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Home Business News #1 disk based magazine for those who operate a home-based business.
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Home Business News #1 disk based magazine for those who operate a home-based business.
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C. Parker ($21.95, 315 pp., paper). Ventana Press, P.O. Box
2468, Chapel Hill, NC 27515; (919) 942-0220; Fax (919) 942-

With his latest book, Roger C. Parker, author of the highly
acclaimed and bestselling "Looking Good In Print" and "Desktop
Publishing With WordPerfect" (for DOS versions 5.0 and 5.1),
introduces Windows users to graphics tools that can transform
standard documents into something special.
In 315 pages, Parker outlines various principles of
effective page design and shows how to apply these rules when
creating a range of documents with WordPerfect's new operating
environment. The author covers, in full detail, how to create
attractive layouts, working with type and graphics, document
organization, and using macros. He also offers a host of
graphics and design ideas to spice up ads, newsletters, reports
and brochures.
With "Desktop Publishing With WordPerfect: Windows
Edition", the reader will also learn how to add borders and
headers, preview up to 8 pages at a time, create links with
spreadsheet programs, and add dozens of graphic enhancements to
documents. Illustrations, step-by-step examples and design tips
all add up to making Parker's latest book a key to creating
attractive adds, brochures, newsletters, proposals, and other

Robert W. Harris ($19.95, 401 pp., paper). Ventana Press, P.O.
Box 2468, Chapel Hill, NC 27515; (919) 942--0220; FAX (919)

This revised and expanded version of Robert Harris's
bestselling guide to the leading PC-based software is being
touted as "Your Business Software Bible". That's probably
because Harris has brought the new edition up to speed for the
latest versions of all three software packages. He's also added
dozens of new productivity tips and timesavers not found in
manufacturer's manuals.
"Office Companion: Second Edition offers complete
coverage of DOS (through version 5.0), Lotus 1-2-3 (through
2,3) and WordPerfect (through 5.1). Dos shell, the software's
graphical user interface, is thoroughly examined, as are new
commands--including UNDELETE, UNFORMAT, DOSKEY and the improved
DIR command. Enhanced Lotus graphing features are addressed,
and Harris provides Mouse support for all three software
Three sections, and 230 illustrations, cover the
industry's leading software operating system, word processing
and spreadsheets, offering dozens of tips, techniques and
shortcuts designed to help the average user accomplish routine
work. Another satisfying feature of this revised work is that
it is written in a non-technical style for beginning and
intermediate users. The "Office Companion: Second Edition"
could be a valuable tool as an ongoing guide for increased

Nelson ($19.95, 320 pp., paper). Ventana Press, P.O. Box 2468,
Chapel Hill, NC 27515; (919) 942-0220; FAX (919) 942-1140.

Veteran computer book author Kay Yarborough Nelson shows DOS
users (through 5.0) how to put themselves at the center of the
DOS universe with operating tips and shortcuts that get the
lead out. The best part is, you don't have to be an expert to
use this book. All the tricks are short and relatively easy to
use, and they get results quickly, without the reader having to
dig out all the complex theory behind them.
"Voodoo DOS" shows users how to get started, including
upgrading and setup tips; customizing DOS and its help files,
and finding disk space. The user is also shown how to master
the secret of the Shell--menu shortcuts; to mouse or not to
mouse; switching from the shell to the command line; navigating
through lists; selecting files; and file attribute tricks. And
all of that is just the beginning.
"Voodoo DOS" will also show users how to work with
programs; manage disks and hard drive; concoct formulas in DOS
5.0 alchemy; organize batch files; get the most from Doskey;
manage DOS from memory, and much more. Offering more than just
the usual productivity hints, "Voodoo DOS" catalogs common DOS
traps, blind alleys and pitfalls and reveals ways to avoid
them. A comprehensive index gives the reader quick access to
tricks on any particular topic. Nelson is the author of more
than a dozen computer books and her knowledge and expertise
provide an invaluable resource and reference for all DOS users.

Notarius and Gail Sforza Brewer ($14.95, 239 pp., paper). John
Wiley& Sons, Inc., 605 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10158-0012;
(212) 850-6000.

This updated and revised "Second Edition" is a handy guide and
resource that tells you everything you need to know to start
and operate a successful bed and breakfast. The authors explain
that no signs, advertisements or renovations are needed for
many homeowners, because there are countless ways people can
make extra money offering little more than a comfortable room
and some hospitality.
The "Second Edition" also offers valuable information
on your responsibilities--and those of your guests, evaluating
your home's assets and liabilities, what to charge your guests,
legal, tax and insurance issues, working with a reservation
service, specialty B&Bs, starting up, and operating smoothly.
There is also a section featuring helpful interviews with
successful hosts, as well as several popular B&B breakfast
Whether your dream is to buy an old country mansion
fixer-upper to begin your own Bed & Breakfast, or just to enjoy
some tax advantages and added income while entertaining in your
own home, "Open Your Own Bed & Breakfast: Second Edition" can
answer all your questions and help you get started.

Dennis Windsor ($14.95, 255 pp., paper). Winward Press, Windsor
International, P.O. Box 850201, Richardson, TX 75085; (214)
644-7500; FAX (214) 423-9645.

In "Financially Free!",internationally known author, lecturer
and seminar leader Dennis Windsor, provides specific actions to
take to succeed in the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry.
From how to become debt free, to how to open new markets
nationally and internationally, "Financially Free!" covers
proven strategies for building a successful direct sales
Since the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry has
emerged into one of the most explosive business opportunities
of the 1990's, the author's in-depth guide to success in the
industry is quite timely. It is an all inclusive reference
guide containing everything part time or full time distributors
need to know in order to succeed. Topics include how to develop
full time distributors internationally; how to use advertising
and get results; how to open new markets
nationally/internationally; how to earn big money long term;
how to master public speaking; how to use direct mail, and how
to benefit from telemarketing. Also included in the book are
over 30 pages of work sheets and distributor's tracking sheets.
The strategies and insights offered in "Financially
Free!" apply to most businesses and are explored with an eye
toward entrepreneurship. It's an easy read and a valuable tool
for survival in today's economy.

SBA HOTLINE ANSWER BOOK by Gustav Berle ($14.95, 173 pp.,
paper). John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Professional, Reference and
Trade Group, 605 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10158-0012.

In the "SBA Hotline Answer Book" , Gustav Berle. author of "The
"Small Business Information Handbook", and "The Do-It-Yourself
Business Book", provides a compilation of the 200 most commonly
asked questions of the SBA Hotline. The book is a valuable
guide offering information, references, and data from inside
the U.S. Small Business Administration. For quick, easy
reference, all questions are alphabetized by business topic,
and cross-referenced in a question-and-answer format.
The author addresses a wide variety of small business
concerns--including subcontracting, market research, finding
loan sources, franchising, legal matters, mail order, quality
control, and other pertinent topics. Also included is an
appendix featuring listings of SBA field offices, SCORE
offices, SBICs, minority business development centers, and much
more. The information and advice presented in the "SBA Hotline
Answer Book" comes from top experts, and all answers are
checked against the latest SBA and government information and
scrutinized by government experts to ensure accuracy and
From selecting the right software for accounting
purposes to advertising a small business, the information
supplied by the "SBA "Hotline Answer Book will prove a valuable
resource to both the novice and experienced small business

----------- RESEARCH AND GHOSTWRITING -----------

Experienced library assistant will research any topic--fiction
or non-fiction. Also ghostwriting--previously sold work
includes "how-to" reports, self-help reports, and technical
reports and manuals. Meets every deadline. Reasonable rates.
Free Estimate. Contact Jerry W. Simpson, 101 Eastview Drive,
Jackson, OH 45640-2053; (614) 286-2803.

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