Dec 302017
Newsletter for Star Gazer Shareware Organization.

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STARgazer vol 1, no. 1: Official newsletter
of STAR, Shareware Trade Association &
Resources. STARgazer has celebrity writers,
human interest stories, controversy,
resources, ads, letters to the editor,
transcripts of the first STAR meeting and
information on how to join STAR. HOT!!

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Newsletter for Star Gazer Shareware Organization.
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Contents of the ORDERFRM.TXT file


Fill out this form and send it to STAR to be entered in a free
drawing. Win the Apogee product of your choice plus a free STAR
tee shirt! No purchase required to enter the contest.





If you want to join STAR, answer the following questions:

Membership class preferred:
[ ] user
[ ] developer
[ ] distributor

Annual membership dues enclosed: (Make checks payable to STAR)
[ ] user $30.00 (non-voting membership)
[ ] basic $50.00
[ ] contributing $100.00
[ ] supporting $175.00
[ ] Super STAR $250.00+

Joining STAR entitles members to receive future issues of
STARgazer (which may or may not be distributed through shareware
channels) as well as the benefits and discounts that become

Comments to STAR: (Use additional paper if necessary)

Mail the above form to our treasurer and membership chairman:

Roger Arias
Membership Coordinator, STAR
c/o Contact Plus Corporation
P.O. Box 372577
Satellite Beach, FL 32937-0577

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