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First Season Star Trek Episodes. Gives directors, script editors, episode analysis, etc.
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First Season Star Trek Episodes. Gives directors, script editors, episode analysis, etc.
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First Season Episode Guide -- Second Edition (Compiled)
By Jim Lyon (72571,3002)

Encounter at Farpoint Hide and Q Coming of Age
The Naked Now Haven Heart of Glory
Code of Honor The Big Goodbye The Arsenal of Freedom
The Last Outpost Datalore Symbiosis
Where No One Has Angel One Skin of Evil
Gone Before... 11001001 We'll Always Have Paris
Lonely Among Us Too Short a Season Conspiracy
Justice When the Bough Breaks The Neutral Zone
The Battle Home Soil

REGULAR CAST: Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard); Jonathan Frakes (Wil-
liam Riker); LeVar Burton (Lt. JG Geordi LaForge); Denise Crosby (Lieutenant
Natasha Yar); Michael Dorn (Lieutenant Worf); Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly
Crusher); Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi); Brent Spiner (Lt. Commander
Data); Wil Wheaton (Ensign Wesley Crusher)
PRODUCERS: Gene Roddenberry (Executive Producer), Rick Berman, Dorothy C. Fon-
tana, Maurice Hurley, Robert H. Justman, Peter Lauritson, David Livingston,
Herbert Wright
SCRIPT EDITORS: Tracy Torme, Hannah Louise Shearer (Executive Story Editors),
Hans Beimler, Richard Manning (Story Editors)
MUSICAL COMPOSERS: Alexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith (Main Title Theme), Den-
nis McCarthy, Ron Jones, George Romanis, Fred Steiner (Incidental Music)

---ENCOUNTER AT FARPOINT-----------Episodes 1-2---#101-102---Stardate 41153.7--
Writers: Dorothy Fontana, Gene Roddenberry
Director: Corey Allen
Music: Dennis McCarthy
Guests: John De Lancie ("Q"), Michael Bell (Groppler Zorn), Colm Meaney
(Battle Bridge Conn), Cary-Hiroyuki (Mandarin Bailiff), Timothy Dang (Main
Bridge Security), David Erskine (Bandi Shopkeeper), Evelyn Guerrero (Young
Female Ensign), Chuck Hicks (Military Officer), Jimmy Ortega (Torres), and
DeForest Kelley (Leonard McCoy)

Story: USS ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701-D, a Galaxy-Class starship, is en route to
planet Deneb IV, also known as Farpoint, to pick up the remainder of its crew.
Deneb is home to the Bandi, a race with whom the Federation is currently en-
gaged in negotiation, who constructed Farpoint Station as a gift to Starfleet.
However, the Federation is curious as to how the station was constructed so
quickly -- another purpose of the Enterprise's mission. While on course, a
mysterious energy grid stops the ship in its tracks. Captain Jean-Luc Picard
meets Q, an advanced yet childish being who has incredible power, insisting
that humanity must be tried for its crimes, not the least of which is savage
behavior. When the battle section of the Enterprise flees, Picard, Chief
Counselor Deanna Troi, Lieutenant Commander Data and Security Chief Tasha Yar
are captured and brought into a Q-created courtroom where Q makes sure they
plead guilty. Q allows 24 hours for Picard to prove humans are NOT savage.
Meanwhile, on Deneb IV, Commander William Riker meets Groppler Zorn, leader of
the Bandi. Zorn seems evasive, but Riker has already become suspicious and
informs Dr. Beverly Crusher of his suspicions -- that the Bandi seem to always
have whatever the humans wish for. Enterprise arrives in orbit, escorted by
USS Hood, Riker's former duty station. Winning respect from his colleagues
after overseeing the reattachment of saucer and battle sections, Riker meets
Picard for the first time. Data has a meeting with Admiral Leonard McCoy,
while Picard, Riker and Troi beam down to confront Zorn. Riker leads an away
team into the corridors under Farpoint while a strange ship enters orbit.
Zorn is captured by the ship, which begins firing not on Farpoint but on the
old Bandi city. Q appears again, nearly causes the death of the Enterprise
officers, who have beamed to the alien ship and found it to be a single life
form, and taunts Picard. The alien saves them, and in return, Picard allows
an energy beam to be delivered to Farpoint -- in actuality, the other life
form, one of two shapeshifters who can transmit energy into matter and the
reverse. The aliens depart, and Q is sent away, the humans having proven
their cause -- but Q makes sure that he will appear again someday. Picard
orders the starship on its new mission, where no one has gone before....
-----Originally broadcast as a single two-parter; shown in repeat as two
separate episodes.

---THE NAKED NOW-------------------Episode 3---#103---Stardate 41209-----------
Story: John D.F. Black, J. Michael Bingham
Teleplay: J. Michael Bingham
Director: Paul Lynch
Music: Ron Jones
Guests: Brooke Bundy (Sarah MacDougal); Benjamin W.S. Lum (Jim Shimoda); Mi-
chael Rider (Transporter Chief); David Renan (Conn); Skip Stellrecht (Engi-
neering Crewman); Kenny Koch (Kissing Crewman)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise has arrived in orbit around a dwarf star close to
collapse, to discover why the USS Tsiolkovsky hasn't answered its hailing.
Riker, Data, Geordi and Tasha learn why very soon--the ship's occupants have
all frozen because life support systems were out. Geordi opens a closet door
and a frozen woman falls out--in contact, the young man accidentally acquires
a strange virus. Back aboard the Enterprise, no one can figure out Geordi's
strange behavior. He escapes Sickbay and goes to the officer's lounge, where
he tells Tasha that he longs for true human sight. She contracts the disease
and goes to Deanna Troi's quarters, seeking exotic material for clothing.
Wesley Crusher, who has been recently experimenting with a tractor/repulsor
beam system and a "voice box", has contracted the virus and summons Chief
Engineer MacDougal to the bridge while he rushes in and assumes control of the
starship. Riker and Data locate the virus in the memory banks: this is the
strange virus that overran a previous Enterprise commanded by James T. Kirk.
Beverly starts working on the vaccine, but the strain has mutated ever so
slightly and it almost seems like a lost cause. Soon everyone begins to have
the disease as well--Tasha locks Data in her quarters with her after kissing
men in the corridors, Beverly and Captain Picard share a moment in his ready
room, Wesley and Asst. Chief Engineer Jim Shimoda "play" in the Engine Room
and Riker and Deanna begin to have emotional reactions to one another. The
only one not affected is Worf, who, after the star explodes and a large chunk
of mass is sent hurtling toward them, is able to get Riker to the bridge to
warn him. Riker and MacDougal attempt to get into Engineering by shortening
the power to Wesley's repulsor device (which is keeping them out). When they
do so, they find that Shimoda has pulled out all the control chips from the
computer. Data begins putting them back in at lightning speed, but it isn't
enough time. Wesley converts the Enterprise's tractor beams to repulsors,
sending the Tsiolkovsky smashing into the star-mass, which gives Data enough
time to complete the board and for Worf to send them into warp speed away.
Beverly administers the new vaccine to all crewmen and Tasha tells Data that
their little tryst never actually happened. Picard admits that his crew will
most likely work quite well.

---CODE OF HONOR-------------------Episode 4---#104---Stardate 41235.25--------
Writers: Katharyn Powers, Michael Baron
Director: Russ Mayberry
Music: Fred Steiner
Guests: Jessie Lawrence Ferguson (Lutan); Karole Selmon (Yareena); James Louis
Watkins (Hagon); Michael Rider (Transporter Chief)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise is in orbit about Ligon Two and is visited by Lutan,
the Ligonian leader, and his secondary, Hagon. The planet Ligon is the only
known source of a vaccine that cures Anchilles Fever, a dreaded plague that
has overrun the Federation world Styris Four. Lutan is a tall, personable man
who sees Captain Picard as a man honorable enough to deal with. After seeming
to be charmed by the Enterprise company, he mysteriously abducts Tasha Yar in
his transporter beam. Picard notifies Ligon that they have committed what may
be considered an act of war and uses photon torpedoes in the upper atmosphere
to warn them, to no avail. Riker suggests patience; in his and Data's study
of their culture, they have found a rigid code of honor that stresses patience
and shows a particular fondness in the rite of counting coup, which is exactly
what Lutan has done. Lutan appears on the viewscreen, inviting Picard to the
planet where he shall be able to see Tasha, and he and Troi beam down. At the
Ligonian Centerplace, Picard is greeted by Lutan and his First-One, Yareena,
and told that he must wait until a banquet that evening before "asking" for
Tasha back; Troi warns him that this is another cultural difference, and sug-
gests that the asking be done very politely. At the ceremony, Lutan surprises
everyone by announcing that he has chosen Tasha as his new First-One as an act
of love, which bids a challenge of a death-duel from Yareena. Tasha later
attempts to talk to her, to no avail. Picard can of course take Tasha and all
the vaccine he needs, but the Prime Directive stands in his way and his secu-
rity chief decides to accept the challenge. Data and Geordi examine the vari-
ous forms of Ligonian weaponry, then conclude that they are poisoned for the
duel. The duel commences with glavyns, weapons fashioned like the heads of
warbirds worn like a glove over each opponent's hand, and Tasha barely is able
to overcome her foe. At the last second, both Yareena and Tash are beamed
aboard the Enterprise, per Picard's order. Lutan beams up with Jean-Luc and
finds Yareena alive and well--she had died for a split second and was brought
"back to life" by Dr. Crusher. The death splits the marriage bond and Yareena
makes Hagon her First-One, reducing Lutan in position, after which she is made
the ruling party and the one Picard can deal with. After signing a treaty and
appropriating the vaccine, the Enterprise departs for plague stricken Styris

---THE LAST OUTPOST----------------Episode 5---#108---Stardate 41386.4---------
Story: Richard Krzemian
Teleplay: Herbert Wright
Director: Richard Colla
Music: Dennis McCarthy
Guests: Armin Shimerman (Letek); Jake Dengel (Mordoc); Tracey Walker (Kayron);
Darryl Henriques (The Portal); Mike Gomez (DaiMon Taar)

SUMMARY : The ENTERPRISE is in pursuit of a Ferengi vessel whose crew stole a
T-9 energy converter from an unmanned monitor post on Gamma Tauri IV. The
Ferengi are a mysterious race who have never been seen officially by members
of Starfleet and most of the information they have is strictly rumor. Captain
Picard orders the ship to follow the vessel toward the Delphi Ardu system and
slows to sublight when the other ship does the same. While in orbit, the ship
suddenly turns around and fires on the ENTERPRISE. All of a sudden the Fede-
ration vessel begins to experience power failure and a tractor beam effect
toward the Ferengi starship not caused by their actions, but Picard believes
them to be responsible. While stranded, Data remarks that the Ferengi are
rumored to resemble the Yankee Traders of the 18th and 19th centuriesin their
ruthless mercantile operation. Picard decides to negotiate, yet this proves
fruitless. So he attempts to take the ENTERPRISE out using reverse thrusters,
and this does not work. Finally, Picard contacts them again, and persuades
the DaiMon Taar of the ship to communicate visually. The Ferengi resemble
monkeys to a degree, and their demeanor isn't much better--the DaiMon seems to
be disagreeable to an extreme. Picard suggests that they work together--he's
now convinced that the energy drain is from the planet. The planet, it seems,
was a mobile outpost of the aeons-dead Tkon Empire which once ruled the galaxy
600,000 years ago but was destroyed by a supernova (Data, explaining this, has
a rather curious problem with a Chinese finger-puzzle.) Riker suggests an
Away team be sent to the of Delphi Ardu to investigate and takes Worf, Tasha,
Geordi and Data with him. He materializes alone, separated from his shipmates
and goes to find them. He finds Data and Geordi but then runs smack into
Letek, commander of the Ferengi threesome down on the planet. The ENTER-
PRISE's life-support systems begin to fail and the temperature aboard becomes
suddenly much colder. Letek's "associates", Mordoc and Kayron, seem as well
interested in the Federation officers as he is, and ambushes the Starfleet
people, intending to tell the DaiMon that it was the Federation that secretly
attacked them. Tasha and Worf find the others and Tasha whips out a phaser,
but the beams fly over the Ferengi, as do their own weapons, and then from the
smoke atop a plateau an apparition of a face forms, warning them all to speak.
The smoke becomes coherent and a man forms below, shrouded in robes. He is
Portal Six-Three, a Guardian of the Tkon Empire, who is asking a question of
the "intruders". Riker tells Portal that the Tkon Empire collapsed and only
Data is able to convince him. Letek nearly betrays Riker but Number One is
allowed to speak, answering Portal's riddle, "He will triumph who knows when
to fight and when not to fight," by responding "Fear is the true enemy."
Riker seems to impress Portal, and vice versa, and soon the latter is ignoring
the Ferengi protests. Portal tells Riker that he can destroy the Ferengi, but
he says no, wondering if they actually could learn from this. Portal rests
again, "until he is needed." Power systems come on in the ENTERPRISE in the
nick of time and the landing party is beamed aboard; then, she and the Ferengi
vessel continue in opposite directions--after the T-9 converter is safe aboard
the ENTERPRISE (a demand of Portal's) and after a boatload of Data's finger-
puzzles are beamed over to the Ferengi ship.
-----This is the first episode to feature the Ferengi, and was the first epi-
sode shown out of film order.

---WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE----Episode 6---#106---Stardate 41263.1---------
Writers: Diane Duane, Michael Reaves
Director: Rob Bowman
Music: Ron Jones
Guests: Eric Menyuk (the Traveler); Stanley Kamel (Kosinski); Herta Ware
(Mother Picard); Biff Yeager (Argyle); Charles Dayton (Crewmember); Victoria
Dillard (Ballerina)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise rendezvouses with USS Fearless and takes aboard her
Kosinski, reputedly a brilliant Starfleet Engineer who will be testing a new
design on the Enterprise. Traveling with him is his assistant, a Tau Alphan
whose name is unpronounceable. To Riker and Data, Kosinski's specs are vir-
tual gibberish; but the real mystery is wondered by Deanna Troi, who for some
reason cannot sense anything from the strange assistant. The Enterprise be-
gins its warp maneuvers, during which a strange phenomenon occurs and the ship
is blasted through space faster than is possible into galaxy M-33, 2.7 million
light years distant. Only Wesley has found the real reason--the assistant
seemed to "phase", or disappear, during the event. Kosinski, an arrogant and
self-important man, attempts to take credit for this scientific discovery and
assures Captain Picard that he can get the Enterprise back home. And so the
Captain allows him to repeat the process--which proves utter disaster. In-
stead of returning home, the Enterprise is propelled into a strange dimension
that exists nowhere. Picard tries to get to Engineering--and is stopped when
the turbolift doors open and he is almost shot into empty warp space. Worf
sees a Klingon targ on the bridge, a former pet, and Tasha believes herself
to be back on her home world hunted by a rape gang. Upon reaching Enginee-
ring, Picard learns that Kosinski wasn't really responsible for the accident
after Riker tells him Wesley tried several times to talk to him. The alien,
who is suffering from fatigue, is brought to sickbay and Dr. Crusher examines
him, then wakes him on the Captain's order. The alien tells him that he is
a Traveler, basically a wanderer from another time who is searching through
the Federation (which is now a race that his people take notice of) for the
brilliant minds of the future--and he believes he's found one in Wesley. The
Traveler encourages Picard to help him develop but not to tell him of his
full potential. In return, Picard guarantees the Traveler that his crew will
help support him in his journey back. The Traveler returns to Engineering and
the ship's crew focuses its mental energy on him--including Wesley and Kosin-
ski, who is beginning to realize the error of his ways--and he succeeds in
hitting target in our galaxy before phasing once again, out of eternity.
Captain Picard, in honor of Wesley's performance, makes him an Acting-Ensign
and the ship continues toward its next mission.

---LONELY AMONG US-----------------Episode 7---#107---Stardate 41249.3---------
Story: Michael Halperin
Teleplay: D.C. Fontana
Director: Cliff Bole
Music: Ron Jones
Guests: John Durbin (Badar N'D'D'); Kavi Raz (Singh); Colm Meaney (Security)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise has arrived in the Beta Renner system to pick up the
warring delegates from the planets Antica and Selay and transport them to Par-
liament, a neutral conference planet. Both sides seem ready to kill one ano-
ther, which is merely a sidetrip for an even greater threat. En route to
Parliament, the ship encounters a massive space cloud that obstructs a safe
path and the ship skirts it. Picard thinks they've avoided it completely,
but suddenly something happens; in the sensor maintenance room, Worf is zapped
by a blue static-like energy pattern. He's rushed to Sickbay and Doctor
Crusher examines his inert form--and the pattern is transferred to her. Worf
wakes up, though Deanna notices something very peculiar about the Doctor. She
goes to her quarters, asking Wesley several questions about helm control, and
then to the bridge, where Data eyes her suspiciously. While using a console,
the energy form leaves her and enters the computer system--which instantly
begins to malfunction (as do many systems around the ship, including the warp
drive). Riker, Tasha and Data (acting like Sherlock Holmes) begin to puzzle
over the strange occurences, while Asst. Chief Engineer Singh attempts to
figure out the puzzle in Engineering, with Wes peering over his shoulder (na-
turally). Later, Singh is found dead, after the pattern kills him, and the
crew begins to suspect that their problems are just beginning. After several
incidences with the Anticans and the Selay diplomatic party, the pattern enters
Captain Picard. He seems distraught, ordering Beverly, Riker and Deanna to
undergo psychiatric examinations (after Deanna concludes that Worf and Bev
were both subject to this energy form which blocked their memories). Picard
assumes control of the ship, turning it around back for the cloud; when the

Enterprise passed, it scooped up one of the many life forms in the cloud with
it accidentally. The Picard/Entity beams itself back into the cloud into
pure energy and Riker believes they've lost the captain; he orders the ship
to make its deadline at Parliament. But Deanna senses the Captain's presence.
The Enterprise approaches the cloud and Picard's energy pattern enters the
ship; all that they need to do is find his matter pattern in the transporter
circuits, then they beam him back aboard. No sooner is he back than trouble
brews once again between the warring delegates, and Picard orders them back
to Parliament....on the double.

---JUSTICE-------------------------Episode 8---#109---Stardate 41255.6---------
Story: Worley Thorne, Ralph Wills
Teleplay: Worley Thorne
Director: James L. Conway
Music: Dennis McCarthy
Guests: Brenda Bakke (Rivan); Jay Louden (Liator); Josh Clark (Conn); David Q.
Combs, Richard Lavin (Mediators); Judith Jones (Edo Girl); Eric Matthews,
David Michael Graves (Edo Boys); Brad Zerbst (Medical Officer)

SUMMARY : After seeing to the establishment of a colony in the Strnad System,
the Enterprise has come to the planet Rubican Three, a nearby world full of
beauty and tranquility. Doctor Crusher has suggested shore leave and Picard
sends an away team to check the place out. What nobody takes for importance
is Data's report of a sensor disturbance, disclosing that something occupies
a space around Rubican's surface when in fact no one can see anything. Riker,
Tasha, Worf, Deanna and Wesley beam down to the surface and are greeting hear-
tily by Rivan and Liator, two of the Rubican people, who offer them great
comfort and joy. The people, who call themselves the Edo, are a healthy race
whose hedonistic practices and sexual freedom know no bounds, it seems--but
they are all friendly to each other and do not break any of their laws. Mean-
while, on the Enterprise, the strange sensory disturbance has become visible:
an odd, translucent formation resembling a space station yet not really pre-
sent in our universe. From the "ship" comes a bubble-like projection that
invades the Enterprise, finally materializing on the bridge where it links
with Data (after asking Picard why they came to the planet.) On the planet,
Wesley has found some people his own age and runs away with them to enjoy
himself, while the others are brought to the Council center, where their two
friendly acquaintances tell them their "secret" of content: every person who
breaks even a minor law is immediately put to death. Furthermore, the Edo
believe that "God" takes them from paradise, puts them in the Punishment Cen-
ter and if they break any law they die just the same. Wesley breaks a plant
construct outside accidentally, not knowing the law, and mediators arrive
to kill him. Only the actions of the Away team save him. Wesley is brought
to the holding center until sundown. Contact is reestablished with the Enter-
prise (the mysterious object jammed communication upon its appearance) and
Picard beams down to the surface to meet with the Edo. His conversation with
Liator impresses upon the youth that the Starfleet people have the power to
remove Wesley but the restraint of the Prime Directive prevents it. Never-
theless, Picard asks for accompaniment back to the ship from the Edo, and
Rivan goes with him and Troi. On the ship, she sees the object and calls
it "God", bowing before it in fear. She is immediately beamed back when the
huge ship nearly attacks the Enterprise. Data tells Picard that the object
acts like a god for the Edo, calling them its "children" and insuring their
growth and survival. Picard and Crusher beam down to see Wesley and the Cap-
tain refuses to allow the Edo to kill the boy. He prepares to beam up with
the away team--but the power of the "god" doesn't allow it until Picard and
Riker convince it to. Once aboard, Picard tells the "god" they will vacate
the colony from Strnad and leave Rubican immediately, but the god vanishes,
leaving them alone--but giving Picard the impression of a warning, never to
visit this planet again.

---THE BATTLE----------------------Episode 9---#110---Stardate 41723.9---------
Story: Larry Forester
Teleplay: Herbert Wright
Director: Rob Bowman
Music: Ron Jones
Guests: Frank Corsentino (DaiMon Bok); Doug Warhit (First Officer Kazago); Ro-
bert Towers (Second Officer Rata)

SUMMARY: The Ferengi have asked Starfleet to meet them in the Zendi Sabu sys-
tem for an important conference, and the Enterprise is ordered to report there.
They meet a Ferengi vessel, whose only message is "Stand By" until its captain,
the DaiMon Bok, greets Captain Picard under a flag of truce, and requests that
they meet either on his ship or on theirs. Deanna senses trouble, and Riker
notes that since the ball is literally in their court they meet on the Enter-
prise. Bok and his officers, Kazago and Rata, beam over to the ship to begin
negotiation, and the DaiMon makes a most unexpected peace offering: an approa-
ching derelict starship which is identified as the wrecked USS STARGAZER, NCC-
2893, a Constellation-class cruiser that was under Picard's command long ago.
Bok declares this event in honor of the Battle of Maxia, he calls it, which
to Picard is a battle fought with a then-unknown ship which suddenly attacked
the Stargazer and forced him to use the now-famous Picard Maneuver, then aban-
don ship, in the Maxia Zeta system. A team beams over to the Stargazer to
look around, and then Dr. Crusher and the Captain, who has curiously been
suffering from strange headaches. The Captain has an attack on his senses
while in his old quarters and Beverly suggests he beam back to the ship. The
truth is revealed--DaiMon Bok is in a lab on the Ferengi vessel somehow con-
trolling a strange orb in the Captain's quarters. Beverly promises that the
chest, which contains the orb, will be transported back to Enterprise. Mean-
while, after a scan of the Stargazer's log, Data concludes that the Captain
destroyed the Ferengi starship while it was on a peace mission. Riker imme-
diately proclaims this a fake and talks to Jean-Luc about it, but the Captain
acknowledges that Riker has a duty to perform: to contact Starfleet. Picard,
whose headaches are getting worse and now seems to be suffering from memory-
shifts (at times, he appears to be talking to his Stargazer crew), nightmares
about his fallen command, and so forth, beams back to the Stargazer while his
mind is under control of the mind-sphere. Riker and Kazago, who have spoken
before simply as first officer to first officer, confer again and Number One
convinces the Ferengi officer that Bok is up to something. Bok, who has con-
fronted Picard on the Stargazer, tells him that in the Battle of Maxia, he
lost his only son, the commander of the ship Picard ordered destroyed. Bok
beams back and retreats to his control lab, but Kazago has him arrested, and
then wishes Riker well--Kazago realized that Bok's plan wasn't profitable, a
keen Ferengi interest. The Stargazer warps away and turns to do battle with
the Enterprise, its systems computer engaged and responding to Picard's voice
commands as he thinks himself in that battle nine years ago. Riker convinces
Picard that it is an illusion, to destroy the sphere sitting on a chair on the
bridge. Picard does so with his phaser, and loses consciousness momentarily
before beaming back to the Enterprise, his normal self again, free from the
haunting memories of the past.

---HIDE AND Q----------------------Episode 10--#111---Stardate 41263.1---------
Story: C.J. Holland
Teleplay: C.J. Holland, Gene Roddenberry
Director: Cliff Bole
Music: Dennis McCarthy
Guests: John De Lancie ("Q"); Elaine Nalee (Survivor); William A. Wallace
(Adult Wesley)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise has dropped off Deanna Troi to visit her homeworld and
is en route to Quadra Sigma Three, a planet that has signaled disaster after an
accident in its mines. But before they can arrive, the pervasive energy grid
signifying danger stops the ship and its instigator arrives: The Q. Picard
protests that Q was warned off justly after the incident at Farpoint, but Q
tells him that he has returned....with a great gift. He vanishes, taking with
him Riker, Data, Geordi, Worf and Tasha to the surface of an alien world while
locking Picard on the bridge of the ship. Q appears to them as a Frenchman in
the Napoleonic era, and tells Riker he is most welcome....offering him all the
comforts of his "tent" while the others standby. Tasha protests their treat-
ment, and is put in the "penalty box"--the Bridge, where Picard explains to
Q that humans are still growing, and indeed that they will equal his own race
given time. On the planet, the group suffers near disaster by creatures in the
French suits, but at the last moment Q appears by Riker, telling him that he
has the same powers of his own race and can send those people back to their
ship. He does so, and all appear aboard the Enterprise. The Q Grid vanishes.
The Enterprise arrives at Quadra Sigma Three and a medical team lands, where
Riker is disturbed that he can't use his newfound power because he made a pro-
mise to Picard. When they come back, Riker begins to hate the promise, calling
Picard by his first name and disrespectfully turning away. He calls a meeting
of the bridge crew and convinces Q and Picard that he CAN use his powers wisely
by offering "gifts" to his friends. He gives Wesley ten years to his age, of-
fers Data the gift of humanity (to which he declines) and gives Geordi real
sight. Geordi requests his visor back. To Worf he offers what he cannot have:
a Klingon woman. Worf turns her away, and Wesley asks for his childhood back.
At last, Riker understands--with this power he cannot truly grant humanity what
it wishes. Together, Riker and Picard order Q Q's own promise to
return to his own people if Riker refused the gift. Q vanishes and all is set
to normal....with something of an understand between Captain and First Officer.

---HAVEN---------------------------Episode 11--#105---Stardate 41294.5---------
Story: Tracy Torme, Lan O'Kun
Teleplay: Tracy Torme
Director: Richard Compton
Music: Dennis McCarthy
Guests: Majel Barrett (Lwaxana Troi); Rob Knepper (Wyatt Miller); Nan Martin
(Victoria Miller); Robert Ellenstein (Victoria Miller); Danitza Kingsley
(Ariana); Anna Katarina (Valeda Innis); Raye Birk (Wrenn); Michael Rider
(Transporter Chief) and Carel Struycken (Mr. Homn)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise is approaching the Beta Kassius system and the planet
Haven, one of the most beautiful worlds in the galaxy, when the crew receives
word that a package is to be beamed aboard the ship. Deanna, Riker and Tasha
go to the transporter room and find the object--a strange talking display box
that bids them greetings, tells them that "Lwaxana Troi and the Miller Family"
will be beamed aboard and then offers a sum of jewels, what Deanna confirms
as a wedding gift. She tells Riker that she was bonded from youth into a mar-
riage, a fact that makes Riker understandably jealous. First, Stephen and
Victoria Miller, an aged human couple, beam aboard with their son Wyatt, a
medical doctor who for some reason seems disappointed, and when they leave,
Deanna's garish mother, Lwaxana Troi, beams aboard with her manservant, Mr.
Homn. The verbal war that has raged between the Trois and the Millers is all
too apparent on the Enterprise, and Lwaxana, a vain and talkative woman, tells
Picard to carry her luggage to her "adequate" quarters. Meanwhile, sensors
detect an incoming craft approaching Haven and their leader, the First Electo-
rine Valeda Inis, reminds Picard of their treaty. Data identifies the ship
as Tarellian, from a race of beings almost destroyed by self-created biologi-
cal disease, supposedly finally destroyed by the Alcyones eight years ago. In
his quarters, Deanna talks to Wyatt and realizes his disappointment was not
personal, but that for his entire life he has been having visions of a woman
he's never seen--he believed it to be Troi until he met her. Crewmen are left
to tend to the Tarellian puzzle while a reception for the forthcoming marriage
ceremony is held....and arguments and several other unusual circumstances
occur, such as Lwaxana's announcement of the Betazed ritual of being unclothed
during the ceremony, her bickering with Victoria and finally Deanna's storming
out when she loses her temper. All this has upset Will Riker, who previously
had seen Deanna in the holodecks (where he let it be known the meaning of the
term imzadi, "my beloved") and left her in Wyatt's company. Wyatt comes to
Deanna, telling her how she shamed the parents yet respects her for it. On
the bridge, Picard orders that the Tarellian ship be detained in the tractor
beam and visual contact is established....and who else turns up on the ship
but the woman in Wyatt's dreams. These are the last eight of the race, coming
to Haven to die and searching for Wyatt, who has been dreamed of by the woman,
Ariana. Wyatt takes medicine and supplies, knocks out the transporter chief
and beams aboard the ship. Victoria and Stephen protest to Picard about Wyatt
being "allowed" on board, yet Deanna tells them he can never come back. The
leader of the Tarellian ship, Wrenn, informs Picard that they will not settle
on Haven after all, as they have found whom they are looking for....Wyatt, who
Ariana believes will cure them. Wyatt says his goodbyes. The Millers are
beamed back down to Haven and then Lwaxana, after Deanna realizes she's made
the right decision and stayed with the ship....although destiny wouldn't have
allowed it the other way.
-----Majel Barrett starred as Nurse Christine Chapel and Number One in the
original series. Robert Ellenstein played the President in STAR TREK IV.

---THE BIG GOODBYE-----------------Episode 12--#113---Stardate 41997.7---------
Writer: Tracy Torme
Director: Joseph L. Scanlan
Creative Consultant: Greg Strangis
Music: Dennis McCarthy
Guests: Lawrence Tierney (Cyrus Redblock); Harvey Jason (Felix Leach); William
Boyett (Whelan); David Selburg (Lt. McNary); Gary Armagnal (Dan Hill); Mike
Genovese (Desk Sergeant); Dick Miller (Vender); Carolyn Allport (Jessica
Bradley); Rhonda Aldrich (Secretary); Eric Cord (Thug)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise is en route to an all-important first meeting with
the Jarada, a race so devoted to protocol that the slightest mistake in their
traditional greeting is grounds for severing all communications--a fact that
has occurred before in dealing with the Federation. Captain Picard, anguished
by the extensive learning of the Jarada language, is persuaded by Deanna to
overlook the upgrade on the holodecks. He decides to enter the world of Dixon
Hill, his favorite character from books of the past, and arrives via the holo-
deck in San Francisco, 1941. As Dixon Hill, he takes a warning by a beautiful
lady named Jessica Bradley that her life is in danger lightly and returns to
the Enterprise just as she is murdered. Picard decides to return to the holo-
deck in full dress, taking with him Whelan, an Enterprise historian, and the
curious Data. They arrive in the street and are confronted by police detec-
tives Dan Hill and McNary, Dixon's old friend, for questioning in Bradley's
murder. Taken to police headquarters, they are joined by Beverly, who, just
like all the others, takes this very lightly, as a game. Dan manages to con-
vince the Police Chief that they should let Dixon (Picard) go. They arrive
back at Dixon's office as Felix Leach, a weasel-like little thug, pulls a gun
on them, warning that his boss Cyrus Redblock is after the "item", or the
proof that shows he murdered Bradley, his lover. Meanwhile, on the real ship,
the Enterprise has been scanned by the Jarada, knocking out key circuits in
the holodeck machinery and, although still unknown to the captain, trapping
the "players" inside. Riker assigns Wes and Geordi to fix the equipment,
while trying to deal with the Jarada, who refuse to speak with him, a "mere
subordinate". In the office, Whelan tries to convince Felix to give him the
gun and Felix shoots him....and almost kills him. With Whelan mysteriously
dying, Picard tries to stop the simulation but the computer will not respond;
then, Cyrus Redblock arrives. McNary, who has come to visit Dixon, is taken
prisoner as well. Picard tries to convince Redblock that they're really from
another world, but he doesn't believe--until, with Wes' repairs--they momenta-
rily end up in an icy waste and then back in the office. The doors open to
the ship, and Redblock and Felix step through....and vanish. Beverly takes
Whelan to sickbay. McNary, who has already become convinced that he is really
an illusion caused by the holodeck, bids goodbye to Dixon Hill. Picard, back
on the bridge, signals the Jarada and recites the greeting with perfect in-
flection, securing the bond between Federation and the new allies. The Enter-
prise speeds away, Picard happy to be at the command...but pleased that he
could visit the life of his favorite character.

---DATALORE------------------------Episode 13--#114---Stardate 41240.2---------
Story: Bob Lewin, Maurice Hurley
Teleplay: Bob Lewin, Gene Roddenberry
Director: Rob Bowman
Creative Consultant: Greg Strangis
Music: Ron Jones
Guest: Biff Yeager (Argyle)

SUMMARY: The Enterprise is en route to Omicron Theta, location of Data's world
to discover curious circumstances around his "birth". Data, it seems, was
found by the USS Tripoli, a Starfleet ship sent to check up on the 411 human
colonists there. The Tripoli crew found the colonists all but gone, and Data
the only remaining entity: lying on a stone slab, with the memories of every
one of the colonists. An away team beams down to the surface to investigate
the planet and finds Data's "place of birth"; Geordi then notices a strange
pattern in the rock which proves to be a doorway. Investigating, the team en-
ters a technologically advanced laboratory that once belonged to Dr. Noonian
Sung, a scientist who believed in the Asimovian theory of "positronic intelli-
gence" and put it to the test here--with positive results: they find, in an
isolation cell, components for another Data. Data insists they bring it back
to the Enterprise--after all, it could be his own brother. Dr. Crusher is
able to recreate the android with Mr. Argyle's help. Calling itself Lore, the
other android tells Captain Picard that Data was created first, an "imperfec-
tion" that Dr. Sung wished to correct. In fact, it was Lore who came into
being first, as he reveals later, being so "perfect" that the colonists wished
to remove it for something less than human, hence Data. Riker reveals to
Picard an image taken from the Omicron Theta lab, a drawing of cataclysm that
wiped the colonists out. The "cataclysm" is actually a space-traveling para-
site Lore calls "The Great Crystal Entity" that he called to the planet to
wipe out the colonists, presumably due to jealousy. The Crystal is called to
the Enterprise by Lore, who then impersonates Data. The only one who realizes
this is Wesley, who is removed from the bridge when he tries to tell Picard.
He convinces Beverly to investigate, and they find the unconscious Data. The
three go to the cargo deck, where Lore is attempting to contact the Crystal.
Lore, who has already injured Worf, now threatens Wes and uses a phaser on
Bev, until Data distracts him, pushing him into the cargo transporter and sen-
ding him into space. Picard arrives just in time, and Data returns with him
to the bridge, knowing a bit more about himself.

---ANGEL ONE-----------------------Episode 14--#115---Stardate 41636.9---------
Writer: Patrick Barry
Director: Michael Rhodes
Creative Consultant: Greg Strangis
Music: Dennis McCarthy
Guests: Karen Montgomery (Beate); Sam Hennings (Ramsey); Patricia McPherson
(Ariel); Leonard John Crofoot (Trent)

SUMMARY: The Enterprise is tracking survivors from the SS Odin, a freighter
that crashed seven years ago on the planet Asphia; three escape pods survived
the crash and managed to get to the planet Angel One, last visited officially
by the Federation 62 years before. Picard has Deanna contact the Elected One,
Mistress Beate, who seems strangely cold toward them yet permits them to beam
down. Troi, Riker, Data and Tasha arrive and ask the whereabouts of the crew
of the Odin, and Biata denies any knowledge. Troi senses strange fear coming
from several members of the council, who are all female; men are considered
inferior here. Meanwhile, Picard and Worf are hit by snowballs from the holo-
deck by Wesley, unbeknownst to them transmitting an infection. On the planet,
Beate allows the away team to make a search for the crew of the Odin, having
admitted their existence and their status: fugitives, spreading "revolution",
yet unable to be located. The Away team has the Enterprise track the Odin
crew using traces of platinum, which don't exist naturally on Angel One, and
Troi, Data and Tasha go to find Ramsey, the Odin's captain, who is aware of
his fugitive status yet doesn't want to leave; he now considers this planet
to be his home. Riker appeals to Beate, who finds him very attractive, and
presents her with gifts and his affections until the three members of the away
team return and tell them Ramsey won't leave. Beate turns suddenly cold again
and orders the execution of Ramsey's party in the morning. Beate's chief aide
Ariel is really Ramsey's wife, and has warned him of the execution, not reali-
zing that Biata has had her tracked and has found the party. On the Enter-
prise, the infection has grown from mild to worse, leaving the Captain and
Worf stuck in their quarters and Geordi in command of the ship. The Enter-
prise has been ordered to report to the Neutral Zone, where it will make an
impression of strength with the USS Berlin against the Romulans, who the Fede-
ration is obviously still at odds with. Gradually, all are affected, even
Geordi, but Beverly is able to isolate the strain when she realizes the infec-
tion is transmitted through scent. Riker argues the matter of the execution
with Beate, and convinces her that men here aren't allowed to evolve. Beate
agrees finally, stopping her servant Trent from killing Ramsey and Ariel. The
Enterprise crew leaves after being assured Ramsey's party will only be sent
into exile far away on the planet. The Enterprise departs for its encounter
in the Neutral Zone.
-----This is the first episode to make reference to the Romulans; situations
indicate there has been no peace with that culture.

---11001001------------------------Episode 15--#116---Stardate 41365.9---------
Writers: Maurice Hurley, Bob Lewin
Director: Paul Lynch
Music: Ron Jones
Guests: Carolyn McCormick (Minuet); Gene Dynarski (Orvil Quinteros); Katy
Boyer (One Zero); Alexandra Johnson (Zero One); Iva Lane (Zero Zero); Kelly
Ann McNally (One One); Jack Sheldon (Piano Player); Abdul Salaam El Razzac

(Bass Player); Ron Brown (Drummer)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise docks at Starbase Seventy-Four, a spacedock facility
orbiting the planet Tarsus III, for routine maintenance as well as work on the
holodeck and brief shore leave for the crew before a rendezvous at Pelius V.
Picard welcomes aboard Commander Quinteros, who worked on the design of the
ship, as well as a group of Bynars, a race of small, hairless beings who work
and live in pairs and have a virtual symbiosis with computers. Tasha and Worf
go off for a game of Parrises Squares, Geordi is teaching Data to paint and Dr.
Crusher is preparing for a meeting with renowned Professor Terence Epstein.
Wesley has the bridge and Riker suggests that there is something pecular about
the Bynars, who are working at top speed on the computers. Riker visits the
holodeck, selecting a small cafe in New Orleans, where he meets a very intri-
guing young woman named Minuet who seems too real. Indeed, Minuet is real
in his mind, as she has the power to accustom to his whims; Riker also manages
to break his mold, taking up a horn and playing with the jazz band. Picard
arrives and Minuet stuns him with her knowledge of French and invites him to
join them. Meanwhile, Wesley notifies Data and Geordi of an emergency in En-
gineering and they discover that the magnetic bottles are deteriorating; Data
initiates a red alert and an evacuation of the ship, but for mysterious rea-
sons the computer fails to alert Riker and Picard. All depart the ship and it
leaves to prevent catastrophe....with the Bynars controlling the bridge. Com-
mander Quinteros tells Data that no ships are available to follow the Enter-
prise, which is on course for Bynaus. On the holodeck, Picard notices some-
thing strange when Minuet almost forbids him to leave and when he does, he
notices the red alert. Picard and Riker activate the self-destruct mechanism,
take two phasers and beam onto the bridge, where they find the Bynars almost
dead. The only thing that alerts them is the fantastic amount of data in the
computer, leading them to the fact that the Bynaus home computer is dead and
these people are transporting new data for reentry. With help from Starbase
74, and a few clues from Minuet (who was created to distract Riker), they
find the file to reenter Bynar data under the code 11001001 and the Bynars
resume their operation. Back at Starbase 74, the Enterprise redocks, the
Bynars are taken to custody (but only temporarily, for their reason for stea-
ling the ship was due to the fact that should they have asked for help, the
only answer their minds could have comprehended were yes or no) and operations
resume. Riker returns to the holodeck to find Minuet, but cannot recall
her; she was part of the Bynar program and was a bit too real. Picard consoles
him, informing him that a relationship with Minuette was just not meant to be.
-----Guest Gene Dynarski (Quinteros) also appeared in the episodes "Mudd's
Women" and "The Mark of Gideon" of the original series.

---TOO SHORT A SEASON--------------Episode 16--#112---Stardate 41309.5---------
Story: Michael Michaelian
Teleplay: Michael Michaelian, D.C. Fontana
Director: Rob Bowman
Music: George Romanis
Guests: Clayton Rohner (Admiral Mark Jameson); Marsha Hunt (Anne Jameson); and
Michael Pataki (Karnas)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise is currently in orbit about Persephone Five and in
contact with Admiral Mark Jameson, who has been summoned to the planet Mordan
IV. Jameson, now 85 years old, stricken with Iverson's Disease and confined
to a wheelchair, was mentioned in the message from Mordan IV by Karnas, its
governor, because he was originally there 40 years ago to mediate a hostage
crisis. Jameson and his wife Anne beam aboard and the Enterprise sets off to
the planet where a new hostage crisis has developed--the kidnapping of Federa-
tion Ambassador Hawkins and his entire staff--but Karnas doesn't know the ter-
rorists' demands. Dr. Crusher finds that the medical exam the Admiral says was
conducted on him two days ago on Starbase 45 was actually done two months ago
and that he lied to her--the reason remaining unclear. Jameson surprises his
wife by lifting himself out of his wheelchair, but then surprises Picard when
he walks across the bridge. Crusher tells Picard that there is no cure for
Iverson's, and Jameson answers that there is a new therapy. After a while, he
explains: the inhabitants of Cerberus II developed a rejuvenation process and
gave some to him in thanks for a previous mission of his, but he has taken the
drugs all at once and now they are creating a strain on him. Jameson contacts
Karnas and discovers the truth: there ARE no terrorists, Karnas is holding the
hostages to lure Jameson back and settle his revenge; 40 years ago Jameson gave
Karnas weapons to defeat his enemies but gave the same to the opposite side.
Picard insists that Karnas, who continued the war instead of arguing for peace,
is also to blame. An away team headed by Picard and Jameson beams down and im-
mediately comes under siege by Mordanites with phasers set to kill. The team
beams aboard and Jameson is confined to sickbay, where he grows worse--the
strain is becoming too much. Finally, Picard, Jameson and Dr. Crusher beam
into Karnas' operations room. After much debate and computer display, Picard
shows him that this young man with them is really Jameson. Karnas, finally
believing him, prepares to kill Jameson with a gun, but then puts it away, con-
tent with the life the man must now lead. The revenge is short-lived, though;
just as Anne beams down and comes to Jameson's side, he dies. Back on the
ship, Picard notes that Jameson has been buried on Mordan IV and that the hos-
tages have been freed. The ship departs for Isis III, Picard commenting on the
futility in the quest for youth....
-----Guest Michael Pataki (Karnas) also appeared as Korax in the original se-
ries episode "The Trouble With Tribbles".

---WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS-----------Episode 17--#117---Stardate 41509.1---------
Writer: Hannah Louise Shearer
Director: Kim Manners
Music: Ron Jones
Guests: Jerry Hardin (Radue); Brenda Strong (Rachella); Jandi Swanson (Duana);
Paul Lambert (Lettian); Ivy Bethune (Katie); Dierk Torsek (Dr. Bernard);
Michele Marsh (Leda); Dan Mason (Accolan); Philip N. Waller (Harry); Connie
Danose (Toya); Jessica and Vanessa Bova (Alexandra)

SUMMARY : The planet Aldea is a myth; if it exists, it's a world hidden from
the rest of the universe. The Enterprise proves it exists when it follows
strange energy emanations and is allowed through the Aldean defensive cloaking
shield. The Enterprise is contacted by Rachella, a beautiful young woman, and
Radue, First Appointee of the peace-loving Aldeans, inviting them to engage in
contact. Only Troi suspects more to it--she senses that the Aldeans want some-
thing very precious to the crew. Riker, Beverly and Deanna are allowed to beam
down to the surface, where Radue confronts them with the issue: the children of
the Enterprise are needed because the Aldeans, for all their paradise, are ste-
rile and cannot continue their line or, more importantly to them, their cul-
ture. Riker refuses, and Radue, determined, begins a contingency plan, a plan
that involves kidnapping. Several children disappear from the ship, including
Wesley. Picard thinks this an outrage, and to demonstrate the Aldeans' powers,
the ship is hurtled to a distance where it would take three days at warp nine
to return. Meanwhile, the children meet their new "parents", who are very
willing to take them in and teach them what they want to know, to develop them
the way they see their destinies lead them. During all this, Wesley's new pa-
rent introduces him to the Custodian, a computer that runs all of the Aldeans'
menial functions, as well as the control for the defensive shield encircling
the planet. Picard and Beverly are allowed onto the surface and Beverly sees
Wesley, the two taking a moment to examine one of the Aldeans on Bev's medical
scanner. Back aboard, Beverly confirms her fears: the Aldeans are not geneti-
cally altered, they are dying due to radiation poisoning because the ozone
layer surrounding the planet has been deteriorated; the reason: the Custodian's
defensive screen. Picard and Bev beam down once again to convince a disbe-
lieving Radue, while Wesley and the children, who have been practicing passive
resistance, are allowed to leave. The Custodian is deactivated, while the En-
terprise's medical department treats the Aldean condition, and Picard, always
the worst with children, is presented with a gift from Alexandra.

---HOME SOIL-----------------------Episode 18--#118---Stardate 41463.9---------
Story: Karl Guers, Ralph Sanchez, Robert Sabaroff
Teleplay: Robert Sabaroff
Director: Corey Allen
Music: Dennis McCarthy
Guests: Walter Gotell (Director Kurt Mandl); Elizabeth Lindsey (Luisa Kim):
Gerard Prendergast (Bjorn Benson); Mario Roccuzzo (Arthur Malencon);
Carolyne Barry (Female Engineer)

SUMMARY: During its mapping of the Pleiades Cluster, the Enterprise orbits the
planet Velara Three, site of a terraforming project called the Gardeners of
Eden. After numerous attempts at communication Picard finally contacts the
leader of the project, Director Kurt Mandl. Mandl seems strangely evasive
(and as Deanna points out, seems to be hiding something), but Picard tells him
he's beaming down an away team anyway. When Riker, Troi, Geordi, Data and Tasha
beam down, they find themselves welcomed by Luisa Kim, one of the four terra-
formers here, who introduces them to the other two participators, Bjorn Benson
and Arthur Malencon. Malencon goes to check up on a generator room while the
team meets Kurt Mandl; then, Deanna senses trouble from Malencon and when the
group arrives outside the jammed door, they can hear blasts from a laser drill
and screams from the man. When the door finally opens, Malencon has been near-
ly killed. Tasha has him beamed up with her while Riker and Troi take Luisa
and Mandl up behind. On Velara, while Geordi and Beoren monitor circuitry,
Data has a look at the room and activates the system; the drill turns toward
him and fires. Data narrowly escapes and destroys the machinery. In a drilled
tunnel in the room, Data and Geordi find a pulsating light which seems to be
alive but inorganic, a microscopic life form. The form is beamed up to the
ship. On the Enterprise, Malencon has died and Beverly isolates the microscopic
entity. Picard questions Director Mandl and his staff about the life form and
all deny knowledge about it; but Troi is convinced Mandl knows about it--not
the murder, though. Actually, both Mandl and Benson know about it, but didn't
consider it of any value; Luisa didn't know and feels anger. The microscopic
life entity starts to grow like cells--reproducing itself and becoming stronger
all the same. It first begins to whine and then Picard realizes it's trying to
communicate. When it does respond later, it tells the "ugly bags of mostly
water," as it refers to humans, that it is at war with them--in the terrafor-
ming process the Gardeners were destroying a level of saline water which the
microbrain, as it's now called, needs to survive. It begins to take over the
ship, slowly; it can resist energy patterns and all efforts to contain it with
force fields are directed toward other sections of the ship. Finally, Data
concludes the lifeform is photoelectric and Picard has the lights in the medi-
cal lab decreased. The microbrain responds and Picard deals with it directly,
telling it that the Enterprise will return it home if they allow it. The mi-
crobrain tells the humans to come back in three centuries when they will be
sufficiently advanced for the life form to trust them. The Enterprise departs,
Picard wondering if the encounter will teach others about the importance of
the lesson learned.

---COMING OF AGE-------------------Episode 19--#119---Stardate 41416.2---------
Writer: Sandy Fries
Director: Michael Vejar
Music: Dennis McCarthy
Guests: Ward Costello (Gregory Quinn); Robert Schenkkan (Dexter Remmick); John
Putch (Mordok); Robert Ito (Tech Officer Chang); Stephen Gregory (Jake Cur-
land); Tasia Valenza (T'Shalik); Estee Chandler (Oliana Mirren); Brendan
McKane, Wyatt Knight (Technicians); Daniel Riordan (Rondon)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise is in orbit about Relva Seven, location of a Federa-
tion Starbase. Wesley Crusher is sent down as a candidate for Starfleet Aca-
demy, to take entrance exams, while Picard welcomes old friend Admiral Gregory
Quinn aboard, as well as a peculiar envoy from the Starfleet Inspector Gene-
ral, Cmdr. Dexter Remmick. Quinn tells Picard that Remmick has been given the
order to begin an investigation, into a topic the Admiral will not go in to.
Meanwhile, on Relva, Wesley meets his three opponents: a beautiful girl named
Oliana whom he takes a slight interest in; a Vulcan girl named T'Shalik; and
Mordok, who if he were accepted would be the first Benzite in Starfleet. Tech
Officer Chang, their testing officer, begins examinations. Remmick grills the
crew of the Enterprise for information on their past adventures, looking for
clues as to several discrepancies in Picard's log. At first everyone is cor-
dial but Riker begins showing animosity toward Remmick, followed by the same
reaction from everyone else. Jake Curland, a young man who was beaten by Wes-
ley for the opportunity to take the Academy test, steals a shuttlecraft in
shame and tells Picard he is leaving -- he cannot face his father. Picard
guides Jake through escape procedures and comes out looking like a hero -- to
Remmick's interest. Wesley is preparing for the final Academy test, a psycho-
logical examination that will enable him to confront his worst fears. In the
holodeck, Worf reassures Wesley, who can't understand how Starfleet can know
his worst fear when he doesn't know himself. Admiral Quinn takes Remmick's in-
vestigation report and discovers absolutely nothing wrong -- he discloses to
Picard that he was under investigation for conspiracy, a charge that the Admi-
ral justifies when he reports that someone or something is trying to subvert
the Federation, either within or outside. Quinn offers to promote Picard to
Admiral and put him in charge of Starfleet Academy. Wesley takes his test --
although unknowingly; he saves a technician from almost certain death but in
doing so can't help the death of the other tech (the test of course a ruse.)
Chang announces the winner of the exams -- Mordok, who protests that Wesley
gave up points by helping him. Wesley apologizes to Picard, an unnecessary
action, as Picard discloses the fact that even HE failed his first exam. That,
and a talk with Jake, convinces him to turn down Quinn's offer, though Picard
assures him that he can be depended on for support against whatever conspiracy
is brewing...

---HEART OF GLORY------------------Episode 20--#120---Stardate 41503.7---------
Story: Maurice Hurley, Herbert Wright, D.C. Fontana
Teleplay: Maurice Hurley
Director: Rob Bowman
Music: Ron Jones
Guests: Vaughn Armstrong (Koras); Charles H. Hyman (Konmil); David Froman
(Captain K'Nera); Robert Bauer (Kunivas); Brad Zerbst (Nurse); Dennis Mada-
lone (Ramos)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise is pursuing a call from the Neutral Zone, where dis-
turbances from the Romulans as well as the Ferengi have been reported. The
ship finds the SS Battress, a Telarian cargo vessel extremely off its course.
Riker, Data and Geordi beam aboard, the bridge crew able to look at what the
away team sees by tying into Geordi's VISOR. The situation aboard the Battress
is not pleasant; bulkheads and conduits are scattered everywhere and the en-
gines are leaking deuterium gas. Data goes through the damaged engine room and
reports of life forms behind a bulkhead; moving it, the three find Klingons,
Captain Koras of the Klingon Defense Force, Lieutenant Konmil and the ailing
Kunivas. The six try to escape but the Battress, its engines failing, ex-
plodes; Tasha pulls them off via transporter just in time. Picard and Worf go
to sickbay, where Kunivas dies of wounds. Worf, Koras and Konmil perform the
Klingon Death Ritual, a scream to the dead to warn them of the arrival of a
Klingon warrior. Koras and Konmil have a serious talk with Worf, telling him
that they are really renegades who stole the Battress while en route to Outpost
M-Zed Five and were not attacked by the Ferengi, as they claimed earlier. Fur-
thermore, they intend to steal the battle section of the Enterprise, because
they claim the alliance with the Federation destroyed the Klingon Empire's
honor. Soon, another Klingon vessel arrives, and Captain K'nera tells Picard
that Koras' party are renegades; Picard orders Tasha to take Koras and Konmil
into custody. They do so, only after they suspect a possible hostage situa-
tion. But Koras and Konmil have a force field deactivation unit in pieces at-
tached to their uniforms and they escape, killing a security guard before Kon-
mil is himself killed. Koras flees to main engineering, where he demands to
see Worf. The ever-alert Starfleet officer, Worf talks to Koras, convincing
him that he is the real warrior, not Koras, who must resort to battle and not
to the war raging inside him. Worf stops Koras from destroying the dilithium
reactor and Koras falls to the floor. After Worf performs the Death Ritual,
he returns to the bridge, where he tells K'nera, whom earlier he tried to con-
vince to let Koras go, that the renegade died in battle. K'nera offers a place
in the Klingon navy to Worf after his Enterprise duty; Worf says he is honored
and the Kartag is off, but afterwards he assures Picard that he was only being
courteous. The Enterprise speeds off to Starbase 84.
-----The Klingon home planet is here referred to as Kling, although in fan
fiction and novels it is generally referred to as Klinzhai. Worf's his-
tory is also detailed.

---THE ARSENAL OF FREDOM-----------Episode 21--#121---Stardate 41798.2---------
Story: Maurice Hurley, Bob Lewin
Teleplay: Richard Manning, Hans Beimler
Director: Les Landau
Music: Dennis McCarthy
Guests: Vincent Schiavelli (Salesman); Marco Rodriguez (Paul Rice); Vyto Rugi-
nis (Logan); Julia Nickson (Lee Ann Su); George de la Pena (Solis)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise has entered the Lorenze Cluster and is approaching the
planet Minos, last reported location of the light cruiser USS Drake. Minos was
once an important part of the galaxy -- during the Urselrope Wars the planet
sold weapons to both sides; now, Enterprise sensors report all on the planet
to be dead. The ship is greeted by a signal that turns out to be a recording,
from a salesman with an interesting pitch -- calling the planet "the Arsenal
of Freedom" the salesperson invites the crew to purchase weapons before Picard
has it shut off. Riker, Data and Tasha beam down to explore for signs of
Minos' former inhabitants and the crew of the Drake, the captain of which is
Riker's old friend Paul Rice. On Minos, Riker indeed encounters Rice, before
realizing he is a simulacrum created by a weapon that encases him in a force
field. Picard and Beverly beam down, leaving Geordi in command of the ship.
Data attempts releasing Riker while the group scatters when the weapon attacks,
and Picard and Beverly fall down into a subterranian cavern. Beverly wounded,
Picard attempts to get them out of a tight situation, while Riker is released
and again the landing party is attacked. Data notes that each time they are
attacked, it is by an upgraded version of the same weapon that learns how to
defend itself. On the ship, Geordi is put to the test by the same weapon,
albeit a more powerful version, that keeps firing and vanishing, while Logan,
the new Engineer, insists he be put in command. While Geordi stands tall to
Logan, he is insecure with his crew; a talk from Deanna stops that, and Geordi
orders the ship away from Minos. In space, the Enterprise engages in a saucer
separation and the battle section returns to the planet, where the ship is
again attacked. When Data finds Picard and Beverly, he helps the Captain use
the surviving equipment in the cavern -- including the projection of the sales-
man -- to stop the weapon by deactivating it. Geordi takes the Enterprise into
the atmosphere with Worf and two officers, Lee Ann Su and Solis, who are them-
selves being put to the test by Geordi. The trail from the weapon in the
atmosphere locates the weapon and the Enterprise destroys it. The away team
is rushed to the ship and Beverly to sickbay, while Picard orders that Geordi
continue his command until the ship is "back in one piece"....

---SYMBIOSIS-----------------------Episode 22--#123---No Stardate--------------
Story: Bob Lewin
Teleplay: Bob Lewin, Richard Manning, Hans Beimler
Director: Win Phelps
Music: Dennis McCarthy
Guests: Judson Scott (Sobi); Merritt Butrick (Captain Tejon); Richard Line-
back (Romas); Kimberly Farr (Langor)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise is in the Delos system, studying large-scale magnetic
field changes in the local sun. While examining the huge firestorms on the
sun's surface, the ship receives a faint distress signal from the Sanction, a
distant freighter whose orbit is decaying about Brecka, the fourth planet of
the system. Captain Picard contacts Tejon, one of six beings aboard, who seems
very unconcerned about his own death but allows the Enterprise to intervene --
at first Picard wants to fix the freighter using a makeshift energy control
coil but soon realizes that such would be inadvisable. Then, Tasha joins the
transporter to the Sanction's own beam and transports as many as it can handle:
four survivors, including a man and a woman from Brecka, Sobi and Langor, and
two from Ornara, Romas and Tejon. But the Ornarans seem more interested in the
cargo they beamed over first -- a container of phylicium, a medicinal agent
which is used as a temporary antidote for a plague on Ornara. The phylicium is
vital to the Ornarans because, for approxmately 72 hours each dose, it relieves
all symptoms. Dr. Crusher performs lab scans and cannot isolate the plague
bacteria; meanwhile, Picard has a look at the phylicium container. Atop the
container is a device that enables a small pebble-sized amount to become seve-
ral doses. Sobi and Langor reveal that phylicium is the single product of
Brecka, and they depend on a symbiotic relationship with Ornara to provide them
with everything they need. The two allow Tejon and Romas to each have a dose
to sustain themselves and Beverly oversees the dose, concluding that the relief
they later feel is too strange. Phylicium is a narcotic, she concludes, and
everyone on Ornara is a drug addict. After a desperate plea from Ornara, Tejon
attempts to use Riker as a hostage to gain the phylicium, but Picard will not
budge. Suddenly, Sobi and Langor seem to give in, allowing the Ornarans to
take the drugs because of their own sympathy, but Picard deduces it a ruse to
lead the Ornarans away from the truth: the phylicium cured the plague 200 years
ago, the Breckans knowing this but lying to protect themselves. In a desperate
gambit, Picard allows the Breckans to give the phylicium to the Ornarans,
thereby obeying the Prime Directive, but refuses to give the Ornarans the two
promised energy control coils they need for their rapidly failing ships, there-
by insuring that soon the Ornarans will not be able to make the journey to
Brecka anymore. There will be catastrophic withdrawal symptoms and suffering
from the Ornarans, but Picard is satisfied that he did the only thing he could
do for a badly mistreated world. The Enterprise sets sail for the unexplored
Opraline system.
-----Judson Scott played Joachim in STAR TREK II. Merritt Butrick played
David Marcus in STAR TREK II and III.

---SKIN OF EVIL--------------------Episode 23--#122---Stardate 41601.3---------
Story: Joseph Stefano
Teleplay: Joseph Stefano, Hannah Louise Shearer
Director: Joseph L. Scanlan
Music: Ron Jones
Guests: Mart McChesney (Armus); Ron Gans (Voice of Armus); Walker Boone
(Leland T. Lynch); Brad Zerbst (Nurse); Raymond Forchion (Ben Prieto)

SUMMARY : The Enterprise is in the Zed Lapis system, waiting for the return of
Shuttlecraft 13 carrying Deanna Troi back from a conference. When the shuttle-
craft is mysteriously attacked and contact is lost, Riker, Beverly, Data and
Tasha beam down to the surface Veigra Two, near the shuttlecraft crash site.
Their path is blocked by a mysterious slick of something like oil, which moves
yet cannot be identified as life by Data's tricorder. It is life, though --
the creature calls itself Armus and can change its shape at will, either as the
"oil slick" form or in human form, presumably more. Tasha defies a command
from Armus to stay away from the shuttle and the creature attacks her, tossing
her away and feeding off her energy. All beam back aboard and Tasha is rushed
to the sickbay. But Beverly cannot do anything to help her -- after repeated
attempts at saving her life, Tasha Yar dies. The three Away team members and
Geordi beam back to the planet to confront Armus once again -- but Armus is de-
termined to make them suffer. Deanna observes that Armus is filled with rage,
and wants to destroy those who condemned him on Veigra Two; originally they
expended all their evil into this one being and forced him down here. But the
creature is determined to see that they all suffer -- death has no meaning for
it, not as much as he wants; rather, Armus needs something to make his exis-
tence worthwhile. Captain Picard beams down to the surface to confront Armus,
while on the Enterprise, Worf and Wesley plot to beam Deanna and her shuttle
pilot, Ben Prieto, back to the ship. At the moment where Armus is upset at
Picard the most for refusing to take him on his mission of revenge, Worf beams
the two in the shuttle up and then Picard. Veigra Two is quarantined because
of Armus' existence, while Picard and company set out to the holodeck for a
service for Tasha. A holographic Yar addresses each one of them, and the memo-
rable service ends. Picard comments to Data that the emotions he feels are not
unlike what humans feel, and leaves the android to mourn the loss of Lieutenant
Natasha Yar, Chief of Security of the USS Enterprise, in silence.
-----This episode makes Worf Acting Security Chief and is the last to feature
Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar.

---WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS---------Episode 24--#124---Stardate 41697.9---------
Writers: Deborah Dean Davis, Hannah Louise Shearer
Director: Robert Becker
Music: Ron Jones
Guests: Michelle Phillips (Jenice Manheim); Rod Loomis (Dr. Paul Manheim);
Isabel Lorca (Gabrielle); Dan Kern (Lt. Dean); Jean-Paul Vignon (Edourd);
Kelly Ashmore (Francine); Lance Spellerberg (Transporter Chief)

SUMMARY : On course for the planet Sarona Eight for some much needed shore
leave, the Enterprise encounters a bizarre temporal phenomenon that causes time

itself to jump and repeat. Picard, fencing in the recreation room, notices
and arrives on the bridge just in time to hear a cryptic distress signal from
Dr. Paul Manheim, a renowned temporal scientist. Picard of course believes a
link between the scientist and the anomaly and sets out to find him. After
diverting through the Pagos Minor system the Enterprise happens upon Vandor
Four, a planetoid orbiting a binary system, a B-class giant and a pulsar. The
Captain visits a cafe in Paris via a holodeck, where he mourns for a lost love,
one that appears in the form of Jenice Manheim, who is beamed aboard with her
dying husband. Jenice is that one special woman in Picard's life; 22 years ago
he walked away from a life with her because of his fear that he might be "ordi-
nary" a married man. Picard orders an away team of Riker, Data and Worf to
beam down, but they cannot get through because of a security system. Dr. Man-
heim regains a bit of strength after his convulsions on Beverly's sickbay table
and tells Picard that the security system was set up before the remainder of
the crew of the station were killed, and gives him clues as to how to deal with
it -- after several incidences of time displacement, including Picard, Data and
Riker encountering themselves in the turbolift. Data beams down alone, attemp-
ting to compute the next time disturbance. All at once, two more Datas appear,
each holding a container of antimatter, which will seal up the time displace-
ment created by Manheim's experiments. All three Datas use their antimatter
and the displacement vanishes. Aboard ship, a jealous Beverly discharges Paul,
who has recovered after raving about seeing "the other side", while Jenice
agrees to go with him (after having doubts). Picard and Jenice have a last
encounter on the holodeck in Paris, where the two reminisce and realize that
their past decisions were for the best. The Enterprise is off for Sarona...

---CONSPIRACY----------------------Episode 25--#125---Stardate 41775.5---------
Story: Robert Sabaroff
Teleplay: Tracy Torme
Director: Cliff Bole
Music: Dennis McCarthy
Guests: Henry Darrow (Admiral Savar); Ward Costello (Gregory Quinn); Robert
Schenkkan (Dexter Remmmick); Ray Reinhardt (Admiral Aaron); Jonathan Farwell
(Walker Keel); Michael Berryman (Rixx); Ursaline Bryant (Tryla Scott)

SUMMARY : En route to the ocean world Pacifica for scientific research, the
Enterprise receives a Code 47 transmission, for Captain Picard's eyes only,
from Walker Keel, an old friend who served with him on the Stargazer long ago.
The Enterprise diverts to Dytalix-B, an old mining colony where Picard again
meets Keel, now of the USS Horatio, as well as Captain Rixx of USS Thomas Paine
and Tryla Scott of USS Renegade, all three of whom are involved in the inves-
tigation of a Starfleet conspiracy. Picard, suspicious because this is exactly
what Admiral Quinn warned him of months ago (see "Coming of Age"), involves
his bridge crew, Data investigating Starfleet communiques in the last six
months and eventually determining the same thing. The Enterprise skips its
Pacifica rendezvous and instead heads for Earth after the Horatio is inexplica-
bly destroyed with all hands. Upon arrival, the ship is welcomed by Admiral
Quinn, who arrives and very suspiciously dismisses his earlier warning as some-
thing trivial, putting Picard and Riker on the alert. Picard beams down to
Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco; in Quinn's quarters, Riker is attacked
by the man (with amplified strength). Geordi and Worf arrive quickly but are
no match for him; it's only Beverly's phaser that helps them. Examining Quinn,
Beverly determines that something from within, a parasite, is controlling them,
breathing through a small gill in the back of the neck -- a way of recognizing
them. She warns Picard, who is unable to withdraw from attending dinner hosted
by Admiral Savar (a Vulcan), Admiral Aaron and Dexter Remmick, who Picard also
knows from before. Savar shows Picard the main course -- small wormlike life
forms, proof that he is controlled by the Parasite. Riker beams down, preten-
ding to be controlled, followed by another colleague -- Tryla Scott. At the
last moment Riker and Picard phaser the parasite-infested officers, killing
them, and go after an escaped parasite which makes its way to Dexter Remmick,
who holds within him the mother creature. The two destroy the main being,
and Remmick with it, but the parasite inhabiting Quinn disappears and frees
him. Aboard ship, Data determines that the inhabited Remmick sent a homing
beacon to an unexplored part of the galaxy. The conspiracy is not over....
-----Guest stars Ward Costello (Quinn) and Robert Schenkkan (Remmick) both
appeared in "Coming of Age"; Michael Berryman (Rixx) played the Starfleet
Communications Officer in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home".

---THE NEUTRAL ZONE----------------Episode 26--#126---Stardate 41986.0---------
Television Story/Teleplay: Maurice Hurley
Original Story: Deborah McIntyre, Mona Glee
Director: James L. Conway
Music: Ron Jones
Guests: Marc Alaimo (Commander T'Bok); Anthony James (Subcommander Thei); Leon
Rippy (L.Q. Sonny Clemons); Gracie Harrison (Clare Raymond) and Peter Mark
Richman (Ralph Offenhouse)

SUMMARY: While Picard is at an important meeting at Starbase 718, the Enter-
prise tracks an old Earth satellite very distant from Sol. Data and Worf beam
aboard and discover many cryogenic storage containers, with three still func-
tioning and carrying frozen humans. The three containers are beamed aboard.
Picard arrives back on the ship and orders Geordi to set the course for the
Neutral Zone, where two outposts have been destroyed and two Federation Star-
bases have gone silent. The three humans are thawed by Beverly, who determines
that all were dead before due to one reason or another, and they gradually be-
gin to awaken. The three are Clare Raymond, a homemaker of 35 who died of an
embolism; L.Q. "Sonny" Clemons, a Southern man who died of chemical abuse; and
Ralph Offenhouse, a 55-year-old financier who perished due to advanced cardio-
myopathy. Riker meets with them and explains their situation, while the ship
speeds toward the Neutral Zone. At first they all seem fine but all three are
very disturbed; Sonny wishes for something to do, Clare mourns over the loss
of her family and Ralph insists on seeing Picard and contacting Earth and his
company. The Enterprise arrives in the Neutral Zone, where all bases have been
destroyed, and Worf detects the passing of something that could be a cloaked
Romulan vessel. Suspicions prove correct -- it IS a Romulan ship, much bigger
in size than previously contacted. The commander of the ship, T'Bok, insists
that they crossed the border because their own stations have been destroyed as
well, and Picard offers a collaboration to find out what happened to the bases,
destroyed by invaders much more powerful than the two. The Romulan ship de-
parts while the Enterprise takes the three humans to another ship bound for
Earth, where they will be able to adjust to a new life.
-----This is the first episode of ST:TNG to show the Romulans, and is the
first time in Trek that an actual year is given to date the shows: 2364.

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