is put into action. The "Enterprise"
recovers a Romulan warship loaded with deadly cargo. Star Fleet H.Q.
on Earth is contaminated and the "Enterprise" voyages back to the
planet Hellguard for the cure [TOS #49].

2275, 16 February
The "Avenger" class U.S.S. "Reliant" (NCC-1864) heavy frigate is
commissioned [SotF, FRS, HFP].

The U.S.S. "Daran" (NCC-3201) fast frigate is commissioned. By 2278,
this class, based upon the "Avenger" heavy frigate design, will total
twelve starships (NCC-3201-NCC-3212), each having warp 11 capacity, a
complement of 345, and 12 phaser emplacements [SotF].

The U.S.S. "Lynx" (NCC-4600) experimental timeship is constructed.
The "Lynx" is a modified "Monoceros" (NCC-601) class scout, built for
the single purpose of exploring the viability of retrograde time
travel for research purposes. Her complement is 254, warp capacity of
only warp 6.1 not built with warp dynamics a priority, and ordnance
consisting of 8 phaser emplacements and two torpedo tubes (with only
12 torpedoes total) [LTP].

15 August
The U.S.S. "Tikopai" (NCC-1800) heavy cruiser is, at long last,
commissioned. After constant redesigns due to the influx of new drive
technologies in the early 2260's this class was greatly delayed.
Utilizing LN-65A engines, a complement of 440, and a slightly modified
primary hull, these are essentially another variation on the
"Enterprise" heavy cruiser. A total of 33 "Tikopai" heavy cruisers
will be built (NCC-1800-NCC-1832): all new ships [SotF].

Jaine and Nervek do theoretical work in subatomic 'kindergarten
physics.' This will in time lead to the Genesis Project [ST II].

2276, August
The uprated U.S.S. "Federation" (NCC-2100) dreadnought is
recommissioned. With state-of-the-art warp drive (three LN-64
nacelles), 20 phasers, 4 photon torpedo banks, a cloaking device, and
a complement of 500, these "Federation (II)" class dreadnoughts serve


as flagships for many subquadrant fleets and system defense forces. A
total of nine will be reconstructed, each one capable of warp 15--the
fastest ships in Star Fleet of the 23rd Century [FRS, SsD, DDS, LOR].

A program is authorized to develop the transwarp drive system [ECP].

22 November
The U.S.S. "Ariel" (NCC-2200) shuttlecarrier is commissioned. This
immense delta-winged starship with warp 14 capacity via LN-65A engines
and a complement of 842 is the largest Star Fleet vessel to date.
Only four such vessels will be constructed (NCC-2200-NCC-2203), but
its extremely warp-dynamic design is considered for the construction
of future deep-space ships [HCE].

Charis (T'Kuht), Vulcan's sister planet, is at its closest orbital
position to Vulcan in more than three centuries [TOS #20].

A special committee of the Federation Council agrees upon a new U.F.P.
flag: a flat representation of the Federation Treaty Zone, surrounded
by a white circular field, superimposed upon a blue field [LOR, SFD].

The practice of seperate insignia for each starship is abolished, and
the "Enterprise" emblem is adopted as the official symbol for the
entire Star Fleet [NTM].

The U.S.S. "Enterprise" makes first contact with the Inari
civilization when encountering a scout ship just beyond subquadrant 3
south [SotF].

The U.S.S. "Excelsior" (NCC-1718) heavy cruiser disappears while on a
reconnaissance mission outside U.F.P. treaty territory (external to
subquadrant 2 south) [SotF].

17 May
The U.S.S. "Knox" (NCC-1940) frigate is commissioned. Essentially
scaled-down "Avenger" heavy frigates, 26 in all will be built
(NCC-1940-NCC-1965). Armed with only phasers (no torpedoes), a
complement of 350, and a warp capacity of 11, these ships will replace
the converted "Surya" frigates. Having increased speed and even
greater maneuverability than the "Avenger" heavy frigates, they will
be used for similar missions but closer to the U.F.P.'s interior
[SotF, FRS, SsD, LOR, SFD].

2278, January
Chief of Star Fleet Command Hierachiro Nogura orders the construction
of the "Menahga" (NCC-3100) class battlecruiser [FRS].

stardates 7823.6-7835.8
The Akkalla-Chorym Alliance is formed. Lt. Commander Pavel Chekov is
promoted to Commander rank and is assigned as first officer to the
U.S.S. "Reliant" (NCC-1864) heavy frigate [TOS #33].


The "Enterprise" is drydocked, following her last deep-space mission.
Admiral James Kirk becomes an instructor at the Star Fleet Academy on
Earth [FRS].

The "Enterprise" is deployed as the flagship of the Terran Defense
Group, fleet quadrant zero, under command of Commodore Gregory
Westlake [FRS].

02 June
The "Ascension" (NCC-2520) dreadnought is commissioned. A
mini-"Federation (II)" class dreadnought, ten ships of this class will
be constructed (NCC-2520-NCC-2529). With warp 15 capability, a crew
of 485, and--like the "Federation"--three LN-64 propulsion units. A
built-up version of the "Belknap" class. Long-range coupled with
truly high speed capabilities make the "Ascension" and her sisters
ideal for investigating trouble spots throughout the U.F.P. Treaty
Zone--as they happen, and especially for emergency rescue operations.
For these reasons, they are stationed in a disperse pattern throughout
the U.F.P., with at least one based at every major starbase [FRS, LOR,

The U.S.S. "Bozeman" (NCC-1841), commanded by Captain Morgan Bateman,
disappears in the Typhon Expanse region [TNG 218].

Pardek becomes a senator in the Romulan Empire. He will be considered
a 'man of the people,' and sponsor many reforms [TNG 208].

The I.K.V. "K'teremny" ("Great Slayer of Enemies," KL 44104) Klingon
destroyer is commissioned [FRS, SsD].

The U.S.S. "Menahga" (NCC-3100) heavy destroyer is constructed [FRS,
SsD, MDS].

Mark Jameson is born [TNG 112].

stardates 8083.6-8097.4
'Strangers from the Sky,' by Garamet Jen-Saunor, is published. The
resultant publication triggers off deeply buried memories in the minds
of Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock [GN 2].

2280, January
Achernar goes nova, destroying the U.S.S. "Constellation" (NCC-7100?,
class ship of the "Constellation" class?). Alpha Centauri B also goes
nova shortly thereafter. Many other stars are also showing signs of
entering a nova phase due to a time acceleration phenomena. Admiral
Kirk is once again given temporary command of the "Enterprise" on a
mission to Gateway, in order to halt the phenomena [TOS #39].

Volume XXXIV of 'Starship Design' is published, detailing Star Fleet's
shipbuilding schedule and the new "K'teremny" Klingon destroyer


The Type 1/2C Hand/Pistol Phaser is developed by Star Fleet [SFD].

The second minor uprating of warp drive engines on "Enterprise" class
heavy cruisers begins. It will be complete on all ships of this class
in one year [SotF, GN 4].

The secession of Vulcan from the U.F.P. is debated [GN 4].

T'Pau dies on Vulcan [GN 4].

The "Enterprise" makes second contact with the Calligar at Anomaly
T-128 (Pike's Rift). Assembled for this historic event is Commodore
Jose Tyler, Dr. Richard Daystrom, and Ambassador Robert Fox. Captain
Kirk performs the marriage of Commodore Tyler to former Master Builder
Ecma of the Calligar. The Tellarite government lodges a formal
complaint with the U.F.P. and declares war on the Calligar for the
death of Shondar Dorkin. Dr. Daystrom develops the groundwork for
which the holodeck technology would be derived from his study of the
Calligarian worldmind [TOS #57].

2283, 08 June
On Kazh, the Bur Chak kingdom of Shanto K'tor consolidates its hold
over the Klingon Emperor's seat [SotF].

Lars-Eric Valdemar becomes Federation Commissioner of the Star Fleet
Division. He will approve a number of incentives for re-enlistment,
increase acceptances to the Academies, and make moves to improve moral
(including a redesign of Star Fleet uniforms) [SotF].

The U.S.S. "Tori" (NCC-1725), "Lafayette" (NCC-1720), and "Wasp"
(NCC-1721) defeat the Klingon hunter-killers "K'chss" and "K'utuul"
during the Taal Tan Offensive. This substantial increase in Klingon
activity leads to the construction of additional frigate-type
starships by Star Fleet [SotF].

The U.S.S. "Matapan" (NCC-1960) frigate is lost with an entire
TacFleet force during the MTK Security Action beyond Federation treaty
territory (outside subquadrant 2 north). No survivors are found

The "Avenger" class heavy frigates "Illustrious" (NCC-1963) and
"Amiens" (NCC-1869) discover the Romulan outpost Rihannii outside
subquadrant 4 south [SotF].

An attempt is made to salvage the Transwarp Drive Project by pairing
it with the Space Control Ship Project. This results ultimately in
the U.S.S. "Excelsior" (NCC-2000) class space control ship. With the
Koeller UTI K27 transwarp engines, a maximum warp of 17 is achieved.
The transwarp drive will be unofficially placed back on the research
and development status in the next few years [ECP, NTM].


Kyd, a male nefittifi, is born on Etolos [TNG #14].

The U.S.S. "Renner" (NCC-3250) corvette is commissioned. Twenty-one
of these successful warp 11, 180 complement, vessels
(NCC-3250-NCC-3270) will be built [FRS].

Star Fleet's Class One starship fleet consists of only 69 starship
classes and 1,265 active ships [SotF].

The U.S.S. "Enterprise," at the request of Admiral Kirk, Director of
Personnel, is reassigned to the Academy for use on rotation as an
Academy midshipman training vessel [FRS, NTM].

The Transwarp Drive System tests successfully on the U.S.S.
"Excelsior" (NX-2000) testbed vessel. Commodore Robert Earl Day and
the Strategic Design Power & Propulsion Team prematurely begin to
develop a like system for the extant Class 1b starships [SfP].

Star Fleet Galaxy Exploration Command begins a study to design a new
starship to replace the current heavy cruiser class, to be designed
from the keel outwards. After some five designs are put forward and
rejected, Star Fleet rather sheepishly agrees that the ideal vessel
for Galaxy Exploration is the "Enterprise" class [SfP].

Magna Roma (UFC 892-IV) begins to transform into a republic [TNG #8].

Rishon Uxbridge is born [TNG 151].

The U.S.S. "Enterprise" heavy cruiser undergoes an extensive overhaul,
which includes the installation of an experimental photon torpedo
launch system utilizing manual loading and prelaunch control [SotF].

Delwin March and Vance Madison attain their doctoral degrees. Captain
Spock meets them at a symposium [ST II].

The U.S.S. "Hathaway" (NCC-2593) "Constellation" class cruiser is
built [TNG 147].

During the Rykla Dagh Incident, the U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-1707) heavy
cruiser defeats and captures the Klingon battlecruiser "L'ktja"

The Type 10 Phaser/Grenade Assault Cannon is developed [SFD].

Captain Kevin Atkinson aids in the development of Megaphaser Cannon at
Star Fleet Tactical's Strategic Design Group. In the 2290's he will
serve as the Chief Engineer of the starship "Kestral" (NCC-3000)
superscout [SfP, SFD].

Star Fleet reluctantly begins decommissioning and scrapping the older


Class 1 heavy cruisers [SfP].

01 December
The U.S.S. "Endurance" (NCC-1862) frigate is commissioned. All eight
frigates of this class (NCC-1862-NCC-1880) are refits of the "Avenger"
class heavy frigates and will all be commissioned by early 2286. They
are all scaled-down "Avengers," each now possessing only 14 phasers
total and no photon torpedo banks [SotF].

2286 stardate 7130.4
The Project Genesis tape is recorded by Dr. Carol Marcus [ST II].

The Klingon destroyer "Qrish" is pursued between borderspace and
Donatu, by U.F.P. starships upon discovering her disappearence from
her homeport in the Shahkur star system. The U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-1707)
heavy cruiser is destroyed in the ensuing battle and the new destroyer
U.S.S. "Ajax" (NCC-547) withdraws badly mauled. The "Qrish" escapes
unscathed [SotF, FRS].

Shar-Lon is born on the soon-to-become 'World of the Peacekeepers'
[TNG #2].

The U.S.S. "Cyane" (NCC-1890) heavy frigate is commissioned. Based
directly upon the "Avenger" class, all ten ships (NCC-1890-1899)
possess the same firepower of their predecessor heavy frigate class
but with newer system types. Almost identical to the "Avenger," these
ships have the capacity to embark full squadrons of "Killer Bee"
tactical assault craft [SotF].

The Larnacs massacre the Tralesca clan ending a feud lasting 200 years
in the Akamarian system [TNG 157].

The Duotronic IV series computer is developed. When later installed
aboard the "Enterprise" (NCC-1701-A) it will cause a major shipwide
breakdown, the last one to occur in a Star Fleet ship of the line
until nearly a century later, due to the main computer peripheral
interface [SotF, ST V, TNG 150, SfP].

2287, 28 January (stardates 8130.3-8141.6)
On a survey mission, the U.S.S. "Reliant" (NCC-1864) is hijacked by
Khan Noonian Singh from Ceti Alpha V. The Genesis Device is
prematurely activated, following a space battle between the
"Enterprise" and the commandeered "Reliant." The latter vessel is
destroyed and the former is severely damaged. The Genesis planet is
created from the Mutara Nebula. Captain Spock dies in the line of
duty and is reborn on the Genesis planet [ST II].

stardate 8210.01
The Requirements Analysis Board (under the direction of Fleet Admiral
Harry Morrow) issues its controversial recommendation for the
decommissioning of "Enterprise" class starships as more vessels of the
cheaper, but less versatile, "Tikopai" class become available [FRS, ST


Star Fleet receives a message that Captain Mandala Flynn of the
"Magellan" ("Galaxy" class) starship, exploring the Andromeda galaxy,
completed the first close-range observation of a supernova [ST III].

stardate 8210.3
Admiral James Kirk, in direct violation of Star Fleet orders, takes
the "Enterprise" to Genesis. The "Enterprise" is destroyed upon
encountering a Klingon "Bird of Prey" scout commanded by Captain
Kruge, also responsible for the destruction of the U.S.S. "Grissom"
(NCC-638) superscout/survey vessel. Kruge dies in combat, and the
Genesis planet breaks up into an asteroid belt. Admiral Kirk and his
officers capture the Klingon scout ship intact and spend the next four
months in exile on Vulcan [ST III].

01 March
Construction begins on the "Enterprise (II)" (Ex-"Levant," NCC-1843)
heavy cruiser [SotF, HCE].

The Chief of Star Fleet Command orders that all remaining "Enterprise"
class starships be retained in active service, and that they undergo
systems refurbishing during regular overhauls to permit them to once
again be assigned to deep-space exploration [FRS].

11 August
The U.S.S. "Fredrikstad" (NCC-2204) shuttlecarrier is commissioned

The U.S.S. "Jonathan Levy," one of the most active exploration ships
of its time, surveys Domarus IV and fails to detect the Shapers [TNG

The prototype U.S.S. "Ryan" is lost with all hands [SfP].

Emil Costa is born [TNG #16].

The "Soyuz" class frigates are withdrawn from service [TNG 218].

2288, 06 March
The Deputy Chief of Star Fleet Operations orders that "Ptolemy"
(NCC-3801) class transport/tugs will be decommissioned on an
individual basis as transports of the "Doppler" (NCC-3831) and
"Dollond" (NCC-3900) classes achieve operational readiness. The first
ship to be decommissioned is the U.S.S. "Al Rashid" (NCC-3802) [FRS].

17 May (stardate 8390)
Enroute to Earth to face court-martial, Admiral Kirk and his officers
are forced to employ the light speed breakaway factor to the Klingon
scout ship, to time warp into Earth's past (1986 O.C.). A Cetacean
Probe is diverted from Earth with the help of two Humpback whales
saved from extinction via time travel. Admiral Kirk is demoted to
Captain rank and is given command of a new "Enterprise" (NCC-1701-A)


[ST IV].

07 June? (stardate 8454.1)
The newly-launched "Enterprise" (NCC-1701-A), while being debugged, is
commandeered by Sybok, Captain Spock's half-brother, while on a rescue
mission to Nimbus III. The "Enterprise" is taken through the Great
Barrier and to the galactic center where it battles and defeats a
non-corporeal entity. Sybok sacrifices himself and the "Enterprise"
makes her escape with the Klingon scout ship "Okrona." Klingon
Captain Klaa makes the first steps toward Klingon-U.F.P. peace [ST

Captain Sulu takes command of the U.S.S. "Excelsior" (NCC-2000) and
embarks on a three-year charting mission in the Reydovan sector [ST

The "Cyane" (NCC-1890) and "Reprisal" (NCC-1896) heavy frigates
challenge and later engage three Klingon "Domis'avyi" ("Guardians of
the Border") ships over a territorial violation during Operation
Distant Hammer. All three vessels are quickly defeated. The
"K'chjne" and an unidentified ship self-destruct. The "Mje'ask" is
escorted to the Federation border and tracked into Klingon territory

Valdemar retires his position as Star Fleet Commissioner to accept a
seat on the United Earth Triumvirate. His successor is T. Sela Arno

The U.S.S. "Amchitka" (NCC-1310) class light cruiser prototype is
launched. Certain basic design limitations, limiting its flexibility
will prevent more than 8 of these vessels from being constructed

David John Schmidt is posted to the "Athabaska" class
exploratory/strike cruiser U.S.S. "Repulse" as First Officer. After
serving aboard for two years, he will be assigned to the Strategic
Design Group as the military coordinator [SfP, SFD].

Lynn Costa is born [TNG #16].

'The Federation Reference Series' is published [FRS].

Research begins on the BackUP phaser system to enhance photon torpedo
firepower without increasing the size of the warhead [SfP].

2289, 30 January
The uprated U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701-A) heavy cruiser is
commissioned. The "Enterprise (II)" class will consist of a total of
14 vessels: six of the original "Enterprise" class converted and seven
newly constructed ships (NCC-1843-NCC-1849), including the rebuilt
"Enterprise." Each ship, while externally identical to the
"Enterprise" class, contains new Duotronic IV computer systems,


advanced LN-64B warp engines capable of warp 13, a ship's complement
of 510, a sensor suite, and all-new shipwide touch sensor (BLAC-3)
control interfaces [SotF, HCE, SfP].

Building begins on the long-delayed "Doppler" (NCC-3831) class
transport/tugs [SotF].

Building begins on the long-delayed "Dollond" (NCC-3900) class
transport/tugs [SotF].

The U.S.S. "Ingram" (NCC-2001) space control ship is launched. An
upgraded "Excelsior" class starship with 22 phasers, 4 megaphasers,
and 3 torpedo banks, the "Ingram" is equipped with a sophisticated
form of standard linear warp drive due to the complexity,
suceptibility to extraneous factors, and poor power curve of the
transwarp drive [ECP].

The proposed Project ADREFT ("Avenger" Design REFiT), of upgrading the
heavy frigate class with a single warp drive, megaphaser, and weapons
pod system, is shelved [SfP].

War breaks out between the U.F.P. and the Klingon Empire [TNG 146].

Captain K'Temoc, commanding the Klingon warship "T'Ong," embarks on a
long-term voyage with his crew in suspended animation [TNG 146].

2290, 07 January (stardate 8707.01)
'Federation Starship Recognition Chart' is published.

Volume One of 'Ships of the Star Fleet' (103rd edition) is published

The Type 4D Combat Phaser sees widespread use by Star Fleet marines
and security specialists [SFD].

Star Fleet Tactical and Star Fleet Operations decide that there are
definite advantages in having a permanent test crew assigned to
Strategic Design. The Cathedral Unit, the test crew comprised of
personnel from the Star Fleet Corps of Engineers and Star Fleet
Tactical assigned to evaluate starship prototypes, is formed [SfP].

The U.F.P. consists of a total of 1,560 member systems [SFD].

Captain Roger Wright is assigned to the Cathedral Unit of Star Fleet

The upgrading of the 16 "Starstalker" (NCC-2117) class patrol cruisers
to class 1b technology begins. The addition of dual phaser cannon
makes this class the most heavily armed in the fleet [SfP].


The "Ranger" (NCC-2701) light cruiser class starship is launched.
Featuring 12 phaser emplacements, two torpedo tubes, a complement of
470, and a maximum speed of warp 14.9, it is the most accepted light
cruiser class starship since the introduction of the "Amchitka"
(NCC-1310) class. The ECHO (Enhanced Collimation via Harmonic
Oscillation) enhanced phaser system is scheduled to be tested on this
new starship class [SfP]

A new starship class, the Tactical Cruiser, is launched. The U.S.S.
"Thruxton" (NCC-2761) TacCruiser class features a ship's complement of
455, 4 phaser cannon, 12 standard phasers, 4 torpedo tubes, and a
maximum speed of warp 15.3 [SfP].

The U.S.S. "S'Harien" (NCC-3107) class battlecruiser prototype is
launched. Features include 12 phasers, 4 torpedo tubes, a ship's
complement of 440, an emergency warp of 13.4, and a unique
jettisonable secondary hull. This ship represents an improved and
upgraded "Menahga" (NCC-3100) class battlecruiser, and plans are made
to recall most of the "Menahga" starships back for refit following the
commissioning of this improved battlecruiser class [SfP].

The long-heralded "Pharris" (NCC-3537) strategic frigate class is
launched. Featuring three landing platforms, a complement of 375,
warp 11.8 capacity, two torpedo tubes (of a new launch design mounted
in the old hull position just below the bridge), and 12 standard
phaser emplacements, it is yet another offshoot of the "Avenger"
(NCC-1860) heavy frigate class but incorporating close-mounted warp
nacelles [SfP].

Incorporating design elements of the "Avenger" (NCC-1860) class heavy
frigates, the "Adamant" (NCC-3029) dreadnought class prototype is
launched. Along with the traditional 3 nacelles, her elongated hull
features 4 fore/aft firing megaphasers, 12 standard phaser
emplacements, 4 photon torpedo tubes (in a weapons pod), but a
complement of only 430 and an emergency maximum speed of warp factor
12.6 [SfP].

The "Dupleix" (NCC-2346) class perimeter action ship is tested,
utilizing an experimental twin nacelle deployment to harness the
ment of 311 [SfP].

The "Scimitar" (NCC-2901) fast destroyer class is the first attempt to
achieve tandem nacelles at the bottom of a dorsal pylon in a starship.
Chosen as a testbed vessel for both the BackUP phaser/photon torpedo
augmentation system and the controversial Perseus Shield System, the
"Scimitar" has a complement of 320, a maximum emergency warp of 12.4,
4 torpedo tubes, and 14 standard phasers (not counting the BackUP
unit) [SfP].

Derived from the "Dupleix" (NCC-2346) dual nacelle design, the
"Phantom" (NCC-2951) superscout prototype is launched, featuring the
experimental "Opera" passive sensor pod array to serve as a mobile


covert sensor platform. A complement of 300, 12 phasers, and an
emergency max. speed of warp 13.6, makes this a unique class to be
built [SfP].

The "Davenport" (NCC-2635) corvette class prototype is launched. The
first experiment with lateral-oriented nacelles gives this class warp
13.6 maximum speed. Having virtually no secondary hull and a
complement of only 275, this class is armed with only two fore/aft
megaphaser cannon [SfP].

The prototype U.S.S. "Schmidt" (NCC-800) tug completes trial runs.
This Class 2 spacecraft design having a complement of only 62, a
cruising speed of warp 5, and a tractor beam nacelle with no ordnance,
is scheduled to replace the "Ptolemy" (NCC-3801) class transport/tugs

The "Archangel" (NCC-2294) class shuttlecarrier is launched. Intended
to eventually replace the "Ariel" (NCC-2200) class shuttlecarriers,
the "Archangel" features 6 landing bays, a ship's complement of 500,
14 phaser emplacements, warp 9.5 capacity, and two impulse drives

The 25th Anniversary Edition of 'Starfleet Dynamics' is published, a
compilation of the previous 'Starfleet Officer Requirements' manuals
(2280-2290) [SFD].

stardates 9522.6-9529.1
Unknown forces attack Themis and Kudao. The Klingon moon Praxis
explodes, giving the Klingon Empire 50 years of life left. The
"Enterprise," under command of Captain Kirk, is assigned to escort the
Klingon battlecruiser "Kronos One" through U.F.P. space. Gorkon,
Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, is assassinated and Captain
Kirk and Dr. McCoy are sentenced to the Rura Penthe penal colony.
Escaping from the prison planet, Kirk prevents the assassination of
the Federation President at the Khitomer Conference and destroys the
prototype Bird of Prey "Dakronh," capable of firing while cloaked,
commanded by General Chang. The "Enterprise" heads back to Earth to
be decommissioned, her principle bridge officers anticipating
retirement [ST VI].

Issue 25 of 'Starfleet Prototype' is published [SfP].

The Klingon-Romulan Alliance is dissolved [TNG 181].

The Tellarites declare victory in absentia over the Calligar [TOS

Magna Roma (UFC 892-IV) becomes a member of the U.F.P. following
revolutions and the start of reforms [TNG #8].



The outbreak of Plasma Plague in the Opy system takes many lives [TNG

The Ansada of Rutia IV are denied their independence and resort to
terrorism which will last for over 70 years [TNG 160].

Production begins on the "Constellation" (NCC-1017) class star
cruisers. A definite departure from established starship designs,
this class features a a "laminated" primary hull, a rotated impulse
drive, 4 laterally-oriented warp drive nacelles, 12 standard phaser
emplacements, and several photon torpedo tubes and megaphaser cannon.
Designed for long-term self-sufficiency, the "Constellation" class
carries a complement of 640 and will be employed on extended duration
exploration probes far outside the present boundaries of the U.F.P.
Treaty Zone [SfP].

A Klingon expedition makes contact with Ventax II [TNG 187].

Beta Li'odo signs a treaty with the U.F.P. The first known contact
with the Nuaran Imperium occurs when the U.S.S. "Polaris" engages the
invading fleet [TNG #6].

All major Class 1b starships are "Transwarp" retrofitted [SfP].

The U.F.P. makes its first contact with the inhabitants of Angel I
[TNG 115].

2305, 13 July
Jean-Luc Picard is born in LaBarre, France on Earth [TNG 214].

The Klah'Kimmbri resort to kidnapping off-worlders to continue their
Conflicts [TNG #9].

Timison is born on Kaylon II [TNG 196].

Jean-Luc Picard sleeps outdoors for the first time, with his playmate
Louis, brother Robert, and Robert's friend Claude [TNG #19].

The first unofficial contacts between the U.F.P. and the Ferengi
Alliance start [TNG #0].

The Tomad Incident is the last U.F.P. contact with the Romulans.
Thousands of lives are lost. For more than half a century they will
remain out of contact with the U.F.P. and the Klingon Empire


(excluding the Norendra III attack of 2344) [TNG 126].

Gatherer Penthar Mull, of the Larnac clan, is killed by Utah of the
Tralesta clan [TNG 157].

Rishon marries 'Kevin Uxbridge' [TNG 151].

Stephaleh n' Ehliarch is born on Andor [TNG #12].

The Hamlin Massacre occurs: the entire adult population of the U.F.P.
colony on Hamlin is slaughtered by the Choraii, but the children are
taken alive [TNG #3].

Shar-Lon acquires the 'Gifts' of the 'Repository' of the 'Builders'
and eliminates all nuclear weapons on his planet. He demands the
construction of the 'World of the Peacekeepers' and becomes their
dictator [TNG #2].

Mark Jameson marries Anne [TNG 112].

Anomaly T-128 (Pike's Rift) reopens, but the U.F.P. is engaged in
major hostilities as part of the Klingon-Romulan War and is unable to
dispatch a research team to re-establish contact with the Calligar
[TOS #57].

The U.F.P. colony on Orin IV discovers an ancient computer net of
individual memory packets developed by an ancient race, possibly the
Preservers [GN 8].

The head of the Emmonite delegation dines at the home of Admiral
Manelli, head of Star Fleet Command [GN 9].

Omne's Vortex is once again accessible [ON 12].

Commander Mark Jameson negotiates a hostage situation on Mordan IV.
By breaking the Prime Directive through arming both sides with
weapons, four decades of civil war will result [TNG 112].

Lynn marries Emil Costa [TNG #16].

Jackson Carter is born [TNG #10].

Devononi Rahl is born on Earth [TNG 156].

Elizabeth Fallon is born [TNG #19].


Jean-Luc Picard enters the Star Fleet Academy [TNG 214].

Raymond "Rennie" Mar is born [TNG 204].

2324, 13 October
Beverly C. Crusher is born in Copernicus City on Luna [TNG 214].

At the Star Fleet Academy (Sol system) a Pereces Squares Tournament is
held: Nova Squadron vs. Minsk [TNG 219].

T'Para (Selar) is born on Vulcan [TNG #13].

Jean-Luc Picard graduates from the Star Fleet Academy [TNG 214, TNG

The Sadalsuudians of Beta Aquarius V make exploratory contacts with
ships from the U.F.P. They obtain Human genetic material and grow a
Human: Dorothy "Chops" Taylor [TNG #11].

Timison begins his work on developing a program to revitalize Kaylon
II's sun [TNG 196].

The Cardassians annex the Bajoran homeworld [TNG 203].

Josip Vossted is born on Foothold [TNG #21].

Mark Brooks is born [TNG 184].

Kingsley is born [TNG 133].

The artificial world Kirlos is discovered by the U.F.P. and the K'vin
Hegemony [TNG #12].

The first U.F.P. outpost in the Beratis system is established on
Beratis III.

William Thomas Riker is born on Earth in Valdez, Alaska [TNG #0].

Eli Telaka is born [TNG 133].

Cohen is born [TNG #18].

Captain Picard commands the U.S.S. "Stargazer" (NCC-2893) star cruiser


[TNG #6].

Selar is bonded to Sukat [TNG #13].

The Chaquafar's scientific community share their information with the
U.F.P. [TNG #9].

Gilaad Ben Zoma serves as Executive Officer aboard the "Stargazer"
(NCC-2893) [GN 9].

The class I freighter "Marco Polo" is completely refitted [TNG #13].

2336, 29 March
Deanna Troi is born on Betazed [TNG 214].

The first group of Autonomous Survival and Recovery Vehicles (ASRVs)
are produced in time to be fitted to the last "Renaissance" class
starship, the U.S.S. "Hokkaido" [NTM].

Natasha Yar is born on Turkana IV (New Paris) [TNG #4].

Emil and Lynn Costa are forced to resign from a research project on
Epsilon IV [TNG #16].

Egin becomes a Valend on the Council of Valends in the Teniran Echelon
[TNG #19].

Jean-Luc Picard leads the Star Fleet contingent to the Federation
Games held on Yokohama [TNG #22].

2338, 2 February
The U.F.P. colony on Omicron Theta (Kiron III) is destroyed by Lore, a
prototype android created by Dr. Noonian Soong, who lures a
crystalline life-sapping entity to the colony. Lore is disassembled
and stored. Data, its successor, is created and soon discovered by a
U.F.P. survey team from the U.S.S. "Tripoli." Data will spend 4 years
in the Star Fleet Academy, 3 years as an ensign, and 10-12 years on
various space duties before serving aboard the "Enterprise" [TNG 114,
TNG #0].

Government collapses on Turkana IV (New Paris) [TNG 180].

2339, 16 September
Geordi La Forge is operated on by Dr. Lenske and receives his VISOR
sight [TNG #11].

The Klingon Empire allies itself with the U.F.P. after negotiations
between Riva, Sarek, and Kobry [TNG #0].

2340, 17 January
Ro Laren is born on Bajora [TNG 214].


Worf is born.

William Riker plays anbo-jyutsu with his father for the first time
[TNG 140].

With her medical degree, Dr. Beverly Crusher establishes her own
private practice [TNG #0].

Imprima (Dante Maxima VII) cuts off trade with the U.F.P. [TNG #15].

Megan Terry sues Emil and Lynn Costa for the scientific plagiarism of
biofilter version 8975G--and loses [TNG #16].

2342, 09 April
Jean-Luc Picard misses a rendezvous in Paris [TNG 124].

Data enrolls in the Star Fleet Academy. Bruce Maddox is the sole
member to oppose Data's entry [TNG 201].

Natasha Yar is abandoned [TNG 103].

Jasmine Terry is born in Calcutta on Earth [TNG #16].

2343, 06 July
The "Galaxy" Class Project if officially approved. Design centers
begin drawing upon previous starships once the general specifications
are transmitted to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars (Sol IV).
The vehicle frame, engine systems, computer cores, and hull receive
high priority [NTM].

The U.F.P. makes its first contact with the Jarada, to disasterous
effect [TNG 113].

The U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701-C) heavy cruiser commanded by
Captain Rachel Garrett successfully defends the Narendra III Klingon
outpost under attack by 4 Romulan warbirds, but is destroyed in the
battle [TNG 163, NTM].

The Romulans take prisoners from the destroyed "Enterprise" and Lt.
Natasha Yar is among them (transported from the alternate timeline
from 2366 A.D., stardate 43625.2). They are interrogated and killed,
except for Yar who is taken as a consort by a Romulan general [TNG

In an alternate universe, the Klingon outpost is destroyed by the
Romulans. The Klingons, believing their new U.F.P. allies betrayed
them, break away from the treaty, and over two decades of war result
between the U.F.P. and Klingon Empire [TNG 163].

Jean-Luc Picard meets Abraham Orbutu on Cassiopeia Gamma IV [TNG #9].


Devononi Rahl relocates to Hercules III [TNG 156].

The Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) begins early definition
work on "Galaxy" class mission simulators programmed with basic vessel
characteristics. Detail design work continues [NTM].

24 December
Further computer modeling efforts by members of the structural,
systems, and propulsion working groups on the "Galaxy" Class Project
result in revised specifications being sent to the Utopia Planitia
designers. These specifications require the "Galaxy" class to sustain
a normal cruising speed of warp 6 until fuel exhaustion, a maximum
cruising speed of warp 9.2, and a maximum top speed of warp 9.6 for 12
hours. The total estimated vehicle mass is reduced through materials
improvements and internal rearrangements to 4.96 million metric tons

Sela Yar, the daughter of the alternate timeline's Tasha Yar, is born
in Romulan captivity [TNG 201].

Data graduates from the Star Fleet Academy [TNG 214].

stardate 22519.5
The U.S.S. "Brittain" (NCC-21166) "Miranda" class science vessel is
commissioned [TNG 191].

Mass and volume studies proceed for all internal systems on the
"Galaxy" class starship, based on the first cut of frame designs,
narrowing the field from 40 to 15. The computer core and software
architecture passes Design Review 0 [NTM].

The Khitomer Massacre: Romulan ships ravage the Klingon agricultural
colony on Khitomer, killing 4,000 Klingons. Worf and Kahlesst are the
only survivors. This is the first major battle between the Romulans
and Klingons after the end of their alliance [TNG 165, TNG #5].

Morgen graduates from the Star Fleet Academy and is immediately
assigned to the "Stargazer" (NCC-2893) with the rank of Ensign [GN

"The Egg," a neutronium probe, is designed and developed by Paul
Stubbs [TNG 150].

The testing of hull materials for the "Galaxy" class proceeds; for the
final design must include conduits for a structural integrity field
(SIF), inertial damping field (IDF), and deflector shield grid. Warp
and impulse systems pass Design Review 0, but materials difficulties
are foreseen in the warp coils. The impulse system design is frozen.
The computer design passes Reviews 1 and 2. Sensor systems evolve.
The habitation and workspace module design is frozen, and fabrication


begins. A redesign of the transporter biofilter is requested. The
phaser emitter undergoes redesign, the photon torpedo upgrade proceeds
with the standard launcher and casings, and the main deflector design
is frozen [NTM].

William Riker falls in love with Elizabeth Fallon [TNG #19].

Marla Kinsolving is born [TNG #21].

William Riker meets Paula Andropova in Golden Gate Park on Earth [TNG

On Antares IV, Dr. Costa and his wife combat an infestation of
parasitic micro organisms and teach the inhabitants hydroponic farming
under ultraclean conditions [TNG #16].

The Romulans attack the planet Penzatti. Dantar VI & VII die in the
attack [GN 8].

The first androids revolt against their creators on Vemla, eventually
leading to world war. Their leader, Jared, will eventually commandeer
the Vemlan ship "Conquest" and flee from Vemla with a crew of android
refugees [TNG #20].

Kerin is born aboard the Nistral family ship of the Tizarin [TNG

The warp engine systems design is tentatively frozen on the "Galaxy"
Class Project. The anticipating nacelle design will be frozen later
in the year. The impulse design undergoes tweaking. The computer
cores pass Reviews 3 & 4. The transporter biofilter design is frozen
and fabrication begins. The phaser emitter redesign passes Review 0.
The main deflector's power supply is redesigned to accommodate science
instruments [NTM].

Aboard the "Stargazer" (NCC-2893), Lt. Gerda Asmund attempts to murder
Ensign Morgen with a rikajsha stalk in the shuttlebay. She is found
guilty of attempted murder and will spend eleven years of her life in
the rehabilitation colony on Anjelica VII before committing suicide
shortly after her release [GN 9].

Amnesty is offered to the Gatherers. They refuse [TNG 124].

The vehicle frame design and docking latch system of the "Galaxy"
Class Project passes Review 0. The final selection of frame alloys
for the starship is made and the materials are ordered. The warp
engine and nacelle designs are frozen, and the nacelle passes Reviews
0 & 1. Test fabrication of the warp engine components begin, along
with impulse engine components, main computers, and transporter
systems. Tractor beam and communications systems designs are frozen;
fabrication is deferred for power simulations. The 3rd redesign of


the phaser emitter passes Review 0--reviews 1 & 2 are skipped and
fabrication begins. The main deflector's power system is redesigned
and fabrication is also started [NTM].

Iarni Koban is born on Foothold [TNG #21].

Wesley Crusher is born [TNG 119].

Dr. Paul Manheim disappears with a team of scientists to work on
non-linear time experiments [TNG 124].

A Ferengi merchant encounters a crippled Choraii ship marooned in
space. The Ferengi exchange metal for five Human captives, who in
turn are sold to the U.F.P. The first official U.F.P. contact with
the Choraii is made [TNG #3].

Beverly Crusher enters Star Fleet Academy [TNG 214].

The planet Treva petitions for U.F.P. membership [TNG #4].

William Riker enrolls in Star Fleet Academy [TNG #13, TNG #15].

Salia is transported from her homeworld Daled IV to Klavdia III [TNG

Dr. Beverly Crusher meets Captain Jean-Luc Picard prior to the second
voyage of the "Stargazer" (NCC-2893). Lt. Jack Crusher is assigned to
the "Stargazer" as First Officer. Three months later, Jack Crusher
dies during an away mission on an alien planet--or in an attempt to
sever the starboard nacelle of the "Stargazer" with a phaser rifle to
escape the effects of a Nensi phenomenon [TNG #0, GN 9].

The alternate Natasha Yar is killed while trying to escape her Romulan
captors with Sela Yar. Sela swears allegiance to the Romulan Star
Empire [TNG 201].

On the "Galaxy" Class Project, the frame and docking systems pass
Review 1, and fabrication begins on the structural latches for the
"Enterprise." The hull skin design remains frozen, although some
areas remain under development. Fabrication is slowed by warp engine
materials failures. The nacelles pass Review 2 and fabrication on
them begins late in the year. Construction begins on the tractor beam
system. The design of the photon torpedo launchers is frozen. Sensor
pallets go under construction. All auxiliary spacecraft are under
development [NTM].

2350, 03 June
The first two spaceframe components (the deck 10 computer core
elliptical compression member and the starboard main longitudinal
compression bulkhead) of the "Galaxy" class starship "Enterprise" are
gamma-welded during a brief ceremony at the Utopia Planitia assembly
site in Mars orbit. Construction starts on the warp nacelle shells,


whose coils remain in the test phase. At midyear, the impulse
components are test-fitted within their frames. Computer core framing
is underway, habitat modules are test-fitted, and construction begins
on phaser and photon torpedo assemblies [NTM].

Ken Kolker is born in space [TNG #19].

Kyle Riker deserts his son, William T. Riker [TNG 140].

Gina Pace is born [TNG #6, TNG #19].

Selar joins Star Fleet and leaves Vulcan [TNG #13].

Ensign William Riker is assigned to the cruiser "Nogura." He will
later serve aboard the "Zhukov" (NCC-62136) and later, with the rank
of Lieutenant, on the "Potemkin" and "Yorktown" alongside his best
friend, Teller Conlon [TNG #13, GN 9].

Stephy Carter is born [TNG #10].

Frame construction and major hardware installations continue
simultaneously on the "Enterprise." Attachment of hull layers begin.
The warp engine core is 65% complete as the nacelles pass Review 3
with assumptions of successful fixes to coil materials problems.
Major impulse engine installation is completed. The computer cores
are 50% completed off-site. The first layers of habitat modules are
installed. The transporter installation is deferred in labor
rescheduling. Tractor beam emitters are modified to accommodate hull
skin changes. Installation continues on all other power and
consumables conduits [NTM].

Natasha Yar is rescued from Turkana IV (New Paris) by Darryl Adin,
security chief of the U.S.S. "Cochrane" exploratory vessel [TNG #4].

Beverly Crusher meets Dalen Quaice [TNG 179].

Varia meets Kevas Fajo [TNG 170].

Terrorists seize the capital on Dulsinaray, take the government
hostage, and proceed to execute the citizens until their demands are
met. Tanaka loses his entire family [TNG #22].

Yuri Kuznetsov graduates from the Star Fleet Academy [GN 9].

With materials difficulties eliminated, the warp engine core is
completed on the "Galaxy" class starship "Enterprise." However, warp
field coil manufacturing is delayed by furnace facility complications,
but other warp system assemblies are completed. Preparations are made
for impulse-run tests. The main computer cores are 80% complete, and
non-flight mock-ups complete fit checks. Habitat and connecting
passages are 55% installed. Installation begins on transporter


systems (minus hull emitters). Although phaser bank installation is
completed, the electro plasma power supply to the phasers is deferred
until warp engine power levels can be verified. The photon torpedo
magnetic launcher power supplies are reworked. Temporary gravity
generators are installed, networked only where necessary [NTM].

Turkana IV (New Paris) severs contact with the U.F.P. [TNG 180].

Kyle Riker is the sole survivor of a U.F.P.-Tholian conflict [TNG

The first of the genetically engineered children of Darwin station are
born on Gagarin IV [TNG 133].

Jeremiah Rossa is born on the U.F.P. colony Galen IV [TNG 176].

Framing and hull skin construction continues on the "Enterprise."
Docking system latches and pass-through fit checks continue.
Deuterium reactant tanks and antimatter pod assemblies arrive from
off-site for integration. Warp coil fixes are effected while
production of matched coil sets continue. Fusion chambers are powered
singly and in combinations as impulse system run-up tests are
performed. The reaction control system (RCS) thruster assemblies are
installed. Two computer cores are completed and installed in the
Saucer Module and Battle Section. Completion of the third core is
slowed by isolinear chip availability problems. Phaser power flow
regulators and conduits are installed (the predicted warp core power
tap is verified as adequate). Work is completed on the main deflector
piggyback instrument power supply [NTM].

Captain Picard, in command of the U.S.S. "Stargazer," visits the
planet Chalna [TNG 166].

Admiral Leonard McCoy retires from Star Fleet [TNG #0].

Reannon "The Brass Lass" Bonaventure is captured by the Borg. She is
officially declared missing, and presumed dead [GN 8].

Jeremy Aster is born [TNG 153].

On the "Enterprise," some hull skin sections show unacceptable welds:
2% is reworked to fix the problem, the imbedded defensive shield grid
is not affected. Low-power tests begin on the warp engine core (warp
2 equivalent energy is reached). While the nacelles still await coil
delivery, impulse tests continue. The RCS thruster software problem
is fixed. The third computer core, delayed for two additional years,
affects all downstream starships under construction. The habitat
layers are now 70% complete. Shuttlecraft, work pods, and lifeboats
arrive for integration tests. A photon torpedo loader thermal
expansion anomaly is fixed [NTM].


The Battle of Maxia: the U.S.S. "Stargazer" (NCC-2893), under command
of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, engages a Ferengi vessel in the Maxia Zeta
system. The "Stargazer," Picard's first command, is abandoned after
the famous "Picard Maneuver" is executed [TNG 110].

Natasha Yar enters Star Fleet Academy [TNG #4].

The final outer framing members are completed on the "Enterprise" as a
minor design change in the forward dorsal requires added longitudinal
members. The impulse engine system is complete, and warp engine core
tests continue. The permanent gravity generator network is completed.
Habitat modules and storage volumes are also complete. The
transporter and subspace communications system antennae are modified
to be made compatible with the deflector shield grid emissions. The
SIF, running at low power, works out the starship's framing kinks.
After a startup failure is repaired, the main deflector field focus
tests successfully. The starboard pylon phaser bank is swapped with
one from the U.S.S. "Yamato" (NCC-71807), providing a better
operational fit for each ship. The photon torpedo loader thermal
problem returns, and a new fix is final. Sensor pallets are 50%
installed; the minimum for flight [NTM].

Beverly Crusher graduates from the Academy [TNG 214].

Deanna Troi enters the Star Fleet Academy [TNG 214].

Ken Kolker sets foot on his first planet [TNG #19].

The last Tarellian plague ship is believed to have been destroyed by
the Alcions [TNG 105].

The U.S.S. "Huxley," commanded by Captain Alfred C. Bowles, is
destroyed by a thermonuclear device in orbit of the planet Rampart in
the Rho Ophiuchi system [TNG #11].

Cona and Morna Rossa die on Galen IV during a Talarian attack. Their
son, Jeremiah Rossa, is adopted by Talarians [TNG 176].

Captain Mansfield assumes command of the "Charleston" (NCC-42285)
space control ship [GN 9].

16 April
The skin of the "Enterprise" is 90% complete. The warp engines power
up tests to warp 8 equivalent. The warp coils are delivered and
installed. Full power nonpropulsive tests of the impulse fusion
generators are performed. The third computer core is finally
delivered and installed, and additional programming and tests
continue. The first habitat module swapout performed by transporter
is successful. Transporter tests and the final SIF and inertial
damping field hookups are completed. The communication system is 90%
complete. Impulse power to the phasers is certified. 30% of the


lifeboats are delivered and docked [NTM].

05 May
The as yet unnamed U.S.S. "Galaxy" (NX-70637) is launched from orbital
dock on maneuvering thrusters [NTM].

Lorens Ben is born on Foothold [TNG #21].

The planet Alaj becomes a U.F.P. member [TNG #14].

Tenara requests U.F.P. membership, which is delayed due to M'dok
objections [TNG #8].

The Klah'Kimmbri kidnap the crew of the "Le-Matya" for their Conflicts
[TNG #9].

Following the destruction of the freighter "Odin," the survivors
settle on Angel I. A conflict with the Prime Directive of
Non-Interference results [TNG 115].

Hull integrity is complete, and all SIF and IDF systems on the
"Enterprise" are operational. The warp nacelles are buttoned up and
certified for flight, with final impulse system adjustments underway.
A computer core subspace field shielding problem arises on the
"Enterprise" threatening one-third of the power systems aboard, and is
traced to conflicting power-up procedures, and fixed. The
communications system is completed after minor rerouting to avoid the
computer problem. The remote firing of the photon torpedo system is
successful. The final hookup of the defensive shields is completed,
and sensor pallets are certified [NTM].

The U.S.S. "Galaxy" (NCC-70637) explorer is commissioned. This class
represents Star Fleet's most sophisticated achievement in multimission
ship systems designs, having a cruising velocity of warp 6 and a
maximum velocity of warp 9.2 (on a revised warp scale), 14 phaser
arrays, 3 photon torpedo launchers, and a complement of over 1,000.
She is declared deep-spaceworthy and warp-capable, and moves to the
outer solar system [NTM].

William Riker serves as Second Officer aboard the U.S.S. "Yorktown"
[GN 9].

Willie Potts is born [TNG 177].

Aboard the "Enterprise," tests continue on total warp and impulse
propulsion systems. All other internal spacecraft systems are powered
up, and cross-system tests continue. New flight software is installed
in all three computer cores. The ejectable bridge module is docked,
and the minimum flight test program crew completes the preliminary
training aboard ship. The nonflight captain's yacht test article is
docked. The U.S.S. "Enterprise" is launched and leaves dock on


maneuvering thrusters [NTM].


The planet Vorgon becomes a U.F.P. member [TNG #14].

A temporary peace on Mordan IV will last for five years [TNG 112].

Worf meets the half-Human/half Klingon K'Ehleyr [TNG 146].

Deanna Troi graduates from the Star Fleet Academy [TNG 214].

Thala is born [TNG #13].

Aboard the Nistral family ship of the Tizarin, Kerin receives a
single-pilot shuttle for this twelfth birthday [TNG #18].

In Mars space, a flight test crew continues developmental shakedown
trials on the "Enterprise," with her computers receiving continuous
performance updates from the "Galaxy" orbiting Pluto. Tasks include
extensive sensor operations, simulated emergency conditions and combat
exercises, and power system stress analysis. The warp field coils
receive their first power, nonpropulsive warp 1 equivalent, and power
conditioning of the warp coils continues up through warp 8 equivalent.
Performance analysis continues on all vehicle components. The main
computers begin developing "system awareness," learning and recording
how the ship behaves as a total entity. The U.S.S. "Enterprise" is
declared deep-spaceworthy and warp-capable. Yellow warp-stress
visibility hull coatings are applied [NTM].

43rd Day of Maqteq (stardate 43205?)
Alexander Rozhenko, K'Ehleyr's/Worf's son, is born [TNG 146, TNG

The "Enterprise" achieves warp flight in the outer Sol system. Over
the next three years: initial vibration difficulties transitioning to
higher warp factors are smoothed out by computer adjustments to the
warp geometry control software. Skin reinforcements and frame
stiffening are performed during dock layovers. Final hull coatings
and markings are applied. Live-fire phaser and photon torpedo
exercises test crews and systems. Low-level defensive shield power
deficiencies appear, resulting in enhanced shield generator designs
put into work. All lifeboats and auxiliary spacecraft are docked,
including the flight-qualified captain's yacht. The Operational
bridge module is eventually docked to the "Enterprise" [NTM].

Admiral Mark Jameson is confined to a wheelchair due to the effects of
Ireson's Disease [TNG 112].

Timison's grandson is born [TNG 196].

Tellar Conlon and William Riker forge the Impriman Trade Agreement on


Dante Maxima VII (Imprima). Riker is promoted to First Officer of the
U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-42296) [TNG #15, GN 9].

The U.S.S. "Potemkin" is the last Star Fleet vessel to contact Turkana
IV (New Paris) [TNG 180].

Rishon and Kevin Uxbridge move to the Delta Rona IV colony [TNG 151].

Aster dies from a Rushtin infection [TNG 153].

Dr. Dalen Quaice is stationed at Starbase 133 [TNG 179].

Vash serves as Professor Samuel Estragon's personal assistant in his
search for the Tox Uthat [TNG 167].

Idun Asmund becomes the First Officer of the "Charleston" (NCC-42285)
under Captain Mansfield's command [GN 9].

Keela is born aboard the Teniran Echelon starship "Glin-Kale" [TNG

Dr. Manheim and his associates begin their search for a suitable
planet for their temporal experiments [TNG 124].

The planet Ta'Trosha IV becomes a U.F.P. member [TNG #14].

The Farpoint Station entity lands on Deneb IV [TNG #0].

2363 stardate 40164.7
The U.S.S. "Victory" (NCC-9754) surveys the planet Tarchanon III [TNG

stardate 40291.7
The "Oberth" class science vessel "Tsiolkovski" (NCC-53911) is
commissioned [TNG 103].

04 October (stardate 40759.5)
The U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701-D) "Galaxy" class explorer is
commissioned in a ceremony at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Sol
system. The U.S.S. "Galaxy" (NCC-70637) and U.S.S. "Yamato"
(NCC-71807) send congratulatory messages via subspace radio [TNG 185,

Commander Sela begins planning the "Reunification" invasion of Vulcan
[TNG 207].

Tenara becomes a U.F.P. member world [TNG #8].

The U.S.S. "Moniter" visits the planet Ianni (Roze VII) [TNG #10].

Koban arrives on Koorn [TNG #21].


Ambassador Stephaleh is assigned to Kirlos [TNG #12].

Kirlos is opened to widespread archeological exploration [TNG #12].

Pardek participates in a Barolian trade negotiation [TNG 208].

Grastow, Saduk, and Lynn & Emil Costa sign aboard the "Enterprise"
[TNG #16].

Megan Terry dies [TNG #16].

A landmark study of Aurelian culture is completed [TNG #21].

stardate 41124
Captain Jean-Luc Picard attains command of the U.S.S. "Enterprise"
[TNG 101, TNG 195].

stardates 41153.7-41174.2
Enroute to Farpoint Station on Deneb IV, the "Enterprise" makes
contact with, and is tested by, a super-being known as the Q. In
orbit of Deneb IV, First Officer Commander William Riker, Chief
Medical Officer Commander Beverly Crusher, and Wesley Crusher sign
aboard the "Enterprise." Farpoint Station is revealed to be a living,
intelligent organism exploited by the Bandi inhabitants [TNG 101, TNG

stardates 41209.2-41209.3
A mutant form of Psi 2000 virus is brought aboard the "Enterprise"
from the research vessel S.S. "Tsiolkovski" (NCC-53911) which is later
destroyed. A cure is found in time to prevent the destruction of the
"Enterprise" [TNG 103].

stardates 41235.25-41235.32
On a mission to obtain a rare vaccine needed on Styris IV to cure
Angelese Fever, Lt. Yar is challenged to a duel to the death by
Yarina, wife of Lutan, ruler of Ligon II. The drug is obtained and
the "Enterprise" heads for Styris IV [TNG 104].

stardate 41344
The Vulcan starship "T'Pau" is brought to the Qualor II depot [TNG

stardates 41386.4-41386.5
The "Enterprise" goes in pursuit of a T-9 energy converter stolen from
Gamma Tauri IV in the Delphi Aru system. In orbit of an ancient
outpost of the long-dead Tkon Empire, the "Enterprise" makes the first
official U.F.P. contact with the Ferengi Alliance [TNG 107].

stardates 41263.1-41263.4
During warp engine enhancement tests conducted by Kazintski and 'The
Traveler,' the "Enterprise" is thrown a distance of 2,700,000 light
years into the galaxy M33, then over a billion light years from the


Milky Way galaxy. The Traveler returns the "Enterprise" and Wesley
Crusher is promoted to Acting Ensign [TNG 106].

stardates 41249.3-41249.4
While transporting Antigan and Selae ambassadors from Beta Renner to
Parliament, the "Enterprise" is invaded by a non-corporeal energy
being. Members of the crew are taken over, including Captain Picard
[TNG 108].

stardates 41255.6-41255.9
After delivering a party of Earth colonists to the Strnad system, the
neighboring Rubicam system is discovered. Acting Ensign Wesley
Crusher is given the death penalty by the Edo of Rubicam III. Only
through communication with their "God," an advanced multidimensional
vessel, is he released. The "Enterprise" removes the colonists from
in the Strnad system, and Rubicam III is declared off limits [TNG

stardate 41723.9
In the Zendi Sabu system, a Ferengi captain takes revenge on Captain
Picard for the death of his son 9 years ago in the Battle of Maxia.
The U.S.S. "Stargazer" (NCC-2893) is recovered [TNG 110].

stardates 41590.5-41591.4
Counselor Troi is dropped off on Starbase G6 for a shuttle visit home.
Responding to a distress call from Quadra Sigma III, Q is once again
encountered by the "Enterprise." The Q being offers Commander William
Riker Q-like superpowers and rejects them [TNG 111].

stardates 41294.5-41294.6
In orbit of Haven (Beta Cacius), Counselor Deanna Troi is nearly
bonded to Dr. Wyatt Miller. The intervention of a Tarellian ship
aborts the marriage [TNG 105].

stardate 41997.7
While on a critical diplomatic mission to contact the Jarada, one of
the "Enterprise's" holodecks malfunctions. Captain Picard and several
officers are trapped within an early 20th Century simulacrum (Dixon
Hill, Private Investigator, 1941 O.C.) in the newly-uprated holodeck 3
[TNG 113].

stardates 41242.4-41242.5
Returning to Lt. Commander Data's home planet, Omicron Theta, a
duplicate Data android is found, assembled, and activated by the
"Enterprise" officers. He attempts to offer the "Enterprise"
complement to a crystalline life-sapping being. Beamed out into open
space, Lore will be rescued by a Pakled trading vessel two years later
[TNG 114].

stardate 41636.9
The "Enterprise" has the difficult task of evacuating the shipwrecked
party of the freighter "Odin" from Angel I, a female-dominated world
not part of the Federation. The U.S.S. "Berlin" (NCC-14232)


encounters 7 Romulan battlecruisers at the Neutral Zone [TNG 115].

stardate 41365.9
At Starbase 74, in orbit of Tarsus III, the "Enterprise" enters dock
for routine maintenance checks and holodeck upgrading. The Bynars,
computer-dependent beings from Beta Magellan, hijack the "Enterprise"
from the starbase and download the data from their computer banks on
the verge of being disrupted by a nearby nova flare [TNG 116].

stardate 41309.5
Admiral Mark Jameson is transported from Persephone V to Mordan IV in
order to negotiate a hostage situation, by the "Enterprise." He dies
shortly after completing his mission from an anti-aging drug he
previously appropriated on Cerberus II. The "Enterprise" heads for
Isis III [TNG 112].

stardates 41509.1-41512.9
In the Epsilon Mynos system, the mythical world Aldea is found by the
"Enterprise." Its inhabitants want the "Enterprise's" children to
replenish their own dying world. Investigation proves that their own
technological cloaking shield generator is responsible for their
situation, and it is deactivated [TNG 118].

stardates 41463.9-41464.8
The terraforming team on Velara III, in the Pleiades cluster, nearly
destroy an intelligent crystalline-based race of 'micro brains.' The
three remaining terraform members are transported to starbase [TNG

stardate 41416.2
Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher takes his entrance examination on Relva
VII to enter the Star Fleet Academy and fails. An investigation of
the "Enterprise" and her crew is made by Admiral Gregory Quinn and Lt.
Commander Dexter Remik. Captain Picard turns down the position of
Commandant of Star Fleet Academy. The "Enterprise" heads for Alderon
IV [TNG 119].

stardate 41503.7
In the Romulan Neutral Zone, a group of renegade Klingons are rescued
by the "Enterprise" from the doomed Tellarian cargo vessel "Batress,"
and nearly recruit Lt. Worf. to their purposes. The "Enterprise"
heads for Starbase 84 [TNG 120].

stardate 41798.2
The investigation of the disappearance of the U.S.S. "Drake" light
cruiser, commanded by Captain Paul Rice, and the inhabitants of the
planet Minos in the Lorenz cluster, takes the "Enterprise" into battle
against an automated weapon capable of wiping out entire worlds [TNG

Lt. Yar and Lt. Commander Data are sent to Treva to investigate the
rebellions there. They become involved in aiding the rebels [TNG


Darryl Adin is cleared of the charges of treason and murder [TNG #4].

The "Enterprise" rendezvous' with a Choraii vessel to exchange the
hostages taken decades ago for much needed minerals. The U.S.S.
"Ferrel," a "Constellation" class starship, is destroyed in the
resulting encounter [TNG #3].

An interplanetary drug trading/exploitation agreement is encountered
by the "Enterprise" in the Delos star system, after rescuing the crew
of the "Sanction" freighter transporting felicium. Captain Jean-Luc
Picard is forbidden to act against it due to the Prime Directive. The
"Enterprise" heads for the Opraline system [TNG #123].

stardates 41601.3-41602.1
Deanna Troi returning to the "Enterprise" from a conference via
shuttlecraft, crashes on a planet in the Zed Lapus sector.
Lt. Natasha Yar dies in the line of duty while trying to rescue the
marooned Counselor Troi from Armus, a 'skin of evil' being on Vagra
II. Lt. (j.g.) Worf becomes the new Security Chief. The shuttlecraft
is destroyed and the planet declared off limits [TNG 122].

stardate 41697.9
Enroute to Sarona VIII for much-needed shore leave, time distortions
lead the "Enterprise" to Vandor IV where Dr. Paul Manheim is carrying
out dangerous temporal experiments. Lt. Commander Data neutralizes
the lab complex [TNG 124].

stardates 41775.5-41780.2
Enroute to Pacifica, the "Enterprise" is diverted to Ditalix B (Mira
/Omicron Ceti V) to rendezvous with the frigates "Renegade," "Thomas
Paine" (NCC-65530), and the Ambassador class heavy cruiser "Horatio."

The "Horatio" is destroyed. An invasion of the U.F.P. by parasitic
Blue-gill beings is stopped(?) by the "Enterprise," after heading to
Star Fleet H.Q. on Earth, but not before a homing beacon is deployed
towards an unexplored sector of the galaxy [TNG 125].

stardate 41986.0
Captain Picard returns to the "Enterprise" from an emergency
conference on Starbase 718. Three 20th Century deep-freeze corpses
are found aboard an ancient interplanetary Earth vessel near the Kazis
system and revived. Communication is lost with starbases in sector
31. Science Station Delta 5 and Tarad 9 are found destroyed by an
unknown force. After more than five decades, contact is
re-established with the Romulan Star Empire by the "Enterprise." The
three Humans are transported to Starbase 39 Sierra [TNG 126].

Lt. (j.g.) Geordi La Forge is promoted full Lieutenant and Chief
Engineer of the "Enterprise."

stardate 41800.9
The "Enterprise" is assigned the task of assisting the "Centurion"
(NCC-1702, ex-"Farragut") with protecting the planet Tenara from M'dok


raiders [TNG #8].

Dr. Beverly Crusher becomes head of Star Fleet Medical and works
closely alongside Dr. Carter Greyhorse. Lt. (j.g.) Worf replaces his
gold Klingon sash with a silver chain sash. The bridge of the
"Enterprise" undergoes minor upgrading, or possibly even module
replacement [TNG 127, GN 9, NTM].

The search begins to locate a star similar to Kaylon [TNG 196].

Ten Forward hostess Guinan signs aboard the "Enterprise" [TNG 201].

stardate 42073.1
The "Enterprise" rendezvous' with the U.S.S. "Repulse" (NCC-2544).
Dr. Katherine Pulaski replaces Dr. Crusher as Chief Medical Officer
aboard the "Enterprise." An alien energy being impregnates Counselor
Troi, who gives birth to a short-lived alien child. Ensign Wesley
Crusher decides to remain aboard. To halt a plasma plague in the
Rochelli system, the "Enterprise" transports specimens from Odet IX to
science station Tango Siera where an antidote can be produced, and
then heads for the Mogona quadrant [TNG 127].

The "Enterprise" mediates between the Klingons and the Kreel when the
latter uncover an ancient stronghold of super weapons [TNG #5].

stardates 42193.6-42194.7
In the Mogana quadrant, the "Enterprise" finds itself outside of the
normal universe and its crew are tested by an alien being named
Nagilum interested in understanding Death [TNG 128].

stardate 42286.3
Three days prior to a rendezvous with the starship U.S.S. "Victory"
(NCC-9754), a holodeck simulation accidentally becomes too real,
aboard the "Enterprise." A holographic Moriarty achieves
consciousness in a game to defeat Lt. Commander Data in holodeck 2
[TNG 129].

stardate 42402.7
A space rogue, Okona, is assisted by the "Enterprise" which leads to a
dispute between neighboring worlds Atlec and Straleb of the Coalition
of Madena, in the Omega Sajenus system [TNG 130].

stardate 42422.5
The "Enterprise" delivers emergency famine relief to Thiopa [TNG #6].

stardates 42477.2-42479.3
Deaf mute Riva is transported by the "Enterprise" from Romatais III to
halt a centuries old war on Solais V [TNG 132].

stardates 42437.5-42437.7
Lt. Commander Data is overcome by the life force of a dead cybernetic
genius, Ira Graves, on Grave's World. The starliner "Constantinople"


is assisted by the "Enterprise" transporting Kareen Brianon to
Starbase 6. The knowledge of Ira Graves is deposited into the
"Enterprise's" computer [TNG 131].

stardate 42494.8
The U.S.S. "Lantree" supply ship is found with her entire ship's
complement dead, by the "Enterprise" which leads her to a genetic
engineering disaster at the Darwin science station on Gagarin IV. The
"Lantree" is destroyed to prevent contamination and the "Enterprise"
heads for Starstation India [TNG 133].

stardates 42506.5-42507.8
Commander Riker accepts transfer, temporarily, to the Klingon Bird of
Prey "Pagh," commanded by Captain Kargan. The Klingon captain
suspects treachery and a battle is narrowly avoided [TNG 134].

stardates 42523.7-42527.4
The "Enterprise" is docked at newly-established Starbase 173 near the
Neutral Zone for standard crew rotations. Data is put on trial for
his rights as a Star Fleet Officer when a young scientist, Commander
Bruce Maddox, wishes to disassemble and duplicate him [TNG 135].

stardate 42528.6
The "Enterprise" surveys the planet Elysia and halts the Samdan-Koner
Conflict [GN 6].

In an alternate universe, Data becomes a Human being, a gift from the
Elysian 'Gods' [GN 6].

stardate 42568.8
Assigned to transport a female ruler (Salia) from Klavdia III to Daled
IV, Ensign Wesley Crusher clashes with Allasomorph shape-shifting
beings [TNG 136].

stardate 42609.1
The U.S.S. "Yamato" (NCC-71807), another "Galaxy" class starship, is
destroyed mysteriously, near the Romulan Neutral Zone after locating
the planet Iconia within the Zone. The "Enterprise" later discovers,
almost too late, that an advanced Iconian computer virus is
responsible [TNG 137].

stardate 42625.4
An "Enterprise" away team, while exploring planet Theta (116) VIII,
becomes entrapped within an alien-generated simulacrum of an ancient
novel, 'Hotel Royale' [TNG 138].

stardate 42679.2
After leaving Starbase 73, enroute to the Endicor system, a
shuttlecraft ("El-Baz," NCC-1701-D/05) bearing a duplicate Captain
Picard is recovered by the "Enterprise." Her ship's log indicates
that the "Enterprise" was destroyed in the near-future. Trapped by an
energy vortex, the closed causal loop is broken by non-linear thinking
on Picard's part [TNG 139].


stardate 42686.4
At Starbase Montgomery, investigating minor engineering anomalies in
the "Enterprise," Commander Riker confronts his father. The tenth
anniversary of Lt. Worf's Age of Ascension is celebrated. Riker turns
down the offer to command a ship of his own, the "Aries" (NCC-45167)
in the Vega Omicron sector. The "Enterprise" heads for Beta Cupsic
[TNG 140].

stardates 42695.3-42741.3
Data makes contact with an inhabitant of Selcundi Drema IV, a planet
protected under the Prime Directive. Only through Dr. Pulaski's help
is the near-contamination prevented [TNG 141].

stardates 42761.3-42761.9
Q returns and flings the "Enterprise" over 7,000 light years into deep
space to the J25 system. The Borg, a race of cybernetic humanoids, is
encountered by the U.F.P. for the first time. Returned to the
original coordinates by Q, the "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 83 [TNG

stardates 42779.1-42779.5
Captain Picard undergoes a serious cardiac replacement operation on
Starbase 515 while Wesley Crusher takes his Star Fleet entrance exam.
Chief Engineer La Forge is kidnapped and forced to upgrade the systems
of the "Mondor," a Pakled ship in the Romboid Dronagur sector. The
operation is completed by Dr. Pulaski and the "Enterprise" resumes its
mission to the Epsilon 9 pulsar cluster for astronomical survey [TNG

stardates 42823.2-42827.3
The "Enterprise," departing from Starbase 73, is assigned to relocate
a lost Earth colony in the Ficus sector. Two troubled colonies from
the same colony ship are found and assisted [TNG 144].

stardate 42859.2
Lwaxana Troi returns to the "Enterprise" in search of a mate during a
mission to transport ambassadors from Antedi III to Pacifica. She
apprehends a pair of Antedian assassins planning on destroying the
conference [TNG 145].

stardate 42901.3
Starbase 336 receives an automated transmission from the Klingon
warship "T'Ong." Near the Boradis system, K'Ehleyr, a
half-Human/half-Klingon emissary is dispatched from Starbase 153 by
class 8 probe to the "Enterprise" in order to assist in the recovery
of the warship manned by pre-Alliance Klingons [TNG 146].

stardate 42908.6
The "Enterprise" recovers the crew of the "Gregor Mandel" in the
Trilik'Kon Mahk'ti system and puts an end to the Klah'Kimmbri
Conflicts [TNG #9].


stardate 42923.4
The "Enterprise" participates in wargames (Operation Lovely Angel)
with the 80 year old U.S.S. "Hathaway" (NCC-2593), a "Constellation"
class starship, in the Braslota system (Oneamisu sector) with Master
Strategist Sirna Kolrami. A Ferengi ship jeopardizes the lives of the
crew aboard the "Hathaway." Following the mission, the "Enterprise"
once again heads for the nearest starbase [TNG 147].

stardates 42976.1-42976.3
During a geological survey of Surata IV, Commander Riker becomes
infected with an unknown micro organism and for a brief time relives
past memories [TNG 148].

New Star Fleet uniforms are issued for Senior Officers. Chief
Engineer La Forge is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Lt. (j.g.)
Worf is promoted to full Lieutenant grade. Dr. Beverly Crusher
returns to the "Enterprise" as Chief Medical Officer [TNG 150].

Captain Ben Zoma, Commander Cadwallader, and Chief Joseph deliver
medicines to Daa'V [GN 9].

stardate 43125.8
Ensign Crusher accidentally frees enhanced Nanites, microscopic
robots, aboard the "Enterprise". The mission of deploying a neutron
star probe, developed by Dr. Paul Stubbs, in the binary Kavis Alpha
star system is jeopardized when they infect the ship's main computer
core. Lt. Commander Data establishes contact with them and permits
them to colonize Kavis Alpha IV [TNG 150].

Lt. Commander Data is given the difficult duty of evacuating Tau Cygna
V, an old U.F.P. colony in the DeLore Belt that lies within Sheliak
Corporate space [TNG 149].

stardates 43152.4-43153.7
The Delta Rana IV colony is found destroyed, with the exception of two
survivors (or so it seems). Lt. Commander Troi is under mental
attack. After discovering the true cause, a Douwd responsible for the
extermination of the Husnock, the "Enterprise" departs for Starbase
133 [TNG 151].

stardates 43173.5-43174.2
Accidental violation of the Prime Directive on Mintaka III, a
primitive world dominated by proto-Vulcanoids, leads Captain Picard to
explain the "Enterprise" to the natives [TNG 152].

stardate 43197.5
The Ariantu attempt to reclaim the planet Kirlos. The Sullurh are
given the world following the near-activation of The Howling God
super-weapon [TNG #12].

stardate 43198.7
Lt. Worf bonds with Jeremy Aster, son of ship's geologist Lt. Marla


Aster, killed during the exploration of a dead world. The planet's
non-corporeal inhabitants attempt to simulate her [TNG 153].

stardate 43205.6
An ancient Promellian warship is discovered intact in an asteroid
field in the Aurius IX system, but before long the "Enterprise" finds
itself within the same booby trap which doomed the ancient vessel.
Lt. Commander La Forge uses the holodeck to recreate the engineering
systems of the Enterprise to find an escape. Shutting down all
systems, the "Enterprise" escapes using just 2 maneuvering thrusters
[TNG 154].

stardate 43349.2
Chief Engineer La Forge is marooned on the hostile world Galorndon
Core when the "Enterprise" encounters a Romulan warship trespassing
into U.F.P. space. Two Romulans are recovered from a wrecked craft on
the surface. One is returned to the Romulan warbird, the other dies
[TNG 155].

stardate 43385.6
A 'stable' wormhole is negotiated for in the Barzan II system between
the U.F.P. and the Crusalians [TNG 156].

stardate 43421.9
The "Enterprise" negotiates with the Gatherers of Akamar III in the
Harami Gamma III system. Utah of the Tralesta Clan is executed. The
"Enterprise" heads for Starbase 343 to take on medical supplies for
the Alpha Leonis system, and for shore leave [TNG 157].

stardates 43462.5-43465.2
Outpost Sierra 6 detects a Romulan scout ship in the Neutral Zone.
Admiral Aledar Jarok, a Romulan, is tricked into defecting to the
U.F.P. The "Enterprise," lured into the Neutral Zone by the belief
that a first-strike base was being readied on Nelvana III, encounters
Commander Tomalak again. Backed up by Klingon Birds of Prey, the
"Enterprise" retreats [TNG 158].

stardate 43489.2
Roga Danar, a genetically-enhanced war veteran from Lunar 5, is hunted
aboard the "Enterprise" while negotiating with Angosia III. The
"Enterprise" heads for Starbase Lyra III [TNG 159].

A peace treaty is established between the U.F.P. and Cardassia, ending
a long conflict [TNG 186].

stardate 43510.7
Dr. Crusher is taken hostage by Ansada terrorists while delivering
medical supplies to the planet Rutia IV. After nearly destroying the
"Enterprise," the terrorists' H.Q. is located and Crusher is released
[TNG 160].

stardate 43539.1
Q is briefly stripped of his powers and exiled to the "Enterprise."


He stabilizes the moon of Bre'el IV, and is accepted back into the Q
Continuum. The "Enterprise" heads for station Negala IV [TNG 161].

stardates 43610.4-43611.6
Commander William Riker is accused of destroying a Batanica IV science
station and its head scientist, Dr. Nel Abgar. Further investigation
clears Riker of the charges. The "Enterprise" heads for Emela II
after delivering dicasilium [TNG 162].

stardate 43625.2
The "Enterprise" encounters a temporal rift on a mission to Archer IV
[TNG 163].

stardate 43657.0
While Commander Riker is on leave and the "Enterprise" is on a mission
charting the Celebi asteroid belt in sector 396, Lt. Commander Data
constructs an android named Lal. The android is deactivated after
suffering a complete neural breakdown. The "Enterprise" heads for the
starbase on Artar II [TNG 164].

Commander William Riker returns to Dante Maxima VII (Imprima) to solve
the theft of Fortune's Light [TNG #15].

The "Enterprise" is chosen as the site for a wedding between two rival
spacefaring families of the Tizarin. Lwaxana Troi and Q attend [TNG

stardate 43685.2
Worf's brother, Commander Kern, is assigned to the "Enterprise" as a
temporary replacement for First Officer Riker. Worf's father is
charged for the destruction of the Khitomer colony 20 years ago. Worf
accepts discommodation by the High Council for being the son of a
traitor [TNG 165].

stardate 43714.1
The "Enterprise" eradicates the Firox Plague on Corcoraldi V and
prepares to rendezvous with the "Hood" to assist in terraforming
efforts on Brawda IV, when a duplicate Picard diverts the ship to a
pulsar in the Lonka cluster. The real Captain Picard is kidnapped by
a group of aliens trying to understand alien interaction [TNG 166].

stardate 43745.2
Departing Jamatus V after two weeks of negotiating a trade agreement,
Captain Picard takes a week of shore leave on Risa while the
"Enterprise" undergoes an extensive overhaul at Starbase 12. Picard
finds himself involved with Vorgons from the 27th Century in search of
the Tox Uthat, a super-weapon, which he destroys [TNG 167].

stardate 43747.3
Eric Baldwin infects the computer of the "Enterprise" with a hybrid
'Boogeyman'-d'Ort'd virus [TNG #17].

stardate 43779.3


The "Enterprise" takes on Tam Elbrun from the "Hood," an eccentric
Betazoid, to aid in the contact of an alien life form/ship (Gumtu)
code-named 'Tin Man' in orbit of Beta Stramgrin. The "Enterprise"
heads for Starbase 152 for inspection and repairs. Tin Man and Elbrun
are unaccounted for [TNG 168].

stardates 43807.4-43808.2
The "Enterprise" is transporting tissue samples to Nami IV for the
treatment of Corellian fever on that world. Lt. (j.g.) Reginald
Barclay saves the "Enterprise" from destruction by isolating an
invidium contaminant from a broken cannister responsible for freezing
the matter-antimatter injectors. The "Enterprise" heads for Starbase
121 for a complete systems and bio decontamination [TNG 169].

stardate 43872.2
To neutralize tricyanate contaminated water on Beta Agni II, the
"Enterprise" obtains hytritium from Kevas Fajo, a space trader. Lt.
Commander Data is kidnapped by Fajo to complete his priceless
collection, but is taken into custody [TNG 170].

stardates 43917.4-43920.7
Ambassador Sarek is transported by the "Enterprise" from Vulcan to
Legara II to negotiate with the Legarans. Suffering from Bendii's
Syndrome, he is transported back to Vulcan aboard the "Merrimac"
(NCC-61827) and retires shortly afterwards [TNG 171].

stardate 43930.7
In orbit of Betazed in attendance of the Biennial Trade Agreements
Conference, Commander Riker and Lwaxana and Deanna Troi are kidnapped
by Ferengi, and rescued by the "Enterprise." Acting Ensign Wesley
Crusher is promoted to full Ensign. The "Enterprise" heads for
Zanthra III for rendezvous with the "Zapata" [TNG 172].

stardates 43957.2-43960.6
While on a mission to map the Zeta Galleus star cluster, the
prosecuted survivor of an alien race, a Zalconian, is rescued by the
"Enterprise" [TNG 173].

stardates 43989.1-43998.5
A distress signal brings the "Enterprise" to the Jureg IV colony. It
is found destroyed, with no survivors (900 colonists killed),
apparently by the Borg. The Borg make contact with the "Enterprise"
once again, capturing Captain Picard and converting him. The Borg
vessel sets course for sector 001: Sol III (Earth) [TNG 174].

stardates 44001.4-44002.3
Captain Picard is rescued by the "Enterprise" following an
unsuccessful attempt to disable the Borg vessel. Star Fleet
dispatches a fleet of 40 ships to engage the Borg vessel at Wolf 359.
39 of which are destroyed, including the "Tolstoy," "Melbourne," and
"K'ushui" (NCC-1801?)--over 11,000 are killed. Using Picard as a
link, Commander Data interfaces into the Borg network and issues the


sleep/regeneration command to disable them. The Borg vessel
self-destructs just minutes away from Earth. Picard is returned to
normal and the "Enterprise" is drydocked and repaired over the next 5
to 6 weeks in Earth orbit [TNG 175, TNG 195].

stardate 44012.3
While the "Enterprise" is being refitted in Earth orbit at the
McKinley Station, Captain Picard returns home. Lt. Worf is reunited
with his foster parents, Sergey & Helena Rozhenko, who are given a
tour of the "Enterprise" [TNG 178].

stardates 44085.7-44091.1
Dr. Noonian Soong summons his androids Data and Lore. Data
temporarily takes command of the "Enterprise," hijacking it to Soong's
planet. Soong dies after accidentally installing a chip in Lore
enabling the android to experience emotions. The "Enterprise" remains
at Starbase 416 for several days due to a minor medical emergency [TNG

stardate 44143.7
In sector 21947, the "Enterprise" rescues Jono (Jeremiah Rossa) from a
Talarian vessel. Captain Endar of the warship "Q'Maire" nearly goes
to war over custody of the Talarian-raised Human boy [TNG 176].

stardates 44161.2-44162.8
After departing Starbase 133 following standard "Enterprise" crew
rotation, an experimental static warp bubble transports Dr. Crusher
into another reality. The Traveler returns and retrieves her [TNG

Captain Morgen and his honor guard of seven Star Fleet officers he
served with on the "Stargazer," are transported by the "Enterprise" to
Daa'V. Dr. Carter Greyhorse attempts several assassinations to avenge
the death of Lt. Asmund [GN 9].

stardates 44215.2-44225.3
Enroute to Camus II for archeological survey, the "Enterprise" rescues
the survivors of the "Arcos" freighter. Ishara Yar aids the
"Enterprise" in rescuing the hostages on Turkana IV (New Paris) [TNG

Following a Gabriel storm, the "Enterprise" encounters a ship of
renegade androids, the "Freedom" (ex-"Conquest"), and a fleet of
Vemlan warships in pursuit. After negotiations, the Vemlan androids
proclaim themselves Spartacans and are provisionally granted U.F.P.
member status. Their vessel is escorted to Starbase 112 by the
"Enterprise" [TNG #20].

stardate 44246.3
The "Enterprise," in the Gamma Arigulon system, investigates radiation
anomalies reported by the starship "LaSalle." Klingon Emperor K'Mpec
dies from Ridian-6 poisoning. Rendezvousing with the "Enterprise," he
instructs Captain Picard to find his assassin and act in his name.


Lt. Worf meets his son, Alexander and kills Duras following the murder
of Ambassador K'Ehleyr. Worf's Human parents take Alexander into
their care at Starbase 73 [TNG 181].

stardates 44261.3-44263.9
Dr. Lynn Costa is murdered aboard the "Enterprise" while enroute to
Kayran Rock [TNG #16].

stardate 44286.5
Commander Riker finds himself aboard the "Enterprise" 16 years into
the future. It is a simulacrum created by a marooned alien child,
Barash, on Alpha Onias III near the Neutral Zone [TNG 182].

stardate 44295.7
On a routine mission to survey Domarus IV, the "Enterprise" aids the
starship "Glin-Kale," harboring the last of the Teniran Echelon.
Contact is made with the Shapers who request that the Tenirans
colonize their world which is named Mirrillon [TNG #19].

stardates 44307.3-44307.6
Enroute to Pentarus V via shuttlecraft, Captain Picard and Ensign
Crusher become stranded on Lambda Paz, a moon of Pentarus III. The
"Enterprise" aids Gamelan V with the removal of a rogue vessel
emitting lethal radiation and then rescues the officers. Ensign
Crusher leaves the "Enterprise" for the Star Fleet Academy [TNG 183].

stardates 44356.9-44359.5
On a mission to the Tlee Beta system, the "Enterprise" is stopped dead
in space by a field of two-dimensional creatures. Counselor Troi
temporarily loses her empathic ability and the "Enterprise" narrowly
escapes being drawn into a cosmic string fragment [TNG 184].

stardate 44390.1
Lt. Commander Data prepares a report for Commander Bruce Maddox about
his life as an android aboard the "Enterprise." The "Enterprise"
ferries Vulcan ambassador T'Pel--later revealed to be a Romulan
plant--into the Romulan Neutral Zone. Transporter Chief Lt. Miles
O'Brien marries Keiko Ishikawa. The "Enterprise" heads for Adeiphus
IV [TNG 185].

stardate 44429.1
The planetary government of Etolos requests the "Enterprise" in ending
long-standing hostilities with its neighboring planet, Alaj. Danid,
Supreme Primary of the Holy Bekeem, returns to Alaj [TNG #14].

stardates 44429.6-44431.7
While on a mapping mission near the Cardassian sector, the
"Enterprise" intercepts the "Nebula" class starship U.S.S. "Phoenix"
(NCC-65420) commanded by Captain Benjamin Maxwell. The Captain is
taken into custody after having destroyed a Cardassian base in the
Quaydar system, and escorted to Starbase 211 [TNG 186].

stardate 44474.5


A distress call brings the "Enterprise" to the science station on
Ventax II. A woman masquerading as the mythical figure Ardra is
apprehended [TNG 187].

stardate 44502.7
Following completion of a mission at Harakis V, the xenophobic Faxons
erase 24 hours time aboard the "Enterprise" to prevent discovery. The
"Enterprise" heads for Abadny IV [TNG 188].

The "Enterprise" makes first contact with the planet Malcor III [TNG

stardate 44614.6
Transporting equipment from Starbase 313 to an outpost in the Gerniga
system, Dr. Leah Brahms inspects the engines of the "Enterprise." A
space-going creature is encountered orbiting Alpha Omicron VII,
mistakenly destroyed, and its offspring delivered to an asteroid belt
[TNG 190].

stardates 44631.2-44642.1
The science vessel U.S.S. "Brittain" (NCC-21166) is found with its
entire crew dead in a Tyken's Rift by the "Enterprise," which itself
becomes entrapped. Counselor Troi makes contact with another vessel
trapped on the opposite end of the Rift and discovers a means of
freeing the ships, and the "Enterprise" heads for Starbase 220 [TNG

stardates 44664.5-44668.1
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge mutates from an organism picked up from
Tarchanon III. A race of non-sapient, nearly-invisible beings are
discovered on the surface of the planet. La Forge recovers [TNG

stardates 44704.2-44721.9
At the very edge of U.F.P. space, the "Enterprise" repairs the Argus
subspace telescope array and encounters an alien probe. Lt. Reginald
Barclay's intelligence is augmented and through alien compulsion
brings the "Enterprise" to the galactic core. First contact is made
with the Cytherians who exchange information with the "Enterprise"
[TNG 193].

stardate 44741.9
In orbit of Targus III, the "Enterprise" serves as host to the U.F.P.
Archeology Council's annual symposium. Captain Picard is reunited
with Vash when Q returns and traps the officers in a Robin Hood
simulacrum. Vash agrees to accompany Q [TNG 194].

stardates 44769.2-44780
Klingon exobiologist exchange officer J'dan and "Enterprise" crewman
Simon Tarsus are accused of sabotaging the ship's warp engines and for
a leaking information to the Romulans [TNG 195].

stardate 44793.6


The Borg return to U.F.P. space and destroy the planet Penzatti.
Delcara, one of the Shgin and Guinan's bonded sister, destroys several
Borg ships using an ancient planet-killer berserker ship. The
starships "Enterprise," "Chekov," and "Repulse" battle the Borg near
Tholian space, and dying Delcara swears vengeance as she takes the
planet-killer at high warp speed on a course into the heart of Borg
space [GN 8].

stardates 44805.3-44812.6
The U.F.P. offers to assist in revitalizing Kaylon II's sun. Dr.
Timison and Lwaxana Troi are transported to the Bracillus system where
a helium-ignition test is conducted using photon torpedoes fired from
the "Enterprise" [TNG 196].

stardates 44821.3-44824.4
Ambassador Odan, a Tril symbiont being, settles a conflict between the
moons Alpha and Beta of the planet Peli Azel [TNG 197].

stardates 44839.2-44840.8
The "Enterprise" is called to Beltaxiyan Minor, a Jaradan outpost in
the Archimedes sector, by the insectoid Jarada to open diplomatic
relations. The diplomatic party is split up on the surface and
eventually it is learned that the Jarada are suffereing from a
biochemical imbalance, resulting in insanity. Dr. Crusher and Selar
present them with a cure, but the xenophobic Jarada prefer not to
associate with the U.F.P. In the aftermath, Keiko O'Brien learns that
she is pregnant [TNG #22].

stardates 44885.5-44896.9
Enroute to Risa to attend an artificial intelligence seminar, Lt.
Commander La Forge is intercepted and brainwashed by Romulans into
assassinating Governor Vhag of Kreos. Ambassador Kel is revealed to
be aiding the Romulans in their goal of severing the U.F.P.-Klingon
alliance [TNG 198].

stardates 44932.3-44935.9
The "Enterprise" probes a dark matter nebula and encounters unique
space deformation pockets produced by the dark matter contents. The
ship heads for Starbase 260 after narrowly escaping the nebula [TNG

stardates 44995.3-44998.3
Captain Picard participates in the installation ceremony of Gawron, on
the Klingon home world, as arbiter of succession. The Duras family
line, allied with the Romulans, gather a large force near Beta
Thorador. Civil war erupts in the Klingon Empire, generated by
Romulans intent on breaking the Klingon-U.F.P. alliance. Lt. Worf
resigns his Star Fleet commission to aid in the war [TNG 200].

stardates 45020.4-45025.4
Star Fleet sets up a blockade between the Romulus and Klingon systems,
using a tachyon pulse web to locate cloaked Romulan warbirds. Captain


Picard meets Commander Sela of the Romulan fleet. The Duras influence
is broken and Worf regains his honor, and position in Star Fleet, as
the Romulan warbirds retreat [TNG 201].

stardates 45047.2-45048.8
Contact is finally established with the Tomarians after Captain Picard
risks his life communicating with Darmok on a hostile world [TNG

stardates 45076.3-45077.8
The Cardassians stage the destruction of the Solarian IV colony.
Admiral Kennelly assigns Ensign Ro Laren to the "Enterprise" to
perform a covert mission in violation of the Prime Directive [TNG

stardates 45122.3-45129.2
The almost-established Milona IV colony is wiped out by the crystal
entity which destroyed the Omicron Theta colony. Specialist Dr. Kyler
Mar is assigned to the "Enterprise" to aid in the problem. In the
Breckian cluster, she destroys the creature using a graviton beam [TNG

stardate 45156.1
Following a mission to Nudor V, the "Enterprise" strikes a quantum
filament, causing massive power and computer failures nearly
destroying the ship. Molly Miyaki Worf O'Brien is born. The
"Enterprise" heads for Starbase 67 for repairs [TNG 205].

stardates 45208.2-45212.1
Riker returns from leave on Risa with a psychotropically addictive
game, quickly distributed aboard ship. The "Enterprise" heads for the
largely uncharted Phoenix cluster on a survey mission after the
assignment of science teams to the "Enterprise" from the "Zhukov"
(NCC-62136). Wesley Crusher, on vacation from the Academy, joins the
"Enterprise" and with help from Ensign Robin Lefler, prevents a
Gitarian invasion. The Gitarian ship is towed to Starbase 82 and the
"Enterprise" rendezvous with the starship "Merrimac" to transport
Crusher back to the Academy [TNG 206].

stardate 45231.2
Star Fleet intelligence locates Spock on Romulus [TNG 208].

stardates 45233.1-45240.6
Recalled to Starbase 234, Admiral Ruah Brackett briefs Captain Picard
on the disappearance of Ambassador Spock. Ambassador Sarek dies.
Captain Picard and Lt. Commander Data are transported to Romulus
aboard the "Kruge," a Klingon Bird of Prey commanded by Captain
K'Vada. The "Enterprise" investigates the disappearance of the
starship "T'Pau" from the depot at Qualor II [TNG 208].

stardate 45245.8
Senator Pardek betrays Ambassador Spock. Commander Sela's plan of
conquering Vulcan fails and the stolen Vulcan ships transporting 2,000


Romulan troops are destroyed to prevent capture. Picard and Data
return to the "Enterprise" and Spock remains on Romulus to continue
his peace efforts [TNG 207].

stardates 45321-45323
Mind-rape occurs on Nell III [TNG 212].

stardates 45349.1-45351.9
The "Enterprise" aids Penthara IV's devastation following the impact
of an asteroid and is observed by a criminal time traveler,
Burlinghoff Rasmusen [TNG 209]

stardates 45376.3-45376.8
In orbit of Belana III, the "Enterprise" monitors the trial runs of
the Soliton Wave propulsion tests. Alexander Rozhenko joins the
civilian crew of the "Enterprise" [TNG 210].

stardate 45397.3
In sector 97, the research vessel "Vico" is found wrecked by the
starship "Enterprise." One survivor is rescued and the "Enterprise"
faces intense gravitic fields in the Black Cluster [TNG 211].

stardates 45429.3-45435.8
Mind rape is dealt with aboard the "Enterprise" when a group of Ullian
ambassadors are ferried to Starbase 4 [TNG 212].

stardate 45470.1
Tracking the course of a stellar core fragment, the "Enterprise"
establishes contact with a long-lost Earth colony on Moab IV. A
multi-phase tractor beam saves the colony from destruction, although
their contact with the U.F.P. disrupts the genetically-perfect society
[TNG 213].

stardate 45494.2
In the Epsilon Sola system, investigating signals in the search for
intelligent life, the "Enterprise" complement has their memories
suppressed by a Suteran weapon. The Suterans nearly convince the crew
to attack their enemies, the Liciums. The "Enterprise" heads for
Starbase 301 [TNG 214].

stardates 45571.2-45572.1
Non-corporeal aliens gain control of "Enterprise" officers Data, Troi,
and O'Brien and attempt to commandeer the starship, in orbit of Mabu
VI's moon [TNG 215].

stardate 45587.3
Lt. Worf's spine is crushed. He undergoes a risky genetronic
replication operation--and recovers [TNG 216].

stardates 45614.6-45620.4
A null space pocket is investigated by the "Enterprise." Commander
Riker nearly violates the Prime Directive by interfering with an
erogenous race. The "Enterprise" heads for the Felin system to


negotiate a trading agreement [TNG 217].

stardate 45652.1
Charting the unexplored Typhon Expanse region, the "Enterprise"
becomes trapped in time loop for 17.4 days. Breaking free, the
"Enterprise" encounters the U.S.S. "Bozeman" (NCC-1841) from 2278 [TNG

Stardate 45703.9
Back at the Star Fleet Academy to give the year's commencement
address, Picard finds Cadet Wesley Crusher recovering from a training
flight disaster. Crusher, and the remaining members of Nova squadron,
are severely reprimanded for having attempted the forbidden Covard
Starburst Maneuver [TNG 219].

Stardate 45733.6
A metal parasite from a destroyed asteroid near Tesson III (Pelorus
asteroid field) poses a threat to the "Enterprise." Lwaxana Troi is
wed aboard the "Enterprise" in Ten Forward [TNG 220].

Stardates 45761.3-45766.1
After picking up miners from Hanua IV and rescuing two Ferengi, the
"Enterprise" escorts the ambassador of Kreos to Valt with a unique
cargo: Kamalla, a metamorph, who bonds with Captain Picard [TNG 221].

Stardate 45852.1
A non-corporeal alien takes the form of a child's imaginary friend
while the "Enterprise" studies FGC 47, a nebula-shrouded neutron star
[TNG 222].

Stardate 45854.2
A lone Borg is rescued from a crashed scoutship by the "Enterprise."
The Borg, nicknamed Hue, becomes partially Humanized seperated from
the Borg collective intelligence, and is returned to his own people
[TNG 223].

While aiding a damaged Romulan ship, Ensign Ro and Lt. Commander La
Forge are temporarily presumed dead after being shifted out of phase
while beaming back to the "Enterprise" from the Romulans' experimental
molecular phase inverter. The "Enterprise" heads for Garadius IV [TNG

Stardate 45944.1
Following a magnetic wave survey of the Pabnenium system, an ancient
probe from Kitan (Selarian sector) is encountered by the "Enterprise."
A nucleonic beam from the probe allows Picard to live life as Kaman,
a Kitan inhabitant who lived 1,000 years ago, in 20-25 minutes of real
time [TNG 225].

Stardates 45959.1-45965.3
The "Enterprise" is called to Earth on a priority mission when Lt.
Commander Data's head is unearthed in San Francisco, having been
buried for nearly five centuries. Further investigation brings the


"Enterprise" to Dividia II (Morov sector) where a temporal disturbance
transports Data back in time to 1893 [TNG 226]...

Dr. Emil Costa's 5-year term of house arrest on Kayran Rock expires
[TNG #16].

The aging "Galaxy" class explorers are decommissioned as "Nova" class
starships enter service [NTM].

In the "Mirror" universe, the Star Empire begins to crumble [MM].

The U.F.P. is welcome to return to Velara III by the crystalline
micro-brains [TNG 117].

An alien super-weapon, the Tox Uthat, a quantum phase inhibitor
capable of halting all nuclear reaction within a star, is constructed
by Caldano and displaced back through time to the 22nd Century [TNG

The U.F.P. Treaty Zone is fully explored [LOR]?

The Energy Barrier's wavefront begins to impact on inhabited U.F.P.
worlds, according to K't'lk's calculations [TOS #13].

All life in the Andromeda galaxy is destroyed by high radiation

The Wanderers Who Play return to the U.F.P. to judge its progress [Log

* Star Trek Chronology (Version 5.0) Notes 9207.01 *

FASA dates have been ignored, except in certain cases where they have
been incorporated into the novels and do not conflict. All comic
books have also been avoided since I personally doubt their accuracy,
do not collect them, and am still recovering from the 1st generation
of Star Trek comic books from way back when. Many novels and short
stories are included however, though it is very doubtful that they all
occur in the same Star Trek timeline. Note that primarily only past
references of the novels and short stories are in the timeline. This
is because the majority of novels occur during the latter half of the


5-year mission (c. 2263-2265), and accurately piecing together the
exact order of novels and short stories is a near-impossible jigsaw
puzzle, especially where they contradict one another. Only specific
novels with relevant date references have been included, primarily
those that occur between Star Trek-The Motion Picture and Star Trek
II: The Wrath of Khan.

The Five-year Mission
The dates during which the famous 5 year mission occurs have been
obtained from numerous sources. The original Star Trek Time Line was
written by Chuck Graham and published in the fanzine Menagerie V, c.
1974. It was a mere two pages long with less than 3 dozen dates up to
the start of the mission (2260 A.D.), but it was reprinted in Geoffrey
Mandel's Starfleet Handbook and apparently made its way around in
fandom. The Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual went by these dates
and all other publications and blueprints followed suit and to this
very day "Tech Fandom" still very much abides by this chronology.
Around 1980, a poorly researched book came out called Star Trek Space
Flight Chronology which totally blew away all previously established

How was 2260 A.D. established for the start of the 5-year mission?
It's quite obvious that Star Trek is set in the 23rd Century, this is
an automatic "given" from sources such as The Making of Star Trek.
The question then arose as to exactly WHEN in this century.

Star Trek's second pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" had the
"Enterprise" recover the recorder-marker of an Earth ship at the edge
of the galaxy, the S.S. "Valiant." It was mentioned repeatedly that
the "Valiant" had been lost 200 years ago. For an Earth vessel to
travel that far it had to have had warp drive (despite Kirk's comment
about the inferior impulse engines of the "Valiant"). Warp drive was
developed by Earth in the 21st Century as we later would meet the
inventor, Zefram Cochrane in "Metamorphosis" who disappeared "150
years ago" by McCoy's reckoning. He was an old man at the time, in
Cochrane's own words, before the Companion rejuvenated him.
Furthermore, he went on to identify Mr. Spock as a Vulcan
(questionably), but had never heard of the United Federation of
Planets. These facts alone place "Where No Man Has Gone Before" no
sooner than the mid-23rd Century.

In the first season episode "Miri," the "Enterprise" encounters a
duplicate Earth where, we assume, history ran parallel to that on the
real Earth. Shortly after beamdown, Spock comments that it is Earth
circa 1960. Later on in the episode, Kirk and Spock come across an
ancient piano. Kirk asks Mr. Spock its age and Spock replies with the
figure of 300 years. 1960 + 300 = 2260 A.D.

"Space Seed," the episode by which Space Flight Chronology, and later
FASA, falsely places Star Trek around the early 23rd Century, must be
ignored. If we examine this episode closely from the start, Kirk was
confused by the age of the S.S. "Botany Bay." When first spotted,


Kirk mistakenly refers to it as a DY-500 series ship and Spock
corrects him "Much older, DY-100 series." After Khan's revival Kirk
tells him he was sleeping for "Two centuries we estimate." The DY-100
series was an interplanetary ship, according to Spock, last produced
and launched in the late 20th Century. Obviously the DY-500 came much
later (mid- or late-21st Century). Kirk absent-mindedly told Khan the
two centuries after the DY-500 series (c. 2050 + 200 = 2250).
Likewise, the date mentioned in "Squire of Gothos" must also be
ignored (placing Star Trek centuries LATER in time).

The animated series which followed went on to support the 2260 Star
Trek date. "The Terratin Incident" dealt with a lost Earth colony
stranded on the planet Cepheus. At the beginning of the episode,
Uhura picks up a message in interstat code, commenting that
interstat's been out of use for two centuries. We later learn that
the colony had transporters, which Mr. Spock was not surprised to
learn for an early Earth colony. The colony was originally named
Terra 10 and we assume that there were at least 9 other interstellar
Earth colony attempts previously. This suggests that transporter
technology was developed in the 21st Century, probably shortly after
warp drive. The episode "The Slaver Weapon" introduced us to the
Kzinti (borrowed from Larry Niven's Known Space books). We learn from
Mr. Sulu that the Kzinti fought 4 wars with Mankind and lost all of
them--the last one being 200 years ago. Indeed, Star Trek cannot take
place any EARLIER than 2260. In order to defeat the Kzinti, Earth had
to have had space flight and warp-driven ships. Quite possibly the
development of warp drive and transporter technology shortly
thereafter enabled Earth to conquer the Kzinti.

The novels which shortly followed supported this dating system. The
dates mentioned in "World Without End" place Star Trek some time in
the mid-23rd Century and the novel "Perry's Planet" is set around an
Earth colony launched about 300 years ago (a bit on the high side).
Later novels would, unfortunately, use FASA/Space Flight Chronology
dates ("The Final Reflection," "Final Frontier" and "Strangers From
The Sky"), which sets Star Trek around 2208 A.D.

Thus, the voyages of the "Enterprise" under Kirk's command occured
from 2260-2265 A.D. Other novels and references "fine-tuned" this a
bit. "Enterprise: The First Adventure" tells us that Kirk took
command of the "Enterprise" even earlier, 2258, based upon his age.
Furthermore, it would have taken time for Kirk to familiarize himself
with the ship before taking on any major missions. Shortly after
"Enterprise" comes the novel "Strangers From the Sky (Book II)," and
then on to "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (late 2259). This last
episode takes up the bulk of time between 2258 and 2260: the two-way
trip from U.F.P. space to the Energy Barrier at the edge of our
galaxy. Early 2260 is also spent uprating the "Enterprise"
("Constitution" class to the specs of the "Bonhomme Richard" class to
accommodate the more detailed "Enterprise" model--but that's ANOTHER
file in itself!) and of course the installation of new systems and the
institution of new uniforms ("Corbomite Maneuver" onwards). The 5
year mission therefore "officially" begins right after the


"Enterprise" returns and is refitted following the second pilot
episode, in early 2260. (Kirk's prologue explaining "Its five year
mission..." isn't even incorporated into the title sequence of the 2nd
pilot episode!).

Now if the order of the Original episodes are examined, you will
notice them to be in Production Order. Considering the minute changes
of systems (and uniforms worn) aboard the "Enterprise," there is
simply no other logical way to chronicle the episodes. Aired Order
begins with "The Man Trap," when clearly the first episode is "Where
No Man Has Gone Before." Taking them in Stardate Order is an
intriguing idea, but stardates do not hold up when the additional
stardates of the animated series and the novels are incorporated. In
fact, stardates actually OVERLAP in certain episodes ("Corbomite
Maneuver" and "The Man Trap"). In addition, many novelists don't take
stardates seriously. We have to live with the information in The
Making of Star Trek that stardates have no real chronological bearing
for the "Enterprise", even though the latest Next Generation episodes
have been trying to keep the stardate order consistent with the aired

Examining the Chronology you will see that the first season episodes
span the first two years, 2260 and 2261 and the second and third
season epsides are in 2262 and 2263 respectively. Why? "Charlie X"
is set in November as Kirk mentions Thanksgiving--the latter half of
the year. The episodes "Court Martial" and "The Menagerie" were
filmed one after another yet both take place at the SAME starbase 11
(despite Asherman's numerical errors in his Star Trek Compendium--we
have seen only ONE starbase in the original series: Starbase 11). We
first see the base being commanded by Commodore Stone and then we see
it commanded by Commodore Mendez. Obviously there is a considerable
gap of time between these two episodes. Furthermore, in "Day of the
Dove," Kang states that the Klingon Empire and the Federation have
been at peace for 3 years, NOT 2 as we would believe (deliberately
overlooking the possibility that he was referring to Klingon years).

Immediately following the original episodes are the 22 animated
episodes. They are not in Production Order, Aired Order, or Stardate
Order. They follow in the order in which Alan Dean Foster novelized
them. Why? A.D.F. has contributed more to the Star Trek Universe
than many other novelists in his Star Trek Log series of ten books.
They are linked together in his own unique order, with the last 4
adaptations blown-up into full-length novels, greatly expanded and
providing a rich source of information to Fandom. The "Klolode" class
ship name was taken from Star Trek Log 4, the concept of transporter
patterns being used for security purposes was taken from Star Trek Log
3, and the rich background of the characters Arex and M'ress were
drawn from these novelizations. Each of which was far more faithful
to the original work than any of James Blish's attempts. "The
Survivor" is said to take place on Christmas and thus is considered
the last episode of 2263. The bulk of the Star Trek novels follow the
animated episodes in the remaining 2263 and 2264 years. Early 2265
marks the end of the mission and "The Lost Years" follow immediately.


Two and a half years after, in 2267, Star Trek-The Motion Picture
takes place.

As previously stated, most Trek novels are set during the "5th year"
of the 5-year mission. They bridge the gap between the 22 cartoon
adventures and Star Trek-The Motion Picture. Arranging them in any
kind of order is nearly impossible because of the myriad number of
discontinuities introduced. It is highly unlikely that all of them
actually occur in the same universe or timeline--certainly not in the
brief year of time allocated. Still, I have made an attempt to
arrange the novels and short stories into a reasonable order. I've
also added on a few notes that helped me sort them, as well as glaring
errors contained within. It is not flawless, but is probably as close
as we'll ever come to a chronology of early/mid 2264 to March 2265:

"The Galactic Whirlpool" by David Gerrold [M'Ress & Arex still
aboard--along with Riley]
"Spock Must Die!" by James Blish [Yeoman Rand aboard]
"Spock, Messiah!" by Cogswell & Spano [Direct reference to "Spock
Must Die!"]
"Mudd's Angels" ("The Business As Usual During Altercations") by
J.A. Lawrence [Numerous Blish elements abound]
*"Star Trek: The New Voyages" edited by Marshak & Culbreath*
"The Price of the Phoenix" by Marshak & Culbreath
"The Fate of the Phoenix" by Marshak & Culbreath
"Planet of Judgment" by Joe Haldeman
"World Without End" by Joe Haldeman
*"Star Trek: The New Voyages 2" edited by Marshak & Culbreath*
"Vulcan!" by Kathleen Sky

"Death's Angel" by Kathleen Sky
"The Starless World" by Gordon Eklund
"Devil World" by Gordon Eklund
"Trek to Madworld" by Stephen Goldin
"Perry's Planet" by Jack C. Haldeman II
------------NEW NOVELS-----------------------------------------------
#2 "The Entropy Effect" by Vonda N. McIntrye
#3 "The Klingon Gambit" by Robert E. Vardeman
#12 "Mutiny on the Enterprise" by Robert E. Vardeman
#6 "The Abode of Life" by Lee Correy [Follows 'Klingon activity.'
Rand aboard.]
#11 "Yesterday's Son" by A.C. Crispin

#14 "The Trellisane Confrontation" by David Dvorkin
#40 "Timetrap" by David Dvorkin

#15 "Corona" by Greg Bear [Spock is 79!?]
#19 "The Tears of the Singers" by Melinda Snodgrass
#21 "Uhura's Song" by Janet Kagan
#22 "Shadow Lord" by Laurence Yep
#23 "Ishmael" by Barbara Hambly
#24 "Killing Time" by Della Van Hise [Chekov on 2-week leave.
Romulans have been silent for the past 5 years!?]


#28 "Crisis on Centaurus" by Brad Ferguson [Joanna is 21. "Court
Martial" over 2 years ago]

#29 "Dreadnought!" by Diane Carey [Ref. to '4th year refitting' &
newly painted insignia. Last time in Sol system was 1 year ago!
"Enterprise" now carries assault craft. Reference to Memory Gamma.
Scott has a mustache & a little gray. Upgraded hangar bay.]
#31 "Battlestations!" by Diane Carey [Weeks after "Dreadnought!" Lt.
Commander Sulu. Trilithium has been synthesized. U.S.S. "Hood"
assisting "Enterprise."]

#34 "Dreams of the Raven" by Carmen Carter [Kyle is Transporter
Chief. Nurse Chapel aboard. McCoy is 48?]
#36 "How Much For Just The Planet?" by John M. Ford [Very silly and
#41 "The Three-Minute Universe" by Barbara Paul [Transporter Chief is
still Kyle. Chapel is still a nurse.]
#42 "Memory Prime" by Gar & Judith Reeves-Stevens [Nurse Chapel is
aboard. Transporter Chief is Kyle. Mention of a Horta recently
enrolled in Star Fleet Academy (Naraht?). Scotty considers trilithium
to be a fictitious dream.]
GN 7 "Prime Directive" by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens [Takes
up over 4 months. Reference to the Nobel & Z. Magnees ceremonies in
"Memory Prime."]
#45 "Double, Double" by Michael Jan Friedman
#46 "The Cry of the Onlies" by Judy Klass
#27 "Mind Shadow" by J.M. Dillard [Security Chief Lt. Tomson and
Ensign al-Baslama introduced. Tomson noted as serving long on the
"Enterprise" but only recently promoted to Chief. Nurse Chapel
aboard. Repetitive mispellings: Ensign 'Chekhov' and Transporter
Chief 'Lyle'!]
#30 "Demons" by J.M. Dillard [2nd main-stream Tomson novel. Last
shore leave was 7 months ago.]
#32 "Chain of Attack" by Gene DeWeese [Followup to "The Abode of
Life." Lt. IngriD Tomson aboard.]
#37 "Bloodthirst" by J.M. Dillard [Intership beaming, field suits.
3rd main-stream Tomson novel. Given date: October 31st!]
#43 "The Final Nexus" by Gene DeWeese [Followup to "Chain of Attack"
which occurred 'a couple of months ago.' Lt. Tomson is Security
Chief. Chapel is still a nurse.]
#55 "Renegade" by Gene DeWeese [Intership beaming, field effect
suits, atmospheric containment field on hangar deck, Kyle is
Transporter Chief.]
#13 "The Wounded Sky" by Diane Duane [Security Chief Matlock(!) and
Lt. Harb Tanzer aboard. Kirk's 1st meeting with Lt. Commander Lia
Burke--being trained to be a nurse by Nurse Chapel.]
#50 "Doctor's Orders" by Diane Duane [Tomson is Security Chief.
McCoy has Commander rank. Lia Burke acting as Head Nurse while Chapel
offship doing doctorate practices. Kirk's birthday was "not too long
#26 "Pawns and Symbols" by Majliss Larson [followup to "Procrustean
Petard" of "Star Trek: The New Voyages." Given date: Dec. 31st!]


#8 "Black Fire" by Sonni Cooper [STTMP uniforms first issued.
Naturally-occuring trilithium discovered. Chekov promoted to Lt.
"Hood" destroyed. "Enterprise" heads for new repairs...]

"The Lost Years" by J.M. Dillard [Bridges Mission & STTMP]
#54 "A Flag Full of Stars" by Brad Ferguson [The author blew the date
by 3 years by having it set during the Apollo Moon Landing

Note that the two "New Voyages" books are collections of short
stories. Not all of which are set in the same timeline. This is
especially true for "Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited" (a comedy
where the actors transpose with their characters) and "Mind Sifter"
(involving Captain Spock rescuing Kirk A.W.O.L. for a year in Earth's

Here's how I developed it. The novels were first arranged in order of
publication. This was done because later novels would sometimes build
upon earlier ones (i.e. particular events and characters). The
influences of the films are also evident in the novels and the
advances of technology. Next, all novels set after Star Trek-The
Motion Picture were eliminated, along with the few novels set during
the original series ("Web of the Romulans," "The Vulcan Academy
Murders," "The IDIC Epidemic" and the more recent "Ghost-Walker") or
before it ("Vulcan's Glory," "Enterprise: The First Adventure").
Next, novels were grouped by author, in most instances. Many writers
recycle minor characters, and considering crew rotations at starbase
layovers it seems plausible that they would occur very close to one
another. The character of Dr. Rigel in "Vulcan!" reappearing in
"Death's Angel" is a good example. There are exceptions, of course.
An example is "Yesterday's Son" and "Time For Yesterday." Both are by
the same author, A.C. Crispin, yet "Time" clearly is set between Star
Trek-The Motion Picture and ST II. Sequels are common, including
"Battlestations!" which immediately follows "Dreadnought!" Finally,
arranging the novels by data supplied in each--no easy task! The
easiest to handle were the 'chained' adventures such as "Spock Must
Die!" and "Spock, Messiah!" Early on in "Messiah" McCoy jokes "The
last time Scotty operated the tranporter we got duplicate Spocks" and
a footnote confirms that it immediately follows "Spock Must Die!"
Similarly, "The Final Nexus" is a follow up to "Chain of Attack" which
is in turn a followup to "The Abode of Life."

Ingrit Tomson, Security Chief aboard the "Enterprise" is another
useful key in chronicling the novels. She first appeared in
"Mindshadow" by J.M. Dillard and has survived all the way through "The
Lost Years," the prequel to Star Trek-The Motion Picture, which
officially marks the end of the 5-year mission. Her character was
borrowed by other authors and has appeared frequently, but this may
end due to new Paramount restrictions on Trek authors... The obvious
point remains: she was the last Security Chief and novels featuring
her should be grouped. "The Lost Years" indicates that she served
under Kirk aboard the "Enterprise" for 4 years, starting out not as


the Chief but as a security guard or other junior position.

Diane Duane complicates matters. In her novels set during the tail
end of the 5-year mission, Nurse Chapel has left the "Enterprise" to
get her doctorate. Her replacement is Lia Burke, introduced to us in
"The Wounded Sky." Then why do the Ingrit Tomson novels, last in the
series, sometimes feature Nurse Chapel aboard? Also featured in this
novel is another security chief (Matlock)! Diane Duane's final novel,
"Doctor's Orders," however, features BOTH Chief Tomson AND Lia Burke!
In "The Lost Years," when the "Enterprise" enters dock, Nurse Chapel
is mentioned as still being aboard and intent on getting her
doctorate... One solution is to take the Duane novels as being in an
alternate timeline--but that's not for me to decide. Another solution
is that she left and came back.

Make no mistake, this order is not flawless--it depends on how deeply
you want to dig.
Consider "Spock Must Die!" the first Star Trek novel. Written by
James Blish who did the novelizations of the classic episodes, he adds
a brief footnote in a 3rd season novelized episode referring to "Spock
Must Die!" Going by this, one would think that the novel takes place
before or during the third season--but it's chock full of references
to many other third season episodes After the key episode! It ends
with the Organians depriving the Klingons of space travel. As a
result, "Spock Must Die!" was placed at the top of the "5th Year List"
of books, bunked down only by "The Galactic Whirlpool" which features
Arex and M'Ress AND Chekov, apparently bridging the animated series
with the novels.

Another example is the more recent novel "Faces Of Fire." The
"Historian's Note" at the beginning (which has not always been
reliable) states that the story begins on stardate 3998.6 "which would
place it about halfway through the starship 'Enterprise's' original
five-year mission." How can an old stardate which does not appear
ANYWHERE in the actual story be used to calculate when in the 5-year
mission the story takes place? Old stardates can vary from 1254.4 to
7403.6 in the original series and don't progress sequentially.
Stardates aside, the novel either fits into Trek's 2nd season or after
it (5th year, maybe). The ship's complement and rank all reflect the
original 5-year mission, including the presence of Lt. Leslie and Dr.
M'Benga. Pinpointing exactly WHEN is the real challenge... M'Benga's
appearance would immediately have us place it after "Journey To Babel"
(since after this episode, the doctor is transferred to the
"Enterprise" as covered in the novels TOS #20 & #38). Chekov is also
manning the navigation station on the bridge, again placing it as a
2nd season episode or later in the chronology (we know from ST II that
he was aboard the "Enterprise" in the first season but not then as the
ship's navigator). One comical segment of the novel has a character
ask Chekov what he is going to do when he meets his first Klingon.
Chekov met a Klingon crew in "Day of the Dove" (3rd season), again
placing the novel in the 2nd season somewhere. One would think that
the "new biomonitors" installed in sickbay would push the placement of
this novel into the "5th year" but the Malurians immediate necessitate


the placement before "The Changeling" even though Dr. M'Benga was not
aboard then (at least not a normal member of the ship's complement).
In "The Changeling" the entire Malurian race was "sterilized" by
Nomad. I very much doubt there are two Malurian races, though it is a
possibility (in the episode, Kirk mentions that Dr. Manway was
stationed there. No mention of this doctor is made in the novel). In
any case it appears that "The Changeling" is set sometime after "Faces
Of Fire." We can now narrow down the placement of the novel between
"The Changeling" and "Catspaw" (first episode of the 2nd season).
Note that in the earliest episodes of this season Chekov was
essentially an assistant science officer before serving at the helm
alongside Sulu. We move the estimated placement further down... All
that is left to go by now is the stardate: 3998.6. The closest
approximation is somewhere near "The Doomsday Machine" (stardate
4202.9). Fortunately not all novels are this difficult.

More problems of this sort accumulate because authors refuse to accept
or view the animated episodes. In "Dreams of the Raven," Bob Wesley
still commands the U.S.S. "Lexington" as in "The Ultimate Computer."
But as we all know, he left Star Fleet to become the governor of the
Pallas XIV system ("One of Our Planets is Missing")... "Yesterday's
Son" makes no reference to "Yesteryear" yet clearly takes place
afterwards as proven in the sequel "Time For Yesterday"... "Dreams of
the Raven" gives us McCoy's current age as being 48--clearly a "5th
year" novel, but a bit off... The novel "Bloodthirst": Kirk doesn't,
at first, know what a vampire is. The novel "Death's Angel," on the
other hand, tells us he was haunted by vampire myths since
childhood... "Black Fire" ends with the "Enterprise" heading for some
new repairs, Chekov promoted to Lt., and new ST-TMP uniforms recently
issued. Clearly the last episode in the bunch, but it contradicts
"The Lost Years" where the ST-TMP uniforms again first appear...

The Movies
Undisputably, the films Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek
III: The Search For Spock, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, and Star
Trek V: The Final Frontier all occur one after another with very short
time lapses between each. In fact, the above four films are set
within one to two years time, no longer. Many months being the crews
exile on Vulcan between ST III and ST IV, and the alteration of bridge
and systems of NCC-1701-A between ST IV and ST V.

This leaves us with the gap of time between Star Trek-The Motion
Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. From the statements of
Kirk and Khan we are led to believe that "Space Seed" happened 15
years ago. There is therefore a gap of 7-8 years between ST-TMP and
ST II. Unfortunately this does not hold up under intense analysis.
There is overwhelming data to suggest that "Space Seed" occurred
further back than just 15 years.

1. In ST II, Kirk reads the date 2283 off of the Romulan ale bottle.
McCoy replies that it needs to age. Assuming it is an Earth date and
not a Romulan date (FASA fans prefer the latter) then the timeline is


off by 8+ years, as it brings us to 2275.
2. In ST III, Admiral Morrow states that the "Enterprise" is 20 years
old. What comes as a shock to the officers is Star Fleet's idea of
decommissioning the "Enterprise." Although externally scarred from
battling the "Reliant," the "Enterprise" was still quite intact and
repairable. If there was only a 7-8 year gap between the time she was
rebuilt and the time Star Fleet wants to decommission her, something
is terribly wrong. Even more troubling is the 20 years statement,
when it should be more like 55 years. The "Enterprise" is the pride
of the Fleet, the finest starship and according to unanimous tech
sources, the uprated "movie Enterprise" has a duration of 22 years.
3. In ST V, The Planet of Galactic Peace was established between the
Klingons, Romulans, and Federation. If "Space Seed" (a 1st season
episode) was really 15 years ago, then it occurred the same year as
"Balance of Terror": the Federation's only contact with the Romulans
in a century's time. According to Spock, in "Balance of Terror," no
Human, Romulan, or ally had ever seen the face of the other. In other
words, Nimbus III was settled 5 years BEFORE "Balance of Terror" which
is impossible. It's also quite unlikely that the war-mongering
Romulans would sit down with the Federation and agree to jointly
settle a planet.

What is the solution to all these discontinuties? If Admiral Morrow
was referring to the age of the UPRATED "Enterprise" of ST-TMP, then
most of these problems are solved. 2267 + 20 = 2287. The date comes
reasonably close to her maximum duration deadline (22 years). The
date also surpasses the 2283 date on the ale bottle, well within the
"need to age range" (4 year old ale). It's also a reasonable amount
of time after "Balance of Terror" for the Romulans to reacquaint
themselves with the U.F.P. Furthermore, the actors would be
portraying characters much closer to their actual ages. Otherwise,
Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley would have been portraying characters 10+
years younger than themselves in ST V! The Federation Reference
Series, Ships of the Fleet, and other "Tech Fandom" works accept this
20 year gap. The only glitch in this approach is the 15 year
statements in ST II. Some were made by Khan: perhaps a Ceti Alphan
year is longer than an Earth year? Either way he still clung to 200
years from 1996, "On Earth--200 years ago--I was a prince..." He was
clearly confused about time passage. FASA fans and friends of Shane
Johnson's books who dispute this and point to the service pins on the
uniforms as a "proof" of a 7-8 year gap will be sad to know that the
pins don't hold water under close analysis, since Kirk (/./././)
should have at least one more 5 year pin and possibly 2 of them (Kirk
was at the Academy 15 years before "Space Seed" according to "Shore
Leave"). There are even MORE problems if anyone's compared the
service pins on Spock (..////..), McCoy (/../../), Chekov (..///..)
and other officers. These pins and bars probably represent
commendations and citations earned by the officer, and not service
length at all. Even in ST VI, the number of pins and their
arrangements remain identical to those in ST II.

The Next Generation
How well does the timeline hold up when Next Generation dates and


references are taken into account? Very well, but there are

In "Encounter at Farpoint," Data states McCoy's age at being 137.
This places the first season of The Next Generation in the year 2355.
Towards the end of the first season, Data GIVES us the year as being
2364. Finally something undisputable to work with! There is a +9
year discrepancy. In the 3rd season, we are told by Data in
"Evolution" that the last shipwide computer failure in a Star Fleet
starship was 79 years ago. 2364 + 3 (3rd season/year) = 2366. 2366 -
79 = 2287! 2287, the year of our last 4 Trek movies, the year of
NCC-1701-A's launch and it's flop in ST V due to a shipwide computer
failure. There is little doubt why Data was given this line in
"Evolution" and it's highly unlikely for it to be mere coincidence.
Right on the nose. More recently, in "Cause And Effect" we were
greeted to an ancient ship from the stated year 2278--the ST II
uniforms and bridge design were employed, along with a modified
"Avenger" class ship (called "Soyuz" class)--which neatly fits into
the Chronology between ST-TMP and ST II. In "Sarek," Picard tells his
bridge officers that Sarek is 202 years old. In "Journey to Babel"
Sarek stated his age as being 102.437--about 100 years between the two
episodes. Using my timeline, taking "Journey to Babel" as being in
2262 and "Sarek" as being 2366, there's a +4 year discrepancy. One
possible means of explaining away the problem of age is time dilation:
the slowing down of time aboard ships approaching light speed in real
space. Although it's generally assumed that the time dilation
problem's been licked in Star Trek via warp drive which seemingly cuts
out all relativistic effects, sublight travel (shuttlecraft and such)
should still be subject to the effects. Over a great period of time,
this can add up. Consider the possibility that a being in Star Trek's
time may have a biological age (the subjective age of the being's
body) and a chronological age (the being's objective age computed from
birthdate and present date). In the novel "Enterprise: The First
Adventure," it is stated that Yeoman Rand had experienced this
firsthand and used it to her advantage. The more recent novel,
"Vendetta," also explains that time dilation occurs in warp space, or
at least at excessively high warp factors. With all the time McCoy
and Sarek spent in space, it would add up to a few years.

It's quite apparent where the Star Trek script writers got their dates
from. They went by the original series dates (1966-1969) and added
300 years on. The 2364 of The Next Generation was probably chosen
because it is 4 centuries after "The Cage," Trek's first produced
episode (1964). When ST II was filmed, it WAS nearly 15 years after
1966's "Space Seed." By the time ST III came out, the "Enterprise"
(the original model, that is!) was around 20 years old. The same
figure of 20 years was used to place the time of The Planet of
Galactic Peace. The ages of McCoy and Sarek were only roughly
estimated by the writers based upon these factors, and in either case
failed to take into account minute changes, such as "Sarek" being a
third season episode. The year 2287 of ST V was appropriately chosen
because it is nearly contemporary and nearly the year of ST V's
release, minus three centuries.


Popular Misconceptions
I know that many of you, after reading the launch dates of the
"Enterprise" and the other "Constitution" class heavy cruisers, are
shocked by them being some 40 years before Star Trek's first year.
One of the most damaging misconceptions introduced by the Space Flight
Chronology book was that the "Enterprise" and her sisters had only
been a couple decades old at the time. FASA, of course, spread this
around and many authors accepted it without question. According to
The Making of Star Trek: "The 'Enterprise' ['Constitution'] class
starships have been in existence for about 40 years..." Alan Dean
Foster, in his novelization of "The Counter-Clock Incident,"
additionally has the retiring first captain of the "Enterprise"
(Robert April) say, repeatedly, that he first took command of her four
decades ago. Franz Joseph's classic Star Fleet Technical Manual gives
a listing of all 14 original "Constitution" class ships, among them is
the "Valiant" (NCC-1709) listed as 'lost in the line of duty.' In "A
Taste of Armageddon," the "Valiant" was lost on a mission to Eminiar
VII "50 years ago," according to Spock. A bit on the high side, but
nevertheless lost decades back. There was another "Valiant" lost 200
years earlier mentioned in "Where No Man Has Gone Before," the S.S.
"Valiant," one of the first Earth starships. We never hear of the
"Constitution" class "Valiant" ever again, unlike the other 13 ships
which surface in novels and fan fiction. "Tech fandom" took FJ's Tech
Manual and blueprints a step further and published exact launch and
commissioning dates for all vessels: they were launched almost exactly
40 years before the first year of Star Trek. All other "tech fandom"
sources invariably agree: Ships of the Fleet, Heavy Cruiser Evolution
Blueprints, Federation Reference Series, Starfleet Handbook and many
more. Those who reject this explanation that starships could remain
in service for so many decades should take into account how these
ships were uprated to accomodate the new technology available--as well
as looking over "The Battle," "Peak Performance," and the novel "Eyes
of the Beholders" which goes to show that 80-100 year old ships are
still spaceworthy. After 80 years, the "Excelsior" class ships also
seem pretty active in The Next Generation. One of the original
"Constitution" class ships makes an appearance in the Next Generation
novel "The Captain's Honor"--revamped and renamed, and the hull of an
"Enterprise" (or "Tikopai") class heavy cruiser is seen among the
wreckage in "The Best of Both Worlds Part II." The TNG novel
"Reunion" also features the "Constitution" class starship "Lexington"
in chapter 2.

Just as Spaceflight Chronology diverged from the age of the
"Enterprise," so it does for the age of the transporter. SFC and FASA
have both claimed that the transporter is a relatively recent 23rd
Century invention--both consistently ignore the animated series too.
The Terra 10 Earth colony ship launched roughly two centuries ago, in
"The Terratin Incident," had transporters. Transporter technology may
have been lost or banned after the 21st Century, one might speculate.
While there's nothing else to either prove or disprove when the
transporter was invented, it did play a key role in the episode, and
if it weren't for the Terratins having transporters, the episode would


have came to a sinister end!

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual
This latest source is packed with information on TNG. While there is
no conflict with 24th Century dates, there are some glitches in 23rd
Century dates. These are to be found on page 3 of the manual. It
begins by saying that in 2277 the "Enterprise emblem" was adopted in
place of individual insignia for each starship... There's Hot debate
here: Did each and every starship in Star Fleet have an individual
uniform insignia? FASA and the old Concordance went along with this,
"tech fandom" did not. Why not? In "Court Martial" Kirk meets
several Academy buddies on Starbase 11. They are all wearing the
familiar arrowhead uniform insignias. In "The Tholian Web" if careful
observation is made of one of the deceased officers in sickbay aboard
the "Defiant" the same insignia can be seen on his uniform. In "The
Eye of the Beholder" all members of the spacecraft "Ariel" are wearing
the arrowhead uniform insignia (despite the Concordance's and Shane
Johnson's attempt to distort it). The old Star Fleet Technical Manual
describes the arrowhead as the division insignia of Star Fleet Armed
Forces and makes no distinction between ships, likewise the Medical
Manual, and other pre-ST-TMP "tech fandom" books and prints. The
original U.S.S. "Enterprise" Officers Manual and the Federation
Reference Series describe it as a function of both placement and rank.
Commodores wore a stylish "I"-shaped insignia ("The Doomsday
Machine"), Fleet Commodores--those assigned to Star Fleet/Starbase
shore facilities--wore star-shaped insignia ("Trouble With Tribbles,"
"Court Martial" etc.), Fleet Captains wore rectangular insignia
(Captain Tracey and the CMO in "Omega Glory"), Academy midshipmen wore
miniature star insignia ("Shore Leave"), Monitor station (ST-TMP) and
Earth Outpost station ("Balance of Terror") personnel wore circular
insignias, Merchant Marines wore arrowhead insignias with two
additional points ("Pirates of Orion"), Penal/Rehab Colony personnel
wore the unique hand/bird insignia ("Dagger of the Mind" & "Whom Gods
Destroy"), and Science Probe/Survey vessel personnel wore another
circular insignia variant ("Charlie X"). FASA went along with the
idea of individual ship insignias and cooked up the idea that the
"Enterprise" was the only surviving "Constitution" class ship to
return, thus Star Fleet decided to honor her by adopting her insignia
and making it standard throughout the Fleet--in order to justify the
changeover to standard arrowhead insignias in the films... So how
about this 2277 date? It is possible that ALL insignia above were
dropped by 2277, and this one standard insignia was adopted. In any
case I don't think it's a big deal and I don't know why I'm typing up
all this and making such a fuss...

The manual then states that the first starship "Enterprise" was
commissioned in 2245. As stated above, there is an abundance of
information working against this date. However, considering that it
comes right after Captain April's service aboard the "Enterprise," it
is not too far fetched to assume that the ship was REcommissioned
following some minor refitting in this year. Following this, three
other dates are mentioned. 2284: the ship was reassigned to training
duty at the Academy--this date is right on the ball, and comes


straight out of the Federation Reference Series (TO:01:04:01:09.41).
The remaining two dates (2285: the destruction of the "Enterprise" in
ST III, and the commissioning of NCC-1701-A in 2286) are a couple
years off and should be dismissed as poor research on the part of the
writers. Further research reveals that they got these two dates from
Starfleet Prototype, a relatively new manual which incorporates
elements of both the Officers Requirements Manuals and Ships Of The
Star Fleet. Page 8 states that heavy cruisers began to be
decommissioned in 2285--this was misinterpreted to mean that ST III
was set in this year. While the ship designs in this manual are sound
and are logical developments from Ships Of The Star Fleet and other
"mainstream tech fandom" works, Starfleet Prototype has some
inconsistencies: Transwarp is considered to be a success and ships are
scheduled to be retrofitted with the new drive, certain starship
classes consist of hundreds of ships, and the first paragraph on page
8 says the "Constitution" class was launched in 2260.

Sternbach and Okuda are, after all, technical designers and are not
necessarily historians--at least not of the 23rd Century. Their realm
is the 24th Century...

The TNG manual does give us some problems with starship classes.
Beginning on page 3, it says that NCC-1701-A was a "Constitution"
class starship (despite "tech fandom," FASA, the novels, and everyone
else being in agreement that the movie "Enterprise" was "Enterprise"
class and bore little similarity to her original configuration!). I
would guess that this was done for simplification, and to avoid
confusing the readers. Even more disturbing is the statement that she
was going to be christened the "Yorktown" as opposed to "Levant" (or
originally "Ti Ho" if you like Shane Johnson's stuff)... I suppose it
might have been one of many projected names chosen--but then what of
the original "Yorktown"? The manual makes little distinction as to
whether NCC-1701-A was in name the "Yorktown" or the actual ship
upgraded. I go with the former. In any case she is now the

Other instances of this oversimplification of starship classes are
evident on page 32. The "Reliant," "Saratoga," "Lantree," and
"Brittain" are all lumped together as "Miranda" class starships,
despite the first two ships having been in service over 80 years
ago--100 years or more ago going by their initial launching and
commissioning. The "Reliant" was an "Avenger" class heavy frigate and
the "Saratoga" was a "Cyane" class heavy frigate--incorporating newer
systems and an improvement on the "Avenger" class, utilizing the same
basic hull design. The "Miranda" class was constructed decades later,
again utilizing the same general form as the "Avenger" class, and
includes the "Lantree" and "Brittain." It may even be possible that
the "Saratoga" was upgraded to the "Miranda" class. Yet we're talking
about different classes. From the information in "Unnatural
Selection" and "Night Terrors" the "Miranda" class has a ship's
complement in the vicinity of 25 to 35, and is used as either a supply
ship or as a research ship. A far cry from the "Avenger" and "Cyane"
classes with complements in the range of 360.


Vulcan Dates
Some dates are not Earth Old Calendar dates, but Vulcan. Two
different systems are in use: Vulcan Years and Vulcan Old Date. The
former was used in the animated episode "Yesteryear" and is apparently
the current system in use on Vulcan. 8877 Vulcan Years is equal to
the Earth date 2232 A.D., the date of Spock's Kahs-wan maturity test.
It is this dating system which is used in certain "tech fandom" books
notably the Star Fleet Medical Reference (which happens to footnote
that they are dates Post-Surak which does not follow certain sources).
Vulcan Old Dates seem to be used strictly in the novels and are
longer than 4 digits. A Vulcan year is equivalent to 123.02 Earth
days according to the U.S.S. "Enterprise" Officer's Manual which
originally appeared in Geoffrey Mandel's Star Fleet Handbook. Gene
Roddenberry's novelization of Star Trek-The Motion Picture supports
this in a footnote (9 Vulcan years is approx. 2.8 years)--very close.
Spaceflight Chronology, on the other hand, states that Vulcan years
are LONGER than Earth years...and it would seem that the authors of
Trek fiction may be working by this. The date 140005 is given for the
death of Zakal in "The Lost Years" AND for the year of The 80,000
departing Vulcan in "The Romulan Way"--yet it cannot be considering
the later references in "Romulan Way" place the migration at at least
100 A.D. In any case, the V.O.D. given in "Lost Years" for the
present day return of the "Enterprise" from her 5-year mission is

Whenever possible I've added stardate references drawn from the
episodes. Note that when two stardates are given they do not
represent the true "upper and lower bounds" for the episode but rather
the first and last stardates given. Stardates given in novelizations
have been ignored, as they are sometimes wrong (one of the flaws of
the Foster Log Series which uses alternate stardates). Note that some
stardates are drawn from "tech fandom" sources (mainly the birthdates
of the crew from the U.S.S. "Enterprise" Officers Manual). Bjo
Trimble's Concordance, while being an excellent reference, sometimes
rounds stardates off or supplies dates not even given in the series
and was also ignored.

Episodes in the original series, animated series, and novels do not
follow sequentially. If stardates were in order, then the animated
episode "The Magicks of Megas Tu" (sd. 1254.4) would precede "Where No
Man Has Gone Before" (sd. 1312.4), the first episode with Kirk in
command. This simply cannot be. Even in the latter episode, on
Kirk's tombstone, his stardate of birth reads 1277.1 (even though his
middle initial is "R" instead of "T" on the same stone). Other
episodes overlap stardates. "Miri" begins at stardate 2713.5 and goes
through 2717.3. "Dagger of the Mind" is from 2715.1 through 2715.2!
In other instances, stardates jump back and forth in individual
episodes (listen carefully to the logs in "The Enemy Within," "Spock's
Brain," "Gamesters of Triskelion," "Mudd's Women," and many others).
Either Kirk and Spock are very careless or else there's something to
stardates being nonsequential.


According to Gene Roddenberry himself, in The Making of Star Trek:
"This time system adjusts for shifts in relative time which occur due
to the vessel's speed and space warp ability. It has little
relationship to Earth's time as we know it. One hour aboard the
'Enterprise' at different times may equal as little as three Earth
hours. The star date specified in the log entry must be computed
against the speed of the vessel, the space warp, and it's position
within our galaxy, in order to give a meaningful reading."

"I'm not quite sure what I meant by that explanation, but a lot of
people have indicated it makes sense," Gene later said. I wish it did
make sense, it's been bugging me since the first time I watched Star
Trek. One theory is that the U.F.P. Treaty Zone might be divided up
into "time zones" where stardates may increase and decrease. This
would explain why the date crashes down to 1254.4 in "Magicks of
Megas-Tu" when the "Enterprise" is at the galactic center. Why the
dating system should be this way is beyond me. If stardate shifting
is indeed tied to warp travel, another theory is that Cochrane's
Factor (see Star Trek Maps' Intro to Navigation Manual) might play a
vital role. Anyhow, stardates are "supposed to" progress normally
outside of warp travel in a fixed place--at least all the research
I've done into it says so. Under these conditions, the numbers to the
left of the decimal point are days and the digit to the right of the
decimal represents the time (in tenths of a day). So an example would
be stardate 4213.5 being noon of one day and 4214.5 being noon of the
next day. For more accuracy it may be extended to two digits after
the decimal point. This was the case in "Requiem For Methuselah," the
only episode from the original series to do so. Time was of the
essence as Kirk desperately needed Ryetalyn to combat the plague
aboard ship, as you recall. Note that this timekeeping system in use
aboard ship is not necessarily in sync with the ship's own timekeeping
system of military hours, but in the case of the episodes "Contagion"
and "Identity Crisis" (regarding visual logs) they WERE. If the digit
is a true representation of the time in tenths of a solar day, then
the following table could be used:

Duty Shift Sections
(IF Stardates are in sync with ship's time)
.041 = 1:00 A.M.
.083 = 2:00 A.M.
.1 = 2:24 A.M.
.125 = 3:00 A.M.
.167 = 4:00 A.M.
.2 = 4:48 A.M.
.208 = 5:00 A.M.
.250 = 6:00 A.M.
.292 = 7:00 A.M.
.3 = 7:12 A.M.
.333 = 8:00 A.M. Gamma Section off/Alpha Section on
.375 = 9:00 A.M.
.4 = 9:36 A.M.
.417 = 10:00 A.M.


.458 = 11:00 A.M.
.5 = 12:00 P.M.
.542 = 1:00 P.M. [13:00]
.583 = 2:00 P.M. [14:00]
.6 = 2:24 P.M. [14:24]
.625 = 3:00 P.M. [15:00]
.667 = 4:00 P.M. [16:00] Alpha Section off/Beta Section on
.7 = 4:48 P.M. [16:48]
.708 = 5:00 P.M. [17:00]
.750 = 6:00 P.M. [18:00]
.792 = 7:00 P.M. [19:00]
.8 = 7:12 P.M. [19:12]
.833 = 8:00 P.M. [20:00]
.875 = 9:00 P.M. [21:00]
.9 = 9:36 P.M. [21:36]
.916 = 10:00 P.M. [22:00]
.958 = 11:00 P.M. [23:00]
1.000 = 12:00 A.M. [24:00] Beta Section off/Gamma Section on
(Note: Duty shift sections rotate by 8
hours every two weeks. Source:
Line Officer Requirements Manual,
Vol. I).

Stardates used in The Next Generation are taken much more seriously.
They consist of 5 digits to the left of the decimal point. According
to the Writer's Guide, the first digit (a 4) is used to represent The
Next Generation, the following digit represents the season, and the
remaining 3 digits vary. This was done strictly for continuity, to
keep the numbers within an acceptable range: 4xxxx.x. A very
reasonable range, too: stardate 7412 (STTMP) + 36500 (100 years
converted to days) = stardate 43912, or late in the year 2366--less
than a year off, taking Star Trek-The Motion Picture as taking place
in mid-2267 A.D. Too bad this doesn't work for all stardates, but the
range is what matters. Even with this degree of refining stardates,
the episodes are still not in order. Stardates jumped all over in the
first season of The Next Generation. The second season episodes were
almost aired in stardate order. By TNG's third season and onwards,
episodes were aired in stardate order. Taking this a step further, we
know from "The Neutral Zone," a first season episode, that the year
was 2364 and all stardates of this time began with 41. Likewise,
stardates of TNG's 2nd season began with 42, and the third season 43.
Therefore, to calculate the year a TNG stardate falls in, take the
first two digits of the stardate and add 2323 (fans of R.A. Wilson &
Robert Shea's "The Illuminatus! Trilogy" should LOVE this).

Miscellaneous Notes And A Little Speculation
After reading "Survivors" it's clear that there are two different New
Paris colonies. New Paris was first mentioned in "The Galileo Seven"
in the original series as the destination of the "Enterprise's"
medical supplies. In "Survivors," New Paris is an ancient Earth
colony settled sometime in the 21st Century--and completely out of
contact with Earth and the U.F.P. until its rediscovery in the 24th
Century. Tech fandom has the original New Paris world settled in 2105


A.D. and a major colony. Since the TNG New Paris colony was
apparently settled decades earlier, the later colony might have been
named after the former world believed to be "lost." Anyhow, it's just
a name, and in "Legacy" New Paris was simply called Turkana IV...

If the dating of the planet-killer by Spock in Blish's "Star Trek 3"
novelization of "The Doomsday Machine" is accurate, then the Borg
could very well be the oldest race in the galaxy. The Blish dates are
highly questionable (and wrong in many cases) but they are still dates
and sometimes the only sources available. If the over 3 billion years
old figure is correct, then the Borg undoubtedly started out
assimilating non-Humanoid races and bore little resemblance to the way
they are known in TNG's time. Another interesting point is the
interior of the anti-Borg planet-killer described in "Vendetta."
Crystalline structures that harness all matter of energy: physical,
kinetic, electromagnetic. In "Beyond The Farthest Star," the
"Enterprise" encounters a gigantic alien pod ship derelict over three
hundred million years old, once commanded by an insectoid being. Part
of its interior consisted of ceiling-high energy accumulator wands:
receptors to attract and store energy much like that in the
planet-killer. Apparently the Borg absorbed this race also...

There are two different classes of "Galaxy" class starships. The
first "Galaxy" class ships were commissioned sometime near the end of
the 5-year mission. These are small, fast exploratory ships and the
first manned vessels to pierce the Barrier and explore other
galaxies--far-fetched, but I don't write this stuff! They are
mentioned in Vonda N. McIntyre novels and in Diane Carey's
"Dreadnought!" novel. The more familiar "Galaxy" class ships we are
accustomed to were commissioned about a century later and have only
the class name in common.

We know from "Peak Performance" that the "Constellation" class
cruisers are at least 80 years old. In the novel "Time For
Yesterday," another U.S.S. "Constellation" is destroyed. It is not
the same ship from "The Doomsday Machine," nor is it the frigate of
Ships Of The Fleet. This starship appears to be the class ship of the
"Constellation" class of TNG, but Starfleet Prototype says that the
"Constellation" class star cruisers were newly-proposed and still on
the drawing boards (design tanks) in the 2290's...

The "god" appearing in ST V may be related to the Cytherians of "The
Nth Degree." Both of which originate from the galactic core region
and are advanced non-corporeal entities. The novelization of ST V
also leads one to believe that the Great Barrier was constructed to
contain the creature--a Cytherian renegade sentenced to life

The Klingon homeworld in "tech fandom" is known as Kazh, the second
planet orbiting the binary star Klingonki Kazara. The novels and FASA
call it Klinzhai. Other sources, and the oldest of novels, call it
Klingon, Klingonii, or just Kling. Some people have argued that just
as our world has many names in many languages, so does the Klingon


planet. Others claim that Klinzhai and Kazh are two different worlds.
I've tried to keep the name consistent with the source material. Now
with ST VI, the name Kronos has been offered and there is no concrete
information to support this world as being the homeworld. Some
believe that Kronos was the original homeworld in ST VI and the planet
seen in TNG is another homeworld resettled...

FASA and certain novels maintain that the Klingons in the original
series were "Human fusions." "Tech fandom" and Roddenberry reject
this idea, claiming that there are different racial groups of
Klingons. I like to think of the "Fusion" concept as an early U.F.P.
explanation for the physical differences, no doubt originated by Dr.
Emanuel Tagore, which was proven wrong [TOS #16].

The U.S.S. "Lynx" timeship blueprints place the Eugenics Wars only 218
years before the launching of this unique starship. It is probably
another typo. Swapping the 8 and the 1, making 281 years, is more
reasonable and fits the facts: the incorporation of a cloaking device
and the modern Class 1-b hull. This places the launch/commissioning
around 2275 and not 2212.

I understand that some people are confused over Federation Member
Worlds and the number of worlds in the U.F.P. New civilizations
accepted into the U.F.P. receive either Full or Associated member
status. The large bulk of U.F.P. member (or allied) systems are
Associated members and number in the thousands by the 2280's. Full
members (which number under 30 by the year 2268) are given greater
attention in the Chronology and their admission numbers are noted.
Full-status member worlds have higher status than Associated member
worlds in the U.F.P. and are represented on the Federation Counsil,
are regular contributors to the Federation Treasury etc.

To avoid any confusion (and to toss out any ideas that I have been
influenced by FASA in any way), I should say a thing or two about the
"Transwarp Drive retrofit" mentioned in the very late 23rd Century.
As early as the U.S.S. "Ingram" class blueprints, Transwarp was noted
as being a failure. The TNG Technical Manual adds that certain engine
components were integrated into later (standard warp drive) propulsion
systems. Yet the Strategic Design Group's Starfleet Dynamics,
NCC-1701-A Deck Plans, and especially Starfleet Prototype state that
Transwarp had not failed and existing ships would be retrofitted with
the new drive system. Originally described as utilizing the wormhole
effect (ST-TMP) to gain an extra exponent velocity increase (Wf^4) in
the Officers Requirements and Starfleet Dynamics manuals, the much
more recent Starfleet Prototype manual states that the Transwarp Drive
Retrofit involved the simple matter of fine-tuning the intermix and
the installation of energy polarizers inside of the nacelles. This is
a radical departure from the original Transwarp concept (by the same
authors no less) and it is not too far fetched a notion to assume that
post-ST III references to "Transwarp" are more in line with an
offshoot of the original failed Transwarp drive--yet are erroneously
called Transwarp due to the many support systems salvaged from the
original Transwarp Drive Project. The Prototype manual even goes on


to describe the resulting warp field as having a dynamic rippling
texture--not unlike the drive field produced by TNG's "Galaxy" class
starship. Certainly the nacelles on the "Excelsior" class ships in
service in TNG's time are no different externally and our brief peek
at Mr. Scott's engine room (and intermix shaft) in ST VI bears more
than just a passing resemblance to the intermix core of the "Galaxy"
class "Enterprise"--intermix flow and all. Simply the improved
energy-generation systems in use on the original "Excelsior" were
incorporated into the next generation of warp drive with the name
Transwarp loosely tagged on in some instances. This explains the
passing references to "Transwarp" in certain texts and blueprints
(Joshua Class Command Cruiser General Plans).

Throughout the Chronology, I've spelled Star Fleet as two words. Most
early novels did as well as the classic Franz Joseph works. It's
still split into two words in most "tech fandom" publications today,
although "officially" it's Starfleet as used in TNG, the films, and
even in the original series ('For Eyes of Starfleet Command Only' from
"The Menagerie").

Everyone has requested where certain entries and dates came from, so
I've tagged on codes in brackets. For the original series and
animated series episodes, I've used the call letters developed by Bjo
Trimble for her classic Concordance. Star Trek movies have been
designated ST-TMP, ST II, ST III, ST IV, or ST V. Note that these may
also refer to information taken from the novelizations and not
necessarily the movies themselves. The Next Generation episodes
presented a problem. Rather than trying to contrive my own call
letters for each episode, I simply used the production numbers. TNG
101/102 is "Encounter at Farpoint" (parts 1 & 2), TNG 103 is "The
Naked Now" etc.

The Pocket Books novels conveniently use numbers to identify them.
Thus: TOS #54 is the Star Trek novel "A Flag Full of Stars" from The
Original Series, and TNG #16 is The Next Generation novel
"Contamination." David Gerrold's novelization of "Encounter at
Farpoint" is designated TNG #0. The # sign is used to differentiate
between TNG novels and live-action episodes. Also, TNG episodes are 3
digits long and TNG novels are 1 or two digits. Assuming the Eugenics
Wars don't disrupt Pocket Books' publishing schedule, TNG novels won't
reach the 3-digit mark until around 2004 A.D.

The so-called "giant novels" created a problem. I simply listed them
in publication order and numbered them:
GN 1: "Enterprise: The First Adventure"
GN 2: "Strangers From The Sky"
GN 3: "Final Frontier"
GN 4: "Spock's World" (First TOS hardcover novel)
GN 5: "The Lost Years"
GN 6: "Metamorphosis" (First TNG "giant novel")
GN 7: "Prime Directive"


GN 8: "Vendetta"
GN 9: "Reunion"
GN 10: "Probe"
GN 11: "Imzadi"

An even bigger problem were the original novels by Bantam Books. So I
did the same, preceding each number by ON (Old Novel):
ON 1: "Spock Must Die!"
ON 2: "Star Trek: The New Voyages"
ON 3: "Spock, Messiah!"
ON 4: "The Price of the Phoenix"
ON 5: "Planet of Judgement"
ON 6: "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2"
ON 7: "Mudd's Angels"
ON 8: "Vulcan!"
ON 9: "The Starless World"
ON 10: "Trek to Madworld"
ON 11: "World Without End"
ON 12: "The Fate of the Phoenix"
ON 13: "Devil World"
ON 14: "Perry's Planet"
ON 15: "The Galactic Whirlpool"
ON 16: "Death's Angel"

The Alan Dean Foster "Log Series" of novelizations of the animated
series has added much background to the Trek universe. Any info taken
from them is indicated by Log n, where n is from 1 to 10. Similarly,
the James Blish novelizations of the original series are indicated by
ST n, where n is from 1 to 12. The ADF "Log Series" was recently
reprinted. The James Blish series was also reprinted, but all
adaptations were re-edited into a 3-volume collection, rearranged into
production order. These novelizations may also be found in hardcover
format in the "Star Trek Reader" series, common in libraries.

"Tech Fandom" posed the biggest problem, and the only solution was to
invent call letters...
ACP: S.S. Aurora Class Space Cruiser Blueprints
AES: Avenger Class Evolution Sheet
CCP: U.S.S. Caracal Class Command Cruiser Blueprints
CDP: U.S.S. Sherman Class Cargo Drone Blueprints
CTP: U.S.S. Durance Class Cargo/Tug Class Blueprints
DCP: U.S.S. Detroyat Class Heavy Destroyer Blueprints.
DDS: Dreadnought Design Sheet (Federation II & Ascension)
DPS: U.S.S. Decatur Prototype Test Starship Sheet
DYC: DY-Series Comparison Chart
EBP: U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Blueprints
ECP: U.S.S. Excelsior/Ingram Space Control Ship Blueprints
FCP: U.S.S. Federation Class Dreadnought Blueprints
FRS: Federation Reference Series
FSF: From the Files of Star Fleet Command
HCE: U.S.S. Enterprise Heavy Cruiser Evolution Blueprints
HCFP: U.S.S. Almeida Heavy Cruiser/Freighter Blueprints
HFP: U.S.S. Avenger Class Heavy Frigate Blueprints


ICP: U.S.S. Independence Class Armed Freighter Blueprints
LOR: Line Officer Requirements Manuals (2 volumes & 1 supplement)
LTP: U.S.S. Lynx Timeship Prototype Blueprints
MCP: Merchantman Class J Cargo Ship Blueprints
MDS: Menahga Tactical Battlecruiser Development Sheet
MRM: Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual
NTM: Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual
SCP: U.S.S. Saladin Class Destroyer/Scout Blueprints
SFD: StarFleet Dynamics
SFE: Star Fleet Enginery Sheet
SFH: Star Fleet Handbooks
SfP: Starfleet Prototype
SotF: Ships of the Fleet (Vol. 1)
SsD: Starship Design
STM: Star Trek Maps and/or Introduction to Navigation Manual
TBoT: The Best of Trek (paperbacks)
TM: Star Fleet Technical Manual
TMoST: The Making of Star Trek (paperback)

In closing, let me add that I am NOT responsible for CREATING this
chronology. These dates are COMPILED from numerous sources, spanning
over 15 years, from Star Trek "tech fandom" which has been responsible
for much of the detailed technical background of the Star Trek
Universe. The material from the novels was simply integrated in based
upon references given. As for the chronology itself, here are some of
my main sources, a bibliography:

The Starfleet Handbook (1975): Chuck Graham's 2-page Star Trek
Timeline which set the trend for future Trek historians. Not very
accurate for certain dates, but overall forming the layout of Trek

Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual: featuring an impressive Medical
Timeline of dates and a detailed listing of elements and their dates
and places of discovery.

U.S.S. "Enterprise" Officer's Manual: the first book to accurately
nail down the starting and ending dates of the 5 year mission. The
manual is also a treasure chest of birthdates and service records of
the "Enterprise" officers, and also the first occurance of the launch
date of the "Constitution" class heavy cruiser (c. 2217), nicely
jibing with the material in The Making of Star Trek and Star Trek Log
7. As a side note, a Revised U.S.S. "Enterprise" Officer's Manual was
later published--drastically changed with dates ALTERED to fit into
the faulty FASA roleplaying/Spaceflight Chronology universe. MUCH was
removed and some pages were added, with considerable contributions
from Shane Johnson, a die-hard FASA supporter who has his own
conflicting tech drawings. The Revised manual should be ignored
date-wise at the very least. It's also not to be confused with the
ST:TNG Officers Manual or any other Officers Manuals which are common
in Trek role-playing games.


Star Trek Maps: once again adding to what went before it, this
beautiful package features the U.F.P. mapped out in 4 colorful maps
based upon actual star charts PACKED with details. The 29 U.F.P.
worlds' admission dates into the Federation are given here along with
the founding/contact dates in an Introduction to Navigation Manual,
which also provides insight into the chronological development of warp

U.S.S. "Avenger" Class Blueprints: mostly background information and
dates about how the "Reliant" of ST II evolved in an excellent set of

Starship Design: a 23rd Century Naval publication showing numerous
ships and their backgrounds.

Line Officer Requirements: a 3-Volume set (Volumes I & II plus a
supplement). The least impressive of all manuals, artwork-wise, but
easily surpassing FASA works in workmanship and research (if
overlooking numerous typographical errors). Numerous historical dates
are given. Portions of these manuals were reprinted as the Starfleet
Dynamics manual, with some updating but sadly plenty of typos still.

Federation Reference Series: 6 issues forming an updated tech manual
which includes THE best guide to Star Fleet uniforms ever. The actual
launch dates of classic Star Fleet ship classes are given along with
their status codes (based upon the Subquadrant info in Star Trek
Maps). Dates of uniform issuing, the Klingon War etc. The first
manual to go by the 20 year gap (ST-TMP/ST II) assumption. This
series may have recently been reprinted as Starship Command Pack

U.S.S. "Ingram/Excelsior" Blueprints: nice prints of an upgraded
U.S.S. "Excelsior" offshoot. Acknowledges the 20 year gap (as does
all publications from here on) and supplies dates concerning the
transwarp development and the date of the most recent films (2287).

U.S.S. "Enterprise" Heavy Cruiser Evolution Blueprints: 3 giant sheets
packed with info, expanding upon Federation Reference Series, giving
the launch and commissioning dates of heavy cruisers and how the
U.S.S. "Enterprise" was uprated over the decades to match the latest
heavy cruiser specs.

Ships of the Fleet (Vol. I): an expansion of Heavy Cruiser Evolution
Blueprints but with emphasis upon their current status. Not only
featuring heavy cruisers but also the Belknap strike cruiser and rich
backgrounds of each class.

Starfleet Prototype: a companion manual to the Ships of the Fleet
manuals, written by the same people behind the Officers Requirements
Manuals but of much higher quality, almost equal to Ships of the
Fleet. Although a welcome followup, the manual contains several
inconsistencies to be avoided, including the successful development of
Transwarp drive and a brief history of the "Enterprise" class on page



Oh, one more thing... This Star Trek Chronology is copyright 1992 by
'James Dixon'. It's not to be sold or altered in any way but you're
free to distribute it around all you'd like... In fact, I'm hoping
that you do. Leave the altering to me. I'm sure that by the time you
read this file my original will be greatly expanded. This originally
started off as a hobby for my own private use and I had no intention
of uploading it. Now it's grown beyond that.

Special thanks go to "Captain" Lyndon Brunel for technical support and
additional research and, of course, my deepest thanks to those who've
contributed to and expanded upon "tech fandom"...

Also checkout my other text files (available at the same place you got
this one I'd assume):
Star System Coordinates
Enterprise Construction History
Starbase Guide
Bonhomme Richard Vs. Achernar Class
Treknical Acronyms And Abbreviations
Starship Classifications
Starship Registries/NCCs


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