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Holtz's Star Trek List-of-List's for July 1993.
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Holtz’s Star Trek List-of-List’s for July 1993.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADM0793.TXT 7243 2957 deflated
DSN0793.TXT 16467 6907 deflated
MBGUIDE.TXT 2218 975 deflated
QL_0493.TXT 48592 15594 deflated
TMS0493.TXT 26935 10877 deflated
TNG0793.TXT 141300 53271 deflated
TOS0493.TXT 62122 24043 deflated
WANTED.TXT 1947 892 deflated

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Contents of the ADM0793.TXT file

List of Lists Archive Site Info
(Updated July 20, 1993)

The latest release of the List of Lists is July, 1993.
Anonymous FTP Info. . .

~~~ [Primary LoL Distribution Site]
2. Type "anonymous" as your name.
3. Type in your login as password.
4. Type "binary" for correct transfers. (VERY IMPORTANT)
5. cd pub/mholtz
6. get README for more info!

Mail Server
Please, please, PLEASE use ftp if you have that capacity on your machine.
However, if you do NOT have ftp capacity, these mail servers will provide you
with ftp service. For complete help details, send e-mail to the addresses
below with the word "help" in the subject and/or message body. The scripts
below use the get command to retrieve the README file, substitute the filename
you want for README.

[email protected]
Try the following script (unverified)....

reply [your e-mail address]
chdir pub/mholtz

[email protected]
Try the following script (unverified).....

chdir pub/mholtz
Trek File Distribution Network

The Star Trek List of Lists is distributed via the TFDN upon release. Note
that the archive will *NOT* contain the Quantum Leap List of Lists or The
Simpsons Episode Guide. For more information, FREQ TFDN.INF (?) from one of
the following sites:

135/70 - Spaceport Miami
153/940 - USS Nexus
151/70 - The Keyboard
205/1701 - Hailing Frequency of Terror
206/1701 - Xybyx
250/836 - U.S.S. Proxima

The TFDN.INF file will contain a complete listing of TFDN sites.
BBS Access

-=> United States <=-

The following are BBS's which carry the Star Trek List of Lists:

The Itchy & Scratchy Show [1:203/1701.0]
The Itchy & Scratchy Show is a limited hours BBS, and does not accept FREQs at
this time. All direct/crash mail should be sent between 11p-4p PT.

Eclipse! (916) 725-0674
14400 V.32bis/9600/2400/1200 baud
Sysop: Paul Dyer [Sacramento, CA]

[NOTE: Eclipse has withdrawn from FidoNET]

This is the primary site where the listings can be obtained.

Guest Access:
1. Login as "GUEST".
2. Go to file area #1.
3. Download the file using the Regular filename

FREQ Access:

Have your sysop access the file using the magic filename. (Node address is
1:203/90). When FREQing the lists, PLEASE use the Magic filenames and not the
regular filenames.

Regular "Magic"
Filename Filename Description
============ ======== ==============================================
TOS0493.TXT TOSLIST Star Trek TOS/TAS List of Lists
TMS0493.TXT TMSLIST Star Trek Movies List of Lists
TNG0493.TXT TNGLIST Star Trek TNG List of Lists
DSN0493.TXT - Star Trek DS9 List of Lists
QL_0493.TXT - Quantum Leap Episode Guide
SEPG0493.TXT - The Simpsons Episode Guide
LOL_0493.ARJ TREKARJ All of the above in compressed ARJ format

NOTES: TREKARJ replaces TREKLIST as magic filename.

AOF II: The Next Dimension PCBoard (214) 271-5397 [1:124/9006]
HST Modem
Sysop: Joe Siegler [Garland, TX]

The lists are also available as Apple // files on "The Arsenal of Freedom",
(214) 271-5616.

Earl's Castle (916) 967-1643
1200-9600 baud
Sysop: Jim Earl [Sacramento, CA]

NUL is down.

Omni BBS (916) 386-2521
9600/4800/2400/1200 baud [Sacramento, CA]

Omni BBS carries the Star Trek lists in the "Star Trek]" room.

SpacePort Miami (305) 653-0500 [1:135/70 & 1:135/1070]
1200-14,400 HST (non D/S)
Sysop: Ray Brown [Miami, FL]

First time callers have immediate access.

S.T.A.R. One BBS (619) 697-4073 [1:202/1313]
up to 14,400bps v.32b/CSP
Sysop: Victor O'Rear [La Mesa, CA]

Note: This BBS is also known as 87:6004/9005 (Treknet) and 100:8800/103

Unverified users may download up to 400K files per night - no special access

Zuul's Catacombs (412) 264-9787 [1:129/164]
300-14.4k v32,v32.b,v42,v42b,MNP.
Sysop: Chas Stokes [Coraopolis, PA]

Zuuls other address include: Chateau-100:5500/106, ITC Net-85:863/305,

Freq Access:
TREKLIST - List of Lists in ARJ format
TREK_LZH - List of Lists in LZH Format
TOS_LIST - Star Trek TOS/TAS List of Lists
TMS_LIST - Star Trek Movies List of Lists
TNG_LIST - Star Trek TNG List of Lists
DSN_LIST or DS9_LIST - Star Trek DSN List of Lists
SIMPSONS - The Simpsons Episode Guide
QUANTUM - Quantum Leap List of Lists

-=> Canadian <=-

Due to long distance considerations, the Canadian distribution of the List of
Lists is handled by Allan Finkas @ 1:140/1701, and all Canadian BBS's should
handle requests through him. I appreciate Allan's help for Canadian

USS Galifrey (306) 949-6032 [1:140/1701] (Primary Canadian Distribution)
1200 - 14.4K Baud (USR HST Dual Std)
Sysop: Allan Finkas [Regina, Canada]

Guest Access:
First time callers are allowed to download the lists. From the main menu,
select option D: "The Trek/Who Distribution System", and follow the
instructions from there.

FREQ Access:

LOL_TOS - TOS/TAS edition
LOL_TMS - Movie edition
LOL_TNG - TNG edition
LOL_DSN - Deep Space Nine edition
LOL_TREK - All of above

LOL_QL - Quantum Leap
SIMPSONS - Simpsons Episode Guide

(BTW: While accessing this point, be sure to get the Finkas/Stone Timeline.
Magic filename is "TRKLN")

These files can be request by FidoNet file request via netmail. Simply send a
file request message to node 1:140/1701 and requesting the magic filename
listed above (ie TNG_LIST).

In order to save time and long distance charges, the files are packed in PKZip
format, and will require unzipping after transfer.

NOTE: This can only be done through a FidoNet system, and may require special
access to the netmail area by any individual sysop running a node on FidoNet.
If you are unsure of the procedure, check with your sysop.

Versailles BBS (604) 477-4688 [1:340/43]
Sysop: Brooks Duncan [Victoria, BC Canada]

DSNLIST List of Lists for ST:DS9
TMSLIST " The Movies
TREKLIST " All of the Above

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