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Text file on naval ships.
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Text file on naval ships.
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AGP 1152 457 deflated
AV 2688 870 deflated
AVD 2176 590 deflated
AVP 6144 1697 deflated
CV 9344 2563 deflated
CVE 14080 2482 deflated
CVS 1408 529 deflated
DESIGNAT 2176 713 deflated
LHA 640 241 deflated
LOGSUPP 3200 882 deflated
LPH 1536 545 deflated
PROPOSAL.TXT 795 459 deflated
SHIPS 19456 3886 deflated

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Contents of the PROPOSAL.TXT file

Hello all. I found this file which appears to be quite dated. The idea
is extremely interesting, however, and I would like to see an updated
version of NAVFACTS.ZIP.

Therefore, here's the proposal:

If anyone finds data which needs updating, or has data on additional
Navy ships, please provide it in a format similar to the format herein
and upload it to the Naval Gun Weapon System BBS.

It would also be appropriate to include simple graphics (like the
Harvard Graphics ship profiles) which might add to the utility of
the file.

I will then update the file and make it available for download and
distribution. Please be careful to exclude any information which
may be restricted in any way.

Spencer Greenwald
Sysop, Naval Gun Weapon System BBS
DSN 332-1916

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