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Listing of Beer Fests. for '93.
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Listing of Beer Fests. for ’93.
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The following information was printed in Nov.Dec. 1992
Issue of "Barleycorn".

1993 Beer Festival Calendar:

Milwaukee WI: Blessing of the Bock
14 Breweries, Info: (414)372-8800
New York NY: AIWF Beer & Food Festival
27 Breweries, Info: (212) 447-0456
Seattle WA: Small Brewers Beer Festival
20 Breweries, Info: (206)365-5812
Boston MA: Boston Brewers Festival
35 Breweries, Info: (617)547-2233
Brant WI: Wisconsin Microbrewers Beer Fest
12 Breweries, Info: (414)849-2534
San Luis Obispo CA: California Festival of Beers
60 Breweries, Info: (805)544-1538
Chicago IL: Goose Island Anniversary
Breweries TBD, Info: (312)915-0071
Adamstown PA: Great Eastern Invitational MicroB Fest.
16 Breweries, Info: (215)484-4385
Oakland CA: Village Brewfest
30 Breweries, Info: (510)651-8444
Ft.Collins CO:Colorado Brewers Festival
21 Breweries, Info: (303)498-9070
Moraga, CA: Saint Mary's Beer Fest
25 Breweries, Info: (510)631-4200
Portland OR: Oregon Brewers Festival
50 Breweries, Info: (503)628-1227
San Francisco CA: KQED Beer Festival
200 Beers (NOT breweries), Info: 415-553-2200
Mountain View CA: California Small Brewers Festival
45 Breweries, Info: (415)965-2739
Brooklyn NY: Brooklyn Beer & Crab Festival
3 Breweries, Info: (212)675-4984
Annapolis MD: Celebrate Annapolis Festival
6 Breweries, Info: (410)280-3306
Snowmass CO: Rocky Mountain Beer Festival
25 Breweries, Info: (303)923-2000
Madison WI: Great Taste of the Midwest
22 Breweries, Info: (608)244-4142
Gilroy CA: Historic Gilroy Downtown Brewfest
10 Breweries, Info: (408)842-6964
Boston MA: WBUR Brewer's Offering
25 Breweries, Info: (617)353-2790
Santa Rosa CA: Something's Brewing
40 Breweries, Info: (707)579-1500
Chicago IL: Midwest Brewers Oktoberfest
14 Breweries, Info: (312)915-0071
Warren VT: Vermont Brewers Festival
16 Breweries, Info: (800)451-4213
Vail CO: Vailfest
20 Breweries, Info: (303)479-2280
Seattle WA: Nortwest Ale Festival
20 Breweries, Info: (206)365-5812
Tannersville PA: German Beer & Wurst Festival
20 German Beers (NOT Brewers), 717-629-1661
Newport OR: Newport Microbrew Festival
25 Breweries, Info: (503)265-3188
Denver CO: Great American Beer Festival
168 Breweries, Info: (303)447-0816
Philadelphia PA: International Beer Tasting
32 beers (NOT brewers), Info: (215)735-1525
Lake Harmony PA: Great Brews of America
15 Breweries, Info: (800)255-7625
Berkeley CA: KPFA Holiday Beer Tasting
21 Breweries, Info: (510)848-6767

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