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LOVEBASE: 300 great love poems for the idealist or romantic.

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Lovebase: 300 great love poems for idealists
the very best love poems to bring fire to
even the coldest of hearts, and to awaken
the idealist within your soul. Learn of
love's beauty, fantastic love, erotic love,
the contradictions of love, love's lies,
the humour of love, and more.

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LOVEBASE: 300 great love poems for the idealist or romantic.
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A Database of Love Poems

- being -

An Exercise in Idealism

For the romantic spirit

Version 1.9

Copyright (c) Kevin Solway 1994


Short description: 300 great love poems for idealists

Long description:

THE LOVE BASE contains THREE HUNDRED of the very best love poems
to bring fire to even the coldest of hearts, and to awaken the
idealist within your soul. Use these poems as an inspiration to
write your own love poems, and to win the heart of that special
person (or scare them away). Learn of love's beauty, fantastic
love, erotic love, the contradictions of love, love's lies, the
humour of love, and much more.


Files on the distribution disk:

LOVEBASE.EXE: The main program

LOVEBASE.DOC This documentation

REGISTER.FRM Registration form


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shareware) is an attempt to provide software at low cost. The
cost of offering a new product by conventional means is
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NOTE: This program is not free, but is a "shareware"
try-before-you-buy product. To become a registered user of
THE LOVE BASE, you need to fill-out the following (or the
accompanying registration form) and send it to me at the address

THE LOVE BASE version 1.9

Registration (v1.9).......... @ $ 10.00 ea $ ______
(One dollar from every order
goes to save the rainforests)

If you want to be sent a copy of the
latest version of THE LOVE BASE when
it becomes available, add $6 for
postage and handling .......... $ 6.00 $ ______

Disk size required ___________________

Total $ ______

Name : ____________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

: ____________________________________________________________

: ____________________________________________________________

I would also appreciate any input you would care to give concerning
THE LOVE BASE. If you have any ideas or comments that would make this
a better program, then please let me know.

If you have some favourite love poems that are not included in THE
LOVE BASE then please send a copy of them to us so we can include

Comments and/or suggestions:




Please remit to:

Kevin Solway
P.O Box 207
University of Queensland
St Lucia 4067


This program is provided AS IS without warranty, expressed or



Just type LOVEBASE from the DOS prompt and press the return key
to run the program.

All function keys are displayed on the screen.

Select section from the menu. Bring the menu up at any time by
pressing the letter "M".

Find text by pressing "F". Use this to search for an author's
name or for keywords. A global search will search from the very
first entry through to the very last. A local search is
considerably faster but searches only the section you are
currently viewing.

Repeat the last find operation by pressing "R".

Print the currently displayed entry by pressing the letter "P".

Send the currently displayed entry to a text file on disk by
pressing "T".

"G"o to entry number. Goes immediately to the entry number

Up and down arrow keys move through the entries one at a time.

Pressing the spacebar moves forward through the entries one at
a time.

Home and end keys move to the first and last entries



We live in an age devoid of ideals, devoid of dreams, devoid
of hope. The dollar is our God, television our mentor, the
newspaper our Bible. Drugs and sex make our heaven. Nobody
even thinks of perfection as we strive headlong for mediocrity
with workman-like efficiency.

We are dying.

The ideal of perfect romantic love is far from being the
loftiest of ideals. It hardly compares with the ideals of true
knowledge and wisdom. Yet the romantic ideal is far superior to
the so-called ideals of material wealth and power. And like the
king in Kierkegaard's parable, we may learn to risk everything
in order to make love (perfection) possible.

An ideal is the most wonderful disease, for it makes one
totally dissatisfied with life. Only then can one look higher,
higher, and maybe . . . begin . . . to think.


Special mention:

A significant number of the poems in The Love Base have been
contributed by local poet/philosopher Dan Rowden. I would be
pleased to pass on any correspondence to him if you should wish
to contact him. I understand he is looking for a publisher for
his latest work.


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* All these shareware programs are available from me,
the author at:

Kevin Solway
PO Box 207
University of Queensland
St Lucia 4067


- Contribution from a user -

"Love hurts"

by John E. Pickersgill

I knew a man called Tom McPherson.
He was a very clumsy person.
Two left arms and two left feet,
The clumsiest man you'd ever meet.

Each step he took he fell down twice.
He tripped and stumbled all through life.
Accidents that couldn't happen
Were Tom McPherson's daily pattern.

Now you may doubt and you may scoff,
But he's fell in and he's fell off,
Everything you'd care to mention,
Although, it's not been his intention.

One day in Spring he fell again,
In love this time with clumsy Gwen.
Her two left feet and two left arms,
He thought her most appealing charms.

Of course you'd have no doubt at all
That they were married in the fall,
And at the altar said "I do",
While falling down a time or two.

A honeymoon of carefree bliss,
They fell off that, they fell off this,
But they fell more in love than ever,
Having accidents together.

Weeks of love, of joy and rapture,
Of bruises, cuts, sometimes a fracture,
Sweet memories shared of true romance
Travelling home by ambulance.

But now here comes the tragic part,
A bit to wring the hardest heart.
They both were fell on by a horse,
It was an accident - of course.

Life's ups and downs are unremitting,
Their end was sad but strangely fitting.
An ending flat, yet nice and neat,
The horse you see, had four left feet.


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